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Religion / Re: Nigerian Man Arrested In Uk For Preaching In An Open Place by Resurgent2016: 10:13am On Jul 17

They don carry this their lack of respect for personal space and public decorum go abroad....they should deport him, his preaching is needed more here in naija.

They are just simply being racist..I see white people preaching vegan and some animal rights in the same manner...they don't get arrested.


Travel / Re: Why Do African Brothers Abroad Discourage Others From Moving Abroad Too? by Resurgent2016: 3:20pm On Jul 15
Find his own way? Remember, we rise by lifting others up. I experienced same thing the poster was saying three years ago. I have a cousin who lives abroad. He has been there for a decade now and i only asked him to just help with an invite while i pay for every money that will be spent and i will work things out when i get there. Note: I'm paying for everything. This my cousin kept on giving me stories like it's not easy there that i shouldn't come. He even said i should use the money i had with me to start a business in Nigeria instead of coming there. I was like why are you still there if it's not easy? I just bone him and block him on every social platforms. A year after, i went to an agent to help on a Canadian Visa but i was duped. I'm looking forward to doing all by myself when i'm ready to go on the adventure again without involving any agent and when the soup is done, i would unblock that my cousin, so that he can see that what he failed to help me with has been achieved.

are you looking to relocate on a visiting visa? undecided

no the best for you as you may struggle to get a decent job and you make your uncle an accomplice in your illegality....he has good reason to turn you down

If you have so much cash, do a masters abroad
Politics / Re: Soludo: Why We Demolished Odumeje's Church by Resurgent2016: 7:06am On Jul 08
I am not fan of Odumeje but to be honest government is doing right thing in the wrong manner. How can you give just two months notice to church that has established for years without making temporary arrangement choices for them first or pay them compensation first to show that government is responsible? The victims who are feeding through the church are not begging government for money or their upkeep, but yet government got mind of blowing off their sources of daily income without showing more care and compassion than just to issue enforcement order.

Soludo is enjoying free, steady huge monthly and daily income, but thinks life is easy for somebody you demolish his source of income before peaking up so fast again. He will certainly loose members due to distance or otherwise ; and starting all over to raise church and members after lots of wasted investment is never so easy practically than mere talks. Government should have shown more concern by offering them temporary locations of choice within the vicinity to use and issue them compensations agreed on time so they can purchase another land and begins building.

Soludo did not really plan this thing out very well with wisdom, two months is too short even landlord won't give you that kind of short notice.

Government should compensate him for demolising an illegally erected structure?

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by Resurgent2016: 12:42am On Jul 08
Hi all, I think I need a bit of encouragement. I moved to the UK on a student visa in December. Before relocating, I was doing quite well back home. Earned around 2-3m monthly profit after expenses from my business. In fact, I wanted to reward myself with a Range Rover Evoque (about 13m) then but Nigeria was in a bad state and I used up my savings to fund my relocation. I landed with high hopes, about £4000 in cash. The reason for my earlier statements is not to brag, but to show you that I was doing well, and I just felt coming here would be saner. I loved it here whenever I travel for vacation, so I was without doubt that life here would be easier.

To my main aim of writing, I think I am depressed. I could not find a job in my first 3 months here. The only job available that most students were doing was care, and I wasnt vaccinated, so I could not start. I eventually started in March and the job gives me a mental breakdown each time. I am on my feet for 11 hours, and get sent around by staff who feel they are better than agency workers, I get hit by residents, I have been racially abused several times ,I did it for 2 months and I had to quit.

