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Health / Re: Hip Replacement Surgery Recommendation. by oxypressPlus: 2:46pm On May 23, 2022
Health / Re: Hip Replacement Surgery Recommendation. by oxypressPlus: 2:44pm On May 23, 2022

Ur port office address plz?

WhatsApp +2348033409039
Health / Re: Hip Replacement Surgery Recommendation. by oxypressPlus: 9:03am On Jan 30, 2022
Please can anyone recommend a good and affordable hospital in Nigeria for hip replacement surgery for my mum. Thank you.

hbot for hip joint health reversals.

Lack of adequate blood flow may cause the hip joint to fail.

Treating with hyperbaric oxygen therapy may stimulate healing to take place.

Patients who have the resources may try hbot first before embarking on an invasive medical procedure.


Hip joint replacement does not eliminate all the problems of the hip.
For more info search: hbot for hip joint replacement, hbot for avascular necrosis etc.

Health / Re: Help: Foot Injury Not Healing... by oxypressPlus: 2:51pm On Jan 25, 2022
Good day Nlander's

Last year December, my senior colleague at work complained that her leg is always itchy and discovered she had a not too visible injury on that leg. Currently the situation has gotten worse as the injury is expanding and contains pus.

She is currently at UCH ibadan and the doctors there are suggesting amputation. The family is so devastated right now and are seeking for alternative means.

NB: she is diabetic.

If any one can tell you how to avoid amputation please ask for explanation.

It is general knowledge that the reasons for a nonhealing wound is insufficient blood supply to the area in this case.

Low blood flow means insufficient oxygen and nutrients going to the tissues. When tissues suffer from insufficient blood flow the cells begin to die.

Using 100% oxygen in the hospital will have no significant effect because it has no deep penetration. Already there will be swelling in that limb. The swelling will further compromise the flow of blood. This situation is a vicious cycle and her doctors would definitely suggest amputation. The only thing to break the cycle is hbot.
Hyperbaric oxygen (hbot) has a penetrating effect because it is given under high pressure.
Hyperbaric oxygen dissolves in the blood cells and plasma and other body fluids. High oxygen concentration in the plasma enables oxygen to reach every part of the tissues irrespective of damages to small blood vessels caused by diabetes.
It will be a different matter if there are dead bones.
HBOT is the best alternative that can be added to the treatment to avoid amputation.

To find more knowledge search: hbot and amputation.
We are HBOT PROVIDERS in Port Harcourt.
Health / Hbot To The Rescue: Port Harcourt Soot by oxypressPlus: 9:34pm On Jan 14, 2022
The soot that you see in your nose cannot kill you. What kills are the particles that penetrate deep down into your lungs, blood stream, and body tissues that can gradually cause the harm.

The best way to protect yourself is to do what the Indians are doing right now. Since India is one of the most poluted countries in the world they have resorted to use hyperbaric oxygen therapy -hbot to improve their
condition because nothing does it better.

Those who are intereested can read this:


Cigarette smoke and and Port Harcourt crude oil smoke; they are all toxic in the body!

We are HBOT PROVIDERS in Port Harcourt.
Health / Re: Treatment For Seizure / Epilepsy by oxypressPlus: 12:51am On Jan 13, 2022
Please I need your advice on best treatment for seizure and epilepsy me. Since I gave birth to my second baby I started experiencing it while sleeping.

Please help me suggest treatment. I am tired. Help me

Conventional drugs for seizures give you temporary relief for seizure.

Healing from hyperbaric oxygen -hbot is permanent. Seizures coming after birth of a baby can cause brain damage to the mother. Babies can also be traumatised during seizures of the mother.

When babies have seizures they can also be treated with hbot.

HBOT can improve blood flow in the brain to restore normal function.
Health / Re: Do Hospitals In Nigeria Have Snake Antivenom by oxypressPlus: 10:57am On Dec 27, 2021
Btw am considering keeping Snake as pet so i need Antivenom incase of any bite
Where there are snakes you may not find antivernoms, where there are antivernoms you may not find any snakes.

