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Politics / Re: UNILAG Vs Abuja Stadium, Which One Command More Respect For MKO Abiola by rusep: 10:45am On Jun 13
One Man meat is another man poison
Health / Re: My Fiancée Has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), She Is Always In Pains by rusep: 11:13am On May 19
I am sorry about your fiancee, I pray you will have a solution


Politics / Re: If Kano Is Apc,why Didnt Apc Allow A Free And Fair Rerun by rusep: 7:19am On Mar 24
I hope the people of KANO have now seen that APC is a fraudalent party hiding under Buhari fake integrity.

Continue lamenting
Politics / Re: Atiku, Religious Factors Responsible For Voters Apathy In Kaduna – PDP Chieftain by rusep: 10:16am On Mar 10
PDP and their lies

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Politics / Re: Atiku: What's The Best Caption For This Picture? by rusep: 8:39pm On Mar 04
My money oooh
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Now A Political Relic by rusep: 6:20pm On Feb 27
The Man no wan talk again
Politics / Re: I Pity Middle Belt And Christians That Voted Buhari In by rusep: 1:49pm On Feb 25
Because you love your popular candidate so you vote buhari in thinking he'll rig the state for your candidate.

E.g abia,imo, ebonyi,delta,benue etc

You'll cry more in this next 4 years

Pity yourself
Politics / Re: Why Should I Vote Atiku After This!!!! by rusep: 11:27am On Feb 17
I know some bia..... will not like this
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Sixty-six Killed In Kaduna On Eve Of Presidential Election by rusep: 6:33pm On Feb 15
We know their plan is to discredit Buhari, but they will fail, we are still going to elect PMB

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Politics / Why The North Hate PDP by rusep: 6:06pm On Feb 15


By Sharon Faliya Cham

The PDP is a creation of the north at a time the north was in control of all the levers of power in 1998, and in total deference to the unmatchable political liberalism and generosity of spirit of the north, the entire northern power brokers both in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Peoples Party (APP) pulled all the levers of power at their disposal to move power from the north to the south, and to ensure a smooth cession of that power to the south, all the power brokers made sure the candidates of both parties emerged from the same region and even the same religious faith. In good faith, they pulled General Olusegun Obasanjo out of prison and made him candidate of the PDP and ultimately the presidency.

But then, it didn't take long before this very same PDP that was generously created by the north turned itself completely against the north and her interests. It became a machine that was deployed by the beneficiaries of northern generosity to wage war against the cohesiveness of the north and her wellbeing. Sitting pretty as President, one of the first things Obasanjo did was a selective mass retirement of northern military officers from service, which was followed by the relocation of some key military hardware out of the north plus the relocation of certain federal agencies from Abuja back to Lagos in clear abuse of the centrality of location of the Federal Capital Territory to all regions of Nigeria!

When murmurings from the north over this open war against her interests became loud screams, President Olusegun Obasanjo arrogantly said those who thought they invested in making him President in order to control him should consider their investment as bad investment, a statement that was loudly cheered and applauded by certain bigots and nepotists across Nigeria at that time. In other words, what Obasanjo plainly meant was that the north should regard their investment of their time, power and resources in pulling him out of prison into the presidential villa as bad investment, which literally meant he was going to go on with his deliberate warfare against the interests of the north.

And before you could say anything more, President Obasanjo vigorously pursued a policy of liberalization of importation of textile materials so that the textile factories in Kaduna and Kano as well as the cotton farms and cotton businesses in the entire north would die, and he succeeded. Imported textile materials became cheaper in our markets, killing off any competition from our local textile factories, and because our textile factories could not match the competition, considering that Obasanjo has refused to ban the importation of textile materials, our cotton farmers subsequently lost their cotton market. With that huge loss of market and revenue, poverty began to set in. This was the same picture in other aspects of agriculture whereby the Obasanjo government encouraged the importation of basic food items like rice, wheat and even corn. The net result was a huge public appetite for foreign food items, with the local varieties being scorned and shunned, such that only the very poor could be seen patronising the locally produced staples. The economic implication of that policy was that foreign farmers and their nations continued to become wealthier with our cash while our own farmers continued to grow in poverty with the nation losing its opportunity to diversify its economy and boost its foreign exchange market and tax revenue.

