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Politics / Re: NNPC To Sell Fuel Below N145, PPPRA Releases Official statement by omarky(m): 10:08pm On May 11, 2016

Will u keep quiet!!!! Who's being sentimental here.
After airing programmes on TV and radio to create awareness on importance of subsidy removal, including town hall meetings lead by sanusi and iweala, meetings with TUC and NLC etc for months, governors were even involved then cos i still remember Oshiomole being a proponent of subsidy removal during GEJ's tenure yet people were still paid to protest.

I still remember an advert saying something abt villagers that don't use petroleum products don't really benefit from subsidy, etc.
How else is he suppose to carry pple along?
We woke up to this news today and u are telling me abt a round table no one knows abt.

Get out of here if u have nothing reasonable to say !!! unlike you, we are not suffering from short memory and myopic thinking.
You even sound sluggish and unintelligent, reason they call y'all zombies. You must find a way to defend ur pay masters, unpatriotic being.
Its not too late to get to the street and protest the removal if truly you have the interest of all as u claim. Thought we are operating democracy. U are @ liberty to fight for the coarse you believe in. Don't just sit here and rant shit. Back den in 2012, pple took dr destiny in dr own very hand. They were not lame lyk you. I advice you 2 do the needful.
Politics / Re: NNPC To Sell Fuel Below N145, PPPRA Releases Official statement by omarky(m): 9:45pm On May 11, 2016

I swear if you talk this thing for where people dey, dem go stone you. I am sure you are benefiting from the suffering of millions of Nigerians, that is why you have the mouth to vomit this trash here. Telling us about PBM ,GEJ nonsense. Who cares about names at this moment. All we want is for petrol to be affordable and not increase the pains of the poor masses.

Tita riro laa ko la, to ba jina tan, adi oge( Tribal marks are gotten 2ru pains and tribulations, but later brings unending beauty) No one will stone mie cos am entitled to my opinion. And learn how to make constructive criticism without insult, its not good 4 ur health.
Politics / Re: NNPC To Sell Fuel Below N145, PPPRA Releases Official statement by omarky(m): 9:16pm On May 11, 2016
Many pple have eyes but can't see...... Sentiment has be clouded so many pple. We keep saying GEJ was stopped 4rm removing subsidy by d APC. We never asked hw and whom GEJ carried along b4 he made dt decision. We all knw hw he did his own and how many pple lost their life. Today PMB government, knew dis is the best solution 2 fuel scarcity and he called all d relevant agencies(PPPRA, NLC, TUC, Governor's forum etc) to a round table and Gods willing we have a protest free and bloodless removal of subsidy. Don't we have PDP to challenge dem on dis? Who will support d opposition protest? PMB did what GEJ could not achieve. That is maturity! That is stability!! That governance!!!
Politics / Re: Saraki, Other Senators Avoid Main NASS Gate As #occupynass Protests Grow In Numb by omarky(m): 7:34pm On Apr 27, 2016
Karma is a bitch.............. Whn Saraki wz sponsoring his own protesters, he didn't knw it will come 2 dis. What a shame!!!

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Education / Re: Why You Should Attend A Private School by omarky(m): 6:01pm On Apr 27, 2016
I don't agree with ur no 2. FUTMx is a school whr u see pple running everyday. They aren't running away from cultist or any form of vices. Academic activities is why dey are on dr toes all day. I hv neva heard of a clash in recent tym. Yet, its a public school. I think d management are well. Dey shud just amend their attitudes to students. Cos, students are treats lyk primary school students.
Politics / Re: MASSOB To Buhari: End Fulani Herdsmen Attacks On S-east In 30days Or… by omarky(m): 6:07pm On Apr 26, 2016
Why given the FG and the cattle fulanis ultimatum? Are u saying if dem attack ur pple b4 d end of d 30dayz ultimatum, u will do nothing? Do anything 2 protect ur pple as from nw on. Even if its to kill d person. It is not murderer, it is called self defense. The killings won't stop in 30 days time. Be wise......... Eni to ku ni tie gbe......

