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Politics / Re: NIN-SIM Linkage Gets October 31 Deadline Date by Nicoddemus(m): 11:44am
IvI' always said it from early this year that I will do my own by January next year and some thought I was joking. No be Nigeria again!
Romance / Re: My Fiancee's Anger Issues by Nicoddemus(m): 7:55pm On Jul 24
My fianceé anger issue is worrisome to me. ones she has a bad day, I will get my own share at home. I have begged her all i need in this marriage is togetherness, peace (she jokingly calling me Mr. peace of mind).

She just graduated and we are staying together for 2months now. She can be very sweet and hardworking, caring, can clean, arrange the house. I don't expect her to be this all good cos NOBODY is perfect, but her anger issue a big turn off.

When her Project supervisor was purposely frustrating her, and told her he will not accept her work and she will not defend (it was sorted out later) . I tried to talk and advise her she angrily walked out of my car in the middle of the road.

That night she wasn't talking to me and i started a call n went to the parlor, she came and was asking whom i was talking to and i said my guy, she queried but why did i go to the parlor, she flung our engagement ring away without knowing whom i was talking to (not cheating or calling any girl) she makes rash decisions when angry. like She can scatter our 2weeks plans cos of a small provocation.

I Love her but the anger issues is killing.

no body is perfect. Learn to tolerate that side of hers if you really love her
Romance / Re: My Fiancee's Anger Issues by Nicoddemus(m): 7:55pm On Jul 24
Stay there till she kills you...Mr nice simp...

So who will now marry her Didn't you heae that the guy loves her
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduates: 3 Ways To Get Immediate Jobs In Transport Business With Little Effort by Nicoddemus(m): 10:18am On Jul 24
Transportation isn't as lucrative as it use to be in the past, we have agberos on the road, policemen, latsma, vio, road safety, civil defence...etc, all asking for Roger, coupled with rising cost of fuel, maintenance and heavy competition on your route by other Keke and shuttle drivers, this business is dead on arrival.

This I have seen.

Die with your prophecy false prophet of Baal. I consume you with the fire of prophet Elijah. Don't prophecy doom when I just bought a car for business. Damn you

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 33yrs, ND Holder Without Job Experience ;any Hope? by Nicoddemus(m): 2:50am On Jul 24
If your gender is the opposite of mine

No hope for you...

Cos eventually we'd still read about your news here, how you tried raping someone or using someone for rituals

Please kindly exist this world before you bring more shame to your genders

Thank you
Tunda faya you
Religion / Re: Man Burns Church Over Failed Prophecies In Lagos by Nicoddemus(m): 1:19am On Jul 24

You are looking for gold to dig abi?

Family / Re: How Many Chances Do You Give Before You Cut Someone Off? by Nicoddemus(m): 1:18am On Jul 24

We? Or policewoman?

Which one?

Be specific please

Aproko busybody nonsense policewoman
Religion / Re: Man Burns Church Over Failed Prophecies In Lagos by Nicoddemus(m): 9:19pm On Jul 23
Illiteracy is bad. Your accuser said you have mental problem, instead you go agree and be sent to psychiatric hospital after 1week, you will be released you dey form series. The movie has ended bro!

Sense will not kill you

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Religion / Re: Man Burns Church Over Failed Prophecies In Lagos by Nicoddemus(m): 9:16pm On Jul 23
This is how Apostle Paul eze prophesied to my friend in 2014 severally that she will get married in 3 months time,

Up till now my friend is not yet married.
Fake men of God everywhere

Is she beautiful and have money, is she fairly used or tear rubber. If your answer is positive then let me fulfill the prophecy today


Family / Re: How Many Chances Do You Give Before You Cut Someone Off? by Nicoddemus(m): 3:15pm On Jul 23

Seun Mynd44 Justwise Dominique.
Rule 2.


Who's this one.
Family / Re: How Many Chances Do You Give Before You Cut Someone Off? by Nicoddemus(m): 4:07am On Jul 23

Missyajoke, please patronize us
We grill monkeys, bats, house rats, giant spider and all sorts of venomous snakes

we promise you, we won't support our darling daddy again, for he is an unfortunate man
All of us @ MANNABBQGRILLS regret why we support our daddy because of thirty thousand naira

Lol damn niggaaaaaar

Ok MANNABBQGRILLS your sins are too many and cannot be forgiven. You'd surely roast in penury of poverty
Family / Re: How Many Chances Do You Give Before You Cut Someone Off? by Nicoddemus(m): 3:56am On Jul 23
We don't give any chance because we lack brain and we are senseless

that's why we av become nuisance on Nairaland
And we are also tired of life, as it is now we no longer grill bbq again
We grill monkeys, bats, house rats, giant spider and all sorts of venomous snakes

Don't argue with us please, because we are feeling the heat of the poverty created by our precious daddy

as we are typing right now, hunger no let us sleep.

