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Autos / True Story! An Indian King Converted 6 Rolls-royce Into Waste Collection Vehicle by Naijautonews: 9:05am On Sep 18
What could have made a king to get angry to the extent of turning an expensive luxury car into waste collection vehicle? Check details below!
Just in case you didn’t know; twenty percent of the entire manufactured Rolls-Royce luxury cars built before 1st World War was procured by the Indians. This therefore alerted us here on Naijauto to the statistics that for every two hundred maharajas, there is an estimated acquired 3.5 cars from Rolls-Royce.

This is the story of the famous Maharaja of Alwar, King Jai Singh, who decided to take revenge on this luxury brand, Rolls-Royce, by converting his vehicles into garbage collectors.

There was an obvious obsession with Rolls-Royce cars by the Indian princes before the First World War

How did this happen?
An Indian man, in the 1920s, walked into Rolls-Royce dealership in central London, in simple attire, to make an inquiry on how much the Phantom II Tourer cost.

He was snubbed by the Rolls-Royce’s salesman due to his appearance, and he was asked to leave the company’s showroom. On getting back to his room in the hotel, he told his servants to inform the Rolls-Royce Showroom indicating King Jai Singh’s interest in purchasing a Rolls-Royce car.

After few hours, the young man approached the same showroom, but with a different look filled with full stunning royal manner in his royal regalia, stepping on a red carpet with massive respect from the salesmen present.

King Jai Singh - The Indian king who turned his six Rolls-Royce into waste collection vehicles

The young man acquired all the 6 Rolls-Royce luxury cars displayed at the showroom and gave an order that the cars should be delivered personally by the salesman to India.

Right in the presence of the salesman after reaching India with the 6 luxury cars, the king gave an order to municipal department to make use of these expensive cars for collecting and cleaning wastes found in the city.

This news about the king’s act traveled round the world like wildfire. As a result of the serious damaging effect and bad image this gave the luxury brand, sales of Rolls-Royce’s cars dropped quickly. In order to resolve this problem, the company sent a telegram to the maharaja’s palace in Alwar, apologizing and imploring the king to stop using those Rolls-Royce cars as waste collection vehicles.

In 2004, Maharaja Jeetender Singh of Alwar disclosed:

"That incident was burnt into the collective family memory,”

“We were perhaps the only royal family that was allowed to buy any car except a Rolls-Royce. We have numerous vintage cars but not a single Rolls”

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/indian-king-rolls-royce-waste-collection-vehicles-4879

Autos / Saudi Arabian Father 'accidentally' Buys $300m Plane For Son Instead Of Models by Naijautonews: 8:59am On Sep 03
If you've run out of ideas on what to get for your child on his upcoming birthday, a Saudi father has just set the standard. Due to the miscommunication between this rich father and the plane maker, 2 Airbus have been delivered instead of their scale models. Check details below!
When there's too much money, and a generous father to go with it, everything becomes "gift-able"

A Saudi Arabian father has redefined what birthday gifts should be for parents who will be presenting birthday gifts to their children. Reports reaching Naijauto says the wealthy father in error bought a couple of Airbus A350-1000s for his son since he couldn't find the smaller models of the Airbus plane.

The Saudi father whose identity is yet to be known is said to have some investments in the energy sector. He had gone in search of smaller models of the passenger jet which he wants to present to his son who is an aviation enthusiast.

Reports said he put a call to Airbus aerospace company to make inquiries about their plane models but there was communication hitch between him and the company due to his inability to converse clearly in English.

When you have a rich father who's generous enough to gift you an Airbus plane

According to the Saudi man,

"They asked so many questions about interior and exterior, I just thought they make very accurate scale models."

And when he finally received $365 million as quotes for the planes, it didn't seem to discourage him as he said,

"I got lost in currency conversions, I thought it was a bit expensive but still reasonable."

The mistake of this rich father is understandable considering the lifestyle in Saudi Arabia

The extent of this expensive mistake emerged a few months later when the father got a call from Airbus, informing him that the planes were now ready for delivery.

He said,

"They asked me who will fly it. I thought it was a joke."

The rich father ended up keeping one of the passenger jets and giving the other to his cousin.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/saudi-arabian-father-buys-airbus-plane-for-son-4731

Autos / Ray Hushpuppi Flaunts His Luxury Supercars by Naijautonews: 8:51am On Sep 03
Gucci man and one of the biggest boys in Nigeria, Ray Hushpuppi, has decided to flaunt some of his multi-million naira luxury cars on social media.
Ray Hushpuppi, Dubai-based Instagram sensation whose real name is Raymond Igbalodey, has taken his Instagram account by storm, flaunting his super expensive fleet of cars.

These luxury cars include Mercedes-Maybach S650, Bentley Bentayga SUV, his newly acquired Ferrari 458 Italia, and Rolls-Royce Wraith, part of what he flaunted recently on his social media account.

Hushpuppi shows off his super expensive fleet of cars in his latest Instagram post

He captioned the post:

"No matter what you do in life, always upgrade and update! ALL MINE"
The Ferrari 458 Italia, which is his latest luxury acquisition, is unarguably among the world’s fastest performance cars. It comes equipped with a V8 4.5-liter engine with an output of 570 horsepower, which accelerates from a standstill of 0-62 mph in a remarkable 3.4 secs. It offers a top speed of 325 km/hr.

To see the video, click here: https://naijauto.com/market-news/hushpuppi-luxury-supercars-4724

Car Talk / Check Inside ₦120m Luxury Bentley Bentayga SUV Newly Acquired By Zlatan Ibile by Naijautonews: 9:08am On Aug 27
Zlatan Ibile is gradually becoming a force to reckon with among Nigerian celebrities in terms of super-exotic car collection. See the latest Bentley Bentayga SUV he just bought here!
We are not strangers to Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael popularly known as Zlatan Ibile, a Nigerian songwriter, singer and a dancer. His love for cars is worthy of mentioning and the addition of the luxury Bentley Bentayga SUV to his garage is quite remarkable.

Zlatan Ibile's Instagram post on his latest acquisition - Bentley Bentayga SUV

Recently, a video of the new “World’s fastest” SUV was posted by the popular Nigerian musician, alongside his other stunning models from other brands such as Peugeot, Chevrolet and Mercedes-Benz.

Zlatan also gave his fans a glimpse of other luxury brands in his collection

In case you are interested in getting similar luxury SUV for yourself, you should be ready to pay as much as ₦120 million ($200,000), which covers the cost of the car, shipping and clearing expenses.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/zlatan-ibile-new-bentley-bentayga-suv-4693

Autos / This Businessman Has More Rolls-royce Bespoke Colors Than A Rainbow by Naijautonews: 8:34am On Aug 27
You have to see this businessman and his unbelievable 10 Rolls-Royce Bespoke colours which includes an Orange Cullinan SUV. See his full collection here!
Having a lot of cash can sometimes make people find it difficult to make car purchase choices, especially when they have more than enough money to buy it all.

If you are a billionaire now; it might be really difficult for you to choose just one car on Naijauto because we have quite a huge collections of cars for sale in Nigeria which might really match your taste, in terms of colours and sizes.

Rolls-Royce can get your money for the specific type of beauty and luxury that you desire!

However, world-renowned automakers like Rolls-Royce have developed some interesting ways of solving this choice problem for their affluent patrons. They offer specially customized colours which patrons can commission the company to finish autos in.

One of such patrons of the Rolls-Royce brand is Michael Fux – a popular C u b a n - American businessman and car collector.

Meet Michael Fux – the Cuban-American owns 10 Bespoke Rolls-Royce commissioned colours

Believe it or not; Michael Fux is so rich that he does not only have just one of such bespoke colours that we mentioned earlier above, he now has 10 specially commissioned colours that were all named after him.

As a matter of fact, he recently added a Rolls-Royce Cullinan to his collection and the SUV came with a commissioned bespoke “Fux Orange” colour paint. Yes, you read that right!

This Cullinan makes the 10th of such Bespoke Rolls-Royce vehicles that Michael Fux has now successfully commissioned for himself alone.

Continue reading here: https://naijauto.com/market-news/rolls-royce-bespoke-colors-4699

Autos / Iconic & Wild Cars In Lebron James Car Collection by Naijautonews: 10:31am On Aug 23
1. Who is LeBron James?
Without much debate, the pro basketball player, LeBron James, born 30 December 1984, is one of the most successful athletes of his time and obviously all time. He is one of the most paid basketball players on the planet. So, acquiring exotic and wild cars shouldn’t be a problem for the 3-time NBA champion. Collecting cars is reported to be his hobby and James has all the money to fulfill this desire.

LeBron James wife and children
In 2013, LeBron James married his sweetheart and long time girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, in a marriage that has produced three children – Bronny, Bruce and Zhuri James.

