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Autos / Re: Toks VOLVO FM7 250 For Sale by Oye50(m): 11:47pm On Sep 05
More pictures and videos are available. Just contact me for more info

Autos / Toks VOLVO FM7 250 For Sale by Oye50(m): 11:45pm On Sep 05
I am offering this foreign used VOLVO FM7 250 for sale. Year: 2000. Manual fuel pump, 18 tons, spring/air suspension. Working perfectly without fault. The asking price is 9m. Location: Lagos.

If you are interested, you can contact me here on WhatsApp: +4917635259988

Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Oye50(m): 7:17pm On Aug 01

I just want to know if the BABYCAKE is legit or not
It was listed in coinmarketcap the day before yesterday and it promises Cake in return just for holding the Babycake

Well so far so good, I bought some of the token, they give CAKE like they promised and the beautiful thing is that the price of the coin appreciated to more than 100% since I bought it. That's by the way but they give CAKE just like they said. Note that you must hold at least 200k to get the reward
Investment / Re: Join This Group And Thank Me Later (image) by Oye50(m): 5:29pm On Jul 25
So you even have the audacity to post your scam method here. You're very silly. @everyone, join this group to your own peril. It's 100% scam. All these ESCROW are bunch of useless scammers


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Oye50(m): 12:40am On Feb 15
Hi, management courses sell very well here so long you can speak the language. There are some MBA courses I know of in Nürtingen, Esslingen, Reutlingen and many others you will find and I know many graduates from these places that got jobs not too long after they finished


Good Day All,

Please what is advisable course to apply for Msc as a graduate of Management science/ social science, which is hot cake in Deutch/ Germany
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Oye50(m): 10:39pm On Jan 28
Thank God it's still alive and well. I remember many of us promising then to come back here to give account of our journey in Germany, hopefully someone can pick one or two things. Honestly, I do not know anything about visa application procedure anymore, so I'm not the best person to advise on that. I was here in 2014, when I was planning to move to Europe and I found this beautiful thread. I moved to Germany in 2015 and I've been there since. One thing I am going to tell the new guys here is, please do not choose just any course of study all because you want to leave Nigeria. The money you'll be spending is too much for you to graduate with a degree that's not so much in demand in Germany. Germany is a beautiful land of many opportunities if you are ready to tap into it. I know not everyone can be in IT, or engineering but at least research well about the job opportunities of your desired course. Another important point is, please attend Goethe institute to get at least A2, or best case B1 German. Once you can speak good German, I can assure you that even during your studies, you may not wash dishes or do shitty jobs (pardon my lamguage). My point is LEARN THE LANGUAGE. I studied agricultural economics msc. And the thing is, many of the Nigerians in my set or those before me have either left Germany back to Nigeria or went somewhere else. Reason: they didn't get a job. I was lucky to get an internship in my first year of study to gain experience with a very big company here in Germany and that experience speaks alot for me. So another hint is, during your study try to apply for internships (you might be lucky coupled with the fact that you can speak German). In my case, I got only A1 which was not enough but I learned more here. Furthermore, after my studies, I got my first interview same month I graduated, and I tot life is so easy, it'll come in handy. That job didn't come. So I was sending cvs. The hard part now is from my first interview to another, it took several months and with a lot of rejection that got me depressed at one point. I was already putting leaving Germany as one of my options. Sometimes, I get 5 rejections in a day or even more. Mind you it has noting to do with grade. What else can be demoralizing than that? You see yourself as an Msc graduate doing all manners of jobs. I MEAN ALL MANNERS (legal though) of jobs just to keep busy and soul together. I got so depressed. Then I'm seeing my many colleagues (particularly those we came from Africa together) leaving Germany for other places. Somehow somehow, a light came at the end of the tunnel and I've been there since. One sweet thing is, once you get a job after study here, the time to get a permanent residence is shortened to 2 years. So it's nice to include. This was a promise I made back in 2015 because I felt people don't really come back here to say what they faced and how easy or difficult it was but here I am keeping that promise. So if you're a starter here, goodluck to you, God will pace way for everyone of us.