We rise

Mtchew! You never start to de wail

Back to the topic, the number of chances depends on how important you are to me. If you no get any relevance, I go just cut you off once. If you get small value at a point idI just get along just for the sake of milking you dry till I get a new host

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Family / Re: Married Men In The House Please Advice Me by Nicoddemus(m): 2:57am On Jul 22
Good afternoon everyone..
Please I'm kindly in need of advice... ignore my typing ERROR..
There's this girl I love and I want to settle down with her. She's still in school while I'm still in school too. She's 22 while I'm 24 nd also in final YR and we both love each other..my mum has supported me to marry her.
I proposed to her and she said yes...I plan going her house next month next to start official martial rites but I'm afraid.
Here is my reasons

She's the only girl and the last daughter in a family of 5boys. Ever since we started dating, she's in 100l then, all her school burdens are on me..I take care of her and mine own...with this people around who knows about our RELATIONSHIP ask me to marry her to avoid story that touches the heart..which he has accepted , her mum nd dad have accepted it too.
My major concern about this girl is that those his brothers are not willing to do anything, istead the came asking me for small small money when I'm back, knowing fully I'm just dating thier sis....most times the my girl always feel ashamed of her brothers nd keep cursing them. The can't even call her on phone unless she calls them...nd the will keep asking why she didn't call them all this while knowing fully thier sister is in school nd not working.

I have thought about this over and over again, how do I marry from a family that can't even assist in anything...I know marriage is not always Rosy, what if something happens tomorrow nd I needed thier financial support..the can't render to me.
I discussed with my mum nd she told me I'm marrying thier sister who is well trained nd not the brother..that I can decide not to give them money again... But I'm very sad over this.
It's only the father and mum that acknowledge I hay been trying to see their sister through school expenses, including food and wears.
I discussed with my woman, she started crying, saying she knows her brothers are such a disgrace, telling me how she may commite sucide if I didn't marry her... She cried that she can't visits her house again... that her only hope will be to start prostitution which she can't see herself do that nd that's why she is going to commite sucide if I eventually leave her, all her social media handle is full with my picture, including her profile pictures.

Please what advice do you have for me.... should I let go of this girl, I don't mind letting go all I have already spent...I just want to make sure I won't regret the marriage tomorrow...I have already discussed with my mom nd we plan on going her house officially by August ending..but I'm still very worried.

Matured advice please

What does marrying a girl have to do with begging brothers? Are you telling us you're not matured to say no a request if need be after youvyo married the girl?

Don't think you need any advice on this one though except you're still not matured
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power Batch C: Clarification About N-power Print Out Submission by Nicoddemus(m): 7:45pm On Jul 21

You have not been excluded, most N-Power Batch C applicants claimed to have been contacted to submit the N-Power print out at the local government

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power Batch C: Clarification About N-power Print Out Submission by Nicoddemus(m): 6:45pm On Jul 21

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and were informed to submit your N-Power print out at your local government area please oblige, provided the N-Power print out does not contain sensitive information like your BVN number you can submit, just look for a way of concealing the BVN number, there is no harm in submitting your N-Power print out.

Nonetheless, I repeat, just tread with caution and be extremely observant, ask lots of questions when you get to your local government area, in addition always check your N-Power NASIMS portal for any updates and also your email, maintain this feat, because their are lots of fraudsters out there, even at your local government area.

I just checked my dashboard and email but didn't see any update relating to the local government. Please where did you get your info or I've been excluded?
Celebrities / Re: Sosoliso Crash Survivor Kechi Okwuchi Recalls Tragedy With 2007 Photos by Nicoddemus(m): 5:48pm On Jul 21

Read to understand.
That statement said she is beautiful, not she looks beautiful. There is beauty in someone's qualities. For example, her courage is beautiful, her spirit is beautiful.

And I agree, she IS beautiful

Lol ok
Celebrities / Re: Sosoliso Crash Survivor Kechi Okwuchi Recalls Tragedy With 2007 Photos by Nicoddemus(m): 4:21pm On Jul 21
Woow she is such a beautiful lady despite d incident...

Don't be a fake ass . Learn to say the truth at all times.
Thanks to God she survived but she's looking terrible. Say it!!!


