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Celebrities / Re: Mother Of Singer, Seyi Vibez Is Dead by smartistics(m): 1:00pm On Mar 17
Dues paid. RIP to her
Politics / Happy Birthday GRV by smartistics(m): 10:53am On Mar 08
Happy Birthday to Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour. We wish many happy returns and best of luck in your political endeavors. God bless Lagosisans God bless Nigeria.

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Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 11:33am On Feb 02
I hope it's not a case of oveheating transmission fluid
Good Morning ..

Please I got the following issues with my FX 45 ..
I got it last year..
a. Once I start it (first time) it starts ok with cool sound. But if I off it and then restart it again, I must kick the throttle to keep it running or it goes off by itself

b. I took it to my village, a journey of 1 hour, I noticed that it over-heated ..I have to allow it to cool down before driving that day.

C. On my way to the village, i noticed that the movement was sluggish,i even noticed that the the gear display monitor on the dashboard was blink with no display but after leaving it for 20mins...it will show again with the movement moving well..

D. The tyre wasn't good because it was shaking But I bought two new tyres.

Funny enough, since that experience during last year Christmas ,I packed it in my house in the village .

Though I later scanned it with the details below
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 11:26am On Feb 02
Throttle body, the car is currently in Limp mode. Bad MAF will not limp the engine but rather rough the idle and stall out.
MAF most likely
Crime / Re: 26-Year-Old Woman And Her Son Declared Missing In Ogun (Photos) by smartistics(m): 7:11pm On Jan 12
Many just dey shout Ogun State, ritual killing no be only in Ogun State, no how you will get to Lagos from anywhere in Nigeria without passing through Ogun State.

Properties / Re: Premium Lifestyle Loewe: Best Of German Electronics Now In Victoria Island Lagos by smartistics(m): 5:33pm On Nov 10, 2022
No you are not, Japan remains ahead of Germany when it comes to technology and innovation.
Who made Germany home of heavy engineering over Japan?
Just kidding. German engineering remains the best
Car Talk / Re: My Car Vibrates When Speeding by smartistics(m): 9:19am On Oct 24, 2022
Seek no more, this is caused by one or two bad wheel bearings, it also vibrates a little at low speed but is more pronounced at high speed.
My 2009 corolla is always smooth on the road, but all of a sudden, it starts vibrating when I'm speeding. The vibrations come from the two wheels at front down to my steering. Everywhere will be doing jigijigijigi

I really do not know what's happening

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Car Talk / Re: Tesla Owner Implants Keys Into His Own Hands ( Pics, Video) by smartistics(m): 10:48am On Aug 24, 2022
Oga biochips don't use batteries.
See the way he is doing hands like handicap.

What if the battery of the chip dies?
I guess he'll go for another surgery to get a new battery.

Mumu Man
Romance / Re: 2 Lovers Found Dead Naked In An SUV In Lagos by smartistics(m): 6:43am On May 03, 2022
You're very wrong. Co won't kill when a car is parked idling in an open area.
My brother, you are very right, a lot of people did not know how carbon monoxide kill when motor is not moving, this very simple to understand.
Romance / Re: 2 Lovers Found Dead Naked In An SUV In Lagos by smartistics(m): 6:33am On May 03, 2022
Your analysis is totally wrong if you had read the report well. The SUV was not parked in a confined space, there is no way recirculation of gas would have happened.
Most likely carbon monoxide poisoning.
They couldn't fûck with the windows open.
So the man shut all the windows and switched on the AC.

And that was the beginning of the end.

Edit: Let me break it down for those who don't understand.

The SUV's engine produces a lot of toxic gases which flows through the vehicle's exhaust system.

The most common way of carbon monoxide poisoning is when the car’s AC is on and it is parked in a garage or a space with limited airflow.

The SUV’s AC intake pulls in the air which now mixes with the exhaust gases.

The carbon monoxide is odourless, so it goes undetected and slowly kills the occupants of the car.
Car Talk / Re: Range Rover Sports Club by smartistics(m): 3:18pm On Mar 29, 2022
That's good. I wonder why our mechanics never improved. I have fixed the v6 and the v8 engines and they perform better. They lack the technical know how on how to correctly time the engine. Don't waste your money buying new engine for your rover and jaguar, just contact me.
Good day everyone. I have been a little busy fixing engines on the New range Rovers especially the V6 engines. A lot of people are changing the engines because of the notion that it can never be repaired. I will rather repair than to replace the engine, any engine. The first time an engine was imported from the US, it was a reconditioned engine and it revived the car. Another one came from the US but it was from a demolition ground and the errors could not be resolved that the owner had to manage it in that condition. Now, we come to our local engine sellers, where do they source the engines from? None of them sell reconditioned engines and so they either buy from demolition grounds which is not graded because we don't have the history of the car or the refurbished ones of cars that have been used in the country. In most cases, the engine in your car is better than the one you are buying. Our fuel and the engine oil we used have a negative impact on your engine and you go and buy the same engine that was refurbished instead of repairing your own engine. Don't throw away the old engine in your car, even if the crankshaft is bad, everything can be gotten in the market and put back to factory standard. Get in touch with us and let us put your car on the road. Another topic is the oil for the range rover Evoque and discovery sport. The oil recommended for the car is 5w30 even up to 2019 model. Don't go and use the oil for Toyota Corolla 06 on the engines because they both required 5w30. All 5w30s are never the same. All Castrol oils are not the same. Save your money and save your health.

