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Business / Re: Dangote Building Oil Refinery In Lagos (Video) by Otuabaroku: 5:31am On Jun 05, 2016

I am trying hard to understand why this refinary is sighted in Lagos. Lagos is already congested and devoid of government plans on decongesting it in the near future. Even underground train is not considered yet.

Won't it make more sense to sight it where the major raw material is and leaving already congested Lagos?

Romance / Re: See What Boredom Did Tew Me..lol by Otuabaroku: 7:24am On Jan 30, 2016

yes dear I am beautiful thank u, am not insulting her, m just telling the truth. Another thing, whether my bf goes for her or not is not my business, I have better things to focus on in life than trying to run after or fight for a man, after all, did someone tell u that there are no more men in this world? did they say that my bf is the only guy on earth? ouch, I don't think so. Him going for her, would be his loss, coz I know that I am the best thing that can ever happen to a guy, believe me I have the best qualities which men look for. U don't know me, I don't know u, but I know the truth about me, so what u r saying to me, is no threat at all. Lol m sure u have tried to commit suicide becoz of a man, judging from the way u put your statement, u r probably the type of a person who runs after a man, as if a man is a profession. Gosh dear grow up already, and know that there is more to life, than thinking a man is all u need
You are the best thing that can happen to your boy friend. Yes.That could be correct because you roll with classless and low life people like yourself. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

Even if she is ugly, common sense did not tell you that she has no power over how she looks and she didn't create herself.What is the need to call her monkey? was that name calling meant to boost your low safe esteem.

Action like this could change a girl's life permanently in a negative way. More especially for those who do not understand that a girl's beauty goes beyond the outward appearance. Better grow up.


Romance / Re: Types Of Guys You Should Not Play 'Hard-To-Get' With by Otuabaroku: 4:38am On Jan 23, 2016
I'm super intelligent, ambitious, successful, emotionally strong, handsome and introverted to a certain degree... I like my woman hard to get.... A pink star diamond remains the rarest gemstone, making it the hardest to get and overpriced across the globe. The harder it is to get a woman, the more value you place on her. If you are emotionally intelligent, you'd find your way thru. #myOPINION

If the girl you are wooing see all of those qualities you mentioned and they met what she is looking in a man and she is still play hard to get, don't you think something is wrong. It could be that she is not straight forward person. It could be that she is a confused person who does not know what she wants. It could also be that she has ego issue or low safe esteem.

Have you also wondered while most times bad girls end up marrying good guys; they mostly know what they want and go for it as soon as the opportunity present itself.

Most times, the guys that genuinely have something to offer and know their self worth do not waste too much time wooing girls.


Romance / Re: She Charmed Her Boyfriend Through Food by Otuabaroku: 9:01pm On Jan 21, 2016

@Op, You could imagine the emotional truma the poor girl passed through when she found out that the love of her life for two years suddenly started throwing her food away for no justifiable reason. I guess she still reconsiling what went wrong. SMH in disbelief for Some gullible Nigerians and fake pastors.
Politics / Re: 'Buhari's Budget Moves Domestic Spending In Aso Villa From N580m To N1.7bn' by Otuabaroku: 6:16am On Jan 21, 2016

Unfortunately that's the change zombies are clamouring for. Nigeria is gradually grounding to a halt. No clear plans to revive the economy. The budget is simple uninspiring and left nothing to desire.

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Programming / Re: Help Needed With The Following Questions In C++ Or Any Language Please!!! by Otuabaroku: 6:26am On Jan 16, 2016

For solution 5.

Question 5. Write a function to calculate the average value of a 100 by 100 array of ints.
Return the average as a double.

double AverageValue(int userInput[100][100])
// declare the variable to hold the sum and the average values and initialize them to zero
double sum,average = 0;

//get the sum by going through the array adding the values
for (int i = 0;i < 100; i++)
for (int j = 0; j < 100; j++)
sum += userInput[i][j];

//sum is divided by 100*100 to get the average because 100*100 will give you the total number of elements in the array.
//for example the total number of elements in 2 by 2 array (int userInput[2][2] = {{1,2,},{5,6}}) is 4 (i.e 2*2).
average = sum/(100*100);

// return the average
return average;

Hope this helps to try the others.
Programming / Re: Help Needed With The Following Questions In C++ Or Any Language Please!!! by Otuabaroku: 5:54am On Jan 16, 2016


I was able to come about this for number 1
int maxmul(int a, int b, int c)
int min;
min = a;
if b<min min = b;
if c<min min = c;
return a*b*c/min;

Question 2
double inc(double x)
return x+1.0;

@Iyalodeofcanada let me put you through to number 1 and 5, with that you can try the rest.