But we, HBOT PROVIDERS are ready to support snake bite victims with hyperbaric oxygen therapy on demand.
If there is any one out there still suffering from the effect of snake bite or scorpion sting
envernomation lookout for hbot. It can save your life.
Health / Re: My Younger Brother Mental State Of Health Is Giving Me Worry by oxypressPlus: 3:27am On Dec 25, 2021
He now hallucinates, he answers and replies to someone, when no one was there. He abused marijuana or Igbo at a point and he was taken to the celestial Church for rehabilitation for over six months. When he returned he continued and was taken to a psychiatrist in portharcourt who said it has not touched his brain, but he talks to himself now as if he hears a sound that other persons close to him can not hear, and he easily gets angry. Pls what can we do
Since you are in PH take him to Psychiatric Hospital at Rumuigbo.
Health / Re: My Brother Is Down With Partial Stroke Pls Help by oxypressPlus: 8:10am On Dec 17, 2021
Pls house am in tears as I write this. My elder brother is down with partial Stoke. He is 50 years old now. We have taken him to somewhere in owerri where people claim its d best hospital that treats Stoke. He was there for 4 months yet no solution. We brought him back home and since we brought him back home,the psycio therapist has been coming in daily basis for treatment yet no improvement.. Pls someone should pls advice me on what next to do.. He can talk and remembers things but his speech is not that smooth, he can't walk by himself even with walking sticks unless I assist him.. His right hand and right leg are affected and hardly move. House pls help me with advice and suggestions pls am in tears

What can actually help is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hbot.

HBOT heals the brain cells better than any other therapy.

Beware of fake therapies.

If you need hbot log into our whatsapp number for more details.

Politics / Re: Ben Akabueze’s Wife Delivers Baby Boy At Over 50 (Photos) by oxypressPlus: 3:43am On Dec 12, 2021
in her mid 50's.? Go figure

Possibility is possible.
With HBOT you can roll back your age and recover your fertility.


Health / Re: Help , Am Suffering From Schizophrenia. by oxypressPlus: 5:48am On Dec 07, 2021
Sissy3 ,dominique please help me by pushing this to front page, I need as much suggestion as possible. I don't know the right place to go and I don't want to buy anything online without proper confirmation that the seller is real

If you have schizophrenia read this article:



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Health / Re: Diary Of A Schizophreniac by oxypressPlus: 9:06am On Dec 06, 2021
Diary of a schizophreniac
Do you know what schizophrenia is?it's a mental illness where you hear a lot of voices in your head don't try to imagine if you haven't experienced it cause it doesn't matter how wild your imaginations run you cannot but maybe you can see it through my head... after all it's not all so bad
I sustained an injury at the factory where I work before and well doctor said the shock and p.t.s.d I felt now mean I have schizophrenia.well now you know the cause
I know hear voices in my head,I found out myself and at first I thought I could hear what people were saying in their hearts with their mind like I developed a new kind of super power � well thanks to some Hollywood delicious stuff I fed my brain.cool right? No? Not yet at least until I started hearing Gods voice the devil,the holy spirit, Jesus and almost the voices of the characters from the bible� oh yeah you think I am exaggerating.well maybe you were right but it certainly did feel real to me then.
Now I am caught up in the responsibility that comes with my new power God speaks to me and I try to hide it from the devil cause once I put my bare feet on the ground and ponder what God told me,the devil hears and see through my thoughts and he uses it against God.,�I felt bad like I was Judas like I keep failing my purpose.how hard I used to cry then failing God.. well it's a lot I could tell you more I fit write a full book on dat stuff.i missed my bits of schizophrenia �� my mantra now I try to acknowledge God and I am not so much of a believer

You suffered traumatic brain injury, TBI. It is generally very difficult to treat.
TBI is very common and many suffer silently not knowing what to do.
In tbi there is damage to blood flow and oxygen supply is affected, brain cells will malfunction. This leads to serious mental health issues

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT heals the brain and can make a lot of difference in this case.

Google: hbot for traumatic brain injury.

or: hbot for schizophrenia.

For further information log into our whatsapp page with number you find in our profile.

Health / Re: Italian Dentist Presents Fake Arm For Vaccine To Get Pass by oxypressPlus: 7:29am On Dec 05, 2021
A dentist in Italy faces possible criminal charges after trying to receive a coronavirus vaccine in a fake arm made of silicone.

