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Crime / Re: Court Detains A 54-Year-Old Man For Raping A 6-Year-Old Orphan In A Church by Slimtuns(m): 9:03pm On Sep 20, 2020
Castrate the modafukka!!! embarassed
Literature / Re: Amina Mama Celebrates Her 62nd Birthday Today by Slimtuns(m): 9:56am On Sep 19, 2020

Maybe you haven't travel far or you only get your info. On Nairaland.

What about Amina Muhammad UN deputy sec Gen

What does travelling far need to do with seeing people of Hausa ancentry? Maybe if you mention 10, I'd accept I'm really unexposed to the outside world.
Literature / Re: Amina Mama Celebrates Her 62nd Birthday Today by Slimtuns(m): 8:38am On Sep 19, 2020
First time I'll see half-caste Hausa grin

Happy birthday ma'am
Romance / Re: At Age 23 Still Scared Of Asking A Girl Out by Slimtuns(m): 8:35pm On Sep 16, 2020

chai I just dey laugh you, imagine sending this to a girl wey Dy collect 3 divk on a regular

she go just use ur message do laughing stock with her friends and her fuckee...

Those lines ain't meant for sluts actually, They are meant for the decent girls bro cool
Travel / Re: Which Country Is Easy And Cheap For A Person To Go And Hustle? by Slimtuns(m): 8:30pm On Sep 15, 2020

Lolss, from our conversation. The idiot just dey beg me for food ohhhhh. Whenever I want to catch fun I will just say hello to him and he will start composing SMS.

Beg kwa, abeg you fit share your convo? I wan laff small cheesy


Travel / Re: Which Country Is Easy And Cheap For A Person To Go And Hustle? by Slimtuns(m): 5:29pm On Sep 15, 2020

Bro u got me laughing, pls nobody should transact any business with stocktrader guy. That guy is just one hungry idiot in Anambra. Not just idiot, one agbero for upper iweka. I will tell u guys how he has been keeping me busy hoping to get food from me

Lol, did he tell you he's from anambra? He told me he's from Imo tho... With his level of intelligence, so hard to believe he's a scammer, Chai! Nigeria don suffer angry
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: 30 Entertainers Supporting Laycon (List) by Slimtuns(m): 6:59pm On Sep 14, 2020
All over the World there are So Many things all out to Distract Humanity..

These are Deliberate and Concious Distractions.
You Might say it's Nothing but deep Down you Know that its not Profitable to your Soul.

I Admonish all to Stay Focused! We are close to the Finish Line..

Everything around us Speaks Eternity...

Don't be a Foolish Virgin! Don't be Distracted! Stay Focused!

Foolish virgin kwa grin
Crime / Re: Herdsmen Rob Family In Ogun, Gang-Rape A 16-Year-Old Girl – Police by Slimtuns(m): 12:26pm On Sep 14, 2020
I really hope justice prevails this time.. These demons have been getting away with a lot of evil deeds. Just castrate them and set their cattle ablaze! sad
Sports / Re: The Story Of Giannis Adetokunbo By Deji Yesufu by Slimtuns(m): 12:17pm On Sep 14, 2020
wow that was lengthy and interesting. Basketball is a game I enjoy more than I enjoy football. I wish I had been exposed to it since childhood, still yet to start practicing it tho but I hope to when school resumes.. I wish our government can invest into this sport like they do to soccer and not bringing only foreigners into the national team. There are a lot of potentials in Nigeria but how are they gonna shine into limelight if sports lovers won't invest in this sport by bringing in experienced coaches to train them and set up good clubs as well. At least one of my kids must be a basketballer, either boy or girl (InshaAllah)

Rest on, Micheal Ojo

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Romance / Re: I Don't Feel Genuine Love For Her Yet I Don't Wanna Leave Her by Slimtuns(m): 10:10pm On Sep 13, 2020
Take some red pills and stop being a simp weak man bro

Simps flock around girls that don't give a EFF about them, that ain't me bro
Romance / I Don't Feel Genuine Love For Her Yet I Don't Wanna Leave Her by Slimtuns(m): 9:31pm On Sep 13, 2020
Evening Nairanlanders,

Okay so there's this girl in my hood, we started with the brother-sister relationship. Then she started giving me greenlight. It was so obvious to everyone she was into me, we got really close that I couldn't help but ask her out (just to have fun) and as expected, she accepted. While dating, it was as though she was the only one in the relationship cos I hardly gave her my attention. She is the kind of girl every man would want to have as a partner, she's so caring, loving, not demanding and respectful.

Like 5 months ago, something serious happened to me that totally wrecked the little attention I used to give her. That made me decide to end things with her although I didn't tell her it was over myself, but my attitude made her decide she could no longer endure the pains I was making her go through. It wasn't easy for her tho but she decided to be strong. For those 5 months, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of her but the feeling, I can't explain. Last week I called her to talk about everything that happened between us and probably end things on a good note but I just couldn't say I'm done for real. I feel throughout the relationship, I wasn't sincere with her, I feel I took advantage of the love she had for me.

