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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 4 by Smoke47: 9:52pm On Mar 01, 2021
When they want to deny you visa... they must look for a reason to deny you so I dnt know why u sayin what u sayin.
U have been told why u have been denied at every point in time because they need to come up with somethin... but trust me these are all paper based stuff, they dnt want to give u the visa and u are at your hardest right now. It will take a miracle for a 4th person to decide to approve u a visa when his 3 past colleagues denied you. And this is not a visa tht u are called for a face to face interview, it is between your documents and the ECO assigned to your case.

Leave them alone for sometime lest you look so desperate.
If perhaps you had applied for reconsideration when u were told u didn't pass a medical test and u claim u had submitted something related to this medicals it would have been better then, you however applied again and now have 3 refusals from same embassy on your back.

This is not a good look
it sure isn't a good look. Thaanks for your time and input. I greatly appreciate
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 4 by Smoke47: 8:52pm On Mar 01, 2021
So sorry about this. Tell u the honest truth, leave them alone. They are not going to give the visa for now. Any further application in the nearest 1 year for this same purpose will be seen as desperation and u are most likely goin to be denied again.

Take some time off, improve ur circumstances and home ties and then try later. For now u have not convinced 3 different people that u are not a potential immigrant.

As for this last refusal, u filled that your friend will accommodate, feed, transport and then cover some of your needs and then u went on not to provide the sponsor’s financial details. Why pls? How will they know this person can provide all these things u have said without seeing a financial information.
Pls 3 refusals on the back is a lot. Ur chances diminish with evry trial. I will hate for u to go back there and come back with a refusal.
Thank you for your prompt response and advice. I actually didn't just indicate that my sponsor will accommodate and feed me in my third application. That information was provided from the very first application I made in January. I ensured that I didn't add or subtract any information while putting in the second and third application. The only additional information I provided in each application made was to address the issues raised in the refusal letter.

My only concern is if this was an issue, why wasn't it pointed out in the first and second application. The second ECO only made mention of me not passing medicals
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 4 by Smoke47: 7:04pm On Mar 01, 2021
Good day Giselle and other gurus in the house. Please pardon my lengthy post.
I applied for a visa to go for army assessment in the UK. My first visa was refused cause they were other deposits in my account outside of my salary. I reapplied almost immediately and address the reasons for those deposits in my account with evidence. My second application was also refused (please find refusal letters below) and the ECO stated that he could not establish if I had pass a medical test. ( So the army normally sends a 12 page medical questionnaire to candidates and once passed, one would be issued a letter of invitation, with the first paragraph congratulating one for passing medicals).

I also reapplied again to address this refusal and included the medical questionnaire as I had not included it in the previous applications.
I just received another refusal stating that my sponsor in the UK is not capable of accomdating me.

Please note that my sponsor in the UK is only accomdating and feeding me. He also stated in his invitation letter that he'll take care of other things I'll need while in the UK. I did not indicate in any part of my application that my sponsor in the UK will be funding my trip.

I and my mum will be funding for my trip. I budgeted 3000GBP while my mum will be supporting me with 1500GBP. I provided bank statements of myself with my mum, but not of my sponsor in the UK. I only provided his international passport, driver's license and some utility bills

Please what do you advice I do next as I've already be denied entry 3 times despite providing all these details?

Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by Smoke47: 2:04pm On Oct 26, 2020
Good job whyna. Started following your thread from day1, lost track, and here I am again smiley

Stay safe!

