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Politics / Re: Tinubu Supporters Forcing Keke Napep Riders To Buy His Campaign Stickers by popesco123: 9:46pm On Sep 20, 2022
I pray that this haters go away from us to get their biafra. We the yoruba will be fine in one Nigeria with our hausa fulani brothers.

quote author=lhordspy p
ost=116851502]When pandora was going from one country to country defrauding igbos diaspora of their dollars in form of Lecture-fee you all acted blindly to it abi.

Bunch of unwise children of hate
Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello: I Will Mobilise All Nigerian Youths To Work For Tinubu’s Victory by popesco123: 7:20am On Sep 20, 2022
Not Nigerian youths but some jobless and unpaid kogi youths.
Politics / Re: Dayo Isreal: Young Nigerians Want Tinubu To Be President by popesco123: 7:17am On Sep 20, 2022
Lie lie, oya go collect your stipends, you have succeeded in brainwashing the BATstad urchins as more than 180 million obidient Nigerians are mocking you.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Debt Hits N42.8 Trillion Amid Shrinking Revenue by popesco123: 6:10am On Sep 20, 2022
Yet kenyamo is promosing BATstad urchins their shaky sleepy grandfather will continue where buhari stop.
Politics / Re: I Have Decided To Start Supporting Tinubu Because Of This Act Alone by popesco123: 9:22pm On Sep 19, 2022
Your choice, your vote, and more than 180 million obidient Nigerians have their choices and votes too
Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Peter Obi Sleeping During A Meeting by popesco123: 3:15pm On Sep 19, 2022
Unity begger. Answer my question? Tinubu will be president of United Nigeria of yoruba hausa and fulani. Brainwashed moooron

uote author=OkoRemi2023 post=116815678]

Noisemaker, Radio Biafra dummies stop making noise

Tinubu is your next President [/quote]
Foreign Affairs / Re: Double Rainbow Appears Over Buckingham Palace On Eve Of Queen's Funeral (photos) by popesco123: 2:20pm On Sep 19, 2022
Must you prove that you were given birth by olosho mama and mushin area tout papa. You are destined to ever remain useless and miserable.

quote author=Oluwaseunomo post=116808110]Ibo bastards won't like this[/quote]
Foreign Affairs / Re: Double Rainbow Appears Over Buckingham Palace On Eve Of Queen's Funeral (photos) by popesco123: 2:08pm On Sep 19, 2022
We the yoruba people will be happy to remain one Nigeria with our beloved norther brothers of hausa fulani. The igbo can go have their own nation.

quote author=Realist12 post=116807836]Beautiful she lived a fulfilled live and did her best for humanity i wonder why people are hating on the dead icon cos of a war in her former colony .
Its until all those that participated in the Civil War pass away that we would shun tribalism in this country. That aside we the new generations should learn to Sheathe our swords and live in peace for our own sakes and our children's. I support Tinubu as the only man that can maintain peace for now and this next administration.[/quote]
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Attacks Peter Obi In A Viral Video Says Obi Can't Fix Insecurity by popesco123: 9:10pm On Sep 18, 2022
Obi wave just dey give some outdated politicians and their brainwashed cheap low life urchins heart failure. E go clear una for eye come 2023. Una bullion cannot move more than 180 million obidient Nigerians.


Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Peter Obi Sleeping During A Meeting by popesco123: 8:59pm On Sep 18, 2022
Can you accept a blank cheque of thinubu becoming president of Nigeria made up of yoruba fulani and hausa?
uote author=OkoRemi2023 post=116789246]

unity beggar yet you want to contest in the unity begging. it's unfortunate pthief obi handover his social media political promotion in the hands of uneducated idiots [/quote]
Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Peter Obi Sleeping During A Meeting by popesco123: 3:03pm On Sep 18, 2022
J don't why it is difficult for all these BATstads unity beggers to admit failure is staring at their iregbaji ancestor for real. Always cooking up baseless cheap crap.

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Politics / Re: Photos From Peter Obi Rally In Umuahia, Abia State On Saturday. by popesco123: 8:40am On Sep 18, 2022
Lagos and oyo and kano will be tsunami.

quote author=chaddy16 post=116765758]
Waiting for Lagos, Borno, Katsina, Kano, Kebbi, Niger, Kogi and Oyo [/quote]
Politics / Re: Pictures From Peter Obi Rally In Suleja Today by popesco123: 7:33pm On Sep 17, 2022
May may old people continue to rule your life and may any old person take any leadership position ascribe for you.

quote author=lhordspy post=116753087]80% of them without Pvc.