With such system firmly in place, what do you expect? Of course, apathy for farming grew with both our young and old ones shunning it, as it was neither profitable nor seen to be respectful. The famous northern cotton and groundnut pyramids disappeared. Search for nonexistent white collar jobs increased without success. Frustration began to set in with education losing its appeal and glamour, especially since graduates could no longer secure jobs, and before you knew it the number of jobless youths (and even old people) thronging the homes and offices of politicians to beg for money grew astronomically!

With textile factories closed down and agriculture reduced to a mere subsistence level, other factories that were very functional during the military era also took a Tysonian hit from the PDP and collapsed. Example is the STEYR motor plant in Bauchi that was building and assembling trucks, tractors, agricultural machines and military tanks and vehicles apart from the famous Bauchi meat factory that was a source of healthy meat for the state and its catchment areas. The cities of Kano, Kaduna, Zaria and others were also famous for having several other factories that were producing and assembling cars, trucks, motorcycles, plastics and other products apart from their famous textile factories. All of them began to die since the PDP and Obasanjo took over power in 1999, and by the time the crime machine was sent out of power in May 2015 virtually all of them have died!

Well, that was not all of the blow and persecution the north suffered from the PDP, for while the north was waiting patiently for Obasanjo's eight years to peter out, Obasanjo had other mischievous ideas. Since he couldn't secure his coveted Third Term in office, which could still have been disastrous for the north and the entire country in general, Obasanjo carefully and mischievously sought out an ailing Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and paired him with a rattle snake called Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who had the deceptive look of a holy monk in a monastery, and foisted them on the country as President and Vice President. Probably to fulfil Obasanjo's secret desires, which we may not know now, President Yar'Adua barely governed for two years and then died, leaving the door wide open for Jonathan to succeed him. Then one of the worst forms of persecution and open warfare against the north and its entire value systems was unleashed, apparently as an official policy of the administration.

On hand as a tool was Boko Haram, which has earlier been decidedly reduced to ashes in September 2009 by President Yar'Adua but which was cleverly brought back to life effectively on October 1, 2010 when a group of bombers from the Niger Delta blew some IEDs in the heart of Abuja city for which President Jonathan and his acolytes openly blamed it on northerners in spite of earlier claims to the attacks by the Niger Delta bombers. It later emerged in court documents in South Africa that President Jonathan and his inner circle actually green-lighted the bombings so that they would be pinned on the north as a weapon of political blackmail and as a means to curry sympathies and political favours from minority ethnic groups plus one of the major religions. It was in such a suspicious situation that Boko Haram quickly became ''Boko Haram'', with a great ability to deploy a long convoy of militarized trucks to seize and bomb out villages, towns and cities, always gliding easily through the uncountable military checkpoints set up all over the north by President Jonathan and his military generals who were supposedly operating a reign of State of Emergency to ''crush Boko Haram''!

And while all this well coordinated attacks and destruction of the north was going on, all bigoted groups and persons got themselves aiding and abetting Jonathan by heaping the blame for this very same northern destruction on northern leaders, which was a contradiction of sorts because the terrorists (or insurgents) were mainly seeking out the same northern leaders to kill them, especially northern leaders that were not members of the PDP of which among the victims was the highly respected General Mamman Shuwa. Emirs were attacked with some killed while some of them fled their thrones, becoming refugees for about two years until after Buhari who himself was targeted to be bombed to pieces was sworn in as President at the end of May 2015!

