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Travel / Re: Oyo Ogbomosho Road A Dead Trap As 11 Passengers Died On The Road by Shugar1: 12:17pm On Apr 23
It was a very horrific Wednesday night,as two loaded buses collided together killing eleven passengers instantly,it was learnt that one of the bus was coming from Kwara state why the other one was coming from ibadan around 11 to 12pm,due to bad road and excessive speed from the both drivers there lost control of the vehicle and collided together and eleven passengers died instantly.
The remains of the victims have been deposited at oyo town general hospital mortuary awaiting the identification of each deceased by their family may the souls of the departed rip
One of the worst road we have in Nigeria. I remember the days of Nysc serving in ogbomosho. Na God just they save person for that road.

If u think say ur driving skill na top-notch, go try d road make u give feedback leta

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Politics / Re: Cow Bill In Senate: Proposed Database For Cows By Senate Sparks Outrage by Shugar1: 9:38pm On Apr 21
To Lord luggard and his olosho una no go die better. Just imagine topic for discussion in our senate.

Even this news shock buhari media crew, they can't believe wat they just read.

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Career / Re: Nigerian Lady Uses Big Grammar In Application Letter For Sales Girl Job (Pix) by Shugar1: 9:52pm On Apr 17
She ended up saying absolute rubbish

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Replies Biden On Killer Insult: ‘It Takes One To Know One’ by Shugar1: 7:56pm On Mar 18
Long post... Any good Samaritan should pls summarize

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Music/Radio / Re: Are The Grammy Awards Worth The Hype? by Shugar1: 8:10pm On Mar 16
Because ur favourite didnt win it, now it all hype.

Las las e no choke, e hang

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Politics / Re: Reign Of Terror In Onitsha As Daredevil Gangs Unleash Mayhem by Shugar1: 11:32am On Mar 13

Acting like you don't care yet all your posts are bitter complaints against the so-called "online" country.

How can you hate someone so much and yet don't want to stay away from the person?

Yoruba people sef.
U dey mimd d idiot fellow. Igbos they give am sleeplesss night.
Na nairaland mods wey neva flag him ip i blame

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Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila Unveils “Light Up Surulere” (Phase 7) by Shugar1: 8:33am On Mar 13
This word 'loot' needs to be changed in the Nigeria space. Instead of 'loot' use 'stole' or 'thief'. We need to start calling these people out for wat they truly are.

Bunch of Thiefs


Politics / Re: Feminist Coalition Reacts To Allegation Of Misappropriation Of EndSARS Donations by Shugar1: 10:21pm On Mar 12
I knew from the onset that these ladies are innocent just that Nigerian youths really deserve the bad politicians they have.

Some Politicians are posing as youths and distracting us as usual. If your head is still correct in that Nigeria, leave now to anywhere before you go crazy with stupid people
Seening how Nigerian behaves, Nigeria and Nigerians deserve to suffer. They cant think infact they choose not to think. The average Nigerian is not intelligent and lackadaisical in attitude.

Take for example. Some days back a shareholder in Apc said they imported foreigners for 2015 election and he said he has prof. Everybody read the story and kept mute. No media house pick up the story no investigation. Everybody just kept quiet.

No be here we dey, we go suffer well. Rubbish


Politics / Re: Fuel Price Hike: NLC Is Dead, Can’t Do Anything About It – Wike by Shugar1: 9:47pm On Mar 12
He came in when it was less than 90 Naira per liter. If Mr President was not from the North, we all know one third of the country would be in the streets protesting right now.

But we're not ready for that hypocrisy conversation now

Preach on brother

Oil dey your head


Travel / Re: Nobody Is Talking About Luxembourg by Shugar1: 2:22pm On Mar 12
Who wants to stay and make it in Nigeria will stay those who feel their destinies will be activated once they are off the shores of this country let them travel.

Right from the days of Abraham people have been migrating. If u feel the standard of life u seek cannot be found here, dust ur passport and travel. No biggie


Crime / Re: 'I Didn't Torture The Children, They Were Fornicating', Kidnap Suspect Confesses by Shugar1: 9:34am On Mar 12
Na my people again.