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Politics / Re: Omojuwa Mocks Fayose For Travelling To China(photos) by omarky(m): 9:52pm On Apr 15, 2016

At least he is distributing rice.

Ibadan boy, what has Ajimobi done in Oyo state? Majority of Nigerians do not even know a single thing about the clown from Oyo. How about Aregbesola?

U shud take a trip to the state of Osun to see 4 ur self. Despite d low federal allocation, we can nw boost of a 20tones cocoa processing factory in Ede, Model schools under construction are: Osogbo High school Osogbo, Ataoja school of science Osogbo, Ila high school, Ila orangun e.t.c and host of other finished projects. Gbongon trumpet junction, dualization of Osogbo, Ikirun, Ila Odo road. In Osun we aren't nuisances and noise makers. State of Osun is working. Get u ass off here and feed ur eyes with development.


Politics / Re: Our Presidential Candidate Will Be Voted By All Party Members – PDP by omarky(m): 8:15pm On Apr 15, 2016
I pray dis arrangement see d light of the day........... Cos, PDP is full of all kind of beast
Politics / Re: Fayose Hails US Govt, UK Telegraph Reports On Buhari's Witch-hunt Of Opposition by omarky(m): 7:23pm On Apr 15, 2016
Silence is the best answer for not only a fool but also for a noise making rouge like fayose.......... D ones he z ystrdai, what effect dos it have on PMB and APC? Keep talking while baba keeps working! Agbado inu igo di awo monju fun adiye........

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Politics / Re: Ilorin-jebba Road Under Serious Construction (pictures) by omarky(m): 6:57pm On Apr 15, 2016
Zombie! So China Ghezouba Corporation is controlled by the Emir of Illorin? Hmmmmmm! I thought this line of lies have gone stale?

Ma gbo oro buruku lenu eye........... U have eye but can't see with it....... Ori e palaba, omo irankiran.
Politics / Re: Ilorin-jebba Road Under Serious Construction (pictures) by omarky(m): 5:54pm On Apr 15, 2016
If dis uploads are 2ru, then its a good development. PMB body odour is indeed effective. After the road construction project have been awarded to the Emir of Ilorin by oga Jona, he embezzled d yam and Buhari is making him vomit our Yam. I learnt d Emir wz invited to Abuja by d DSS and EFCC to clear d air on d z project. He wz adviced right dr to commence and complete d project if he doesn't want his name to be in prints as one of those who embezzled our yam (NB: source: won ni won pe)

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Politics / Re: Lagos-calabar Rail Project: Those Worthy Of Knocks And Those For Commendation by omarky(m): 7:06pm On Apr 12, 2016
@ Tonye Barcanista thank you your partly objective write up. Even though your partisanship prevented you from being 100% objective

I dont know why you ignore Niger delta senators and house of rep members in your knock list. I blame our Niger Delta Senators the most in this saga. They are even more guilty than the appropriation committee. The role of senators is to represent thier region and constituency in national discuss. For something as important as Budget, our senators were suppose to take it very seriously. They were suppose to be up and doing in looking at the Budget b4 them and how it affects the people they represent. It is even thier job to lobby the NASS to add things that were not in the budget
that will benefit thier region. NASS has constitutional power to add and to remove items in the Budget. But it is the role of our Senators and house of rep members from Niger Delta to ensure this power of NASS is used to our favour and not against us.

Actually, what the Northern senators did could be seen as people doing their true Job as senators. which is to represent the interest of thier region. they saw a loophole knowing fully well the senators representing us are docile, they took full advantage of it.

However, I dont think the floating 54billion naira is an accident in Ministry of Transportation budget. The money is too close to what is needed for lagos-calabar rail to be by accident. I think the Calabar - lagos rail was already planned to be in the budget submitted to the NASS. But was mistakenly absent as item but was present in the total sum.

