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Romance / Re: Changing Love Girls Please Help!! by NDelta(m): 1:31am On Dec 20, 2017


U r a pretty gal
Romance / Re: Changing Love Girls Please Help!! by NDelta(m): 1:22am On Dec 20, 2017
those people above me are clowns grin

Is that u @dp
Celebrities / Re: 'King Tonto' Reality TV Show: Tonto Dikeh's Cosmetic Surgery Video Teaser by NDelta(m): 1:15am On Dec 20, 2017
weight depends on body type.

The reason most women are like that is because their bodies tend to retain fat, which is how most West African women'a bodies are.

However, such is usually popular with women from the Southern parts of the country especially, a good number of Northern women do not get fat after birth.

I agree with you, I think it has to do with body structure of West African women, but to be honest, its not such a big issue as long as it is not excessive. We are use to it already, the only reason people talk about weight so much these days is because of westernisation, social media and loss of African values.
Celebrities / Re: 'King Tonto' Reality TV Show: Tonto Dikeh's Cosmetic Surgery Video Teaser by NDelta(m): 12:57am On Dec 20, 2017
this is false.

How many slim Nigerian women in their 40s do you know? very few I bet. Most women in Nigeria get married, give birth and then pill up weight. That is the norm in Naija. I am not criticising as long as the weight is not too much.
Celebrities / Re: 'King Tonto' Reality TV Show: Tonto Dikeh's Cosmetic Surgery Video Teaser by NDelta(m): 12:48am On Dec 20, 2017
No mb to watch such unnecessary video...but i stand with the side chick on this one... Tonto really needs help....

See body fat...

Baby every woman get fat after birth
Celebrities / Re: Yinka Ayefele: "The Day I Got An Erection At The Hospital Everyone Jubilated" by NDelta(m): 6:21pm On Dec 18, 2017
Ehya. Doh

Tamara r u Ijaw?
Politics / Re: Gelegele-gbene And The Ijaw, Benin Crisis – Before Edo State Burns by NDelta(m): 8:19pm On Nov 30, 2017
Ijaw, you guys need to stop your fabrications, and get more educated. Edo history is too well documented. And contrary to what you think, the Oba of Benin is not just the Oba of Benin City. His real title is Omo n'Oba n'Edo. He is the King of the Benin Kingdom. Benin City is only the capital of the Benin Kingdom, not the Kingdom itself ! Edo state is a small part of the Kingdom and you ijaw are trying to crown a "king" in a part of an already established kingdom. I hope you people can understand this and stop your madness ! When you migrate into an area, try and learn the history of the land. Don't just start making claims of "we were here first" and don't start "crowning" your "son" in a foreign land, you might get slaughtered by the owners of the land. This is an advise and a warning!

You haven't slept since this thread started grin grin grin grin grin grin cheesy cheesy cheesy grin grin grin. Ijaws are your brothers, let us all live in peace. You may want to ask the Nigerian army and navy about their experiences with the IJaws, you know they are constantly following us all over Nigeria, from Bayelsa to Ondo and Lagos, they are our customers. EDO BE WARNED O. MAKE WE LIVE IN PEACE O, IT IS BETTER FOR ALL OF US.
Politics / Re: Gelegele-gbene And The Ijaw, Benin Crisis – Before Edo State Burns by NDelta(m): 8:05pm On Nov 30, 2017
Arguments of most Edo's here are not based on historical facts unlike that of the op, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. A word is enough for the wise. Live and let live, you all know what Ijaw people are capable of. Please don't be fooled by their quietness online. It is better we live in harmony and oneness, IJaws are ready to live in peace with other tribe, let us all explore that option because if we don't, Bini's may be driven back to Ife.
Politics / Re: Gelegele-gbene And The Ijaw, Benin Crisis – Before Edo State Burns by NDelta(m): 11:15pm On Nov 28, 2017
Ijaws will go to Lagos to bomb it as a way of spiting Lagosians. Same Ijaws are in the middle of Warri. Ijaws are proving to be the herdsmen of the south.

