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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 18 by oluwabishop: 11:04pm On Apr 13, 2021
good day all. Thanks to everyone for sharing useful information.

please I have a question about nature of flight ticket. Are there any concerns about a student going for a one year program and booked a one-way ticket?
does this affect the issue of study permit by the CBSA officer at the airport?
Please, if there are any persons who recently landed from last year till now, kindly share your airport experiences, or if there were questions concerning one-way ticket for a one year program.

Also, those who did the mandatory 3 nights quarantine, kindly share your experiences from booking to payment and what the stay was like This can be very helpful.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 18 by oluwabishop: 4:30pm On Apr 10, 2021
Urgent Reply Needed!
Please anyone going to Conestoga College and has made deposit payment, please how did you make payment. my sponsor (a company) Access Bank says western union has not been working for months. And my sponsor can’t use flywire hence no ATM card as it is a corporate account

Use CIBC, it will take between 7-10 business days. You fill the form A with your bank and they will move the funds to CIBC who will in turn confirm the payment and settle same into the school account, after which your payment will reflect on your account with the school.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by oluwabishop: 9:39am On May 29, 2019
Damn!!! That VO is harsh sha. No ADR? No precedural fairness letter? I am so sorry to hear this. What are the further evidences you provided for reconsideration? I hope they are sufficient enough.
NPC attestation? I hadn't gotten it before submitting the CSE, I've applied for it and currently being processed anyway
A sworn affidavit by your parents? Yes, indicating the error and addressing it
Pictures of you both at childhood? Yes, from 10 years ago and 2yrs ago
Copy of the Nigerian law confirming that NPC attestation is a sufficient replacement, should in case you decide not to use the birth certificate due to the error? will use NPC attestation for the next application, I believe it states the portion of the act that empower it to be used as a legitimate evidence
etc.equally included ID documents that indicate same address for myself, the brother and a parent.

Be patient, they might respond soon, and if they don't respond, remember they are not obligated to respond to closed cases, it's entirely at their discretion. Do you know your VO? Can you email the VO directly with the reconsideration plea and all the documents? That's the next most authoritative action to take after CSE. the response to the CSE came through, indicating that the file is at AVO with guides on contacting them.

2. Great that you have applied for fresh ITA. Yes it qualifies and will feature. It is refusal and your case is considered closed, except they decide to reopen it but you have little control over that. so I should obtain the schedule A and fill upfront or wait for when it's requested?

3. You will have to redo only medicals.
And PCC if you don't get ITA before 6 months expiration. PCC is valid for 3 months or 6 months?
What if the 6th month falls into when 2nd application has been submitted?

Wait until you get ITA before you book medicals, or if you are very sure you'll get ITA the next draw, you can book now. I am more particular about the birth certificate issue. You have to write a very convincing LOE on why the VO should ignore the erroneous birth certificate in next visa decision and consider other documents instead. Because it will stick out when the new VO reviews your case. The only sufficient replacement for it is the NPC attestation and this is backed by law, I hope you have it, perhaps you can include that (should in case the current case is not reconsidered). currently being processed and will be used for the next application

All the best you. I strongly believe you will testify soon and share your PPR success story. thank you very much

P.S. Please for those of us pre-AOR, let's carefully package our documents completely. Do not assume ADR is a given. It is entirely left to the VO's discretion Apply as if you won't get ADR. And if in the middle of your waiting period post-AOR, you feel uncomfortable about any document and you're convinced you need to edit or change, do not assume an ADR will come, please proactively raise a CSE.

Please find the responses as bolded. Should serve as lessons for everyone else regardless what stage you are in.


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by oluwabishop: 8:54am On May 29, 2019

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited you to apply for permanent resident status
based on the qualifications you claimed in your Express Entry profile. In your Express Entry profile you
indicated you had a relative in Canada who was a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident but have filed
to provide sufficient proof of the relationship.
This change in your qualifications resulted in a loss of points that brought your rank below the lowest
ranking person who was invited to apply in your round of invitation, under the Express Entry
Comprehensive Ranking System.
As I have found that you no longer possess the qualification on the basis of which you were ranked under
an instruction given under paragraph 10.3(1)(h), you no longer meet the requirements of Section 11.2 of
Following an examination of your application, I am not satisfied that you meet the requirements of the
Act and Regulations for the reasons explained above. I am therefore refusing your application.

Sorry to hear about this, these are my thoughts

1) I do not think there are any established alternative process. However, a mail to Ralph might put you in perspective.