They think its by rallies

Person will just wake up, gather underage kids and street boys begin do rally for a man who does not know what green energy means.

No wonder he came out 3rd class and 46th throughout his primary and secondary school days.

On Election day, inshallahu. We shall know.[/quote]
Crime / Re: Man Charged With Lying-In-State Queue Sex Assaults by popesco123: 1:35pm On Sep 17, 2022

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Politics / Re: If You Insist That Poll lead by Peter Obi Is Fake Then Do This by popesco123: 7:18am On Sep 17, 2022
Then who are you supporting? Your grand father? Wake up you are not younger than uk prime minister and France president.

uote author=Rozross post=116740655]Stop forcing obi in our throats, online people can have him while real people rejects him. I still can’t believe there are people out there who believe Obi will win 2023 election. [/quote]

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Politics / Re: "We No Dey Give Shishi But We Dey Share Soap And Oil" - Nigerians Come After LP by popesco123: 8:51am On Sep 15, 2022
Another frame up from dead politicians and their BATstad urchins.
Politics / Re: 2023: Supreme Court Affirms Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii As Ebonyi PDP Guber Candidate by popesco123: 4:32pm On Sep 14, 2022
Wow, what a wish, just as more than 180 million Nigerians are wishing for Peter obi come 2023.

quote author=lhordspy post=116662631]Good for democracy.

God bless Ebonyi state.

God bless Nigeria and its people including yoruba, hausa, and other tribes.

God bless incoming president, Asiwaju ahmed Tinubu.[/quote]

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Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Health: Every Individual Has His Own Percentage Of Illness – Olusi by popesco123: 4:23pm On Sep 14, 2022
Yes oo Ore mi, the children of hate can go get their own biafra nation. Tinubu will be president of Nigeria made up of yourua hausa and fulani.

quote author=ObituaryYebo post=116652731]We don't need to convince or explain to the children of hate, frustration and perdition as their mental strength is full with disdain and resentfulness

What will be will be. Tinubu is our next president [/quote]

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Politics / Re: Which States Will Give Tinubu Bloc Votes? by popesco123: 2:39pm On Sep 14, 2022
You may be right but more than 170 million Nigerians have obidiently rejected APC and refused to be useless like BAT which is neither animal nor bird.

quote author=garfield1 post=116658257]Obi and atiku will soon be batified[/quote]
Politics / Re: Opinion Poll Favors Tinubu As Atiku Fumbles In Handling PDP Internal Crises by popesco123: 7:50pm On Sep 13, 2022
Not the Nigeria made up of yoruba, hausa and fulani you always wish and prayed for.

quote author=oikirodah post=116568036]
kikikiki help me ask which naija o[/quote]
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: Appeal Court Reserves Judgement, Date To Be Communicated To Parties by popesco123: 1:19pm On Sep 13, 2022
I wish you and your generation one Nigeria made up yoruba and hausa fulani in Jesus name. Biafra must be free in Jesus name. Brainwashed moroon.

uote author=omenka post=116623112]That man must grow grey beard in his anus, and such must be confirmed by Asari Dokubo, before he's let off the chains.


FFK, the ipobic pelvic pulveriser is probably finalizing how plans on what to do with Kanu's spouse. cool[/quote]
Politics / Re: Obi Plans To Stage-manage Fake Assassination Attempt – Keyamo by popesco123: 7:05pm On Sep 12, 2022
The backyard state University law graduate is running out of words as a party spokesman. Anyway say anything to sugar the minds of BATstad urchins and collect your pay.
Politics / Re: FG Decries Underpayment Of Nigerian Doctors Abroad by popesco123: 7:28pm On Sep 11, 2022
Keep on brainwashing BATstad urchins
Politics / Re: After The Election We Will Unveil Our Manifesto; Tinubu by popesco123: 7:55am On Sep 08, 2022
All these outdated politicians making mockery of their brain dead BATstad urchins.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kemi Badenoch Appointed Secretary Of State For International Trade by popesco123: 6:14am On Sep 07, 2022
Olodo 61 is younger than 86. May your life remain like state of lagos.

quote author=Okhuadams post=116422752] just like her mates are shouting obidients we are, when many of them are DISOBIDIENTS. TO everyone including themselves[/quote]
Politics / Re: Certificate Forgery: I Sued Lagos Assembly, Not Tinubu, Says Keyamo by popesco123: 5:19pm On Sep 06, 2022
You that has electoral value, may your life remain like state of Lagos. Brainwashed BATstad.

quote author=LeoDeKing post=116412538]Keyamo needs not bother himself. Those illiterates don't deserve any explanation and the good thing is that they have no electoral value.