Not herds men of the south, the problem is that Ijaws are scattered all over the south, they do not have a common geography/location. The other tribes oppose a common state for the Ijaws as it may encroach into their own territories.


Politics / Re: Gelegele-gbene And The Ijaw, Benin Crisis – Before Edo State Burns by NDelta(m): 11:09pm On Nov 28, 2017
The writer was spot on, the Ijaws were first in Benin before any other tribe, they were fisher men in those days. Benin will always be home of the Ijaws. The next oba must be an Ijaw man.

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Politics / Re: Southern Governors Forum Meets In Lagos Tonight (Photos) by NDelta(m): 7:19pm On Oct 24, 2017
u forgot I told you that I see myself as Igbo undecided or are you trying to divide me as well cos I'm Ibibio??

grin grin grin grin cheesy cheesy grin cheesy you de make me laff, Ibobio people that I live and dine with? WILL ADDRESS THEMSELVES AS IGBO?? grin cheesy grin cheesy you will be the FIRST that I have ever encoutered. But thats really good, it shows that my dream about southern unity is already coming to pass. Long live SOUTHERN NIGERIA. WE ARE BROTHERS NO NEED TO KEEP FIGHTING
Politics / Re: Southern Governors Forum Meets In Lagos Tonight (Photos) by NDelta(m): 7:06pm On Oct 24, 2017
why are you so hell bent on proving that SS people are dissociating themselves from Igbos? I didn't bother to read your long epistle because it reeks of inconsistency forged from the depths of hatred towards igbos. And let me educate you, most igbos living in delta I know don't deny their heritage of being igbos, the accept the fact the only thing is that the dissociate themselves from this current Biafra agitation, which I agree with them. But don't bring your Igbo phobia to create division amongst us the larger igbo community

The larger Igbo community? I thought you were Ibibio/Efik earlier?

Ok, I think I agree with you, points well made. Igbo kwenu!!! Lol, long live Igbos. It is well.

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Politics / Re: Southern Governors Forum Meets In Lagos Tonight (Photos) by NDelta(m): 5:18pm On Oct 24, 2017

What's with your obsession with the Igbo People ?

Who's talking about Biafra here ??

U must be living in the past for not seeing that the stereotype of people denying their non-Igboliness has been greatly minimised.

I know that your likes will be greatly shamed with they finally unite.

Victor Attah didn't speak about Biafra in bad light.
Although his entitled to his opinion.

From his interview what I deduced is that the current call for Biafra is championed by the Igbo since they're the ones most affected by marginalisation and injustice.

If Sunday Oliseh distanced himself from being Igbo of what effect does it have to the much larger Igbo populace ??

Is he better than Ngozi Okonjo, Ibe Kachikwu, Julius Agu, Uti Nwachuchwu, Alex Chuka Iwobi, Jay jay Okocha, Igwe tupac, Francis Odega, Sunny Odogwu, Tonto dike etc who are proud of their heritage ?

Everyone knows the Truth now no matter how you'll wanna blackmail no one is falling for it.

Sweerychick is not in anyway addressing herself to be Igbo, She's jhux trying to tell the length she can go in the spirit of brotherhood.

Same way we have the stereotype of addressing northerners to be Hausa that's how the Address everyone down South to be Igbo, I no you've nt been to the north.

I have said it over and over again that I do not have any ill feelings towards Igbos, why should I? What have they done to me? We have married some of their women in my family nonetheless, I will still point out that the rich mixture of various tribes from all over Nigeria found in the Niger Delta and in the South West is not there in ANY IGBO state in Nigeria. Igbo states are mainly inhabited by Igbos with about 1/2% of the population being Yoruba, Hausa and others whereas in Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta we have millions of them living amongst us, as for Lagos, Ogun and Ibadan, they are uncountable in those places.

