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Family / Re: DNA Test Palava (What Do I Do?) by seborrhic: 3:39pm
As educated as u are it's obvious u don't even understand what a DNA test is.
What u want to do is a DNA paternity test and that should even be cheaper than doing DNA test for all three of u.
They just need your blood or fluid sample and that of the baby,you needed bother yourself with the mum.
The paternity DNA test will conclusively show if u are d father or not.If it turns out u are not,her doing a maternity test to prove she is the mum or not does not arise and even if it does,it's no business of yours.
If u are serious u can get a police consent or court order to carry out d test.In that case,she can't refuse bringing the child.IF YOU ARE SERIOUS of course.

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Sports / Re: Tokyo2020: Divine Oduduru Disqualified From 100m Race by seborrhic: 2:57pm
May turn out to be the worst outing since Nigeria started attending the Olympics.
Going to Google to check how Nigeria performed during the cattle helders military rule.
P.S. 1 silver,1 bronze in 1984.Was surprised because I know the man was born a failure.
He has gotten worse,as expected,as his incompetence and propaganda of lies about his personality get busted.


Business / Re: Lagos Micro Businesses In The Grip Of ‘area Boys’ by seborrhic: 1:42pm
Tinubu handed Lagos to touts to secure his re-election then godfatherism.
Now touts are now an official part of the Lagos state government machinery.
In sympathy with the Lagos government,touts are now also part of the official government apparati in many states in the SouthEast and South South.
Family / Re: Girl Confesses That Her Mother Gave Her Rat Poison To Put In Her Father's Food by seborrhic: 5:44pm On Jul 30
The girl could be lying about her mum giving her the rat poison.
The things some of these young girls do will shame even the devil.
Proper investigation by a proper investigator should be done,not all these village type kangaroo judgement.


Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Is Innocent - Israel by seborrhic: 2:07pm On Jul 30

The stupidity unfolding within this country is shocking. I can't even imagine whether this guy has sense or not.

This is what annoys me about some posts here atimes.
Someone just made a very stu pid statement despite the clear evidence of a policeman being found corrupt,not hearsay,yet you are still asking if he has sense.
It's like u seeing a naked female with clearly no male pe nis and still you still go ahead to ask if the person u are seeing with your own eyes is a male or female.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Shares Personal Experience With Abba Kyari by seborrhic: 11:40am On Jul 30
Even a 5 year old would concoct a better story.
Kyari was so idle he would be calling your father everyday to find out how he is doing and reassure him of the criminals being brought to book.
Even in the US with one of the most advanced police forces in the world,detectives don't call victims on a daily basis unless something breaks in a case they are handling.
Next,one will soon hear how Kyari faced 5 kidnappers alone,overpowered them,rescued the victims and returned almost ₦10 million ransome they had paid.
It's always the Nigerian strategy of defence,renting a crowd or renting a story fabricator.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Police Reacts To Abba Kayiri Case With FBI by seborrhic: 8:33pm On Jul 29
Kainene.We are watching

No be by press release
Naija Jack Bauer sent to Orlu to catch Ipob.

pickup man for all things Ankara.
What makes this one difficult for the Nigerian government is that this is an official indictment from the U.S of someone that was mentioned by a convicted felon as a co conspirator.
The government buys military weapons from the U.S and other needs.
If something is not done about Kyari, including even extradition,this government will find it's few remaining years very uncomfortable because the US senate and assembly would first effectively block any military sale and other aid to Nigeria.
With less than 2 years for d cattle rearer to complete his disastrous tenure and with pressure growing and daily growing international exposure of Buhari incompetence in all sectors,they would bundle Kyari down to us themselves if it would ward off the growing evidence of Buhari's failure and continued bad press and publicity.
Politics / Re: FBI Indictment Of Abba Kyari, Hushpuppi (US Court Documents) by seborrhic: 3:57pm On Jul 29
People's Gazette are the original "super cop".
Kyari and all his other co-crooked cops are counterfeit.