LeBron James’s net worth, awards & lifestyle
Over the years, LeBron James has won several individual and collective awards in the span of his career such as 2 Olympic medals, 4 NBA MVP awards and 3 NBA championships. Along with several other endorsements and business deals, this success has earned him some big paycheck. LeBron James net worth is estimated to reach $450 million, according to report from Forbes.

LeBron James loves travelling in style and is a proud owner of Gulfstream G280, a private jet he got for $22 million.


2. Le Bron James car collection
Here on NaijaCarNews are the iconic and wild cars in LeBron James’s collection.

1975 Chevy Impala
Even though you could get the 2020 model for just $31,620 (~N11.4m), LeBron James has a big respect for the classics and he rather went for the 1975 restored Chevy Impala Convertible.

Bentley Continental GT
Bentley luxury brand is a culture among celebrities now and we weren’t really surprised that James owns one, which is the Bentley Continental GT. There was a report that this model is among his favourites and he got it for $218,400 (~N79.2m).

2010 Chevy Camaro SS
LeBron James got his own customized Chevy Camaro with a matching wheels and matte white. Without any modification, the starting price is $25,000 (~N9m). We are pretty sure he spent more to get its custom-made version.

Continue reading: https://naijacarnews.com/celeb-car/iconic-wild-cars-in-lebron-james-car-collection-775

Car Talk / How To Use Driving Hand Signals Properly by Naijautonews: 8:41am On Jul 12
These driving hand signals are accepted in Nigeria and will go a long way to prevent accidents while you drive. It's a very important rule for both new and old drivers. Check them below!
Driving hand signals are not only used by those who don't talk, but also to explain what you have in mind a lot more. These gesticulations also come into play when driving. For some reason, you expect the driver behind you or in front to get what you mean when you wave or point your left hand a certain way while driving. More than half the time, they actually understand what you mean. However, there are certain standard hand signals that work and it's important to know when to use them and also how to interpret when someone else uses them. As advocates for safe driving, Naijauto bring you helpful tips on how to use hand signals while driving.

1. Turning left
When driving and you wish to turn left, extend your left arm from the window of the car and point left. Withdraw and extend the arm at brief intervals, with your index finger steady pointing left. Once oncoming drivers slow down, it's a go-ahead for you to turn. If you notice they aren't slowing down you either give them some space to pass or flap your hands up and down so they can reduce their speed.

2. Asking other drivers to slow down
As stated earlier, flapping your left hand up and down from the window of the driver's seat is a sign for other vehicles to slow down. They realise you either wish to turn left or make a U-turn. In other cases it also means they should slow down for the gallop, bump or pothole ahead. You can also use this to tell drivers about to overtake you to slow down for when there's oncoming vehicles they probably didn't see.

3. Stopping your own vehicle
Once you start decelerating, bring our the left arm and point your index finger downwards. Pretty much every driver understands this. They will slow down or swerve away from your car. Keep pointing that finger downwards till you come to a halt. Make sure your arm is positioned such that someone from the back can actually see what you're doing.

4. Turning right
Good thing is that Nigerian roads are made for drivers to easily turn right. But in the case where you're on the express lane (speed lane), bring out your left arm from the window but raised up this time. Point above the car to the right and gradually steer towards that direction.


5. Telling a driver their lights are on
Clamp your fist and spread them spontaneously outside your window. This tells the driver of an oncoming vehicle that their lights are on.

These driving hand signals are accepted in Nigeria and will go a long way to prevent accidents while you drive.

Source: https://naijauto.com/safe-driving/driving-hand-signals-3855

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Car Talk / Why You Should Buy A Good GPS Tracker For Your Car by Naijautonews: 8:33am On Jul 12
A good GPS tracking system not only helps drivers with directions but also is an agent in disguise whenever your car might be stolen. Check these reasons for buying GPS tracker for your car, suggested by Naijauto experts!
The Global Positioning System (GPS), originally created by the United States, operates on no fewer than 31 satellites. Connected to these satellites, the GPS gets signals to track vehicles. If you install a GPS in your car, it can be located wherever it is. In addition to this, the good GPS tracking system serves as your map, guiding you to the destination you are heading to while shielding you and your loved ones from possible harms as well.

One of the key components of GPS is Geo-Fencing. This feature notifies you either via text or email when humans or objects cross your location. It also boasts of advanced features that can determine the speed of a moving car, and detect when a car driver is facing trouble.

Please refer to 9 reasons for choosing a good GPS tracker for your car below, suggested by Naijauto.com!

1. Real-time tracking
The number one thing you should check is whether or not the GPS enables real-time tracking. You need to know where your car is at each point in time. When you open the GPS interface on the system, you will see a map indicating your car and other vehicles or items around it. It also shows you whether your car is parked in one location or it is in motion. The moving speed is also indicated.

2. Trip record
A good GPS shows you a record of your car movement. It presents indices displayed on a map, showing you where your car was driven to over a period of time. If you happen to give your car to someone, you do not have to lose sleep over their whereabouts. From the GPS interface, you can know everywhere the person has been to. The system takes it further to show you if your car has been overspending. If someone else is driving the car, you can caution them to reduce speed.

3. Alerts
The GPS offers warning alerts to prevent damage or danger. If your car is being used beyond its limits, a notification is sent you immediately. This is very handy especially if someone else is driving your car. You get to know how they are handling it.

Types of alerts sent to you include speed, route deviation, tempering, excess stoppage, fuel pilferage etc. Taking measures to address these alerts will foster maintenance and increase the lifespan of your car.

4. Track chauffeur-driven car
Sometimes, we let our loved ones be driven around. When kids are involved, they are most likely not able to protect themselves from danger. As a parent or guardian, you need to be aware of your wards’ safety whenever you place them in the hands of a stranger.

A good GPS helps you to keep track of their whereabouts from your end. If you notice that the car is moving in a strange or unplanned direction, you can take action immediately. There have been cases where drivers abducted children kept in their care, and demanded ransom from their parents or guardians. With this system, you can assist the authorities in tracking them down.

5. Geo-fencing alerts
Geo-fencing is basically e-fencing. You can create an electronic fence on the system around certain landmarks. The fenced area is taken to be your private area, and out of bound to intruders. If someone enters the fenced area, the system will send you a notification. There is no room for surprises. By creating a geo-fence around your car, you get to know when someone is getting close to it.

6. Summary of report on dashboard
A good GPS gives you a report of your car for the last 90 days on your dashboard. You get to know where the car was and how it was operated. With this information, you are better positioned to make decisions that are in your best interest.

7. User-friendliness
Despite all the features offered by a GPS, it becomes a problem if you cannot easily operate it. A complex GPS is hard to understand, let alone operate. As your car moves around, you should be able to understand the information displayed at one glance because it will not remain in a particular location for too long. You should be able to differentiate between real-time and historical data and interpret them accordingly.

8. Simple installation and maintenance
You are better off with a GPS that can be easily installed and maintained. One that can be fixed below the dashboard makes a good fit. But it should not be conspicuous for strangers to detect it. There are four major types of GPS including Marine GPS, Car Navigation GPS, GPS/PDA hybrid and Portable Outdoor GPS. Amongst these, Car Navigation GPS is the easiest to install and maintain.

9. Analytics and voice instructions
If you are on the highway, you will not have the chance to visually operate the system. Opt for a GPS that has voice instructions – one that can tell you the state of things, without you having to pay full attention to its interface.


Source: https://naijauto.com/safe-driving/buy-gps-tracker-for-car-4154

Autos / 10 Steps To Prepare Your Vehicle For A Long Distance Trip In Nigeria by Naijautonews: 8:18am On Jul 12
Long rides might be arduous and hazardous, follow these tips to prepare your vehicle for a long distance trip in Nigeria. Keep reading!
Most car owners would prefer to have their vehicle with them while on a long travel to a faraway state in the country. Many of them enjoy driving for long hours while those who do not enjoy long driving would hire a driver to take them in their private car on the trip. There are some very important steps to make in order to ensure that you best prepare your vehicle for a long distance trip in Nigeria.

The occasion of the travel could be for different possible reasons ranging from business, social conference or a vacation. Long distance trip with your car means comfort for you, but it means something different for your vehicle. People usually ensure that they have their necessary personal requirements like money, clothes, shelter, plans for food, etc all figured out a few days ahead. The car also needs some essential attention a few days before you set off; so get your vehicle ready through these steps suggested by Naijauto experienced drivers!

1. Engine condition
The engine, being the powerhouse of a vehicle, has to be capable to set on the long trip which you intend to travel on. An efficient engine will kickstart at one turn, produce a calm sound and expel neat emission at the exhaust.

Although other systems of the vehicle contribute to the function of the car motion, these few signs can be confirmed to tell that the engine is efficient. You have to insist on getting a mechanic to check the engine status with experience to prepare your vehicle for a long distance trip in Nigeria.

