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Phones / Re: How To Check Your NIN Status & View Unknown Numbers Linked To Your NIN by odave: 5:31pm On Feb 07
Informative thanks.

Until we have a viable database all these nonsense might continue. Imagine linking terrorists to your number and I trust naija police you don buy market be that. You go explain tire

I believe NIN owners should be alerted whenever any number is being added. It's not a rocket science... Too many loopholes chai

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Romance / Re: Photos Of A Cute Couple Who Met On Nairaland by odave: 7:50pm On Jul 16, 2023
Lovely God bless your home. I got my best ever plug on NL as well. Those days are gone sha, na tribal slur and useless bigots fill nairaland now.

You go read some comments and you will be like wtf? Hatred don blind many people. We suppose dey collabo for progress like it used to be but I doubt if it can be like before. Devil don get accounts on NL

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Health / Re: It's Been 5yrs And Am Running Out Of Patience by odave: 4:27pm On Jul 10, 2023
The fallopian blockage is very easy to treat with herbal remedies. I can help you prepare one without collecting kobo from you but you must pay my money back for the herbs preparation when you go for the test and they confirm for you that you are free from fallopian blockage.
100% tested inshaAllah

I sent you an email, please respond. I have someone who is in need of the herb
Politics / Re: Senate Presidency Tussle: Votes May Sell For $5,000, $10,000 by odave: 7:57am On Jun 11, 2023
This has to stop someday. They don't even hid it anymore.

All I want is the best for this great country. Anyone wishing us doom and evil, may disaster never depart their lives.

You may hate your president but for once love your country and be patriotic!

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Politics / Re: Adeleke Entertains Supporters With Drumming Skills (Video/Photos) by odave: 4:15am On Mar 26, 2023
Now tell me, how can you not like this man? Many governors will be feeling like god. They even get aid to open their suv door sef.

Life is simple abeg. He (Adeleke) is always seen with his people, he's always in their midst. I know he's a politician but this one is much more closer to his people and grassroot

God bless Osun State, God bless Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Biography Of President Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu by odave: 7:28pm On Mar 23, 2023
Fight go soon break out now😁

When I read about his struggles during NADECO days, omo e no easy o.

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Politics / Re: Profile Of Agbu Kefas, Taraba Governor-Elect by odave: 7:20pm On Mar 23, 2023
The man na military sef. New governors plenty this time around o

I just wish all the state and Nigeria as a whole well. I want the best for my country, naija is never a zoo, something good is coming out of this country soon

I am very positive about this new era


Politics / Re: Tinubu Should Just Appoint This Man As A Chief Of Staff. by odave: 6:23am On Mar 18, 2023
Most of you people are not from osun state, you will just go online and type whatever comes to your mind

Firstly, He is not the first governor of osun state, I know you will argue with me wch is fine, do your findings well, Google is your friend

How do you know he's the best Governor of Osun state? Any statistics to back it up? Baba wey almost turn the state upside down. He did a lot of work in Osun but he's is never the best Governor of the state.

Baba will just scatter the government with his reckless talk and beside, he should rest, the man is old.

Wishing Asiwaju well in his government

Baba ewe as he fondly called Chief bisi Akande the first governor of osun state and a close ally of president elect chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Chief bisi Akande still the best governor of osun state and his achievements is second to none .

Oloye bisi Akande is a Nigerian politician, who was the governor of Osun State from 1999 to 2003, as a member of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) party, and was the first interim Chairman of the All Progressives Congress.
Business / Re: POS Operators Charged ₦3k Per ₦10k Withdrawn Today In Benin City! by odave: 7:27am On Mar 16, 2023
How I wish I can like your comments a thousand times! Wow, this is pure, undiluted and hard truth. This is what is killing naija businesses! I've witnessed a lot of incidents like this before and it's still happening

Changing this corrupt system na tough job

God bless you for the write up

Nigerians are the number one problems of Nigeria 🇳🇬.
God help Nigeria 🙏

Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria.......for real!

Greed and Dishonesty, the two main problems of an average Nigerian.
Read along to understand our reasons for saying so......

