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Celebrities / Re: Winner Of BBN Reality Show Mercy Eke In Big Fight With His Boo Ik Onyema Photo by sexycat: 6:10am On Apr 15, 2020
He don go look for omoluhabi!!! But with all the open sex and all , I knew this was going to happen at the end because this young lady is way to professional in the job to keep a cool guy like this, but seriously I don’t pray for my son to bring such a lady home to me as wife....small girl with plenty godss.

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Politics / Re: House Of Representative Buying Of Cars During CODVIC-19 Outbreak Causes Outrage by sexycat: 2:23pm On Mar 28, 2020
Nigerians suffering and smiling , masses have not seen anything , it will get to a time where the ventilator used for a common man will be remove from them and put into a politician’s nose to survive, masses are the root cause of problems, Nigerians should stop ranting if they cannot take the bull by the horn, useless country, by now I expected the youth to destroy those exotics cars , thank God borders are closed in almost all countries , maybe when corona virus started taking your loved ones one by one it will reset the masses brain to do the needful.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Wants To Send Cash To Americans Suffering Financially From Coronavirus by sexycat: 6:18am On Mar 19, 2020
Promise and fulfill man aka talk and do man...next time, we won't trust anyone who says he is coming to fight corruption in Nigeria cheesy ... Americans e ku enjoyment o

We ain’t enjoying at all ooo , working from home is killing , my kids sniffing life out of me , my husband decided to go into the car to do his 8 hours work since both of us working from home, it is hell here right now, me I wish I could escape to Nigeria to come and cool off. Now I was told I’m not qualified for the money base on income.
Celebrities / Re: BIRTHDAY: Mount Zion, Evang Mike Bamiloye Celebrates Wife, Gloria Bamiloye @ 56 by sexycat: 4:58am On Feb 04, 2020
Happy birthday my beautiful role model, naturally beautiful inside and outside, she made me not to believe in makeup, I saw in her how beautiful I am without makeup and till date I despise make up, thank you for giving me that orientation, #team natural#

Celebrities / Re: . by sexycat: 2:33pm On Dec 20, 2019
her age?
stupid girl

What happen to her age? have you forgotten the country she lives in , 18yrs is freedom years for teenagers here so the law permits them to take an informed decision about their lives.

Nigerian 30years old full grown man or woman still lives under their parent frustrating living out of them.
Politics / Re: Court Denies Bail To Lawyer Charged With Terrorism For Criticising Governor by sexycat: 10:54pm On Dec 12, 2019
Even lawyers are not left out, thank God i didn't do shakara for hubby when he came for my hand in marriage from yankee. Everytime i come to nairaland to see happenings around 9ja i can't laugh but sober because the country has drastically changed to the extent that i'm even scared coming home.
Let us always remember the country in our prayer because 9ja need freedom from democracy slavery!!

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Politics / Re: Court Denies Bail To Lawyer Charged With Terrorism For Criticising Governor by sexycat: 10:52pm On Dec 12, 2019
Politics / Re: BREAKING: US Government Seizes Air Peace Jets by sexycat: 8:10pm On Dec 11, 2019
@OP, I have sent thunder to fire your left blockos.

Do not waste your time opening. The article says the owner of the private jet seized is unknown.

you too sabi open anything anyhow ooo abi you na anything under skirt grin grin grin grin grin

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Hacked The US Govt And Gave His Family & Friends Citizenship by sexycat: 8:05pm On Dec 11, 2019
This guy is wizard, he might end up getting job from the US govt while in prison because they will need his expertise to decode some programs but with serious close watch of the applications and systems he would have access to.
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija Star, Marvis Lands Her First Endorsement Deal Ever With An Oil Firm by sexycat: 4:37pm On Nov 21, 2019
See wetin this one wear go sign endorsement deal, so endorsement deal is now a child's play or what. Unclad to an office, see the man self with weak shirt, oil firm indeed.


Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy Becomes 2nd Nigerian Celebrity To Adopt A Lion by sexycat: 10:02pm On Nov 20, 2019
She will end up killin u

God forbid, nothing will kill my Cuppy 'mamacup for life" mind you the cub is not leaving Dubai for Nigeria , her adoption doesn't mean she is bringing it to Nigeria, the billionaire owner of the cub just named it after cuppy.
Crime / Re: How My Friend Sacrificed His Mother For Money Rituals by sexycat: 9:39pm On Nov 20, 2019
you better shut up before he will use you next, infact run far because you don't have proof, that is just hearsay.