There is no way Rotimi Amaechi will be defending that project before the Senate without full Buhari approval. Also if the project was not very important to the president, I dont see how the president will delay his assent to a budget because of an Item he doesnt care about. However for the initial omission, the presidency deserve some blame. But atleast they tried to remedy it.

God bless you........ You took d words right from ma mouth.
Family / Re: The Law, The Husband, The Wife Or The Man, Who Is To Blame For This? (snapshots) by omarky(m): 7:23pm On Apr 06, 2016
The Husband is to be blame. His action killed d wife............ Keeping mute without action to such abomination speaks volume......... Who does dat!!!
Politics / Re: Aregbesola Planning To Replace Striking Doctors With Traditional Healers, Witch by omarky(m): 10:39pm On Feb 22, 2016
Pple z PDP is dead, I thought it wz all political permutation. Not until Diran Odeyemi confirmed it. Is this the opposition Nurse Metuh promised us. PDP is in failed state even as an opposition. Imagine Dr. Ifayemi Elebuiban telling u to carry ebo(sacrifice) to Orita Olaiya as an antidote 4 an accident victim. Nigeria........ What a country!!!
NYSC / Re: How To Verify Your NYSC 2016 Batch A Senate List by omarky(m): 8:04pm On Jan 23, 2016
Seems FUTmx neva upload there own. Can't find ma name........ Any FUTmx shud pls mention mie if he or she don see dr own.
Politics / Re: ‘I Had Orders From Above To Make Sure Metuh Arrived Court In Handcuffs’ -the Sun by omarky(m): 8:10pm On Jan 22, 2016
I now understand that the sole aim of APC in all this media trial is to silence the opposition, Nigerians need to kick against this because opposition party is required to checkmate the ruling party for the good of all.

Who are the oppositions to check mate the ruling party? Is it the same thieving PDP? Who checked mates the PDP when they were in power? They are all thieves! In Lai's word, 'He who does not have a wife can not have a dead inlaw'

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TV/Movies / Re: Most Annoying TV Adverts by omarky(m): 12:14pm On Jan 20, 2016
I hate dt Bobo advert with Segun Oju Arinze........ D man na agbaya

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Politics / Re: Tafa Balogun Arrived Court In Handcuffs (Throwback Pic) by omarky(m): 12:02pm On Jan 20, 2016
Did Metuh received 400million? Yes he did........... What's d bruahaha abt d handcuff den? Hv seen a thief who stole a transistor radio set and was beating blue black. Pple even went ahead to insert broom into his penis. Police came to rescue him and wz seen beaten by d police who came 2 rescue him. A thief is a thief and so is Olisa


TV/Movies / Re: If You Had To Be Trapped In A TV Show For A Month, Which Would You Choose? by omarky(m): 8:22pm On Jan 16, 2016
I did be stacked with Empire........, will wanna lash Tianah
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Fires Back At Oshiomhole: 'You Can’t Put Jonathan In A Hole!'(pic) by omarky(m): 10:51pm On Jan 15, 2016
GEJ failed hook line and sinker.......... Looting during Oga Jona's tenure wz damn reckless. Whn Jah works, its in mystery. We are solidly behind bubu or Baba, anyhow u put it. Dis country must be great again!

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Politics / Re: Buhari May Spend One Term In Office, ‘president Already Has A Successor In Mind’ by omarky(m): 6:15pm On Jan 13, 2016
Abike said the same thing some days ago......... D rate of dis deflection or defection is worrisome. Politics that lacks ideology and commitment. PMB shud be vry careful in who he trust. Asiwaju have done his job by helping him in forming his government. All is left 4 him nw


Politics / Re: Wonderful Question From PDP On Brass Results (photo) by omarky(m): 3:34pm On Jan 10, 2016
As much as I love APC to win all contested elections, this is ridiculous and outrageous. It shudnt be a do or die thing. APC is not popular in Bayelsa state and it can't force itself on the good people of the state. I don't knw why Sylva and his cohorts wants to hold Nigeria into ransom. PMB must not allow this enemies of progress tarnish his good image. Though, I hate PDP with passion. But, APC shud not rule whr it is not popular. Two wrongs can neva make a right.....