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Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Speaks On Hushpuppi's Allegations by seborrhic: 11:09am On Jul 29
if u believe this guy is not corrupt ure dumb.
Someone that headed the then SARS in Lagos with full bag of allegations of bribery,extra judicial killings and all.
Once a police officer outrightly seeks publicity for anything he does,even taking the shine off people that did the job on the ground,you got to know that officer is full of s hit and is using journalists he probably also bribes to give a false facade of being good in his job.
Deny all he wants,the evidence can easily be checked out and found in a serious country.
Of course this is a sh it hole run to the ground by a cattle helder,so won't be surprised if he gets promoted tomorrow.

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Politics / Re: How FG Is Treating IPOB Vs Killer Herdsmen & Bandits - Vanguard Editorial by seborrhic: 12:55pm On Jul 28
Buhari is a bloody tribaistic nkpi
His double standard towards everything in the country is so glaring
Those who over threw him during his military regime ought to have wasted his life then. He is of no use to humanity and as such deserve not to live
My own issue with all these arguments of Buhari operating double standards is that the issue is that the man himself is genetically incompetent;so does d only thing an incompetent person can do,resort to clannishness and bigotry.
My point:give Buhari all the weapons in the world with money,he wouldn't know how to use it to advance a progressive course.
A man that can keep Buratai as army chief for more than 4 years,does it portray a person in a right frame of mind with intact faculties?

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Business / Re: CBN To Supply FOREX To Banks Only by seborrhic: 5:25pm On Jul 27
Banks are even worse, they will tell you no dollar but you will see one aboki sitting in the banking hall corner selling dollars.
This no heresay,some years ago when Buhari came in and started his ancient economics,I saw in the bank where someone was told there was no dollar to be sold to him,but a roadside dollar dealer came in and got same dollar.
The ironic thing is that it was even done in the open.
This was GTB then,but i am sure it is common with all banks.

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Business / Re: CBN To Supply FOREX To Banks Only by seborrhic: 5:18pm On Jul 27
Disgraceful f ool.
This will just further devalue the ₦ to btw ₦600-₦700/$.
The same banks you are selling to will hoard the dollars and sell to the same bureau D change or sell to insiders at CBN rates who would in turn sell to the mallams at inflated rates,who then pass it unto the end user.
Even bank MD's may become billionaires simply by this foo lish policy.
The good thing is that I never rated emefiele highly ever since his corrupt deeds and bribes to Buhari government officials were exposed.
Fu cking corrupt,aboki worshipping Iboman.
Business / Re: How To Secure your Bank Account (pics Attached) by seborrhic: 7:04am On Jul 27
when you don't have something sensible to type, why can't you just sleep? We know your type... You're tired of the Country.
I like dealing with your type to expose the illiteracy type like you display while laying claim to an education.
If you are changing to a new password, won't they ask for any of d former passwords u remember?How can a thief know your old password.
Again,passwords,even with ussd are most times changed via email link.
Thirdly,why do u think thieves usually discard the owner's sim and just take d phone,if they know they can easily steal money using owner's sim via sim linked bank account?
Finally,I ask u again:if it's that easy why hasn't your common sense asked while many people that have their phones stolen on a daily basis haven't had their bank accounts wiped out?
Business / Re: How To Secure your Bank Account (pics Attached) by seborrhic: 8:35pm On Jul 26
Case of theft and Robbery is Rampant Nowadays. Another means of Securing your bank account is to set up a password on your SIM card.

Steps to follow: just go to your settings, Search for lock SIM card, input your PIN and stay safe.
This is one of the safest method.
From Wale Samuel

Cc: lalasticlala, Dominique, Seun
If it's that easy while haven't they cleared many bank accounts with the number of phones stolen in Nigeria on a daily basis?
Politics / Re: Kidnappers Collecting Ransom With Their Bank Accounts In Abuja by seborrhic: 8:28pm On Jul 26

if at he will even leave office come 2023 because I am beginning to suspect his body language.
My guy relax.
Buhari is leaving office by 2023,no matter his body language.
Any attempt for him to even contemplate staying a day beyond may 2023 with the kind of havoc he has caused and the level of anger down the South and middle belt at least,would effectively see the end of Nigeria as an entity.
Even most peaceful of people and holy men I assure you would take up arms than allow Buhari stay a day longer.
Politics / Re: Kidnappers Collecting Ransom With Their Bank Accounts In Abuja by seborrhic: 5:10pm On Jul 26
Buhari's failure is second to none!