A nurse in the northern city of Biella, Filippa Bua, said she could tell right away that something was off when a man presented the phony limb for a shot on Thursday.
“When I uncovered the arm, I felt skin that was cold and gummy, and the color was too light,’’ Bua told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

She said she initially thought the 57-year-old man was an amputee and had mistakenly offered the wrong arm. She lifted his shirt and saw a silicone arm.
One is not surprised; they see white they call it pink. Even the nurse sa bi anatomy and physiology pass di Italian dentist.
Health / Re: Have You Seen A Child With Cerebral Palsy Walk? by oxypressPlus: 11:51pm On Dec 02, 2021

How can I get this HBOT

HBOT is in Port Harcourt Use the number on the profile page for contact on whatsapp.
Health / Re: Have You Seen A Child With Cerebral Palsy Walk? by oxypressPlus: 6:51pm On Dec 01, 2021
This is what my baby boy is facing, he lacked oxygen during birth. We have battling with it and is over 3 years plus now.
Is there hope that he can walk again, his leg is not twisted, is very strong. We do more of massaging and with medications. But it is costing us alot. We have use so many herbal stuff, but to no avail.

If you want your boy to walk you need to look out for hbot as soon as possible.

Remember the damage is in the brain and high pressure oxygen will trigger the healing process which includes the release of stem cells into circulation.

Not up to 5% of our doctors know about hbot, not to talk of the masses.
HBOT is the best treatment for a cp patient. Ignorance and poverty is our major problem in this country. I am sure you have tried all the best teaching hospitals, physios and no result. It is time to up your game. Doing the same thing all over will only end with the same result: FAILURE!
Health / Re: Have You Seen A Child With Cerebral Palsy Walk? by oxypressPlus: 1:20am On Nov 30, 2021
hbot for cerebral palsy:

If people were reading our articles the knowledge of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hbot could have been in everybody's mind by now.

HBOT is a form of treatment where the patient sits or lies in a chamber and breathes 100% oxygen under an increased environmental pressure.

HBOT can heal the brain damage caused by loss of oxygen during birth, generally called birth asphyxia or anoxic hypoxic encephalopathy that leads to cerebral palsy. Unfortunately you have wasted time, energy, and resources on things that do not work for CP.
We are ready to help those who need hbot.

Health / Re: Steven Johnson’s Syndrome Is Killing Me by oxypressPlus: 6:19pm On Nov 21, 2021
I have been to hospital and I was tested positive for SJS and ever since then this illness refuse to go away. I have been taking cefuroxime Axtil, Loratidine, Trypsin and so many more please can any one suggest more drugs or tests. I am typing this with blisters in my mouth can’t really talk. Don’t mind my typos

Your problem needs urgent attention.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can halt the progressive destruction and heal the wound. In SJS nothing works better than HBOT.

Read this: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34157739/

Health / Re: Help! My Daughter's Incurable Skin Irritation ( Disturbing Images) by oxypressPlus: 8:43am On Nov 20, 2021
My Nairaland family,
Please help me for my daughter's case. We have done a lot, biopsy and six months constant medication and all yielded no results. All manner of traditional medicine have been prescribed. It has spread all over her body. I am emotionally drained. House please help me.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will help to clear this skin disorder. Research and see if you know the diagnosis

If you are interested in this treatment you can book for a free appointment through our Whatsapp number.

Health / Re: Germany To Follow Austria In Locking Down Unvaccinated Citizens by oxypressPlus: 5:31pm On Nov 19, 2021
Dat wan na hause arrest o. Make God save us.

You take na wahala; you no take na wahala.
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by oxypressPlus: 9:21am On Nov 16, 2021
Gudmorning mamas,pls I need encouragement advice,and prayers.My dear son is 3 now but doesn’t talk ,point,he doesn’t turn when u call him but responds to sounds well.he doesn’t call mummy or daddy,he was hyperactive.although there are no children in our house.At 3 he is still on diaper.i don’t know what to do.we usually visit a neurology pediatrician since he turns 2,did serveral test, EEG on his brain and some evaluations to rule out autism.The doctor prescribes Epilim for him and we have been on that drugs but the only changes I have seen is he is no longer hyper,he can read A to Z,sings a lot but the words are not clear.he only talk to himself(cartoons language).no conversations with others.pls mamas,I need ur Advice,encouragement and prayers.God bless u all

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy -hbot can help to solve ASD
Dont take things for granted. Read our writeups about HBOT and Autism or browse it yourself. if you have not enough info about how hyperbaric oxygen therapy -hbot can help you, we can send links to you. If you have not done hbot then your child is missing one of the best therapies that can help.