2. Engine oil
The engine function involves metals gliding together in mechanical motions to produce power; these activities need lubrication to function properly. The engine oil is the lubricant that helps to reduce quick wearing away of components in the engine of the vehicle.

Check the oil condition and level in the engine to know whether it needs replacing or filling up. Also, check for leakage through oil drop signs on the ground to tell whether the oil seals need to be changed.

3. Braking system
Driving safely involves different necessary steps especially while on a long trip, the braking systems of your vehicle is a top priority to maintain control of your vehicle. The brake pads, discs, hydraulic hose, and brake pedal have to be in their best conditions at all time.

You have to request an experienced mechanic to check and replace the brake disc for the wheels; inspect the hydraulic fluid flow and the stiffness level of the brake pedal. Ensuring that these parts are in their best conditions cannot be ignored if you intend to prepare your vehicle for a long distance trip. Also, make sure that you have the hydraulic fluid filled in appropriately.


4. Tires
The driver’s control of a vehicle plays a major role in traveling safely, but the tires make the forward motion happen. The entire weight, technology, and systems of the vehicle depend on the tires to complete their collective function of transportation. The tires have to be properly inspected and pumped to specified pressures.

Research the best ways to know expired tires, check for leaks and cracks, and inspect the rims. You will have to replace any tire that does not pass the inspection, and also ensure that all the tires of the vehicle including the spare tire are in their best conditions as you plan to roll out to the highway.

5. Engine Cooling systems
The running conditions of your engine need proper temperature regulation and the design already accommodates this requirement. Your responsibility as the owner or driver is to ensure that the functionality is intact while using the vehicle.

You need to check the engine radiator and water hoses for leaks, and you also need to ensure that the water pump is working properly. The help of a mechanic may be employed if you need to replace some components in the engine cooling systems to prepare your vehicle for a long distance trip in Nigeria.

6. Air conditioning system and cabin filter

Comfort is not a factor you should compromise while on a long trip; so the vehicle air conditioning system has to be in great working conditions. The compressor gas has to be checked and refilled if necessary, and the function has to be tested and confirmed to be working fine before you set out on your trip.

The cabin filter is a component in the vehicle that filters the air entering into the cabin through the air conditioning system. This filter needs to be clean to ensure that the air entering the cabin is clear and healthy for the driver and passengers.

Read the rest: https://naijauto.com/safe-driving/prepare-for-long-distance-trip-3862

Autos / Jaguar Land Rover Experiments Mood-detection System, Help Reduce Drivers Stress by Naijautonews: 9:09am On Jul 11
If my car can understand my stressed mood and make me feel relaxed while driving on the road, I would definitely love it! Jaguar Land Rover is about to make it a reality with their AI mood-detection system!
Would you love to own and drive a car that can detect your mood? Like the car knows when you're happy, sad, stressed...huh?

Naijauto knows you'll definitely love it and that's why we're happy (and not moody) to let you know that Jaguar Land Rover is working on artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can detect a driver's mood and that of his passengers while he's behind the wheels.

The British car manufacturer said they're experimenting on an AI technology, which makes use of a driver-facing camera to know how a driver feels, with the use of biometric sensors. It is followed by the car adjusting some features in the car to make the occupants more comfortable.

With the mood-detection system, a driver's mood can be known, which is followed by adjusting some features to make him feel better

By capturing the face on the camera, the mood-detection system is able to monitor the facial expressions to find out the stress levels of the driver and automatically goes ahead to adjust features like climate control, audio system and ambient lighting to help him relax.

In essence, if the system detects that a driver is stressed up, the ambient lighting will be adjusted to show calming colours.If it also determines traces of tiredness, the mood-detection system may play your favourite song. This is beautiful. And who wouldn't lighten up at the sound of their favourite track?

The AI technology also extends to rear-seat passengers, to help them enjoy the ride

Jaguar Land Rover isn't stopping at front seat only but is also extending the mood-sensing technology to back seat passengers. To achieve this, they will make use of a camera that's placed at the back of the front headrest. The front system will take up the job of keeping drivers awake and alert while the rear seat system will tint the windows, dim the lights and increase the temperature to enable rear passengers to sleep off.

According to the car manufacturer,

"we are researching the technology as part of our tranquil sanctuary vision to improve the driving experience and create a sanctuary inside each of these luxury vehicles."

The aim of this program is to make sure drivers don't sleep off while behind the wheels, rather they will be at alert and in control of the car. The passengers are expected to be comfortable enough to enjoy the ride.

Watch how the AI technology works

Jaguar Land Rover claims that the AI system will come to know a driver's choices with time and then make adjustments. The automaker is supporting the vision with a study which revealed that 74% of people get stressed daily.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/jaguar-land-rover-mood-detection-4354
Autos / Peruzzi Posed With Brand New Mercedes Benz On Instagram by Naijautonews: 8:37am On Jul 11
New whip moves! Peruzzi has just acquired a brand new Mercedes-Benz. The talented singer isn't keeping quiet about it. Click below to see photos of the car!
Peruzzi is the latest Nigerian entertainer to join the league of brand new Mercedes Benz owners. The artiste who is signed onto Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), headed by A-list musician Davido, posted pictures of himself seated on his new machine with the caption “New Whip! Thank God!”

Like his fellow acts on the DMW records, Peruzzi has had a successful run in the music industry with a number of hits to his name. Very successful himself, it is evident that the record label boss Davido, is putting in work to ensure that his artistes get massive promotion and rewards for their talent as deserved.

The announcement of the exotic car by the Mata singer was received with congratulatory messages by his fans and celebrities.

The Singer flexing his new whip

This news comes as a breath of fresh air following the recent bad press the talented singer got for allegedly assaulting a social media influencer at an event in Bayelsa State over a post the young man made, comparing him with fellow female singer Teni early this year. Peruzzi and his boss Davido apologized to the victim on social media shortly after the news broke.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/peruzzi-new-mercedes-benz-4356

Autos / Studies Show New Car Smell May Lead To Birth Defect And Cancer! by Naijautonews: 7:53am On Jul 11
Most people know the new car has a smell but is it really a car smell? In this article we discuss the new car smell and its toxicity. Check details below carefully!
Most people love the smell of a car that’s just out-of-the-dealer’s shop. It makes them feel like they’ve been able to break a ground and achieve something really great. In fact, some people love the “new car smell” so much so that they go out to get themselves some air fresheners and sprays that gives the same smell as that of a new car. Yes, that sounds like so much love. Have you ever wondered why new cars smell like that or what causes them to smell like that? Well, let me enlighten you on that smell you love so much.

1. What causes new car smell?

So, apparently, some people think the smell that comes off new cars, especially the economy ones, is leather but I tell you, only the really expensive luxurious cars have actual leather in their interiors. And we know that majority of the economy are unable to afford these type of cars. Sometimes, they also say it smells like good plastic and other times, just a bunch of different chemicals mixed together. So, what then causes this smell?

New car smell is composed of chemical smells

The interior of a car comprises of many chemicals and these chemicals release harsh compounds commonly called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the interior of a car. The release of these compounds is known as “Outgassing,” a very unpleasant name just like the process. These VOCs are responsible for the new car smell that soothes a lot of people so much. However, some of them do not produce any odor at all.

2. Impacts of new car smell on people's health
It’s been gathered that the VOCs contain compounds such as Formaldehyde and Ethyl Benzene, which are commonly found in paints and glue. These compounds are responsible for dizziness, allergies, headaches and even cancer, at the most, when inhaled into the body system in large quantities for a long period of time. Now, the question is does a new car contain enough of these chemicals to make the interior of the car unhealthy? Or would a person have to be exposed to it for a longer period of time than the average driver before it can be harmful to the health?

The Ecology Center, a non-profit group, carried out some studies in February of 2012 on the title “Model Year 2011/2012 Guide to New Vehicles”. In their report, they stated that these chemicals, when inhaled or ingested, have a high probability of causing serious health problems like learning disabilities, cancer and even birth problems. And an average human being that owns a car rides in it for more than one and a half hours every day and this is enough time to give the toxic chemicals chance to circulate round the body. They termed it as being one of the major causes of indoor air pollution of modern times.

However, these chemicals are not required when making interior auto parts and many car manufacturers have started inventing new ways of substituting these chemicals with something much healthier.

Some cars have been listed to be the best and the worst when it comes to toxic car smells. The top two cars charting this list are the Honda Civic, 2012 model, and the 2011 Toyota Prius. And the last two cars, according to the Ecology Center, are Chrysler 200 S, 2011 Model and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, 2011 model. This chart has Honda leading because it contains halogens, Bromine & Chlorine, and Lead, which puts all of them the same ranking in terms of volatile organic chemicals. The list is downloadable as a PDF file online and you can get to see every car made from 2006 till date and how much of these substances each of the card contain.

