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Politics / Re: Buhari’s Family Has No Shares In Etisalat And Keystone, Investors Slam PDP by ObservantFellow: 2:21pm On Jan 02, 2019
Crime / Re: Man Shot Dead In Kano 17 Days After His Wedding(photos) by ObservantFellow: 1:31pm On Jan 02, 2019
Rest in peace.
Death is inevitable.
It's just frustrating that with how advanced the minds of the citizenry are, seemingly avoidable deaths keep occuring
Travel / Re: 16 Famous Nigerian Airlines That No Longer Exist by ObservantFellow: 1:17pm On Jan 02, 2019

The major reason I know is the very harsh operating environment for airlines. Without constant govt patronage, the airline is doomed. I read the interview by the airpeace CEO where he outlined the humongous challenges they face

I'm even thinking there were too much airlines in comparison to the needs of the people. The other day on the news, while profiling Ehtiopian Airlines, it was said they have close to 80 planes. I don't think all the Nigerian airworthy planes of all the (10 or so) airlines put together are up to 50 sef grin
Politics / Re: Power Ministry Budgets N168million For Fuel, Generator by ObservantFellow: 11:45am On Jan 02, 2019
These are practical reasons why things will never get better.
Until we begin to see these things as personal problems, we'll be stagnated.

There was this trending picture of 'Obi' standing in a waterlogged environment during an inspection while his incumbent counterpart, Osinbajo was in a boat, wearing life jackets during a 'comparable' inspection.

That comparison speaks loads. Due to the presence of alternatives, the willingness to solve these problems are not at full force.


Travel / Re: 10 Facts About Nnewi The Nigerian Village With The Most Billionaires by ObservantFellow: 11:38am On Jan 02, 2019

Nairaland numero uno resident bigot. I sure hope you aren't female in real life otherwise I pity the kids that will come out of your womb.

Do the kids get in there on their own?
How does that make a female bigot worse than the male version?


Travel / Re: 16 Famous Nigerian Airlines That No Longer Exist by ObservantFellow: 10:57am On Jan 02, 2019
Would be nice to know the reasons behind their collapse. Would be doing a personal research on it.
It would even help the aviation sector so they can avoid such in the near future.

And none collapsed under Buhari. But Buhari is the one killing Nigeria's economy.

Ah.. Such foolishness.
On record, Nigeria has had up to 150 different airlines. How many of your family members travel by air? Do you have any idea how much is required for running an airline enterprise?
How many of your family members complaints on Nigerian economy has been about air transport services? angry


Celebrities / Re: "I Didn’t Enjoy Stardom Or Fame Because Of Controversies"– Terry G by ObservantFellow: 8:15am On Jan 02, 2019
One of my favourite artistes years back. His songs radiate excess energy and screams 'GET UP AND GO!' grin
Politics / Re: Peter Obi On Channels. by ObservantFellow: 8:07am On Jan 02, 2019
A man brought up the hopes of Nigeria so high only the foolish failed to see the lack of direction. Unfortunately, the foolish outweighed the cautious and brought him into power.
The key elements of what he promised went with the exhaust fumes of the jets (he promised to clear out) as he junketeered in and out of the country throughout his tenure.
He's here again for another 4 years in a bid to correct his mistake.
And the same set of foolish Nigerians are willing to let him in; without realizing the precedence they are setting; that any fool can become president, spend 4 years learning the ropes and ask for another 4 years to get working.

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Business / Re: Buy This House And Face Problem by ObservantFellow: 7:17pm On Jan 01, 2019
Werey people
Romance / Re: New Method Of Scam (fraud) In Uyo by ObservantFellow: 7:15pm On Jan 01, 2019
OP, do you even understand yourself? undecided


Celebrities / Re: See The Moment Simi Corrects Her Mum On Twitter by ObservantFellow: 7:11pm On Jan 01, 2019
Taking family essence to social media.. Disgusting angry
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Public Debt Stock Hits N22.38trn, Foreign Debt Declines Drops By 2% by ObservantFellow: 7:00pm On Jan 01, 2019
Can I rebutt? embarassed
Why this country is where were where... cheesy

Politics / Re: Happy New Year Kwarans - Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq by ObservantFellow: 2:17am On Jan 01, 2019
A friend that is serving in Kwara said the indigenes hate Saraki. I think that's a problem for the PDP candidate there angry

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Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 2:13am On Jan 01, 2019

The challenge of the country is daunting, n can't be fixed in just 4 years except you just want to lie to yourself.