I can CATEGORICALLY tell you that the Ikwerre man and Delta Igbos do not even want to hear the word "Igbo" they detest that word. I am interested in history and I have engaged so many of them in a debate about this topic, they do not want to be associated with Igbos, IT IS NOT MY MAKING, this is merely my observation. Yes there may be one or two people who may not mind being associated with Igbos but MAJORITY OF THEM INCLUDING THE PRESENT GOVERNOR OF DELTA STATE, do not want to be seen as Igbos. It is in no way my making, being a Niger Deltan who grew up there, most of my associates are from various tribes in the Niger Delta. As young people who regularly discourse and debate about the political future of Nigeria, whenever, this issue about ethnicity in the Niger Delta comes up, the Igbo speaking tribes will tell you that they are NOT IGBOS, so I put it to you that your assertion that those groups are now embracing Igbo is not true. You do not relate with them and you do not live among them so do not tell me what I know too well. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with being Igbo, this is only an intelletual debate which should now end here before I am labelled anti Igbo which I am not. I have a few of them in my family now and many of my friends are Igbo and who knows, I may marry one of them sooner or later, lol.

This whole debate started just because I tried to point out an observation that this name calling and online quarrels with Yoruba people is not healthy, we should learn to forget the past and work as one. But no, people want to continue the infighting and hatred.

We the Niger Delta people have naturally come to accept Yorubas and Igbos as brothers, hence, in every major Niger Delta city, you will see Yoruba and Igbos doing business and living amongst us. We are the only men in Nigeria who will chooose to marry Yoruba or Igbos over our own Niger Delta sisters, that is because we have learnt to be blind towards tribes. Let me tell you this, up until a few years ago, the ROAD TRANSPORT WORKERS ASSOCIATION was headed and completely dominated by Yoruba people in Bayelsa just as Igbos took over the PH branch. We have Igbo principals in our civil service. In Lagos some top political positions are occupied by Igbos but truth be told, that WILL NEVER HAPPEN in the South East. It is time to put a stop to all that, let us embrace ourselves as Southerners and Unity for our own good. We are stronger together. Imagine what would have happened if Nnamdi Kanu had embarked on consultation and solidarity visit to prominent Yoruba and Niger Deltans? If he had tried to build bridges and bring everyone together under an unbrella, I can tell you that the North would have been on their knees but instead IPOB people were continually bashing Yorubas and any Niger Deltan that tries to caution them, they were producing maps and adding other people region without first trying to exterblish friendship - a serious provocation. My Igbo brothers must now realise that it is time they open up more and allow other people in their midst. They must seek to build bridges and forget about the hate and online fighting. We need each other.

Please dont reply to this. Thanks

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Politics / Re: Lagos Was Not Developed By Igbos And Not Igbo Land by NDelta(m): 1:57pm On Oct 24, 2017
Please MODs should take this dirty post down. We are tired of these bigotic posts on NL. It is time we unite as a country and stop this tribal shit
Politics / Re: Britain, France And IPOB: Duplicity Of Failed Empires- The Guardian by NDelta(m): 1:45pm On Oct 24, 2017
And some wil say Igbos are quick to insult yurobas.

seeing this kind of biased writeup insujts are highly inevitable.
For God's sake yuroba has urgent issues to attend to than dis.

cc NDelta
what do u have to say ?

Am yet to see an article where an Igbo man poke nose in Yuroba affair but i can flood dis thread wit thousands of yuroba articles poke nosing in Igbo affair jhux to bring disrepute to d Igbos.

#Maturity is when you mind your business.

Lol, the agression is both ways, please let us work together, the Niger Delta have something they could bring to the table, Igbos are very entreprising, hard working and brilliant people, Yorubas are also very bright and brilliant people that could contribute to nation building. Only the Hausas are parasitic in todays Nigeria, honestly, if we can bury our differences and work together, New York, Paris etc will be nothing compared to what we would achieve.
Politics / Re: Southern Governors Forum Meets In Lagos Tonight (Photos) by NDelta(m): 9:32am On Oct 24, 2017

Lemme educate you fuccktard a little bit.