It is important that we look out for our health in every way possible and this is just one of the areas many people are unaware of. So, next time you buy a new car, be sure to make sure you air it out for a day or two before you decide to jump in and swim in the new car smell. Always remember your health comes first.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/new-car-smell-3270

Autos / A Checklist Of Must-have Items In Case Of Car Breakdown by Naijautonews: 9:24am On Jul 09
Your car might start having issues in the middle of nowhere and you won't want to abandon it there! Here is a checklist of things you must have when your car breaks down!
Have you thought of what you would do when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? Will you wait till some angel comes in shining armor to help you? Do you think you're prepared mentally for the situation or do you intend to just swing by when it happens? It's never easy knowing what to do when your breaks down. In fact, you'll probably be too destabilized to think straight. That's why you find many cars abandoned on the highway for days. It is as a result of lack of preparedness.

You won't want to be in such a situation where you have to abandon your vehicle. Therefore, here's a checklist of must-have items for your car breakdown, compiled by Naijauto.com - the biggest car website in Nigeria.

1. Warning triangle

The C-section commonly known as warning triangle is an important item for when your vehicle breaks down. It comes with a reflective red tint that notifies oncoming vehicles of your car. It is very useful especially at night or during bad weather when visibility is poor. Simply mount it behind your car or in front - depending on what direction the vehicles are coming from.

It is important to get off the road and set your warning triangle when your car breaks down

2. First aid kit
Depending on the cause of the breakdown, you might actually need a first aid kit. If your vehicle was hit by another car, an object or you rammed into a barricade, you may likely sustain certain injuries. If this is the case and there are no passers-by to help, you may have to administer first aid by yourself. In cases when there are medics present and they don't have all the necessary items, yours can be used. So ensure you update your kit.

3. An empty fuel gallon
Running out of fuel on the highway can happen to anyone. What will you do? You can't stop other vehicles and ask them to siphon fuel from their tanks to yours. Even if you do, it's easier when you have an empty gallon and a hose. Alternatively, you can purchase fuel from a nearby filling station. It would be difficult pushing your car from the point of break down to the filling station. Here, the empty gallon would suffice.

4. A bright colored vest
Nobody wishes for their car to breakdown but it's wise to prepare for it. Keeping a bright colored vest in your car is not out of place. The same way you want oncoming cars to see your warning triangle, you would them to easily spot you when you flag them down for help. In fact, lots of European countries have made a road rule that drivers traveling long distances must have a highly visible vest in their car.

Read the rest: https://naijauto.com/safe-driving/car-breakdown-3848

Car Talk / Gombe Traffic: 103 People Involved In Motorcycle Accidents In 90 Days by Naijautonews: 9:01am On Jul 09
Gombe state has been recently hit with a surge in motorcycle accidents and FRSC has devised a way to tackle the menace. Read the details now!
The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Gombe state command has expressed disapproval over the increase in the motorcycle accidents occurring in the state.

The Sector Commander of FRSC in the stated Godwin Omiko, revealed this on Sunday, during a one-day workshop FRSC organized for its stakeholders.

Omiko pointed out that 103 people have gotten involved in a motorcycle accident, from January to March this year. And out of this crash, as reported by Naijauto, seven persons died while 66 others sustained injuries of various degrees.

As stated by him,

"Between January and March 2019, 103 persons were involved in motorcycle accident; 66 people were injured and seven deaths were recorded.

Twenty-five motorcycle and two tricycle accidents were recorded between April and June involving 177 people; 92 cases of injuries were recorded as well as five deaths; 43 motorcycles and four tricycles were involved."
The FRSC boss told stakeholders present at the workshop that they are more concerned and focused on making better bike riders and keeping the road safe for motorists than charging defaulters.

FRSC will enforce the laws over motorcycles and tricycles on road

Before rounding off his address, Omiko stated that FRSC, in agreement with the order issued by the. Federal Government, would begin clamping down on motorcyclists to ensure they comply with the driving license recommended for them, as a way of addressing the menace.

Traditional institutions and religious bodies across the state were all represented at the workshop.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/gombe-traffic-4339

Autos / 7 Proven Ways To Boost Your Car’s Performance by Naijautonews: 10:07am On Jul 08
If you have been looking for some of the best safe, tested and proven ways to exponentially upgrade and improve your vehicle's performance, See them below!
Some people make it sound impossible to upgrade a car and increase its performance. Well, this is not in any way rocket science like they described it. Once you buy the right performance parts that is worth the investment, you can get this upgrade done immediately as you wish. Although, if you have no background knowledge of car parts and auto mechanics operations, you might need to get your local mechanic to help you get these upgrades done.

Below, Naijauto.com presents to you, some of the most feasible upgrades that are tested and proven to provide impressive results as regards increase in performance of a car.

1. Increasing the engine’s working volume
This can be done in two ways:

By getting a more powerful crankshaft to replace the old one
By cylinder diameter increase
The result of these will be noticed in the peak torque increase which will be noticeable by a significant amount

2. Increasing the compression ratio
This can also be done in two ways:

By replacing the plungers together with the convex upper parts with a newly purchased modified one
By the adoption of milling to get the bottom plate which is at the cylinder block’s head lowered
The result of these will be; better fuel efficiency, and noticeable engine efficiency and power increase.


3. Chip tuning: Car software upgrade
There are some control signals that comes from the chip in the car, this tuning method will involve changing these signals to the car’s main components

The result to expect will be:

Reduced fuel consumption
5 to 20% increase in the engine power
Improvements in the machine control and dynamism

4. Rotating valve or carburetor modification
This technology involves the creation of well-designed chamfers in the rotating valve and the carburetor. And the results of this are:

5 to 15% engine power increase
Fuel consumption economized by 10 to 25%
Torque increase
Waste fumes becoming cleaner
Dynamism increases in the vehicle
No acceleration dips

5. Overall weight reduction

This is very simple. It majorly involves you removing all the parts of the car that you rarely use. This reduction in weight of the car will greatly improve its acceleration (Speed) and performance altogether.

Read the rest: https://naijauto.com/car-maintenance/ways-to-boost-cars-performance-1934

Car Talk / How To Get Your Car Out Of Mud In Nigeria by Naijautonews: 9:11am On Jul 08
Being stuck in mud can be a nightmare! That is why it's wise that you know how to get your car out of mud to continue with your journey! Find out more here!
One of the worst things that can happen to a driver during the rainy season or when driving off-road is to have your car stuck in mud. Not only will your car get dirty but you'll be disorganized and trying to get out might damage some components of your vehicle.

You might misjudge how deep the muddy path is or didn't even know there was anything like that there. There's no need to dwell on how you got into the mud but rather how to get out of it. This article by Naijauto is meant to give you a thorough guide on how to get your car out of mud, so your car doesn't sink deeper and you don't end up spending the entire on one spot while making little or no progress.

With the right tools, you can get your car out of mud even with no assistance

1. Try driving backward
Once you are driving forward and your car gets stuck, don't keep trying to accelerate further. It only makes your wheels sink deeper. Let's not forget that you will keep splashing mud all over the doors, trunk, bonnet, windows, and engine of the vehicle. Therefore, what you should do immediately you notice your car can't move forward in to try reversing.

Do not turn off the engine. Simply place your gear on R and drive backwards. Perhaps the road leading to the mud is better than the one leading out of it. Hence driving in reverse should work. If you're able to move backwards for a bit and get stuck again, try forging forward at a faster acceleration. You'll likely get out of the mud and head on with your journey.

2. Provide traction for your wheels
The reason your car stays stuck is that there's no traction between the wheels and the road you're on. You need to provide some traction then.

There are gigantic thick metal wires that are sold online. You can buy those and keep in your trunk for times when you get stuck. When you tie the wire through the wheels and tyre, it creates some sort of bump when that area rotates and touches the ground. This makes your car move forward or backwards one way or the other.

Back the car up, hopefully, you undo getting stuck in mud

Other materials you can use for traction are you car floor mats, thick leaves (not grasses please), gravels or small stones and blankets. What you do is to place them close to the tyre, underneath, so your wheels can roll over them. They might get slightly sunk in the mud, but will provide traction for you to get out of that spot. If you can find a lot of these materials, you can create a path for your vehicle to drive on. When safe, you can always go back to get your mats and clean them.

3. Get people to push it for you
When you have tried the first DIY method and it doesn't work or you don't get the materials for the second, it's time to use some manpower. If you're lucky enough to be driving with some friends, they can all come out to push the vehicle backwards or forward - depending on which path gives you more traction. If you don't have passengers with you, find locals around that can help.

