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Nairaland / General / Re: Say One Weird Thing About Yourself by saintiyke(m): 2:20pm On Nov 10, 2012
Mynd_44: I can spend the whole day without speaking to anyone
i can spend 2 days

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Politics / Re: Boko-Haram: 89 High-profile Suspects Detained In Abuja by saintiyke(m): 12:27pm On Nov 10, 2012
wawa_boy: This mohammed sani is he related to mohammed buhari?
. Buhahahahahahahahahah
NYSC / Congratulations To All NYSC 2011 Batch C Corps Members Passing Out Today by saintiyke(m): 5:22am On Oct 18, 2012
Today, 18th oct 2012, another batch of nysc will be awarded with certificate of a meritorious service to their father-land. Drop ur line of felicitation to them
NYSC / Re: List Of NYSC Orientation Camp Addresses In Nigeria. by saintiyke(m): 8:55pm On Oct 11, 2012
It has been corrected. Thanks all the same wink
sorry. I didnt see...ur request in time. Never mind d harsh comment, its all well . Thanks for the info
NYSC / Re: List Of NYSC Orientation Camp Addresses In Nigeria. by saintiyke(m): 2:35pm On Oct 11, 2012
@op. You have to confirm your information before posting it here to avoid misguiding people. KEBBI state camp has since been moved from H.A.I.S.S Jega to Dakingari . The Jega camp was used last by 2010 batch B . The permanent camp is in Dakingari
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Technical & Brain Teaser Questions Asked During Job Interviews by saintiyke(m): 5:14pm On Sep 22, 2012

ANSWER: You have the four that you took.

U have two. ‎​⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊hoW✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣ many do you have implies ‎​⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊hoW✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣ many do you have left.
Certification And Training Adverts / Re: "Izo - 047 Sql" Expert And "Izo - 052 Oca" Dumps (valid) by saintiyke(m): 10:09am On Sep 19, 2012
Saintiyke2much AT gmail.com
Phones / Apart From Pinging: What Else Do You Do With BlackBerry? by saintiyke(m): 3:10pm On Sep 14, 2012
Apart from pinging . I dont see how BB is different from other phones that i've used. Maybe i am "under-using" my BB. Over to u people..

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NYSC / Re: Why Do Corpers Lack Employment After NYSC? by saintiyke(m): 5:36pm On Sep 04, 2012
Why was i banned?
Food / Re: The Price Of Garri by saintiyke(m): 9:37pm On Sep 01, 2012
from 40man laptop squad to PRICE OF GARRI

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Politics / Re: Aba: A City Destroyed By Attitude Of Residents by saintiyke(m): 12:06pm On Aug 22, 2012
[quote author=emindu]AS a child growing up in the commercial city of Aba, Abia state in the early eighties, I knew the city had a lot of environmental challenges that appeared insurmountable at a time, despite several efforts by successive governments in the state to tackle them.

It was obvious, however, to the residents then that governments were not committed and sincere in tackling the problems.

Top on the list of the environmental challenges in the city then were flooding and refuse disposal. Both of them posed serious threat to our health and environmental wellbeing even as we no choice but to endure the hazard. Apart from the indiscriminate dumping of refuse at almost every corner, the odour oozing out from it was enough to make one sick all the time.

As more people trooped into the city for commercial activities and other means of eking out a living, the more the challenges took a dangerous dimension, as there were no places for refuse disposal.

So most times residents dump their refuse into the drainage, especially at night, believing it would be washed away by flood when it rained. Some streets and roads were taken over by heaps of refuse and people avoided using such roads and streets for fear of being infected.

It was a situation that worsened the environmental challenges in the city as most drainage channels were totally blocked, making it possible for flood to take over majority of the roads in the city whenever it rained.

I could remember how our parents would always prevent us from going out whenever it was raining to avoid being carried away by flood or being infected in the contaminated flood.

That was my experience and that of my people in the city then. By the time I finished my secondary education in the early nineties I left the city for further education in Enugu, though I visited there occasionally to buy clothes while I was in the university because of the presence of good tailors there.

With the return of democracy in 1999, I had thought that the city and state capital, Umuahia, would receive adequate attention from the state government, especially in tackling the environmental challenges.

But disappointedly I didn’t witness such intervention from the government when I visited the city again in 2005 while doing my national youth service programme in Cross River State. One of my friends there told me that the government had continued to promise the residents of plans to clear the heaps of refuse at various dump sites that had become an eye sore, but nothing was ever done.

