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Romance / Re: 75-Year-Old British Man Cries Out After African Girl Scammed Him Of £20k (Pics) by Saff(f): 9:33pm On Nov 25, 2018
Why is it paining you like this? Why you mad baby? grin
I don't care about loneliness. I don't care about idleness. I don't care about libido. I don't care about you and your opinion. And I don't care about your grandad.No be f**k God send me come this world come do.

Find another not-so-smart male for your deception.
Romance / Re: 75-Year-Old British Man Cries Out After African Girl Scammed Him Of £20k (Pics) by Saff(f): 9:17pm On Nov 25, 2018
Men and women are not the same. The libido of a woman drastically decreases once menopause hits. Men..well, they desire youthful women and sex all their life, it’s just the nature of man. Loneliness and idlenesss at an old age can really do wonders to your mind, let’s just hope when you get there, you won’t be like my grandad grin
Once pu$$ified, always pu$$ified. If you have a problem with controlling your sexual desires in your youth, you'd still have the same problem in old age. Both of my grandmums are alive and they are doing just fine.

N.B: I didn't mention Saff because she already knows the truth I wrote up there. It's you I chose to mention because you don't really sound smart in this matter. There are old men who care seriously about sexual gratification, and there are old men who care about the legacies that they are about to leave.

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Romance / Re: 75-Year-Old British Man Cries Out After African Girl Scammed Him Of £20k (Pics) by Saff(f): 8:33pm On Nov 25, 2018
Loool loneliness is not easy oh Kai, it is a silent killer but it is well jare. At least, you must not kill yourself for a woman, go and stay with your grandkids or any family memeber sha, that will help lol.

this is why i tell some some of my friends who say women are evil and they will never involve with a woman to do away with such mentality so as not to get lonely when old.in ur old age when u lonely u get really depressed and depression kills quickly.and as for ur grand dad he wasnnt chasing the young ladies for but sex cheesy.how many sugar daddies for naija really dey look 4 love cheesy.they had all the loving they needed in their youthful days.

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Romance / Re: 75-Year-Old British Man Cries Out After African Girl Scammed Him Of £20k (Pics) by Saff(f): 8:02pm On Nov 25, 2018
He could’ve been married who knows? Most marriages don’t really past 10 years so it’s just one of those things. My late grandad too was like that, chasing young women around and he was 80 something. Sometimes I just used to pity him because I know he was just lonely and unhappy trying to fill in that void lol. He would always tell me stories about his youthful days, to be old is not easy oh lol.
thats why he ought to have been married or have a woman while he was a youth so as to relive his youthful days with the lady when they have become old together.

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Romance / Re: 75-Year-Old British Man Cries Out After African Girl Scammed Him Of £20k (Pics) by Saff(f): 7:14pm On Nov 25, 2018
I think with old age comes loneliness and the search to feel youthful again. That’s why these old men chase young women, because these girls create that fantasy. When you get there, you’ll know how it feels. Don’t be too harsh with your words, you’ll be old one day and you don’t know how you’ll cope with it.

STFU! I guess you'll also be a pervert when you grow old. That's why the post dey pain you.

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Celebrities / Re: Sophie Alakija Turns Rapper! (Video) by Saff(f): 6:59pm On Nov 25, 2018
Nah nothing wrong with that account, just stopped using it for some reason lol

The ban they gave you on safiaa is Long oh
Celebrities / Re: Sean 'Diddy' Combs At Kim Porter's Funeral (Pics) by Saff(f): 6:40pm On Nov 25, 2018
Youve got a point

It baffles me how you deluded females expect a superstar rap artist/mogul like almighty Diddy to be faithful. Puffy of the World. King of Swag. Baba for the boys and girls. Someone whose entire career and legacy is built literally on the Bad Boy persona. Yet you want him to be a good boy. It's ridiculous.

Of course he loved Kim, that's why he made her family. But he is too shrewd a businessman to officially wife anybody. Next thing she would file for divorce and want half of a fortune she knows not how it was built. Ask fools like Tiger Woods.


Celebrities / Re: Sean 'Diddy' Combs At Kim Porter's Funeral (Pics) by Saff(f): 6:38pm On Nov 25, 2018
The fact that she allowed it doesn’t justify his behaviour. All this fake love he’s suddenly showing her, but when she was alive she was treated like a rag. I don’t understand it, but I also must put some accountability on Kim.

This life is just funny, money can do wonders and hypnotise some people.