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Travel / Re: My Collection Of Beautiful Pictures Around The World by Smoke47: 11:24am On May 15, 2020
Nice thread. Norway and Switzerland. I must visit these places smiley.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Smoke47: 10:12am On May 15, 2020
would have become a capt by the end of this year (which was why i supported her migration in the first place but the bureaucracy and God knows what made them add extensions). I know it will be a hard fresh start (thinking of picking up a nursing degree/radiography when I arrive). Are these routes possible considering the age factor rather than spend an entire lifetime,training (done Basic airborne, counter terrorism, tracker and crazy courses which have no direct impact on my career and wish I had done more book related courses) and with uncertainties
you are eligible to join, your Age is no problem at all.But you'll be joining as a soldier not as an officer. You'll have to provide your service number, and some forms will be sent to you, to be filled by your unit/ commanding officer in Nigeria. If you have a nursing degree in Nigeria it'll be easier for you to join as a nurse or a radiographer, other than that, I guess your best bet will be combat medic, that's if you're interested in going the medical line.
Travel / Re: The Odyssey. Narrative Of A Nigerian Nurse. (PROPRIETARY CONTENT) by Smoke47: 2:19pm On May 14, 2020
Thank you, i will complete it, was tied up with work. But i have more time now.
Perfectly understand. No problem atall. Thanks for all you do, you and your colleagues. The world can't thank you enough. Y'all are the G.O.A.T

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Travel / Re: The Odyssey. Narrative Of A Nigerian Nurse. (PROPRIETARY CONTENT) by Smoke47: 5:24pm On May 05, 2020
Thank you OP for this thread. Just read from page 1 to 8, and I'm hungry for more. Can't wait for this pandemic to be over!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Smoke47: 1:43pm On Apr 20, 2020

u re right and it's same in all profession

we av seen a sector of an industry disservicing ppl for years untill ppl complain and it led to reform

so been on d job doesn't make u infallible
yeah that's true. People are becoming more versatile and eager to learn new things. There was a time in the world where if you do not belong to a certain "profession" you couldn't say jack sh:t about it, but not in today's world. Knowledge is available everywhere.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Smoke47: 1:29pm On Apr 20, 2020
What baffles me each time I go through this thread and the other is the audacity with which people who have zero idea or knowledge about military operations give their ill thought out, half baked opinions about military issues.

I can never understand how people who can’t even say properly what a rifle is, think they know better than a commander, on the field, with several years of experience in combat, all from a very short video shot from one angle.

How do you even do this?
they are people who are knowledgeable about military doctrines and tactics, but never served. That doesn't make them a whimp. We live in a global age, where informations are readily available online, and on books. Alot seem to make misguided statements, that doesn't mean they are not intelligent contributions amongst some of them. So if a military commander "FUps" especially here in Nigeria where we see a lot of wrongs. It's only proper those "FUps" are addressed.

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by Smoke47: 10:31pm On Mar 05, 2020

Not really. Ho Chi Minh is like the Lagos of Vietnam and Hanoi is like the Abuja of Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh yeah that's it, so that's what HCMC stands for grin. So that man got a city named after him after all. Op I'm enjoying every bit of your thread. I got to know about Vietnam from my childhood days. "Full metal jacket" actually, and the whole Vietnam war films .
It's nice to see the country all developed now


Travel / Re: Yankee To Naija: Thoughts And Experiences by Smoke47: 9:12am On Jan 29, 2020


No Venza, Big Daddy, End of Discussion, etc
How time flies. So what happened to your girlfriend in Unife that year, are you guys still in touch??
Travel / Re: Yankee To Naija: Thoughts And Experiences by Smoke47: 9:00am On Jan 29, 2020

These are just random pictures of when I revisited Nigeria after 20 years. There were no Micras or Keke yet in Ibadan but sadly Okadas were already working. Cellular phone was also starting.

A funny story about cellular phones.

It was refreshing to see the dating youths having access to cell phones, in my time no cell phones and you just had to go on a visit to see someone.

I was schooling at Ogun Poly and left Abeokuta to go and visit a girlfriend at UniFe. On getting there I was told that she just left and was going to visit someone at Abeokuta. I quickly made my way back to Abeokuta to get a message that a friend came from UniFe but has gone back.