Tufiakwa angry
Give him 10 four year tenures,he would still produce same failure.
His monumental failure as a 3times head of state should be studied as a course in the university.
The man is irredeemable.

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TV/Movies / Re: Photos Of Big Brother Naija 2021 House (Shine Ya Eye) by seborrhic: 4:03pm On Jul 26
grin grin

Someone once asked:

What has this show not diverting people's attention achieved for a number of months now? Has it made Buhari to fix Nigeria?

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Business / Re: Ebeano Supermarket: CCTV Captures A Lady Turning On A Gas Cooker (Video) by seborrhic: 2:55pm On Jul 26
funny but how can you be educated and believe this crap??
It's because you have over rated the quality of education of many posters on this forum.
I have said it countless times,despite the great tool that is the internet,many Nigerians of today still have cavemen mentality and beliefs.
This is a country of at least 100million internet users,but majority still believe a woman can change into a bird at night,turns to a witch,inflicts harm and turns back to a human later.
That someone in the village can remotely be sending invisible missiles to change your fortunes in life.
If people can believe that in today's world,believing this story is not a single surprise.


Business / Re: Ebeano Supermarket: CCTV Captures A Lady Turning On A Gas Cooker (Video) by seborrhic: 2:49pm On Jul 26
So the fire didn't destroy the CCTV film?
Politics / Re: Pastor Bakare Declares 'Nigeria For Nigeria Movement' by seborrhic: 6:17am On Jul 26
[quote author=doctokwus post=104100196]
Politics / Re: Retired NEPA Official Asks IBEDC To Disconnect House, Laments High Bill by seborrhic: 5:59am On Jul 26
The same goes to retired security personnel who get played around like ludo when they try to get their pension. This Nigeria must happen to everyone./
That one really hits the bone and proves karma is real.
There is a Fmr top ranking police officer lamenting bitterly about his pension not being paid.
These are people that would be tossing individuals around when they were still serving.
Now they jump from one junior office to the other trying to get their pension documents cleared and their pensions paid!


Politics / Re: Retired NEPA Official Asks IBEDC To Disconnect House, Laments High Bill by seborrhic: 5:51am On Jul 26
Na so the reality go begin hit them one by one.
The moment you step out of power then you realize all Nigerians have been saying
Same with politicians now living large & failing to complain and do something about the evil Buhari is.
When they leave office and get confronted with the astronomical cost of living and can no longer travel for holidays and stay in choice hotels,pay staff,settle electricity and other bills regularly or even fuel car on a daily basis,the evil of their inaction would hit them.

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Health / Re: Do You Still Eat Roasted Corn? Checkout What It Does To Your Body by seborrhic: 2:44pm On Jul 25
Corn or maize is a cereal plant that is mostly eaten as food especially in Nigeria, it could either be cooked, roasted or fried depending on your personal choice.

Although it is the season where there is plenty of corn in Nigeria, here are some good questions to ask about this corn we eat every day what does this corn do to our body? Is it healthy for both the old and the young ones? Is the boiled one more nutritive than the roasted one?

Photo credit: Google

How well do you consume roasted corn? because so many people don't have a single idea about what it does to the body, they are just interested in eating it.

But indeed corn has a lot of benefits to the human body both for children, adults and even old ones. So below are some benefits of eating roasted corn.

1.Roasted Corn contains folic acid.

Folic acid is very important in the development of the child's brain and spinal cord and it also helps to treat cough.

2. Roasted corn contain dietary fibre.

Dietary fibre is important to the body because it helps relieve you of constipation and it also helps in the easy digestion of food.

3. Roasted corn contain Minerals.

Minerals are important in that they help keep you healthy, by ensuring that your bones, muscles, heart and brain are performing their task properly. Especially the macro minerals which includes calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron etc.