2) I dont think it does

3) your WES ECA evaluation is valid. IELTS is valid if its less than 2 years. The Medicals is valid if it is still within the one year range. I dont know about biometrics but i think you might be asked to do a new one for the new application. Unfortunately, you have to do a new PCC as the one used in your first application os only valid for 3months.

***Please share more information on the specific reason for the rejection so we can all learn and prepare.

All the best.

Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by oluwabishop: 6:13am On May 28, 2019
Good Morning all.
Some couple of questions, input needed from experienced views.

1- application refused 6 months post-AOR. Reason- 'failed to prove sibling relationship, hence lost points for the round of ITA at the time of draw'. No ADR was requested, hence no idea nor opportunity to rectify the misrepresentation. there was a clerical error in naming on sibling's birth cert, but every other documents had the appropriate representation of names. Took a month after the refusal letter(was out of state/town) to gather further evidences of sibling relationship, raised CSE, and sent email seeking for reconsideration. Been some days now but no feedback yet on any of these. Any suggestions on an alternative/efficient approach?

2- created a new profile and answered YES to the questions about - 'previous applications to IRCC', 'previously applied to EE', and provided the EE application number and UCI from the former/refused application. Does this qualify for the category of Schedule A/as having being denied visa before? will the refusal (letter) feature in completing the new application?

3- with the new profile and back in the pool awaiting draws/ITA, need to know which of the previously obtained 'requred documents' will still be admissible/valid for the 2nd application. Is there need to repeat any of these - WES, IELTS, PCC, Medicals, Biometrics, etc ?
concerned about medicals, if it has to be repeated, how advisable is it to seek an appointment even without having ITA yet? bearing in mind the length of waiting period for PPR, and the fact that one needs to Land in Canada before the medicals expires ?

looking forward to helpful reponses. Cheers Everyone

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Properties / Re: How Do I Handle My Landlord? by oluwabishop: 10:54am On Dec 14, 2017
Good morning house, am having similar issues. last year September I paid for a year rent to my landlord and he promise to renovate the apartment but he didn't, due to urgent need I move in like that around October I was able to repair some of the bad roof with my money..now my rent is due this October and he is asking me to renew the rent , he need money to pay her landlady and am not ready to renew any rent cause by january ending I want to move out. So Pls advice me on what to do. Should I tell him am not renewing the rent again or what. Av seen like 20miss calls from him. Pls it ugent.

If you had informed the landlord that you will do the repairs with your own money, then you need to furnish him with the receipts of every expenses including the labor (be honest in the receipts and avoid bloated amounts, landlords still know the costs of materials and labor and can verify).
Then ask him to allow you stay for the pro-rated period of time that the amount you spent on the expenses covers. Since you have intentions to move out. You can also get help from a lawyer if you have any Grey areas
Properties / Re: How Do I Handle My Landlord? by oluwabishop: 10:40am On Dec 14, 2017
First of all, dz text messages are not threats but just reminders that you should renew your rent failure of which, he would take necessary steps to evict you (through the magistrate court of course). Second, if your rent started counting in January, it therefore means ur rent will expire on 31st December 2017 coz Dtz exactly 1 year. u should try to move out of the apartment b4 the expiration of your rent in order to avoid embarrassment when the court eventually comes to throw ur belongings out. (that is of course after he must have served you with the requisite notices and summons) #Peace.

This advice, along with the other advice to negotiate with the landlord for a pro-rated rent of one month for the period of January, are the best responses to the OP I've seen so far. Because they're guided within the law.

Wisdom is profitable to direct, and he who has ears, let him hear.

The landlord as I see it, is simply playing within the provisions of the law by serving formal reminder notices ahead of time because by the expected expiration date, tenant isn't expected to have any extra day in his property for free and can't claim that he hasn't been adequately reminded. Being a lawyer doesn't mean that he'll bully his tenants anyhow because they can easily find a counsel to represent their interests. Even if the tenant could not afford legal services, they could be lucky to have their case handled as pro-bono. And if the landlord were to be in violation of any laws, his position as a landlord and his practice as a lawyer would be disgraced.


Properties / Re: How Do I Handle My Landlord? by oluwabishop: 10:28am On Dec 14, 2017

This is a big lie! You have to pay for any day you use in the house. Where is the 3 months coming from?

If you are a yearly tenant, you must get 6 months notice to pack out IF your rent is running. If you are owing rent, the law prescribe only 7 days notice to hand over the property to the owner. So again, where is the 3 months coming from?

The imaginary 3 months is coming from the fantasies of those who haven't bothered to read the details of the so called tenancy laws they are always quick to reference. They dwell and reign in their ignorance until they are lawfully evicted within the proper interpretation and provisions of the same tenancy law, then they repeat the anthem - 'All landlords are wicked'


Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Slightest Thing That Can Get You Angry? by oluwabishop: 7:40am On Nov 09, 2017
When am wrongly accused.

