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Romance / Re: A Thread For Misogynistic Men Who Dislike Women by odinson1(m): 9:29am
Just to make something perfectly clear here, Nairaland men don't hate women. Hate is such a strong word that people throw around without realizing the consequences. But however,we just despise the current Mentality Most Nigerian Females have now, courtesy of Feminism and the rampant numerical Growth of Foolish men.

The modern Nigerian woman(those ones born from 1995-date) are the problem. Most of them are low-key Prostitutes masquerading under the guise of relationships. They use sex as a bargaining chip in order to gain favours, money and material things from Foolish men. And when confronted about the reality of what they are doing(masquerading as girlfriends,while in the actual sense are prostitutes) they of course don't have the intellectual and logical capacity required to see reality for what it really is.

I think i speak for all redpillers when I say WE DON'T HATE WOMEN, we just don't see them as the Special, perfect goddesses Society have painted them to be. Can you believe there is a religion where women's Butts are being worshipped

When guys like myself come here to talk about how indifferent we are about women,and how we aren't willing to Waste our Hard earned resources on Potential Prostitutes who see us as disposable,women and "real men" call us Broke, frustrated,incels, mummy's boys(which i think is a good thing because a mother's love is the closest to love a man will ever get to recieve from a woman).

Folks like myself find modern marriages absolutely redundant and a waste of A man's time, energy and resources. But eventually,all men will find out the truth for themselves. But I truly am happy for the LUCKY ones who got married to GOOD women who RESPECTS Them.

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Romance / Re: In What Circumstances Would You Opt In Favour Of An Abortion? by odinson1(m): 6:44am
Romance / Re: Bachelorhood Is Highly Underated by odinson1(m): 11:38pm On Nov 29
Brother, bachelorhood is sweet but las, las you must still do the needful .

There is nothing needful about marriage

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Romance / Re: See What The New Girlfriend I Got Prepared For Me. (whatsapp Images) by odinson1(m): 3:34pm On Nov 29
Romance / Re: Women Against Feminism Movement by odinson1(m): 1:19pm On Nov 29
Romance / Re: Naija Ladies And I've Not Eaten Syndrome. by odinson1(m): 1:08pm On Nov 29
Romance / Re: Women Are Their Worst Enemies by odinson1(m): 10:35pm On Nov 28

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Romance / Re: Why I Take Relationship With Guys More Serious Than Relationship With Women by odinson1(m): 12:56pm On Nov 28
I don't fancy friendships with women. They are only out to Exploit you, manipulate and then you into their personal Slave or Pet,albeit discreetly.

The only connection i have with women is the desire for sexual pleasures, nothing more. I See MOST of them as sex objects, which they rightly are.

You'll see them posting half nude pics on social media everyday, twerking and doing all other sorts of Sexual activities just for attention and validation from men. The only thing They have to offer in Relationships (not MARRIAGE) is sex and nothing more.
Family / Re: Why Would A Woman Love One Child More Than The Other Of Her Children by odinson1(m): 9:12am On Nov 28
It seems to me my wife loves the second child more than the others, I'm not sure why

Much more than me, it seems my wife has a talent for beating the children. She can mend any of them very well but with this one, she would just laugh sheepishly 'I ll beat you o' without ever actually beating her

Let me guess,the other kids are Males right?

Women Prefer daughters to sons
Family / Re: Girlfriend Gave Clothes To Her Boyfriend's Younger Brother To Wash.right Or Wron by odinson1(m): 9:06am On Nov 28
Which one is feminism here again, is her fiance's brother not like a junior brother to her?you people were condemning and having erection over a certain topic from a boy who said his brother's wife was angry because he cooked in her kitchen and most of you were saying she won't be angry if he was brother, now this lady is trying to bond and carry him along as his younger brother and you're still having problems with it? what do you African men want?

Can you wash your boyfriend's clothes? If you can't,then swerve

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Romance / Re: Alpha Or Simp by odinson1(m): 8:37pm On Nov 27
I don't contribute in the politics section but I'm not here following a movement that doesn't better my life... And I on red pill threads 24/7?

When men from the poorest, most corrupt, third most insecure country...'don't like politics'... there's something really really wrong... Especially when they call themselves alphas... smiley

These hoes just keep on creating accounts everyday

Like I said, nothing wrong with the red pill ish... But there's a lot of misplaced priorities...

I said... These so-called alphas are tribalistic there meaning they are immature... With nothing worth impacting...