Now we're talking about getting back together but she needs me to commit myself to the relationship this time, she needs me to have time for her but still, I don't feel a genuine love for her. I also wanna love but my mind is just so stuffed that I'm not sure I will be able to give her the true love she deserves. Telling her the relationship can't continue as well will hurt her deeply, although she acts like that wouldn't hurt her but I know it would.

What should I do? Can I really learn how to love her? Kindly give me some advice..
Sports / Re: Transfers Involving Nigerian Football Players So Far This Summer by Slimtuns(m): 8:08pm On Sep 12, 2020
Eih? Issalie, Taiye Taiwo still dey play soccer? I sure say baba go don dey grow grey hair, Na dye im dey apply shocked

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija Vs Gulder Ultimate Search: Which Do Nigerians Prefer? by Slimtuns(m): 8:01pm On Sep 12, 2020
GUS anyday anytime, thrice on Friday! If only the organisers can make someone modifications like running hours, more games and adventures, having more sponsors etc.
Romance / Re: 28-years Boy Raped And Strangled A Girl After Toasting Her And She Refused by Slimtuns(m): 7:45pm On Sep 12, 2020
Chai, see where 5 mins pleasure(might not even be up to that) landed you.. It's time we start normalizing masturbation sef, at least that could have prevented this heinous act.
Crime / Re: Angry ‘Farmer’ Threatens To ‘Shoot’ Buhari by Slimtuns(m): 9:33am On Sep 12, 2020

d don't even need 2 wait till 2023, those in edo & ondo can act by not voting 4 any apc members, 4 d comming election, which will send a clear message 2 this buhari fg. nigerians next time should b careful in voting apc senators from d north

You're absolutely on point. It just baffles me how some miserable individuals still hail and commend him and his administration!
Romance / Re: Yoruba Lady Went Out With Man & Came Back With Pain In Her Tootoo by Slimtuns(m): 9:10am On Sep 12, 2020
Not everything is spiritual, check to see if the vaginal walls are not ruptured yet! Chai see how fine babe dey display for outside embarassed

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Romance / Re: Dating A Military Personnel: My Experience. by Slimtuns(m): 8:14am On Sep 12, 2020
eeyah.. This is so pathetic, you guys could have talked about working things out so far you two loved each other.
Crime / Re: Angry ‘Farmer’ Threatens To ‘Shoot’ Buhari by Slimtuns(m): 8:07am On Sep 12, 2020
Lol you people haven't seen chonchin, we've still got like 3yrs more to deal with this old clueless simp.. Just this morning when I was going for Subuhi, I heard some people discussing about the proposed hike on bread prices, one woman that used to be a hardcore follower of APC said she regretted taking sides with those losers, the other person said to her, did you think of this when you were collecting 2 cups of rice during campaign? Now ain't the time for regret, may God make it easy for us even if it seems uneasy.. This country is fugged mehn! cry


Family / Re: Letter To Young People. by Slimtuns(m): 5:37pm On Sep 11, 2020
Thanks for this piece OP. Lately it's been crazy on this side of the world but there's no way we are gonna fix the problem if we won't stop being depressed about it. This need to get to FP

cc Lalasticlala
Romance / Re: Jilted Lady Slumps By The Roadside In Lagos, Lover Escapes by Slimtuns(m): 5:06pm On Sep 11, 2020
Lol this is serious oh... Can the elders even settle this? I hope she gets well tho, but why would the nigga even run away?
Sports / Re: Dettol Cool Announces Odion Ighalo As New Brand Ambassador by Slimtuns(m): 5:04pm On Sep 11, 2020
They keep making already rich people brand ambassadors.... while the real buyers of the products are on the street.

Who has time to buy dettol when I can add agbo to my bathing water grin

Medd oh grin grin
Romance / Re: At Age 23 Still Scared Of Asking A Girl Out by Slimtuns(m): 5:23pm On Sep 10, 2020

Honestly, that not my intention,I want her to be my first girlfriend and by the way, I'm still a 20 years old virgin.

I'll advise you not to make the same mistake elders made. If you're not ready for commitment then don't go into a relationship just because of sex. If it's about pleasure, drink a lot of water and engage in productive activities. Sex is really overrated.

Konji still dey wire me sometimes tho, Wetin man go do...but still, sex is overrated grin
Romance / Re: At Age 23 Still Scared Of Asking A Girl Out by Slimtuns(m): 4:50pm On Sep 10, 2020

Ha Bros

I would be going against red piller's idealogy.

Never tell a woman you love her

P.S-She was crushing on me first before I started falling for her too and we have never talked to each other before.

CC ubunja


Why do I have a feeling you just wan shag the babe? Is not fair if that's your intention oh. Wetin Konji go cause sha! Shidren of nowadays! lipsrsealed
Romance / Re: At Age 23 Still Scared Of Asking A Girl Out by Slimtuns(m): 4:48pm On Sep 10, 2020
Professional grin grin
Romance / Re: At Age 23 Still Scared Of Asking A Girl Out by Slimtuns(m): 4:39pm On Sep 10, 2020

Hello, I'm just like the op.

