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Business / Re: Can You Tell Your Friend What You Do Online That Gives You Money by Slimtuns(m): 10:45am On Jun 29, 2020
I am an employee with a private firm here in Nigeria. I earn a decent amount of income monthly before this world wide pandemic struck. Although I have basic computer skills, I never for once engaged in any online business until April when I decided to go into affiliate marketing... promoting digital products. Now, I am not even bothering about whether I am paid salary or not because I am now earning in dollars almost on a daily basis, minimum of about $20 daily. Stop waiting for covid-19 to end before you start making money. People are cashing out from diverse online businesses. I am willing to help you for free if you are interested. I am charging no dime..

pls I'm interested.. Slimtuns@gmail.com
Business / Re: Apart From Yahoo, What Are You Doing To Make Money Online? by Slimtuns(m): 10:37am On Jun 29, 2020
Getting btc from ads company on telegram through automation and selling to buyers!
Interested people can drop their emails and i will send the complete tutorial....
Free of charge
Politics / Re: Photos From Late Governor Ajimobi's Burial by Slimtuns(m): 4:35pm On Jun 28, 2020
mofẹ́dogún mofẹ́dọgbọ̀n aiyé ni gbogbo rẹ̀ mọ. olówó á kú, tálákà á rọ̀run, aṣẹ́kità paápàá òní gbẹ́yìn.. living life is just a mystery, today we wanna have it all then tomorrow we leave all those things behind. RIP to him, may God forgive him of his sins and have mercy upon his soul
Health / Re: Enugu Law School Student Dies Of Cardiac Arrest While Jogging(Disturbing Photos) by Slimtuns(m): 3:31pm On Jun 25, 2020
I mean, that's it? human's life summarized in just 4 images.. he was standing on his own striking a pose for a picture then he got packed inside a casket and then placed inside the grave phew... may God forgive him of his sins, may the rest of us live long to fulfill our purpose in life and may we have a good ending cos no matter how long, we're gonna leave someday.

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Family / Re: Introverts Lounge (Extroverts Pls Keep Off !!) by Slimtuns(m): 11:09am On Jun 25, 2020
That's society for you. "The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind." - Nikola Tesla.

Society is robbing people, especially young people of a lot of things.
1. Choice:The choice to be single, to not be on social media, to be a nerd, to get high and marvel Diotima's ladder of love or to be an atheist. Society robs the youth from thinking, from questioning women at the bus stops who are passing out Jesus flyers or who want you to attend NASFAT about them briefly explaining platonism and via Socrates dialectic method, opening their eyes. Faith is the new lust. Society wants everyone, not just the youths, not just introverts alone, to bow down, to give in to their demands.

2. Being ourselves. We are scared to have an opinion because if you are a Trump supporter for example, you are automatically a racist bigot. We are scared to end up on the losing side. We are scared to take opportunity because being an opportunist is bad and it is better to be unnoticed according to society. To be the majority, to be like everyone else is safer. We must have a label on our head. She is a lesbian, he is gay, he is too feminine, she is too masculine. We judge and are afraid to be judged. We are passive aggressive. We are afraid to speak up. We are afraid of "no" and failure. We are afraid of living, just crossing off the days in the calendar, in anticipation of what? Death? Don't live like that bro.

3. Love. Our society is now fast food everywhere. In each aspect of it, food. It has to be fast. It has to be a drive thru. Love? Screw that. Who wants a mortgage, a commitment, and old wrinkly wife with a tummy that's already pushed out four kids. It's better to have a fling, to have a moment of lust, to say "I love you" just after four weeks of dating. Dating is the new marriage, you dont believe me? Look around you. We stopped caring and acknowledging true beauty. We are even dumb to not know that all bodies are similar, we are contaminated with short term gratification. I was raised a muslim, mum's a Christian though, catholic, I can speak Arabic almost like a mother's tongue, also went to catholic school, but religion wasn't it for me. That was a choice, you make yours.

hmmm that was lengthy and interesting.. it's sad that here in Africa, we don't care about people's choice, we feel everyone must fit in to our way of life. that's a selfish feeling... we criticize, castigate, judge cos we ALWAYS view choices that are different from ours as bad and view ours as good. Africa is still living centuries behind in my opinion


Family / Re: Introverts Lounge (Extroverts Pls Keep Off !!) by Slimtuns(m): 11:02am On Jun 25, 2020
it’s normal , but don’t be rude about it, don’t feel offended by it either, just laugh it out , say something like “I just Dey relax” anyone who exaggerate about it , you just smile . When people care or like you and can’t hv u around often that’s what they say. They will get used to it, why don’t you like your friends visiting , I feel like if u hv friends willing to cm around knowing you would hardly reciprocate such actions , u should appreciate them.

thanks a lot but trust me, I've always handled it with maturity, I mostly laugh it off as you said cos in reality I've got no explanation for them and about friends, yeah I have friends who do check up on me and I appreciate that but sometimes, maybe the moments I need to be alone is when they come around... I would call it a bad timing, there was a time when I was still in my teens that a friend of mine paid me a visit, I didn't know when I left him in the living room and went into my room to take a nap... my brother had to caution me not to do that again whereas I didn't mean to offend him cos he was already having a good time by watching TV not like I left him alone all by himself. I guess that's just the way we are, not to be clearly understood by the society, just maybe.