If you don't know what else to Vent on about,you can kindly leave the romance section
Romance / Re: Most Men Are Not Intimidated By A Woman's Success by odinson1(m): 8:32pm On Nov 27
Romance / Re: People Make Fun Of My Height by odinson1(m): 8:22pm On Nov 27
Holly Gram cool Dat was last YEAR, I just de PATROL with my KALA, I DOG my KALA 4 bag.. e get 1 USELESS MANCHI Dem wey see me, 3 GUYS like dat.. naso Dem START to laff at my BAG.. naso I TURN back and I ASK Dem SEY, na who Dem de laff, dis MANCHI Dem get MIND tell me sey WHO goes ME.. Naso I tell Dem if Dem don hear of d name BOOGYMAN.. D other 2 Guys don de hear of my TALES.. fear START to catch d 2 Guys but d other Guy no really know about BOOGYMAN.. as sing d MUSIC for dem.. BOOGYMAN MAN IS COMING 4 U WIT HIS OLD N NEW KALA.. Naso 2 guy TWAMER, Naso 2 guys run but d other guy no gree run bcus em 1 CLAIM HARD MAN.. I just bring OUT my old KALA point am 4 left leg, d guy begin de beg.. I almost BLAST em left leg dat DAY.. em get LUCK sey my phone RING and e come b sey na my mumsy de BELL me... WTF MAN

This guy you are hilarious grin grin

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Romance / Re: How Did You Lay A Foreign Babe by odinson1(m): 2:21pm On Nov 26
lol it's chilled to be crazy on a faceless forum

Yeah it sure is grin grin

But at least you'll admit you are Zzor,rozcol and Rozz,right?
Crime / Re: Mob Kills Keke Driver Mistaken For Thief in Bayelsa (Photos) by odinson1(m): 12:34pm On Nov 26
Family / Re: Nagging: Abuse/domestic Violence? by odinson1(m): 8:55am On Nov 26
Romance / Re: How Did You Lay A Foreign Babe by odinson1(m): 8:54am On Nov 26
You mates are in the lab trying to find cure to several diseases and here you are giving reports of your misdoings. May God help you

Your mates are on the streets looking for the next foolish man to trade Sex for money. Nor go join dem hustle,dey here dey cause nuisance for Nairaland cheesy

I thought you are my friend and a child of God but now I know you an undercover enemy,may God keep exposing my enemies one after the other.

You may nor know this ZZOR but I actually find you amusing grin anytime i see your comment, I'm always eager to read because i know say guys must savage you grin grin grin

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Crime / Re: Wife Who Staged Own Kidnap, Demanded Ransom From Husband, Arrested In Ekiti by odinson1(m): 4:46pm On Nov 25
A standing ovation as we welcome Futureisfemale





For their Presentation on Female empowerment.
But before they come in,i just have to say that "The future is Femail" cheesy cheesy


grin grin grin i no dey o.if dey all reason for your matter.

grin grin oboy me sef i dey fear that Pocohantas o grin she dey Sabi voltage follow person ehnnn angry

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Romance / Re: I Just Lost A Baby by odinson1(m): 3:00am On Nov 25
By the grace and mercy of God , you will recover just like Job . Stay safe and trust in the Lord

Why didn't the grace and mercy of God Prevent the miscarriage in the first place?


Why didn't your father use a condom when you were conceived 21 years ago?

You can go to your mythical Heaven and ask him Yourself
Romance / Re: Is There Any Issue Marrying A Younger Guy by odinson1(m): 2:20pm On Nov 23

Send me your account details bro, I love your mentally

Sir i have sent it in my previous mention to you
Romance / Re: Lady Blocks Her Boyfriend & Disappears After He Sent Her ₦2M Instead Of ₦200k by odinson1(m): 9:49am On Nov 23

Are they all not "PROSTITUTE" in disguise?


They "give" out sex in return for favours,money etc. Even those ones who cloak under the guise of Girlfriends/wives are also PROSTITUTES.

But no one wants to talk about that

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Romance / Re: Wedding Bells Ringing. by odinson1(m): 9:41am On Nov 23
Another one bites the dust! You men just won't listen.
Romance / Re: Lady Blocks Her Boyfriend & Disappears After He Sent Her ₦2M Instead Of ₦200k by odinson1(m): 9:36am On Nov 23
I can still fathom why a sane guy should send 200K to a Nigerian girl for doing nothing.

I support the girl's actions. Whatever it takes to restore sanity to these SIMPle guys is totally unacceptable.

The future is femail.

And when she "gives" him sex for the money, she becomes a PROSTITUTE.

Either way,she wins and the FOOLISH man loses his hard earned money

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Romance / Re: Belgian Man Gifts His 21-Year-Old Kenyan Girlfriend ₦500 Million (Photos) by odinson1(m): 8:32am On Nov 23

Yeah. Go try shaming the Pablo Escobars and Shina Rambos and mafia lords of the world.