I swear, online country go sweat die. cheesy
Y u have not been banned and your ip flagged is what i dont seem to understand.

Every comment u make here is always tribalistic.
The funny thing is people like u on nairaland act like chiwawas but offline u cant even look at a woman in the face and utter coherent words. Go get a life. There is more to life than nairaland.


Travel / Re: My New Lagos - Ibadan Train Trip To Abeokuta (Pictures) by Shugar1: 6:31pm On Mar 10

Pink lips is the first sign of a useless boyfriend.
This guy u be fool... This cracked me up
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 29 Yahoo Boys In Awka (Photos) by Shugar1: 6:18pm On Mar 10
This is becoming more and more everyday a terrible anomaly. Youthful power channeled down the drain. It's Sad. We have youthful power not been utilized in Nigeria. See boys in their strength infancy.

If am the president, I would seek to employ 8 Million able bodied youth into the armed forces collecting not less than 250k each. 3 million into Police force, give indigenous company like Innoson to provide police vehicles for this 3 million; each officer in this 3 million will have a police vehicle with gadgets; that would boost Innoson capacity; they would employ more youths to meet this demand; then give 4 million to the Army and 500k each to Airforce and Navy.

According to Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigerian_Army, the Nigerian Army as at 2020 has 6,000 officers and 150,000 soldiers. This is not really sufficient for a large country like ours. That's why, our security is stretched thin.

With a 4 million strength army and 3 million armed police force, insecurity will reduce. The initial recruitment can even be 10 million.

Station 500,000 troops in Borno, another 500,000 in Zamfara. 300,000 in katsina and 250,000 in the middle belt.

Anyway these are wishful thinking and i don't think a corrupt system can have this in place with an over bloated civil service.

Are you a teacher, we have more than 2000 lesson notes here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lessonotes.lesson_notes
Those figures up there are ridiculously high.
8million x 250000 is about #1.2tr a month. The country cant afford it.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Amosun As Malami's Running Mate by Shugar1: 1:46pm On Mar 09

which Nigerians are you talking about?? If Nigerians can do anything, they would do it now, you don't have to wait till 2023. same noise was made about 2019.

No mind d guy... Nothing will happen come 2023.

I worked as adhoc staff last election. In the rural areas where elections are being manipulated, just 1000 naira or 1 congo of rice, dem don sell their vote, e no cost.

The only tin that can help this country na division

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Politics / Re: UK To Return £4.2 Million Ibori Loot To Nigeria by Shugar1: 1:40pm On Mar 09
Damnnn niggarrrr

But na the same ibori....Delta people dey praise and worship

Is there something am not understanding
Niggarrr d tin tire me o. This man loot the future of the state dry.

Still them they worship am like god. No be Juju be dat?

Africa still have a long way to go like atleast 200yrs.


Politics / Re: ESN: Benue Not Part Of Biafra – Govt Warns Nnamdi Kanu by Shugar1: 9:52am On Mar 08

ESN will ruin the future of Nigeria

which future?

Does this country look like a country with a plan.

All they do is win election, loot, repeat. Pdp did it for 16yrs and apc continued from where they stoped.
Nigeria of the late 70s is still the the same as of 2021, only difference is just fashion. They couldn't fix electricity for good 60yrs and they have no plan of fixing it.

Nigeria come nxt 30yrs cannot get better no be swear....
The sonner we realise this the wiser and less frustrated u ll be.
Politics / Re: ESN: Benue Not Part Of Biafra – Govt Warns Nnamdi Kanu by Shugar1: 9:33am On Mar 08
All ESN operatives need to be killed
If ur father get mind make e go kill them na.



Romance / Re: Why Do Ladies Always Block Me After Seeing Me On Video Call? by Shugar1: 1:29pm On Mar 07
Make i nor assume say u worwor die. Post ur picture b4 we fit talk for the matter

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Food / Re: CNN Travel Lists Banga Soup, Groundnut Soup Among 20 Of The World's Best Soups by Shugar1: 5:56pm On Mar 06
Banga soup anyday any time ... Twice on a Saturday


Politics / Re: Top 10 Nigerian Politicians Who Want To Be President In 2023 by Shugar1: 9:50am On Mar 04
1.) Atiku: No way. There's nothing more dangerous than a desperate man who has nothing to lose. I know some sycophants around him must have been deceiving him with the story of Abraham Lincoln who endured a steady stream of failure & defeat before becoming the President of the "United States of Taliban" but unfortunately, this is Nigeria and not Amerika; besides - his records as the chairman of the National Council on Privatization during the Obasanjo administration has already given us a glimpse of what to expect from his Presidency.

