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Nairaland / General / Re: My Biggest Lessons Of 2019 So Far... by princejenks(m): 6:47pm On Apr 16
l learnt getting a job or changing jobs isn't as difficult as we've been made to think,you just need to be smart about it and know where to look


Phones / Re: Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram Are Down Worldwide by princejenks(m): 1:17pm On Apr 14
fb is going on opera mini but my messenger isn't
Politics / Re: Some States Have Almost 24 Hours Supply- Fashola (video) by princejenks(m): 12:07pm On Mar 28
The fact is that there are some parts of the country that have always enjoyed constant power from way back,even before this administration came into power so if power output increases,such places can actually boast of 24hr power supply but that shouldn't be used as a yardstick to measure whether power supply has improved generally across the country,rather,areas which hitherto are having less than 5 hrs power supply in a day but can now boast of 12-15hrs is where we should be looking at to rate this government for any improvement in power and not looking at regions that have always enjoyed constant power supply.
Travel / Re: Several Boeing 737 Max 8 Pilots In U.S. Complained About Suspected Safety Flaw by princejenks(m): 6:29pm On Mar 13
Good thing US airlines are still flying it cos doing so sends a strong message that they still have confidence in Boeing,an American company. What's wrong can easily be fixed,a little patience is required for the investigation to be completed to know the cause of the latest crash by this same 737 8 max just months after the last one ocurred.
Politics / Re: NYESON Nwike Replace Buharis Portrait With ATIKUS by princejenks(m): 12:49pm On Mar 02
from what I can see in the picture,it looks more like a party secretariat cos even the pdp chairman's pix and the party's flag can be seen in the picture
Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar: An Omen Worse Than Defeat by princejenks(m): 7:21am On Mar 01
the results show that the south were clearly tired of the incumbent but the strong support from his region helped him retain power,this is clearly what happened not this long explanations.

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Romance / Re: Share Your Memorable Valentine Experience by princejenks(m): 3:54pm On Feb 13
am waiting guys
Politics / Re: Nigerians React To President Buhari's Video Begging For Re-election by princejenks(m): 12:20pm On Feb 11
This coming presidential election is not a time to reward arrogance and contempt,this gesture is rather late in the day. For a president who by his own admission confirmed he failed,his wife also confirmed same and even his most loyal supporters know this and some have even admitted openly their mistake in supporting him in 2015 while others are too proud to admit openly,this coming election is a referendum on lack lustre leadership,incompetence,clannishness and aloofness,the real change is imminent,you can't stop a moving train. Nigeria is too big for one man to act like he wants without consequences,we all need to put him in his rightful place and speak very loudly with our votes cos Nigeria deserves better
Politics / Re: INEC office in Plateau set ablaze by drunk security officer by princejenks(m): 8:32pm On Feb 10
it's a no brainer that this is a deliberate act of sabotage

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Romance / Re: Come Share Your Cohabiting Experiences Guys by princejenks(m): 6:51pm On Feb 09
happy weekend guys
Crime / Re: How I Was Scammed In A Broad Day Light In Abuja. by princejenks(m): 1:56pm On Feb 07
Chai! the part that pained me was that he still didn't reveal that person to you after walking to the 11th pole! Seriously,what's really going on in abuja these days,the other day my gf told me how her friend lost her samsung that costs over a 120k to some guy who gave her a lift only for him to ask to see her fone after she received a call,dude later stopped the vehicle and told the lady to get out cos he wanted to make a U-turn,before she knew what's up,he had zoomed off with her fone. Next day my gf was going to work,she had dropped at her main busstop and was trekking to her office cos it's a trekkable distance when a guy offered her a lift,next he started proposing to her as soon as she entered but she wasn't responding cos she had her earpiece on,he snatched her fone which she'd plugged her earpiece to listen to her favorite radio programme then he came down after pinning the locks and started embarassing her with a public proposal with her fone still with him,she didn't give a ruck about what he was saying but was yelling at him to give her back her phone which he reluctantly did after some people close to her work place started gathering to know what the matter was. These folks are getting very brazen these days dats why u don't give them face or audience when they start their rooster and bull stories,I just zoom off,no time!
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To The "Adeboye's Prayer Saved Osinbajo" Statement by princejenks(m): 11:44am On Feb 05

What did Myles Munroe believe in& y didn't it work 4 him?
I don't know who you're talking about and what killed the person but I know several persons alive who had near death experiences but survived cos of their strong beliefs.
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To The "Adeboye's Prayer Saved Osinbajo" Statement by princejenks(m): 11:31am On Feb 05
whatever you believe in actually works for you so I don't see the need for this