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Politics / Re: "Nigerians Put To Shame Prophets Of Doom On 2015 Election" - Goodluck Jonathan by omarky(m): 7:59am On Jan 05, 2016
Mr Jona...., for u to have emerge as African whatever times international man of the year shows how corrupt the z magazine is. No Nigerian blood is worth ur ambition, yet Dasuki became father xmas with money meant for arms deal right under ur nose. U have done nothing special by conceding to defeat. Nigerians voted u out because they don't want you there. Its as simple as that.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Rigorous Processes Of Some Job Interviews In Nigeria by omarky(m): 10:25pm On Dec 21, 2015

Na wa o...dis is plain wickedness

U can say that again! Wickedness of the highest order
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Rigorous Processes Of Some Job Interviews In Nigeria by omarky(m): 8:10pm On Dec 21, 2015
There is this Job my coxin introduced me to. Its a post of store keeper @ a construction site. I met the site Engineer, we spoke. He z he's gonna pay me #10,000 a month and am going to work 12hours everyday including Sundays. He z dt is what he's paying a youth corper and that he only consider me cos of the person who brought me. He didn't allow me to talk. Meanwhile, my TP to the site per month will cost mie #12, 000. Very ridiculous. I left d sh*t......., sorry site without telling ma cox.
Crime / Re: Policeman Defiles 3yr-old Girl In Ebonyi by omarky(m): 10:46pm On Oct 18, 2015
pple who are meant to protect us now harm us willingly. I hate NPF with passion. They myt sweep d whole shit under the carpet. Why on earth will ur third leg rise to a 3year old girl? What kind of urge is that? Ko ni bo nibe ni agbara awon to te ilu mi do.

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Politics / Re: Why We Jailed Gen. Ransome-kuti – Army by omarky(m): 10:29pm On Oct 18, 2015
Look at Biafra warriors. See the people wey wan go fight Biafra war

This got mie cracking.......... My ribs o.......... U badt!

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Celebrities / Re: Foluke Daramola & Her Hubby Throw Birthday Party For Their Daughter (Photos) by omarky(m): 10:18pm On Oct 18, 2015
Dt boy swag no be 4 here o. Why d guy dey bone face? Naso dem Teachers teach am to dey pose 4 snapshot? Anyways, dey seems a happy family.
Politics / Re: Meet Hadi Sirika Katsina Billionaire Tipped To Be Nigeria's Minister Of Aviation by omarky(m): 9:52am On Oct 17, 2015

Typical Ofe-mmanu

With ur caption, u haven't justify Stella's portfolio as the Minister of Aviation back den. The point is that she read Accounting............... according 2 you. Hw is she suppose 2 head aviation? What a country!! Putting square peg in a round hole!!!
Crime / Re: I Want The Man Who Raped Me To Die In Prison: 8year-old Rape Victim (Photo) by omarky(m): 5:25pm On Oct 10, 2015
This is sad but i must say my mind..at first it was rape but 2nd,3rd,4th....it was nt.hw wil someone sleep with you on daily basics and u couldnt tel ur own mother all in the name of u didnt want to die.datz y i xo much luv smart kids

The child is not to be blame here. She didn't even knw what the he goat in human skin wz doing with her. Even if he had the consent of the poor girl, that doesn't justify him having canal knowledge of the girl. This is a pure crime and shud be treated as such. Jungle justice shud hv been passed on d Ewu called Larry.


Politics / Re: Governor Fayose Distributes Sallah Rams (pictured) by omarky(m): 10:18pm On Sep 22, 2015
Stomach infrastructure isn't governance...... Now that he's given them Ram, what will this pple be living on after Sallah? They shud face governance fully and gv us what we all yawning for......... Portable water, improve power, security and Job opportunity. These are what we want. Not Ram dt we'll finish in a couple of days.

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