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Crime / Re: Illegal Oil Bunkery: Military Destroys Creek At Ibeto In Rivers State (Photos) by sistaj: 5:50pm On Apr 01
Illegal Bunkry Creek distroyed by men of the Nigerian Navy and Army at Ibeto in Rivers State. The said act have been going on for years not until today when a joint team of Nigerian Navy and Army stormed the area exploding everything on site.
Na wa. More pollution. Couldn't they have stopped the burning? Did you take the pics yourself? I will dm you for further enquiries.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 2:46pm On Jul 14, 2020

The cute lady beside me slept for the better part of the journey while I was finding it hard to sleep. I was calm

I'm finally HOME. 10/7/20
Home is where an average person can afford 3 square meals per day. Home is where security is well guaranteed. Home is where there is no huge discrepancy between the rich and the poor. Home is where our resources and funds are not being embezzled by our corrupt leaders . Home is where there are job provisions for graduates. HOME is where there is HOPE!! Home is, home is, home is, home is.................. CANADA
Have a dream and work towards making it a reality.

NB: Ignore the errors cos I hate proofreading, I bet that's why I wrote IELTS twice grin

Big shout outs to those who made this happen.
This was a joy to read. Thank you for making me smile. Welcome home and flourish.


Travel / Re: My Monthly Savings In Canada by sistaj: 2:44pm On May 02, 2020
I stopped responding to your comments Babyvet, cos you actually do not give constructive critism, you insult a lot. You called me a phoney, a liar,
More grease to your elbow �. Good luck
Travel / Re: My Monthly Savings In Canada by sistaj: 7:11am On Apr 22, 2020

Except she studied for years as a part-time it really is impossible.

Psw rarely even earn 15$ an hour.
I’ll stop commenting here.
No more arguments.
I only replied OK ma, yet u deemed it needful to post another reply to seemingly buttress ur weak argument. A life u have not lived and I would go on to say know nothing about. The way you sound so omniscient. I doubt ur type can even hold an argument in real life. Keyboard smart-asses. I hope u really stop arguing as u said but I doubt you will. I will be pleasantly surprised though. Even if the said person I referred to is my humble self, u will still call me a liar. I hope u have an open mind in future. Smh
Travel / Re: My Monthly Savings In Canada by sistaj: 2:31am On Apr 22, 2020

Someone who saved 100k while studying full-time? Even part-time, PSW?
Okay that’s IMPOSSIBLE!
OK Ma.
Travel / Re: My Monthly Savings In Canada by sistaj: 11:17am On Apr 01, 2020

Show me that part pls I couldn't find it
Believe what you want to believe but he has been gracious and very open to even show receipts, yet doubters are doubting. I have nothing to prove to you or anyone for that matter or anything to gain by telling fibs. What I said earlier about earnings is very true.


Travel / Re: My Monthly Savings In Canada by sistaj: 10:59am On Apr 01, 2020

We need personal experience not I know this I know that pls
So his own personal experience is not enough and my own personal experience is not enough as well. Maybe you should try to put in similar hours in same job and see. Then you will have your very own personal experience.


Travel / Re: My Monthly Savings In Canada by sistaj: 2:22am On Apr 01, 2020
I 100% agree with the OP's claims on his income and that of his sister who saved said sum working as a PSW because I can personally relate. I know someone who saved more than said sum after taxes while studying and paid fees of about 30k for a period of 20 months. It is simply about the hours you put in. You have to put in very long hours and work different jobs. It can be tiring and not the lifestyle one would want for the long term but some people actually love it and don't mind accumulating the $$. I know someone who has two homes. One fully paid for now and the second a rental property still being paid for who has made a career as a psw. I cringe at the the statements calling him out as a liar which is taking things too far. How can anyone be so sure of something they have not experienced? I don't think the op has anything to gain by lying to impress strangers. He is only trying to motivate people by sharing his personal experiences. I have been putting off reacting to the naysayers for a lonnggg time but I just have to say this now.


Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by sistaj: 2:55am On Aug 15, 2019
Hi guys, Who is in the Gold Coast and free to meet up on Sunday 18/8/19. I will be in Gold coast for 3 days and wish to explore as much as I can.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 10:27am On Jul 17, 2019

That is not true......

She will be automatically rejected.

You can't apply for any visa as a visitor in any foreign country..... It can only be done on different visa categories not on visit visa
Do not say what u are not sure of with certainty. Say what you know OK?

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 6:42am On Jul 17, 2019
If she lives in Canada, and has experience as a child care giver then it will be easier.
This is in response to applying for US visa as a visitor in Canada and not caregiver related.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 11:51pm On Jul 16, 2019

Can you enlighten us pls?