Romance / Re: Come Share Your Cohabiting Experiences Guys by princejenks(m): 11:27am On Feb 05
still waiting for ur contribution guys,thanks
Business / Re: CBN Debunks Media Report On Forex Scam by princejenks(m): 8:22am On Feb 05
it's a widely documented fact,even the emir of kano and former cbn governor alluded to our having different exchange rates as an impediment to business and an avenue for a few to amass wealth through round tripping. Nothing much has changed even with this current regime,only the players have,it was even very worse at the heat of the recession though it's more coded now. Denying something that's happening in government quarters doesn't mean it's not happening,it's just standard practice to do so in order to save face


Politics / Re: Falana Writes Buhari Govt To Withdraw The Case Against Onnoghen by princejenks(m): 11:19am On Feb 04
I don't understand this SAN any longer,making too many statements on this same issue within a short period of time
Romance / Re: Come Share Your Cohabiting Experiences Guys by princejenks(m): 10:03am On Feb 04
Guys,can we have more contributions based on the subject of the post? Thanks guys
Romance / Re: Come Share Your Cohabiting Experiences Guys by princejenks(m): 4:36pm On Feb 02
Never did, never will smiley
can you give your reasons?
Politics / Re: Pendulum By Dele Momodu: Between Buhari And Atiku, My Candid Forecast by princejenks(m): 3:35pm On Feb 02

Nigeria and oil production business did not start yesterday. The first oil boom was in the early 70s, it went on for some time and then bust. It was then we realized we should have developed our industries.
The military capitalized on the bad economy and one by one they kicked each other out like penalty kick.
This went on for decades until Obasanjo came in the second time and luckily the oil prices were up once again.
To his credit, Obasanjo paid off our debts and the economy got a little reprieve.
End of story, from Jonathan to the beginning of Buhari's government it was back to the era wastefulness and monumental corruption, mismanagement and lack of direction.
These are the facts, if you disagree with me perhaps you can tell us the policies put in place by the PDP government to mitigate against the fluctuations in the oil prices as it affects the Nigerian economy.
If you cannot do this in 16 years, how in the name of God you expect someone, given the above circumstances to do it in three a half years!
like I mentioned previously,I'll not come here and defend pdp that it didn't waste humongous resources that could've have transformed Nigeria,especially in the area of power and other infrastructure.

Since my secondary school days,i've been taught how Nigeria needs to diversify and move away from a monolithic economy dependent on oil. Successive governments have tried to put policies in place to achieve this but interruptions from the military curtailed this as you rightly observed. We had to practically start all over again in this pursuit for diversification in 1999,while I agree we've been high on policy formulation than on policy implementation but some progress is being made,however little.Evidence of this was when we rescaled our economy,we discovered other non oil sources made very significant contribution to our Gdp.

A lot of policies were developed in the obj years but by the time he got down to implementation,he ran out of time,then came yaradua and goodluck. The former cancelled some agreements already reached on privatisation slowing down progress while the latter may have been considered wasteful but the fruits of that massive spending by that administration is what apc is leveraging on today as achievements.

When the recession set in,I seriously hoped this administration will take diversification more seriously than ever before but what has happened since we overcame the scary period,all that noise about diversification suddenly went down. All we hear is about how they've revolutionized agriculture yet we still import what we eat,they say they are spending more than any government on infrastructure yet we haven't seen that much improvement in power,even the rail they like to claim as achievement was a carry over of extensive design and procurement by previous administration which they only expanded upon by adding new lines.See,this government has been high on making promises than on actual planning cos they got into power without extensive plans on how they'd achieve the promises,before they realized their mistake,it was already late in the day. They now realized the only way to appear to be doing something is completing abadoned or uncompleted projects of previous administration while they now forged their own document on the way forward after gleaning from other documents they met on ground. I wouldn't want to dwell much on how much the last administration left by way of savings but we are all aware of the excess crude account and sovereign wealth fund and how much was left,even as this administration is quick to claim it met empty treasury but like I mentioned previously,the policies of this administration rather than help encourage business moreless choked businesses and led to massive job losses. A Well thought policy would've found a way to help businesses survive recession not stifle existing ones. The key to diversifying our economy is to encourage business and enterprise but this government is doing very little in that area rather coming up with policies like tradermoni that can't lift anyone out of poverty.
Politics / Re: Pendulum By Dele Momodu: Between Buhari And Atiku, My Candid Forecast by princejenks(m): 2:23pm On Feb 02
"The stultification of Nigeria in the last four years is not as a result of PDP’s prodigality of the previous 16 years, but because of the sluggishness, taciturnity, clannishness, vindictiveness, obstinacy, and crass ignorance of many members of the Buhari cabal and cult."

This is dishonesty at its most bizarre, the stultification of Nigeria certainly did not start four years ago. You accused the APC of rewriting history and yet you are telling us a bold faced lie that the PDP did not mismanage Nigeria for 16 years.
The drop in oil prices started as Buhari was about to be sworn in as president and we all know the resulting effects on all oil producing countries especially countries like Nigeria where oil accounts for most of our foreign earnings.
Advanced economies like Canada felt it, Saudi Arabia and other major oil producers felt it. Less prepared countries like Nigeria went into a tailspin and Venezuela especially was totally crippled economically and now politically.