I have looked for warehouse jobs, not been lucky. Even customer care work, they reject because of my visa status. I am fast losing it, there is so much my brain can take as a woman. Does anyone know how else I can get a job, I stay in Bradford, so anything around Leeds is fine. I can even work in Manchester if the pay is okay. Please help.

hi bro, send a PM, I may be able to share somethings to help

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Politics / Re: Buhari’s Economic Scorecard Is Disastrous ~ Punch Editorial by Resurgent2016: 6:34pm On Jul 03
this is the failure the likes of mannabbqgrills campaigned for 8 years.....may history judge them all


Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by Resurgent2016: 12:15am On Jul 03
Theranos raised over $1billion in early stage funding without a vetted MVP right in the heart of start up country (silicon valley)....and there are many others like that


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Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by Resurgent2016: 12:09am On Jul 03

cheesy Nice and interesting. Since we are learning, and you must know certain things which I may not know, Please kindly cite some examples of Fraudulent startups which VCs have funded.

That would prove your point.
Thank you.

Chief early stage funding is largely based on your ability to sell a concept sometimes backed by a pilot project which is often heavily loss making but you try to create a spin around being able to break-even on scaling or with time. In fact pre-seed companies essentially sell ideas with often no real proof-of-concept.

The $1m that was invested for many big VC/PE funds is chicken change and they esssentially have a diversified portfolio with high rate of redundancies already built in. So they can afford to take the high road on a convincing pitch deck even without any real proof of concept because if successful they can do as much as ×100 in capital appreciation in a few years...if they are targetinh x100, they only need 1 in 100 firms to deliver on their expectation to break even

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Crime / Re: Woman, Daughter, 8Yr-Old Granddaughter Raped, Strangled To Death In South Africa by Resurgent2016: 6:21pm On Jun 30
3 countries that should be recolonised: Nigeria, Zimbabwe and south Africa.

The news from these countries show they are probably better under the supervision of others

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Family / Re: Genotype Is About To Break My Relationship, Please Help by Resurgent2016: 9:25pm On Jun 29


If your calc goes wrong and you birth a ss child (which is quite probable) you'll probably regret meeting your spouse. The financial and emotional stress of catering for a constantly sick child is no joke....think well before you leap
Travel / Re: Finally I'm In America by Resurgent2016: 6:20am On Jun 22

But it's so extreme in US

You better rebuke the spirit that is stopping you from progress. If america was so bad, dont you think there would be a net migration outwards?

As someone above said, until you leave Nigeria for a more developed country you will never realise how much of your destiny your leaders have wasted

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Crime / Re: Who Will Help Me Track Segun406 by Resurgent2016: 11:33am On Jun 17

Segun406 submitted your name, pictures, phone number and address to the Nigerian army.
You cannot track him anymore as he's being protected under national assylum.
If you want to get him come to the Nigerian army base Kaduna and get him, that's if them born you well.
However we're waiting for the directives from our Area Command so we'll send in our boys to come to owerri and pick you up soon.

This is the writing style of chief troll: newdelhi and his many monikers
Family / Re: Abroad Marriage by Resurgent2016: 6:19pm On Jun 12
Yes he does, he will file for her. He wanted someone from his tribe and he got it. It's not a deceitful marriage. I have noticed that most Igbo guys come down to marry girls from their tribe especially those that studied nursing/nurses.

Many women were made "wife-for-breeding" here in Nigeria with such promise. Just double-check to be sure and possibly only get pregnant when papers are ready.

Generally, most guys abroad will prefer fellow africans. Forget the nairaland alpha males who deride African women and exalt white girls. African women are generally more understanding, tolerant and family-oriented so there is good reason to come back home and marry beyond the profession.


Business / Re: If You're Owing A Loan App... What To Do. by Resurgent2016: 6:08pm On Jun 12
Were you forced to collect the loan?, If the interest is to high. Don't you have families to collect money from?. Must you collect the loan undecided, you are a thief if you know

those loans are immoral and exploit the failure of the government to protect its citizens from exploitative companies. Those loans are specifically targeted are people in desperate financial circumstances with no collateral to offer. In other words, they are designed to prey on the financially vulnerable.....why will you provide a loan for 10% in 2 weeks (240% a year) to someone who has stable source of income to repay?

It likes justifying employers who exploit their employees through very poor pay and inhumane working conditions by saying they were not forced to work for the company.....have you considered they were too desperate to say "no" to the job offer because they needed to make ends meet somehow?

