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Family / Re: How Did You Come To Know Nairaland by MrsAwesome: 8:53pm On Dec 17, 2014

People can lie easily. Ileke-Idi started venturing to politics around 2010 ish. Please try to reconstruct your fable and lies.

You must be Ibo to be disheartened by what yorubas write and to totally ignore the tribalistic posts by your Ibo brethens.

Chaiii see as grown woman just dey lie on public forum.


My cousin visited from England. Knowing that I barely knew anything about Nigeria, he told me to visit NL.

Before NL, I used to think Nigerians were all the same. There was a thread on "Which state are you from?", I didn't know o. Had to go and ask my mom grin
I won't be thrilled if you are Ileke-idi because you spew poison and I will not be lured out by any venom you spew.
If it is your monicker, sure ..you maybe right about the year but still it doesn't negate the fact about the dark days of bitter tribal e-warfare championed by your likes whether Igbo , Yoruba or Hausa.


Career / Re: Career In Nursing by MrsAwesome: 6:25am On Dec 17, 2014
Any accredited universities or school of nursing in Nigeria is regulated by nursing and midwifery of Nigeria, so any result got from them is recognised worldwide.
Family / Re: How Did You Come To Know Nairaland by MrsAwesome: 5:32am On Dec 17, 2014
In 2008 I was searching about Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo relationship in the wake of the crisis in Jos and I was intrigued and disheartened on what I read especially coming from Ileke-idi, dayokanu, and the other warriors. It poisoned my mind that I had to log out or won't click on naira land to avoid the battles, didn't even know that other sections exist except politics. Then, in 2009 or thereabout when Beaf and the 40 lapdogs were having a field day...it was the most memorable time I have had on naira land and I have never left since.

Debrief08 of family section
Ogugua and the albino( have forgotten his monicker) of romance section.
Amaka of food section
Where are you guys?
At least, naijababe, sagamite and his cretinoid crew are still around.


Family / Re: All I Really Want For Christmas Is.... by MrsAwesome: 4:50pm On Dec 14, 2014
On what were the Ten Commandments written?
A. iPad 3
B. Galaxy Tab
C. Tablets of Stone
Reply A, B or C at N10/SMS
Reply LAST for your last question
Family / Re: Man Spotted With His Baby Tied To His Back At London Heathrow Airport by MrsAwesome: 5:30am On Dec 14, 2014
It is a good act to tie one's baby at the back, Yoruba's has a good record of starting very early to do so. Irrespective of who does it male or female,if not for anything just know that you're doing it for the good of the child. It prevents kids from waddling like a duck or limping because the head of the femur did not fit well inside the acetabular cup. It serves as a conservative management of a condition known as congenital displacement of the hip.
Africans do carry their babies at the back and this is the major reason the condition is rare there compared to the Caucasians.
Car Talk / Re: Innoson Rolls Out Fox, Umu - New Telegraph by MrsAwesome: 8:33am On Dec 13, 2014
Wow, 1.4-1.6m is really affordable.

At least, I've got somebody close to home I will whine to if it develops fault.
Family / Re: Prophecy From My Pastor: To Heed Or Not To Heed by MrsAwesome: 2:04pm On Dec 12, 2014
So what exactly do you want from US? Continue testing the waters until you find Mr Right while you're still married to your estranged husband
. As you've listened to your pastor's prophecy, when both your sin and that of your husband's are compared by a credible court of public opinion he will be a remarkable saint.
Celebrities / Re: Comparism Between Patience Jonathan And Aisha Buhari by MrsAwesome: 1:46pm On Dec 12, 2014
Aisha, daughters and son in law then their kids

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Family / Re: List Of Modern English Baby Names With Their Meaning by MrsAwesome: 5:16am On Dec 12, 2014
Which one is English name again..... like Mathew, Mark, Luke and John something? Are they even English if I may ask? Or Precious, Destiny, Gift, Grace and the rest of them as our born again Nigerians tends to name their kids?
Please clarify.
Health / Re: NLC Threatens Nationwide Strike To Sympathise With Health Workers by MrsAwesome: 5:04am On Dec 12, 2014
What of ASUP and ASUU? Aren't they registered trade union, they went on strike for almost a year and NLC didn't do anything
NLC priority undecided undecided
Health / Re: NLC Threatens Nationwide Strike To Sympathise With Health Workers by MrsAwesome: 5:57pm On Dec 11, 2014
Because JOHESU is a registered union.
Family / Re: My Neighbour's Maid Is Pregnant. by MrsAwesome: 7:44am On Dec 11, 2014
cheesy someone decides to show care towards another human being and it was automatically translated to "you have feelings for her" grin
Yeah sis, was about to type maybe HE is responsible until I read the comments. Lots of things...life lessons and scam stories etc have made us tongue :oNigerians to always be on attack until you prove us beyond and above reasonable doubt.
Family / Re: Husband Of Egopersonified by MrsAwesome: 9:22pm On Dec 10, 2014
@Ego personified, sorry for you loss.

