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Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 12:42pm On Dec 03, 2023

When that picture was uploaded, you haven't smell menstruation...
You knw go rest bah?
Old for nothing
Go and get a life
Romance / Re: Ta Ta Ta Tasha Trending by S1MP: 12:28pm On Dec 03, 2023
I know it's ok to show case your cleverage but this it's not compulsory . Looking at her physic you will notice so many dysfunctional rough patches. I can deduce she isn't a neat woman. It doesn't matter if you have plenty underwear, Cloths. Neatness comes from within to their outter appearance, most cases in women. She is not beautiful and she's not an eye catcher.
Body shaming?

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Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 11:37am On Dec 03, 2023

You are making my point for me you dumb maggot cheesy
You made your username Simp because you are on a crusade. In your haste, you have become what you claim to be railing against. You claim not everything is black and white but you seem to paint everything black and white because you are the only claiming misogyny in my posts even though the only person and thing I have attacked on this thread is you and the dumbness of your logic.

You are now so much of a demented goat that you are now seeing misogyny everywhere even going as far as making an assumption about my motivations. What a sad shell of a monkey. Those people must have done a number on you for you to now be seeing that everywhere. Better grow a brain and start learning how to think. Don't just abandon your brain because you think you are fighting for a good cause. What a buffoon.

I know it will take you 10 years to understand anything I just wrote because you are too dumb to think but just take your time to ask yourself what your brain is for and why you aren't using it 😀
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by S1MP: 10:56am On Dec 03, 2023

Redpill.goes.out the window the moment women have Standards
Remember that if you're short, bald and ugly... No amount of redpill can save you

Continue the perpetual self deceit

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Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 10:01am On Dec 03, 2023

Stupid dog still holding on the wrong logic. If I had that anger I would have replied the lady and started insulting her like the others have been. That is none of my business. Keep deflecting. Your logic failed. Admit it and go cry like a baby. Open my profile and see if you will find any comment or post or topic relating to red-pill thread there. Mugu.

The thing really pain the mugu. Foolish goat took to calling himself a simp because he thinks he is on some sort of crusade about helping women so much so that he just has to support or antagonize without thinking first. Clown cheesy
"Your logic has failed"
I wonder whose logic is defunct here lol. Nice projection
I made my username S1MP because of sanctimonious dullards like you who think life is black and white. Fools like you who think your misogynistic principles is the way to live life
It triggered you? Good.
That was the intended aim
Useless man

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Romance / Re: As A Girl Why Will Your Private Part Be Smelling? by S1MP: 9:31am On Dec 03, 2023
See them
Just a while ago, they bashed the hell out of a girl just because she said she didn't like short and bald men
Now here they are, talking about smelly female private parts
The hypocrisy stinks

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Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 8:58am On Dec 03, 2023

Dumb goat. You obviously failed at school. I don't care about what the lady wrote or what the guy wrote in response to her. We have a lot of hate on this site everyday and that is none of my business. You see I didn't actually make any comment on this thread until I saw yours.

My business is with a king of morons like you who took it upon himself to insert himself into the conversation by taking sides then actually fumbled the logic on which he is laying the foundation of his argument on. You be heavy mugu bro 😁

If you had actually replied him with an example of all the red-pill woman-hating on this site initially as an example of why his anger is unwarranted, I would have agreed and even respected you as a person. But no, you had to hold on to body shaming and try to condemn him for it even though that's exactly what the OP is doing.

You are a simp. You are a fool. You are a goat. You are a clown. I feel sorry for the waste of human being that you have become. All that atrophied brain sloshing around in your head because you don't even know how to use it. grin
All this bile, anger and spit just because a woman said she doesn't want short and bald men (which is reasonable) and other people seem to agree with her. Logical man indeed
You saw and completely lost your marbles, lmfao
Go back to your redpill threads and go and meet your fellow cult members. This isn't an echo chamber for you

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Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 8:37am On Dec 03, 2023

You are not just a simp. You are a very daft simp. You are calling someone out for body shaming someone who opened a thread that is literally about body shaming people and you think you have sense. 🤡

Too many demented morons in this forum.
Retardèd ape, is this the only thing you can come up with?
Is there not a so called redpill thread on this site that has over 2000 pages that is filled with nothing but standards for women?
Now that the other party is saying the same thing, they're bodyshamers?


Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 11:32pm On Dec 02, 2023

Having large eye brows are masculine features.