Your questions should come through our whatsapp.

We are HBOT PROVIDERS.in Port Harcourt.
Health / Re: Chinese Company Wants To Kill Us With Toxic Waste In Igbesa Ogun State by oxypressPlus: 4:10pm On Nov 15, 2021
Is the toxic waste imported from another country?

They should employ more people to handle and neutralise the toxic waste.

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Health / Re: Help My Mom Has Been Poisoned by oxypressPlus: 8:08pm On Nov 12, 2021
Pls we need a solution to this ailment.
We've been to several hospitals yet no improvement ..
Did series of test .yet same thing
Now we are treating it traditionally..
The native doctor told us that its a poison she matched..

Pls who else has seen this kind of poison related skin reactions..

Note= she dont sleep at night due to the pains she gets from it.

They cannot treat what they do not know.
It is called zona zoaster, herpes zoster or shyngles.
This is a reactivated varicella virus infection that came back with vengeance. Nothing like poison o.
We know what it is and can help you. But you need to comply with the treatment as indicated in the article below.
If you do not understand find us on whatsapp.

We can really heal this with hyperbaric oxygen therapy -hbot

For correct treatment of this illness and complications read this article here:


Health / Re: The Doctors Want To Amputate My Mum's Leg. Advice Needed by oxypressPlus: 6:38am On Nov 09, 2021

Kindly give further information on this.
Breathing oxygen under elevated pressures (hbot) increases oxygen concentration in the blood several times over. When ever there is a swelling the blood flow can be adversely affected. Tissues can die leading to catastrophic open wounds like you find in diabetes.
These wounds will never want to heal until you give hbot (before tissue death) or amputate.
HBOT will always reduce the signs of inflamation including pains and swelling and allows for the restoration of free flow of blood. Other qualities are also available to the patients including an overall improved quality of life.
In medical practice no single drug can achieve this result.

Health / Re: I Can't Move My Legs. HELP! by oxypressPlus: 1:32pm On Nov 07, 2021
I have a condition which makes it difficult to walk for 10years now.i have been to many hospitals, herbal. The doctors said it has to do with my veins and the blood moving through it. I do not know what to do! I feel like a burden to myself and those around. Please help me i am tired of living like this! I need a solution because we have spent so much on treatment. I need a solution!

You need to provide elaborate description of the problem first for help to come.
What is the clinical diagnosis by the doctors who examined you?
Health / Re: The Doctors Want To Amputate My Mum's Leg. Advice Needed by oxypressPlus: 1:26pm On Nov 07, 2021
Hello NL.
I'm going to keep this brief.

It started three weeks ago. my mum, who was walking normal with no problem suddenly could not walk. Her left leg began paining her severely that day. My mum was all in tears... She was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered that her sugar level was on the high side. The hospital gave drugs which stabilised it, at that point my mum was very weak, couldn't eat, each time she eat she throws up and also had some pain in the leg still. After a week in the hospital, we were then referred to a teaching hospital after a test showed that creatinine in her kidney was high.

The teaching hospital tried their best and I can say my mum is now okay. Except for the left leg. She can't still walk on it, the leg feels cold to touch with a little discolouration above the foot.

Doppler test showed that blood isn't really flowing through the leg. And they said they will need to amputate the leg to prevent the infection from growing to the other parts of the body.

Please I want to know if you know anyone who had similar condition and amputation was recommended but was later healed without need for amputation.

Please share your recommendations. I need my mum now more than before in my life. We are confused on whether to allow them to go on with the amputation or seek other alternatives.

Thank you very much.

Pls note that as at now, her sugar level, creatinine and other things are normal.

If anyone out there wants to save a limb and avoid amputation he must look for a hyperbaric oxygen therapy physicain.

HBOT can actually stand in the gap between loosing it or preserving it.


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Health / Re: Please Help Mr. Wisdom Stephen Benebo by oxypressPlus: 11:10pm On Oct 29, 2021
After losing my right hand, I'm about losing my left leg, Bayelsa cyclist solicits help

Yenagoa—Mr. Wisdom Stephen Benebo from Ekeremor town in Ekeremor local government area of Bayelsa State is soliciting help from the state government, organizations and individuals so that his leg will not be amputated.