sad undecided cry cry Death is one hell of an inevitable fiasco that puts an end to this quintessential struggles.
Family / Re: . by MrsAwesome: 4:18pm On Dec 10, 2014
Why won't he just divorce rather than writing a part 1&2 epistles he wouldn't have the nerve to give to the wife.
Family / Re: Ladies! Shey Na Wetin U Na Dey Pass Through Be This? God Bless My Mother Ooooo by MrsAwesome: 12:53pm On Dec 05, 2014
Its a lady's BIRTHRIGHT to yield kids after kopulation...BECAUSE her body has been ENGINEERED for it..
Unlike MEN whose body have been engineered to WORK HARD and sustain Family psychologically.

So it's no BIG DEAL....
AFTER all ,ALL FEMALE MAMMALS and creatures pass through LABOUR..
Yeah,!!! Men and their supposed roles.
Have seen how you and your fellow men hustle ( working hard and sustaining of family ish), where you struggle for office space with women who had been engineered for another different type of labour. In this generation, women are taking more roles of fending for their families which is not even a big deal at all but men can never pass through childbirth.
Have seen how widows toils hard to sustain and train up their kids.

Mothers who decided to be housewives are looked down on while those who chose to be a mother and also hustle hard are not appreciated by men.


Family / Re: The Best Thing(s) That Has Happened To You In 2014 by MrsAwesome: 8:56am On Dec 05, 2014
Glad that I can now mediate and settle issues between opposing parties.
I no longer fidget when situation demands, rather my oratorical skills has improve to the extent that I can convince and confuse when I choose to.
Everywhere I find myself this year has been peaceful.
I was able to develop acts that extricate / delete me from situations that will hamper my growth and goals.

Lastly, I thank God for awesome life he gave me and my family.

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Nairaland / General / Seun,did You Upgrade Your Server At 6:06-6:12 Pm by MrsAwesome: 6:20pm On Dec 04, 2014
Suddenly I became a guest instead of MrsAwesome with cloudfare 522 at the background.
Is it happening again
Family / Re: Why Devalue And Belittle Yourself? by MrsAwesome: 4:03pm On Dec 04, 2014
That thread irks me. She doesn't have bad choices in men rather she was tasting the waters after her virginity was broken. She probably got addicted to sexxxx and had to keep doing it, the men are not the problem... she is.

Wish she will cure the lifestyle and quest with a more productive and less mind destructing ones.
Celebrities / Re: See Jay Jay Okocha's Selfie With His Kids! by MrsAwesome: 8:58am On Dec 04, 2014
please anyone with her contact info? i want to tell her to study hard
Ask the dad. Nigerians...kai
TV/Movies / Re: Psy’s ‘gangnam Style’ Literally Just Broke The Internet by MrsAwesome: 8:42am On Dec 04, 2014
People keep on watching it because they are intrigued and at the same time trying hard to understand what this Korean guys are saying.

You watch and ask another person to watch and explain to you what is going on....that is from 0 to 2.. to 4...to 8.. to 16.. to 32 and presently to 64 bit interger of intrigued population.

Cluelessness is renamed and reaffirmed in Opan gangnam style...making it the national dance style of Nigeria won't be a bad thing.
Family / Re: Male Contraceptives by MrsAwesome: 6:10pm On Dec 03, 2014
Connive with a trusted health practitioner and inject depo provera into her system after thorough examinations under the pretense of managing either malaria or typhoid.....what bullshit.
What's wrong with some women?

please these goes against my code of conducts but this is what I will tell a brother in a jiffy