This is me, through and through. It's so simple but I just can't explain it enough to people how much it hurts.
Properties / Re: Tiger Or Sumec Firman Which Is Better by oluwabishop: 8:54am On Jul 26, 2017
If it's brand new, go for it but confirm that it is original by checking for the engraving of the name on the engine block and coil casing. If it's fairly used, do ask a generator technician to help you verify the engine and coil conditions.

Yes it sounds nice, but your own story will be drafted by how you pay attention to its maintenance.


Bro. Please I'm thinking of getting a sumec firman from someone. It sounds nice, actually.

What do you advice?

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Car Talk / Re: Moment Of Truth: Which Of These Throwback Cars Did Your Family Have? by oluwabishop: 9:16am On Feb 28, 2017
We had A, B, C and Volkswagen Santana. (there was also a Volkswagen Vanagon bus)
A' was dad's ride in his youth, C was bought during the build up to his wedding, B was his gift to mum after wedding (for a special reason and virtue he only discovered after the wedding),
And the Volkswagen Santana came when A was shipped out.
The Vanagon was used for business runs.

I still love Peugeot 505 as a Vintage. Maybe someday I'll be speaking with Ikenna351 about it

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Politics / Re: Even God Rested On The 7th Day, Pres. Buhari Deserves Some Rest - Femi Adeshina by oluwabishop: 6:05pm On Jan 20, 2017
I thought I was the only one who was wondering about that. If this is the same femi, kulikuli@yahoo.com
this is not the femi adesina whose article i loved reading on Sun Newspapers. i begin to wonder if the "witches in aso rock story" is true. guy's brain has been hacked walahi.

Reuben was right... There really are heavy witches activities in aso rock

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Romance / Re: Financially Dependent Ladies Who Talk About Marriage Lack Vision by oluwabishop: 1:55pm On Dec 24, 2016
In the end, they start becoming burden to family members and friends when the man loses the power to produce resources.

Working in Shell or any other multi-nationals is not a pre-requisite for being enlightened.

Baba a you are wise.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are Some Of The Biggest Red Flags In An Interviewee? by oluwabishop: 7:14am On Dec 24, 2016
"Generally I will raise this once at the beginning of the interview and if you are within the range for the role we can move on and talk about other things"

So if the candidate isn't within the range the interviewers expects, what happened to benefit of doubt and probably negotiating along the range, albeit succinctly? Or a candidate simply loses the chance because they don't know what their interviewer has in mind as a particular range of salary expectations? Mind you that in Nigeria, making enquiries about salary of a role is difficult. Staff aren't forthcoming with the actual facts.


Family / Re: How To Deal With A Workaholic Man by oluwabishop: 1:55pm On Dec 17, 2016
Dear OP, kindly permit me to point out corrections.

There is no proper adjective called 'workphobic' or an English word called 'workphobia' in the context used above. If you are talking about a person who loves and indulge in their work so much, they are called "workaholic".

Besides, the word/suffix 'phobia', for absolute clarity, translates to mean a fear of something. Hence the etymological meaning of your new word 'workphobic' would be a person who fears /hate their job. And this does not apply to the context of your passage.

A high sounding word isn't always correct.

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Education / Re: One Picture A Class Captain Or Noisemaker Can Relate To by oluwabishop: 12:10am On Oct 28, 2016
Apparently, you're owing from the previous list. Those class captains sold their chill eons ago
I remembered a day like that..
I left school like around 7:30AM... grin grin
Ws a bad boy then..

Got to school the following day and was shocked.. My name was on the Noise makers list yesterday.. angry angry
Education / Re: One Picture A Class Captain Or Noisemaker Can Relate To by oluwabishop: 12:08am On Oct 28, 2016
That list gonna be like -


Daiz what you get for curving the class captain
Family / Re: Sick Musa Under The Town Planning Bridge Linking Ilupeju To Anthony Village by oluwabishop: 9:30am On Oct 18, 2016
Chief Sweetus Oyoyo Yuzedo... Baba I bow for your literary prowess. This narrative is stimulating, inspiring and touching. Your random deed of kindness surely won't go unnoticed. I'd tweet this story at the handles of various related Lagos government officials / agencies. Let's hope it piques their interest


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Stanbic IBTC 2016 Assessment Begins by oluwabishop: 11:20pm On Oct 14, 2016
I got the same mail too. Could the tips from last year still be valid?