4. Roasted corn reduces cholesterol in the body.

A high amount of cholesterol in the body especially in the blood is known as hypercholesterolemia which can limit blood flow, increase the risk of heart attack and causes atherosclerosis. But daily or weekly consumption of corn can reduce all heart-related illnesses.

Photo credit: Google.

5. Roasted corn contain antioxidant.

Antioxidant helps to prevent or delay cell damage and help boost your immunity in a long run.

Photo credit: Google.

6. Roasted corn provides energy.

Carbohydrates found in corn provides energy for our daily activities.

7. Roasted corn helps protect your teeth.

Constant chewing of corn helps displace bacteria from your teeth and also prevent tooth decay.

Photo credit: Google
Source classicview.com.ng
Your title heading is poor and can likely be misleadingly interpreted to connote that corn has negative effects on the body.
Some people summarize all they need about a topic from the heading.
I suggest you change it to:'The Amazing health benefits of roasted corn';or something like '7 amazing benefits of roasted corn'.

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Health / Re: How Do I Handle This Doctor That's Playing With My Health by seborrhic: 7:03pm On Jul 23

Na government hospital
Drug na N5500
Try the drugs first.
Some inflamed tonsils respond to antibiotics treatment,despite what d other doctors might have made you to believe.
If the issue still persists after you finish your prescribed drugs,then on your next appointment you complain and the person attending to you then would now take a proper look into your case and still likely send you for further tests or scans,to be reviewed on another appointment date.
That's how it goes.
So just hope u get relief from the drugs, otherwise you might be looking at at least 6months-1 year before a surgical intention,if it needs that.
Health / Re: How Do I Handle This Doctor That's Playing With My Health by seborrhic: 6:48pm On Jul 23
I have been having this problem with my tonsils for like 4years. I have been taking medications along the way but recently I decided to see a qualified doctor. The first hospital I went to, the doctor told me that I need surgery to remove the tonsils because it's has enlarged and no amount of drug can shrink it to normal size but he does not perform surgery. He referred me to Nnewi.

I went to a hospital there and the second doctor said the same thing, (that all I need is surgery) and referred me to a Teaching hospital. I went there, after all the go and come I was lucky to meet the doctor.

Inside the room there are two people. The main doctor and the one I think he's a student doctor (not yet qualified). The student doctor is the one that attended me. After explaining everything to him, he wrote all of them down. He went to show the main doctor for review but this doctor, instead of him to open the file and read what's written on the paper. He asked the student doctor questions concerning me. I noticed that the student doctor didn't explain everything like he wrote on the paper (I think he was afraid and doesn't want to make a mistake) so he missed so many things I told him. I tried to explain to the doctor myself but he didn't let me. All he's saying to me is "Do you want to treat your self or you want us to treat you". I don't know what to say again.
He ordered the student doctor to prescribe some drug for me and gave me 2weeks for my next appointment.

I wish he would have listened to me carefully and look into my mouth and check the Xray results I came with. He would understand me better.

The one that vexed me so much is the number of drugs they gave me. Is like they used cup of garri to sell drug to me. All they care about is Money cry cry
Was it a government hospital?
Secondly how much did you pay for the drugs?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 20 Profitable Businesses To Start In Nigeria by seborrhic: 5:18pm On Jul 23
This one just dey list names of businesses, no realistic point at all
The appropriate title should have been,businesses people are trying in Nigeria.