She allowed it. He kept cheating on her and treating her like dirt and she kept going back to him. He dumped her to start a high profiled relationship with J.Lo when their second son was still a baby. After the J.Lo relationship ended, she went back to him and had a set of twins. Even then, he was cheating on her with Cassie and a bunch of younger models. I honestly don't understand how women allow men to walk all over them because of money. It has to be low self-esteem.

Still baffles me how an adult can succumb to flu despite their advanced health care over there. Hope the death is investigated properly

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Celebrities / Re: Sean 'Diddy' Combs At Kim Porter's Funeral (Pics) by Saff(f): 6:35pm On Nov 25, 2018
Honestly that man is pure evil.

Gave her 3 kids, never married her, severely cheated on her and left her for a woman half her age. Well I guess the money was good, but I can’t imagine the emotional trauma she gained from puffy, now he’s claiming that she was his soul mate. People really don’t appreciate you until you die, it’s so ridiculous.
Chaaii, I feel for the kids. RIP woman.
This Puffy sef, why is he acting like the widower. He never made a honest woman of her, he broke her heart serially despite snatching her from All. B. Now, he is prancing upandan like say the tin dey pain am.
Not comfortable wit ppl around dying young biko.

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Romance / Re: My Long Distance Relationship Of One Week Just... by Saff(f): 3:21pm On Nov 25, 2018
Let me keep quiet

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Family / Re: Should I divorce my wife for this? by Saff(f): 3:14pm On Nov 25, 2018
I’m sorry but you have to be trolling. You can’t be serious. Goodbye

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Romance / Re: Photo Of Curvy Bride & Her Curvy Bridesmaids Posing With Their Backsides by Saff(f): 2:38pm On Nov 25, 2018
Take a look a the traffic on this thread, tell me which gender is more prominent? Ask your gender what else they value in women besides B&A, then come back to me.
Thats all they got to offer and that's the real big problem. Yansh

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Religion / Re: A Christian Woman Should Not Include Her Father's Name To Her Husband's Name by Saff(f): 2:32pm On Nov 25, 2018
The pattern I’ve noticed about weak men, everything and anything causes a dent to their ego. I think you’re a perfect description of that.

I swear that's just the simple truth. if your wife uses compound name you're a weak man and dats why she married you cos you're weak and controllable


Religion / Re: A Christian Woman Should Not Include Her Father's Name To Her Husband's Name by Saff(f): 2:28pm On Nov 25, 2018
Oh shut up. Every time somebody must be chopping someone’s destiny, somebody cannot be comfortable without chopping somebody’s destiny again abi? Abeg go and sit down

keep choping their money...till they chop your destiny buy Benz.


Romance / Re: Photo Of Curvy Bride & Her Curvy Bridesmaids Posing With Their Backsides by Saff(f): 10:26am On Nov 25, 2018
grin grin
The first girl from the right is so my type. Slimthick like Saff. grin
Celebrities / Re: Blac Chyna In A Fight With A Lady In Abuja Nigeria by Saff(f): 5:50am On Nov 25, 2018
This is not America oh, there’s no 911 in Nigeria.
They will slap the black out of you and send you back to china grin


Family / Re: Lady Empties The House After Husband Sent Her Packing (Photos) by Saff(f): 10:42pm On Nov 24, 2018
Why should a woman feed a man? That’s why you are a man biko
Men will feed a woman for years nobody will hear pim, but if reverse and she feed you just for a day is the case the world will not hear it all

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Crime / Re: Men Who Disguise As Women In Kano To Scam Wealthy Victims Busted By Police by Saff(f): 9:25pm On Nov 24, 2018
If men were women, they would do far worst things. They would advertise their pussy on jumia, and sell it to goats if they have to. Some men will sell their dignity and trade their balls just for money.
Tomorrow one horse-faced NL boy will start calling women gold diggers when men are even more evil.
Crime / Re: Men Who Disguise As Women In Kano To Scam Wealthy Victims Busted By Police by Saff(f): 9:19pm On Nov 24, 2018
I always say if men had the chance to come back to this world a 2nd time, 80% will come back as women, that’s why most of them resent us because they want to be us. Manhood is not easy, that’s why there’s so many transgenders in the world, even on NL grin

God bless all the women out there grin

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Family / Re: My Brother's Relationship Is Under A Serious Threat by Saff(f): 9:10pm On Nov 24, 2018
The truth is that he doesn’t love that woman.