U think Igbos come and do business successfully in your state because you welcome them?? Nah, U must be a primary 6 dropout for you to believe that crap.
They do so because they're bold, dogged and determined maybe your tribe can learn a thing from them. Ur tribe are timid and scared of trying new ground that's why they resort to the claim of been accommodative and welcoming to the Igbo.
If you can compete with the high enterprising Igbo boys who stops you from acquiring a store in Aba or Onitsha??

There are thousands of Igbos in Malaysia, India, South Africa etc U think this guys welcome them. ?

By you welcoming do you think lands and stores were giving to them free?
The Igboman hustled with his sweat to achieve whatever property he has anywhere , Hausa traders are active in the east too. It's a fair levelled ground for all.

If an Igboman can go to your land and start from a humble beginning by hawking gala, selling Accessories or shoes and clothes and later when he's made you come out with ur regular mantra of been Accommodative who stops you from going to the east to replicate such ??

It's high time you stop this crap of been welcoming and accommodative, It's getting boring.

I don't think you've been to the east, for you to say hate is too much.
I think you're jhux sitting in ur brown roof jungle typing crap becos data is now cheap.

Abia state was created from Imo state in 1991, It was noticed that about 14 civil servants from Imo state were still under the Abia state payroll so they were transfered to Imo state, not literarily sacked.

Its only a fucctard that will believe Igbo hate themselves, If they truly hate themselves how did they achieve numerous monopoly in differs line of businesses e.g Auto business, Electronics etc.
Igbos live by a popular slogan "Onye ghala nwanne ya", " Ofu obi".
And that has been what keep them going stronger.
"Blood will always be thicker than water".

I can recall numerous quarrels between Obasanjo and Tinubu, Sanusi lamido sanusi and host of Northern elders etc but I haven't seen that in anyway to mean hatred.
cos I can differentiate Political interest and
and interest of them as a people.

Whatever you see between any south eastern governors is just political and you cannot use it as a yardstick in defining the people.

The South People ranging from Efik, Ibibio, Ijaw, Isoko etc has been cohabiting and are good neighbours since time immemorial
They share a common history and way of life.
We might has our differences and issues but we're humans and not perfect, There's always room for improvement.

I know you're an Afonja hiding Under a NigerDelta Moniker.

Thank me for educating you.

The truth is always bitter and I know that my comments will hurt you as an Igbo person so I understand your harsh reply. About my name here, well if you click on my profile you will see that I have been on this forum for years so I did not chose the name for this purpose. I am a PROUD NIGER DELTAN. Now my observation - we have absolutely nothing against the igbos in the Niger Delta, we have always welcome them but I still have to say the truth which is that the hatred and bigotry from the Igbos towards Yoruba people is too much, read the comment section of newspapers, blogs, Facebook, NL, Youtube and other social media forums, you guys really need to tune down a little. The yorubas also make hateful comments but mostly in defence. How many Hausa/Yoruba/Ibibio/Ishekiris live and work in Anambra, Imo or Abia? 2/3% or less. You guys are not welcoming at all. Its always about "we" "us", "me" hence, the reason why we ended up have 4 senate president from the SE within 4 years because every single Igbo man wanted the sit for HIMSELF.

You hate them but you are the second largest tribe in Lagos, Ogun and Ibadan. You are all over the South South, yet you still go about social media with bigotry. All I am saying here is that it is time to unite and work as a team enough of the hate. Simple, I am not here to banter words with anybody. I have too many Igbo friends for that and their women are still the best wives material in the south so I don't want to quarrel unnecessarily. Let us unite and work as a team.


Politics / Re: Southern Governors Forum Meets In Lagos Tonight (Photos) by NDelta(m): 9:10am On Oct 24, 2017
oga please I am Ibibio, and I see myself as igbo because we have a lot in common. So don't bring your rubbish division amongst us. And by the way, there's nothing like Ibos, it's igbo. And when igbos talk about SS, the talk about the indigenous igbos living there. Not ur urhobo, ijaw, itshekiri or any other minor tribe so get your facts straight.