Anyone who is dumping all the economic downturn on
Buhari is being dishonest. Rather, we should commend him and his economic team for pulling Nigeria through and saving us from the experience of Venezuela.
no one is dumping everything at the door step of this administration but it should be reminded that it has played its own part in worsening things. Yes,we may argue pdp did mismanage humongous resources but it won't change the fact that it can boast of some achievements it made in those years no matter how hard this administration tries to vilify the pdp led administration,facts are sacred,can apc pls honestly state their achievements devoid of pdp input?

Obj tried to form a government of national unity by even inviting people from other parties into his government and successive governments after him have tried in their own ways to foster national unity. Yes of a truth ethnic sentiments was used in the previous elections to divide the country but then rather than this current president to try and calm frayed nerves instead by his words and subsequent actions rather escalated things to what it is right now. Call obj anything you like,but he represented a father figure across ethnic lines,can buhari honestly claim to be that by his words and actions so far?

On the downturn in the economy caused by recession,buhari government whether it likes it or not will have to accept its share of the blame no matter how much it wants pdp to take all of the blame cos you can't claim the achievements of previous administrations cos government is a continuum while rejecting the liabilities,no it's not done.

More directly,buhari's government contibuted to the recession by its policies and lack of it. Firstly,it refused to constitute its cabinet on time causing anxiety and confusion among investors who were waiting on the government for its next move. Recall that some portfolio investors had already taken their funds out of the country before the elections,buhari's lack of clear direction by way of policies worsened the situation. Even when he finally did constitute his cabinet,he didn't pick very qualified persons to handle the economy but rather left it to rookies like the former finance minister,the vice president and the other lawyer that heads budget,such that when international agencies were telling us long before we entered recession,kemi adeosun quickly denied,said recession was only a word then later said it was technical. When we came to the reality of us being in a recession,we had a series of conflicting policies from cbn and finance ministry which worsened the situation. Though with benefit of hindsight,the cbn tried to do the right thing given the circumstances we found ourselves at the time,dwindling foreign reserves which couldn't be used to defend the naira,but lack of synchronization between cbn and the finance ministry deepened the problem at implementation seeing naira rise to over 500 naira to a dollar till emefiele was given the go ahead to carry out his plan without undue interference. In summary,what am saying is buhari government wasted too much time and lacked quality personnel to handle the situation better,rather they were busy learning on the job
Politics / Re: Pendulum By Dele Momodu: Between Buhari And Atiku, My Candid Forecast by princejenks(m): 1:53pm On Feb 02
Adamawa- 50:50 too close to call
Bauchi-buhari 70parcent votes
Gombe- buhari 60parcent votes
Borno- buhari 90 parcent votes
Yobe-buhar 90parcent votes
Kano- buhari wins with 60parcent votes
Kaduna- 50:50 too close to call
Katsina- buhari wins with 90 parcent votes
Kebbi-buhari wins with 80 parcent votes
Jigawa- buhari wins with 60 parcent votes
Sokoto- buhari wins with 60parcent votes
Plateau- Atiku wins with 70 parcent votes
Nassarawa- buhari wins with 60parcent votes
Benue-Atiku wins with 70paecent votes
Kogi -buhari wins with 60 parcent votes
Kwara- buhari wins with 60parcent votes
Taraba- Atiku wins with 70parcenr votes
Niger- 50:50 too close to call
FCT-Atiku wins with 70parcent votes
Akwa ibom- Atiku wins with 70parcent votes
Rivers- Atiku wins with 70parcent votes
Cross river- Atiku wins with 70 parcent of the votes
Delta- Atiku wins with 80 parcent votes
Edo- Atiku wins with 60 parcent votes
Bayelsa- Atiku wins with 90 parcent votes
Anambra- Atiku wins with 90parcent votes
Enugu - Atiku wins with 90parcent votes
Ebonyi- Atiku wins with 90parcent votes
Abia- Atiku wins with 90 parcent votes
Lagos- 50:50 too close to call
Ondo- Atiku wins woth 60parcent votes
Ekiti- buhari wins with 60 parcent votes
Osun- buhari wins with 60 parcent votes
Ogun- 50:50 you close to call
Take this analysis to the bank. Buhari is likely to win because of high voter numbers in the north.

must commmend the effort,nice try but I can tell you for free that jigawa is out of it, ditto for some other northern states. Your figures for the northern states are by far too optimistic in favour of the incumbent cos even they themselves know it's gonna be war between apc and pdp,the reason they are preparing for contigencies by having their rigging formula and positioning judges that would determine the case in their favour
Sports / Re: Ethiopian Athlete, Sintayehu Legese Wins Lagos City Marathon Race by princejenks(m): 12:43pm On Feb 02
Isn't this just another form of capital flight? Every year,for over a decade noe,we keep organizing marathon events where nationalities of other countries emerge winners,are these events adding any value by grooming our own local marathoners?