First of all, try to make the car lighter. There's actually a possibility you got stuck due to the weight of the car. A sedan weighs about 1,800 kg on an average while an SUV weighs about 3,000 kg. Imagine driving that with bags of rice, spare tyre, tools and even humans. It adds close to another thousand kilograms. That's why emptying the car helps. Afterwards, you can get in and have them push towards the direction with better traction. This is usually the most common way to get a car out of mud in Nigeria.

The car getting stuck is just the responsibility of all the occupants

4. Get it towed out
This is pretty much the last resort. Nigerians feel a car only gets towed when it's been involved in an accident. Well, that shouldn't always be the case. When your car is stuck in mud, you can request for a towing van to come to get it out for you. There are usually areas in the front and rear of your vehicle where they can attach their towing chain and pull your car out.

However, you will need to put your car on neutral gear and control it while it's been towed. It's really not rocket science. Simply reduce the weight as well. Alternatively, you can get another vehicle to help you tow it out. If you have a thick and strong belt or chain, you can attach it to both tyres and that should work. With all these tips on how to get your car out of mud, you should be calm when it happens as you already have the best tricks at your fingertips. However, avoid muddy areas and drive carefully when in a wet area.

8 SUVs that are perfect for rough terrain (from cheapest to most expensive): https://naijauto.com/car-buying-and-selling/suvs-for-rough-terrain-4222

Autos / The Most Ridiculous Car Scam You Would See Today by Naijautonews: 8:46am On Jul 08
Ever hear of the term "desperate theft"? Well, you will today since this guy stole a car without even trying to hide his identity. Spare 2 minutes to know who.
Before you attempt to read the article, take a moment to remember all the most absurd stories about car scammers you've heard? Finished yet? Okay, now it's time for you to forget everything about them. After reading this article, we think you'd understand why.

First, let's review our knowledge on "scam". How can you define a scam?

Most of the time, a scam is when some tricksters or criminals trying to trick you into giving him what's not supposed to be his or her. In those cases, the scammers often use a technique to first hide their identity, for example, their name, age, origin, nationality and sometimes even their appearance, etc; so that when things turn sour, their victims wouldn't be able to track him down and report him to the authority.

Not revealing true identity is (probably) lesson one in Criminal 101 course

This idea is not in some sort of "theft manual", it's just the way all criminals do and over time, it's learned, adapted or taken to another level by other criminals, each time more sophisticated than the previous ones.

Apparently, the above definition is archaic now, at least according to this guy in the U.S.

As reports reach Naijauto, one middle-aged man went to an auto salon of Maserati and went window shopping for a while before attempting to manipulate the salesperson. His name is McGilvary and is already 45 years old. At this point, you would think that the name is likely fake since no criminal would reveal their true identity when they try to steal or scam something out of somebody.

The salesperson was fooled by the groomed appearance of the middle-aged man

Well, you would be wrong. This guy belongs to the minority of criminals who don't do things in conventional ways, that's his real name. Now what he did next was seemingly normal for a person who was looking to buy a vehicle, he asked to give the Maserati Grandturismo a test drive. The salesperson, naturally, accepted the request. In fact, the man looked so accomplished that it was the salesperson that urged the man to drive, thinking he would have a day off should he close this deal.

The two drove off to some random streets. When they stopped outside a small lane, the salesperson was asked to leave the car so his prospective customer would drive in and impress his supposed girlfriend. The Maserati representative waited patiently and found out about the truth about his supposed customer 30 minutes later. He immediately reported to the police.

Needless to say, with the name of the theft and the footage from the salon's cameras, the police managed to track the guy down in no time and had him arrested. It was unsure where the theft had driven the car to. The search for the vehicle continued and we would update latest information on Naijauto news!

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/car-scam-1936

Autos / 5 Pricey High-end Cars Most Favored By Instagram Rich Kids by Naijautonews: 8:53am On Jul 05
Some luxurious and extra stylish cars are designed just to turn heads, it's why most of them come with two seats. If you're looking to give your kid a car to marvel at, check out these super expensive cars that are perfect first rides for super rich kids!
No matter how extravagant or expensive a ride looks, it's never too expensive for a parent who wants to give his child an enviable life. Starting with cars, your kid's first car can be something quite noticeable, if you can afford it, of course. To help you make a faster decision, Naijauto has listed pricey high-end cars from 5 different Instagram rich kids - they have a sweet tooth for cars and don't hesitate to show them off. Take a pick!

1. BMW I8 (N53.6 million)

The young Nigerian Prince, Osborn Nweze drives a BMW i8. As a young CEO of Osborn Lapalm Resorts hotel and a young student at the University of Surrey in England, the fancy sports car does look good on him.

Osborn uses the BMW i8 to go to school daily

Starting from $148,495 (around N53.6 million), the BMW comes with spaceship design, a futuristic powertrain and butterfly doors. The two-seater sports car offers standard features in the interior - heated power-adjustable seats, touches of leather, 8.8-inch touchscreen situated on the dashboard, and Apple CarPlay. The Android Auto isn't offered on any i8 model. Also, the i8 combines an electric engine with a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine, making it even faster while driving.

2. Bentley Continental GT (N72.6 million)

The 21-year-old Lana Scolaro drives a luxury Bentley and she's quite popular on Instagram. She's got a blue tick too. While her dad is recognized as an entrepreneur, fixed in the mining industry, she also runs a luxury jewelry company named “LS Diamonds”.

Just like her brand, her luxury ride, Bentley's two-door grand-touring car, is offered as a fixed-roof coupe or a soft top convertible. Both trims are breathtaking! It comes with twin-turbocharged W-12, which makes 626 hp and drives all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard and you'd also find a 12.3-inch infotainment display that dominates the dashboard.

he Bentley Continental GT that Lana Scolaro is driving costs at least N72.6 million.

3. Ferrari 458 Italia (N83 million)

A rich kid named Kirtan on Instagram owns an entire fleet of luxury cars like a Roll-Royce Ghost, a black Ferrari 458 Italia, a Mercedes-AMG G-class SUVs, and a Lamborghini Huracan. However, his account has been set private recently.

The red hot Ferrari 458 Italia in this guy's car collection can be acquired with $230,000 (~N83 million), it delivers a total of 570 HP at 9,000 rpm and a peak torque of 540 Nm at 6000 rpm. This 458 Italia is only sold with a 7-speed double-clutch transmission, and it also comes with nice extra features like steering wheel-mounted LEDs, an alcantara trunk lining, electric seats, and an additional wheel or two.

Read the rest here: https://naijauto.com/market-news/cars-for-rich-kids-3837

Autos / Ronaldo's N453 Million Mclaren Senna Supercar Can Reach 62 Mph In 2.8 Secs by Naijautonews: 8:42am On Jul 05
Looks like the streets of Lisbon would be buzzing as Juventus superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, shows off his rare £1 million McLaren Senna Supercar.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the 34 year-old football superstar, currently playing for Juventus FC, has decided to show off his brand new rare McLaren Senna, by taking it to the streets of Lisbon in Portugal. The car is said to be valued at one million pound, which translate to N453 million.

For your information, CR7 has officially confirmed to buy the most expensive car in the world - Bugatti La Voiture Noire. You can check the news here!

The rare McLaren Senna owned by CR7 is the third in his car collection so far in 2019

This latest acquisition would be his third this year, an addition to the $16 million luxury vehicles fleet he presently owns that includes Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Aventador, Aston Martin DB9, Bentley Continental GT Speed and McLaren MP4 12C.

Ronaldo was recently pictured with Francis Obikwelu, Nigerian-born Portuguese sprinter

His McLaren supercar is just one of the 500 units to be manufactured, comes with the top speed of 208 miles per hour (340 km/hr). It has the capability of reaching 62mph (100km/hr) in just 2.8 secs.


Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/cristiano-ronaldo-mclaren-senna-supercar-4319

Autos / Sapphire Time CEO Shows Off 3 Mercedes Cars To Encourage Those Believing God by Naijautonews: 8:29am On Jul 05
Are you believing God for a car? See this post by Wale Aladejana the CEO of Sapphire Time where he shows off his three Mercedes cars while encouraging others!

Naijauto consents to the recent viral post by Wale Aladejana. Sapphire time CEO, that he shared via his official Instagram handle where he transparently told the story of how he once used to board public taxis as he's of no private car.

In the post, Wale Aladejana went further to share how he had kept on steadfast in believing God, serving him as well as "sowing seeds” until his situation took a turn around for good and he could now boast of owning 3 different models of Mercedes-Benz.

This is the photo Wale Aladejana shared to show off his 3 different Mercedes Benz vehicles which he owns and rides now

Read his original post below;

This post is to encourage someone who is believing God for a car.

