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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Much Have You Saved This Year? by pyro62(m): 9:03pm On Sep 13, 2022
We don't save money. We invest it cheesy


Celebrities / Re: Emeka Ani Healed By God Of The Lord's Chosen by pyro62(m): 1:50pm On Sep 08, 2022
Damnnn niggarrrr

One imaginery being up there in the sky healed him

What ever is happening to us here that makes us think it is spiritual is not spiritual

It is coincidence

See all the iigbo we you dey smoke on top empty belle. Na the result be this.


Travel / Re: Man Who Survived 4 Accidents In 1 Year Celebrates Birthday (Graphic Photos) by pyro62(m): 9:10pm On Sep 03, 2022
Seriously I just dey laugh African man,god wan kill you na.
How can't he prevent the accident in the first place,it's more logical to blame him for having the accident than thank him for survival,so the doctors wey treat you na wetin?lol
As you get the accident you for just sit down make your God heal you by himself directly,at least the doctors don't need any god to perform healing for them,they do it themself.

This is one of the most worrying things about religion - cognitive dissonance, basically. An earthquake strikes and thousands are killed. Then we see some survivor, who has just lost her home, her livelihood and seventeen members of her family, thanking God for saving her life.

Imagine a dictator - Saddam Hussein, perhaps, in his prime. He sends his soldiers into a village and slaughters 90% of the inhabitants. The he is driven in and stands on the back of a jeep and insists that the survivors kneel down and thank him for saving their lives. What is our position on that? Why do we observe behaviour by God which would be regarded as psychopathic in a human, and call it good?
They will keep insulting, and call me names for exposing their religion by questioning it.lol

Judge not the lord with your feeble senses

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Religion / Re: "Is This Christianity?" Lady Asks After Her Pastor Scolded Her For Wearing This by pyro62(m): 12:44pm On Aug 08, 2022
Although the outfit i don’t support it, but everyone should respect how anyone wants to express themselves and not jump into someone’s Dm.

I just tire sef. Even God that created her didn't give her clothes to come to the world with. Why would God now be angry with someone that wears heavy clothing or light clothing? Sense knowledge Christians always focusing on the irrelevant matters leaving the important basis of Christianity aside.
Romance / Re: Lady Spots Big Boy Who Wooed Her In Nightclub Repairing Phones At The Market by pyro62(m): 8:25pm On Aug 04, 2022
So repairing phone is now tagged a poor man work.
I just tire. Her brain doesn't contain half of what is in that man's brain obviously.
Sports / Re: Man Collapses After Losing A ₦200k Loan At A Betting Shop (Pix, Video) by pyro62(m): 8:16pm On Aug 04, 2022

Lol. Where I am you can't even be there. It will take you 20 years to be as useless as me. I am crying a river. I'm just a stupid child

Well thats the first to regaining your sanity. Telling yourself the truth! I totally agree with you.
Sports / Re: Man Collapses After Losing A ₦200k Loan At A Betting Shop (Pix, Video) by pyro62(m): 2:10pm On Aug 04, 2022

You lack basic comprehension. Who talked about gambling with forex account or revenge trading? You talk like a small child. I can't deal abeg.

I'm not the cause of your frustration stop transferring aggression please. Maybe if you focus your energy on developing your trading psychology and risk management, you wouldn't be so bitter right now. Look at your name now na. You need to see a psychiatrist for your own good because right now it can only get worse for you. Oloiburukun
Sports / Re: Man Collapses After Losing A ₦200k Loan At A Betting Shop (Pix, Video) by pyro62(m): 9:51pm On Aug 03, 2022

Oga keep deceiving yourself. I do forex and betting. Both of them have risk management unless you are not learned and have no idea what risk management is hence, you should go and check for the definition.

Okay if it works for you, that's very good. I am not fighting with you. You can gamble with your forex account, and revenge trade when you lose, I'll like to see how that turns out.
Sports / Re: Man Collapses After Losing A ₦200k Loan At A Betting Shop (Pix, Video) by pyro62(m): 9:47pm On Aug 03, 2022
You said it all.
Forex risk can be managed. there are indicators (both technical and fundamental to direct you).
At low risk, you can exit at reversals with your money intact.
Anybody that do not know why he lost in forex is dumb.
Though am yet to see the fundamentals that can forecast Crypto, apart from government restrictions that always crash it.
Banks sustain their Capital by trading forex using experts.
i do Forex not crypto.
Note: Forex Investors are not Traders.