So it was a hopeless situation in Aba and for years I didn’t go there again until recently when I was in Umuahia for some days on official duty. Every morning from my hotel room window, I saw some waste disposal trucks with the inscription of the Abia State Environment Protection Agency, ASEPA, carrying waste and some street sweepers sweeping the roads and watering the flowers planted on the dualised roads in the capital. On inquiry how such development was made possible and whether such has been extended to the commercial city of Aba, I was informed that the present government in the state made it possible with the revival of ASEPA and equipping the agency with the necessary facilities, including more than 28 waste disposal trucks, Eco poer truck, tippers, receptacles, bulldozers, graders, domestic waste bins, weight waste containers, motor vehicle waste basket, bio-degradable waste bag and others.

This was after the state government terminated the arrangement it entered into with Phoenix Environmental Service Limited for failure to live up to expectation in managing refuse in Aba. The government later entered into agreement with ANCOLD Environmental to work in partnership with ASEPA to ensure the clearing of waste disposal in Aba.

Based on the popular adage which says that “seeing is believing”, I made out time and visited Aba to see things myself and also see some of my friends after some years. On getting to the city, right from the popular and notorious Osisioma Junction, it was obvious that there was a massive improvement in the tackling of environmental challenges in the city. Flowers have been planted at junctions with a beautification design and demarcation I found very attractive. There was no traffic jams or congestion at the junction right down to the Aba/Owerri road. Most of the known refuse dump sites in the city were empty, with disposal trucks on every street packing waste. Most of the drainage channels were cleared and clean. I could not believe that it was the same filthy city I left few years ago.
[/] PAID AGENT....HE IS THE SAME POSTER...u can spot them by their words "i learnt" "i was informed" "i enquired" rooster and bull story
Politics / Re: Aba: A City Destroyed By Attitude Of Residents by saintiyke(m): 9:05am On Aug 22, 2012
Where is that sychophant poster?

Politics / Re: Aba: A City Destroyed By Attitude Of Residents by saintiyke(m): 8:15pm On Aug 21, 2012
obicentlis: I like the comprehensive look which the OP did but I want to correct you cos I was born , breed and presently working in Aba. Though the residents are not doing enough but the blame should go the useless Government that its not doing anything in Aba. Why are you elected as the Governor? You elected do correct the wrong of the people by making laws that mst be followed. There is no single govt presence in Aba, no single road is motor able, no single infrastructure. Where do you expect the people to take their house hold refuse to? Every year, my house pay @ least 55k plus 100k to d govt for sanitation and infrastructure levies which amount to billions of naira to d state govt. What re this money? In absence of govt help, where do you expect the resident to dispose refuse? I go like 10kms everyday cos I want to dispose refuse. The pple that re into the business cannt come to the street due to there is no road for them. This thread should have being for the Governor to sit up and stop embezzling the state fund.
have u not heard about the FOURTY(40) MAN LAPTOP SQUARD (FoMaLaS)? Thats where the OP belongs.
Politics / Re: Aba: A City Destroyed By Attitude Of Residents by saintiyke(m): 7:44pm On Aug 21, 2012
So T.A Orji has hired a FOURTY (40) MAN LAPTOP SQUARD (FoMaLaS). The poster is just ranting as he has been given money to do so.
People are the same everywhere but the govt is not. The activities of the people in Azikiwe road aba is not different from the activities of the people in douglas road owerri. But the govt of imo has ensured that the roads in imo are well reconstructed the activities of the residents notwithstanding. Its the duty of the govt to make/ enforce law to make the life of the people better.
Family / Re: ARMED ROBBER IMPREGNATE MY WIFE,NO ABORTION CHANCE..what Can I Do ? by saintiyke(m): 11:14am On Aug 21, 2012
There are alot of questions begging for answers in the story.
1. Your wife was raped and you kept quite, didnt seek medical help and waited for the pregnancy to emerge?
2. Is one month pregnancy NOT too early to be detected?
3. How did you know the pregnancy was the robbers? Or have you not met with your wife since then?
4. How long since after the incident untill now.
5. Has your wife gone for other test apart from pregnancy test because she could as well have HIV or other STDs....


Family / Re: ARMED ROBBER IMPREGNATE MY WIFE,NO ABORTION CHANCE..what Can I Do ? by saintiyke(m): 10:57am On Aug 21, 2012
First, how did you know they are ARMY(ies) ?. Were they in their uniform? Unless u meant ARMED-robbers. Whichever, the deed has been done. You can let your wife be delivered of the baby and afterwards take the baby to motherless/charity/ social worker's home. If u cant bear the sight of a bastar*d....


Politics / Multiple Bomb Blast In Sokoto by saintiyke(m): 11:51am On Jul 30, 2012
I am in kebbi and a friend just called to report multiple explosions in sokoto. Can anyone confirm this!

