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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 11:21am On Aug 19, 2021

The Ikoyi thing isn’t correct. You can use any recognized registry.
The unmarried partner option is for those that have been in relationship for two years or more and there’s evidence to support this. They can apply as dependent.
You don’t have to include the person since you don’t need intend for your partner to come via this route.

Thanks very much for your reply ...so this means this is possible on a tier 2 visa
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 3:44pm On Aug 18, 2021
Hi guys , I am about to renew my tier 2 visa but noticed that there was a place where I could include "unmarried partner " in my visa application .I am engaged in Naija and this was done after I had received my visa last year .Will adding this to my current renewal increase the credibility of my marriage by the time I get married to her and present documents to bring her over?
I have also been hearing these rumours about ikoyi registry being the one they accept though I wouldn't want to think that is true.
Should I just still say I m single in this current application and then when I get married later in the year start processing her documents
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 3:05pm On Aug 14, 2021

Bro, I’m sincerely pained with your personal problems but more pained that you brought it on this platform. This is a public platform where we come to catch cruise and of course from time-to-time express ideas/suggestions on sundry issues. This is not the platform to discuss your marital issues - your marriage deserves its privacy and respect.

Marriage is a very sacred institution and irrespective of the happenings, this is the very wrong platform to either express your situation or seek for advice for such problems as peculiar to you and your spouse. You are an adult and MUST have a network of people around you including clerics and family who should be the circle within which your discussions about your issues should reside with. You didn’t marry out of the blues and neither have you lived with your spouse without a support network – leverage this.

There are no marriages without problems but if we all come on this platform or other public platforms airing our situations, we make mockery of this very pivotal institution and show we are incapable of handling or managing situations. You are a manager of a woman and two kids and that’s your cross – not mine or anyone else here on this platform. You must take that cross and carry it ALONE and carry it well. You must do ALL it takes to make it RIGHT.

I sincerely wish you the best in your marriage but hey MAN UP. What advice do you expect from us who aren’t in your peculiar shoes or concerned parties? If you need advice on visa routes or professional advice (lawyer for instance) that’s fine to ask here, but please respect that institution, your wife, and kids. Give them that privacy please.

God bless.

There is nothing wrong in discussing his marital issues here and he has even gotten useful advice as to things to do.


Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 3:27am On Aug 13, 2021

That's where insurance comes in. I have rent guarantee insurance for all my rentals. After 60 days on non payment, it kicks in and will pay for upto 24 months.
So this insurance is a separate monthly premium you pay as well ..A lot of overheads in this business but it still ends up paying
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 3:19am On Aug 12, 2021

Very extensive ,wow property takes a lot of knowledge and detail .I am curious ,if there is a problem with a tenant for 14 good months how will one pay the mortgage ,that can be really expensive.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 2:59am On Aug 12, 2021

Bro, so many people lost out on bitcoin dip and I was already down by 1k on the ethereum too. So, ko oju ma ri ibi...

The last time I refused to sell, the way the thing went down I almost cried.

Read about a coin and know it's future prospects and buy it now when it's cheap.Ripple is still relatively cheap now so u can buy and keep.I knew Ethereum was going to be big but back then I was in naija and I didn't have much spare money so I bought only one .But now if u have money buy some ripple ,it will become big later .
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 2:43am On Aug 12, 2021
What part of England can one live In that you can make your money go farthest i.e very reasonable accommodation and not London and Peri London prices .The kind of pay they pay in this U.K to doctors is ridiculous for such a skilled and risk taking job and I need to make my money go as far as possible.I'm talking of like an area where you can get three bedrooms or 2 bedrooms for 600 to 700 pounds and live reasonably well..
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 8:27am On Jul 28, 2021
For those willing to own their homes, looking at new builds, happy to accept a loan from Boris + have 5% deposit + eligible to public funds........... grin

Start the process........


NB: First time buyers only...... grin

Does this mean only people mean people on ILR?
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 8:24am On Jul 28, 2021
Please guys i need your suggestions… so i know alady who got a job in a hospital in the Uk whilst she was still in Nigeria. After she arrived the uk she got a letter from her manager, and used this letter to open a bank account( definitely she had no bills or credit history at the time). But she was able to open the bank account with the letter and brp card.