As if the death of all the textile factories and other factories in the north was not enough, ''Boko Haram'' went on rampage against cattle markets, schools, and places of worship. It was like the entire socioeconomic system of the north was programmed for complete destruction. And to accentuate this complete economic destruction, the Jonathan regime ordered the closure of all international flights at the Aminu Kano International Airport such that it became extremely difficult for northern business men and women to embark on international business deals. In short, the north was in complete siege, and this was the state it was in during the buildup to the 2015 general elections. And because it was not lost on northerners that their region has been raped, plundered, denigrated and mocked by the PDP over the years, it became difficult to see PDP flags and offices in the north prior to the 2015 elections except in certain places in the north where some people seemed to have been programmed by Jonathan, Olisa Metuh, Femi Fani-Kayode, Ayo Oritsejafor and their types to believe that the PDP was established by missionaries in 1808 to bring salvation to their souls while the APC was an Islamic party created by Muslim Jihadists holding long drawn swords and galloping wildly on horses towards them to forcefully Islamize them!

In other words, crooks and gangsters sold the PDP to them as an emblem of their faith whereas in truth, accepting such a crime machine as an emblem of faith is itself a sheer demonstration of faithlessness in the faith they purport to adhere to, because there has been nothing edifying and neither has there been anything moralising about the PDP to make any sane, rational God worshipping human being to regard it as an object of adoration much less of faith. In any case, it has always been the norm worldwide since the Fall of Man for crooks to assert themselves in power and authority by causing and promoting rifts among the people they seek to plunder. You are either wise and resilient against them or you become a pawn in their hands to sustain their empire of greed and avarice. Of course, let me sound sarcastic by saying the PDP now has a presidential candidate for the 2019 elections who is a bishop with four wives, and his great passion and love for Christianity is such that he has built over 100 mosques across the country without building a single church. And to further cement his love and admiration for Christianity, he got his only Christian wife to convert to Islam and even changed her name to a befitting Islamic name!

Well then, this is 2019; what has changed with the PDP? Actually nothing has changed with the party, rather it has proven to be the same crime machine it has always been by putting forward a northern presidential candidate that was Vice President for eight years when the party was busy killing off the economy of the north apart from having the excess baggage of being documented in his former boss's book and the files of the US Congress as well as in certain influential press materials as an established thief that is not worthy of being trusted with any public office. And not surprisingly, today everyone that has openly hated the north has queued up behind him, including essayists that have consistently written all manner of insults, contempt and disdain for the region and its leaders, and their lining up behind him is not borne out of any belief about him being a unifying factor, for they do not even believe in the unity of the country, rather they see him as one through whom they can line themselves back to power to continue from where they stopped, and their only point of attraction together is their combined mutual love and affection for corruption.

If the north looks over its shoulder and take a good glance at the type of people that have queued up behind Atiku Abubakar, it should have cause to shudder over what will become of it after they succeed him by whatever means. You can't have your sworn enemies lining up behind someone or something and yet feel comfortable with it, but thankfully enough that's not the case here, and that's because the north has a good memory of the kind of afflictions it suffered under the PDP as much as it is dutifully aware of the authors of those afflictions. The PDP symbol in the north today is viewed with such horror similar to the way and manner the Jews and much of the free world view the Nazi swastika symbol. And it is not as if the north was the only victim of the PDP crime machine, no, it was the entire country that was plundered and stunted by it. But the point I am stressing here is the fact that, virtually everybody that hates the north and its values loves the PDP with great passion in spite of the fact that the party was a creation of the north. Just take a good look at some of the groups and persons lining up behind Atiku Abubakar viz a vis their utterances recently or in the past, and figure it out.

Mercifully, with the resumption of work at the Mambilla hydroelectric dam in Taraba State, which was abandoned for 45 years; the completion and commissioning of the Baro sea port in Niger State; the resumption of work on the Ajaokuta steel rolling mill; the development of railway infrastructure that was abandoned for over 16 years; the reconstruction of our roads; the resumption of oil exploration in the north, and the massive investment in agriculture, all by the Buhari administration makes it clear that the glory and prestige of the north have been restored. It's only a matter of time before the long dead textile factories and other factories rev back to life just as it is also a matter of little time before the famous cotton and groundnut pyramids rise up towards the sky again. And with the Baro sea port, which is the first of its kind in the north, now functional, northern big time business men and women have been saved the hassles of having to move their imported goods from far ports, and it also opens a whole new vista of export opportunities for all categories of merchants.