He only married her out of pity and she was a rebound from his last relationship. He is looking for any excuse to leave his wife because he’s still in love with his ex. You bringing up his ex had nothing to do with his story but it’s significant because she’s the cause of all of this. Biko, tell your husband to divorce the poor lady so he can be the one he truly loves.


Romance / Re: My First Native Attire by Saff(f): 7:54pm On Nov 24, 2018
Not bad. The top looks a little bit baggy but it’s okay.
Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 7:15pm On Nov 24, 2018
grin grin grin

I need more than diamonds
...Saff... there's a reason diamonds are a girl's best friend, right? Do remind me again, please? wink
Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 7:06pm On Nov 24, 2018
You even broke it down for the cow, I can’t explain to someone who is destined to be bush, typical village and slave mentality. Worshipping anything that’s westernised, without educating himself to understand what’s really going on in this world. He believes that white women walk on gold because of their skin colour, not realising the harsh reality of debt, bills and classism that happens in that side of the world. He believes that government assistance is a good thing, and women who depend on this don’t expect nothing from men. Loool he’s so misinformed it’s hilarious grin
with each nonsense I read from you, you keep on showing your blatant daftness and ignorance. its so obvious you've not stepped outside the shores of this country, typical unexposed hoodlum. don't be deceived by the false misrepresentations you see of the US on TV.
The average American is neck deep in debt, they take out mortgages to pay for every freaking thing they own. From cars, to houses, schooling, normal day to day transactions and so on. if not for the credit system in the US, the average American won't be able to afford shiit. they keep on paying debts till they die, the income difference between the rich and the normal American is very steep and the system is built in such a way that it's very hard for a rich American to become poor and it's extremely difficult for an average American to become rich(fukc you, capitalism). so you saying that white girls have all their needs met is very laughable, they are on the scavenge for the next millionaire. my fiend, id advice you to just shut up and stop making a fool of yourself on the thread. right now, im sure you're in your dilapidated one bedroom apartment, dealing with hunger and poverty and dreaming of how to escape to the abroad. better wake upend go and hustle.

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 7:00pm On Nov 24, 2018
I’m sipping my teaaa grin grin grin
Uh huh...sh*t just got interesting, it's going down for real shocked Saff abeg pass me some bag of popcorn and a bottle of Zobo,*sip, sip* ...
Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 6:52pm On Nov 24, 2018
Please stop responding to that Village champion who has never inhaled the oxygen outside of ajegunle. He knows nothing, very ignorant and stupid at the same time, how can someone be so hopeless? A waste of sperm and life, you’re dissing your own women, women who are reflections of your mother, how? Shameless man.
you must be very daft, I was talking about th gender ratio in china
and Im not surprised at your daft reasoning seeing that you're the product of a baboon. I thought we were talking about gold digging, how did the conversation suddenly sway to beauty? your problem is very clear, self hate and low self esteem. I outed you as a bloody liar that revels in dating dirty, slum girls and your line of defense was to suddenly switch to wearing of wigs? I honestly cants stand your stupidity. three things are very obvious:
Your mom is a baboon and by extension you're a smelly baboon too
you are an ignorant, unexposed lout
you are obviously an angry, low life idiot who dreams of dating classy chicks but can never achieve that

abeg no mention ab\gain before your poverty go contaminate me. done replying you

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 6:48pm On Nov 24, 2018
So to round it all up, no money no love/attraction from your perspective right?
Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 6:44pm On Nov 24, 2018
Not to brag, I’ve lived in France, lived in Nigeria, born in the U.K. and also been to America. Women around the globe are the same, I’ve been very exposed to life. The government helps citizens, yes but with how much? The government supports those living below minimum wage, for the average American lady who works a 9-5, you think she’ll entertain empty pockets? With all the bills and expenses you are just in denial. Your role as a man is to provide and protect, if you can’t do that then please go and date your fellow man. Bikooo

OK? You live in the U.K where immigrants live from hand to mouth... so freaking what, abeg?

Go above and beyond, dear. Go to the North Americas where their economies sustain enough immigrants NOT a 2nd Nigeria type of environment. grin
I'll be glad to send you an invite if you're naturally beautiful with no foull smell, months old wig or attachments. cool

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 6:37pm On Nov 24, 2018

There’s something called “relatability” in marketing that media stars use to draw attraction to people. Singers especially try to use this “relatability” in their lyrics to gain more fans. They sing about relatable topics, doesn’t necessarily mean they practice what they sing. Listen you think Davido would think twice before spending On a babe or even kiss Daniel. They know the dynamic of how a relationship should be. You cannot see the way chioma Is shining Lool? They only sing to appeal to you regular dudes, not trying to be rude but this is just the truth. I understand that being too demanding is parasitic, but don’t expect to be in a relationship without money. No woman is attracted to empty pockets.