I was expecting to see 'Done', not all these you are explaining, making same excuses unlike what was tenable in 2015.
As for the quoted, you should be referring to the man who made the speeches, not me.
Did we give a certain man 4 years? Definitely not, but he takes his blame squarely all the same. Now for another person in the same shoes, we're cutting corners. Sad, really.
Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 12:43am On Jan 01, 2019

I challenged u ,you are the one complaining that he has done nothing. Now tell me what he didn't do. U can't say a single thing

Alright. Since you really have time to defend Buhari.. Oya, let's go. This is Part 1:
1. I will reduce fuel price to 45naira per liter.

2. There will be free education at all level.

3. I will pay 23million Nigerians 5,000 monthly.

4. I will increase minimum wage and place every graduate in salary for extra 1 year after their youth service.

5. One free meal (to include fruits) daily, for all public primary school pupils.

6. I will revive all our refinery in my first one year in office and build more to produce more for our domestic consumption.

7. I will crush Boko Haram in my first 3 months in office.

8. Three million Jobs per year

9. I will stop importation of refined products.

10. Stabilizing the naira.

Those were his promises. Fulfilled?
Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 12:17am On Jan 01, 2019

You see now that you are one of those crying cos you see others crying.
Still doesn't change the fact that you're struggling to list your man crush' achievements. After close to 4 years in power
Autos / Re: The 50 Naira That Almost Caused Depression by ObservantFellow: 8:42pm On Dec 31, 2018
I had this boy who had problems adjusting to J.S.S.1 class. His mother approached me for him to start lessons with me to brush him up with Maths and English to see if he can slot seamlessly into school life. I charged her 4k per month. Besides Maths and English, I added behavioural/social instructions to boost his self esteem and ease his adaptation process. You wouldn't believe I continued the lessons for the boy throughout his J.S.S.1 class without receiving a dime from her. She kept telling me stories over money issue until I got tired of asking. But I never sent the boy away for a day. Instead, the time I didn't see him for a while, I went to their residence and his mom said she asked him to stop since she couldn't afford it. I told her not to do so. And the boy resumed. I was secretly deriving joy from watching him improve and blend in with school demands. He was fit as a fiddle and coping with school stuffs when we concluded the exercise this August. The woman prayed well for me but I believed seeing the boy do well with school work was enough reward.
Fastforward to this December, I 'priced' some toys for my boys and promised to come for them later. I never knew the toys were sold by the woman but handed them over to someone else to sell for her. Word got to her that I wanted to buy some and before I would finish unwinding that day at home, the toys arrived along with watches, sunglasseses and other kids paraphernalia. Wow. I was speechless. It became my turn to thank her profusely and pray for her too. Lol

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Celebrities / Re: Onyii Alex Bares Cleavage In Sexy Swimsuit by ObservantFellow: 8:03pm On Dec 31, 2018
Swimsuit with a gold-chain handbag undecided
Fashiom sense lipsrsealed
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Job Recruitment by ObservantFellow: 8:01pm On Dec 31, 2018
Which kain scam be this?
Just tell us there is no vacancy abeg.
This one is just to make them appear as if they are trying to solve the unemployment problems in Nigeria
Just pack Borno full everywhere angry
Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 5:44pm On Dec 31, 2018

No the challenge is for you to identify what areas he hasn't performed
Let me get this; you're selling a car I've used before to me. I'm not interested in buying it because it doesn't serve my needs. So I still have to argue with the salesman over its failures instead of the salesman to tell me new reasons why I should buy it again? Dude, get real. This is a nuisance, not a challenge.
Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 4:19pm On Dec 31, 2018

Now do you think , the country can be fixed in just 4 years?
Now I challenge you to tell me what areas buhari has failed n I will prove it to you that there has been an improvement in those areas. Forget about atiku and obi that are relating our economy with China's. I bet you those things are not realistic goals in 4 yes.