Lol. After you'll say you're not an asslicking attention-seeker. cheesy

Ehen? Why are you telling me this again? Have we not settled it? What's the point of you quoting me exactly to say this? You can't shame the shameless- thief, prostitute, beggar. EOD.

Please, it's an early working Tuesday morning. Try to find something productive and engaging to channel your energy into. Ciao.

I wasn't the one who called you a PROSTITUTE. take your frustration to him
Travel / Re: Please What Is The Best Way To Send Groceries From US To Nigeria by odinson1(m): 7:12am On Nov 23
Tell the person to send me the money,and I'll buy them for you here in Nigeria grin

2262999223 zenith bank
Family / Re: The Scam Called Marriage by odinson1(m): 7:10am On Nov 23

grin grin grin

Why are you angry, you're basically paying for sex, companionship and the stress of taking care of children. Nothing is free my brother. That's life.

That's why some Igbo women know their husbands have side chics, they don't bother because they have basically taken care of the home front first.

If he's "basically paying for sex", doesn't that make His wife a PROSTITUTE? i mean that's what prostitution is, isn't it?


Family / Re: The Scam Called Marriage by odinson1(m): 7:09am On Nov 23

Take care of your children,show them love and affection and they would treat you right too. Simple

It doesn't always work. The wife can still turn the hearts of the children against their father. And another thing, children "love" their mothers more


Romance / Re: Belgian Man Gifts His 21-Year-Old Kenyan Girlfriend ₦500 Million (Photos) by odinson1(m): 7:02am On Nov 23

E no dey ever pass this one for una. Very unimaginative and stale lots.

Na money I wan collect. I tell you say I wan use my puŝsy get am abi I wan dey fk your papa and male relatives? undecided If I come cash out without ever opening my pant, nko? What will now happen?

When you have something revolutionary to say, let me know - 'olosho' stopped being an insult since 1412.

You can't shame a thief by calling him a thief

Same way you can't shame a PROSTITUTE by calling her a PROSTITUTE.

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Romance / Re: How Long Would You Date Someone Before Settling Down by odinson1(m): 6:57am On Nov 23
Romance / Re: Is There Any Issue Marrying A Younger Guy by odinson1(m): 6:44am On Nov 23

Send me your account details bro, I love your mentally

Thanks man,nice to see a man of similar thinking as mine.

2262999223 zenith bank
Romance / Re: Is There Any Issue Marrying A Younger Guy by odinson1(m): 6:54pm On Nov 22
There is a saying that age is a number.

I have a friend who got married to a younger guy, she complained of not been taking care of by her husband and said that her husband gives his salary to his mother but before their marriage the guy was always there for her but now his mother is the one in charge.

Is there any issue with marrying a younger guy.

What nonsense is this? Why is she complaining that he isn't "taking care of her"? Isn't she a Complete human adult with 2 hands,2 legs and a Brain that she can use to take care of herself? I thought feminists said both Genders were equal and men shouldn't be the heads of the home.

Well,as for me,my Mother comes first above every other person (my dad is late) because of the sacrifices and love she has done and shown to me over the years. So my mother will ALWAYS come first before my wife(assuming i ever get married). call me immature or mummy's boy, I don't care!

And as for the "responsible and real men" in the house, I'll leave you with this:

"In your entire Family,the only person not related to you by blood is your wife" while you go about doing all sorts of unprintable things for her,ask yourself; "would she do same for me?"

Final note: "you can have a 2nd wife,but it is Virtually IMPOSSIBLE for you to have a 2nd Parent"

Yes your woman can take care of her own needs because she's working and responsible and wouldn't spend all her own income on her own family because she has a home to keep, neither will she spend it all on human hair and mascara.
But what happens to the utility bills that you both enjoy when you pack all your salary dash your mum? I bet she'll be sorry to have raised an irresponsible boy who will forever be tied to her apron strings. Your attitude should depress any good mother. I'm sure your late father took care of her before he passed. Why would she unleash a simp as you on the society? Mtcheeew!

I didn't say I won't take care of my home,i will of course take care of my kids but I AM NOT PUTTING THE NEEDS OF MY WIFE ABOVE MY MOTHER'S. Men and women are equals right? So my wife can take care of her own utility bills.
Romance / Re: The Unthinkable Things A Struggling Guy Does For His Girlfriend. by odinson1(m): 6:52pm On Nov 22
Like the saying of old

"a FOOL and his money are soon parted"

Iyaebe isn't that your idea of a "real man"? Men are supposed to do unprintable things for women right?

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