So enjoy that cellphone in your hands grin
See the old cars cheesy. Some are still in use till today. What year is this??
Travel / Re: My Wonderful And Eye-opening Experience In Dubai!!! by Smoke47: 12:21pm On Jan 23, 2020
Where this Op na
Comman update us sharp sharp.
Crime / Re: How They Hack Your Details by Smoke47: 5:06pm On Jan 11, 2020

@ 1:30pm yesterday I got a phone call from 08148292037 who claimed to be Mr Benjamin from FBN Abuja. He gave my full names, BVN number, Date of Birth, my Alert phone number, which he called, also the 5 digit number I used to create my FBN mobile bank app.
He said that one Mr Usman created a Union bank account, and is trying to move money from my FBN account to the Union bank. He claimed he stopped the transaction, & is trying to verify if I authorised such transaction, which is the reason I have not gotten any debit Alert.
I asked him to go ahead to block the transaction, for I didn't authorise any online transaction.
He then asked if I gave my ATM card to anyone or used my ATM recently, I said NO. He then asked if I have my ATM card with me, that I should read out the ATM digit numbers to enable him stop the transaction. I told him that he had already stopped the transaction, and have gotten a clarification from me, which is enough to enable him block whatever that needs blocking, if he is truly a first bank staff.
As I refused to call out the numbers, he then asked isn't the first number 5. He then asked what's the next number. I told him that I will never read out my number to who claimed to be FBN over the phone, that I will rather go to the First Bank office & complain. He asked me if he is a ghost or not a FBN staff to get all my details.
As I pissed him off by not budging in, he switched off the phone.
As I checked a message on that my Alert phone, there was already a message from Union Bank, showing Account opening Authentication numbers 872395, 973392.
I quickly rushed to FBN. The Customer care personnel asked me not to bother about anything, so long as I didn't read out those numbers to him nor gave my ATM pin.

NB Please be guided people, it is so real & convincing that I believe some Fraudulent bank staff connive with these HOOLIGANS to dupe innocent customers. Please share widely ASAP.
I have shared you can save someone by sharing.


Foreign Affairs / Re: 3000 U.S. Soldiers Deployed To The Middle East After Soleimani's Death by Smoke47: 3:55pm On Jan 05, 2020
Omg... Real life soldiers like in the movies... See how fine they are looking... Majority would lost their lives sadly... Can't the war be cancelled?
their is no war ongoing right now, except if Iran retaliates.
82 airborne is an infantry regiment composed of fighting men. This is what they want. The is want the need. They'll be disappointed if the CO comes up and say their is no more war

Don't get me wrong, I'm not in support of war, but I know what a fighting man wants. No one joins the infantry to do paperwork


Crime / Re: Nigerian Army Cadets Delibrately Cause Traffic Jam, Mock Civillians (Video) by Smoke47: 5:26pm On Jan 04, 2020

Sorry, I don't believe in hope, I don't believe in luck.

People don't 'mistakenly' get things right, they systematically do things.

Success and progress has time-tested principles and methodologies which are not dependent on hope and luck. They are dependent on conscious systematic pragmatism and an unalloyed will to succeed.

If the country must get things right, the next civilian president must forget about a second tenure, step on big toes and get things done from day one.
"Forget about a second tenure" I pray to see that happen in Nigeria someday cheesy

I agree with your point, but it's going to take a long time before we get there.

This is Nigeria we don't do things systematically, we do stuffs base on sentiments, ethnicity and Mediocricy
Crime / Re: Abdulkareem Haruna: Kidnapped & Released Journalist Narrates Shocking Experience by Smoke47: 2:48pm On Jan 04, 2020


PLEASE, just want to contrast
read through the thread you'll find my comment on that
Crime / Re: Abdulkareem Haruna: Kidnapped & Released Journalist Narrates Shocking Experience by Smoke47: 2:46pm On Jan 04, 2020

Lol .. I actually have someone in captivity since 27th of last month. Information is sketchy but demand is 10m ... Route is Abuja - Jos

Funny enough, I'm in Ota, Ogun State atm
oh mine . May God secure the help of his or her release. Are you or your family in touch with that person till now??

The truth from the experience shared with my friend who was kidnapped, is not to show that you can get them what the are demanding for.