Family / Re: Introverts Lounge (Extroverts Pls Keep Off !!) by Slimtuns(m): 8:09am On Jun 25, 2020
guys am I the only one who experiences this? people always question me whenever they see me that why don't I come out or why don't they usually See Me in the street or why am I always indoor? is it a crime to live one's life the way one pleases? I'm the type that don't see going out as a necessity unless I've got an important thing to do outdoors... I even feel disturbed sometimes if my friends come visiting. why don't people realize not everyone can be like them?

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Celebrities / Re: Cee C Involved In An Accident, As She Hits Someone (Photos, Video) by Slimtuns(m): 10:10pm On Jun 24, 2020
Just like that!
No one prepares for these events!

There is a very thin line between life n Death!

Any thing can happen to anyone at anytime..

In all you Do.. Ensure you feed and equip your Soul with what matters!

JESUS is what Matters!

Just in case...

Sudden death.... Sudden Glory!

We pray the person she hit is not dead!

who be this man sef? small thing baba go dey preach, I hope you aren't typing with one hand and holding a can or bottle with another tho



Crime / Re: Man Who Raped 3-Month-Old Baby In Nasarawa Arrested by Slimtuns(m): 6:35pm On Jun 24, 2020
the police get time sha, person wey dem suppose don cut his balls and dick give dogs to eat den chop off his head for people to play soccer with :/
Investment / Re: Please If You Have Any GOOD Means Of Earning Online Please Do Share With Us by Slimtuns(m): 6:14pm On Jun 23, 2020

Oya read this thread... Nah there I take make small change for free.


P.S: Most of the free number getting methods aren't working again so you've got to buy number for a token.

are you currently doing the mturk or prolific? I think I once registered on mturk but my account wasn't approved
Investment / Re: Please If You Have Any GOOD Means Of Earning Online Please Do Share With Us by Slimtuns(m): 4:43pm On Jun 23, 2020

Hehehe, me sef hate anything referrals walahi cheesy

But there are real online gigs o, just that it's not available for Nigerians, so you gats use VPN runs am. Hehehe

BTW: If you're in need of a premium VPN logins for free, here's the file of logins. Abeg make una nor change the password o cool

https://bit dot ly/30ZFW80

Change The dot to .


Abeg reason me with the real ones Na.... shey make we talk via whatsapp ni?
Investment / Re: Please If You Have Any GOOD Means Of Earning Online Please Do Share With Us by Slimtuns(m): 12:09pm On Jun 23, 2020
I still don't get why it's so hard to get real online jobs like gigs that don't involve referrals or all these ponzi schemes.... just jobs


Health / Re: Employee Commits Suicide In Bayelsa After Losing Boss’ N150,000 To Gambling by Slimtuns(m): 7:58pm On Jun 21, 2020
Thats what l ve been doing until the lockdown break. lts hard to let go of lost money .

I figured... I would want us to talk further.. can you pls text me? zeroeightonethreethreetwofournineonefournine

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Health / Re: Employee Commits Suicide In Bayelsa After Losing Boss’ N150,000 To Gambling by Slimtuns(m): 6:41pm On Jun 21, 2020
lost 63k on 3 picks amounting to 2 odds, I never still get myself like this. The matter just be like the bookies dey conjure these games to favor them, l ve lost aprox 900k this year alone, cant kill myself though, u shouldn't too, life is worth way more.

jeez... it's well, but hope you haven't been chasing the losses all this while?
Career / Re: Dr Ramon Adedoyin's Right Step To Success by Slimtuns(m): 9:21am On Jun 20, 2020

Sorry. I will check it I appreciate you always
okay sir.. thanks so much
Career / Re: Dr Ramon Adedoyin's Right Step To Success by Slimtuns(m): 8:31am On Jun 20, 2020
Weldone sire... I mailed you last week Friday as you said but you're yet to reply
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Threatened To Break Up If I Don't Marry Her Now by Slimtuns(m): 5:56pm On Jun 17, 2020
well the deed is done already and castigating you won't have any effect cos I'm sure you're feeling bad already.. thanks goodness you have a source of income even if it's small,, same circumstance made some jobless men marry and they survived so you won't be an exception. my candid advice is for you to find a way to talk to your father about the whole thing...the pregnancy and marriage issue, you can discuss it with someone he respects alot in your family and the person will take it up from there... you can talk to your father after he might have accepted that you would like to start a business, he should be able to support you.

some couples started it roughly now they are living very fine, this might be a blessing in disguise.. also try to be prayerful, everything will be alright.
Romance / Re: Top 10 Adult Movie Watching Countries Rated By Google by Slimtuns(m): 1:13pm On Jun 17, 2020


Oh, now I understand your bias. But did you even make an effort to find out on Google yourself? I did and the op is correct.