For these and with these alone, including much more to come in the NEXT LEVEL, the north is in safe hands, and that's why they will massively reject the PDP that has proven to be antithetical to their interests and wellbeing.
Politics / Re: Buhari Will Win Because This Election Is Between Yoruba And Igbo. by rusep: 4:32pm On Feb 14
The forthcoming presidential election is set to be a straight fight between APC and PDP – no doubt!

With a *Buhari/Osinbajo* (APC) ticket in one party and an *Atiku/Obi* (PDP) ticket on the other, my question is to the Yoruba nation about our collective good or collective interest as a group.

This is not the time to be shy or try to be holier than thou. Under all sorts of pretences, every group is presently trying to look after themselves. Don’t just be deceived as we don’t have that United Nigeria yet. This is our present reality in Nigeria until it changes – hopefully in the future.

Both Atiku and Buhari are Fulani Muslims. Whether it is an Atiku or a Buhari Presidency, the north wins. Abi? The North is already settled!

If Atiku wins, another Hausa/ Fulani cabal will emerge and ‘cage’ him. Cabal is not exclusive to Buhari. Cabal is an English word! Whether Buhari or Atiku, the same ni! Oko eru Fulani la wa! Make no mistake about that! We are still under the same Hausa/Fulani oligarchy and hegemony!

So both Osinbajo and Obi are southern Christians and both probably Pentecostal or at least Christians. There is no contest of religion in this case at all. That makes things more simple and straightforward.

The competition is really going to be between South West and South East. I am guessing the South East will massively vote for their own – so PDP! No second-guessing that! You can’t blame them as they’ve always voted PDP anyway.

So please reflect carefully and answer me sincerely as a Yoruba.
1. Which ticket; APC or PDP serves the Yoruba nation better under the current situation?
2. What would be the compelling reason to support a ticket that not only disadvantages but also excludes your own group completely? I personally cannot remember a time in history when the South East collective vote has benefitted the South West. I stand to be corrected!!!

As popular as June 12, 1993 mandate given to our dear MKO, whose life was later sacrificed for this democracy was, South East didn’t vote for him then. He won in only 1 state of old Anambra. He lost the other 3 states then who voted massively for the relatively unknown Tofa.

Let’s face it, the next presidential election is a straight contest between Yoruba and Igbo. My Yoruba brothers and sisters, let us not, in the name of political sophistication, manoeuvre ourselves into a position of weakness in the political scheme of Nigeria. There is no Yoruba face on the Atiku/Obi ticket! Period! That doesn’t portend any good for us Yoruba! Simple!

Yoruba will be excluded, marginalised and sidelined into oblivion in an Atiku/Obi presidency (God forbid!).

I plead with Yoruba sons and daughters to massively vote for OSINBAJO, the best vice president we have ever had, a grandson in- law to our beloved and revered father, Obafemi Awolowo- the best president Nigeria never had. Remember Baba Awolowo and do what is right. Osinbajo is a son we should be proud of. He has represented us well so far and will continue to do so, by the grace of God! He is one of our best! He is sound, with impeccable integrity; erudite and articulate! He will continue to make up for Buhari’s lapses, shortcomings, old age, sickness, Baba-go-slow, etc, while also protecting Yoruba interests. We need to have our own man in the room please. Please let us vote wisely. Time to drop any emotional attachment to PDP is now.
God bless you.
*Note: Please share this write-up with your Yoruba contacts home and abroad. Engage in meaningful brainstorming with Yoruba interests in mind and convince yourselves fairly as you make a decision. NIGERIA IS NOT YET A COUNTRY, unfortunately! Maybe it will ever be, no one knows. In the meantime, we have to make do with whatever Nigeria is while protecting our interests carefully! Oodua a gbe wa o!*

What you said is correct, a word is enough for the wise.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Invoking Curses On His Head For Abusing Obasanjo – Bode George by rusep: 7:27pm On Feb 11
Even confirmed thief dey talk, no shame