Travel / Re: Best European Country To Live In. by Oye50(m): 12:47pm On Nov 05, 2018

please is there demand for economics or business related courses?
Yeah with the language skills you're good to go. Would be nice to learn some IT skills as well. It will boost your chances
Travel / Re: Best European Country To Live In. by Oye50(m): 4:33pm On Oct 21, 2018

You mentioned engineering. Is Agricultural engineering among those field in demand? I won't mind coming over there as per future prospect.
Yeah I think so. There are quite a lot of companies with Agricultural engineering base in Germany. I've been to a couple of them here. Like John Deer and the likes. You can check online yourself
Travel / Re: Best European Country To Live In. by Oye50(m): 9:03pm On Oct 03, 2018
Hello, what's the market/demand for Management Information Systems specialists like?
That is quite in demand here too but I must tell you, you need the language to stand out. They wouldn't even look you twice if your resume is in English to start with
Travel / Re: Best European Country To Live In. by Oye50(m): 11:09pm On Sep 29, 2018

I hope to be in a country where I can be able to easily integrate ...and get a good job and a permanent residence

I also wanna be in a country where I can get a kind of job that would enable me get reasonable investments back home in Nigeria!!!
If you are in IT field or Engineering field, you can come to Germany, many times they take people in IT that doesn't even know so much of the language but if it's other field, you should stick to that Canada not minding the cost. At least for integration, you will almost be like you are home if you go to English seaking countries. No matter the option, you need money and once you get yourself a good paying job, investment back in Nigeria isnt a problem at all
Travel / Re: Best European Country To Live In. by Oye50(m): 8:01pm On Sep 25, 2018

That's a Lot of money!!!!

Canada or Germany what's your best advice ??
Depends on the situation and what you want afterwards. If you give a brief talk about you maybe I can advise
Travel / Re: Best European Country To Live In. by Oye50(m): 4:06am On Sep 24, 2018

Moving from Ukraine to Germany on a student visa...how much do you think I should have saved up and what's also your advice on the planned movement
I think about 8000 euros is required by the German embassy
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Post Your Scrap,dead, Faulty Phones For Sale by Oye50(m): 8:41am On Aug 04, 2018

How much are you selling the S7 edge
Phone/Internet Market / Re: New S9 by Oye50(m): 11:49pm On Jul 03, 2018

Phone/Internet Market / New S9 by Oye50(m): 11:48pm On Jul 03, 2018
I have 2 new S9, dual sim for sale. Still in the case intact.
If you're interested
Pictures attached

Phone/Internet Market / Re: Small Cracked S7 Edge by Oye50(m): 6:12pm On Jul 02, 2018

Phone/Internet Market / Re: Small Cracked S7 Edge by Oye50(m): 6:11pm On Jul 02, 2018
A more clearer pics please...
Based on your request

Phone/Internet Market / Re: Small Cracked S7 Edge by Oye50(m): 5:23am On Jul 02, 2018
How do I contact you to negotiate price?
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Post Your Scrap,dead, Faulty Phones For Sale by Oye50(m): 11:54pm On Jul 01, 2018
I have S7 edge with a little crack on the top edge. Every other thing works excellently as I got it new just last year

Phone/Internet Market / Small Cracked S7 Edge by Oye50(m): 11:36pm On Jul 01, 2018
Hello guys. I have a S7 edge I got in Germany last year, in prefect condition. I got it new and no fault at all. It fell down last week and had a very small crack on the screen in front and little little also at the back. I don't like using phone with cracked screen and I am willing to sell at a knocked down price. The crack is so small that you may not even do anything about it. If you interested, let me know, I'm traveling down to 9ja this month, I can bring it along (Lagos) . Pictures attached.