In reverse, spell out his achievements in the past 3+ years since you really have the time to do this.
Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 9:34am On Dec 31, 2018

Atiku is largely responsible for our economics woes

He has never been at the helm of Nigeria. That's where we started. All these ones you are saying now, it's you that know where you are going with it o.
Atiku as a President has never been seen before in Nigeria. All these vesting of sins y'all are doing is fooling only the gullible. Everything he did then was subject to the approval or recommendation of the President.


Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 9:28am On Dec 31, 2018

My question is , what were these figures like Buford buhari administration, was Nigeria an excelling country before the buhari led administration?
These people should leave party politics n focus on the real issue.
What was the life expectancy of an average Nigerian since obj's regime, was Benin ore express way motorable during jonatherns first 3 yrs? This and many more questions we should ask ourselves?

..and these are sufficient reasons to accept the failings of this government?
Note this, I didn't vote Buhari in 2015, but the popular notion then was, voting out under-performing leaders would make them sit up.
What all these irrelevant excuses for Buhari? Where exactly is it stemming up from?
This government has been a disaster; apologies to the minority few benefitting from it. It is only sane it is changed. The misfortune here is that Nigerians have sold their conscience to the heavyweights in APC and PDP, where the corrupt individuals abound, and as such, continuing this government of disaster is not an option.


Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 9:23am On Dec 31, 2018

The president can only advise him......Atiku was at the helm, E.O.D
..at he helm of Nigeria?

Blind ignorance doth mislead us.
O ye mortals, open thine eyes.

The President is the head of the Executive arm of government. Everybody in this spere is subordinate to him. He can advise components of the Legislative or Judiciary, but he certainly directs his subordinates.
However you choose to shut your eyes to facts, it doesn't warp reality, bros.

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Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 9:06am On Dec 31, 2018

He doesn't report to anybody......he is the head pf economic team, all he does is brief the president about what is going on..that doesn't amount to subordination.......he took the decision to sell our national assets to his cronies....stop being clever by half

Yeah right. And if the President says No? He'll still sell? And that will also not amount to insurbordination?
The ship is Nigeria. The workers are the public officers. And the helmsman is _________?
You mention being clever by half. You mention thorough mental scrutiny.
Forget the semantics and apply the cute little biblical advice 'remove the log in your eyes' grin

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Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 8:57am On Dec 31, 2018

So, someone who heads the economic team is not at the helm of affairs? You need thorough mental scrutiny

Nope he isn't. So long as he reports to and is subject to directions by a superior, he isn't at the helm.
Perhaps I should school you on the origin of the helm. It's actually a ship term, culled from helmsman. The helmsman pilots a ship. He like every other people is a worker on the ship, but his job is to move the ship in whatever direction he feels is best.
The ship is Nigeria. The shipworkers are the political servants . And the helmsman is _______? Good. That is called thorough analysis.

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Culture / Re: Aminu Sanusi Lamido Marries Zainab Ali Bashir (Photos) by ObservantFellow: 8:52am On Dec 31, 2018
That trouser nah die grin grin


Politics / Re: Buhari And APC Three And Half Year Score Card Part 1: Let's Discuss by ObservantFellow: 8:48am On Dec 31, 2018

A V.P is at the helm......he is the head of economic team...stop being clever by half

So, this is the definition of helm you brought? Good. I see you learnt now that the V.P is and remains a subordinate. Now, stop parading false knowledge grin
Atiku had never been at the helm of Nigerian affairs. Q.E.D.

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Politics / Re: Why US May Give Atiku Visa – Keyamo by ObservantFellow: 8:24am On Dec 31, 2018
Someone is planning an excuse in advance smiley
Like giving 16 million votes in the Primaries alone to effect rigging in the main elections grin

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