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TV/Movies / Re: What's The Best Nigerian Movie You've Ever Watched? by piper7: 2:52pm On Jan 17
why the insult bayi..I hate that pls
I'm sorry. Abeg thing pain me. That film na whack. Didn't end well at all. Really sorry
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Flies Like A Bird As He Mocks APC Over Pigeons' Refusal To Fly by piper7: 8:33pm On Jan 16
Guys I'm thinking of moving out of naija. Which country is more balanced in terms of opportunities and racism between UK and USA?
Enlighten me please.


TV/Movies / Re: What's The Best Nigerian Movie You've Ever Watched? by piper7: 8:31pm On Jan 16
You are mad!!! Oloture ko. Oboture nih.
Nairaland / General / Re: Happy New Year Nairalanders by piper7: 12:02am On Jan 01
A happy new year to everyone! Hoping to make and Follow some new year resolutions.
Car Talk / Re: PAN Nigeria Launches Virtual Auto Showroom by piper7: 4:46pm On Dec 30, 2020
Nairalanders please educate me on good betting sites in Nigeria. I mean the ones that will pay you your money when you win nih oo. And also the ones that allow deposit from first bank.
Car Talk / Re: PAN Nigeria Launches Virtual Auto Showroom by piper7: 4:46pm On Dec 30, 2020
Please I'll like people to enlighten me.
If automobiles are fully manufactured in Nigeria (i.e no importation of any parts including engine), does it mean the cars will be cheaper or just the same price?
Car Talk / Re: PAN Nigeria Launches Virtual Auto Showroom by piper7: 4:45pm On Dec 30, 2020
Celebrities / Re: Venita Celebrates Seyi Awolowo On His 31st Birthday by piper7: 5:39pm On Dec 29, 2020
Guys which do you think is better? Relocate to Yankee and battle with Racism over there (although I'll be rich) or stay here in zoogeria (still be rich) but battle insecurity and the likes.
Opinions please.

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Celebrities / Re: Phyno Spends Christmas With Pete Edochie Whom He Says Is "Real Life Santa" (Pix) by piper7: 7:35am On Dec 26, 2020
People I need to ask you. My prick is roughly six inches. Is it enough to satisfy a woman? S
Do they actually need long pricks or shey na just my imagination?
My prick bend small to the left. Hope say that one no matter too?

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Celebrities / Re: Reno Omokri: Why Many Nigerian Men Marry Older White Women by piper7: 7:33pm On Dec 12, 2020
And this foolishness got 88 likes. Why would the oyinbo you want to marry respect someone with such self hatred, I know if I am oyinbo I wouldn't.
Self-hatred What a <em>PITY</em>!
Do I need to have self hatred. Look at the state of Nigeria and Africa. Is that not enough to change one's color. Look don't bullshit me about hatred. Go Yankee and see how Blacks are treated.
Celebrities / Re: Reno Omokri: Why Many Nigerian Men Marry Older White Women by piper7: 9:31am On Dec 12, 2020
The only reason I'll marry a white woman is to change my generation's race from black to white.
Simple. I'll just tell my bi-racial kids to marry white people and their own kids should do the same. So my generation will be free from this cursed color and continent!!
Thank You.

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Sports / Re: Cristiano, Messi And Salah Battling To Be Named Best Player Of The 21 Century by piper7: 3:44pm On Dec 08, 2020
Another way to satisfy Ronaldo
2020 player of the year!! Like for Ronaldo, Share for Lewandoski

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Travel / Good African Countries To Migrate To by piper7: 11:32am On Dec 08, 2020
Hi guys. I'm currently in university. And I would like to live Nigeria immediately after.
I've got the money necessary for migration. No problem with that.
The thing is I want to relocate to another African country. I don't want Yankee. Any idea about African countries with stable economy and good standard of living? Please share
Politics / Re: I Am Not Igbo - Wike Clarifies Confusion About His Name And Link To Igbo by piper7: 10:39am On Nov 13, 2020
Who cares .
Congratulations to Onyesom Ezebunwo Wike son of Nlemanya Wike and his own group among the Ikweres.
They're the first group on earth to derive their ethnicity from state creation cos b4 1976 state creation, there was no tribe known as Ikwere.
Ikweres were just a subgroup of the Igbos just like Nsukka or Abakaliki ppl.

It is heartwarming to see Wike is suddenly the darling of yerobber Muslims.
Is awa God not a wonderful God? grin grin grin
All becos of the oil in their land
Sports / Re: Greg Clarke Resigns As English FA Chairman After Remark About Black Players by piper7: 6:24pm On Nov 11, 2020

There is no single sense in what you're saying bros,the UK is not an all white country
UK is not an all white country because of the black slaves brought there hundreds of years ago. Without slavery the UK is an all white country.
You think if Nigeria/Africa was alright those Blacks will stay and not come back?
Politics / Re: Ganduje To Increase Salaries Of Hisbah Officials For Destroying Beer Bottles by piper7: 10:44am On Nov 10, 2020
If only southern Nigeria can fight corruption and tribalism. Splitting will be the best option for Nigeria

