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Health / Re: Any Sure Way To Conceive A Male Child??? by oneda(m): 7:18pm On Jul 26
Romance / Re: Side Chick Pallava!! How Side Chicks Create Problems For Men by oneda(m): 11:14am On Jul 15
If only the cheating men can use the money wasted on side chicks to upgrade and maintain their wives.

You see The problem is not the sexiness, dressing, shape or sexual adventure of the wives. The men just want another kind of food even if it is bad.

I believe non of the parties should take the blame when either of them decides to cheat. Cheating is a personal decision.

If you can endure with one woman divorce her than infect her with sti and stds from this gutter girls.

That's my 2 cent.
You also do not take cognizance of the fact that the wife is to blame sometimes.
So many married men are suffering in their own marriages. They're denied sex by their wives for many flimsy reasons. So many married women feel arrived once they're married. They stop taking care of themselves except they're going out. They ration sex based on their moods, nags the man to oblivion, et cetera. Soon they start looking more like the man's mother instead of his partner.
How many married women try to even work out and stay fit? These are some of the things that attracted the man in the first place and the side chicks know this for sure. The wives know too but they simply don't care.
When I was younger, my mother made sure we eat before leaving the house. So if you bring any food to give me in school I won't eat because I am full.
Wives should simply be their husbands' side chicks and any man who goes further than these is a womanizer.

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Food / 4 Major Healthy Effects Of Drinking Beers by oneda(m): 11:16am On Jul 11

Before we explore what this study uncovered, it might be prudent to note: We're not promoting heavy drinking, or even alcoholic drinking at all. In this meta-analysis, which was recently published in the international, peer-reviewed journal Nutrients, a team of nutrition and food science researchers in Spain examined studies from 2007 to 2020 that had all considered the effects of mostly alcoholic beverages on health. However, some of the studies they reviewed suggested that naturally occurring nutrients in the beer, and not the alcohol itself, were what delivered some of these health benefits. Since the choice of non-alcoholic beers has never been more abundant, parts of this study also mean good news for beer drinkers who abstain from alcoholic beer.

1. Moderate beer drinking may protect you against cardiovascular disease
The researchers state that five of six studies they selected for review identified "a protective effect of moderate alcohol drinking on cardiovascular disease." This was true for individuals who regularly drank up to 13.5 ounces of beer per week when compared to abstainers and occasional drinkers.

2. Beer may help to prevent diabetes in men
The researchers state: "Men abstainers had a significantly higher risk of developing abnormal glucose regulation … than occasional beer drinkers, suggesting occasional beer consumption may be protective [against diabetes] in men."

3. Beer was associated with healthier bone density.
When looking at bone density and risk of fracture among older individuals, the researchers in the current study state that "very low levels of consumption were associated with a decreased fracture risk." For this variable, they suggest "non-alcoholic components of beer may also be involved," as they get scientific by explaining: "Other compounds present in beer (e.g., phytoestrogens such as 8-prenylnaringenin) act synergically with silicon to stimulate osteoblast cells, improve bone structure, and help remineralize bone and teeth."
All this to say, you might not have guessed that a small amount of beer may actually contribute to your bone health for the long haul.
4. Beer may lower cholesterol.
The researchers highlight several studies which suggested that beer helps promote good cholesterol and regulate the body's processing of bad cholesterol, thanks in large part to the antioxidants in a good brew. It's important to note that this was found when a very small amount of beer was consumed, between half an ounce and an ounce per day.

Source: https://www.eatthis.com/news-effects-beer-health-study

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Romance / Re: Pick Just One: Choose Any Of These Women. by oneda(m): 6:07pm On Mar 02
My babe
Very faithful+Very Beautiful+Stubborn+wonderful cook+attention LovePeddler+Virgin
Romance / Re: 10 Street Facts About Guys and Ladies That Can't Be Denied by oneda(m): 8:34pm On Aug 03, 2020
You picture me on number 9
Always unserious and playful yet the A's never stop flowing.
If you follow me and play then you'll be fulfilling that Igbo proverb "Oke soro ngwere maa mmiri, ya ngwere oga ako kwa oke?" (If the rat got soaked in the rain with the lizard, when the lizard dries will the rat also dry?)
Romance / Re: I'm Ready To Marry Her But I Discovered She Has Two Kids From Two Different Men by oneda(m): 2:52pm On Jul 19, 2020
OP my advice is simple RUN
What this girl's done to you is called emotional blackmail. She waited till you fell in love with her before she opened up to you
Remember Okafor's law, those two men before can always have her again especially the first man.
How? you may ask, through their kids is the easiest route.
I am even afraid of a girl's ex when there is no kid between them not to talk of when there is a permanent souvenir to show.