Question 1. Write a function that takes three integers as arguments and returns the product of
the largest two.

Here you are required to find the largest two of the three numbers entered by the user. In my solution, I have decided to store the data entered by the user in array and subsequently sort them in ascending order. With this sorting, I now know that the last two are the largest two of the three numbers entered by the user; hence, simply multiplying the two, will give me the answer.Here is code blow.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int ProductOfLargestTwo(int a,int b,int c)
//store the user input with array
int userInput[3] = {a,b,c};

//sort the array in ascending order
for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
int compare = i+1;
if (compare < 3 && userInput[i]> userInput[compare] )
int temp = userInput[i];
userInput[i] = userInput[compare];
userInput[compare] = temp;

//returns the product of the largest two
return userInput[1] * userInput[2];

int main()
cout<<"the product of the largest two is :"<<ProductOfLargestTwo(20,2,140)<<endl;
return 0;

Programming / Re: Help Needed With The Following Questions In C++ Or Any Language Please!!! by Otuabaroku: 6:39am On Jan 15, 2016

@Op, I think this is an assignment given to you to do. It makes sense for you to make an attempt. When people see your effort, then you can be helped. In that way,you learn more from the assignment.


Career / Re: Am About To Resign Because Of My Boss Wickedness,harrassments And Embarassments! by Otuabaroku: 10:33pm On Jan 11, 2016

@Op, I feel your pain. My advice to you is not to resign your job at this moment. If you do, the man wins. This is because you don't have a strong plan B at the moment. You made mention of starting a business with the money you have saved so far. Starting business and sustaining it is not as easy as it sounds.

You can start looking for another job or plan and start your own business . You can leave the job when the business has matured or when you have got another job.
leaving when you have achieved either of the above, makes you a winner. You would not have the cause to regret your action.

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Programming / Re: C Or C++, Which Is Best For Arduino Programming? by Otuabaroku: 8:09am On Jan 10, 2016

Hello Op, Arduino is more of C than C++. It has some libraries added to ease some operations that would normally be difficult to accomplish in pure C.Since you know C already , you can hit the ground running by doing projects that interest you. You can always learn C++ as you progress if you want but not mandatory. Not knowing C++ now is certainly not a show stopper. For more information, you can always get info from Arduino official website.

Politics / Re: #presidentialmediachat: Buhari Not Different From Adolf Hitler – PDP by Otuabaroku: 2:46pm On Dec 31, 2015
The problem with most Nigerians is the I don't care attitude exhibited when something is going wrong but does not directly affect them at the moment.

Most of you supporting Buhari for disobeying court ruling, it is Kanu today, it might be you tomorrow. One thing is certain, if things continue this way, anarchy is seriously looming.


Romance / Re: Wife Of The Bestman Holding A Bride's Butts In The Viral Wedding Pics Speaks by Otuabaroku: 6:27am On Dec 19, 2015

Best-man those boots are made for walking... And that's just what they'll do, one of these days boots are gonna walk all over you
Career / Re: Access Bank And Their Useless Bond: Please Advise by Otuabaroku: 7:30pm On Nov 22, 2015

Contract should be fair to all parties involved. In this case, Access Bank was unfair to the Op by saying he can be sacked within the two years but he can't resign within the period.

If that is the case, then Op can challenge them in court on the basis of the contract not being fair to him.

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Celebrities / Re: Segun Arinze Mistakenly Sent 50k To Man,the Man Refuses To Return Cash by Otuabaroku: 2:33pm On Aug 15, 2015
if i send back that money make i shit rice and beans

modified: to all those critisizin me,bad belle is allow...i rather speak my mind than to remain a hpcrte...i wil not return a chicken change 50k to a man who av make it in life..a man whom i knw have over 50million in hIs acc!!

If that guy return the money even God go vex for hIm

yoruba people and stingyness self!! I carry nyashh up 4 una
I cringe for mindset like this. The fact is the money does not belong to this guy. So why do you think Segun should forget his hard earned money only because you think he has 50 million in his account.