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Blasts Kenneth Okonkwo: "You Are A Liar & A Disgrace" by rusep: 8:35pm On Dec 29, 2018
By the time Buhari get his second term, some people will end up in Psychiatric hospital

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Politics / Re: SDP 2019: G19 Response To Chief Olu Falae Press Statement by rusep: 7:59pm On Dec 28, 2018
Confused party

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Politics / Re: 2019: Atiku Interprets Buhari’s Four Fingers’ Gesture To Lawmakers, Speaks On 12 by rusep: 8:29am On Dec 27, 2018
Atiku should interpret his not going to America

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Politics / Re: Busted: Atiku Lied, I Never Received His Call – Widow Of Slain Soldier by rusep: 11:03am On Dec 24, 2018
Must he lied, this guy is desperador
Politics / Re: Abdulmumin Jibrin Donates 150 Branded Cars For Buhari And Ganduje's Re-election by rusep: 3:58pm On Dec 22, 2018
Some people would not like this ooooh. Atiku bring money oooh
Politics / Re: 2019 Election: Vice Presidential Debate (Live Updates) by rusep: 7:48pm On Dec 14, 2018
Peter Obi said that if the vice president is doing the right thing, he would not have problems with the president. Then what happened Between Atiku and obasanjo?

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Politics / Re: FG Forcing PDP Governors To A Secret Deal — Secondus Raises Alarm by rusep: 7:21pm On Dec 12, 2018
cripple them all

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Politics / Re: Channels TV And The Shame Of Corporate Conceit, By Ken Tadaferua by rusep: 7:18pm On Dec 12, 2018
Channel TV has lost its respect ever since Magu threatened to detain John Momoh, the founder of channels.
Any news or opinion you see on channels have already been vetted by the "presidency" before broadcast.

But AIT earned your respect? Hypocrisy of the highest...
Politics / Re: Borno State Government Plans To Immortalize BH Founder Mohammed Yusuf by rusep: 5:32pm On Nov 24, 2018
PDP fake news

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Tayammum (dry Ablution) by rusep: 12:46pm On Nov 16, 2018
Thanks for sharing
Politics / Re: Why Peter Obi Is Taking The Bullet. by rusep: 8:20pm On Nov 11, 2018
Is pay back period, the same thing the igbo lliterate masses think of Buhari

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Politics / Re: FG Uncovers Massive Land Fraud In Abuja by rusep: 4:27pm On Oct 29, 2018

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Politics / Re: Fayose Lambasts Bishop Who Said He Wasted Four Years As Ekiti Governor by rusep: 4:26pm On Oct 29, 2018
Wasted four years

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Career / Re: Man uses 7.5 Million Venza For Selling Bread by rusep: 6:07pm On Oct 26, 2018
Eat at your on risk
Politics / Re: Alleged Corruption At The Nigerian College Of Aviation Technology, Zaria. Photos by rusep: 2:36pm On Oct 23, 2018
Politics / Re: Killings In Kaduna by rusep: 12:26pm On Oct 22, 2018
Sometimes I wonder if people really love each other. How comes that no one is talking about the killing of Christians in kasuwan mageni, maraba Rido and kujama all in kaduna state since thursday. People has lost count on the number of casualties, as four major hospitals mortuary has been filled with dead bodies. Namely saint Gerald, kakuri general hospital, 44 hospital and barau dikko. I personally witnessed how dead bodies were offloaded from a van to mortuary. May God save this country. Mods please push this to the front page to create awareness.

Haba! Fear God, this places you mention are predominantly Christians settlements, are they killing themselves?
Crime / Re: 3 Corpses Found Prophet' Kelechukwu Blessed Iwuanyanwu's House by rusep: 4:54pm On Oct 20, 2018
That's a ritualist not a pastor

A Pastor is a Pastor


Politics / Re: Nigerian Teenager Godgift Zacharias Writes Open Letter To President Buhari by rusep: 6:30pm On Sep 18, 2018

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