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Much Salary Is Enough For Good Living In Nigeria by Nicoddemus(m): 6:43pm On Jul 18
None , as a single guy ( 33 years ) I earn 250k naira monthly, and I swear down I still struggle to get the basic human needs. No shi shi to save by every month end ( I'm based in Lagos ) angry

NB : I don't womanize , I don't smoke neither do I drink.
Japa things on my mind before it's too late , I heard Nigeria of today is a paradise to Nigeria of tomorrow .

You earn 250k as single and you don't have savings Them suppose flog you

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Romance / Re: My Relationship Is About To Hit The Rock, Pls Advice , by Nicoddemus(m): 7:46am On Jul 18
Guys I need your help here, me and my gal have been together for 6 yrs now, I was convinced that she's the one for me, so I decided to engage her late last year, at least to show that her position in my life is not taken for granted , we have really been through hell for each other even when there was nothing she was there for me, but thank God today I'm working now.

Now for the past 2 yrs, It looks as if I have been struggling to keep her, cos we have been cohabiting since I came back from nysc. Since I came back over two yrs now she has been mishaving , she locks her phone constantly, something she never did before, even if its opened the apps are lock only her can open it, if complain abt that she will respond like why will I touch her phone, asking me who does that, to touch a woman's phone even to go to social media, and she has being subjecting me to that because I don't trust her, when we are about to sleep she put her phone on flight mode, and put it under her pillow and put her head on top. Her phone is constantly on silent mode during day time so if it rings she will determind whom to pick so I won't hear and know. We can't watch movie together as partners perhaps she afraid of who will call next ,because she knows I will give her hit.

If I manage to pick up her call she will be shivering,
We have had alot of issues because of her giving in to distractions , I'm tired of talking , I don beat her tire my hand don bend. I have told her if u don't want me again and you have seen somewhere better , open up and tell me instead of cheating that will be honorable thing to do. I don tire for this gal, if I drive her away she has no where to go. The school she's going I'm the one supporting her, her family is not giving her enough support because the don't believing in education all the know is business, and I'm the only one bearing her load and i'm not doing that because i want to marry her, i'm doing it because she needs help and she is my lover.
She doesn't want to loose me because we have really suffered together so she want to keep me as potential husband and still be playing games outside , what crime did I do to go for service so I can come back and make life better for us, cos that was when she got spoilt. I deflowered her and thats not how I left her.

I have resolved chasing her away, right now I'm in offshore , I never trusted her while I was on land is it now that I'm offshore I will trust her?

You disflowered a woman and for six good years have pinned her down without proper marriage, now you want to discard her

Ina-agbani kwa

Hope your daughter will also meet your kind of man
Nairaland / General / Re: Help!!! How Do I Gain Respect From People by Nicoddemus(m): 4:01pm On Jul 17
I have been a victim of disrespect over the years from mainly my friends. I don't know if it is because I'm too free or too playful but I hardly gain the respect of people.

Please I need tips on how to gain the respect and loyalty of my friends.

The second comment on the first page just answered your questions

In addition give your life purpose and direction and itll help you to be more confident.

Don't give too much of your self to anybody
Business / Re: Which Business Did You Regret Starting Because It Ended Up In Huge Loss by Nicoddemus(m): 6:48pm On Jul 16
If you're not careful transport business can wreck you. Banks won't even give you loan because to them vehicles are "diminishing assets" so it can't be used as collateral. You will just be using money on expenses. At the end of the day when you finally give up, the condition of the vehicles won't even attract reasonable offers so you will be left with nothing

Please what are the precautions to take? I just bought a car for transportation (foreign used). What you just said somehow raised my fear
Business / Re: Which Business Did You Regret Starting Because It Ended Up In Huge Loss by Nicoddemus(m): 6:46pm On Jul 16
Haulaging/transport business. The vehicle is always giving issues. Ended up spending close to #2.2 million to repair which included changing the engine to tokunbo, yet no breakthrough. Las las, the vehicle is in mechanic workshop for the past 2 months. What a huge loss!

You would had bought a direct foreign used
Politics / Re: Muhammad Ibrahim Is Dead (Planned Parenthood Executive Director) by Nicoddemus(m): 8:08am On Jul 12
When I saw Muhammad I was expecting.......the lifeless one
Religion / Re: Do You Support Stand Up Comedy In Church? by Nicoddemus(m): 11:45am On Jul 11
It's a bad thing
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Business Can I Start With 100k Very Urgent !!! by Nicoddemus(m): 1:56pm On Jul 10
Career / Re: Can I Resign In The Bank And Concentrate With The POS Business by Nicoddemus(m): 3:41am On Jul 08
Please I don't know which section to post this.
Dear Nairalanders please help me out , I secure a new job in bank in Lagos and the salary is 55,000 per month for a start and they will increase it after three months and from my house to my office is not far is trekkable I don't pay Tp to work.