Risky right, yes! But things are difficult for many Nigerians. You can't give what you don't have

Regarding the story posted above. The 3 of them paid 1million Naira each to secure their release. The journalist paid 2million


Crime / Re: Abdulkareem Haruna: Kidnapped & Released Journalist Narrates Shocking Experience by Smoke47: 1:12pm On Jan 04, 2020

Can you tell me more Bro ?
Nothing more to add.The journalist already did justice to that. I can only tell you the amount the paid cheesy


Crime / Re: Abdulkareem Haruna: Kidnapped & Released Journalist Narrates Shocking Experience by Smoke47: 1:01pm On Jan 04, 2020
This is the exact same story of a friend who was kidnapped along side this journalist. His uncle was the one who paired with Gbenga and brought the money back to the kidnappers in jagindi

He was amongst those beaten when the searched through his phone and found out his house which he just completed few months back was in is gallery. He was dealt with for that

Thank God his back now, the journalist actually paid more amongst four of them

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Army Cadets Delibrately Cause Traffic Jam, Mock Civillians (Video) by Smoke47: 12:11pm On Jan 04, 2020

The fools who call themselves cadets here on NL supporting the intimidation of civilians should be tracked and sent to trenches.

So if there is ambulance in that traffic carrying a dying person on emergency, the person will have to die in the traffic because these atutupoyoyo cadets want to flex muscles.

Thunder fire all them!

The next civilian president must elicit a radical change in the mentality of military men in this country by force because I know buhari can't do anything being a product of this same crude military system.

Infact I'm sure buhari will happily get an erection and organism if he watches this video.

All over the sane world and in proper democracies, from the US, to UK, to Aussie, Canada, the military take orders from 'bloody' civilians. And the Nigeria military is far beneath the military in countries in terms of advancement and application of common sense.
Lol I think you should take it easy with the young chaps here, they are young, and are just enjoying the youthfulness that comes with it. Most are even teenagers, so you'll expect the kind of behaviors shown here

I do however agree that alot needs to be done with the way the are trained, especially when it comes to military/civil relations. I don't think much emphasis is placed on that while they are in the academy. Even recruits in Nigeria don't respect the Nigeria populace. The have this mentality of being better than any other person not wearing the camo

I pray for the day Nigeria begins to get things right. Till then we just have to endure and hope for the best
Crime / Re: Nigerian Army Cadets Delibrately Cause Traffic Jam, Mock Civillians (Video) by Smoke47: 8:53am On Jan 04, 2020

So you use innocent civilians as lab rats to test your level of confidence as cadet otondos ?

Why not take them to war torn north east for a proper test of confidence with shekau's boys?
alot of young officers are now taking to the north east immediately after passing out. It's not game as usual
Crime / Re: Nigerian Army Cadets Delibrately Cause Traffic Jam, Mock Civillians (Video) by Smoke47: 4:49pm On Jan 03, 2020

Yeah I remember him stopping all the silly and meaningless punishments in the name of drills. He stopped bullying by cadets in senior tarmars or termer whatever it's called .. all these nonsense are gradually coming back. I was there some months back on a visit.
Yeah that's what happens when a visionless leader takes over, I'm not saying the new commandant is visionless though, I feel he should do more and strife to be better than the former and address some of the irregularities these young cadets engage in
Crime / Re: Nigerian Army Cadets Delibrately Cause Traffic Jam, Mock Civillians (Video) by Smoke47: 3:49pm On Jan 03, 2020

But you know there are better ways to give these kids confidence training other than this act of barbarism. A few days camp and bonfire in sambisa or the red zones of Yola isn't a bad idea. Lol
grin ;Dyou wan kill people children even before the get the chance to serve abi grin

Well I believe the are better ways, the former commandant of NDA stopped all this, I think the now have a new commandant and all old practices are being brought back again! Sadly cry
Crime / Re: Nigerian Army Cadets Delibrately Cause Traffic Jam, Mock Civillians (Video) by Smoke47: 1:32pm On Jan 03, 2020

Those are NDA cadets and they've turned this to a norm. Well na for kaduna express they fit successfully do this kinda thrash tho. Let them come to Lagos and try it. It's just shamefully shameful you begin to wonder what they really teach them there. Well if I was in that traffic and I was with a full squad (my niggas) ... Trust, we go challenge them ..
pluming has been a norm in NDA for a very long time, it's done to instill confidence in the hearts of new cadets known as clowns, although some cadets over do it but then again it is encouraged by their seniors.