Now another lady has also gotten a job in the uk as a doctor.upon arrival, she requested a letter from her HR to open a bank account. She was issued the letter but no bank seems to be accepting the letter. I find this very confusing.
They all keep demanding for a proof of address. She is currently still squatting with a friend if not her best bet would have been her tenancy agreement.

Please does anyone know whats best for her to do?? Or how does she go about the whole bank account issue
She can open monzo account , that's what I did .Monzo is an online bank and she will just fill in her friends address in the online registration she will not even need an employer evidence

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 12:44am On Jul 26, 2021
Seriously!!! Prenup on top of how much?
Fresh blood!!!! Mscheew!!! I comment my reserve.

Prenup on top 5 naira ,is still prenup because it is all you have..

Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 9:22am On Jul 14, 2021
Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) rules for Temporary staff in the UK

Since 2011, after 3 months in a Temp role, the Agency have to BY LAW increase your hourly pay rate to what they would pay someone doing a comparable job on a permanent basis.

So, lets say that out of desperation you accepted a job for £10 per hour on a Temp basis through an Agency, after you have been in the same Temp role with the same hirer for 12 calendar weeks, the agency has to increase your hourly pay rate to the same pay and upgrade your working conditions to that of a comparable direct employee of the hirer. So if for instance a direct employee of the hirer is being pad £40,000 per annum which equates to £20.51 per hour if you do a 37.5 hour week then after you have been in the same Temp role with the same hirer for 12 calendar weeks, the agency is required BY LAW to increase your hourly pay rate from £10 per hour to £20.51 per hour although some agencies will keep quiet about this as not many Temp's know about these AWR regulations.

Its called (Agency Workers Regulations) AWR rules. Under the AWR, temporary agency workers become entitled, after they have been in the same role with the same hirer for 12 calendar weeks, to the same pay and working conditions as a comparable direct employee of the hirer.

If you've been in a Temp fole with the same employer for at least 12 calendar weeks and you feel your rate is much lower than the equivalent rate for a comparable direct employee of the hirer just tell your agency that you just about something called AWR and they should increase your rates and possibly backdate it too if they don't want to run foul of the law.

An agency I once worked with some time ago lost its NHS contract to a cheaper Agency. The new agency I was transferred to increased my rates immediately and when I was puzzled about this, they said it was because AWR kicked in but the old Agency kept quiet about this until I mentioned AWR to them and they had to back pay me the increased rate they previously kept quiet about.



The problem is how do you know what they pay for a permanent role when it's an agency and there are no permanent roles.Does one even know what they pay for permanent role ? They won't tell you that..Does this apply to working with a 12 month contract with a private healthcare agency e.g NES healthcare
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 8:52am On Jul 14, 2021
Hello Chukwuka16, Your response literally blew me away. I am in the middle of taking the next step. If you do not mind, I would appreciate if I can contact you via E-mail. I already sent you a request. I will need some guidance from "person wey sabi road". Thanks in advance

Living in the UK, hmmm……

First things first – please setup an urgent appointment with your cleric and advise them to organise a series of prayer sessions for you to BANISH THAT THOUGHT OF BEING A LECTURER IN NIGERIA – Those dreams are from village people. You do not want to be having such dreams now as you are too young to be planning FRUSTRATION. I appreciate your love for lecturing in Nigeria, but my advice will be for you to start your career as a researcher overseas and then decide what next to do about that your dream of lecturing back in Nigeria. You need the abroad experience to build your self-worth which Nigeria helps to dampen. You also need money (a lot of it) to enjoy lecturing in Nigeria and even forget that ASUU/salary exists. You don’t want to be that frustrated lecturer who takes out his/her frustration on innocent students. You also want to have pleasant experiences from your time abroad to benchmark your lecturing journey in Nigeria.

Next is the PhD. I congratulate you on your PhD journey so far in Nigeria. May the good Lord lighten your burden. Many years ago, it was gay to be having a PhD from Stanford and MIT and Harvard and those fancy names. Later, it was chic to be having your PhD from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia etc. Today, where you have your PhD is Irrelevant if (1) it is accredited and (2) you have your research published in the top journals. My advice for you would be to research possible PhD opportunities in South Africa – UCT, UKZN, UP, DUT, TUT etc. Get on ResearchGate and connect with Nigerians there and leverage that in getting a placement. We used to review apps from Nigerians and get our friends into SA for PhD with funding in our labs. You are sure of some funding (bursary with teaching duties) or a cheaper deal than the UK. Additionally, you are sure of world class research facilities with opportunities to go overseas for conferences/workshops. Please note that PhD in UKZN is free! I was sponsored by NRF/TWAS and had tutor gigs within the dept and had enough money to be flying to Pretoria (Sunnyside) just to look for plantain (millennial issues).