You are very correct sir. But I don't know why you won't call investors in forex traders. Every other thing you stated is 100
Sports / Re: Man Collapses After Losing A ₦200k Loan At A Betting Shop (Pix, Video) by pyro62(m): 11:53am On Aug 03, 2022

No mind am. Forex and bet is the same thing. They both require analysis and they both have risk to reward. I see no difference. Both of them can make you lose everything if there is no risk management. In summary, there is nothing wrong with betting just treat is like a business and ensure you use proper risk management simple. Betting has made many rich.

There is no risk management in gambling, but there is risk management in forex. And this is the thin line that separates forex from gambling. Most people miss it and gamble and revenge trade in forex and of course they pay dearly for this.
Sports / Re: Man Collapses After Losing A ₦200k Loan At A Betting Shop (Pix, Video) by pyro62(m): 11:49am On Aug 03, 2022
Why didn't he use it in trading Forex. 200k Forex account can give him at least 15k daily.

You will be a veteran in blowing up multiple accounts. Your risks management comes to me a very weak.

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Career / Re: What Is Your Take On Thanking Your Boss After Receiving Your Salary? by pyro62(m): 8:07pm On Jul 31, 2022
For me it depends cos I receive pay from different mediums as a part-time teacher.

Now, some schools pay directly into my account. For these ones I don't say thank you except when I receive a pay raise from that particular school, then I can call to thank the director otherwise I don't.

You see the ones that pay by hand, I just feel courtesy demands you say thank you when you receive the money as you're sitted there with them cos it will be mannerless of you to just grab the money, sign and gerrout. So, for these ones, I say thank you.
In fact, there's one that always likes to rub it in my face that she's paying me by always complaining each time she's about to pay that " parents have not paid school fees. That she's just paying me from her pocket... Bla bla bla.. hm. Now, when someone tells you that, she's making it seem like shes doing you a favor therefore expects some thanks or appreciation from you. You will just have to say thank you.

Case closed.

Hehehehe.. Correct guy

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Politics / Re: Jide Adediran: My Combination With Funke Akindele Spells "Doom" For APC by pyro62(m): 1:39pm On Jul 14, 2022
Make I tell am? grin grin


Romance / Re: Bride Stops Her Husband From Kissing Her At Their Wedding Reception (Pix, Video) by pyro62(m): 12:59pm On Jul 13, 2022
grin Maybe he had taken a lot of alcohol and his mouth stinks.
No I think it's Jaruma that told her not to kiss him at the reception, or the kanyamata go spoil.
Celebrities / Re: Robert Pattinson The Most Handsome Man In The World According To Science (Photo) by pyro62(m): 7:35pm On Jul 02, 2022
They used the golden ratio... So it's accurate... The symmetry is perfect...

But I think Eddie Redmayne is handsome... Not perfect but I find him very attractive...

Boredberry: They used the golden ratio... So it's accurate... The symmetry is perfect...
Pyro: Hold my beer wink
Travel / Re: Canada Releases Damning Report On Nigeria, Issues Travel Advisory To Citizens by pyro62(m): 5:10pm On Jul 01, 2022
Kudos to APC, painting Nigeria black is their hobby.

What is wrong with black? Nigeria is a black nation
Celebrities / Re: R. Kelly Sentenced To 30 Years In Sex Trafficking Case by pyro62(m): 12:56am On Jun 30, 2022
So na woman end this man career and life, that shows how powerful a woman is, so sad

Olodo. Are you on this earth?
Music/Radio / Re: Name at least 10 Rap Legends From This Photo. by pyro62(m): 8:47pm On Jun 27, 2022
Lil Wayne
Jay Z

Others can fvck off

Imagine No Tupac


Eminem can't fvck off
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-kayode: Senator Ekweremadu And An Evil Soul Called David by pyro62(m): 4:36pm On Jun 26, 2022
He only wanted to "japa at all costs" like our educated Nigerians preach on the internet.