How is it possible ?
Don't understand the question how is it possible. She should apply for the visa class she wishes to apply normally saying where is applying from as there is a place on the form it is asked.She will fill in temporary resident in the space provided for that when asked for residency status and for citizenship Nigeria. She will fill her Canadian address where she is staying now.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 4:28am On Jul 16, 2019
Hi all, my mum is in Canada on visitors visa. Can she apply for US visa from Canada? Has someone tried this before?
Yes she can.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 4:26am On Jul 16, 2019

No she can't she has to go back to Nigeria and apply from there
This is not true.She can apply.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by sistaj: 9:13am On Jul 04, 2019
Hi folks, is correspondence letter same as bvl? My lil brother whose application was lodged on the 16th June just received a correspondence letter stating the validity of his biometric info.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 8:49am On Jun 27, 2019

"...the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry..." - Robert Burns

Goodluck to you and all newly landed folks on settling and everything.


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by sistaj: 2:18pm On May 18, 2019

Thanks for 'remembering' us and coming back to update.

How's life in Ottawa?

smiley Ottawa is great but I am away will return fully to Ottawa next year. Congrats on your copr and thanks for the selfless work you do here


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 8 by sistaj: 10:06am On May 18, 2019
Cc: @vickyehi An update to Bnsc evaluation with Iqas that was originally discussed many threads ago.
My sister evaluated her Bnsc degree and Public health with iqas.Getting the public health transcript was a big challenge but she did eventually get it. She went back and forth numerous times from Waheb to her school with waheb saying her uni should issue it from the mock exams they did.It was the first time of the school having to issue the transcript so it was not easy getting them to do it with me having to call numerous times to tell them why they should issue it as they were very unwilling. A lot of wranglings that I do not care to delve much into. The first evaluation report came out in March this year and only the Bnsc was evaluated as being equivalent to Canadian degree. The public health wasn't and she really needed the extra points. she contacted iqas with them responding that the public health was the same as secondary/high school diploma. She almost gave up but was told to write them and explain what it actually is as it is a higher national diploma. A few back and forth, writings and explanations and they apologised saying they will look into it but she needs to pay for a new evaluation.she wrote again telling them she is not supposed to pay as it was not a fresh application and was in the initial application and she resent the application to them as proof the public health was included to be evaluated. They apologised again and began the evaluation.It took another while as we thought they would treat it a priority based on the circumstances. She just received a new report equating her RPH qualification to a 3 year post secondary qualification. This process took about 13months from the intial application as a result of the numerous huddles she had to navigate.
I remember asking persons who said that a bnsc degree with the additional RN,RM and RPHN won't fetch two or more qualifications and as a result people who went to school of nursing had an advantage over uni people not to hastily conclude until someone navigates that path. It was not easy as evidenced from the timeline because it was a first for the parties involved. Evaluating the degree with RN or RM transcripts only would have also fetched one the additional points. Our nurses in the house, take note but be prepared to make a case for yourself when trying to get the transcripts seeing that the schools may not have issued it before but there is always a first time for everything and don't take no for an answer.Your transcript is your right no matter what a big deal they may try to make of it or dismiss you saying they don't issue this or that.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 4:48am On Mar 28, 2019

‘Darling, which night do you remember as being the most tensed night for you in the past couple of years?’. ‘Tonight’, she responded. I smiled as she had barely spoken my mind. It was the night before the day our lives would change forever.
Very entertaining gist.Totally enjoyed it.Welcome and good luck.


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 10:33am On Feb 15, 2019
Welcome to Canada @newmum0615. Nice read. Wish u safe delivery.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 11:51pm On Jan 30, 2019
Welcome to Canada @dumprep,@olajide and all newly landed peeps.I totally enjoyed the gist.
Lines will fall in pleasant places for us all.


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 1:49pm On Jan 16, 2019
@denaven.Congrats on your ppr.You have no idea what a smart decision you guys made for your daughter.This story warmed my heart.The things we do for dem babies.People with disabilities are really included in every aspect of the society in civilized climes.I work with people with disabilities part time and I am talking from experience.You will not regret this decision and your daughter will realize her full potential despite her disability.As @vcole suggested,restructuring your business is key to get it running even while u r away.Succession planning is key to business sustainability even though you may not be transferring the mantle fully.Given your experience in business nothing stops you from establishing here too.Research is your best friend now to get the knowledge needed to set up. There are also government funded resources for immigrants wishing to start businesses because of the potential boom it will bring into the economy and job creation.A lot of Asian immigrants of Chinese and Lebanese descent have no interest in paid jobs and have gone on to set up successful businesses away from home.There is someone here on an entrepreneurial journey I am not sure of the moniker but you can search for him and connect with him.
With your experience running a successful business in our home country,believe me you will do awesome here should you choose to toe the same path.Wishing you the best of luck and a special hola for your wify.I am indeed happy for your baby girl.