Trust me, no Efik person will address him/herself as Igbo, leaving their own identity behind. NEVER, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, we know your type. Recently Victor Atta, the former governor of Akwa Ibom issued a statement STATING CATEGORICALLY that Biafra is ONLY for the Igbos, he made it clear that his people have no business with Igbos apart from being neighbours. (Biafra is Igbo agenda, Igbo’ll be happy in a just Nigeria – Attah ON JULY 18, 201612:22 PM) https://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/07/biafra-igbo-agenda-igboll-happy-just-nigeria-attah/

The Igbo speaking tribes in the SS, do not want to identify as IGBOS, instead they will tell you they are from Benin. I know what I am talking about, the DELTA IGBOS have time and again rejected their Igbo brothers, they don't want to associate with the Igbos, so why will an Efik or Itshekiri man agree to have anything to do with the Igbos? Especially when their own Delta Igbo brothers have rejected them? Please do your research and read widely, I have included some publications below for you to look at. PLEASE WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO OF SUNDAY OLISEH, the first statement was to reject IGBOS

In the Niger Delta, we are found of telling the Ikwerres, Delta Igbo etc that they are Igbos but they will scream and tell you that they have nothing to do with Igbo people of S.E, so I don't understand what you mean by "And when igbos talk about SS, the talk about the indigenous igbos living there. Not ur urhobo, ijaw, itshekiri or any other minor tribe so get your facts straight". Please do you research. Please check these links below for your information. WE DO NOT HATE THE IGBO PEOPLE IN THE NIGER DELTA BUT I AM JUST EDUCATING YOU.


Re: Origin Of Delta Igbo Indisputable

By Uwuechue Last update 28/09/2019
I will like to state that the people of eka and agbor have always guarded their culture with fiercely in the face of all oppositions , we as eka people know where we come from and we are proud of our origin , we have a long history of kingship and culture that is why many people will not let us be , it is not new for a tribe to have two or more ancestory , e. g . take itshekiri , they have both benin and yoruba ancestory , but that does not make them benin or yoruba , today , they are know as itshekiris . but the founding father of their tribe was the a benin prince called iginua , son of oba olua of benin . we as ika people of agbor and owa will not wish to be drawn into stupid arguements with those who do not know our history and who do not know our culture and whose sole arguements rely on nearness of language as a proof of where a people come from , if he is a historian then he or she will know that changes in language can occur due to large migrations or trade or due to other factors .
please can any one tell me what agbor means in igbo language ?.........

Igbos Of Delta State And Crisis Of Identity [Part 1]

If there is any separate and distinct tribal group that has been contributing a lot to the development of Nigeria, it is none other than the Igbos of Delta state. I believed that if IBB's regime had given us our cherished Anioma State, we would have fared better than under the present gang-like hegemony of the Urhobo, Itsekiri, Ezon, Isoko and Ijaw. We never bargained for this present raw deal with IBB. In fact, we were better off under the Benin Kingdom than under the present Urhobo ‘Korokoro' arrogant domination and hegemonic tendencies.

One of the basic problems with most ethnic and tribal groups in the South is that they do not forgive. We always have this tendency to add new grudges on old grudges which does nothing but create negative multiplier effects. While the North is moving on, even though there are proven cases of wide spread poverty in that region, the South is always antagonising itself.

What has happened to our Southern Governors meeting which was initiated by Tinubu and others? It has faded as quickly as it was started and yet the Northern Governors Forum is still on course. "Ego-massaging" is daily killing the South, and yet we claim superiority in the Education sector. Acquired education, which ought to act as a catalyst to forging closer unity and ties among us, has seemingly become irrelevant in our quest for a united front.

Education is supposed to be power but in the South, because of our ego and pride and this innate tendency to sell out over a pot of pottage, we have deliberately refused to use our education for effect. We are always busy fighting ourselves. Honestly, I think we need to initiate the process of de-schooling ourselves.