2.) Tinubu: A bad product way worse than Atiku. A Drug dealing, blood drinking, heroine snorting traitor who won't hesitate to sell the entire Country for a measly pot of porridge. This Iragbiji bastard who exhumed, dusted, packaged & foisted the current "mistake" on us has never been remorseful for taking Nigeria 500years backward, but now aspires to be the President.

His inglorious witch of a wife: 3-term Senator.
His daughter: Iyaloja of Lagos State.
His son-in-law: Federal Rep Member.
His brother: Oando CEO (fronting for Tinubu).
His Cronies: Thieves, Corrupt Kings & Touts.
His son: Largest stakeholder in LCC and the impending Governor of Lagos State.

Is the Tinubu family the only family in Yorubaland? Even if he & his family members think they carry 20heads on their necks, we shall decapitate all of them.

Nigeria will go the way of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia & Syria and then burn to ashes than to have Tinubu at the helm.

For those who may not have the indepth knowledge about the ugly & stinking personality of this rotten-teeth monster, I recommend Yinka Odumakin's article:

Portrait of the Tiger Ambode Rode.

A very long but interesting read.


3.) Bagudu: A close associate of Gen. Sani Abacha and the kingpin of Abacha's money-laundry schemes. In other words, Bagudu was the gasoline that ran Abacha's money-laundry engines. His fingerprints are everywhere that Abacha laundered money; and to think that this same Fulani Bastard is now the elected Governor of Kebbi State is beyond disbelief.

4.) Fayemi: A Fulani stooge and a traitor to the Yoruba people. This bastard was somewhere in the UK lecturing before he was called upon to come & contest as Governor in Ekiti State.

When he was made the Minister of Mines and Steel Development, charged with the duty of resuscitating the Ajaokuta Steel Industry, he was busy giving fake press conference on monthly basis about its concession and therefore ended as a failure.

The is the same bastard who, during his first tenure as Ekiti Governor, bought 50Million Naira mattresses for he & his stupid wife at the Government House.

5.) El-Rufai: The Terrorist-in-Chief.

You think Buhari is a tribalistic, nepotistic religious fanatic? Wait till you see El-Rufai in action. El-Rufai is Buhari raised to power hundred.

Remember Dr. Obadiah Mailafia's statement that "Repentant Terrorists Named One Northern Governor As Boko Haram Commander" ? Yes! You guessed right.


To get a clear picture of El-Rufai's callousness; in 2018, he organized a peace meeting with the King of Adara Kingdom in Southern Kaduna, and on his way back home, the King, his wife and driver were abducted by El-Rufai's mercenaries known as Bandits.

The driver was allowed to go. The Bandits raped his wife in his presence before letting her go, and after collecting a ransom of 10Million Naira - Th King was brutally murdered.

That wasn't enough.

On hearing about the killing of their King, the elders and people of Adara Kingdom staged a huge protest.

And El-Rufai had them all arrested & imprisoned for a year without facing trials.

6.) Bakare: I don't need to say much about Tunde Bakare. His "double-tongued" reputation precedes him.

He was recently subtly campaigning for Tinubu after he had condemned & shaded him in the past.

In 2006, Bakare gave a prophesy that did not come to pass by prophesying (wrongly) that “Let me tell you the truth by the spirit of God, neither OBJ, Atiku, IBB and this tall one, Buhari are part of the new. They are part of the old that is decaying. That old one is passing away. The new is emerging and these ones are not part of that new.”

And after claiming that God’s Holy Spirit told him Muhammadu Buhari was part of Nigeria’s decaying past, this same Pastor Bakare went ahead to accept to be the running mate of the Muhammadu Buhari who was "not part of the new" in 2011.