Crime / Re: FBI Declares Six Nigerians Wanted (Pictures) by seborrhic: 4:58pm On Jul 23
I laugh at people who do yahoo and think they won't get caught. Whether you like it or not, you'll get caught sooner or later. The people who are rotting in jail today, once believed that they wouldn't get caught because the always cover their tracks and stay on the low. Today they're regretting going into Yahoo.
It's only a matter of time before these ones get caught
How many have been caught.
Nigerians are tolerant of and even glorify fraud,that's why Yahoo and other scams won't stop.
It's in Nigeria that someone with no meaningful job or just managing with one barely drivable cab would overnight buy different plots of land and within months erects hotel,business centre and one mansions and he would be the centre of worship and pastors/imams would glorify his name.
A jobless individual barely able to feed a few months or a year before comes into sudden wealth and commonsense won't take people this one is into one crime,is doing Yahoo,a kidnapped or has embezzled some funds somewhere.
Politics / Re: Nigeria As Military Super Power In Africa – List Of 32 Fighter Aircraft Bought B by seborrhic: 10:18am On Jul 23
Super power in Africa, you mean above South Africa and Egypt? Man hope your brain isn't faulty
Also Algeria,Morocco,Libya when it was still intact.
Where are the fighter jets?
Where are the aircraft carrying warships?
Where are the missile evading tanks?
A more or less remodified training aircraft,remodelled to a fighter jet,is what the Op used as a criteria to judge.Shameful.
Even during the military and shagari dispensations,the military then had more capabilities than what is on the ground now.
Countries like Egypt,Algeria,South Africa can easily buy and have modern fighter jets and aircraft carriers,but I doubt if Nigeria can do same without questions being asked and being rejected.


Nairaland / General / Re: See The Big Snake Kill On My Site. by seborrhic: 6:45pm On Jul 22
Why eat a snake for God's sake! It's very disgusting thing to do!!
Family / Re: Pls I Need Urgent Advice On What To Do, Help Me Move It To The Front Page by seborrhic: 2:21pm On Jul 22
In 2020, u travelled to south Africa in the middle of pandemic when all boarders were closed to tourist including South African boarder..How did u do that...? lipsrsealed
I just wonder the level of intellect in this forum atimes.
A story so fake with every paragraph and people are swallowing it hook,line and sinker.
What happened to the thing upstairs called a brain.
If op had started by saying he is asking advice on a hypothetical situation he wants to narrate,not bad.
But to make up a fake tale and lie that it's true is just low.
Food / Re: Inflation: What Is Happening Pls? by seborrhic: 12:49pm On Jul 21
The rate of inflation of general commodities especially food items is alarming to me angry. I have been in the southeastern part of the country since the end of January and some commodities like bread, soft drinks and even food have inflated by up to 50% since January. Please I am really confused about this situation.
And also surprisingly no one is talking about it..
Economists and analysts in the house is there any particular reason for this fast inflation... Is it oil?, naira? Incompetence? Or even corruption? Fulani herdsmen? flood? I am really being sincere with my question!

Good afternoon.
No one is talking about it because Nigerians,despite having many intelligent people and being well exposed and bragging how tough and stubborn they are outside,have perhaps the most cowardly set of humans on earth.
If 1/10th of the havoc Buhari has caused in Nigeria were to happen in many other countries,hell would have been let lose.
Petrol price increase that was a taboo b4 he came,has been increased by about 70%!Electricity by 100%!Cement by more than 100%,bread by about 150-200%,and general food items across board by at least 70%.These are essential household items,not talking of cars, building materials,transport,etc.
All over the country,there is un-contested insecurity.
Even the lie he told of fighting corruption;corruption is now almost an accepted way of life.Kidnappings is now an established business.
We must come to tell ourselves the truth,there is no way this country would be better because the collective to do what is right is not there.Each person that makes it does it out of sheer luck and or connections.
Nigeria is doomed and the foundation of that doomness has been set by Buhari because the next goverment now knows it can do anything and get away with it,unlike the previous notion that there is a limit to which Nigerians can tolerate some things.


Sports / Re: You Represent A Terrorist Government- Man Harrass Super Falcons In Austria by seborrhic: 4:24am On Jul 21
The mere thought that a catastrophe of Buhari's kind ever graced our national life as a nation is enough to make a sane person psychotic or paranoid.What an irony of existence.
The man is simply without redemption.
Give Buhari 10 terms of 4 years each and the result will be the same: suffering,division,bigotry,wailings,deaths, destruction all due to his inherent intellect deficit covered up in bigotry and religious fundamentalism.
I do not even DNA think the man has ever been alright mentally,not due to age but right from his growing up,maybe his deficits affected his mental wellbeing.

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