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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Slyjay1(m): 6:44am On Jun 01
A competent and hardworking driver that’s ready to get a car for hire purchase should send me an email. (dirtygoldbespoke@gmail.com) Location is Lagos.
Gaming / Re: PS3 Slim Or Super Slim Is Needed by Slyjay1(m): 7:35pm On May 31
Ps3 with no pad. 35k and it’s all yours. location: Lagos

Food / Re: Lagosians Begging In Front Of Lekki Estate (Video) by Slyjay1(m): 3:19am On Apr 17
Please tell me more. Maybe he’s the same person that scammed me on Nairaland with another ID


Criminal, u think u can carry ur scam to lekki abi? Nairalanders pls beware of this criminal he is a thief, he has scammed many nairalanders in the guise of transacting business with them.
lalasticla.la, ishilove pls investigate what I am saying.
Romance / Re: She Dumped Me For Her Ex, Shattered Me Into Irredeemable Pieces by Slyjay1(m): 10:40am On Apr 15
Another angle. Chat this man privately for tips cus she’d surely come back to you. i think you are too timid so she feels like she’d always apologize and you’d agree and that’s because you love her more than the way she loves you.

You get mouth.

She go still serve come. Be patient and don't be too obvious. She must serve come. Revenge is best served cold. Don't take it out on innocent girls o. Not all of them bad I swear.

Wetin you Don see Wey you wan turn monster
You Don wash pant.
You Don carry her go meet her boyfriend wey she call her uncle for hotel, wait for reception for like 2 hours and return her home. When you ask why she rough she say she dey wash cloths. For hotel?
You Don turn messenger for girl?
You Don submit your salary for woman every month?
If no then shut it and move on.

I'm sure some of them, dey laugh happily seeing as you dey lament. Man up
Romance / Re: Last Fling Before Wedding Is Very Dangerous by Slyjay1(m): 4:13pm On Apr 13
Are you sure you are not that your friend?

My friend from university days, she had this bf, he didn't marry her cause it was a few months to his wedding when they started dating, though he'd been pestering her for long, she no gree. Her excuse? he's a bit elderly - 8/9 years, not sure.

A relationship started and it was hot. My friend, according to her, didn't know he was that close to marrying his girlfriend, she wouldn't have agreed to date him.

They made love on his wedding day, dunno how the guy managed with that. He hid it from her. She got to know later that that was his wedding day.

It's been years now, they're both married
and they still see. They said they can't stop. I wonder if the two of them are not crazy, they would've just married each other.

So, so for a match made in heaven.
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy To P Diddy: Nigerians Are On Lockdown Without Any Benefits by Slyjay1(m): 12:37pm On Apr 13
Then the leaders shouldn’t have promised anyone money. How can they promise relief packages and looting it by themselves and we are seeing stories everywhere that they’ve shared money to the whole 36 states.


Do these idiotic Nigerians know that only those that have paid their taxes and filed with the IRS are getting any money from the US govt?

All these noise about getting money from the Nigerian govt is just pathetic and shows the level of shallowness that exist among the so called youths in this country.
I support the govt to give some money to tax paying citizens, which is not a lot in this country.
Technology Market / Re: Professor On Any Type Of Generator. by Slyjay1(m): 4:07pm On Apr 03
Thanks so much. Is it a good and rugged generator?


Check the oil level, then possibly change the plug.. Try see if you can get a Belgium plug..
Technology Market / Re: Professor On Any Type Of Generator. by Slyjay1(m): 12:49pm On Apr 03
Please reply this man. Thanks

Good work you're doing here.

Pls, I bought maxmech Gen with 3kva output. Barely worked for 3 weeks. It stopped working all of a sudden, I then called the dealer immediately who asked me to bring the generator so that his engr could work on it which I of course did. The engr only changed the plug and put a new one. Then Gen started working immediately. I took it home and powered it, then work for about 2hrs and stopped working again.

Please what could be the problem...

Autos / Re: First Body Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2001 Model-1.2M by Slyjay1(m): 9:42am On Mar 09
Let me come and carry it for 600k. I’m a serious buyer
Car Talk / Re: Someone Shud Pls Help Me Check This VIN. It's Urgent Pls by Slyjay1(m): 12:42pm On Jan 22
Too many users.

Yeah... Backed out and got another one already. I wanted to get it and give out as hire purchase for uber/bolt.
Car Talk / Re: Free VIN Check To Confirm Mileage Before Shipment. by Slyjay1(m): 9:54am On Jan 22

Find out the real mileage of your car before it was shipped and we shall furnish u with the details for free....

