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Celebrities / Re: Biyi Nifemi Tudors' Girlfriend Bena Abused Him, Destroyed His Items (Photos) by spiceadole: 7:44pm On Jul 27
Premarital sex(unprotected to make it worse) is the reason behind faking a Pregnancy and abortion.

Say NO to fornication

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Travel / Re: Man Hangs On A Lady's Bonnet From Ikoyi To VI Lagos (Video) by spiceadole: 1:26pm On Jul 26
An average Nigerian is a potential comedian in disguise...

Free transport indeed cheesy

But come to think of it,if to say he politely ask her for help,I trust Nigerian women,na so so insults she for rain on am.......So guyman gat form an attachment on his own cool


Why should she help him ?
The almighty gender who make all the money?
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Celebrates His 31st Birthday Today by spiceadole: 2:07pm On Jul 16
31 years and he still looks like a little boy (stunted growth)...? undecided

Well, I guess it's due to the effects of early (childhood) sex and drug/alcohol abuses.

Anyways, happy birthday to him.

He has made his mark in the music industry.

He is not stunted.
He is slim.
Being slim makes people look younger than their ages, especially when there is money

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Health / Re: My New Girl Friend May Leave Me Because Of My Body. by spiceadole: 8:51am On Jul 13
Hi guys, this is urgent!!! On red alert.

For long time/years now, I've been battling with this skin disease and it just became worst like 3months ago, with some serious middle chest pain. honestly, I gave up on this skin, especially my chest, neck and back region. And I'm all about chasing money.

But recently, my new girlfriend of 1month plus, saw my chest and back after our nsorinso and has declared "No more knacking", until the skin clears. That she can not even wear my clothes, if she's sleeping over, and I might transfer the skin thing to her.

Brethren poop! The pictures of my skin, drug and creams I use is there oo..i

.. If you have any natural remedy, pls prescribe 4me,im tired of the oyibo concoction..
Did I mention I have romatism? The seasonal skin scratching don tire me abeg.


That's vitiligo.

There is really no cure
Celebrities / Re: Olamide Consoling Sound Sultan's Wife, Farida Fasasi At His Burial by spiceadole: 11:44pm On Jul 12
dude. Delete this

I'm not a dude
And I'm not going to delete it.
Celebrities / Re: Olamide Consoling Sound Sultan's Wife, Farida Fasasi At His Burial by spiceadole: 9:09pm On Jul 12
Women and nonsense over attachment to husband.
They make their whole lives revolve round a man.
If na woman die now,husband will just be calm and be strategizing who he will promote among his side chics.
Small time,he has married new wife and moved on.
Women will want to kill themselves and follow the man die sef.
Travel / Re: UNICAL Undergraduate Dies As Car Hits Him (Disturbing Photos) by spiceadole: 7:26pm On Jul 10
See blood everywhere see how dirty our hospitals are and that's supposed to be a theater.....if it where a sane country you will see over 6 doctors and surgeons trying to save the life of this guy but see what we have over here....It will never be better for those that has made this country the mess it is right now....rest in peace man

Doctor - patient ratio in Nigeria is 1 doctor to 6,000 patients as against WHO standard of 1 doctor to 600 patients.
I am a doctor and I'm glad I left Nigeria for UK when I did. No regrets at all

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Romance / Re: If Your Partner Asks For The Car He/She Gave You, After Breakup by spiceadole: 7:13am On Jul 09
Imagine your boyfriend/girlfriend buy you a car and 2 weeks later you guys break up and he want to collect the car back, will you give him?

Pride will not even let me collect a car gift from a partner, not even my husband now.
Career / Re: What Is Your Backup Plan Incase You Lose Your Job? by spiceadole: 7:10am On Jul 09
Back up plan... Get another job.
Anyhow e hard reach, doctor must see work.
In Nigeria,it may not pay much but food must be on the table and basic needs must be met.
Health / Re: Abibat Kehinde Welcomes Twins, Abandoned By Her Husband At Epe Hospital by spiceadole: 11:02am On Jun 26
24 years old.. no reasonable source of income.. You can't survive on your own..
But you are getting pregnant and depending on a man to bail you out.
As if you don't know a lot of them are irresponsible and broke

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Crime / Re: Woman Found Dead In Kwara Hotel, After Meeting Man With Fake Name (Graphic) by spiceadole: 5:26pm On Jun 23
See am.
Ladies will never learn.
Check very well now, they met from social media.
Stop meeting strangers (in private places),they will not agree.
Stop sex for cash Business, MBA.
My gender people ehn..
Crime / Re: Edo: 13-Year-Old Boy Kills His Father On Father's Day While He Was Asleep by spiceadole: 9:10am On Jun 22
Ndi.. a man can have children at any age.
Imagine having a son at 66.
Wich energy will you use to train him right?