So, there is a limit not to be crossed when "japa-ing"? Several lives have been lost, breadwinners killed, working men/women defrauded because someone somewhere wants to japa. This is not new.

Vote Tinubu 2023. Vote APC.

You started off very well, at least for the most part of your comment you stated clear facts, but ended it with nonsense.
Crime / Re: Zimbabwean Makeup Artist Killed Her Husband And Hung His Body On A Tree by pyro62(m): 11:50am On Jun 26, 2022

That will serve as a deterrent to you women beaters.

Not every woman is docile.

You and that woman don't have sense. I wish you future husband can just see the nonsense you wrote, he would rather have babies out of wedlock. Where was it mentioned that the man beat her up? Arrant nonsense
Crime / Re: Zimbabwean Makeup Artist Killed Her Husband And Hung His Body On A Tree by pyro62(m): 9:34am On Jun 26, 2022

You should ask those I referred to..

I thought you are our honorable women leader grin
Politics / Re: Northern Govs’ Interest In Tinubu Not Genuine, May Ditch Him For Atiku –Akintoye by pyro62(m): 8:04am On Jun 26, 2022
I believe so too. The north would always want their person up there. They may not have a thinking brain to make critical analysis for themselves, but they are a united[b] sheeple[/b] I'll give that to them.

Tinubu should learn from Wike's travail during PDP primaries.
Crime / Re: Zimbabwean Makeup Artist Killed Her Husband And Hung His Body On A Tree by pyro62(m): 7:58am On Jun 26, 2022
Just like the wannabe redpillers will say..he might have offended the lady which in turn provoked her action..
Even though someone offends you, how does killing the person pacify your angst. I don't understand the wired connection in some women's brain.


TV/Movies / Re: Check Out This Jaw Dropping Transformation Of A Former Dark Skinned Lady by pyro62(m): 7:53am On Jun 26, 2022
God is wonderful grin
Politics / Re: Gov Wike Drags Regina Daniel's Husband by pyro62(m): 7:01am On Jun 24, 2022

But we don't know you grin
Who is we? I don't know you people either, I guess we are even wink
Politics / Re: Gov Wike Drags Regina Daniel's Husband by pyro62(m): 6:31am On Jun 24, 2022
off the mic , Mr. Guvnor.

Too much vawulence grin grin
Politics / Re: Gov Wike Drags Regina Daniel's Husband by pyro62(m): 6:29am On Jun 24, 2022
Wike the king of clap back. One thing me and wike have in common is that we don't condone nonsense!
Politics / Re: Picture Of Ukpo Nwamini David The Allage 15yrs Ekweremadu's Organ Donor. by pyro62(m): 6:26am On Jun 24, 2022
15year old get strong face like this? If his beards don't grow back in 3weeks, I might believe he is actually 15
Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Vs Oleksandr Usyk Rematch: 'i'm The Comeback King,' Says AJ by pyro62(m): 1:34pm On Jun 23, 2022
Joshua would be mauled again.
Religion / Re: Let The Dead Bury The Dead (What Jesus Actually Meant?) by pyro62(m): 8:45am On Jun 19, 2022
I come in peace to witness this violence, not to partake in it in any form but to feed off of it. I do not support the oppressor neither do I feel for the oppressed and I will not tolerate anyone who seek peace, for violence is the only option.
On this ground will I seat and witness unrest.
So help me God✋�

grin grin mumu boy! Me I must partake in this brawl o
Crime / Re: Lady Set Ablaze For Possession Of Quran In Lagos by pyro62(m): 5:05pm On Jun 10, 2022
Omooo, these northerners drag this nation to a new low every day.

Tell me you are a trader without telling me you are a trader grin grin
Religion / Re: Why I Resigned From My Job As A Pastor In Winners Chapel And Became A Babalawo by pyro62(m): 5:25pm On Jun 06, 2022

But I never challenged you to any writing contest. Spats between writers should be limited to critiquing works of art. I'm sensitive enough to spot hatchet missions from inept hustlers.
Yen yen yen grin. Give the characters in your prose names at least. angry

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