Last last na only you fit settle this matter but no bring stories here later o


Religion / Fire Guts French Cathedral Church Of Nantes One Year After Notre Dame by oneda(m): 3:06pm On Jul 18, 2020

A major fire broke out in the cathedral in the western French city of Nantes on Saturday, blowing out stained glass windows and destroying the grand organ in the 15th-century building, officials said.

Prosecutor Pierre Sennes told reporters three fires had been started at the site and authorities were treating the incident as a criminal act. He gave no other details.

Dozens of firefighters brought the fire under control after several hours. Smoke was still coming out of the Gothic structure after massive flames earlier engulfed the inside.
The damage is concentrated on the organ, which seems to be completely destroyed. Its platform is very unstable and could collapse," regional fire chief General Laurent Ferlay told a press briefing in front of the cathedral.

Emergency workers cordoned off the area around the St Peter and St Paul Cathedral, in the historical centre of this city on the Loire River.

The blaze comes about a year after a major fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris destroyed its roof and main spire.
Local fire chief Laurent Ferlay said the fire had broken out behind the grand organ, which was completely destroyed, he said. Stained glass windows at the front of the cathedral were blown out.

However, the damage was not as bad as initially feared.

"We are not in a Notre Dame de Paris scenario. The roof has not been touched," Ferlay said.

It was not the first time fire has damaged the cathedral.

It was partly destroyed during World War II in 1944 after Allied bombings. In 1972, a fire completely ravaged its roof. It was finally rebuilt 13 years later with a concrete structure replacing the ancient wooden roof.

Source: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/07/france-nantes-cathedral-fire-ruins-organ-shatters-stained-glass-200718081645211.html
Celebrities / Re: Meet The Real Life Vampire Who Drinks Blood And Says She's 600 Years Old by oneda(m): 10:51am On Jul 14, 2020
La click la free Hushpuppi

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Education / Re: Nine Types Of Intelligence by oneda(m): 8:47pm On Jul 08, 2020


I would lump that under Logical-Mathematical Intelligence. Like a subset of the broader Logical-Mathematical Intelligence.

Here is why I think so and it is pretty simple; If you are not deeply calculation then you can not be efficient at handling money or issues concerned with finances.

Not really how to calculate money - tellers, cashiers, accountants do that - I mean how to make and invest money, how to manage money. The intelligence that most of those lottery and jackpot winners lack. They win large sums of money but go broke in 2 years or less but Emeka who started with a carton of gala and a carton of coke which he got on credit is now a millionaire 2 years later. How to get money and how to make money work for you is financial intelligence I mean. It is not taught in our schools....


Phones / Re: Xiaomi Redmi 9A Review - Specifications, Price & NEW Features by oneda(m): 3:40pm On Jul 07, 2020
Your video try but your voice is dull and passive (lackluster).

Your repetitive use of Xiaomi Redmi 9A Xiaomi Redmi 9A Xiaomi Redmi 9A is particularly annoying. Learn to use pronouns to make your sentences pleasing to the ear. as a presenter, you really need to use adjectives and exclamations to animate your speech while maintaining a lively voice tone. Let your voice not be sounding like primary school pupils trying to state their side of the story after being involved in a fight...

As for the Xiaomi Redmi 9A device, I like it and might consider getting one for my 17yo little brother.
Thank you


Celebrities / Re: Pregnant 14-year-old Girl Insists 10-year-old Boyfriend Will Help Raise The Baby by oneda(m): 12:52pm On Jun 30, 2020
A 14 year old pregnant girl has revealed her fright of giving birth but has insisted her 10-year-old boyfriend will help her raise the baby.

Darya Sudnishnikova was only 13 years old when she got pregnant and appeared on a Russian TV show to claim the father was her friend, Ivan.

In January, Darya told TV viewers,

“It was Vanya’s idea (to have sex). But I did not mind. He closed the door leaving the key in the lock, so his mum could not open the door.”

She later revealed she was raped by a boy, 16, and had felt too ashamed to say. But Ivan, also known as Vanya, now 11, has promised to raise the baby with her.

Now there are concerns that the baby may be born premature and the mum-to-be says it leaves her feeling “more afraid than ever“.

New videos from the hospital show her strapped up for a cardiotocography to check the foetal heartbeat.

