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Politics / Re: My Supporters Urge Me To Lead Them To APC — Gbenga Daniel by sunbilor(m): 9:39pm On Mar 17, 2019

Oh yes!!! What else can we say?

PDP is about to be buried in Oduduwa land
Is OYO Congo land?
Career / Re: Masters Scholarship In The UK Vs N500k Monthly Job In Nigeria by sunbilor(m): 4:03pm On Mar 17, 2019

Hahahahhaa, Mr. Employer of Labour. Wake up sir. There are thousands of nigerians without masters who earn above 500k in nigeria. Well I am a doctor too, I earn just a little below that, and I have no masters yet. Just a medical officer, and yes that's my take home salary besides other side runs. Again, wake up.

Thank you
Don't mind him. I know many people with HND/BSc who earn more than that in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo: 'Buhari Poorer Now Compared To 2015' - Nigerians React by sunbilor(m): 12:03pm On Mar 16, 2019
can you see anywhere buhari is building new houses,
unlike our past corrupt leaders that imitate themselves in building hiptops for themselves.
We won't see. His has a different strategy- he believes in using proxies. Ask me why? He was surprised how Ganduje would collect bribe by himself without using proxies to do so because that to him is the best way to pull it off and go scot-free.

Na person wey dem catch be thief.
Politics / Re: Governor Ikpeazu Inspects Ph Road, Assures Its Completion In Record Time by sunbilor(m): 11:56am On Mar 16, 2019

Orji Uzor Or T a orji?
Not fan of any of them but OUK tenure was far better than the latters by hundred percent.
Really? Why didn't he fix PH road and Faulks road while he was a governor? Remember these roads had been immotorable even during the military regime prior to 1999.
Can you point to legacy projects OUK did while he was governor that still stands till date to make him stand out as the best?

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Politics / Re: Governor Ikpeazu Inspects Ph Road, Assures Its Completion In Record Time by sunbilor(m): 11:55am On Mar 16, 2019
Politics / Re: Kano Rerun: APC Stakeholders Meet In Nasarawa LGA, Strategize How To Win by sunbilor(m): 10:08pm On Mar 15, 2019

Thank you.high level strategic planning is why apc is superior and always ahead of pdp who are always trying to second guess,preempt or try to counter alleged apc plans
High level strategic planning that ended in PDP leading in the polls?
Education / Re: Video Of Success, The Warri Schoolgirl Sent Away From School Over School Fees by sunbilor(m): 1:59pm On Mar 15, 2019
I wish I knew her parents


Crime / Re: How Do I Tip Off The Authorities Anonymously? by sunbilor(m): 6:51am On Mar 15, 2019
I have neighbours who I have closely watched for a while now. It's a syndicate that bring in people in 3 - 4 different vehicles. (usually one person at a time) accompanied by 2-3others in a vehicle they enter into their apartment 20-30mins later they all walk out and return the third party. I have asked people around my area what goes on in that room and I was told the vehicles move around like taxis, pickup unsuspecting individuals, brain wash them, take them into the room and after a while return them to where they picked them up from. Every one on the street seems to know, but no one talks about it. I do not have concrete evidence but it is obvious they are shady characters.

How do I tip off the authorities to investigate these people without getting involved?

I suspect them to be money doublers.
Politics / Re: Kano Governorship Election: Full Results As Released By INEC (2019) by sunbilor(m): 10:20pm On Mar 11, 2019
Thank you..Am from Abia state and I totally agree with you..

Abia electorates have the highest voter apathy in the whole of Nigeria..
Are you in Abia state? Did you vote?

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Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 6:51am On Mar 11, 2019
Which ikwuano? Those sellouts cannot smell senate not to talk of governor. They share boundary with us yet they betrayed us twice. The only people in Abia north we trust as UkwaNgwa people are Ohafia LGA because they are Libras. The ozuitem people in Bende LGA are the other set that have small respect, others are cow dung
Then we will build a strategic political alliance with the Ohafias. The Ngwas should design a strategy to perpetuate political dominance in the state so long as this current democratic system remains.

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Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 5:04am On Mar 11, 2019

You are entitled to your opinion, i don't think you know how it feels to be hated, criticized, treated badly. Order tribes hate us so much.
Not just hating, they derided us. Imagine Orji Kalu boasting that Ngwas cannot produce a governor. That all one needed to win the ngwa votes was give us money. This was someone the ngwas supported against Dan Nwankwo our son. He turned against us and was trying to perpetuate the mockery and derision of the ngwas. They will beg for 'Otu Onu'.


Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 4:58am On Mar 11, 2019
tell your self the simple truth, do you detest good roads? Are you happy with the type of odours zooming out from all corners of streets in aba? Can you move freely in Aba whenever it rains? Answer those questions and tell me what you think about continuing living in a slum just because you are ngwa man

Stop dumping refuse in gutters in Aba.


Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 4:50am On Mar 11, 2019
The truth is that it was always going to be extremely difficult for Ikpeazu to lose. His Ngwa base holds the numbers just as the north is to Nigeria in general. It is this number that the political founders saw and established the charter of equity that saw Abia north get the seat through Uzor Kalu and was upheld by Theodore Orji of the Centre. Now it is the turn of the south which has the numbers....

This situation is not palatable but necessary to maintain the stability of the polity. The downside of this affirmative action has been poor performance due to lack of true democratic competition.

Now that the deal is done it is hoped that the 2023 elections will be truly competitive both inter party and intra party and that the Ngwa people will be willing to support the best candidate then and not use their numeric power to monopolise power. The kind of patience they exhibited for 16 years before 2015.
You are a good political analyst. I think the next Governor will be from either Isialangwa or Ikwuano both in (Abia Central).


Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 4:45am On Mar 11, 2019
Sometimes i look at myself and say y did i come abia state. A gov that boldly say in a debate that paying workers is not a priority. Imagine abia state is the only Eastern state that doesnt have an airport. There is no industry in umuahia. dey can even fix GG or the glass company. It is a pity
Why didn't TA Orji your brother fix GG?
Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 4:42am On Mar 11, 2019

I am really surprised by this result,so APC now have a stronger hold than APGa in challenging PDP in abia state,even winning a LGA,is this result for real.I conducted election here as a corper in 2015,then APGA was the main challenger to pdp.No one reckons with Apc then.I'm really skeptical about this particular result.
The APC candidate is from Isikwuato LGA. He is the CEO of Masters Energy, Uche Ogar. Also he is a philanthropist who has helped many people in his LGA. This is expected.

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Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 4:37am On Mar 11, 2019
ikpeazu isn't there yet, he still has a lot of work to do.

but anyone saying ikpeazu has not done anything tangible in abia state is a LIAR.

Stop the hatred and Sadism.
We will teach them politics 101. Imagine minorities boasting openly that Nde ngwa cannot produce a governor in Abia state. Careless talk that they will live to regret. Let me see how they will produce a governor without the ngwa support. After Ikpeazu, it will be Abia central next.

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Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 4:30am On Mar 11, 2019
He lost in Abia North and central but was voted in large bulk by his ngwa people of Abia south...I think the people of Abia south were more concern about "my brother factor" rather than competence.
Is Ohafia in Abia South? So ngwa people voted for him in Ohafia? grin

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Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 4:27am On Mar 11, 2019

Pdp isn't working for that state, why not vote apga atleast. We can see development in Anambra, Enugu and even Ebonyi
APGA has never governed Enugu and Ebonyi. You have no point here.

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Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 6:58pm On Mar 10, 2019
Obingwa reported about 30% turnout and obliterated total number of vote gotten by either APGA or APC will get in total in the State

Obingwa will always determine who governs Abia State.

Fortunately, Dr Ikeazu comes from Obingwa.
You understand Abia politics. That's where Otti and Ogar has always got it wrong. There is a reason Orji Kalu's running mates were from Obingwa. Same for T.A Orji (Chris Akomas).

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Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Ikpeazu Winner Of Abia State Governorship Election by sunbilor(m): 6:53pm On Mar 10, 2019

They better walk back and finish it o,they just wasted their chances.one of them should have stepped down for the other.
I knew it will be a walk over for the incumbent governor with OTTI and Ogar contesting at the same time. All the protest votes will be shared between APC and APGA while OVI maintains his Ngwa patronage.


Politics / Re: Emmanuel Jime Caught With Bags Of Money (Video) by sunbilor(m): 6:50pm On Mar 09, 2019
He is a saint
Nothing will happen
After all nothing happened when Tinubu did his own.
Politics / Re: INEC Stranded As Ad Hoc Staff Fail To Turn Up In Ibadan For Fear Of Attack by sunbilor(m): 1:47pm On Mar 09, 2019
Fear of attack or because you have refused to pay them their allowance for the last exercise?