Please help with mine. 2T1BR32E27C774291.
Thanks so much
Politics / Re: Lagos Govt Debunks List Of Restricted Routes For Keke Marwa And Okadas by Slyjay1(m): 8:37am On Jan 22
Get full control of your vehicle(s) at a very affordable price with our high performance devices. You dont break a sweat at all as our devices are all automated with technologically advanced features to take care of your vehicles' security at all times!

Major Features of our car Tracking devices:

1. Engine cut off with an SMS command: you can turn off your car from anywhere, even abroad with just a simple SMS command, and you must activate it before the vehicle will start up again.

2. Real time Tracking both online and offline: You can track your car offline with an SMS or offline on an application. This application comes embedded with highly advanced landmarks/Maps to give you a great deal of accuracy. You can track your car anywhere.

3. Geo Fencing: you can limit your car to a particular zone. Taking it out of that zone sends you an alert of trips it off.

4. Spy on the occupants of the vehicle with built in mic. You can listen in on their conversations from anywhere.

5. Low Battery/Battery disconnect alert. Your car alerts you whenever the battery is low or disconnected and sends you location.

6. Overspeed alert: you car notifies you whenever the set speed limit is exceeded. This is great for transport/Haulage companies that wish to check the speed of their drivers.

[b]Price is 35.000 naira

We have offices all over the states in Nigeria

How do we get in touch?
Car Talk / Re: Dubai Cars. How Efficient? Please Advise. by Slyjay1(m): 10:04am On Jan 12
More photos

Car Talk / Dubai Cars. How Efficient? Please Advise. by Slyjay1(m): 9:58am On Jan 12
Hello guys. I was trying to get a foreign used car in US. I talked about it with my friend in Dubai and he showed me 2013 Toyota Corolla that’s already shipped and on its way to Nigeria.
He said he can sell to me, although it was meant for his personal use but since he’s not returning till March, I can buy it. The car was so clean with frosh interior. He said he’d sell at 2,950m. I’m scared because I haven’t heard or seen anyone get car from Dubai. It’s mostly in Canada and USA.

Please advise me as I’m scared of making bad decision. Attached are some of the photos of the car

Jobs/Vacancies / Dispatch Rider Needed ASAP On D Island(good Salary) by Slyjay1(m): 6:45pm On Oct 31, 2019
Anyone interested should contact 08149083395.
Investment / Dispatch Bike Rider ASAP on the island(Good Salary) by Slyjay1(m): 5:24pm On Aug 29, 2019
I’d be glad if anyone can refer me to any dispatch bike rider ASAP. An honest and peaceful person. Interested person should reach me on 08149083395
Business / Dispatch Bike Rider Wanted ASAP on the Island(Good Salary) by Slyjay1(m): 5:17pm On Aug 29, 2019
Dispatch bike rider is needed ASAP. Location is Lagos. Interested peeps should call me on 08149083395
Celebrities / Re: Toolz Vacations In Jamaica With Her Husband And Son by Slyjay1(m): 10:15am On Aug 21, 2019
I swear down. And they are super rich.

see family living lowkey life... unlike some yeyebrities that will turn themselves to personal paparazzi n allow bloggers to be using them as office...

BTW, Toolz gimme 5mins like indomie...,

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Doesn't Like Sex, I'm Facing Huge Problem With Her by Slyjay1(m): 12:36pm On Jul 20, 2019
exactly my fear bro, if she is like this with no burden or pressure whatsoever, how will it be when she start taking care of kids, & other burdens that come with marriage, at that time will i even be relevant at all?

God bless you. This is exactly what I’m passing through RN. I’m confused because I really do not want to cheat on her. We are married for 2 yrs now. Dated for 7 yrs but I wasn’t bothered because she always said I’m reducing her bride price and she’d change once we married. Now, I’m stuck. I need matured advice pls.


Investment / Re: Catfish Farming, 2019 by Slyjay1(m): 12:51pm On Apr 03, 2019
Are you into catfish business? Where's your location? How can i get in touch with you? I want to learn more about it before venturing into it. Please advise.

- Catfish farming has really made me comfortable because the market is readily available. ... She said that catfish was the only species of fish that she bred because it was easy to get the fingerlings, adding that catfish was easy to breed or feed, while people liked the fish because of its unique taste in meals.
Religion / Re: Taking A Child That’s Not Dedicated To Church. by Slyjay1(m): 10:38am On Jan 20, 2019
Please share your view.