Benebo who made this known in an exclusive interview with mangrovepen.ng, stated that he is a cyclist and has represented the state in several competitions before his health took a drastic turn.

According to him, “Some months ago, my left hand started swelling all of a sudden. After a series of treatments, it stopped but the swelling later moved to my right hand.

“Despite the treatment, my right hand kept swelling till it burst and had to be amputated.

He explained that he stayed in the hospital for three months as a result of unpaid bills, despite pleas to his coach for assistance.

“During that period and even now, my coach has been showing less concern. I will call her and she will ignore my calls.

“It was my friend, Ms. Ala Fynface, women leader of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC Okpoama clan), who came to visit me that assisted me in paying part of the bill. She took me to the Commissioner of Sports, who asked me to come with my coach.

“I called my coach but she kept giving me excuses. It is either she will tell me she's not around or she will ignore my calls. Even the last time I called her, she told me I should pack my bags and go live in the church.

“Some weeks ago, my left leg started swelling and it is currently giving me sleepless nights because of the excruciating pains,” he narrated.

When contacted, his friend, Ms. Fynface, pleaded with the state government to come to his rescue.

“He is the only child of his mother and she is currently broken and has fallen sick. Because of this issue, she used her only piece of land as surety in the hospital, so she can raise the remaining bill.

“The help he has gotten so far from the ministry of sports is from one Mr. Braveman Odu, who he is a director in the ministry. He gave him the sum of N80,000 to help foot his hospital bill.

“All he needs now is immediate medical attention so that his left leg will not be amputated like the right hand,” she urged.

Benebo can be reached via this phone number: 08068949542

No one is checking if you can fund the bills or not.

Our aim is to inform you the amputation can be avoided and the leg healed if you obey our advice and report early.

The major treatment component is hyperbaric oxygen -hbot.

Search for it or come to us at Port Harcourt. Nothing much to say here but we have much to explain and do.

Health / Re: What Degree Of Burn Do I Have? Doctors Please Help!! by oxypressPlus: 5:39am On Oct 27, 2021
After 19 months! Still feel little itchy pain sometimes though

hbot for burns2: When you take good care of your burns when they occur you will never come back here to complain of scars or other complications later.
Adding hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hbot) to your treatment reduces healing time, reduces pain, swelling, itching, scar formation, or organ failures that can occur.
Reduces damage to inner tissues etc.
There is absolutely nothing to lose with every single session of hbot.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Please what's the name of this DISORDER. by oxypressPlus: 10:32pm On Oct 23, 2021
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a suitable treatment for cerebral palsy. For more informatiin on this log into our whstsapp number.

Health / Re: How To Treat Atroke Effectively by oxypressPlus: 7:50am On Oct 15, 2021

Pls how can I get this treatment, can you give me contact I can call

Wellcome. For the contact click oxypressPlus and it takes you to the phone page.
Health / Re: Can This Wound Ever Heal?? (graphic Picture) by oxypressPlus: 4:09am On Oct 14, 2021

May the universe punish you!

For which offence? Infact, BACK TO SENDER IJN!
Health / Re: Covid_19 Vaccine Victims, A Compilation Of Those Who Died After Getting Jabbed by oxypressPlus: 3:00am On Oct 14, 2021
I am passionate about living a good and responsible life while the life lasts.
My earnest prayer and deepest concern is that my child who has a Brain injury will receive necessary Treatment and live an Independent Life soonest!
My friend Good Friend (Endwell) met my child and was touched, so he organised a GoFundMe which is yet to receive needed attention!
It will be nice to have you contacts (phone, email, or any real-time communication means) to enable me express my Child's situation better.

I'd really appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe.

*Help Little Blind BLISS Victor*

Hello Everyone,

This is a sincere and empathetic need to #SaveBlissVictor from total Blindness and Paralysis!!!

I write to solemnly appea…
Read more here https://gofund.me/0254f807

Heart-Touching Appeal Video


Forward this message to your contacts to help this campaign reach its goal!

Bliss Dad
Obielu Victor
Rivers, NIGERIA.

This is traumatic brain injury TBI which has resulted in paralysis, blindness etc.

The most suitable treatment for this baby is hyperbaric oxygen therapy -hbot.

An earlier intervention with hbot would have averted all these complications. It is never too late.

Check our other writeups on NL

We are HBOT PROVIDERS in Port Harcourt.

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