I hate threads like this because they are too common here on nairaland but I have to contribute to this one.@saff this mentality of yours maybe be destructive .these days very few men are willing to spend on women like its a must do even the richest guys are not willing to comply to excessive female demands I hope you have heard the song by kiss Daniel and davido one ticket now davido is considered as the richest youth in Nigeria with 30billion kiss Daniel is also rich .now if these two big boys naija guys are looking upto as role model still complain about girls do you think an average boy will be comfortable with giving you money all the time wake up to reality learn to hustle or you may find it hard to get a husband
Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 6:29pm On Nov 24, 2018
Correction, I live in the u.k and I know for a fact that what you’re saying is hogwash. Goodnight.

Well it's ONLY ignirant riff-raffs like you that spew rubbish. Any beautiful white lady will date anyone as long as she's physically and sexually attracted to that person NOT for any material or financial gain. Their governments have provided them with everything they need. You ugly bunch here ONLY date for money as a result of poverty!

They don't need ur money, they got it all readily available. There's a reason they're referred to as civilised.

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 4:50pm On Nov 24, 2018
Do you demand for sex?
Do you demand for your gf to cook for you?
Do you demand for gf to come over to spend the weekend?
Do you demand your gf to clean?

Listen let me tell you the reality of life. Human beings go into a relationship looking for what they can benefit from it. Nobody goes into a relationship solely for love, it’s a myth. Even if that babe doesn’t demand from you directly, subconsciously she expects/wants you to do things for her in her head. What happens when you don’t meet someone’s expectations? They look outside to fill in that void. I’m not trying to be funny but this has nothing to do with her being Nigerian or not, it’s a global thing, and it will only get worse once you get married. It’s the nature of women. The more money a woman has independently, the higher her expectations she has for a man, this is the truth I don’t know what you’re talking about. How many rich babes date broke dudes, or date men for love? Please stop it.

Thats why I’m just trying to say, as a man date within your means, so that you can comfortably compliment her. Stop dating a level 10 when you’re only level 3. Stop dating women that are just ridiculously flashy and materialistic if you know that you can’t keep up. One look at a woman, and you’ll know that she’s high maintenance and expensive, as a man you can’t be in her life to act like the painting on the wall. This is just life hun.
It reeks of irresponsibility my dear, why would a responsible girl make "demands" from her boyfriend? is relationship a job? you said you bought your iPhone and all but I doubt it because most of you girls are professional beggers (through DM and more) but you all claim independent online.
Especially girls from poor background do this shitt, most chicks from wealthy background likely won't put their bills on their boyfriend all the want is true love, care, attention but the poor ones want you to shoulder her responsibilities.
Being a liability is unattractive and if you are employed and your monthly salary is 100k and you use it to make hair then you should be in the dictionary after the definition of the word stupidd.
Y'all should be realistic and buy common sense instead of weave.
Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls Pls Have Pity On Nigerian Men ( pics Added) by Saff(f): 4:26pm On Nov 24, 2018
This one has not stepped out of ajegunle village, talking about you’ve dated from different races, shior. Even if you have, I’m sure it’s all these scallywags that you can just manage to pull from the streets.

Go and date any high maintenance babe from any race, any girl above a 7 in looks, a lady of a certain standard , you are going to have to spend in one way or the other. Even if she’s got her own money, you won’t be in her life and behave like a tree. You can’t avoid It, women look for providers, men who have the strong financial capability to protect. It’s either you swallow that pill or you die.

Wrong! ONLY in the under-developed nations, abeg especially West Africans cuz, they're not too confident in their natural looks. As a result, they need money (money they personally can't afford) to look fake.

Women from other races are very confident in their natural looks and don't have to spend much to look beautiful et al..

Foolish Naija ladies put on smelly dead pple's hair and wear it for months, bleach their skins and look all haggard and all... grin... and given the heat in this part of the world with little power supply, you can only imagine how smelly their sweaty bodies would stench. undecided

Anyway, I'm very experienced with women from all races... I know, trust me... I do. cool


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