(N.B : If you are a fraudster and criminal on Nairaland,
Skip to the next post or you may not survive reading this)


I run a manufacturing business and a trading business.
The biggest challenge in my manufacturing business is not power, or infrastructure, the biggest challenge is getting honest staff. Everyone we hire appears to be on a mission to steal as much as possible. Inflated invoices, recording less than the actual number of units produced. The worst part of it all is that all the fraud we've uncovered is not done by a single person, it's usually many staff who collude with each other, from production, to sales, to finance, even top management. There was a year I overhauled management 3 times in a year.........
But me, I've found a solution sha, I now use Indian management. So competent, so honest and so straightforward. I thought they were expensive at first with all the visa fees, accommodation, house staff, but now that losses due to staff theft have been reduced to a minimum, and efficiency increased, the Indian management has turned out to be cheaper than the previous Nigerian management. Now, all sensitive positions involving money go to Indians. Nigerians are only allowed in non-sensitive positions. I used to criticize companies like Dangote Group that hire so many Indians when there are many unemployed Nigerians, but now, I understand their decision.

My biggest challenge in the trading business is the same, getting honest staff. The form of trading occurs in the open market, and involves staff having access to huge sums of money running into a few millions. I know how much I pay to security companies to provide escorts for the staff, not to prevent robbery, but to ensure that the staff go straight to the bank to deposit the money after the day's sales and not disappear with my money. This money spent on security companies is even enough to be declared as profit. We have to spend on CCTV, biometric scanners and other things that wouldn't be needed if staff weren't looking for the slightest opportunity to steal.

It got so bad at a point that my main criteria for employing staff was no longer competency but honesty. At least, competency and skills can be learnt, but once you're dishonest, you're dishonest.

We always complain of the economy and how there are no jobs. I know people abroad who would have loved to set up job creating businesses in Nigeria but they can't because they can't get any trustworthy person to run it.

I know people in Nigeria with so much money, they want to start factories and other job-creating businesses but they can't because they are occupied elsewhere and can't get any trustworthy person to run the business. So instead of investing in the real sector and creating jobs, they'll just buy treasury bills, while the thieves are shouting no jobs.

Many big businesses would have been born in Nigeria if we could engage in partnerships, but we cant because you can't trust anyone. This is one advantage the Indians and Lebanese have over us in Nigeria. They can pull resources together and do mega-business, unlike Nigerians that because only one person must do everything since we can't partner, end up with small, tiny businesses.

Start a poultry and they will be stealing your eggs. Some will even go ahead to be killing the chickens so that they'll be allowed to take them home.

Start an entertainment/viewing/game center and they'll be pocketing your money. On the days you're around at the business, the money realized will be x10 of the money realized when you're not around..... Because they're eating your money.

Lease out a vehicle to a driver to use and watch as he'll finish you.

Start a restaurant, the same thing will happen. More than half of the total food ingredients will end up in their personal kitchens.

Even ordinary provisions shop, they will find a way to steal.

You'll see them with that their evil, wicked saying "na where person dey work, na there e dey chop, na e make dem dey callam workchop/workshop"...... Just imagine, justifying theft at work.

And you'll see these people point their crooked fingers at politicians when they're not any different. I usually say the reason most Nigerians haven't stolen billions of government money, is simply lack of opportunity.

*On every level, Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria*.

If the truth wanna kill the online fraudsters and criminals we have on Nairaland,
you guys should better die now.
We will continue to hit your head as much as we can with the truth and be against your fraudulent lifestyle ALWAYS.
For all the scams you have scammed innocent people all over the world, and they end up committing suicide or becoming homeless, and y'all here thinking you are living large, kid you not, you will never enjoy that fraudulent money, it will lead you to your grave soonest. (You can keep hating honest, and hardworking members on this forum, but some of us will continue to kill you with the truth.)
Only if God doesn't exist.
Thieves, Barawos everywhere



When we say we are our own problem they start grumbling.....

Okay listen to these examples:

1. You sell chicken and add over 40% profit ,you are happy forgetting that the person that bought the chicken sells tomatoes and pepper.

2. The tomatoes and pepper seller has to recover the excess she paid for the chicken, so she adds her own 42% profit margin.

3. Teacher will come and buy these 2 items with what? She has no other alternative than to increase lesson fees or school fees.

4. You will go and rent house from a landlord who has paid excess for cement, sand, chicken, tomatoes and pepper, lesson fees, how will he meet up if not by increasing his house rent by 60%.