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Food / Re: 9 Pictures Of Fried Rice That Will Make You Divorce Jollof by oluwabishop: 7:22pm On Sep 21, 2016
God bless you abundantly for these immaculately divine images of the Holy Sanctified Order of Jollof. These fried rice people are just coming from the 2000 generation, they haven't tasted enough jollof to grant their salvation

I'm sorry but you have not defeated jollof rice. Nice try though grin
The superiority of the Holy Order of Nigerian Jollof rice still remains grin grin

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Food / Re: 9 Pictures Of Fried Rice That Will Make You Divorce Jollof by oluwabishop: 7:18pm On Sep 21, 2016
My dear, even if a lizard eats and grows all it likes, it can never be a crocodile. All the fried rice samples in the world can't stand the 'divine party jollof'. These ones even look like a make up artist's photo shoot. Leave matter
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Celebrates Her 36th Birthday Today. Prays For An Amazing Guy by oluwabishop: 6:18pm On Sep 19, 2016
Sure thing. They're already plotting their A games for her. Wait till Wizkid comes back from US, she's just given herself to the shades and jabs.

"bad guys out there would ridicule her to a scorn while taking turns to play games with her emotion"

i agree 1000% with your assertions above, esspecially now that she has made public how desparate she is.
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Celebrates Her 36th Birthday Today. Prays For An Amazing Guy by oluwabishop: 10:07am On Sep 19, 2016
I usually pass on any Linda ikeji topics, but this one... She's contradicting herself. I remember when she said that with all her money, she can buy any man of her choice? Why is she still praying for a man when she should be out there shopping for one?

After all these years of badmouthing her people's customs about marriage and it's importance in a woman's life, she's back to her senses bah. When some of her mates /contemporaries are enrolling kids in JSS 1 today.

Lessons learned - not every rubbish the west brings that we should copy hook, line and sinker, even campaigning about it more than those westerners whose culture it is. When it comes to feminism and the whole women's rights and equality, ladies should know which aspects of it to advocate for and which aspects of it they should concede to their native cultures. Now that Aunty Linda is praying for a good man, bad guys out there would ridicule her to scorn while taking turns to try and play games with her emotions.

I simply wish her Goodluck, warris my own inside?

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Family / Re: Why Do Poor People In Our Society Like Having Plenty Kids? by oluwabishop: 10:56pm On Sep 18, 2016
Was already thinking of how to make a concise reply till I read this. This is the conclusion of all the answers and reasons

1. It is because they mostly don't understand the mathematics of quality life and investment. They just keep at it hoping at least one of the kids will be highly successful to change their stories forgetting that they are practically reducing the children's chances of success by sharing the funds for 2 on 6.

2. Baby dances is highly recreational as its the cheapest and most interesting exercise they could afford.

3. They have low access to family planning info: natural or otherwise.

4. They mostly start out pretty early thus stay in childbearing age for longer duration than their rich folks counterparts.

5. Sometimes, its a competition within the compound.

6. The poor women mostly stay in shape for longer periods than the rich women because they do a lot of unintentionally exercises! They walk like kilode, they are heavy dancers in churches and events, they use manual styles for a lot of chores- blending pepper, washing cloths and plates, pounding yam, etc.

7. The poor man isn't as busy as the rich man, he doesn't have to think too hard about finances as much as the man who already has plenty of cash. Thus, has more than to spend with his woman.

7. Poor people easily find happiness in little things unlike the rich. Happy people hug more, kiss more and of course do...

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please I Got This Mail And Text 10mins Ago and another mail 2mins ago... by oluwabishop: 8:13am On Sep 03, 2016
Realistically my going to the venue was worthwhile dough not what i expected. One man's meat is another man's poison.
I waited till the end and i discovered that they are all graduates like me, now i asked myself what actually is under this, i risked it just to see how far, i will hint you guys later about how its all going.
Faith comes by hearing.

But you're yet to give us hints on how it went
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please I Got This Mail And Text 10mins Ago and another mail 2mins ago... by oluwabishop: 7:47am On Sep 03, 2016
Apparently, nobody has posted something to show that they went there. Those who went may be keeping quiet and those who are expressing their opinions, majority of which are saying it's a scam/GNLD, haven't physically been to that address. How then can the question / confusion be properly cleared?

Enough respect to everyone who knows a thing or two about them, but who has actually gone? The ones who said they'd gotten to the place, they didn't come back to write what they saw or experienced there.
Family / Re: Why Is It Difficult For Ladies To Keep Their Virginity Till Marriage These Days? by oluwabishop: 12:27pm On Aug 30, 2016
Thanks love, it's not been easy, if I tell you what I've had to face eh, you'll may not believe it.