The Word works! One of the problems with Christians these days is that they no longer try to know God for themselves. Try this; read your bible everyday and when you see a scripture that appeals to you BELIEVE IT! Do you know what’s going to happen? In few years you will explode! The moment you get the Word in your spirit, you are like a time bomb, its only a matter of time before you explode, God never disappoints! It may tarry but it will come to pass.

You may also like: Regina Daniels Poses In The Cockpit Area Of Her Billionaire Husband’s Brand New Jet

My first ever Mercedes Benz in 2013 was a 4th hand and I bought it for 520k, it could turn to the left but it couldn’t turn to the right. So if your house is on the right we no de come your house be that ���� I struggled to buy this car ooo, plenty skabash

Every morning and night I would stand at my empty car park and quote scriptures “God has met all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, not my salary, not my effort but His riches!” God had told me that the first of everything He gives me is a seed and so when the first car came, I had to sow it as a seed and I walked home! That was the longest walk in my life and things got complicated after that.

Learn this; when you sow a seed and God doesn’t show up immediately, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong, God doesn’t work with your timetable! I didn’t have a car for 3 years after that, I walked and carried taxi everywhere!

Looking back today, all my cars are Mercedes Benz and I give out a Mercedes every year!

Ladies and gentlemen the Word works! If you will just hold on tight, God will show up! It is certain! Some of you may see this as a show off but thats your business but for those who get it, this is me acknowledging God’s faithfulness and giving Him the glory.

Tag someone who should read this. You too can be a social media evangelist. Please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #ThankYouJesus

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/sapphire-time-ceo-mercedes-4316

Autos / Nigeria Market Set To Receive The Re-imagined Hyundai Sonata by Naijautonews: 9:51am On Jul 04
Hyundai is going all out to engineer a Hyundai Sonata that is the symbol of everything the Sonata has come to be known for, and it's coming to Nigeria.

Nigerian Hyundai lovers are in for a rare treat as Hyundai Nigeria gears to launch a reimagined and re-outfitted Hyundai Sonata to the Nigerian auto market for cmpact sedans.

The new Sonata, which will be a four door, sporty sedan modeled along coupe lines, will be the 8th generation of the nameplate. Hyundai described the overall styling as “sensuous sportiness”

Hyundai Motor Company’s styling head honcho, Vice President Simon Loasby made this known as the company premiered the Sonata as well as the Palisade SUV that targets the E-segment. This was in Seoul, South Korea.

Mr Loasby also communicated that the new Sonata had been restyled generally using Hyundai 3rd generation platform.

The new Sonata is remodeled to showcase the zenith of the Sonata brand

What is new about the new Sonata?

First of all, the Sonata redesigned is supposed to be the epitome of Hyundai’s look for the future. Recall that going back to 1985, the Sonata is easily Hyundai’s longest running brand and completely one of its most successful marketing-wise. The new Sonata incorporates improved safety technology and advanced systems designed to integrate into the car’s electronic and physical structure at an instinctive level. Add to these the mainstay of current Hyundai experience that includes great exterior design, fuel efficiency, and superlative performance, and you do indeed arrive at the cynosure of tomorrow.

The new Hyundai Sonata also ranks high in driver and passenger comfort, advanced infotainment technology and partners effectively with Bose for an unforgettable audio expression.

Mr Loasby adds the reimagined Sonata though new, relies a lot on the proven and trusted platform of the 3rd generation, thus providing stability in style and engineering. This gives the sedan a center of gravity that is optimal for safe and sporty driving even in less than ideal terrains.

My Loasby’s statement in part reads:

“The new generation Sonata is also offering reduced weight and improved fuel efficiency, while achieving stronger durability with the new platform.”

Going further, the new Hyundai demonstrates a marked advancement in collision prevention and control technology, which is possible due to a multi-load-path algorithm, ‘Hot Stamping’ as well as a rugged high tensile steel body.

“The sophisticated multi-load path increases the energy absorbed by the vehicle in a collision thus improving safety and minimizing collision impact in the passenger cabin.”

Concluding, Fayez Abdul Rahman, Hyundai’s VP for Architecture Group says:

“Through implementation of the third-generation platform, the new generation Sonata is expected to provide world-class value in overall vehicle performance. The new Sonata will gradually expand the use of new platform in order to provide joy of driving and comfort to the customers.”

Nigeria has traditionally loved the Sonata, and there is likely to be a good reception for this model that basically provides the best of a Sonata, and then some.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/hyundai-sonata-4293

Autos / Suzuki, Subaru, Mazda To Join Self-driving Venture By Toyota by Naijautonews: 9:14am On Jul 04
The partnership is getting stronger and the future of autonomous vehicles is brighter than ever. Click here to see what these new additions mean to self-driving future in Japan!

According to report from Reuters, more automakers have joined the automotive self-driving venture between Toyota and SoftBank Corp.

Suzuki, Mazda, Isuzu, Daihatsu and Subaru according to sources, will take a stake of 2 percent each in the venture dubbed “Monet”. For now, none of the manufacturers is coming out to comment on this new development.

The Monet idea of autonomous vehicles will be based on the company's e-Palette concept

The “Monet”, introduced in October 2018, is making a platform for on-demand self-driving, which got investment from Hino Motors and Honda in March, gathering up to $23 million as total investment. We are yet to know the financial commitment of the five new partners to the venture, but there is a report of 35 percent each owned by SoftBank and Toyota. Honda and Hino on the other hand have ten percent each as their investment stake.

Other top Japanese car makers are now investing in Monet despite Toyota's and SoftBank's major stake

Monet’s objective is to promote production of autonomous vehicles among the Japanese car manufacturers. This is evident as Monet earlier this month, disclosed the intention of the venture for the year 2020's launch of the basic version of its service in Southeast Asia. By next year, it will be introducing car services and on-demand bus next year in Japan.


Admittedly, future self-driving vehicles will be the nucleus of the Monet service and such will revolve around e-palette concept car of the company, introduced early 2018 at CES. The idea behind the concept’s design is to be utilized for multiple services, such as transportation means for delivery vehicle and ride-share users.

Read more news like this: https://naijauto.com/

Autos / Uber To Introduce Boat Taxi Service In Lagos by Naijautonews: 9:59am On Jul 01
Lagos will soon incorporate boat taxi service from Uber to other means of transportation to ease traffic congestion. Read the details!

Lagos State has been on the news lately, with projects that have been geared towards creating a traffic-free road for motorists. Some time ago, we reported on the inauguration of the Bariga Waterfront jetty by former governor, Ambode just before he left the office to facilitate the movement of commuters residing in Bariga. And now, hail-riding service, Uber, has taken some cues to introduce boat taxi services to Lagosians.

Lagos is known as Nigeria's commercial hub and a populated state as well, together with the traffic jam residents experience daily.

According to an interview held with Brooks Entwistle, Uber’s Chief Business Officer, Uber Technology is holding a discussion with the Lagos State government and some regulatory agencies to commence Uber Boats Services on Lagos waterways.

"We know the traffic is a priority and we think we can help there. We are having fruitful good discussions with the regulators right now, it is what we are doing this week, we are meeting with partners." Entwistle said.

The scheduled date for the boat service wasn't disclosed though.

Lagos State, the largest city in Africa with a population estimated to be 22 million is a traffic congested state, which has become a lifestyle for its residents. They spend the whole day in traffic and only go home to change their clothes (Funny but true, if you've had a firsthand experience of Lagos traffic). Not to mention, the scarce and unreliable public transportation services. Opening a boat taxi with the large waterways in Lagos is a good transportation option to which Naijauto agrees with.

Uber, which keeps facing competition from its rival, Bolt, stated that it would collaborate with local transport services for its intended plan.

Umber Technology, with headquarters in San Francisco, California, U.S, rolled out a boat taxi service in Egypt, in 2017. The boat service was able to bypass clogged streets in Egypt while cruising in River Nile. Their boat services have been extended to include cities like Mumbai and Croatian coast.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/uber-boat-taxi-service-in-lagos-4239

Autos / Mazda Plans To Launch An EV In 2020, Plug-in Hybrid By 2022 by Naijautonews: 9:25am On Jul 01
Mazda recently announced it will be rolling out its first ever all Electric Vehicle EV by 2020 and Plug-in Hybrid models by 2022! Click for the details!

Mazda's first ever electric vehicle is in its plan

Mazda recently announced it will be rolling out its first ever all Electric Vehicle EV by 2020, as well as plug-in hybrids by 2022. This comes on the back of the company’s recent outspoken support to combustion engine powered cars. In fact as early as 2017, Robert Davis an Executive with Mazda public stated the company’s support of combustion engines with this comment:

“The impending death of the internal combustion engine is overrated,”

The company has been a staunch critic of compliance cars (Mazda has not produced any electric or hybrid car yet), and believes that governments should not impose a particular powertrain on the industry but should rather support the industry find reliable engineering solutions to producing energy clean cars. However, several governments including the EU are going ahead to implement the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) for next year. The Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) will surely put Mazda at risk of paying hefty fines for its cars which are already behind the currently utilized New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standard of 95g/km.