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 4:09pm On Jan 10, 2019
Please guys, what is the easiest way to send money to naija from Canada? I need to send some money to someone in naija urgently.
Sometimes,people living in Canada might need CAD and then you exchange with them for the equivalent in Naira which is sent to your designated account.People in the whatsapp group I belong to do that all the time and I am sure that happens in other groups too.
Pm me if you wish.Thx
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 4:41am On Jan 04, 2019
Signed a lease yesterdayyy.Had a couple of showings scheduled for 2nd Jan. Went for the first one in the morning and it was OK and the application process was not cumbersome.Last month's rent was not needed on application but after application is approved and one is set to move in and is to be paid together with the first month's rent. We indicated interest and the form was sent to us.The next appointment was for later in the day and we decided to visit a family known to my hubby who accepted to become a guarantor and fill out the application from there while we wait for the next showing.Application was sent and hubby went to cash the money order we used in applying for the rejected application with his friend/naija brother. The people at the Canada post they visited had no clue on how to cash it and gave him contact centre no. to call and sort it out. The people on that end asked plenty questions and passed the phone from one person to another and yet money wasn't cashed.it was almost time for the next showing and I had to order an uber and just then, they arrived. We had to cancel the uber.
On a whim, I suggested we all go together to the next showing. I was enjoying the company of the family and wanted to spend more time with them and off we all went with even the little kids which delayed us further cos the kids had to be dressed and all. We called the rental company telling them we will be late. On getting there,I had to go see the apartment alone cos our friends were yet to arrive and hubby had to wait for them. The apartment was OK and I asked the application process and turnaround time.I was told decision is usually within 24 hours if every document is ready.The application process required the usual proof of employment etc. I told the lady we had a guarantor who was here with me and asked if we could apply immediately. It still required an application in our guarantor's name as well as my hubby's but because she was there with us seeing everything unfold, she readily filled out an application. We already had guarantor's payslips and ID hence nothing was outstanding and the lady started working on the application. The leasing agent was no procrastinator and she did a swell job of running around and getting things done even though she might be in her 60s and kept apologising for keeping us and in my mind I was like see this woman o.She no undertand as e be me.I dey ready to sleep here sef as long na my application
she dey work on.Last month's rent was by credit card which saved the hassle of going to purchase money orders.At the end of the day, we signed the lease and every every. She said she was going to pass the application up the ladder and get final approval but I wasn't fazed knowing say we don sign be say we don sign. We are only to show proof of tenant insurance before we collect the keys on move in date.
I had to text the managers of the other apartment I also applied for, telling them a story, apologising and asking that they cancel the application before they go vex and say new applicants must bring deposit while applying. A special thank you to everyone that reached out. God bless you all.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 12:44pm On Jan 02, 2019
A very bigggg congrats to you @aworldcitizen.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 6:00pm On Jan 01, 2019
Frozen park

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 2:29pm On Jan 01, 2019

Hmnnn cool cool cool.Great job

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by sistaj: 2:28pm On Jan 01, 2019
cheesy happy new year
Happy new year to you too and to everyone


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by sistaj: 4:12am On Dec 31, 2018

I'm sorry if post is long. Just remember Kijiji!
Thank you so much for your tip.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by sistaj: 7:10pm On Dec 30, 2018

Il y a des Nigerians qui sont terrible... lol
Les congolais aussi cheesy cheesy. Je plaisante