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Romance / Re: Babcock Sex Tap... Official Letter From The School... by sexycat: 8:12pm On Nov 20, 2019

At least I'm smarter than your dad.

Mind you , i live here and these politicians resigned voluntarily without any coercion or whatsover having failed those who elected them into office.
Romance / Re: Babcock Sex Tap... Official Letter From The School... by sexycat: 8:10pm On Nov 20, 2019

At least I'm smarter than your dad.

YOU can't be smatter than his dad you dumb ass, how can you be comparing US Politicians who sought for votes from constituencies with a student who has a constitutional right over and above an organisation's working rules and guidelines.
Romance / Re: Babcock Sex Tap... Official Letter From The School... by sexycat: 7:31pm On Nov 20, 2019
This cannot be a violation of the Babcock University Rules, Guidelines and Regulation having consideration to the following;

First, the locus in quo was never the school premises but a rehabilitation centre in Abeokuta.

Secondly , the parties in question especially the lad was on academic vacation (sometime in April)as at the time this act was carried out.

Third point to be consider here is that the parties in question are above 18yrs old and are adults who can take an informed decision without any interference.

Fourth point here is that the parties consented to this sexual intercourse mutually. (Boyfriend & girlfriend)

Having a cursory look at the above listed points , Babcock university lacks the right , capacity or authority confine in it by the school regulation to expel the lad from the school even though she is a student of the institution.

The said act was never in the school premises, i wish i am there to take up this case Pro-bono because it is a win win battle up to supreme court without any sentiment or bias from the judges with swindling cost and damages against Babcock University for expelling a matured lady having a consented affairs with a boy friend.

What i don't understand is ,does an institution rules and regulation having effect on student over an offence or act committed outside the school premises.

Okay let us try to bring Davido and Chioma into this scenario,Without any sentiment or bias from my end please just an example. They were both student of this Babcock University school and they were having an affairs and even having sex while they were both student before Davido graduated and thereafter Chioma abandoned her study for Davido,

Can we now say that Chioma and Davido are not guilty of the offence that the said school is nailing and expelling this lad for?

Nigerians should try and reason above their shoulder with respect to this case because this is a leaked tape by a fellow lady who for no reason publicly decided to disgrace the lad.

Nigerian private institutions needs to amend their university governing rules and regulation to the extent that it does not interfere with the constitutional right of a student and to say the fact, this students are above 18years and they have the right even within and outside school to take an informed decision.

The decision of Babcock University to expel this ladY from the school is blatant disregard to her constitutional rights as provided under the 1999 constitution as amended and no rules or regulation of any organization can stand in the way of the Constitution and to this effect, any rules or guidelines or even enacted Laws that will come in the way of the 1999 Constitution as amended is null, void and totally unacceptable.

this same video going round the world right now might even be a blessing in disguise for the lady in question because this act cannot cause an expulsion of a student from school in the western world , or is she not paying her school fees.

what the f**k , pardon my language readers.
NYSC / Re: Family Of Late Corper Kemisola Adeniran Receives N1.9M From INEC by sexycat: 4:11pm On Nov 20, 2019
God forbid, so lives in Nigeria now worth $5000, NYSC make una hold una self , my kids are not coming to serve useless country all because i'm imposing on them that i'm immigrant parent, i might have a change of mind only if i see changes in that country, innocent lady just died for nothing on election that they already have rigging mechanism in place, so why doing election in a country where vote doesn't count. RIP to those that loss their lives for unworthy election. My nephew even told me that corpers bride their ways in cash and kinds for them to be shortlisted as ad-hoc staff on the day of election and yet they died in the hands of political thugs who have no respect to the uniform on this innocent corpers.. ONLY NIGERIANS WILL HELP THEMSELVES OUT IN ALL THESE MESS GOING ON IN THE COUNTRY BECAUSE GOD HAS TURNED HIS FACE AWAY FROM US SINCE WE KEPT SILENCE OVER IMPORTANT ISSUES.
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy Bottle-feeding A Baby Lion (Photos) by sexycat: 3:38pm On Nov 20, 2019
Idon't know the reason why i love everything about DJ. Cuppy, someone please spread the message , i need to hang out with her one day at my base in Washington DC but sorry i'm not the party girl , i'm a lay back bookholic grin grin IT guru, i don't even have any social media, the only one i have where i express my views is just Nairaland, someone please pass the message, I love DJ Cuppy and her vibes for real , she is the realest lady among all Nigerian celebrities and that is why i love her. my younger baby girl always ask "" Mummy when is aunty pink hair coming to see me ... grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: "Churches/Mosques Won't Be Reopened Without Residents' Guarantee" - LASEPA by sexycat: 3:40pm On Nov 19, 2019