Those Who Say They Are Not Igbo

IN recent years there have been attempts on the part of some Igbo communities to deny their identity as Ndi-Igbo. Classical examples are the Ika Igbos of Agbor environs in Delta State and the Ikwere Igbos of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.
The Nigeria-Biafran War, among other accidents in history has the blame of inflicting “mere anarchy upon the people” of Igbo in general and it appears that since the end of the war “the centre can no longer hold.” Port-Harcourt, up to 1967 had a majority of Igbo population....



Family / Re: I Beat My Wife. What Would You Have Done Differently In My Situation? by NDelta(m): 1:14am On Oct 24, 2017

Please, educate all of us here on why you think in this situation, DIVORCE is not advisable [/b]and the Op should not consider it.

[b]How does one 'make a joke out" of when your wife uses your belt to flog you, in your own house?
shocked shocked shocked

I seriously want to learn something from you, on this.

He shouldnt allow the argument to get to that stage of belting him, you can calm her down before it get to that. NO ONE PRAYS FOR A BROKEN HOME. He should give it his all before calling it quit. May God intervene

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Family / Re: I Beat My Wife. What Would You Have Done Differently In My Situation? by NDelta(m): 12:12am On Oct 24, 2017
Op, pls divorce SHOULD BE ONLY A LAST RESORT. Do not divorce her, it is not advisable, call a family meeting involving your parents and hers including respected extended family members and narate your story, allow people/her family to talk to her about her attitude. Also try and be nicer to her, turn quarrel into jokes and make her look bad. For instance, ah madam na everything we go de quarrel about? Na wa for you oh, see as your blood de hot, this my wife, u be stuborn woman o, abeg leave that thing etc grin grin those are de-excalation techniques


Family / Re: I Beat My Wife. What Would You Have Done Differently In My Situation? by NDelta(m): 12:02am On Oct 24, 2017
mheen. all dz marriage tales ehn. i don dey fear ooo. se i go marry sha. mheeen

Lol, how r you?
Politics / Re: Southern Governors Forum Meets In Lagos Tonight (Photos) by NDelta(m): 11:30pm On Oct 23, 2017
Honestly I think it is time Ibos drop this unnecessary hatred for Yoruba people. We must all work together as brothers, SS, SE and SW. We need to be united against the common enermy. Yorubas are not the enermy, we know those who are dragging this country backward with their insistence on having political power. The SOUTH MUST NOW COME TOGETHER. Long live Southern Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Southern Governors Forum Meets In Lagos Tonight (Photos) by NDelta(m): 11:01pm On Oct 23, 2017

The SS/SE have been broken aprt after Biafra War, wat happned, they came back together.

If SE exit Nigeria today alone, the SS will exit and guess wat? They will ultimately reunite.

This is something only people from that region knows and understand. Can we say the same for SW?

Listen, I dont like disclosing personal details but I am from ONE OF THE CORE NIGER DELTA TRIBES, I am the one that can tell you how our people feel about the South East, WE CAN NEVER EVER REUNITE WITH the SE. Who told you they came together? How many SS prominent men (apart from Asari) spoke in defence of Biafra agitators recently? How many? You guys always make me laff with this so called brotherhood. We do not hate the Ibos, we wish them well, we support them from afar but that is as far as it goes, we can NEVER EVER REUNITE with you guys as a country. NEVER, remember we fought against Biafra for a reason, those factors are still at the back of every Niger Deltan. On Southern Nigeria unity we stand, which of course include the Igbos. PS

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Politics / Re: Southern Governors Forum Meets In Lagos Tonight (Photos) by NDelta(m): 10:45pm On Oct 23, 2017

There will be no souther Nigeria.

Some of us will die to ensure that never happens.

If u are a yoruba, pls follow dem.