SOKOTO, Nigeria (AP) — Two explosions have struck police stations in northwest Nigeria.

An Associated Press journalist in Sokoto, the major city of Nigeria's northwest, says he saw smoke rising over the stations after the blast Monday morning. Police and security agents have blocked off roads to the sites.

The cause of the blasts was not immediately known. A Sokoto state police spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment

NYSC / Re: Corpers Allowance Thread: Have You Received Your Allowee? by saintiyke(m): 2:03pm On May 18, 2012
honsule: We serving in Yobe state as @ 10th May we received our April Allawi.Am serving in Damaturu.It baffles me that other states have not receive theirs.
is it true that corpers in yobe now carry explosive in their pocket for self defence?
Royz04: Osun state ntin at al
honsule: We serving in Yobe state as @ 10th May we received our April Allawi.Am serving in Damaturu.It baffles me that other states have not receive theirs.
is it true that corpers in yobe now carry explosive in their pocket for self defence?
Education / Esut Starts Online Degree Programme by saintiyke(m): 2:17pm On Mar 01, 2012
For the very first time in Nigeria! You can
study online and obtain the same degree as
the on-campus students.
The Enugu State University of Science and
Technology has begun the 1st B.SC degree
online awarding programme in
Accountancy; Banking & Finance; Business
Admin; Computer Science; Economics;
Industrial Mathematics; Marketing; Political
Science and Public Administration.
The B.SC certificate awarded is the same as
those awarded for same on-campus
programme. This programme is the very
first in Nigeria with students learning online
and obtaining a BSC from a recognized
Admission is currently ongoing at
Webmasters / Problem In Installing Linux Red Hat V8.0 On Vmware For Windows Workstation by saintiyke(m): 7:21pm On Oct 01, 2011
Problem in Installing Linux Red Hat on VMWare for Windows workstation. Can anyone help me to install Linux Red Hat v8.0 on VMWare for Windows workstation . if any nairalander in Abuja central area wants to me, holla me 08060374445, and i will greatly appreciate it.
Computers / Problem In Installing Linux Red Hat On Vmware For Windows Workstation by saintiyke(m): 7:16pm On Oct 01, 2011
Problem in Installing Linux Red Hat on VMWare for Windows workstation ? Can anyone help me to install Linux Red Hat v8.0 on VMWare for Windows workstation. if anyone is in abuja central area, i wouldnt mind bringing my system
Programming / Which One Has More Prospect? Web Application/ Dev Or Oracle 11g by saintiyke(m): 5:22pm On Jul 28, 2011
abeg, i need advice now. where are all the gurus on this section. i was asked to pay 140k for oracle 11g and 129k for web application/development. i really need to know the one that presents more opportunities in naija,
Politics / Re: The Truth About Gej, Bankole's Arrest And The Us by saintiyke(m): 10:27am On Jun 24, 2011
i hope that all those people that called GEJ "US PUPPET" can come and recant that word.
Politics / The Truth About Gej, Bankole's Arrest And The Us by saintiyke(m): 10:12am On Jun 24, 2011
Correct Me If I Am Right By
Rudolf Okonkwo
“I shot the sheriff
But I didn’t shoot no deputy
oh no! Oh.”
- Bob Marley
Since I first heard Bob
Marley ’s song, “I Shot the
Sheriff” I have not stopped
wondering what difference
it makes if you confess to
shooting the sheriff but not
the deputy. You ’re as guilty
as hell. And you’re going to
pay, anyway.
Well, now I know the
In the last few days, I have
found myself singing, I wrote
the cable. But I didn ’t leak
the sassy piece, oh no! Oh.
Satire sucks!
On the day that the former
speaker of the House of
Representative, Oladimeji
Bankole was arrested, I
wrote a satire I called “US
Diplomatic Cable on the
Arrest of Oladimeji Bankole.”
It was to be published under
the series, “Correct Me If
I’m Right.”
As usual, I sent the first
draft to my two readers.
My readers ’ task, for over
five years now, has always
been to go through the
first draft and tell me if it
made sense or if I should
discard it. If I get the go
ahead to continue, I then
begin work on the second,
third and maybe fourth
When I did not get the
feedback of one of my
readers, I called him. For
some reasons, he was so
excited about the title that
he did not know it was just
another work of mine. He
had thought it was a real
cable just released by
wikileaks that I brought to
his attention. (I forward
“ must read’ stuffs like that
to him.) He had already
forwarded the work to a
friend of his when I called
him. Just like that, my
imaginary cable leaked
before I could publish it.
I did not know how far it
had gone. I simply continued
to work on it. And soon
after, it got published on
Nigerianewsday.com. That
was the last I thought of it.
One week after, it was
brought to my attention
that the Abuja-based
Peoples Daily weekend
newspaper had published a
story based on the cable
under the title: “How
America Pushed Jonathan to
Order Bankole ’s Arrest- US
Diplomatic Cable.” Unknown