If it is that simple, why didn't you let go the #6000 you borrowed to your girlfriend sometime ago rather than creating a thread in nairaland on how to get the money back?

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Politics / Re: Drunk Policeman Arrested By The Police In Lagos (Pictured) by Otuabaroku: 6:52am On Aug 09, 2015
Nairaland has done it again. We have ruined another life.

'Kudos' to all the relentless 'bashers'.

Just imagine in the spur of the moment, this man accidentally shot someone close to you because of influence of alcohol. I know your position on this now will change instantly.
Programming / Re: Programmers Help! My Final Project by Otuabaroku: 5:09am On Aug 01, 2015
You can use Python


Programming / Re: Internships /jobs For Computer Engineer /scientists by Otuabaroku: 9:15am On Jul 18, 2015

Good morning, where are you currently residing?
Good morning Fulaman198. I am currently based in UK.

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Programming / Re: Internships /jobs For Computer Engineer /scientists by Otuabaroku: 5:37am On Jul 18, 2015

@ Op, you are right. There is none or very limited place to harness your skills as a Computer Engineer, Software Engineer in Nigeria.

It is very unfortunate. I see the company I work here transform a computer box worth £1000 to final product of £1m. This is achieved by the skill set of the engineers I mentioned above. Without companies like this, those skills set will not be properly harnessed.

I hope one day I would bring this technology to Nigeria to
help nurture these precious skill set.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Release New Official Picture by Otuabaroku: 3:30pm On Jun 14, 2015

you are as dull as the dullard of daura.
when obj failed as president, did Nigeria fail?
buhari is already a failure.
get used to it.
I can see you derive pleasure in insulting people.
I promise you I will not go down that route with you.
I would have engaged you in sensible debate but I think I will be wasting my time.
Travel / Re: 5 Things You Should Considered Before Coming To Study In The UK by Otuabaroku: 11:30am On Jun 14, 2015
Good day fellow Nairalanders, I am in a
dilemma taking a vital decision as regards
schooling abroad and I would really
appreciate your contributions and
suggestions. I am in my late 20s, a teacher by
profession and currently earns a monthly
salary of over a hundred thousand Naira. I
applied to some Universities in Germany for
my Masters degree but was rejected as a
result of my low CGPA, I made a CGPA of
2.70. Now, I'm considering applying for an
Undergraduate degree Programme in
Germany, which implies I would have to quit
my present job. My question goes thus, what
are my chances of securing a good job either
in Germany or Nigeria with the newly
acquired first degree certificate considering
the fact that I would be in my early 30s by
the time I complete my Bachelors degree in
Germany. Is this a wise decision or should I
just go ahead and do a masters programme
here in Nigeria since I'm qualified for that?
Thank you all!

I don't think it is wise for you to do another Bsc in Germany. This is considering the financial implications and age no being on your side.

What you could do is apply to Uk Uni as you have the chance of securing admission there. This is if you have saved enough money to see you through. If that is not case, then settle for doing your masters in Nigeria.

Politics / Re: Buhari Release New Official Picture by Otuabaroku: 8:51am On Jun 14, 2015

Ok guys , beyond the instant gratification you get from calling dehumanised names and the sense of revenge you get; have you also considered the negative psychological impact it has on these leaders who are now our leaders.

Some would argue that they did the same to GEJ. Yes, they did it but two wrong can not make a right as I strongly opposed it when it started.

Remember, if Buhari fails as a leader, we all failed as a nation.

What we need now, since he is now our leader is to support and constructive criticism and feedback. If by any way he keeps doing something not right, we react in more civil way by voting him out or if we can not wait; initiate an impeachment proceeding against him.

Note if we continue the name calling and insults, we are setting a bad precedent.
Phones / Re: Know Of Any Chinese Android Phone That Doesn't Heat Up On Heavy Use (eg Gaming)? by Otuabaroku: 8:33am On May 31, 2015

My Samsung Galaxy x4 zoom heats up most time. And it cost 48k. How do you explain that.

The only explanation I have for this is that you could have bought defective type. This is because I have been using my Samsung S4 for more than 2 yrs now and always engage it in heavy usage and I have not experienced any over heating issue .

Here are few suggestion you can try:

Turn the device off and take the battery out. Check to see if it is swollen.

If it is do not turn back on until you got a new battery.