However, while in South Africa, you must do all within you to publish and publish and publish in the very best and top-rated journals (Impact Factor greater than 5 as a minimum). In my former lab here in the UK, the head was ready to recruit my friend to the UK and pay him £40K simply because of his MAD publication profile – We lost him to a research lab in Israel. There is something called REF (Research Excellence Framework) here in the UK every 5 years and it’s basically ranking UK HEI’s based on their publication output and where (journal IF). This is important because it determines how much funding they get from the government (more important now as funding is becoming scarce like unicorns). That is why you see them every 5 years recruiting new hands and highlighting publications as an important criterion. You want to be ready for the next round.

Why do I advise you to consider South Africa? Time. Here in the UK, your PhD can last from 3.5-5 years depending on your supervisor and between 4-7 years in the US. I did mine in South Africa in 18 months (finished with depression and 11 publications). You may not do yours in 18 months but with good publications (3-5) you can be done within 2.5 – 3 years with even a postdoc waiting for you to calm you down. I was recruited straight out of South Africa before graduation to the UK and currently in my 3rd job (millennial problems) working in a think tank and with a world class team. Nobody has ever asked me about where I did my PhD. I have even had the editor of a world class journal (IF of 27) visit me all the way from the US and invite me to do a badass piece in his journal on top my African PhD.

A UK PhD WILL NOT ADD ANY BENEFIT TO YOUR CAREER IN TODAY’S WORLD EVEN IF IT’S FROM OXFORD. It will cost you your arm and your leg and even leave you frustrated and drained but with extra shoulder pad for bragging – I have my doctorate from Oxforrrrd. You also don’t want to be burdening us with gofundme which is rising at alarming rates nowadays or subject your better half to working jobs she may not be ok with all because you want a UK PhD.

In all, please always ask the Good Lord for direction. I’m a firm believer that one can never get lost with His guidance.

Nicely written

I wish you the best.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 8:42am On Jul 14, 2021
Hey guys, thanks for always coming through when I ask questions or make enquiries here.

Please do you think I should apply for a provisional driver's license. I know how to drive, I have access to cars but my driving is naija style so I intend to take driving lessons so polish my driving the UK style. What do you advise?

Also what are the consequences of breaching the 20hrs one is allowed to work?

How do I save on transportation? For example, if I will be travelling by bus all week, how do I get discounts? I normally buy day saver tickets.

Don't let your egungun cross express with 20hours o hmrc will finally find you and you will pay more than you owe
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 8:33am On Jul 14, 2021
Are there any jobs one can do from naija that one doesn't need to be here? The bills and tax are just too much .Naija has its problems but there is a lot of freedom and if you earn in pounds you will live like a king .

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 8:20am On Jul 14, 2021

Let the waiting games begin!!! grin

Mehn this place is something else , almost a year no hook up with any woman just one babe wey we dey comot together but she never give me panmo . Here you are walking on egg shells .You go to gym everybody go just dey do normal no hello ,no hi ,they avoid eye contact so much.Mehn I will definitely be making naija my friend for fresh babes.Too much long thing for here.

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by Sohot: 8:11am On Jul 14, 2021
I actually my fiance back in naija ,but on getting here and working In a mental health hospital I see how men get destroyed here when they divorce .I am definitely getting a prenup ,I am not an age where i can afford to lose everything I 've worked for to start again.The reality is a prenup can protect both husband and wife from taking each others assets when they break up and it's not necessarily the husband alone that can lose property ,I will also have the wife sign a prenup against me so it's balanced ,if anything happens I don't want her money.Concerning oyinbo girls mehn ,I really hate this place ,I ve not even hooked up with any white lady since I got here ,u have to be walking on eggshells so it doesn't turn to harassment.You go to gym everybody just does their thing ,no hello no hi .Mehn I am definitely establishing connections in naija and be going there regularly for refreshment with fresh blood ..