And you guys always try to force friendship and brotherhood with SS. Funny, the truth is NO IJAW, URHOBO or EFIK/IBIBIO will ever agree to join the IBOS in their Biafra but we wish you guys luck and we will continue to render support but it is either SOUTHERN NIGERIA or Niger Delta republic for us. Come to Ph/Bayelsa/Delta you will see ibo people living and working with us peacefully but you can never see an Urhobo trader in Imo or Aba market as they wont be welcomed. I have travelled the east and some of my best friends are Igbos but the truth is that Igbo states are usually for Igbos, they dont have other tribes living and working in their cities (except of course, a few hausa and yoruba). The hate is just too much, ah ah, what is it? Anytime I read the comment section of newspapers, Igbos are always there shouting Afonja, na dem, Yoruba muslim etc. So intolorent, yet you want to live in other cities. I will not forget how Abia governor sacked all Imo and Anambra workers from civil service in his state, yet, you want a Biafra where an Imo man WILL NOT ALLOW an ANAMBRA man become president. Imagine the public fight between Rochas and Obiano of Anambra, please you guys should rethink this your intolorent attitude and hate. I know the truth is bitter

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Politics / Re: Which Of These Crimes Would You Recommend A Death Sentence For? by NDelta(m): 10:30pm On Oct 23, 2017
Make your views known
Politics / Re: Southern Governors Forum Meets In Lagos Tonight (Photos) by NDelta(m): 10:25pm On Oct 23, 2017
Wow, see hateful comments from mostly our Igbo brothers. I am begining to see that these Igbos are VERY TRIBALISTIC. It is well, anyway WE THE PEOPLE OF THE NIGER DELTA TOTALLY EMBRACE OUR YORUBA BROTHERS and southern unity. I believe that we are stronger and better together. SS, SW and SE....One big prosperous SOUTHERN NIGERIA. Enough of the hate abeg.


Romance / Re: Difference Between Foreign Advice And Nigerian Advice by NDelta(m): 12:38am On Oct 23, 2017
other comments lyk: *Adeneji: mumu, may God hv mercy on ur soul.. Abeg who get bb charger? *Mary agbo: just passing......Abeg wetin una hear about ASUU strike? *Chinoso: go baf jorh... Dat side dey smell.. Fool *Ekaette: stop asking silly questions lyk dis here... Beta give ur life to Christ.. Shameless woman.... #chai, all she needed was advice nd not insult.... 9jarians ehn...

Romance / Re: Difference Between Foreign Advice And Nigerian Advice by NDelta(m): 12:37am On Oct 23, 2017
old post
Romance / Re: Did I Fall In Love With The Wrong Person? Pls Advise! by NDelta(m): 11:34am On Sep 15, 2013
Lol, laughing so much that everyone in the train is wondering if am ok, guy, $he does not have a car rather she has a sugar daddy/financially ok, older bf. If ur lucky she may allow you to touch her once as payment for your money but if ur not lucky she will delete u on fbk, block ur number.....end of story
Romance / Re: Difference Between Foreign Advice And Nigerian Advice by NDelta(m): 10:05pm On Aug 16, 2013
Lol, I cant stop laughing, we are a difficult set of people to be honest
Romance / Re: He Says That He Loves Me, But His Actions Tell Me A Different Story! by NDelta(m): 9:50pm On Aug 16, 2013
Ajibam: Woman!!! how many years did you use to court him before he married You??

No offence but you sound like one of those village guys.

@ Poster.

Down side of marrying a Nigerian man.

The truth is that generally Nigerian men are not so romantic (especially if he grew up Nigerian) they will come after you with every thing, if they want to date you but shortly after you must have agreed to date them that laid back attitude set in, ask people on this forum how many of their dads still say i love you to their mum.. and the response will surely be 1 out of 30.

The good side about Nigerian men

Most of them are incredibly dedicated to their family and in most cases they will work their ass to death just to give their children and wife the very best, they may be laid back/bored of sleeping with one woman but they are very unlikely to seek a divorce, if the marriage is genuine. That he doesnt say I love you,hug or kisses you as much as you want does not mean that he does not love you. I cant remember the last time I heard my dad say I love you but they are extremely happy together.

I am a Nigerian and can be annoyingly laid back sometimes. Please note; If he married you because he loves you then you dont have anything to worry about.

Nigerian men can be deceptive atimes so you just have to wait until he gets his passport


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