I was a photographer. I can tell a beautiful gal. I have done retouching and there are certain features we try to correct

If she goes for make up they will first resize those eye brows to look feminine.
Make are nose up to appear smaller.

Lips are too big .

Omo una no sabi fine gal for Nigeria.

I will look at her and bring her to her level.

U dey whine

1. Large eyebrows are masculine features?
Are you sure you aren't gay this man
If it's a masculine feature, then how come women go after it via natural or artificial methods? Shouldn't they leave it alone since it's a masculine trait?
I also see no problem with her nose, that's how African nose looks like. Unless you want it to be Caucasian nose... Which is impossible for Africans to have
Lips? Wetin you day.talk gan

Between her standards and your own, na your own come ridiculous pass. Yet you get mind to drag am

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Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 11:23pm On Dec 02, 2023

I said what I saw.

If she doesn't take the log out of her eyes. I will give her a mirror to see it untill she takes it out.

Nigga looks like a man.

I will never date a man looking woman.

Look like a man as how
You sure say you day see well?
Or are you seeing what you want to see just so you can justify your dumb insults?
I still don't see why you needed to insult her

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Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 11:20pm On Dec 02, 2023

With your ayamataga wig.

You wey look like man?

Breast you no get.

Na dat button for chest.

I sure say yansh you no go get.

Carry sponge put for head.

See your big 👄 lips.

Sometimes you gals don't know that without yansh and breast alot of you are ugly and bald headed.

Na why na few of you dey fine when you have a low cut.

Your skin self no fresh.

Your nose big.

You get hair for chest and legs I sure with your eye brow like macho man.

Look at the second pics without your hair. Who no go think say na man. Omoh. Spits

Imagine stopping this low to body shame somebody because you didn't meet her requirements
Shameless man

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Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 10:49pm On Dec 02, 2023
Y is everyone attarking the op .she just said wat she wished for .instead of u guys to pray dat God gives her her spec,men who fell short of these requirements are angry and insulting her..if not that I am married I passed all her requirement .op dear may God give u wat u want amen
Na their insecurities day talk
Don't mind them
They can list requirements from now till tomorrow but cry foul the minute the other side does the same


Romance / Re: The Type Of Men I Don't Want (personal Opinion) by S1MP: 10:44pm On Dec 02, 2023
expect a photoshoped husband soon or better of , use corel draw to design one, then we will put life into him
Short man don drop quote
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Useless And Lazy. Claims Sickness Whenever I Ask Her To Work. by S1MP: 5:11pm On Nov 20, 2023
Tales by moonlight
Romance / Re: Narrative of an ignorant girl. by S1MP: 5:10pm On Nov 20, 2023

I will slap you. Am I your mate?
I'm older and wiser than you

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Romance / Re: MICROCHIMERISM: Why Virginity Is Important by S1MP: 3:43pm On Nov 20, 2023
Its always women, everything is always about women, it can never be about a man. Weldone
Write your own facts about men if you think it's lacking
Or are you waiting for someone else to do the work for you.
If that's the case, then you shouldn't complain

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Romance / Re: Narrative of an ignorant girl. by S1MP: 3:41pm On Nov 20, 2023
Stupid post

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Crime / Re: How A Sales Boy Try To Dupe His Boss Using Me by S1MP: 11:48am On Nov 20, 2023
You're wasting your time. He'd rather give it to a criminal trying to defraud his boss than give it to a hungry man who doesn't know where the next meal is coming from.
Stop quoting yourself
Technology Market / Re: SOLD!UK Used Apple Macbook Pro Retina 12 A1534 EMC (2746) by S1MP: 6:28pm On Nov 19, 2023


Technology Market / Re: Ipad 8th Gen 32GB For Sale by S1MP: 12:26pm On Nov 18, 2023

Romance / Re: Iphone X 256g For Sale by S1MP: 9:15am On Nov 09, 2023
Very neat , 3month old iphone x for sale.

Working in perfect condition.