Darya, now 14, who has become a social media star in her homeland with a quarter of a million following her through her pregnancy, said to her followers,

She has previously said she is likely to have a Caesarean. She also posted,

This is exactly what happened @ bolded. This girl was raped by a 16 year old boy but hanged the pregnancy on the 10yr old innocent boy.
At her young age she had already started this women's spurious act of hanging pregnancy on the innocent. Chances were she was never raped as she claimed. She forked that 16yr old boy, missed her kini and roped in the lil innocent boy whose body could not even yet differentiate urea and spermatozoa

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Education / Re: I Caught A Co-Teacher Eating From A Pupil's Lunchbox by oneda(m): 12:33am On Jun 13, 2020
All those guys trying so hard to send me mail, what exactly is their intention,
with that your dotti room somebody still get mind send you mail? Mhhmmm! I join President Buhari dey shock abegi
Jokes Etc / Re: Show us how good and creative you are with your use of words... Fun all the way by oneda(m): 4:12pm On May 26, 2020
Correctly put, knowledge designated tomato a fruit but wisdom it is who said you are not to put tomato in a fruit salad
Politics / Re: Before And After Photos Of Buhari And Osinbajo, What Do You Think? by oneda(m): 8:31am On May 10, 2020
The stem cell or whatever surgery Buhari did reduced his height or Osinbajo had grown taller since 2017...

I was there in Abacha era but seriously things had never been this bad. We're not even sure of the president again.

Too bad, too too bad!

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Education / Re: Who Knows The Story Behind This Book Cover? (Pictures) by oneda(m): 10:57am On May 01, 2020
You hate the Yoruba people with passion and you have been programmed to believe that anyone who doesn't agree with your views must be a Yorubaman.

On the contrary the Yoruba hate igbo so much, Hausa/Fulani minus the British can't devise a means to frustrate the igbo man. The educated Yoruba man plus his hate filled mind would do that job.

Who suggested giving my fathers 20 pounds of their savings after the war? Changing from pound to Naira (Never Allow Igbo Rule Again)?
You think we've forgotten in a hurry?
Education / Re: Who Knows The Story Behind This Book Cover? (Pictures) by oneda(m): 11:50pm On Apr 30, 2020

Ndo Onye mere gi ifia anwugo, rie nsi ebe ahu anu mpama sad

U strike me like one of those ass lickers who come online to say sh!t without knowing sh!t.

If at all you did know the history of The Biafran war, you will not say this shit,

Let's do a quick fact checks and a recap shall we

1. Ojukwu was the spare header of Biafra struggle which we all love, he was a Nigeria army general and convinced our fathers to fight.

2. Before the war started, ojukwu relocated all his family member abroad and have our fathers fight and left biafrans hungry and killed in the battle field while he drinks win and bask in the glory of ogbunigwe in his hideout where more than 100 soldiers where guarding.

3. Ojukwu never lift a finger to fire a shot from a gun till the end of the war.

4. He was hiding in his underground house when he heard that the Nigeria army where gaining on him and he came out to surrender.

5. They gave him asylum and after 2 decades he came out to tell us to abandon Biafra struggle and embrace one nigeria. Wtf what a wimp angry

6. Lastly nnamdi Kanu is more man than Ojukwu, take it to the bank, nnamdi kanu is just a civilian like me and you yet he keep on fronting the struggle even in the midst of death and all, yet general ojukwu ran like a wimping teenage girl and surrender when he had Nigeria army where gaining on him.

Hope you are schooled a bit cool

Get Your fact and stop being ignorant ass

Click the link below and be educated cool


When ofeke presents stupidity as facts. I don't need to counter your iberibe.
Great Britain that created this zooo just recently pulled out of the European union and Scotland was free to do a referendum to determine whether to remain under the British crown you know why? There's what is called self determination right in the UN charter. You decide as a group of people to belong to a union of not.
Your fathers exercised this right in this lugard compost pit and the same Britain through their damnn cesspit killed them for it. You as ofeke that you are says they're right. Your fathers have no right to want to be free. Ike gi gwurum nwa mkpi, ike gi gwusirim
Education / Re: Who Knows The Story Behind This Book Cover? (Pictures) by oneda(m): 2:53pm On Apr 30, 2020

Go hug transformer you half baked slowpoke
Who told you everyone that doesn't agree with your school of thought is either yoruba or other tribes

Nwanee gbara ogwu gi nywo, iberibe gbuo gi there

Bia mechie gi onu there, onye wu nwanne gi?

They removed your history from schools and with time your hero become your villain while they paint the villain as your hero.
Education / Re: Who Knows The Story Behind This Book Cover? (Pictures) by oneda(m): 12:16pm On Apr 30, 2020
Great man, people like this should not be forgotten just like that, I will go and learn more about his exploit, I am an igbo man but I never liked ojukwu for ones, dude is a fucking coward afraid of his own shadow, yet led Biafrans to war, by hiding his family outside Nigeria and innocent Biafrans dying in the battlefield, when the battle got so intense, he was smoked out of his hiding spot and then he surrendered when it became obvious he was going to die. What a wimp

Come see front page material o

Shut your ewedu corrupted mouth Rassaq. How Igbo matter worry these wasteerners tire me.
That's how Mr Anozie was almost assassinated by that yellowbar man and his wife because he was giving palliatives to street peeps. Children of envy and hate


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Live With Camera Close To His Face, Ask Buhari To Do The Same- VIDEO by oneda(m): 9:03pm On Apr 29, 2020
Where is that mod that was quick to put the thread about his death on frontpage? Can you be quick to put this one too?