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Health / Re: My Funny Experience In A Nigerian Hospital (must Read) by MrsAwesome: 6:09am On Dec 03, 2014
U had malaria and d doctor got d diagnosis right so what is ur problem. U walk into a doctor's office and expect him to automatically know what is wrong with u without asking questions, please do u think u came to see a native doctor ? We live in d tropics so 90% of fevers is due to malaria, but you want him to run tests that u cannot even afford. Later u curse him for billing you too much. It's people like you that get deceived by the quacks who use computers to ascribed funny diseases to people. Diagnosis involves history, physical examination and then investigation in that order but u want him to jump to the third. I am tired of Nigerian patients. U call ur Nigerian trained doctors quacks only to run abroad and be treated by the same Nigerian trained doctors. Pathetic nation
Haha, the joke is on you. She is a fictional writer.
Health / Re: Uniben Pharmd Conversion Application Begins by MrsAwesome: 1:27pm On Nov 26, 2014

can you recognise a sarcasm when you see one? i don't think so. cheers anyway.
Free me bro, ...but you know quite well others are reading this ni!!!!!!. Nice day to you too.
Health / Re: Uniben Pharmd Conversion Application Begins by MrsAwesome: 9:23am On Nov 26, 2014
All just to be called 'Doctor '? You are tired of being called 'pharm '? What value will this application when granted add to our health delivery system ? If we didn't need PharmD in the past 100years , do you think we need it now ? Or is it just about copying America or a continuation of the supremacy war with the real medical doctors ?
100 years ago, MBBS and MD never existed, it was licentiate medical diploma . So what changed, are they not the same doctors or don't you think the change has a lot of advantages?.. and the current clamor by other health profession for upgrade will bring the much needed effective and efficient change to care given to patient.
We are no longer in stone age where changes are abhorred or where people advocating for change are exposed to all forms of witch hunts. In 21st century, change is inevitable and is welcomed by vast majority of world population...if you don't follow suit but stay to whimper and whine, most certainly you will be left behind.


Family / Re: After Childbirth How Long Can You Wait Before Sexual Intercourse??? by MrsAwesome: 9:30am On Nov 25, 2014
It varies, some women with relatively easy delivery resume duty very early. I allowed him just two weeks after, and it was an interesting experience.
This is wrong by all ramification personally ......honestly!!!! Couples shouldn't even have a say on this issue if this is how they go about it, any thing less than six weeks is incorrigible, irresponsible and...and ....oh God. I mean the risk is high please....puerperal sepsis, postpartum haemorrhage are the major complications. The bruises on the uterus and vaginaaa are yet to healed ..which can trap microbes and even cause reactionary bleeding etc. Then comes the exposed nerve endings that causes pain or unpleasant sensation on walking or urination etc. Most women won't even allow you to examine them during postpartum visit at 6 weeks because they still feel sensitive down there. What about the lochia...the drains from the vaginaaa after birth that last up to 28 days or more, full of debris and all Whatnots... jeezzzzz.

Men please zip the fuccck up until your wife heals, the risk is greater than the enjoyment therein. Any man that has to be kept by all possible means including this is............yawn!!!!! Damn!!!!

It takes at least six weeks for things to go back to normal, if there is no associated problems postpartum.


Health / Re: Photos: Patients Caught Making Love On Hospital Bed In Lagos by MrsAwesome: 5:37am On Nov 25, 2014
When did consensual heterosexual relationship became a crime in Nigeria , if I happen to know this couple, I would hasten their to suing your sorry blog and assess to hell.

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Health / Re: Johesu Strike: Why The Public Silence? by MrsAwesome: 3:30pm On Nov 24, 2014
Very funny, how the impact of over 90% of health sector workforce will not be felt. With the frequent public outcry of brain drain of doctors, one is left to wonder how 10% are able to tackle the strike single handedly and effectively without the aid of these workers. NMA can recruit their retired and dead members, premed and med students to continue their quackery in the health system which goes to show where the greater percentage of rots in the health sector is.

This is hogwashism... to say the least.
Politics / Re: Graduate Nurses Dissociate Themselves From JOHESU Strike by MrsAwesome: 11:31am On Nov 21, 2014
I am here Ooo and I do not blame GNAN at all for dissociating themselves from JOHESU if their interest is not captured in this struggle.

The problem GNAN will have is if it continue to distance itself from their other colleagues without BSCN degree, cos ..GNAN members are few compared to RN/RM holders. So that with the large number of nurses in Nigeria ...when they come together and express their concerns it will be more effective.
Dental therapist and technologist both have HND and are drafted for internship why won't GNAN agitate for same so that they will be at par with their counterpart , CONHESS nursing officers.... g/l 8 step 2 , nursing supritendents....g/l 7 step 4 for internship and g/l 9 step and g/l 8 step 2 post NYSC.

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Career / Re: My Journey Towards Being A Successful Doctor In the US (story Of My Life) by MrsAwesome: 6:22pm On Nov 20, 2014
Loving this.....
May I ask.....why peadiatry ....I mean do you have the passion for it or is it because residency slots are limited in those other topnotch fields like anesthesia, neurosurgery , dermatology etc..
Need your candid opinion here.

Good luck in your chosen field doc.

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