And the circle continues, it is not about dollars, dollars is just an excuse, abi wetin concern garri, beans and yam with dollars.

The problem is you and I and our excessive greed.

Only a fraudster or criminal will be wailing about our above post.
We hope you ain't one of them kiddo?
If so, we understand your weeping about the honest truth.
No wonder you are your fellow children are always wailing and in serious pains reading our posts here.
The earlier, the better for you.
Advice from the elders kiss

Sure we do get the good ones among the youths.

Only sane, honest and hardworking Nairalanders like you will definitely like our answers and comments,
Not the miserable fraudsters aka, children of hate, frustrations and perdition that abound here.
God bless your legit hustle man.
It will end in praise for you.

The below are screenshots from a very recent party we went to grill Barbecue for one of our clients we met on Nairaland,
And the below are the amount of meats the food caterer hired for the event stole, ready to take home with her.
After telling people at the party that beef has finished!
(After being paid close to 2 Million Naira for her catering job!!)
A picture speaks more than a thousand words.
Shame on her and her online criminals here.....

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Politics / Re: Governor Adeleke Commissions OJAJA MORE In Osun(photos) by odave: 9:11pm On Mar 07, 2023
Ojaja More isn't in Abere but in 8badan road, ile-ife @op kindly correct the wrong info there owned by Ooni of Ife Adewusi Enitan Ojaja II

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Ever Worked Where You Had To Submit Your Phone Before Resuming by odave: 3:43pm On Feb 13, 2023
You will get used to it. This is my 6th year working for such company, a very popular brand in Nigeria. It's not easy but the salary no make me quit. By the way my small phone is always around to pick calls.

Some jobs require your full concentration or else you will lose money and customers👌

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Food / Re: See What Almajiri Brought In My House In Exchange For Food to eat (photos) by odave: 11:40am On Dec 13, 2022

Make person wey need help help another person.
The ManirBK guys so many times have posted malnourished looking foods here as well as petty foodstuffs he got for less than 200 for people to see.

Dried okro in the north na food wey the poorest of the poor they reject for south!
Its the surplus after harvesting they cut and dry,sometimes them go spread am for toad till e dry, use broom sweep am all together go grind.

E no dey hard them to cook.Dem go drop small ororo ,boil with okro,pack ajinamoto put with full packet of maggi(them like maggi die!) ,food don ready.

50 naira dried okro can feed a family in a day in core north.Person wey dey use 250 dey cook stew na him you dey advice to help almajiri with money?!

I swear you can never make heaven angry grin grin
What! See finishing! grin


Politics / Re: Osun Election: Voters Defy Rain In Ife (Photos) by odave: 11:49am On Jul 16, 2022

How many of you online agitators can stand in the rain and vote like this? We keep telling you all, online votes or supports are not counted, na people wey dey ground dey vote. By the way, did you ascribe your decietful mantra 'Obidient' to this election, it will shock you to know that LP won't even come 3rd in this election, maybe na that time una eyes go clear

Best reply so far! Many online warriors would rather download movies to watch on election day instead of actually going out to vote, they will sub, keep checking results and commenting on every thread, when the results doesn't favour their online party they will be complaining.

You want your candidate to win, go out and vote simple!
Crime / Re: Inside Bauchi’s Underage Prostitution Ring (pics) by odave: 5:32am On Jul 16, 2022
This is bad, prostitution is one of the oldest profession, found in almost all cultures, even in the biblical times but involving the underage girls is bad!

Thanks to the state of the nation sha

N1 would be $1 (now at 500+)
Petrol would sell for N40/ltr (now at 180+, diesel 900+)
Good road, uninterrupted power supply, employment, security, for where?

They all lost their voices!

It is well

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Business / Re: Being Rich Is Not Easy (pictures) by odave: 9:36pm On Jul 24, 2021

Drop ur what's App contact boss,....make u show me way

Drop my contact on this forum? Lol, that's not possible nah. email me your number (jasonritchie275@gmail.com), we will discuss then add you to our group. You don't need to spend a dime aside your data. Don't give anybody 1 naira. I can't promise that I will personally train you because of time. But you will never regret knowing about what we do. I'm not trying to sugar coat anything or sell you anything, just be ready to learn, reduce bb9ja watching, you will start cashing out soon. BTW na legit stuff, may God never make us a fraudster.