See ehn, it's countries that are listed there, not religions. And even if the top countries are Muslim, and so?

More so, God cannot be defended, He defends Himself and most times, He doesn't even bother. So why should anyone? You just do your own and that's it, otherwise it will be beclouding intelligence

now i see why you made that first comment.. I insist you should go make your research. have you even wondered why that stats is in image and not in texts? that nonsensical info has been on the internet for a very long time.. and to stand by my claim, it was made to cause religious fracas... go back to google to make your research and try your best to prove me wrong this tine
Romance / Re: Top 10 Adult Movie Watching Countries Rated By Google by Slimtuns(m): 10:54am On Jun 17, 2020

But Google is in the best position to get this fact. They prob use their search engines to know

this is a foul fact bro, I've seen this like 2 years ago... the real info is there on the internet, people like him just love causing unnecessary religious fracas.


Romance / Re: Top 10 Adult Movie Watching Countries Rated By Google by Slimtuns(m): 8:56am On Jun 17, 2020
rated by google you say? next time take your time to do research before posting trash! imbécil! undecided


Romance / Re: Woman's 17 Years Old Son Impregnates His Two Sisters During The Lockdown by Slimtuns(m): 7:55pm On Jun 16, 2020
shepke... the kin conji wey dey catch sons of men for this odd period ehn... but bọ̀bọ́ yìí ya wèrè gan ṣá, o dó àwọn àbúrò títí tí wọ́n fi lóyún, even devil read this he said wow shocked
Phones / Re: ***** Infinix Discussion Thread ***** by Slimtuns(m): 2:52pm On Jun 16, 2020
guys, pls I need recommendation on a nice infinix phone that is less than 40k with 3gb/32gb ram and internal storage respectively
Romance / Re: Trying To Toast A Girl As A Shy Guy. Share Your Experience by Slimtuns(m): 7:26pm On Jun 14, 2020

Jesu, you even fly fence, chai, your own worse oh.

lol I fly fence oh... I was not even 10 yet, you can imagine the tension... it took a while before they stopped mocking me grin
Romance / Re: Trying To Toast A Girl As A Shy Guy. Share Your Experience by Slimtuns(m): 6:16pm On Jun 14, 2020
lol mine happened when I was almost 10...yes 10 years of age, I was in the company of bad brothers and friends. so this girl, I don't know what gave those egbons the impression that I liked this lady although I kinda liked her I was just a kid what did I know? on that crazy day, my bros had arranged a date for us without my consent at a friends' house, can you imagine? immediately I saw this girl omo I don't know what came over me, I ran home!! my bros had to run after me, now the funniest part cheesy as soon as I got home and I saw them, I thought she also came with them, I don't know where I got the strength from omo I jumped over the fence to save my ass ni o... although I'm a shy guy but if I'm really in the mood, I find it as a pleasure to toast but can't approach a girl in the midst of friends tho... I'm not even the type who takes relationship seriously, my own Na to satisfy stupid conji wey no go let man rest :p


Celebrities / Re: Pregnant Regina Daniels And Ned Nwoko Are Expecting A Baby by Slimtuns(m): 9:30pm On May 30, 2020
So Ned actually fvcked Regina shocked

Like fvcked her without a condom and released inside her with her consent shocked

How was Regina able to look at Ned's face while he was cuming? ....I can imagine that niggas face while he is cuming and that's some horror movie shit sad

So Money actually made this girl look Ned in the eye and not puke while he was cuming inside her. shocked

Kaiiiiiiiiii cry

Where Money speaks, Nonsense ceases to exist grin
LOL underrated comment here... whenever he cums, will she be like baby are you cumming or daddy are you cumming? TBH girls marrying men older than them with 10 years and above are trying... will there even be any form of romance between the? Na money matter sha, make I go hustle cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Forbes Says Kylie Jenner Lied About Being A Billionaire, She Reacts by Slimtuns(m): 7:50pm On May 29, 2020
If 3k is not too small for you, quote me with your acct number.

giveaway expires in 2mins..
Islam for Muslims / Re: Free 1k Giveaway For 13 People by Slimtuns(m): 12:31pm On May 27, 2020

You are the winner for day 30. Your account has been credited

JazakAllah Khairan.. May Allah continue to bless you sir. warafanahu mokana aliyah

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