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Business / Re: If You're Owing A Loan App... What To Do. by Resurgent2016: 6:01pm On Jun 12
Lies! They cannot write to your bank. They probably safely stored your information on filling detail and not contacts or photos...they can only access your phone for those if permissions were not denied. I have also heard from a lot of people that their contacts could not be accessed. That being said, you can't successfully auto-debit accounts if the initial information granted were changed. Like the ATM pin. Get out of here! Freeze which account? An illegal organization having the ability to get banks freeze an account....you think you're talking to an illiterate like yourself? On what grounds? cheesy

They can initiate a request to blacklist your BVN and freeze funds in other accounts, its just the money involved is too small to justify those measures...
Family / Re: Abroad Marriage by Resurgent2016: 4:38pm On Jun 12
I would have posted this in the travel section but the people there are still processing their visa, they aren't living with their spouses yet. Someone I know is getting married to a US based man she has never met before. She will meet him for the first time next month when he arrives for the wedding. He saw her picture on a mutual friends WhatsApp, he sends lots of money and they communicate via video calls. I will be attending the wedding to witness the miracle with my two eyes. I also know a schoolmate that did this same type of marriage, she also met the man physically on the week of their traditional wedding.

My question is, do you know anyone that has done this type of marriage and is enjoying it. Like you know them personally, not just because they are posting happy pictures online. If you did this type of marriage, are you enjoying it? Were your expectations met after you landed abroad and started living with your husband or were there disappointments? Everyone sees it as miracle marriage but then I worry about what life will be like living with someone I haven't spent some time with.

Does he have firm plans to relocate her after the wedding (emphasis on "firm"wink.

The marriage will at best deceitful without that.

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Family / Re: My 17yrs Old Son Is Getting Out Of Hand by Resurgent2016: 9:26am On Jun 09
I'm a single mother of two teenage sons, lost my husband 10 years ago and have been struggling to cater for them singlehandedly. My first son is 19 and the last 17 years but I'm getting fed up with the disrespect and regret not taking them to the village so I could remarry.

They both left secondary school and working to save up for school and I don't ask them for a dime. My last son suddenly started behaving like a tout, pierced both ears and turning his hair to dread, takes my stuff without my permission and even to extent of holding my hands when I get furious to beat him.

My first son is dating a girl and spends all his money on her to the extend of asking me for transport fare sometimes. Sometimes they come home by 10 or 11pm and are ready to fight me if I get furious to discipline them.

What broke the camel's back was that my last son went to a friend's bday party overnight without telling me, my first son said he called to tell him he won't return and NONE OF THEM TOLD ME under my roof.

I've tried talking calmly, denying certain privilege and discipline but it keeps getting worse, my last option is to take them back to their father's village before I die of hbp.

I'm depressed nairalanders�, please I seek matured advice, thanks.

Please help me push to front page

Do they have any male role model or mentor e.g an uncle or somebody quite senior they respect/admire or can respect.

Having a father figure they can emulate will probably help.

They are currently being wrongly influenced by their peers
TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:33pm On Jun 07
....bravery is the product of fear


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:31pm On Jun 07
...money is not always power (APC convention again comes to mind)


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:29pm On Jun 07
...where there are 2 kings, people follow the richer one (APC convention comes to mind)


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:28pm On Jun 07
...mere words do not make you a king


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:19pm On Jun 07
..a lions doesnt concern itself with the sheep


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:19pm On Jun 07
....you have no honour


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:18pm On Jun 07
...if you can't do the dirty work, inspire others to do it for you


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:18pm On Jun 07
...all men must die


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:17pm On Jun 07
...why no one encourages you to have fun


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:17pm On Jun 07
...violence is violence


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:08pm On Jun 07
...chaos is a ladder


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:07pm On Jun 07
....when a dog wears a crown....


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:07pm On Jun 07
...if e easy do am


TV/Movies / Re: Fascinating GOT Quotes by Resurgent2016: 9:06pm On Jun 07
...building a wall invites the curiosity of neighbours


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