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Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley's Twin Daughters Wish Him A Happy Father's Day by spiceadole: 1:34pm On Jun 21
Damnnn niggarrrr

Cute baby girls....

Them go spread this baby girls leg tire....

Naira marley never see anything......

The funny thing about life....be say niggarrrrs way sabi spread people sisters and daughters leg...na im the thing dey pain pass once another niggarrrr start to dey spread their own daughters and sisters leg
It doesn't work like that.
It will surprise you how Naira Marley's children will turn out.. educated and decent.
You think the dude no get sense?
The other people's daughters and sisters he is spreading, did he force them?
These women have no value for themselves... And willingly submit themselves to be used as caricature by men, including non celebs like you.
So calm down.

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Politics / Re: World Sickle Cell Day: Peter Obi, Maduka Commiserate With Victims (Pictures) by spiceadole: 8:45pm On Jun 20
Despite the awareness, young intending AS & AS couples still believe it means nothing


Health / Re: The Top 6 Causes Of Kidney Disease by spiceadole: 6:07pm On Jun 20
The rate at which young people are suffering from Kidney disease is alarming. I am sharing a post which can help us.
Please read below:


These are not causes of Kidney disease.
These are risk factors that increase one's chances of having a kidney disease.

Common causes of Kidney Disease in Nigeria are...
1. Hypertension
2. Diabetes
3. HIV-AN(HIV-associated Nephropathy)
4. Sickle Cell Nephropathy

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Crime / Re: Doctor Precious Chinedu Emeka Shot Dead By Suspected Bandits In Niger State by spiceadole: 1:49pm On Jun 19
Niger people don't want development.

Beats me why an easterner, a medical doctor, for that matter will go and open a clinic in the North, Niger state of all places.
Celebrities / Re: Yetunde Barnabas And Olayinka Peter Court Wedding (Photos) by spiceadole: 2:21am On Jun 19
Husband.. 1995
Wife... 1990

Indeed, this man is lying about his age

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Celebrities / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes The First Person With 300m Followers On Instagram by spiceadole: 8:58am On Jun 18
Original G. O. A. T

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Romance / Re: 9 Surprising Benefits Of Being Single That No One Has Told You Before by spiceadole: 4:05pm On Jun 16
not piece,is peace

Romance / Re: 9 Surprising Benefits Of Being Single That No One Has Told You Before by spiceadole: 1:44pm On Jun 16
You can have peace of mind.
You can have control over not contracting STDs.
You don't have in-laws that stress you.

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Romance / Re: The Best Response To 'You Just Forget Me'? by spiceadole: 1:24pm On Jun 12
Best response to “You just forget me”?
Romance / Re: Should A Man Ask For Money From His Girlfriend Or Wife ??? by spiceadole: 4:00am On Jun 08
Should a man ask for money from his girlfriend or wife

I actually ask for money from my girlfriend with my chest out and I don't feel ashamed... Even when I don't have money for meal, she pays for it without even abusing me ... When she needs money and I have, I don't hesitate to give her ... Actually we elevate by helping each other .....

I've been hearing from some women saying that "a man that asks for money from his girlfriend is a red flag".

Nairalanders, is that true

As a girlfriend, I cannot give a man my money.. even if it's 5 naira.. in cash or in material gift or even a meal..(And the man should not give me)

As a wife, well.. it depends.. I may give him my money, but if it becomes a habit, it has to stop.
Romance / Re: Should I Follow My Mother's Advice? by spiceadole: 8:31pm On Jun 07
My mother advice me never to look for a rich man who is well do whenever i'm set to get married.
she said i should marry a man that we will both start our life from the foundation, according to my mum, she said it is better to suffer with man to acquire wealth, than to go for a ready made soup.