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Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 9:08pm On Feb 25, 2022
Very possible, he just need to buy the new upgraded fob with same frequency and register it with he vehicle using the registering procedure. I will attach pictures of mine

Not possible.

Remote keyfobs work with specific frequencies and FCC ID.

Your model year has only 1 alternative option.

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Car Talk / Re: Would You Advise Me To Get A Nissan And Which One Please? by smartistics(m): 3:46am On Feb 02, 2022
It utterly saddens me to hear how people suffers using Nissan cars. First you need to understand is that Nissan is more electronically sophisticated than Toyota, whatsoever innovation Toyota has today, Nissan has used on their cars more than a decade ago. Nissan cars requires a highly skilled tech to fix an issue on not just any random mechanic and when it comes to engine performance, Toyota or Honda has no match with Nissan engines especially the legendry VQ35 Series.
Is Murano problematic? No. It was half baked mechanics putting ATF into CVT and killed the transmission in a very short while.


Nairaland / General / Re: Ever Help Someone And You Landed Into Trouble?? ... Share by smartistics(m): 9:37pm On Aug 29, 2021
Mine happened late last year, I am still finding it difficult to believe that it could happen. It was Sunday evening, I was heading out when I saw a pastor with a white-collar, his wife and a man who later appears to be a roadside mechanic trying to fix his car. When coming back from my outing about two hours later, I still met them there confused and stranded, I approached the pastor if I can be of help and the mechanic rapidly replied me NO that I should go, truly I left for my house only for the pastor to trace my house some hours later asking if i come across his car key? No way! I didn't see and car key and perhaps your mechanic asked me to leave and I left without touching your car. I thought that was the end of the story, till next day evening after arrivimg from work, knocking at my door where two policemen and the pastor, came to arrest me.

I will be back...

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Food / Re: Yoruba Girl Eats Igbo Food (abacha) For The First Time (pics, Video) by smartistics(m): 10:56am On Jun 04, 2021
That is hate speech.
Far better than the hydraulic soups in the waste side.
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 4:04pm On May 24, 2021
You won't see that in Nigeria here.
I don't live in Nigeria but want to acquire nissan note 2012 90hp, 1.4i

Any one have opinion about this car, thanks
Family / Re: Have You Also Called Your Father Today? (photos) by smartistics(m): 1:51pm On May 06, 2021
I lost my dad almost two years now, before his death he always call me everyday which I was seeing to be too much. But now how I wish my phones rings and it is my dad calling to hear from me. Continue to rest in peace dad I will forever love you.
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 12:26pm On Apr 07, 2021
First check your brake fluid level, if it is up to normal then check the abs sensor the one malfunctioning.
Good Day, I observed that if am driving on smooth roads the ABS, 4WD, VDC lights dont show up on my 2008 Nissan Pathfinder V8 but when I drive over a bump or pot hole or turn by a junction when on low speed these lights come on and the vehicle stalls and practically does not move. To get the vehicle moving I will remove the battery terminals and wait for some seconds, put the terminals back before the pathy starts and moves. Like today I went to Keffi from Abuja and had to do like over 5 stops to do that. I scanned the vehicle and it threw up C1131 and C1163 codes. How do I resolve them please and have my pathy fixed. Am in Abuja.
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 4:34pm On Mar 25, 2021
The oil pump in that engine HR hardly get spoil like you stated. Do you have low oil pressure warning light previously before the final damage? If no, then that wasn't the cause of the damage. Bad oil pump won't even damage them because they are immersed in the oil except you run the engine for long with little and low quality oil. In line of repair, tell the mechanic to check the oil gallery in the inner timing inner, if not sealing well then the oil won't supply to the cams and chain.
Please my car engine isn't starting.called my mechanic and electrician.electrician said the kick starter is okey.wen mechanic came ,he tried turning the engine manually.but it isn't turning.they said the metal and bearing is damage due to bad oil pump.pls how much those metal bearing cost.i leave in a remote capital city that is like village . getting anything here is filtrating.the car is infinity G35X 2007 model.i need it advice


Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 1:04pm On Mar 12, 2021
What engine do you have, is the 3.5 or 2.5? How does the car behave to justify the MAF was the culprit?
Please Nissan fans in the house does any know where I can buy MAF sensor for a 03 Nissan Altima either brand new or so-called tokumbo I couldn't get it here in IB the rewires here are bunch of old fashioned stuffs telling me they have to keep trying different sensors until they are able to find the matching one. I do not understand what that means. Kind of try n error, can't accept that for my Altima I still love the ride.
Travel / Re: United Nigeria Airline Arrives Enugu With Dikeora On Board by smartistics(m): 7:09am On Feb 13, 2021
Which one is divine cruise again? lol
Car Talk / Re: Help! My Car Goes Off When I Put In Drive Or Reverse. by smartistics(m): 11:46pm On Jan 27, 2021
I guess you mean idle speed.
Can they increase the slow running of the engine
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 11:35pm On Jan 27, 2021
Sure the speedometer can never work. Nissan record speed from the turbine revolution sensor attached to the transmission while most Toyota's record theirs from the vss attached to the hub of the wheels.

After the engine and gear swap,is the car working correctly?

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Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 8:54am On Dec 22, 2020
If Eeprom issue is your case, it requires advance level of auto transmission programmer to do that. Are you using the old valve body with the new transmission?
how will I do that pls?
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 11:44pm On Dec 18, 2020
The TCM eeprom need to be flash to work well with the new transmission. Replacing it might not solve the problem except you are lucky getting one that match. Check the TCM relay and fuse first for short. Sorry I don't understand why Nissan made that to be.

hello house please I need help on where I can get this item to my nissan sentra 2007.. I changed my gearbox and we find out the brain box to the gear is bad please where can I get it or do any body knows someone I can get it from ?Brand: NISSAN

07 Nissan Sentra the code (31036 ET900) TCM TCU Transmission Computer Control Unit Module u can search it on Google to know what I'm talking about. . thanks
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 11:37pm On Dec 18, 2020
Have you tried bringing out the pump and clean the gauge with only petrol and light tooth brush, when dirty at times it won't work with dirt on the surface. Also stop running the car with low level of fuel, It is the major cause of this or you need to clean your fuel tank.

Is ur vehicle nissan primera (Tiger face) too sir? If yes, how much do u get the guage
Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 11:23pm On Dec 18, 2020
Hope you got this fixed. If not you should be able to specify the type of noise. If it's a whinning noise as you turn the wheel, it is the pump, steering rack don't make noise when going bad. You can make a sharp turning to test the performance of your steering rack, the wheel should recenter but if stayed at the turning angle more than 5secs the rack is acting up then. Also remember to check for leaks bro.
Pls house, any tike I turn my fx35 2006 model steering I always hear a noise from the engine area. Mechanic said I need to replace the steering pump and steering rack. Any idea on what it might cost me and also if actually the steering pump is the cause of the noise.
Nairaland / General / Re: Six Die In Fatal Accident In Anambra - Pictures by smartistics(m): 7:18pm On Nov 23, 2020
Pictures buttresses information. It also helps family of the deceased to identify their person.
Stop posting pictures of dead people. Its unprofessional

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Car Talk / Re: Official Nissan & Infiniti Thread by smartistics(m): 10:48pm On Nov 17, 2020
Also go with a competent mechanic, get it scanned and do a test drive of the vehicle.(
Good afternoon guys, please I am about to buy Infiniti M35 2010 Nigeria Used.

Car is clean in out but I will like to know if it's a car that can be managed by a 200k salary earner.

If you have any experience or information about the car, Pls share.

Thank You
Car Talk / Re: Why Are Most Nigerians Scared Of V6 Cars? Truth you must know by smartistics(m): 8:48pm On Oct 29, 2020
Recent cars with V6 engines fuel injection are electronically configured with sensors parameters. If your car sensors are good enough then your driving habit is what you should check for better fuel consumption. V6 means more power
Car Talk / Re: Why Are Most Nigerians Scared Of V6 Cars? Truth you must know by smartistics(m): 8:42pm On Oct 29, 2020
This is the best technical answer, rest are just not the real reasons.
Mostly because v6 are more cumbersome to repair than the i4s. The entire engine bay area is full with little to no space: this directly translates to high cost of repair for V6 engines. Consider a case of removing the spark plugs, for an i4 it ABC job but for a V6 to get where the plugs are is real work...
Celebrities / Re: Clem Ohameze Attacked In Uyo, Robbed Of His Money, Phones & Injured (Photos) by smartistics(m): 8:17pm On Oct 25, 2020
That's Escalade not navigator. The ride featured in one his recent movies.

That's a Navigator or Escalade.

Btw. What's your problem ?


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