Please can you tell me what to say to my crush because she obviously likes me and I don't want to miss this opportunity.

Since you said she likes you too, that's easy..but you need to confirm she's currently not seeing someone.

All you need is to text her cos anxiety won't make a physical conversation work. Text her, Vick... There's something I need to tell you, you're a lady I respect and adore a lot, for a long time I've been hiding how I truly feel about you, the more I hide the more it grows. I can't keep on hurting myself for something I cannot change, I'm seriously into you, like I really like you, you know the like I'm talking about, right? Not a platonic one. I'm seriously in love with you, you're just a perfect lady for me. This text might make me seem drunk but no, I'm only intoxicated, intoxicated by your love. All I want is a chance from you, a chance to put my words into action. I hope to get a reply from you soon. Then boom her reply will determine what the next line of words would be.

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Romance / Re: At Age 23 Still Scared Of Asking A Girl Out by Slimtuns(m): 2:33pm On Sep 10, 2020
Bro, it's natural as a first timer. But if you won't make a move you'll keep being a first timer even if it takes you 10 more years to build your confidence. Was once like you tho, I'm naturally a shy guy so it was hard then, I would feel like my heart was gonna burst open with the rate at which it would be beating but I grew my confidence.

Asking a girl out requires some techniques,

You don't ask a girl out when she's in the group of friends, no! Although some guys are naturally crazy and will call out a girl in the midst of friends but that ain't me.

You need to study the girl's mood before walking up to her
When you've finally gotten her attention, just make it simple and don't ask her to be your gf immediately. Hi, I saw you walking by and I felt it wouldn't be nice not to say hello...my name is blah blah blah, can I know your name? At this point a sensible girl should be getting along. Try to compliment her a little, in a decent manner tho. Then tell her you wouldn't want the friendship to end right there, can I have your contact pls? She would want to say no of course, tell her Cmon! We tend to make friends and not enemies make some jokes in between, a mature girl will surely give you her number but if you meet a confam crazy girl just let her go. After getting the number, bounce from the scene then follow it up via text...try to build a little friendship for like 2-3 days before telling her what your true intention is. It should be easier that way. Ciao ciao cool cool


Phones / Re: I Was Duped By A Whatsapp TV. How I Recovered My Money by Slimtuns(m): 11:55am On Sep 10, 2020
Scammer begging his victim to let him make a refund?? shocked

Nigeria is going to be great I believe cheesy

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Health / Re: 15lb Hairball Removed From Stomach Of Indian Girl Who Chews Her Hair (Graphic) by Slimtuns(m): 2:26pm On Sep 08, 2020
Thats a Pratical Evidence of What you Sow ! You Reap!

So it is in all Facets of Life..

Sorry oh Mr. Righteousness, with the way you're always active here on Nairaland, do you even have time to pray at all or all you do is preach preach preach?
Family / Re: I Love Being Alone. Is This Normal? by Slimtuns(m): 8:07am On Sep 08, 2020
Your words resonate with me. Thanks bruv!

It's well bro, even tho life ain't fair, we shouldn't compound things by being hard on ourselves. May we find the peace and happiness we seek cool


Family / Re: I Love Being Alone. Is This Normal? by Slimtuns(m): 7:22am On Sep 08, 2020
I prayed but it seems no body is listening.

My fav musician once said "If you got questions or you need advice, then talk to God 'cause He's the only one that listens even when you think he isn't"
I tried my best but......

Hmm. You prayed and prayed and prayed and you just assumed no one was listening because it didn't yield a fast result like you thought? Cmon bro! Those homeless people, don't they pray? Those on the sickbed for a long time, don't they pray? Those in the prison for a crime they knew nothing of, didn't they pray not to get into trouble? Those buried beneath the earth surface, didn't they pray to live longer?

God listens and answers bro, everyone's got his/her own timing. Overtime I've learnt what works well with prayer aside hardwork, is patience. I'm not saying all this cos I have all I've prayed and wished for, I'm saying this cuz I believe. Please drop this thinking, it's not worth it. It makes one become reckless and lose focus on the reason why we came into this world! Atheism is like a leech, it does nothing but to destroy the soul. I pray God touches your heart and guide you to the right path smiley


Family / Re: I Love Being Alone. Is This Normal? by Slimtuns(m): 5:28am On Sep 08, 2020
Believe undecided I lost faith a long time ago.

What could be the reason if I may ask?
Family / Re: I Love Being Alone. Is This Normal? by Slimtuns(m): 5:27am On Sep 08, 2020
I swear to God, this is the perfect definition of ME shocked and I am March 20 shocked


Really I used to think zodiac signs were trash, not until I started learning about them. You should explore your sign btw, you might find out other interesting things that will make you fall in love with your own personality the more cheesy

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