Hold the home button and deactivate any apps.

Also Settings – More – Security – “Security policy Updates”- Unclick “automatic update  (This is a massive power drainer)


Also activate power save under “my devices”


Lastly under “accounts” it shows the apps which back up to the net and update so deactivate any you don’t want or need. Google is the worse as it checks and back up loads so un-tick and services you don’t need.

Phones / Re: Know Of Any Chinese Android Phone That Doesn't Heat Up On Heavy Use (eg Gaming)? by Otuabaroku: 9:33am On May 30, 2015

Thanks. Do you have any suggestion, apart from Apple, Samsung et al, of any Chinese phone ( like I said I'm a huge fan) that can do this job?

Unfortunately I have not had any experience with Chinese quad core phones and unable to recommend one for now.

Phones / Re: Know Of Any Chinese Android Phone That Doesn't Heat Up On Heavy Use (eg Gaming)? by Otuabaroku: 6:09am On May 30, 2015
Not really, not every quad core gets heated up on heavy usage. This is where quality and design comes in. It is easy and cheap to assemble all those parts you mentioned by anybody. However, it is very costly to design and assemble it in very qualitative way.

Have you considered why the same specification you mentioned could cost 5 times if it was produced by Apple or Samsung. This is because, these companies invest heavily on design and ensure the end product is of high quality. This comes with a prize; in this case, cost. In return, you get a better product which does not heat up easily as the one you are complaining about.


Romance / Re: Ladies, Your "NO-TO-SEX" Makes You Even More Attractive To Us (must Read) by Otuabaroku: 6:07am On May 17, 2015
I look beyond this sex , what else can she offer? What else can keep me interested and attracted to her if tomorrow due to one condition she can no longer offer me sex? For me, saying no to sex does not make me rate her high or low


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Huawei Telecoms Recruits Graduates by Otuabaroku: 6:19am On Apr 13, 2015

Thanks kibo

Hi kart042000, the programming language to start with actually depends on the company you be working with and type of job you will be doing.
For instance, my company uses C and C++. C++ predominantly. This is because we use these languages to program the equipment we produce.

Personally, starting with C/C++ is not a bad idea as you can pick any other language easily if there is any need for it.

Here is some material for C/C++:
Kelley A, Pohl I, A book on C : programming in C (4th Ed.)

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Huawei Telecoms Recruits Graduates by Otuabaroku: 9:06pm On Apr 12, 2015
@kart042000, Ok my guy, I will let you if there is any.However, it is quite difficult now because of the visa status. I wish you the best of luck.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Huawei Telecoms Recruits Graduates by Otuabaroku: 8:38pm On Apr 12, 2015
@kart042000, I thought you were still in UK with tier 4 visa, I would have asked you to apply in my company. They can sponsor you if you pass the test and the interview.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Huawei Telecoms Recruits Graduates by Otuabaroku: 8:18pm On Apr 12, 2015
@kart042000 Are you still in UK and do you have programming experience in c++ and C? If you are still in UK, what's your visa status?
Family / Re: Just Lost My Brother To Tragic Accident Yesterday @ Ado Ekiti by Otuabaroku: 8:46pm On Mar 17, 2015
Accept my condolence. May his soul rest in peace.
Family / Re: I Hit Her, I Regret It But She Deserved It by Otuabaroku: 7:38am On Mar 01, 2015

Let me open another chapter to this issue.

@Op, agreed that she was abusive to you and pushed you to the wall and you did what you got to do.

There is underlying problem that could have caused this problem. It could be that she was fed up for the fact both of you were cohabiting and she even has a baby for you without both of you officially getting married.

Now some of these friends and even family members may be advising her that she deserves more than the position she finds herself.

She may be looking up you to do more to upgrade her status and it seems to her your are not doing enough in that regard currently.

This might be eating her up which she demonstrated by her out burst by her recent actions.

Though this is not the right way for her to approach it. She should have discussed her concerns with you. That depends on her communication generally.

In all, her actions were awful but while doing soul searching what could have led to that, you should consider some of the points I have raised.


Family / Re: I Can’t Cope With His Big Manhood- Wife Tells Court by Otuabaroku: 8:25pm On Feb 28, 2015

Emmmm, Bros, I be guy like you, I just dey pity the girl, that why I set the price at 10k.

Ok, no worries.

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