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Business / Re: Being Rich Is Not Easy (pictures) by odave: 3:54pm On Jul 22, 2021
Don't get it twisted

Theres is nothiny to ask
You the one that got it wrong

Itunes or gift cards not used by scammers or yahoo boys alone and not meant for them

My point is you don't have to be a yahoo boy or scammer to know about iTunes card or gift cards

So someone saying always with conputer and online everyday and never seen or heard about gift cards is what i don't believe

Well he might be into crypto trading or domain flipping, if you're into those 2, you have no business with gift cards... I'm sure he knows about gift cards but maybe not into it.
Business / Re: Being Rich Is Not Easy (pictures) by odave: 2:15pm On Jul 22, 2021
I have no chat up a white man or woman before, I don't know about iTunes or whatever tunes card, but I earn my living online. I'm on my system every time Does it still mean I'm a Yahoo boy,

Baba your head dey there jare. Many of them are very scared of laptop. All they do is chat and chat. Buying data up and down for frivolous and irrelevant stuffs. And if someone is making it beside them, they become angry, sad and jealous. They will begin to tag you yahoo boy. May God bless your hustle.

Please note, I detest yahoo with all passion, I detest their way of life as well. I'm always online too. I make money online without duping any white or black man. Whoever is not happy about it should argue with his keypad


Business / Re: Being Rich Is Not Easy (pictures) by odave: 2:09pm On Jul 22, 2021
Lies! If you earn a living online and always on system everyday like you said and never heard of ituns card or gift card as you claimed then you must be a fucking liar!

Mtchewww! undecided

Reading your post made me laugh so hard. Baba don't be ignorant, not everybody is a scammer. If you don't know something, be humble enough to ask him to show you the way. Ask him for a head up. Many of us are always online but we are never into yahoo or any kind of fraud. If you don't know it don't call it fake or lie.

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Business / Re: CBN’s N50bn COVID-19 Fund Disbursement Begins Thursday by odave: 7:10pm On Jul 21, 2021

Is there any disparity between the positive acct balance and the amount you were credited by NIRSAL?

Business / Re: CBN’s N50bn COVID-19 Fund Disbursement Begins Thursday by odave: 11:21pm On Jul 19, 2021

Approval is only once.

That the balance is NEGATIVE should tell you something. Can you withdraw or transfer a negative amount?

Did you take time to check the two pictures? I guess no. You didn't even read what I wrote up there. There are two account balances there, one look like normal balance, no negative ( current balance) the other one is in negative ( savings). I even showed it in the attached picture. Had it been just one, especially the negative one, I wouldn't have asked for more clarification
Business / Re: CBN’s N50bn COVID-19 Fund Disbursement Begins Thursday by odave: 11:20pm On Jul 19, 2021
I think the negative balance should be the total amount expected of you to repay.

You didn't check the pictures very well... There are two balances up there, check it very well, one is in negative the other one is not. I made mention of it in my post
Business / Re: CBN’s N50bn COVID-19 Fund Disbursement Begins Thursday by odave: 8:33pm On Jul 18, 2021
Hello house,
Got my loan in May and it's already been put in use. Now, I downloaded the nmfb app around June when I got an alert of 4 naira sms charges from nmfb. When I logged in from the account number they sent, I got confused. I noticed a balance on my current account and negative balance on my savings, I've try reaching out to nmfb but since they are off Twitter now, it's not easy to reach them. Plz anyone experiencing the same? Kindly check the attached pictures. Could it be that I was approved twice?

Politics / Re: DSS To Question Gumi For Alleging Military Collusion by odave: 1:32pm On Jun 25, 2021
Something dey suppose don do since.

They waited until he became law and order in the world of terrorism, dictating for the president and governor.

I just hope something good comes out of it
Sports / Re: Coca-Cola Loses $4 Billion As Ronaldo Removes Soft Drink To Endorse Water by odave: 6:01am On Jun 16, 2021
Something must still kill a man.
Cause he's going for good diet doesn't guarantee him long life.
May we all live long

But while you are alive it's better you don't spend your days in renal ward, going on and off hospital bed.