40 years and still counting, baba god noni.smiley

One of the most reputable females of this forum who has gained respect with her dignity and always keeps her head high. kiss some folks here should learn a thing or two from you
Romance / Re: A deeper look into the act of masturbation. by oluwabishop: 5:31am On Aug 28, 2016
Just passed by to check for those people whom the deepest and hottest part of hell is being refurbished for.
Celebrities / Re: CoolFM Confirms The Sack Of Daddy Freeze [PICS] by oluwabishop: 9:02pm On Aug 27, 2016
We're saying same thing. Only thing is that you're almost totally exonorating basketmouth from any blame. Intimate relationships between people,are sensitive issues and should not be used as jokes to a wider audience cos you can't tell how hurt the parties involved are.

OK I get your point. Solid point too. But if I appear to be exonerating basketmouth, it's probably because he was operating within the latitudes of his self-boss status. He owns his brand and can mouth out any content at any mood or moment. The repercussions may come in the form of fans boycotting his shows till he publicly apologises.
But Mr Freeze, he doesn't own himself at the time of making those posts about basketmouth. Remember this picture of the wife wasn't the first anyway. So if freeze were to express any opinions about him he should have considered how such opinion sits with his employers. Or he could do that when he's his own boss, through his own public address media, take nnamdi kanu for example and see how he released his corrosive views about Nigeria. Through his radio station
Celebrities / Re: CoolFM Confirms The Sack Of Daddy Freeze [PICS] by oluwabishop: 6:05pm On Aug 27, 2016
I told him say make he no put mouth for Fayose talk, but he no listen! Fayose no be ordinary human being!

Nor mind am. Fayose that performs miracles nowadays... "He can do and whatever for you" lolz
Celebrities / Re: CoolFM Confirms The Sack Of Daddy Freeze [PICS] by oluwabishop: 5:03pm On Aug 27, 2016
If his sack had to do with basketmouth's issue,I think the management of coolFm got it wrong. If it has to do with work related issues,no biggie. Posting a pic of a lady you once dated to shade someone you have issues with,who is currently married to that ex of yours,is quite childish and unnecessary. If an artiste did that,people wouldn't bother so much cos hip-hop as a genre of music,has its own way of making people do stupid things just to brag and make a point. However,that's not something OAPs should be doing. Basket mouth too should learn how to crack jokes with sense and stop acting his name. The moment made a joke out of freeze's domestic violence isht he had with his wife then,he lost it. Some things are too senstive to crack jokes with and I guess freeze just gave basketmouth a dose of his own medicine. Point to everyone: "never make a joke out of people's intimate relationships".

Look at it from the business perspective of both brands. Basketmouth owns himself and can choose to speak anyhow on stage, some fans may not approve and he may apologise and move on with his entertainment. But freeze is an employee of cool FM, and they're regular organisers and promoters of entertainment shows. Basketmouth is one of their valuable business prospects and they won't like any sour relationship with him which is just what Freeze is instigating. Let's just say that Freeze is hampering future smooth transaction of business with Basketmouth and his colleagues in his circle of interest and Cool FM acted in solidarity with their business prospect.

There are climes where your personal opinions and orientation can't ever be used to ascertain your relevance in your job, where there are stringent laws that can address the terms of your disengagement from employment and see if they're related to your terms of employment. An employee like freeze should have checked to know if he's in such a clime and if his management isn't concerned in any way about his various social media tantrums before going about freestyling like Piers Morgan.


Celebrities / Re: CoolFM Confirms The Sack Of Daddy Freeze [PICS] by oluwabishop: 4:27pm On Aug 27, 2016
Mr Freeze knows he has a fractured relationship with Basketmouth stemming from his previous remarks about him, yet he felt so invincible and untouchable that he went ahead to post a picture of him cuddling the man's wife under the dumb caption of throwback pictures or family friendly whatever . If that isn't a sublime shade on Basketmouth, what is? Who send am?

Quoting a lesson from Dominic Torreto in Fast and Furious "you can joke with a man in any capacity, but never ever attempt to play with a man's family" . That could get you in more trouble than you could ever swim out of. This move was long in coming for the man who feels he's a Lord of the social media space and can say anything about anyone and get away with it.

The man may get into entrepreneurship or another offer elsewhere but nothing like his historic status with Cool FM and even if he gets reinstated, this will be a dent on his record. It should teach him a lesson or two on keeping certain unsolicited opinions to himself.

Our forefathers were really wise when they said - "who the gods want to kill, they first make mad"


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