Price : 150k not negotiable

Call/WhatsApp: 09066040656

Location: Lagos, abule egba axiz
120k drop aza
Romance / Stomach pain Woke Me Up This Morning by S1MP: 4:14am On Nov 06, 2023
Hunger woke me up this morning
See as I just day.
I never chop anything since the day before yesterday
Woke up this morning around 3 with serious belly pain
See as my belle day growl because e day vex
Omo, hunger is a bad thing o
I don try to sleep back but no way
The tummy pain is too evident
Hope this isn't ulcer
Technology Market / Re: Ipad 8th Gen 32GB For Sale by S1MP: 10:09pm On Nov 04, 2023
Computers / Re: Dell 15. Intel Core I7, 6th Generation 2tb by S1MP: 10:50pm On Nov 03, 2023
What exactly are you selling
No model number
No clear specifications regarding the GPU

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Romance / Re: 50 Bluepilled Lies Men Were Told As Children (speedy's musings) by S1MP: 1:58pm On Nov 02, 2023

You have said the truth. Maybe the OP is very ugly and he hasn't ever walked in a really handsome nigga's pair of shoes.

A famous and rich guy will get a handsome guy's girl any time any day unless if the handsome guy is rich and famous at the same level as well.

Look at what Rugger did to a lady fan the other time . Rugger o, one eyed.

Then some people are here spilling junks.

If you're short and ugly. Make MONEY.

The first item on the hypergamy list is Money( which is a misrepresentation of success).
Even guys are attracted to fellow successful guys and some wanna be in their circle.

Na fool no.mind am
Romance / Re: Apc government by S1MP: 3:02am On Nov 02, 2023
I have been seeing recent news on fp on how the current Nigerian Federal government plans on spending exorbitant amounts on irrelevant things while the nation's economy is currently on fire and people are starving x2 , shege promax here and there , truly sad (shaking my head in disgust). Tinubu and all APC members you all have a special place in hell fire sha , on God.

Omo me I just collected a loan , quite huge ,I plan on spending it on alcohol and pretty women, it may sound foolish but ive lost my sanity being a Nigerian( since I tried investing the money but the economy is just so terrible) , so I just want to flex it now and forget all my sorrows ,even tho I would wake up to my problems of debts and it would probaly affect me really bad ,but for now I just wan dey on massive highness , weed , alcohol , women.

Seems like a black man his cursed beyond measures , I might just take my loss being a black man. Wetin man go do ?
Make I just flex before I die young thinking about Nigeria's numerous problems.

Feel free to live life these days , if u no get money go borrow , but one thing I know for certain is that we go dey alright las las. DJ play me Suffering and smiling by Fela.
Make I roll one tie fes, b4 I jazz in ashawo house like boggie man.
If you come for me cus im against the current hardship of Tinubu's administration ,may Ogun kill you disrespectfully.

Return the money and dont do it
Don't ruin the rest of your life for a lavish week/weekend
Education / Re: Agbami scholars. Discussion thread. by S1MP: 2:46am On Nov 02, 2023
guys any updates on this year's payment... life hard oo
Na some schools day hold everybody back
Schools like ABUZaria are too damn slow with their calendar and it's delaying verification
This is the last mail we got

Technology Market / Re: All Offerup, Letgo, Craigslist, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Deals.*READ FIRST PAGE* by S1MP: 2:23am On Nov 02, 2023

Phantom black samsung S22 ultra 256GB / 12GB ram. 500k

Opened box Samsung flip 5, FU 256GB. 550k

Ipad Air M1chip, 5th gen, 2022 Edition.

Wifi &LTE



Call/ whatsapp 0703123258two

Is the iPad air still on ground?
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by S1MP: 7:50am On Nov 01, 2023
My short story so far

√Non Redpill
√Still in Uni
√Wasnt exercising
√No skill

√Begging for crumbs on NL smiley
√Heard about the R.P
√Joined reddit R.P community, read R.P books, had a strong desire to know better
√ Finished "The Manipulated Man"
√Stop taking sugar. ( i dont smoke or drink alcohol, if not i would have stopped here too).

√ Started Learning new skills
√ started exercising
√ Mindset improving, things getting better
√ Finished the Manipulated Man two more times
√ Read more books
√ Had a $20k goal by 2025. ( for family stuffs and japa)

√Rounded up Uni ( corona added more nonths )
√Skills generating some funds
√ consitent exercise
√ Kept improving myself generally
√ moved out of parents house

√ $20k goal surpassed.
√ Kept improving and learning

√ moved back to parents house for some months ( cos i already knew i was leaving the country)
√ Finally told my fam i'm leaving, gave them a token and left
√ Left the country

If i can do it, anybody can
You skipped a lot of steps here cause I am sure this progress wasn't this linear


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