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Celebrities / Re: Seven Year Old With The Highest Number Of Teeth(526 Teeths) by oneda(m): 8:33pm On Apr 29, 2020
Always in India


Crime / Re: Woman Digs Herself Out Of Grave After Being Beaten And Buried Alive By Neighbour by oneda(m): 12:37pm On Apr 29, 2020
Kill Bill : Black Mamba
Kill Bill really

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Politics / Re: - by oneda(m): 12:39am On Apr 13, 2020
That's effectively taking the Waterfronts and the oil from Akwa Ibom Kai!

Somebody want the oyel all to himself now


Education / Re: The Saddest Truth About Smart People by oneda(m): 1:19am On Apr 05, 2020

There you have it

Everyone would take one aspect of this write up as it applies to their life and label themselves 'smart'.

The really smart ones will read the post, shake their heads and move on.

PS: I am not exclusively referring to the post I mentioned

I decided against that already. I hated to be an outcast considered beyond my age and time even by my own parents and yet so depressed to suicidal level. So I make that effort to speak up, meet new people and join the social circles. It does not take away that loneliness of being at the top but it makes depression go away at least.
I may not be smart but I hate the brain dead foolishness I see around me
Education / Re: The Saddest Truth About Smart People by oneda(m): 1:09am On Apr 05, 2020

Do you also prefer old music to the nonsense we hear nowadays ..if yes we probably have alot in common

Eggxactly! Old and obscure music and musicians over these trash of nowadays.
Education / Re: The Saddest Truth About Smart People by oneda(m): 9:43am On Apr 04, 2020
You summed my life there. All through school my mates will come to me with problems but never when there's a social or get together event.

Is it my fault that I see no enjoyment in BBnaija, see Kim K as utterly stupid and can't listen to Nikki Minaj?
Anyways I've decided to be foolish a bit and loosen up to enjoy life, go out and make friends even though we hardly think alike.
I only help in your problems if you include me in your social circle. That way I'll hardly be left out

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Phones / Re: Tecno Finaly Lunched Camon 15 Price N95,000 and N62500 by oneda(m): 7:29am On Apr 03, 2020
The real bad ass phone

Una hear this one so? Or the bad ass you mean means crap?
Phones / Re: Challenge - Guess What Smartphone Took These Pictures (TECNO CAMON 15) by oneda(m): 5:23pm On Mar 19, 2020
Redmi note 8
Science/Technology / Re: Sloth Caught In My School Today by oneda(m): 6:14pm On Jan 13, 2020
Thank Jah say them no kill this one roast in the name of bushrat... yet.

Don't thank Jah yet o! That will definitely be the fate of that animal because the workers who caught it took it away.

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Science/Technology / Re: Sloth Caught In My School Today by oneda(m): 5:50pm On Jan 13, 2020

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Science/Technology / Sloth Caught In My School Today by oneda(m): 5:49pm On Jan 13, 2020
This animal was caught in a construction site in my school today.

I presume this is a sloth because of how slow it is.
I didn't even know we have it in Nigeria.
It a very firm grip with the limbs and the teeth.
Treat it carefully if you come across it because it bites hard (I didn't know if it's venomous)


Romance / Re: So I Went Out On A Date With This Guy I Met From Facebook by oneda(m): 4:34pm On Dec 30, 2019

First and foremost I'd love to say a huge thank you to the commenter above me.
With that done, over to you OP.

For you to disregard the basics of personal safety by going on a date with a random stranger you met off Facebook shows how desperate you are to settle down.
I also admire your honesty about it as seen in your closing paragraph.

But I'd advice something

Because a woman's greatest laurel is a husband, do everything and anything in your power to secure one if age is already doing an Usain Bolt on you.

A once-married is even better than a never married so stoop low to conquer.
Forget about ideals because life is not yet ideal to you.

If he wants you to be fair, buy all the bleaching creams in the market and feast on them.
If he wants you all natural, shave off everything, look like a Shaolin Monk for him.

If he wants more flesh on you, go to events and ask for leftovers and feast on them.
When you've gotten into his house as a wife, only then you can turn the tables.

But it isn't fair to judge a man who was honest about his preferences.
He didn't lead you on, you led him on by misrepresenting yourself and that was a subtle way of telling you that you did not make his cut.

Quit looking for love on the internet, spend more time in gatherings like Shiloh.
May the good Lord not make you end next year as a desperate spinster.

This is all the sense you need Op. Just be sure to read in between the lines

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