LASEPA doesn't need people to complain at all. Let them drive around Lagos and seize any speakers found outside

I have three churches on my street and they are not helping issues. I always pray for dawn once it's Friday night.... Especially last Fridays of the month

Is it not better to have churches on your street than to have withches and wizard meeting point at every pole on your street. you better choose one now ooo because you can't have it all, as soon as churches are under lock and key , the witches will find their spots there grin grin grin grin grin grin
Nairaland / General / Re: PHOTOS: Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo SAN Launches & Flags Off The Use The Toilet by sexycat: 3:22pm On Nov 19, 2019
So this is what Osinbajo has been belittled to, Launching toilet that could have just been designated to one minister to go and launch. This man is a big joke to office of VP.

Resign now that the ovation is loud.
Properties / Re: THE BERRY COURT OMOLE PHASE 2, BERGER LAGOS ABOUT TO FINISH! by sexycat: 6:56pm On Nov 18, 2019
hare your email address with me for me to make further enquiries.
Properties / Re: THE BERRY COURT OMOLE PHASE 2, BERGER LAGOS ABOUT TO FINISH! by sexycat: 6:53pm On Nov 18, 2019
Do you take a deposit , what is the mode of paying up the balance as well
Properties / Re: Berry Court Estate, Opic 5MINS DRIVE FROM ALAUSA IKEJA by sexycat: 6:23pm On Nov 18, 2019
what is the actual price of the land, i don't understand what this advert price is offering then in some other advert you'll see #16,000,000 so what is happening to the various adverts online please.
Crime / Re: WOLE SOYINKA Should Bury His Head In Shame!!!! ! by sexycat: 8:13pm On Nov 13, 2019
I have no idea wot u talking bout bro.
Romance / Re: Bride Rocks Massive Cleavage Baring Dress On Wedding Day by sexycat: 8:20pm On Nov 07, 2019
she for kukuma naked for the invitees to see, what are we even promoting in Africa for God sake, it's obvious that wedding wasn't in Ghana but in the Western world because the locals could have been raining all sorts of abuse on her before the end of the show.

This is what we get here in the Western world if you don't monitor your kids very well, by the time they turn to adult they want to rule your world because they live here.

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Politics / Re: Kemi Olunloyo Wears #RevolutionNow Beret (Photos) by sexycat: 2:54pm On Nov 07, 2019
not for praises or anything Aunty Kemi has a very beautiful look for her age and her beauty is from within.....she doesn't have money and she looks this good, ok what happened if she start earning or making it big in her investigative journalism. grin grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Bbnaija Star Mercy Ekeh Flaunts Her Big Backside As She Struts Into Her New Home by sexycat: 4:14pm On Nov 06, 2019
I hope Ike is not doing driving work join his handbag work all together...... abeg lalasticlala check for me please grin grin grin grin grin


Celebrities / Re: Leila Afua Djansi Blast Nigerians For Expecting Lionheart To Win An Oscar by sexycat: 8:47pm On Nov 05, 2019
see her face like Jealousy grin grin grin grin
Travel / Re: How Much To Ship From Nigeria To The US? by sexycat: 8:43pm On Nov 05, 2019
Hi everyone, good evening.
Please does anyone know how much it is to ship from Nigeria to USA?
Using Fedex, DHL, UPS
The package is a pillow & a picture frame, that should be less than 3kg right?
How much would it cost, What range? Thank you!

Pillow and picture frame shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked abeg put those things in trash because the money to ship it self will buy another one for the person here , but by the way , how can you be shipping pillow abroad?
pillow and picture frames are lesser commodities here, if you go to dollar store you will buy picture frame at a dollar , even pillow very cheap at walmart so why stressing yourself.
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky To Contest For Miss World In 2020? by sexycat: 5:42pm On Nov 04, 2019
How this one take affect price of rice.... shewwwwww

If you like contest for miss world with your dick dangling out of G string,

N a your cup of tea if they allow you mingle with ladies in dressing room.
Celebrities / Re: Chi Junglist Is Dead! Oritse Femi's Ex Group Member Dies by sexycat: 8:09pm On Nov 01, 2019


what kinda picture is this with funny and horrible looking background or did the guy died of HIV/AIDS.

Whoever posted this picture did not do justice to this guy personality at all.

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