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by sistaj: 7:05pm On Dec 30, 2018
I apologise if my earlier post came off as alarmed because that was not my intention.Shelter plans have been kiboshed.I was only considering the shelter because my efforts have not paid off yet and I am doing a shortlanding and was hoping to get my family settled as quickly as possible. I felt being in a shelter in the city will make able to move out more and get the kids in school and I was to see how it was before deciding. Someone said it was accepting defeat and that does not come into play in this scenario.Besides, not everyone in a shelter has accepted defeat lol but no more shelter anyways and thanks for your advise. I will take a chill pill and intensify my efforts. I am not despaired nahh... very far from it. I have equally searched for apartments outside Canada with a no of rejections as well but you could apply concurrently in as many places as possible and you don't have to make a deposit you lose risking if more than a place is approved and you have to choose.
I didn't intend to discourage others.Very far from it. I understand starting a new life with a family takes a lot and I was prepared just that it is not working according to my set timeline and I want my kids to begin school on Jan 7. Thank you very much for the wonderful contributions and this place is like a family to me where I come to learn from others and share the bit I can.
For the tips also coming from a good place I believe advising me to take a backseat and let hubby do the heavylifting, it doesn't matter who does smiley. We have been going together as a team as well.We all have different personalities and some women are not built to wait for prince charming to take them to eldorado.They are capable and can do what they can without being micromanaged by their husbands. Some men are also very happy to bring home the bacon, take a backseat and let their partners take full rein.Some women also have a good track record of achieving things and management as well as leadership and there should be no tussle in relationships as to who does what.
Thanks again everyone and for reaching out.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by sistaj: 4:39am On Dec 30, 2018
Settlement journey. Pardon my long post...... Always lots to share when I come around to it. I have been staying with my crew in Apple Hill, Ontario where our family friend lives. Apple hill is a small community of primarily farmers about I hour drive from Ottawa and Montreal. It is really a small suburb which has no primary school or major grocery store. I believe every family here owns a car to get around. Grocery shopping is done in neighbouring towns like Alexandria and Cornwall. It is very common to see families having 8 children and I learn it is usually to help on the farms. Staying in a place where people have a lot of kids certainly makes one catch baby fever lol wink wink. It is subconsciously making me have babies on my brain and just the other day hubby was like- how about we have one more kid and I was very pleased it wasn't coming from me given that the thought has seriously been on my mind coupled with the fact my daughter begs for a baby sister everrryyy day. We have received so much winter clothing and if I had known,I wouldn't have spent money buying the few I bought on arrival. We even got christmas presents from an anonymous person. The show of love has been immense. We desire to settle in Ottawa and a few days after arrival and doing the basics, we began to drive down to Ottawa to inspect apartments after online searches, calls and appointments booking. I wanted a two bedroom apartment or townhouse for a family of five for a start. I was shocked by the apartment sizes after reading on here that apartments in Canada were much bigger than that of UK and I wonder now how small Uk apartments must be. In sydney, apartment sizes are much bigger and I still complain and tell anyone that cares to listen how the apartments in Canada(where I haven't stepped foot) are much bigger and join the complaints crew. It reminded me of the naughty boy poem cheesy cheesy. We saw a couple that we liked and asked about the application process and we were given forms.We explained our status as new immigrants and they said we must have a co-signor who will be our guarantor since we had no jobs yet. We explained we had money to cover a full year's rent and could spread cheques to cover that and that I worked overseas and would provide payslips but the manager said a guarantor was needed. We collected the forms and left. Now our host was not eligible to be our guarantor because he is not a resident and was on a special visa but he rallied round to help us find someone who could be our guarantor. He got me to ask someone(a Nigerian) he had earlier introduced me to but I was not very willing and told him my reasons. She has lived in Ottawa for a long time and promised she would send me a list of areas to avoid in my househunt and after several reminders to that effect,she didn't send it. I was now wondering how someone who didn't send something like a list would agree to guarantee me but my host was adamant it was not that a big deal and she would do it. I asked her to please everyone and not to be labelled strong headed and she very swiftly and readily agreed without even asking questions and that was a redflag and I knew she wouldnt do it eventually.I told my host my observations which my husband corroborated but he still said nahhh, she understands and would.Long story short...she didn't. I began to look for prospective guarantors.Hit up a few people which didnt work out. I still continued my apartment inspections and explaining my situation to the real estate people. The main issue was not dealing directly with landlords because with landlords, the decision is theirs to make but with the management companies, there are protocols to follow and most times, the people on ground are not the ones to access your application. The people who are accessing you have not met you for you to upsell yourself and it is just a matter of ticking checkboxes.At another showing after I explained what we have been going through and the struggle to get a co-signor,the lady said if we had significant funds in a Canadian bank account, that that could waive the need for a co-signor. If we are to require a guarantor however,the person has to fill out a separate application with her/his details just like us and I wondered why it had to be so but she said it was their policy. At this point, we had gotten someone in BC who agreed to be our guarantor and provide payslips. I wasn't sure the person would want to fill a new application in his name though instead of just signing as a guarantor. Now given that I have seen a place that I was told