Y'all should chill with all this if Na lagos or south south thingy. It happens in all parts of Nigeria, as far as I can remember and nothing is done to those cadets, it's all part of their training

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Crime / Re: Nigerian Army Cadets Delibrately Cause Traffic Jam, Mock Civillians (Video) by Smoke47: 1:26pm On Jan 03, 2020
I can assure you all that they will be dealt with and possibly expelled...we dont want this kind of elements in our military...anyone with more useful information about the location and time ,if possible one of the car number or pic should privately send them to me...thanks..
chill oga they'll all be dealt with, dealth with by who cheesy?? This are clowns on academy break, their first break since attaining clown status

The are only doing what they've being instructed to do. Pluming 101 cheesy and so far this clowns did a good job!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Qasem Suleimani Killed In US Airstrike Near Baghdad Airport by Smoke47: 12:56pm On Jan 03, 2020

F-35S obsolete? Please what makes F-35 series obsolete? Guess you have been reading a wrong piece on the internet. IDF just took delivery of another squadron.........S-400? This has already been circumvented by the IDF.
The future of warfare isn't in the air? Are you a military strategist who knows better than Pentagon? Here this, in conventional war, no nation comes close to the US in weapons, strategies, logistic and capabilities to strike from anywhere in the world. War with Iran does not translate to war with Russia and China as these two countries will only watch.

For years, Isreali defense force-IDF has been striking Iran interests in Syria and Iran has not responded.

Any war between the US or Russia will go nuclear and both nations won't do such a stupid thing.
Sir don't waste your time arguing with military "strategist" on NL, they clearly know better than Pentagon cheesy

Alot of people here will come and spew what the believe is fact, it's only when the Shit hits the fan we'll all know who possess more power than the other.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Qasem Suleimani Killed In US Airstrike Near Baghdad Airport by Smoke47: 12:40pm On Jan 03, 2020
Many people are actually ignorant just like the people advising Trump to start a war with Iran. Where did many of you think Iran got such a powerful radar that was used to drop the most sophisticated US drone last year? Russia, China with Iran already have a joint military drill. Just as Russia is giving US headaches in Venezuela, Syria, Libya and others, US would be engaging both China and Russia in Iran. Someone said US has military in Okinawa, those people are at the mercy of North Korea.

US would be stressed this time, it would be huge for them. At the moment and for the first time, US military is extremely short staffed. Besides, there are a number of structural adjustments in the US military. I still don't understand why Trump think fighting Iran is a wise decision.
I stopped reading immediately you said US troops stationed in Okinawa are at the mercy of North Korea, you obviously are the ignorant one here on this matter

China and Russia will not involve themselves in a US/IRan war, the might support Iranians with weapons and military strategies covertly

US military short staffed?? Why do you get your statistics from Mr man

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Nairaland / General / Re: Jos Residents Lament As Weather Drops To 9°C (Photos) by Smoke47: 7:25am On Jan 02, 2020
lol u really sure about that? The only reason a single degree drop in Lagos is due to December traveling where alot of ibos and the rest take the family and cause population decrease. Even as I type now the morning Is ice cold but as from next tomorrow there's a certain heat wave you will start feeling u will know the congestion is back again.so Bru forget that the upper you go tin, we are surrounded by lagoon, why isn't the cold air reducing d temperature Even for bar beach u go sweat here.
stop showing your ignorance ass around this thread! You have no point


Nairaland / General / Re: Jos Residents Lament As Weather Drops To 9°C (Photos) by Smoke47: 7:21am On Jan 02, 2020

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Travel / Re: A Nairalander's Trip To London, Abu Dhabi & Lagos by Smoke47: 3:26pm On Dec 24, 2019
This thread has reached FP, expect it to be derailed by oversabi Nairalanders in 3..2...1.. undecided

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