Celebrities / Re: Proper Skincare Or Bleaching? Check Out This Shocking Skin Transformation On Him by Sohot: 9:25am On Feb 15, 2020
This girl blocked me and some people on fb when we pointed out that she was filtering and photoshopping skin testimonial photos

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Crime / Re: Jos Sex Video: For N30,000, Married Women, Girls Engage In ‘Immoral Act’ by Sohot: 12:39am On Jan 26, 2020
I need the video any link?
I fit see the video?
hi bro can I get the video 09058715753
Romance / Re: I Caught My Brother's Friend Sniffing My Panties by Sohot: 12:55am On Apr 07, 2019
The thing is perfectly normal , I did it and wanked with female panties and bras , good old days..
Travel / Re: Facts About The New BRT Buses In Lagos - Photos by Sohot: 1:09pm On Mar 13, 2019
That's how it's run in the uk
Travel / Re: Facts About The New BRT Buses In Lagos - Photos by Sohot: 9:58am On Mar 08, 2019
These are the types of buses I boarded in the uk , really amazing , however Nigeria is a useless country and it will all go down the drain in the end
Travel / Re: Uk Visa Tlscontact Nigeria Lagos And Abuja (all You Need To Know) by Sohot: 2:41pm On Feb 27, 2019
These numbers are not working
Health / Re: Sexual Benefits Of Garlic And Vitamin C Combination by Sohot: 3:50pm On Feb 14, 2019
It's like all the people here are old men struggling to Bleep
Health / Re: Breaking: Professor Otegbayo Emerges New CMD Of UCH by Sohot: 3:08pm On Jan 29, 2019
Correct man , no better man to do it
Travel / Re: New Nigeria International Passport To Cost N70,000 - Immigration Service by Sohot: 2:59pm On Jan 29, 2019
Why will our govt be so wicked,they didn't considered the salary earners with just 28k minimum wage,Nigerian should protests this
Are u the one that added 1k to the 27k that FG wants to pay?
Travel / Re: New Nigeria International Passport To Cost N70,000 - Immigration Service by Sohot: 2:27pm On Jan 28, 2019
I am still surprised that nobody is noticing that there are still different categories of passport apart from the 70k one
Education / Re: Meet Morufat Lawal, A Little Primary School Pupil Who Makes Public Schools Proud by Sohot: 5:02am On Sep 20, 2018
The reason why it's like that is that she has a talent for it.So no matter her location she will excel
Health / Re: This Drug Increased My Libido: Suprised At Effect by Sohot: 10:04pm On Feb 11, 2018
Those are testosterone boosters, supplements, or replacements; you testes produces your natural testosterone required to perform active sex and masculine developments, but the excess use of these supplements, boosters, or replacements may have serious side effects like shutting down your body's own natural producer. You had weak erections may be because you have low testosterone or you may have been using similar drugs in the past. I would advise you to go the lab, and test your testosterone level because these drugs may finally make you impotent before your 40th birthday. Other side effects are Prostate pain, shrinking of the testicles, weakness, acne, irritation and loss of hair. Should you have any of these side effects, pls visit your doctor. Advise, reduce your sex frequency to may be once in two wks, eat vegetables, fruits and nut foods like Cashew nuts, grand nut, wall nut etc and sea food; they are know as good natural testosterone boosters. Take care of your potency
Chai once in two weeks ke, i am 37 and i am fucking a 20 year old law student , she basically wants sex everyday, how i go do
Education / Re: Fraud Alert! Federal Government Academy, Suleja: Scholarship Or Burden? (PIX) by Sohot: 9:58pm On Feb 11, 2018
Like all things in Nigeria ,they have killed this school , i graduated in 1999 and enjoyed the scholarship but even then things had started changing gradually and i am not surprised to see this.Nigeria is a useless country

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Celebrities / Re: Why Funke Akindele's Name Was Removed From Casting Of “avengers: Infinity War” by Sohot: 6:59pm On Jan 15, 2018
or she mistakenly said jenifa kan, suliyat kan. and everybody was like
Lol my exact thought
Romance / Re: Can There Be Love Without Money? by Sohot: 10:55am On Jan 11, 2018
It's like having sex with a babe who can not get wet, dry and painful

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