Lemme wait and see how my own ignorance too will be cleared.
Religion / Taking A Child That’s Not Dedicated To Church. by Slyjay1(m): 9:28am On Jan 20, 2019
Hello brethren. Can a child that’s not dedicated yet be taken to church? And when is the right time to dedicate a child in the church? Thank you.
Car Talk / Re: How Much Is It To Pay To Renew My Drivers Licence? by Slyjay1(m): 4:57pm On Jan 09, 2019
Thanks so much for this info. How about getting a new one? What are the procedures and how much? Can I get where I can do it in the island?


With an Internet and a computer at home, go to FRSC website and renew yourself,

It's 10k for 5years and 6k for 3years, make payment using your debit card and print out the filled form and proof of payment (if no printer attached select print and in the printer column choose Microsoft xps viewer, save the document and go and print it out in a cyber cafe)

you can bypass capturing if your face never change. Take the print out to FRSC office and sign and stamp you may Roger them like 1k since our institutions are corrupt and then wait till they send your permanent from Abuja. Those stamped printout is what will be your temporary especially if you bypass recapture.
Investment / Re: Bitcoin Investment Named Worst Investment In 2018 - FinExpertiza by Slyjay1(m): 7:11pm On Dec 29, 2018
Please how can I get in touch with you? I need to know more about this farming stuff. I’m very much interested.

After the loss to ponzy schemes 2017/2018, a friend of mine came to me about switz gold and a relation introduced Bitcoin. I gently told them both NO. I went into farm practice and I've not regretted the decision. From 4 acres of cropping, I'm expanding to 20acres next year and hopefully before the end of next year, I'll try my hands on fishery and poultry. NEVER again will I put money into a business I cannot influence

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Business / Re: What Is Your Worst Business Investment And How Much Did You Lose? by Slyjay1(m): 8:00am On Nov 21, 2018
How can I get in touch with you? I have something very important to discuss with you.

What happened to me this year sef just get as e be.

So I was finally making N25k daily from my website and saved more than N1m and decided to hire a professional SEO company to handle my seo so that I can rank for more keywords and make more money. My target is to make 100k+ daily which is actually what my competition make.

The SEO company charged N150k per month and on the first month we found out that Google had penalized my site because of a Yoast plugin issue. With the Yoast plugin new update they was an option which was usually turned off by default but was on with the new update and thus pages were created automatically using images and no content. Coincidentally Google's new algo or whatever just came out and in it included a rule against pages with only images. And thus I was bleeped.

You can read more about the Yoast issue here https://charlesfloate.co.uk/yoast-mess-up. Many people were affected by this issue. If you go through the comments you will see one guy complaining about how he went from $1,000 per month to $100 because of his drop in traffic.

Also the seo company discovered that for some reason my backlinks created to my website were being removed so now I had to pay for on-site seo and also backlinks. To cut the long story short I spent all my savings trying to resolve this issue and I am still working on building more backlinks.

Daily income has gone down to N5k-N10k daily and yes I am royally bleeped because I have to fuel my gen and run it for 24 hours as we barely have power here. Nepa did not even blink the light throughout the weekend and as I write this the generator is on and making noise. Data, feeding, diapers, baby food etc sef dey there but we are managing.

I don't even know what to call this one. Whether bad investment or simply bad luck but thought to share.

By the way, based on the kind of person I am due to the low traffic I was getting and free time I got I used that spare time to build 3 new websites and now I am working on building them to profitability. Man never back down cool
Family / Re: My Madam And Me by Slyjay1(m): 6:15pm On Aug 02, 2018
OP haf vex as we don’t want to cooperate... lol. Pls come back and tell us what you want Op

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Family / Re: My Madam And Me by Slyjay1(m): 11:39am On Jul 03, 2018
Two episodes in minutes cheesy

Hope asking for more episodes before the end of the day won't anger the gods grin

Same here too ooh

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Family / Re: My Madam And Me by Slyjay1(m): 5:16pm On Jul 02, 2018
We are silently waiting my brother. Please try and drop some more for us. Even if it’s just one episode. embarassed sad
Family / Re: My Madam And Me by Slyjay1(m): 8:06am On Jun 28, 2018
Please my brother. Don’t keep us waiting. The suspense is just too much lipsrsealed
Family / Re: My Madam And Me by Slyjay1(m): 3:52pm On Jun 08, 2018
Pls try to always post on time. We are begging. Most of us are addicted to it already�


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