to me, the cable story
written by Yusuf Ozi-Usman
had been playing out in the
Nigerian media. Reporters
who read the content of
the cable as published by
the Peoples Daily asked the
U.S. Embassy in Nigeria if it
really instigated the arrest
of Bankole as suggested by
the cable.
The American embassy
denied that it “arm-twisted
Jonathan to order the
arrest of Bankole. ” The
embassy called the cable,
‘ comical.’
The cable was indeed a
deliberate attempt to be
comical. Starting with the
codes used, I intentionally
used abbreviations like
in the codes. I also used
some U.S. colloquial phrases
that are not seen in any
official correspondence.
The real giveaway was in an
imaginary conversation
between President Jonathan
and two American officials. I
had one American official
say, “That’s my boy!” as
Jonathan agreed to their
proposal. As soon as I sent
that first draft, I realized
that it was unbelievable. In
fact, it was over the top. In
the second draft, I had the
U.S. ambassador whisper,
“ That’s my boy!” into the
ears of the Undersecretary.
I made adjustments like this.
In some cases it was in an
effort to bring the
conversations closer to
what could happen. In other
cases, it was in an effort to
show that it wasn’t real.
Incidentally, this wasn’t my
first attempt at using a
mockery of wikileak US
diplomatic cable to put a
spotlight on socio-political
issues. My first cable was
called, “An Evening with
Ambassador Ade Adefuye.” It
was based on things that
actually happened last
December at the Chinua
Achebe Colloquium. When
that cable was published,
many readers dismissed it as
fake. In fact, the Bankole
cable in question had
exactly the same codes as
the Ambassador Adefuye ’s
cable. I even forgot to
change the declassification
I have since been made
aware that the editor of
the Peoples Daily Weekend,
Mr. Tawey Zakka, was
suspended indefinitely
because he published a
story based on my satirical
I felt bad about that. It
wasn ’t funny that someone
is on the verge of losing his
job over a piece intended to
be funny.
I’m not going to delve into
issues of journalism’s core
ethics involved in the
decision to publish a story
based on that cable. I leave
it for those concerned to
answer the question of
whether all the necessary
checks and balances were
followed especially when
their story started with this
phrase: “Facts have
For what it is worth, I’m
sorry that Mr. Zakka is
I think it is important to
once again, for the interest
of the readers of this
column, bring up an
important premise I stated
in my very first column. And
that is:
“Many years ago, my father
told me that satire thrives
on the use of ridicule, irony
and sarcasm, to portray
folly and destroy them with
mockery. The trouble with
satire is that those you
expect to use their tongues
to count their teeth often
do not have that skill. Men
created riddles out of fear,
not out of any noble desire
to stimulate thought. ”
Six months after I started
writing this column, I am in
no doubt that the
bandwidth I have wasted
can be better used. For
that reason, I will continue.
Correct me if I’m right saharareporters.com/column/i-wrote-cable
Nairaland / General / 2011 Niit Scholarship Programme. Who's Interested by saintiyke(m): 3:35pm On Jun 18, 2011
well, i am surprised that nobody has posted something about the annual NIIT "scholarship" programme which its exam has been scheduled on 16th of july. i reside in abuja and have already registered for the exam. i hear the exam is typical GMAT. i had gone to firstlogic center to register for oracle and they told me its 150k, my class was suppose to start lastweek but a friend called and told me to do with NIIT. guys, who is interested. pls i need advise from the IT gurus, past students of NIIT or/and IT giant institutions .
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Computer Programming, What Language Should I Learn First? by saintiyke(m): 3:20pm On May 30, 2011
@netghost. are u resident in Abuja?
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Computer Programming, What Language Should I Learn First? by saintiyke(m): 10:42am On May 30, 2011
my email is saintiyke2much at gmail .com
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Computer Programming, What Language Should I Learn First? by saintiyke(m): 10:31am On May 30, 2011
@netghost. pls send me the interactive material of c# vb and java. I will most appreciate it.

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Programming / Re: Any Good Programming Tutor In Abuja ? by saintiyke(m): 9:43am On May 30, 2011
I will gladly appreciate any advice. I really need someone to point me to the right direction
Programming / Any Good Programming Tutor In Abuja ? by saintiyke(m): 9:36am On May 30, 2011
I have not done any programming language before but I av done some work with html, php and javascript in web design. my interest is to do oracle with firstlogic in abuja but I think I should do some prerequisite programs before hopping into oracle. can anyone help me

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