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Romance / Re: Why Majority Of Men Delay In Getting Married Nowadays by piper7: 2:06pm On Nov 07, 2020
All this broke men creating nonsense tread self undecided, haven't you people see real men that get married then ask their wives to sit at home, that is becoming full time housewives, those men do they have two heads? are they not the one taking the whole responsiblity? mtcheeeeew.
Shameless bitch! Your female mates are out there making waves. In this 21st century . You want to be a full time house wife. It's people like you that will kill their husband when he's broke. I pity your parents. I wonde how they gave birth to you. Lazy bones and disfunctional brains. The only thing they can give in a marriage is their foul smelling p$ssy!
Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests 2 Suspects With 16.65kg Of Cocaine At Lagos Airport by piper7: 4:14pm On Nov 03, 2020
NDLEA Nabs Two Suspects with 16.65kg of Cocaine at MMIA

Source: https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2020/11/02/ndlea-nabs-two-suspects-with-16-65kg-of-cocaine-at-mmia/amp/
Oh my God. It's the Igbos again. What a great tribe this is. What a great time to be an Igbo man.
This is how the future Biafra will look like. Time for Biafra to stand so we can do great things.
Igbos are the greatest black race. From drug peddling to international development to whining and crying about marginalisation.....Na we be number one
I have one thing to say out and loud:. IGBO AMAKA


We are the ndi developers of Africa


Politics / Re: Nine Nigerians Contesting In Tuesday’s U.S. Elections by piper7: 6:27pm On Nov 02, 2020

Lol... cheesy did you say low density of Yorubas in any part of the country? That is absolutely wrong. Let me deviate a little, do you know the population of Yorubas in the North and in South South ? Go to Rivers State for example Yorubas have so many communities over there places like Aluu, Ogbogoro, Omagwa, Eliozu etc. In the North apart from the natives and Ibos the Yorubas are next in population.
In Imo State for example go to places like Uruatta, world bank, in Imo State Yorubas are populated there. Enugu is not an exception...I can go on and on , you can also carry out your own research.
So if it is the population we have it but you won't be allowed to contest as ordinary councillor talkless of a bigger post and they tell you to your face that you are not from here.
That fact that the Oba of Lagos said his own openly doesn't mean Your own kings don't., they do! But that was very wrong of him.
No where in Ibo land will they allow you to contest if you are not a native. I have people who have tried it..even if we don't have the population the person contesting might be popular within the area so what stops him from contesting? It is up to them to vote him or not.
I will tell you a lot about Ibos, I lived for years with them, I speak Ibo and my wife is Ibo!
Wow Sir! Your wife is Igbo? You really tried. I can't have anything to do with those people. They are so hateful and ungrateful.
Politics / Re: Nine Nigerians Contesting In Tuesday’s U.S. Elections by piper7: 6:25pm On Nov 02, 2020

But you people don't want Igbos to contest governorship in Yorubaland. Hypocrites
Can you allow us to contest in Enugu Or IMO?
Politics / Re: Nine Nigerians Contesting In Tuesday’s U.S. Elections by piper7: 6:24pm On Nov 02, 2020

Why did you have to single Igbos out though lol...

The truth is that in Nigeria
Most are yet to evolve beyond that tribal identity nonsense

That's why
Over the coming decades
They will
That's very true. Nigerians are not civilised to blur tribal lines yet.
Politics / Re: Nine Nigerians Contesting In Tuesday’s U.S. Elections by piper7: 7:08am On Nov 02, 2020
Please I'm not being tribalistic now but when you see names like this, it's kinda rare to see a Northern in thiings like this especially politics abroad.
They are not ambitious. And also their religion has really encaged them
Politics / Re: Nine Nigerians Contesting In Tuesday’s U.S. Elections by piper7: 7:06am On Nov 02, 2020
We can go to another country and contest for elective positions but here in Nigeria, even as immigrants but here in Nigeria, even your parents were born in a particular location, you yourself born and had lived all your life in this geographical location, they will still tell you to go your state of origin
Are you Igbo? If you are, lemme ask you. If Imo or Abia state were to be as developed as Lagos, will you allow yoruba man to contest? No sir! The answer is no. True, it's not good to deny people their rights in a place where they've lived almost all of their lives. But if Lagos is an Igbo man's land. Igbos will do the same.


Politics / Re: Orji Kalu: Awolowo Told Me He Did Not Trust Babangida by piper7: 3:57pm On Oct 18, 2020

Story Story... Las las all of them na thief.
Effect of the curse of Ham is on Africa. Abi what do you think?
Out of 7 continent: na only us black, na only us dey backward, na only us no get good roads and electricity. Ahhgh...I tire oooo
Music/Radio / Re: Big Dreams Talent: "9ja Go Beta" - Nigerian Youths Call For Good Governance by piper7: 3:53pm On Oct 18, 2020
Since when we don dey sing that kind song? Notin change abeg! I dey go UK.
I prefer to deal with Racism than SARS and poverty
Politics / Re: Nigerians In France Join #EndSWAT Protest, Ask Buhari, IGP To Resign by piper7: 4:40pm On Oct 16, 2020
"General Wahala " is Gradually being Unwrapped..
So you left the God-inspired Bible phrase "end times" for the word of a mere man "general wahala".
No wonder these people keep scamming you because you hold them in high esteem than the the God you claim to serve. Whom do you serve God or man?
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Tunisia: International Friendly (1 - 1) On 13th October 2020 by piper7: 8:15am On Oct 14, 2020
Iwobi is really not good enough
He has never been good
Celebrities / Tory Lanez And Megan Thee Stallion: Rapper Charged With Assault With Firearm by piper7: 11:53am On Oct 09, 2020
Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion: Rapper charged with assault with firearm