Looking at the way things are going now, do you think a woman will now stoop so low and marry a poor man that is trying to make ends meet? Although, money is not love, but why would a parent wish her daughter to marry a poor man, i am begining to see my mum as a bad mother who does'nt wish me well.
Is it advisable i follow my mothers advice? I should stay in SURULERE instead of OLORUNSOGO.

Your mother doesn't want you to stay long in the husband hunting market.

Fact is.. most men are poor.
Some rich men started poor.
Try and be comfortable by yourself.
Whatever the man has is extra for you.
Don't wait for what a man can give you.
Most of them .. na only preek them get

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Politics / Re: NDLEA Arrests 7, Intercepts 37.3kg Cocaine, Heroin, Skunk At Lagos Airport by spiceadole: 2:27pm On Jun 06
Agudozie Peter Ihie 
Nnakaihe Ikechukwu
Anyanwu Chika

Are we surprised?

Hell NO!

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Romance / Re: Can You Date Your Friend's Ex? by spiceadole: 1:41pm On Jun 05
Can you date your friend's ex?

No, Never..

Back then, I was friendly with one cute guy.

Along the line, during the talking stage, I realised he was the ex-bf of an old roommate .. I remember the lady bragging how she used the guy as ATM and dumped him.

What did I do?

I unfriended and blocked him from my social media apps..Deleted his number from my phone and barred him from contacting me.
No need for explanation.
Case closed!
Romance / Re: Should I Still Continue With This Relationship? I'm really fed up. by spiceadole: 7:10pm On May 29
Hi guys

Please i really need your sincere advice concerning my relationship, we have been dating for the past two years, but honestly speaking i am not enjoying the relationship, i dont know what is wrong with my man, at times, he would travel for three month without giving me any notice, and throughout that time, his number will be switch off, for the past two years that we have started dating, he has done that for over 5times, and i am getting confuse if i am not in the wrong hand, he wouldnt give me any good excuse and i am getting fed up with him, i dont want to break up with him all because we have gone a long way, but with his attitude, i dont think i can cope again, time is going...

Please i want the whole house to advice me because i dont know how to cope again, he has gone again and dont knw when he will be coming back.

You smell of very low self esteem.
You should have dumped him the very first time he did that.
But you allowed it 5 times.
The guy is either married and his family lives in another town or is just using you to past time.
He knows you are clingy and dumb, and have no value/regards for yourself, that's why he treats you like that.
Romance / Re: What Is The Shortest Time Range Of A Relationship You Were In? by spiceadole: 6:50pm On May 29

Some people think every other human specie is the same in terms of relative stupidity.
Someone said "2" and you're forcing your opinion on that person. I'm just tired of Nigerians acting like fools.
I even know virgins (girls) that live in sexually corrupt areas (barracks), and they were able to keep their virginity till marriage.
Madam Doc, abeg no mind this person. We move

Thank you.
I wonder why some people think it's impossible for a lady to have a small body count.
If my first guy didn't dump me, he could have the one and only man I would ever be with.
Romance / Re: What Is The Shortest Time Range Of A Relationship You Were In? by spiceadole: 9:51pm On May 28
So u are telling me in your entire life u only had sex with two guys and it's not party?? u must think am 11years old

You are entitled to whatever you want to believe.
It doesn't matter to me.


Romance / Re: What Is The Shortest Time Range Of A Relationship You Were In? by spiceadole: 3:06pm On May 28
And u also learned how to Bleep too
I learnt to keep my legs closed..
The next sex I had was with my husband


Romance / Re: What Is The Shortest Time Range Of A Relationship You Were In? by spiceadole: 1:50pm On May 28
1 month..
After we had sex, he started avoiding me.. later, told me it was over.. he just wanted to deflower me to win a bet he placed with his friends.
Nothing more.

I learnt my lesson after that.


Sports / Re: Marcus Rashford: Police Begins Investigation After Star Was Racially Abused by spiceadole: 4:13pm On May 27
Nonsense boy.
He should go and sit down.
Playing rubbish while eating fat salary.
Dem no abuse am well.


Romance / Re: She Is Choking Me With Love, Advice Needed by spiceadole: 2:30pm On May 27

How so?

She is making herself a laughing stock.

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