The 2020 Electric Vehicle Launch Plan

The announcement of the impending launch of the company’s EV offering comes as no surprise when you consider the cost and impact the company will face if it were to fall behind in terms of cutting emissions in its cars. According to Mazda, the planned EV will utilize the automakers in house Mazda architecture.

The planned EV will utilize the automakers in house Mazda architecture

Remember, the company is currently operating a partnership with Toyota on developing EV technology and cars. However, the proposed Mazda electric vehicle will not be a product of this famous partnership. Commenting on this the CEO of Mazda Akira Marumoto said:

“We are jointly developing a new EV architecture with Toyota, but we will first introduce our own EV on a Mazda architecture in 2020.”

Speaking further on the proposed delivery of the company’s first ever Electric Vehicle and expected hybrid versions, Akira Marumoto stated:

“…the first Mazda battery-electric vehicle will hit the market next year. Finally, we will introduce plug-in hybrid models from 2021 or 2022. So we will eventually achieve the target, although we will have some difficulties in 2020.”

Mazda which is a much smaller firm compared to the industry's big Fishes like Toyota, Mercedes etc, intends to remain competitive as it pursues its own development and identity with its in house design and technology especially with its recent SkyActiv-X offering, even as it gradually sojourns into the EV market.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/mazda-to-launch-ev-plug-in-hybrid-car-4272

Crime / 25-year-old Abuja Taxi Driver Kidnapping 10 Children Pleaded Not Guilty At Court by Naijautonews: 10:37am On Jun 28
Another Kidnapping case! 25-year old Abuja taxi driver has been charged to court by the police for kidnapping 10 children. However, this guy didn't feel guilty of his act. Read the full news here!

Recent reports reaching us here at Naijauto have it that a certain Kenneth Edet who is a 25-year old taxi driver from the Mpape Area in Abuja has been arraigned by the Nigerian police and charged to court for kidnapping up to 10 children in the area.

Mr Edwin Ochayi, the prosecution counsel on the case, stated that the Police station at Mpape received the report on Saturday, June 22nd 2019.

Mr Ochayi alleged in court that Kenneth Edet was apprehended by some locals in Mashafa Village at a burial ground when the sound from the car made them suspicious.

He also stated the ages of the abducted children to be between 12 and 18 years old.

The prosecution counsel also mentioned that Edet could not give any satisfactory explanation as to his destination or reason for having the children with him.

Even though the defendant pleaded “not guilty” to this charge, the prosecution counsel has established that his offence contravenes the provisions stated in Section 272 of the Nigeria Penal Code.

However, Salihu Ibrahim, the presiding judge has admitted the defendant to a ₦300,000 bail with a surety each and adjourned the next hearing of the case to July 24, 2019.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/abuja-taxi-driver-kidnapping-children-4228

Celebrities / Segun Arinze And Other Stars Elected FRSC Celebrity Special Marshals Members by Naijautonews: 10:24am On Jun 25

The FRSC is bringing Nigerian celebrities into its special marshals unit to promote road safety practices. Check out all the big names newly elected!

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), through its Celebrity Special Marshals Unit has elected new personnel to join the unit in championing the course of the Corps at both state and national levels in the coming years.

The unit collaborates with celebrities and leverages their large following in promoting the ideals and practices of the Corps across the county. With their star power, these celebrated individuals are able to convince the masses to upload road safety practices.

Deserving individuals recently elected into the unit include Chris Kehinde Nwandu, the Editor-in-Chief CKN news who was re-elected as coordinator, while top Comedian Alibaba was elevated to the deputy coordinator. Other members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) were General Manager at AIT International Namure Ediomoya, veteran Actor and Broadcaster Yemi Shodimu and former president, Actors Guild of Nigeria Segun Arinze.

FRSC officials on the move

Members elected into the executive committee of the unit in Lagos include:

1. Segun Arinze – Lagos unit cordinator

2. Osamoje Isaac – Deputy State Cordinator

3. Abubakar Yakubu – State Secretary

4. Moji Oyetayo – state Financial Sec/Treasurer

5. Jide Alabi – State PRO

6. Janet Mba Afolabi – State Director of Socials and Events

7. Joseph Faulkner – Deputy Director Specials and Events

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/segun-arinze-alibaba-elected-frsc-celebrity-special-marshals-4188

Autos / 9 Items You Must Have In Car To Avoid FRSC Trouble by Naijautonews: 10:21am On Jun 24

Avoiding road safety trouble is what Nigerian drivers long for, and one way is to ensure you obey their rules! So here are 9 items you must have in your car to avoid FRSC troubles.

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) was created to ensure safety on Nigerian roads. They have a conduct that every road user and even pedestrian must follow to avoid stories that touch. But trust the average Nigerian driver (commercial car owners especially) to find ways to cut corners. While at it, they not only endanger their lives and those of their passengers, but also innocent pedestrians and other motorists.

This is part of the reasons FRSC officials always mount surveillance and blocks on major roads and highways to check drivers and cars to ensure everyone is adhering strictly to the necessary codes. There are certain features and items you need to have in your car to avoid been penalised by the road safety officials.

These items are for your own good for times when your vehicle breaks down or to ensure safety. At Naijauto, we are ardent supporters of the rule of law. Therefore, we have decided to bring you the 9 must-have items in car, according to FRSC regulations. Read through the checklist below!

To avoid FRSC troubles, ensure you have every necessary item required in your car

1. Fire extinguisher
Having a fire extinguisher in your car is quite imperative. This is because your engine can overheat at any time. Since Nigeria is in a tropical region, the country experiences heat waves a lot. This is also a factor that causes overheating. So if you're driving a long distance nonstop, what would you do when your bonnet goes up in flames? Water alone won't quench it. A fire extinguisher will do the job best.

The FRSC understands this, that's why they insist that every car owner must have one in their vehicle. This, in fact, is the first item they check. If you drive a bus, you can have hung on the window pillar inside your car. Owners of sedans can have a full one in their trunk. Ensure its full. If not, get a new one.

2. Spare tyre
When a road safety official is going through your boot, the next thing they look out for is a spare tyre. There's a space for a spare tyre in the boot. Some cars like the Toyota RAV4 comes with the tyre space attached to the trunk door. The spare tyre is also important for when one of your wheels go flat or damaged while driving. Many commercial drivers leave a bad spare tyre in their vehicle, just to make it seem like that requirement is checked. The FRSC officials check for expiry date and air pressure some times. Therefore, ensure your spare tyre is not only pumped, but still valid - or else get ready to pay a fine.

3. Wheel spanner
Another item you need to have in your car is a wheel spanner. Lots of motorists have had encounters where their tyre nuts just off while they're driving. If this happens to you while driving, what will you do? With a wheel spanner, you can find the nut and tighten it back in its supposed hole. Having a spare tyre isn't just okay, as the road safety officials would want to be sure you have tools for when things go south. The spanner is also important for when you wish to change your flat tyres.

4. Jack
Another tyre related tool you're expected to have is a jack. Car jacks come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Your car should have one. The FRSC personnel will likely look out for this as well. Asides just having one for the sake of it, it can be a lifesaver for when you encounter tyre problems while driving. Not every road user would stop to assist you (no thanks to the trust issues Nigerians have).

Therefore, having yours makes your job less stressful. Also, if you can, ensure you have spare tyre nuts, a pump and bolts. Lots of cars come with blankets that cover the spare tyre space. You can use this for when changing tyres or working underneath the car.

5. First Aid kit
Nobody wishes to get involved in an accident. But when it eventually occurs, you need a first aid kit to help you or those injured stay safe till they get proper medical attention. The road safety officials check for this as well. Some might overlook it but it's only wise that you have this kit. Its contents include - spirit, cotton wool, plaster, bandage, iodine, pain killers and a few other items. You can purchase the kit at your local pharmacy or professional car dealerships.

Read the rest: https://naijauto.com/market-news/must-have-items-in-car-3772

Autos / Super Falcon's Asisat Oshoala Score Big With ₦11m Mercedes Benz CLA 250 by Naijautonews: 9:35am On Jun 24
Super Falcon's star Asisat Oshoala seems to be celebrating Falcon's entry into the second round with a new Mercedes CLA 250. See the details below!

It’s official! Our very own Asisat Oshoala of the Super Falcons has landed a honey of a car. The vehicle the female football star trapped is none other than a tear rubber 2019 Mercedes Benz CLA 250. The star had to cough out ₦11 million large or $33,000 to land this goal.