See head angry[/quote]
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ten Things To Know About Liz Truss, New UK Prime Minister (Photos) by popesco123: 2:12pm On Sep 05, 2022
You no get shame. See the profile of youthful lady. The old ancestor from iregbaji has sacrificed your brain to keep you miserable and useless like bat for life.

quote author=Moh247 post=116376602] cool

A minority race vs a minority gender (yes feminist movement think they are opressed minority)

The best won

Obi-diots are too shallow to understand simple principles of democracy... They just are too primitive to grasp it

Foreign Affairs / Re: Mary Elizabeth Truss Is New UK Prime Minister by popesco123: 1:53pm On Sep 05, 2022
It is a pity the old sick ancestor from iregbaji has sacrificed your fortune and destiny to render your life and that of your generation miserable and useless. May your life remain like the situation of lagos today. Amennnnn

quote author=Emekaonline post=116376964]

This is to remind all Yorubas that the ingrates lving in our land are haters and children of belial. If you are a Yoruba and you dare to vote for Peter Obi, then you are a bastard - original bastard. Yoruba ronu ooooooooo. Kanu the terrorist must rot in jail. Please dont a fool. Please dont forget how Kanu ordered his kinsmen and women in Lagos to burn down Tinubu's companies in Lagos. If Sunday Igboho has said the same for Yorubas to burn down Kanu and Obi' properties in the South East, will the children of Belial take it lightly with us? Yoruba ronu. Only bastards in Yoruba land will vote for Peter Obi who could not call his family to order while burning Lagos during EndSars. Also remember that this same Kanu had told his people that any Igbo attending churches led by a Yoruba is not fit to be human being. So why should you vote for the family of a man that calls you insane and that you are not fit to be human being? We must follow this election through and through and never allow any Igbo man that is sympathetic to Kanu become the president of this nation. It must not happen[/quote]
Foreign Affairs / Re: New UK Prime Minister To Be Announced Today. Liz Truss Tipped by popesco123: 9:00am On Sep 05, 2022
What a sane clime, no looting to campaign, no killings, no traveling abroad for consultations with rogues in partner, no pressing the citizens for vote buying. No give the citizens 5 naira garri. Bunch of deceits called Nigerian politicians and their uninformed naive brainwashed supporters can see how politicians behave In civilised world.
Politics / Re: Video: We Will Chase Igbos And Take Their Properties - Tinubu's Wife by popesco123: 6:49am On Sep 05, 2022
You have just proven that you are brainless and useless as bat. May you ever remain political fan in your miserable life.

quote author=Dsalvo post=116340260]

Lol. You are a clown. Do you understand Yoruba language and are you people fair-minded atvall?

All you Igbos know to do is demonize others to play victim while trying to hide the entire picture.

Remi is talking about the response to treachery, ingratitude and ungracious animosity of Igbos towards Yorubas.

Did you not not hear when she said "bi ah se ni ife yin to, eh ba ara je"?

Meaning we love you guys so much yet you fcked up.

If you don't know, the only thing Remi is guilty of is retaliatory and angry talk which is creeping into the mentality of more Yorubas daily because of the hateful and ingrate attitude of you Igbos.

Yorubas accommodate and empower you to the extent the SW is the biggest second home of Igbos in the entire universe outside SE Nigeria.

Yet you alone, of over 300 ethnic groups, continue to pay back Yorubas with toxicity, hate, sheer bad belle and enmity 24/7.

What has her husband done to you guys to merit so much hate, from Igbos alone, against his person?

Did some of us not warn you Igbos that hate begets hate? Even in Ghana and South Africa you are shown similar swiftly after they host you and you lot "ba ara je".

If you want, do your usual propaganda thing, to then spin her words and play victim, over Remi's utterance rather than learn from it as responsible adults do.

Nigeria is changing and soon you guys will learn first hand, the importance of the saying "don't shit where you eat".

You will see why, as your experience in places like Accra and Johannesburg should have shown you, benefactors will not perpetually tolerate ingrate and saboteur behavior from those they host graciously and benevolently.

Go and ponder on why, of all the ethnic groups of Nigeria, Remi mentioned Igbos alone. Nonsense. [/quote]

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