Lemme ask you, since something must kill a man, I'm sure you no dey wash you plate or teeth before you eat, even if your food got bad, you will still eat it, isn't it?
No drink better pass water, know this and know peace

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Crime / Re: 15-Year-Old Boy Beats 14-YearOld Girl To Death For Refusing To Be His Girlfriend by odave: 7:29pm On Jun 15, 2021
Too bad. RIP young one. If you had accepted the offer , your life wouldn't have ended tragically.

Moral of the story.

If man toast you, no dey do shakara.

I pray such happens to your sister


Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel's new helmsman: Profile of PM Naftali Bennett by odave: 7:10pm On Jun 13, 2021
Nice, if everyone can love and protect their country like these Israelis do, I swear there will be peace in the world. This guy will be more brutal than Netanyahu, kudos to the nation of Israel, God of Abraham be with you.

I will bless those that bless you and curse those that cursed you...

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Celebrities / Re: Fight: Tiwa Savage And Seyi Shey Exchange Words As They Meet (Video) by odave: 2:25pm On Jun 08, 2021
And so? Make dem kill themselves nah, e no concern me.

Btw, why the pretence? You blocked me on all social media, you come dey do eye service for real life, who does that? Anyways na their problem

Fvck all fake friends

Keep your friend close, keep your enemy closer...

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Politics / Re: FG To Spend N700M To Force 29 Generals Out - Sahara Reporters by odave: 2:04pm On Jun 08, 2021
I provide working paypal account that you can you use to send, receive and make payment on any platform that supports PayPal account, that will work well in Nigeria. You can actually enjoy the features and use PayPal in Nigeria perfectly without difficulty, all you need is to know how to use PayPal in Nigeria.I will teach you how to be withdrawing your money from PayPal to your ATM card here in Nigeria, then cash out your money from ATM .

If you need PayPal account you can contact me let deal. My WhatsApp contact is 0-7-0-6-3-3-7-4-1-5-9.
The price is very cheap.
Your satisfaction is my priority

Must cast every hustle in this country? You sha wan cast that paypal ebook by greed. What are you selling sef? Now you will start selling the ebook you got free, it has been around for more than a year, you still want sell it? Chai this country get as e be. You start selling what is free on public forum like this just because of greed, paypal get hold of it and block everyone, why are you like this?
Politics / Re: USAID, UNICEF Spend ₦4.1 Billion For Water, Sanitation In Nigeria by odave: 5:39am On Jun 03, 2021
Where in naija? They always show malnourished kids whenever they want to represent Africa. Do I blame them?

Still searching for whose pocket that money enter...
Politics / Re: Illegal Structures: Wike Threatens Demolition Of Trespassers’ Houses by odave: 5:29am On Jun 03, 2021
Hmm, is this man not power drunk like this? There could be ways of passing you message across without sounding like someone under oshodi bridge, I can imagine if he's made the president, e go worst o, either APC or PDP, these guyz reason same way, no difference. From El Rufai to Wiked, sorry Wike. From Boudilon owner to the civil war Master, they are all the same.

Power drunk!


Business / Re: CBN’s N50bn COVID-19 Fund Disbursement Begins Thursday by odave: 3:35am On May 15, 2021

You have spoken like a true patriotic citizen. May God show you direction on how to multiply your loan from thousands to millions

Thanks sir/ma

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Business / Re: CBN’s N50bn COVID-19 Fund Disbursement Begins Thursday by odave: 5:17am On May 14, 2021
Waiting is not easy to be honest, but for those waiting please keep checking, one day something will surely pop up, you will be approved.

My own story. I applied last year April, my close friends did also, one of us received alert last year November, 473k. Another one received 270k, another one received 160k, na only me no receive anything, I checked and checked till I tire. In fact I always check like twice a day.

On may 1st this year, in the morning, as usual, I punch in my bvn, to be honest, I was expecting to see the usual message 'bvn does not exist' but it took me straight to offer page, 2 days to my birthday, I was so happy, though it's a loan I just see it as a birthday gift from federal government

I checked my phone on 12th may, I got the alert from nmfb.

My point is, no be village people, no be bad luck, na turn by turn. Like I said earlier, waiting is not easy but do you have option than to wait? In fact I have started making enquiries about insider wey go help me, not know God dey inside dey work for me. I didn't give anybody a dime, coz I'm sure it's a scam. Don't loose hope, keep checking

May God make it happen guys, I've been there, I know how it feels. Thanks all


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