Asisat is a new signee for the women’s side of Barcelona FC after inking a contract for three seasons. Since then she has assisted the Spanish female side in reaching the prestigious UEFA Women’s Championship finals. Asisat is a regular power player with 8 goals after 11 appearances.

The spanking new wheels is not Asisat’s only achievements as she is a BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year awardee. Asisat is slugging it out with the rest of the national tea in the ongoing Women’s Football World Cup ongoing in France. The Super Falcons has for the first time in 20 years entered the second round.

Asisat shared pictures on IG online with the caption:

“New summer legs. Landed and sitting pretty.”

Before acquiring the Mercedes Benz, Oshoala was proud driving her Toyota

If the Super Falcon’s break the African jinx and bring the Cup home to Nigeria, she will be sitting pretty indeed.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/asisat-oshoala-mercedes-benz-cla-250-4149

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Crime / LASG Prosecutes 7UP Staff For Allegedly Assaulting LASTMA Officials by Naijautonews: 8:26am On Jun 24
Fighting law enforcement officials will not be tolerated, says Lagos State Task Force as it prosecutes 13 7UP staff for attacking LASTMA officials!

The Lagos State Government via the Lagos State Task Force is prosecuting 13 employees of 7UP Bottling Company for the alleged assault of officials from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).

CSP Olayinka Egbeyemi, Chairman of the task force, stated this in a press release signed by the Head, Public Affairs Unit, Adebayo Taofiq. According to him, the agency arrested the 13 suspects following their assault of LASTMA officials, injuring three of them in the process.

Egbeyemi further revealed that the victims were attacked on duty as they were about to tow a truck belonging to 7UP Bottling Company with plate number MUS 75 XX, for obstructing traffic in the area.

As Naijauto collected, the CPS expressed disappointment over vehicles of the company being parked along the road, hindering movement of other motorists in the toll gate area of Lagos State.

Speaking further, Egbeyemi stated that persecuting the 13 suspects was necessary to serve as warning to other people who would want to attack officers working to executing orders of the Lagos State Governor BabajideSanwo-Olu in regard to traffic management in the state.

“It was disheartening that officers employed to safeguard members of the public were always being attacked by same people whose interest were being protected,” he said.

LASTMA officials on parade, the agency has faced attacks recently

One of the LASTMA officers, Mr Kazim Abayomi, who was taken to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) for treatment of injuries sustained from the attack disclosed that workers of the company and other drivers were fond of engaging them physically in the course of discharging their duties.

The other two injured LASTMA officers were identified as Demeji Tonade and Peter Anozie.

The suspects pleaded not guilty, and the case was adjourned to August 8, 2019 by the presiding Magistrate Olajuwon Amos.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/7up-staff-assaulting-lastma-4140

Autos / Bureau De Change Boss Mompha Flaunts Brand New Mclaren 'flying Car’ by Naijautonews: 8:19am On Jun 24
Mompha has done it again! The wealthy businessman flaunted a brand new Mclaren 'flying car' on Instagram, a gift he bought himself for his birthday!

Nigerian Instagram sensation, Ismaila Mustapha, popularly known as Mompha needs no introduction on Social Media. The successful business man flaunts the best cars and designer items back-to-back like they are going out of fashion. This time, the car-freak flaunted a brand new Mclaren ‘flying car.’ According to him, it is a personal gift for his birthday.

This comes as a surprise to many especially as the Dubai-based entrepreneur bought himself a Lamborghini Aventador Roadstar and a 2019 G-Wagon BiTurbo Edition 1 estimated to cost N102 million, all paid for in cash.

The Nigerian Big Boy, who is the CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change, shared the news on Instagram with his numerous followers. Happily married with kids, he unapologetically flaunts the good things of life which many people can only dream of.

Nigerian celebrities are “learners” when it comes to show of wealth in comparison to Mompha’s. He was reported as saying that he would rather have a million-dollar in his bank account and not be known than have a million-dollar face with 1 dollar in his bank account.

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/mompha-mclaren-flying-car-4146

Crime / 27 Yahoo Boys & Girls In Osun Arrested Along With 8 Expensive Cars by Naijautonews: 8:08am On Jun 24
EFCC has arrested 27 suspected Yahoo boys & girls in Osun and recovered 8 expensive cars. They also released their names. Come and check the names to see if you know any of them!

The Ibadan zone operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have fished out 27 suspected Yahoo boys and girls in the city of Oshogbo, Osun state.

1. Announcement on the arrest by EFCC

In a statement written by the EFCC spokesperson, Tony Orilade, the Ibadan agents began monitoring the activities of the Yahoo boys closely on their different locations across the city, based on some intelligence reports gathered.

It said,

"The intelligence was found to be substantially credible, leading to the sting operation."

The statement added,

Eight exotic cars including two Lexus and six Toyota brands, as well as many costly phones and laptops, were among the items recovered in the course of the operation.

The suspects, who variously claimed to be graduates, students, computer engineers and businessmen, are currently undergoing interrogation to ascertain their level of involvement in the alleged act.

They will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded

A collection of 8 exotic cars has been recovered

2. Names of Yahoo boys & girls arrested in Osun

As brought to you by Naijauto, the names of the suspects arrested are:

Adeleke Peter
Aduroja Temitope
Adesina Adewale
Babalola Abiodun
Adebowale Fadairo
Abdulazeez Razak
Osanyintoba Femi
Akinseye Samuel
Abdulazeez Abdullahi
Osanyintoba Dare
Ibosiola Olamilekan
Austin Onyekachukwu
Ayoola Lekan
Oluwaseun Adesina
Osanyintoba Pelumi
Samuel Emmanuel
Saheed Adebola
Solomon Matthew
Ayo Bello
Abdullahi Owopade
Olalekan Oladele
Quadri Olatunji
Fatolu Temitope
Ibrahim Alao
Oyelude Opeyemi
Olatunbosun Kolawole
Tunde Bello

Source: https://naijauto.com/market-news/yahoo-boys-girls-in-osun-4145

Autos / Hypercar Collector Gained A Whopping $1.9m Profit For Selling Just One Car by Naijautonews: 10:43am On Jun 21
Manny Khosbin is a 48-year old supercar collector and real estate investor, who just raked a remarkable $1.9 million profit after the sales of his Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon.

Manny Khosbin is also an influence on the social media platform, Instagram with close to a million followers, supplying them with lots of crazily expensive pictures and videos of rare Pagani Huayra Hermes’s edition, full body exposed carbon matte finish McLaren P1 and Bugatti Mansory Linea Vincero.

Manny Khosbin- the Irian supercar collector

Looks like Manny Khosbin is obsessed with supercars

He used to stand at the most likely position to acquire the test-crashed Agera RS Gryphon, which the driver lost control of and crashed at the Trollhattan’s wet track in 2017 in Sweden. A mutual agreement was reached between him and Koenigsegg to create a one-of-a-kind spec of Agera that would turn many eyes.

Khosbin also made top upgrades addition to this supercar by equipping it with a 1,400 Horsepower capacity engine, 24-karat accents, comprising exhaust pipe covered in gold and a $300,000 worth of tail wing.

After raking such a huge profit, he decided to acquire Koenigsegg Jesko, the fastest car in the world

The new upgraded supercar was dubbed Agera RS Phoenix (rising out of Gryphon’s ashes). This was the very last Agera RS the automaker Koenigsegg would manufacture, which makes it a very precious car to own.

After he took delivery of this hypercar 5 month later, he was linked up with a wealthy buyer, who owns a carbon-and-gold-Koenigsegg, by his close friend.

Khosbin said:

"I wasn’t thinking about selling it. Honestly, I was buying to keep it permanently, but I got an offer I couldn’t refuse.

He had another Koenigsegg in carbon and gold and this was a perfect match to the other in his collection."

Manny Khosbin's Agera RS Gryphon was a product of a crash test and lots of upgrades from the automaker

The deal was very quick just like his newly acquired $2.2 hypercar.

He further said:

I said $5 million, we negotiated and landed at $4.1 million

By implication, Khosbin has made a profit of $1.9 million dollars in just 5 months. He also claimed that he does make millions too in his real estate business but never made such in such an abruot time.

He, however, used the cash to purchase the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Rembrandt by Bugatti, which had run only 770 miles.

I love cars, but at the end of the day you got to be strategic and smart with your money

Manny Khoshbins Car Collection HD

His response to the question if there is anything exotic car in his collection he wouldn’t dare sell for any amount, was:

"Yes, my Pagani Hermès Edition. It’s my Picasso."

It looks like his addiction to super-fast cars isn’t ending anytime soon as he had already sent in an order for the Koenigsegg Jesko with the 1,600 horsepower, the current fastest car in the world valued at $3 million or so.

Source: https://naijacarnews.com/news/hypercar-collector-gained-a-whopping-19m-profit-for-selling-just-one-car-540

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