Tory Lanez has been charged with shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

The rapper - real name Daystar Peterson - is accused of shooting Megan several times at her feet and wounding her.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, it happened after the pair got into an argument whilst riding in an SUV in the Hollywood Hills on July 12th.

Tory Lanez, who's 28, is also charged with carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle.

If convicted the Canadian artist faces up to 23 years in prison.

Court hearings will begin on October 13 at the Foltz Criminal Justice Centre in Los Angeles.

Rapper Tory Lanez hasn't spoken out about the alleged shooting
Tor Lanez hasn't spoken out about the alleged shooting
At first Megan, whose real name is Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, claimed she was cut by glass, but she later posted on Instagram that she had been shot by Tory.

The 24-year-old also claimed she was scared police would start shooting if she said a gun was involved.

"I didn't tell the police nothing, because I didn't want us to get in no more trouble than we was about to get in."

View this post on Instagram
I was never arrested. This whole experience was an eye opener and a blessing in disguise. I hate that it took this experience for me to learn how to protect my energy.

A post shared by Hot Girl Meg (@theestallion) on Jul 15, 2020 at 11:07am PDT

Since the incident, Megan accused Tory's team of spreading misinformation online.

"Stop acting like black women is aggressive when all they be doing is speaking the... facts, and you... can't handle it," she said.

She spoke about being called a "snitch" online - and also disputed claims that she hit Tory Lanez before the shooting.

Megan accused Tory's team of spreading misinformation online
image captionMegan accused Tory's team of spreading misinformation online
Tory Lanez hasn't spoken about the incident directly but released an album Daystar last month with many of the tracks addressing the incident.

"Megan people tryna frame me," he raps on the opening track, Money Over Fallout.

"Girl, you had the nerve to write that statement on that affidavit, knowing I ain't do it but I'm coming at my truest."

In the same song, he casts doubt on whether she was shot at all, asking: "How you get shot in your foot, don't hit no bones or tendons?"

On another track he has a dig at JoJo who removed a collaboration from her album following the incident.
Politics / Re: FG Fumes As 3 Men Burn Nigerian Migrant Worker Alive In Tripoli (pics) by piper7: 6:49am On Oct 09, 2020

Sometimes I just love Nigeria. Imagine if that man was in Nigeria, such won't happen to him. If compare North Korea with Nigeria you will understand that this Nigeria is a whole lot better than that country. Nothing spoil naija, Na our leaders dey ruin this country.
Please stop blaming our leaders. Is it the same set of leaders that we have been having since 1960? No, several sets of them. And where have does leaders been coming from? Us!! From us!! These leaders are the image of the average Nigerian. I tell you Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria. If the people can change then the country will change.
Because for every single corrupt and wicked Nigerian leader, there are millions of corrupt and wicked Nigerian citizens.


Politics / Re: WTO DG: Okonjo-Iweala, Myung-Hee React To WTO's Formal Announcement by piper7: 2:46pm On Oct 08, 2020
How is this in any way going to improve Nigeria? Congrat to her anyway. I think she win this.
But I think it's high people come back home and fight for a greater Nigeria
Travel / Re: Onitsha Port: More Containers Arrive Onitsha Via Barges- PICS & VIDEO by piper7: 8:42am On Oct 08, 2020
Why don't Nigeria want to allow Igbo to go?

A). They are in control of all major market in all state in Nigeria and also the financial hub in African continent, hence Nigeria economy will collapse without the Igbos.

B). The Igbos are 5% and a land lock region and hence Nigeria care about the people so they perish if they leave Nigeria.

#Like for A

#share for B
I used to think Igbos were wise. Your words just proved me wrong.
And please what markets do you own? You mean your two-by-two containers and wheel barrows selling fake clothes and rat poison? Bro you need to be educated in economics. A minority can never have effect on a country's economy. It's just like saying black Americans are the pillar of the American economy. That's a joke. From PAGA to Lagos city to Nigeria's agricultural produce, they are all dominated by non Igbos.
Please don't misinterpret me. I'm not trying to be tribalistic here, okay? I have nothing against the Igbos. Infact I like them for their business minded mentally. I'm just saying Igbos need to step up their economy before they can form Biafra or else! These fake cloths and fufu iPhones will not build them an economy. Most of Igbo well to do companies are in another man's land. Not in Ala Igbo.
This diversity in Nigeria that you desperately despise is what America has and is constantly seeking to boost and better their economy. Or do you think that small Biafra can buy all your products? You will still have to export your products here. So why split in the first place?
Let's fight for One Nigeria

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