And I also have a new pos machine that will give me money too I don't know what to do since the bank job Don't give me time to combine the two, my bank working hours is from 7am to 5pm and I can't combine the two .
Please can I resign in the Bank and concentrate with the POS business
or should leave the POS and concentrate with the bank Job .

please help me

Like seriously you want to resign from known to the unknown just like that ??
Romance / Re: Am I Normal ?... Am Too Shy by Nicoddemus(m): 9:32pm On Jul 07
@ drizzle0007
Yes i forget to stated it. " i mastubate ". But finding it hard to stop.

Do not join cultism, those that joined ate wishing they were free.

Jesus can help you stop masturbation and train your mind on how to be more confident. But this will come in the place of fellowship with the Spirit of Christ not just by prayer. There's a spiritual process that takes care of this two challenges.... masturbation and timidity.

I've been into your shoes before
Romance / Re: Am I Normal ?... Am Too Shy by Nicoddemus(m): 9:26pm On Jul 07

It's difficult. People say pray and all that spiritual stuff. I would only advice you to be self aware. Be aware of what triggers it and control it. You can't stop the act directly in my opinion. You can only stop what triggers it. So if it's a thought for instance, be aware of the fact that you're having a thought that could trigger the act and try as much as possible to distract yourself from that thought. That's what I mean by being self aware and taking control. Get busy, learn to code, get a job, register in a gym. Anything that keeps you busy. Do it. You'll be fine.

I remember when I failed into masturbation..... until The Deliverer in Mount Zion arose.

What I'm trying to say is that Jesus can help him stop masturbation and train his mind on how to be more confident. But this will come in the place of fellowship with the Spirit of Christ not just by prayer.

I've been in his shoes so I know what I'm talking about
Religion / Re: Dominion City & RCCG: Changing Church As A Married Woman by Nicoddemus(m): 4:07pm On Jul 04

I just pity the children who will be torn between going to mummy's or daddy's church

I and my siblings go to different churches outside our parents. Doesn't make any difference
Religion / Re: Dominion City & RCCG: Changing Church As A Married Woman by Nicoddemus(m): 10:24am On Jul 04
Hello nairalanders,

I won't say it's my friend sister or whatever,it's me. It's my question

For 5years of marriage, it's been conflicting about this church matter.

Where in the Bible did they say it's compulsory for the wife to go to the husband's church? I attended dominion city, and he attends redeem (RCCG), I tried for the first two years to follow him to redeem, but I couldn't feel it, every Sunday it's like going and coming from a wedding not a church, that feeling of feeling the Holy Spirit and being blessed is not there, I don't know who understands this feeling.

I talked to him in d third year he allowed me go back to my dominion city, and in d fourth year he stopped me again, I'm a worker there o, now till the fifth year I'm still forced to attend redeem, I have tried my best to open my heart to the church but no way...

Their ways just tire me at redeem, I miss the love, togetherness, prayers, worship and preaching at dominion city. Please I'm sorry I mentioned the name of churches i know some people love redeem, so I'm sorry.

Now for a month now, I have not gone to any church, and I'm tired of the whole thing, please matured advice needed.


I totally understand you....a it's a serious case.
Your husband is a minister due to that it's inappropriate that his wife do not even have the same doctrine with him.

But you're spiritually suffocating.... which is even worse.

I'd advise you to meet your pastor to pray with you concerning it so that your husband can allow you go where your spiritual life can flourish..... Else other issues will surely crop up with it even you remain spiritually dormant

Worse come to worse tell your Dominion pastor to meet your husband pastor to talk to your husband so that he can compromise.

I know why I'm saying o, don't compromise your spiritual life for anything, other things will surely come with it.

But thread with wisdom
Religion / Re: How Can I Know When God Has Left Me? by Nicoddemus(m): 9:23am On Jul 04
God does not leaveale a man but his anointing and spirit can depart from a man. And when it does one or more of the observable traits by the individual are IMPATIENCE majorly; irritation, anxiety, spiritual incapacity, psychological and emotional issues, lose of social skills, sudden observation of depression or inexplicable fears, poor results or backwardness, inability to make plans and achieve it without tragedy.....


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Politics / Re: Nigerians Should Buy Petrol At ₦256 Per Litre – NNPC Boss, Kyari by Nicoddemus(m): 6:37am On Jul 01

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