money in the bank would waive the need for guarantor, my hopes were high. I had other appointments and went for more showings. I saw a really nice place with two bathrooms and was told to go to the office downtown to apply. Throughout the inspections, we were attended to by the nicest courteous people. On this trip downtown, we also met a very nice receptionist who called the person in-charge and immediately he came out, I noticed him withdraw and become uncomfortable. He was obviously an immigrant(only the aborigines aren't lol) but not caucasian. He was very uneasy in our midst I am not a body language analyst but when you encounter certain people, you can correctly put labels like racist after interacting with them and you would not be wrong. I told him what we were here for and he asked who will be occupying the apartment.I told him my husband and I plus three children and he said sorry,the maximum no of occupants is 4. I asked him if he had other apartments in other buildings and 3 bedrooms but he said they are all the same rules.We thanked him and left. So far, that has been our only experience with someone being visibly uncomfortable in our presence even in their own space.
Usually, applications are made with a deposit of last month's rent and I have been wondering the consequences if someone applies at two places and both get approved if the person can get one deposit back. We went to another showing and finally a spacious space(from experience) because one measured 880sqft and I have seen some as small as 640sqft. I told the lady our situation and that we were a family of 5-because of my experience at the previous place and she said she doesn't care about that. I also asked the question of what happens when two applications are approved and she told me that the one I don't choose is not obliged to return my money because usually,during the application the apartment is removed from the market and held for you until a decision is made. I explained our situation to her and she said it doesnt matter as long as we show evidence of good money in our account for instance 50k. I knew it was just an illustration. Now my hopes were higher than ever and she said she would send the application to my email as they do theirs online. She did and I applied showing POF over her illustration. However, it was in multiple currencies, CAD,AUD and Naira which I converted on xe.com showing the CAD equivalent. My hopes were really very high because in this case, the same lady was in charge of vetting the application. Now given when we landed, all these things were happening close to the holidays and this final application fell into the xmas holiday window. We were asked to come in again just before the holidays to sign some forms and bring first and last month's deposit. I also asked when a decision will be made and we were told by the 27th of dec. On 27th I waited and had to call and I was told our application has been sent to the lady's manager in Toronto.I began to feel that this thing don get k-leg o.Otherwise why would something she usually does be sent up the ladder. Alas, the email came and the application was denied and according to them,it was company policy not to disclose reasons for declining an application. I was given the option of getting a guarantor who would fill out an application,provide id and payslip and sign the guarantor form. At this stage, based on the no of people we reached out to the first time for guarantorship,more people were ready to guarantee us. I had a problem however with anyone having to fill out a new application in their own name and I wasn't sure anyone would want to do that. I reached out to them and they provided needed documents sans new application explaining it wasn't the norm. I totally understood. One of them gave me very good and legit reasons and was very angry with the ontario system saying it wasn't so in his province and asking us to move to another province. I understood his frustrations.
I was tired too. I emailed the building manager telling them getting someone to apply in their name was proving very hard and I was told they can't make any exception. I will go and pick up my money orders(money orders were made in the company name for the deposits) next week. I began searching and booking appointments again and the next one is for Jan 2. Two of the ones I already viewed are still vacant but I am sceptical to apply because of the apartment size. I hope to get a better sized one.
I am commuting from apple hill to Ottawa and not eligible to receive some settlement services because I don't have an Ottawa address even though I explained my apple hill stay was temporary. I am no longer enjoying having to commute to Ottawa to search for apartments and I decided to call emergency shelter services in Ottawa. I have an appointment with them next week. I want to be in the city where I can continue my search for a place as well as have an address to enable us access settlement services and most importantly enrol my kids in school. If it wasn't for the kids school in january, I wouldn't be fazed. I would remain in apple hill until I get a place but I don't want them to miss school anymore because they didn't complete this school year. I don't know if I can though(the school) with a shelter address. I only intend to stay for a few days though lol. I dont really know if we will stay until I am given a place and I deem it fit because I know shelter accomodations are not ideal places. I am currently chilling with my crew in a big house where we have 3 large rooms to ourselves and free rein to other parts of the house but because I am not holidaying, I must face the fact we can't be here forever. One of the real estate people told me this is a very tight period to get a place because a new university year commences in january with a lot of students coming in and getting a townhouse will be even harder because that is my first choice.
Tips for people yet to land- If possible have your POF in CAD. I think the application may have been approved if our POF was all in a canadian account. Be mentally prepared for the housesearch if you have no one on ground to help you arrange one before you land. It can be draining I remember @Glitteringstar2 had sufficient amount in a Canadian account. Stay in the city you want to obtain services from or at least have an address in the city you can use.
Getting a casual job as soon as one lands too will enable one provide a letter from place of work or payslips in which case no guarantor will be needed. There are no jobs in apple hill otherwise we might have gotten one. Typing this now because I don't know how next week will be and if I will be in the shelter accomodation and if there will be wi-fi there.
Lets see how it pans out.

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