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Politics / Re: Pendulum By Dele Momodu: Between Buhari And Atiku, My Candid Forecast by princejenks(m): 12:34pm On Feb 02
It's unfortunate how you raise your hope to the high heavens and crash land like a dead whale. No matter how you shuffle the cards, Atiku can't pull any string against Buhari anywhere except in PDP strong holds and this time around results won't be written in those places because most of the Governors are being careful.

It is also laughable how this man is banking on Titi to get SW votes, that's too myopic. Though in SW we don't vote blindly because it's about issue based and not sentiment and that's one of the reasons Atiku won't sell here because we know he is corrupt.

It's just 2 weeks to the election. Let's see how it goes.
you missed the point,SW doesn't give any one party block votes for presidential,it'll be split among apc,pdp and others based on some other considerations like the one the writer mentioned in his piece.

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Romance / Re: Come Share Your Cohabiting Experiences Guys by princejenks(m): 12:29pm On Feb 02
Cohabiting comes with it's own advantages and disadvantages. Here I listed what need do when you in such situation >>Read
pls can you share it here? Not many have the mb to check that site out,thanks
Politics / Re: Pendulum By Dele Momodu: Between Buhari And Atiku, My Candid Forecast by princejenks(m): 12:28pm On Feb 02
Those who follows Dele Momodu should know he is poor when it comes to political analysis. At the pick of PDP presidential primary, he painted a glowing narrative of how Bukola Saraki is already foreclosed as the Presidential candidate of the party. it was so eloquently stated as if he read it from the book of life. But where's saraki today? let's concede that he is a fine writer but what he writes is fuel from what he stomached and his fancies and not base on reality. Take it my people that NW, NE, NC and SW are already in the kitty for PMB. Any Objective analysis will factor in the influences of sitting governors, integrity/corruption, religion, money, ethnicity and achievements.
can you show in clear terms and using a state by state analysis how north central is already in apc's buhari's kitty?
Politics / Re: Pendulum By Dele Momodu: Between Buhari And Atiku, My Candid Forecast by princejenks(m): 12:24pm On Feb 02
Very aptly constructed piece but sai barbarians will not look past the personality and focus on the points raised. I was discussing atiku's chances with a friend yesterday and he raised similar points such that when we analyzed state by state and by regions,it became very clear to me that atiku can win cos this coming elections is the incumbent to lose cos it seemed he was cursed to never get anything right from the beginning which has produced enough ammo for the opposition to use to get rid of him. Change is inevitable,only buhari's supporters are blind not to see it coming early enough like others have

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Romance / Re: Come Share Your Cohabiting Experiences Guys by princejenks(m): 10:56am On Feb 02
Pls lets keep the comments rolling in on the topic and help take this post to front page,thanks
Romance / Re: Come Share Your Cohabiting Experiences Guys by princejenks(m): 7:08am On Feb 02

I know, and I'm prepared for the worst. Reason I'd never get married, just a baby mama agenda.
in a few years time,you'll have a change of mind on your decision

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Politics / Re: 2019: Vote Buhari For The Future Of Your Children-osinbajo by princejenks(m): 6:50am On Feb 02
For a president who has comprehension issues caused by old age induced dementia,how will he get to understand the intricacies and complexities of the numerous challenges facing the country besides chanting his programmed response of fighting corruption to solve our problems which has been flawed as an economic policy? Given the state the president is currently,he can do very little without help from the people in his close caucus whom he has delegated power to and they've already shown us in the last four years how unnationalistic their true intentions are,they are not ready to take Nigeria to any next level but only willing to prosecute their own selfish agenda while giving back a token to nigerians who desire quality leadership at a time like this,we deserve better than what we are getting. We owe it to our unborn generation to fix this buhari mistake of 2015,his likes have no business presiding over a multiethnic,multireligious and dynamic country like Nigeria,never again!


Romance / Re: Come Share Your Cohabiting Experiences Guys by princejenks(m): 5:12am On Feb 02
Thank you guys for sharing your stories on cohabitation,keep it coming
Romance / Re: Come Share Your Cohabiting Experiences Guys by princejenks(m): 11:25am On Feb 01
Still waiting for your stories guys
Politics / Re: Don't Compare Buhari with OBJ, Obasanjo Brought Corruption In Nigeria -Orji Kalu by princejenks(m): 12:58pm On Jan 30
I hate it when persons with tainted past in governance start accusing others of the very same thing they stand accused of. This needless talk about who brought corruption into the country predates 1999 cos it was one of the reasons the military gave for their intervention in the 60s

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