Food / Re: The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake Was Made In Dubai(photos) by Oye50(m): 8:13pm On Feb 22, 2018
What's happening?? I don't seem to understand... Should I check my mail too??
grin grin grin grin ;DLol,
yeah i think you should check your mail jare. only that what u see may be different
Travel / Re: Getting A Green Card By Adjustment Of Status: My Yankee Experience by Oye50(m): 12:31pm On Nov 28, 2017
Look at that... grin

This plant gets more love than me. cheesy grin cheesy

She don change the light.. another 30$

My lady no know wetin to use money do.
Hello man, I saw this thread and it really interest me. Tried sending you a pm but no response. I live in Germany. I havent being to the US but I have a valid B1 visa. I have certain questions regarding the exchange visitor program you mentioned, I would really appreciate if you can respond to my pm. Thanks
Travel / Re: Best European Country To Live In. by Oye50(m): 2:08pm On Nov 27, 2017
Great thread. I've been planning to study in Canada with a view to settling there. My problem is I don't think my kids will be given a visa with me (I have 2 boys, 11 and 12). The whole Canada ish is too stressful so I've decided to apply to European schools as a viable plan b. The truth is I actually prefer a European education for myself and my boys. I like the idea of Germany because of its strong economy. I don't mind the language issue as I plan to learn german immediately although my studies will be in English. My kids are currently learning german and French in school so I think they'll be fine. I am looking at doing a Bachelors degree which is 3 years, giving me enough time to acquire a permanent stay. So my questions are:
Is this a good plan? I am widowed so I will be alone with my kids. I have some money so I should be reasonably comfortable until I find some work.
What towns do I need to avoid? Any advise would be much appreciated.
I think I can say a few things to help you as I am about 3 years old in Germany. Well the truth be said, like every other person that has said something here. Coming to Europe as a Student is your best bet, except you come as a skilled worker. You will definately get something doing when u come as a student to carter for yourself and kids. What i dont really get with your post is if you want to come here with your Kids or not but if you want to come with them, I hope you know the cost implication. The embassy may require you to show as much as 8k euro for each of them to guaranttee their sustainance. If the cost can be afforded, then my other advise to you is not to come and study just for the sake of it. YOU MUST study what is actually in demand here in other to get a chance of securing a job aferwards. Learn the language to at least B1 or B2 level at Goethe Institute Lagos even before you leave Nigeria. You stand a better chance doing well meaningful jobs as a student with the language skill. I must also tell you that it is going to be a very big disavantage for you compared to your pairs in class because your Kids cant work and that is definately an extra burden for you coupled with the very demanding academic load. By the time you get a Bachelor here and Masters and you have the ability to speak German very well, you will be glad you did. Finally, I think it will be best if your Kids can stay back in Nigeria. I said this because the living cost will not be as killing compared to bringing them here. Before you can even get the visa, you must secure a living space, I mean an accommodation that suits the 3 of you. That could cost as much as 500 to 700 monthly. Thats just my advise but if you think you are up for it, why not


Fashion / Re: Nigerian Man Steps Out In Bum Shorts (Photo) by Oye50(m): 8:40am On Nov 08, 2017
what is this man smoking?


Celebrities / Re: Bisola Aiyeola Looks Gorgeous In New Makeup Photo by Oye50(m): 12:56pm On Nov 03, 2017
Family / Re: A Facebook User Touching Tribute To His Mom by Oye50(m): 8:49am On Oct 02, 2017
I actually cried reading this little piece. we honestly do not cherish what we have until we loose it. I pray for longevity for all mothers and please let's take care of them while it is useful. God bless
Crime / Re: Inmate Tortured By Delta Prison Authorities For "Leaking" Information. Photos by Oye50(m): 5:52am On Sep 27, 2017

Meaning what, you share your lappy screen or fone with white folks? Na so your company poor reach? Your mumu should do.
Oga o, rather than you face the very message I was trying to pass across you were trying to talk nonsense and showing your foolishness here. For your info the coy I work has an annual turn over that is more than Nigeria's budget. And I'm sure the phone I use your annual salary can't afford it. Nonsense
Crime / Re: Inmate Tortured By Delta Prison Authorities For "Leaking" Information. Photos by Oye50(m): 12:07pm On Sep 26, 2017
I weep for our dear nation. one bad news or the other everyday. Whenever, I check Nairaland at work, I try to cover my screen because these white guys always ask me too much questions than I can answer

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Crime / Re: Lagos State Government Takes Credit For Released Kidnapped Kids, Nigerians React by Oye50(m): 6:01pm On Jul 29, 2017
I wonder what has become of our dear nation. Government taking political credits for the plight of the people. Such a failed state. Once you fly to any reasonable country, as soon as you land you'll realise Nigeria is such a failed state. Nonsense

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