7.) Amosun: There's just little difference between Amosun & Tinubu and that's the reason they do not get along. This Bastard and his predecessor (Gbenga Daniel) turned Ijebu-Ode into the den of Cultists.

8.) Umahi: No Igbo man will rule Nigeria simply because the only Geo-Political zone that will vote for an Igbo candidate is the South East. The handwriting is on the wall.

9.) Bello: I don't have to waste my precious time & energy on this bastard. Just read the article below.

Yahaya Bello: Five Years In Office, Five Years Of Humanitarian Disaster And Waste In Kogi State By Usman Okai Austin


10.) Nwajuiba: Same as Umahi.

SOLUTION: Rather than taking 10 steps forward and 2000 steps backward and running in endless circles every four years; the dissolution & balkanization of this entity called Nigeria will be the best decision made by the citizens.

But I'm afraid it will never be achieved through speeches and peaceful resolutions but ONLY by Iron & Blood.
You know ur country well. U are not mediocre neither are you a slave to a personality or a party. If most nigerians reason like this we would have been better off.
Half of APC where PDP b4 and vice versa, Nigerians should remember that

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Politics / Re: Top 10 Nigerian Politicians Who Want To Be President In 2023 by Shugar1: 9:42am On Mar 04

But I voted (I mean the Igbo men), will they perform well? Why not also write the good, the bad, and ugly about the two Igbo candidates, and then end it with "but only the southeast will vote for them".
Because so far those two are clean and ibos have not been giving a chance. If the ibo names there were peter obi or rochas okorocha then we can bodly put them in the same bracket with others.
But even that umahi he might bow to fulanis. Not too sure about him

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Celebrities / Re: Toyin Lawani: My Hair Costs N4 Million – (Pix) by Shugar1: 6:07pm On Mar 02
The devil is so wicked..
4m to carry Wahala on your Head

If the LORD opens the Eyes of our sisters to see what they carry on their heads with these things, they will either barb complete Gorimapa or Stick to their Natural hair..
U cannot be righteousness. I refuse to believe it.

Politics / Re: Anything But Cow Day: Afenifere, Adams, Igboho To Launch Campaign Against Beef by Shugar1: 10:32pm On Mar 01
Let see how this yorubas Campaign will go.

Every Easterners should just be an observer,i don't want hear another yoruba runo,Igbos want to destroy our lagos.
As a sensible son of the east. This is a Northern vs yoruba fight. E no concern me.

I don grab my pop corn

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Health / Re: Ogun State Tackles Maternal Mortality, Distribute Tricycle Ambulances by Shugar1: 12:52pm On Mar 01
Tricycle ambulance in 2021. Backwardness is in naija DNA
Bro i just tire for naija and her citizens. Keke for ambulance in 2021 and some people are shouting good development... SMH

It stuff like this i see that makes me loose hope for any world class development in this country


Politics / Re: Soludo: My Family Went Into exile For Bank Consolidation To Be Achieved by Shugar1: 8:11am On Mar 01
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Sheffield United Vs Liverpool (0 - 2 ) On 28th September 2021 by Shugar1: 9:05pm On Feb 28
This firmino na real


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Barcelona Vs PSG : UCL (1 - 4) On 16th February 2021 by Shugar1: 10:57pm On Feb 16
Mehn this beating sweat me for my kidney... But let not forget this PSG na useless team, hopefully they wont bottle it up in 2nd leg


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: RB Leipzig Vs Liverpool: UCL (0 - 2) On 16th February 2021 by Shugar1: 9:12pm On Feb 16
Leipzig 1 vs 0 Liverpool correct score

Barcelona 1 vs 2 PSG correct score

with 100K stake
Even though na heaven giv u this game u nor go stake am 100k
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: RB Leipzig Vs Liverpool: UCL (0 - 2) On 16th February 2021 by Shugar1: 8:31pm On Feb 16
Henderson in defence again? Y this man nor dey gree hear word.
Hendo is needed in midfield abeg. U sign 2 CB, u still drop hendo for CB, abi klopp don dey ment.

We need winning today. #YNWA

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