Politics / Re: Thugs Attempting To Snatch Ballot Boxes In Akwa Ibom Caught, Beaten To Pulp (Pix by sunbilor(m): 1:16pm On Mar 09, 2019
e no go pass that crab head like oshiomohle nau
grin. That man resemble crab well well.
Politics / Re: Thugs Attempting To Snatch Ballot Boxes In Akwa Ibom Caught, Beaten To Pulp (Pix by sunbilor(m): 11:45am On Mar 09, 2019
grin grin grin Good for them they've forgotten that snatch at your own risk also applies to gubernatorial election.... If I mention the party now they will say I hate Umbrella party grin
We know who has been flooding Akwa Ibom with thugs from Edo state. If I talk they will say I hate the broom party,
Romance / Re: Lady's Jaw-dropping Before And Now Photos In Same Dress (see Photos) by sunbilor(m): 1:54pm On Mar 06, 2019
That 2019 image though shocked
Na wa for you o cheesy
Romance / Re: She Shot Her Shot But I Don't Feel The Same by sunbilor(m): 3:36pm On Mar 05, 2019
Also op, don't always pick her call .
And when u are in Nigeria , always claim busy and still don't pick her call .let it keep ringing .

Claiming you are busy round the clock , even to pic calls or reply her messages. If she sees u face to face and ask why u aint answering her calls , reply her with a yawn and bored look, that uv been so busy lately and even your gf in your country is even complaining too.
She will quickly get the message and gradually withdraw with time .

It will hurt but it's better , she knows on time than later .

Mehn! grin thank God I don't shoot shots ! Jeez! I go just die !!!!! cheesy
Crime / Re: Kolawole Okunola: How I Escaped Beheading By Mob In Bayelsa by sunbilor(m): 11:22am On Mar 04, 2019
Nembe Bassambiri, where I served years back. They don't kill pythons there.

And they accused this police boss of snatching ballot box.
Wow. How did you cope in a place where pythons are not killed? cheesy


Politics / Re: BREAKING!! Uche Ogah, Alex Otti In A Closed Door Meeting by sunbilor(m): 4:43am On Mar 03, 2019
Uche Ogah is not contesting anything. He is there for the lucre. I've carefully watched his campaign moves in Abia. Both of them will fail if both of them contest.
Politics / Re: The 9th Senate: Full List Of Newly Elected Senators by sunbilor(m): 6:24pm On Mar 01, 2019
Where is Abaribe of Abia State?
Politics / Re: Breaking!! ..Rivers State APC Given Final Burial.. by sunbilor(m): 4:40pm On Mar 01, 2019
Kai Wike! Mercy for these zombies na. grin

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Romance / Re: She Broke Up With Me And Told Me I Am Destined To Be Poor by sunbilor(m): 4:56am On Feb 28, 2019
Hello Nairalanders, My girlfriend of two years broke up with me. She broke up with me because of my financial situation right now. I have been struggling for like 5 months now then she started acting weird and calling me names. The whole thing started when a guy I don't know bought her an iPhone last month. She lied she got it herself which I know is not true. We fought, argued then she went on to block me on WhatsApp. After begging her for a month she later unblocked me and started posting pictures of different guys with love emoticons. Then she started asking for money everyday. I told her I would give her if I see her in person that I haven't even set my eyes on her for like 2 months month. She has has been avoiding me but asking me for money. Then Started saying She knew I would never gets out of this broke-ness. She told me I am addicted to brokeness that I can never make it in life. The same girl I pay part of her third year school fee, I paid her final year school when their school payment portal was almost closed, I sold my expensive iPhone and some other gadgets for a very shameful price. I once did everything any guy would do for a girlfriend. I used to spoil her with everything when I have money. I've bought her phone twice, Take care of her school bills time to time. Use my things to loan money to send money to her. I did some stupid things just to satisfy this girl. After everything she told me I did nothing for her that I am addicted to poverty that they told her I'm destined to be poor. She text all sorts of terrible things and insulted my parents that's when I slammed her with some crazy text back (My parents? No No I won't take that shi.t). This girl I lose my everything just to make her happy. Worst of it is that I am at the most toughest time of my life now. Last week I lose almost a million, I am still healing from that. Her words are affecting me mentally. I adore this girl because she was once a nice and good girl any guy would want to date in fact to be honest, she is the most beautiful girl I've ever meet all my life. She believes her beauty can get her anything. Please Nairalanders how can I forget this girl and her words totally. Those words are really affecting me mentally, I am losing hope. Please how can I erase everything from my head. I'm frustrated and depressed
There is this agelong saying, 'a beautiful woman never stays with one man'. She is gone. There are many other beauties, look for them.
Politics / Re: Godswill Akpabio Loses Senatorial Seat - The Nation by sunbilor(m): 8:13pm On Feb 26, 2019

Saraki is also a traitor especially to his family.

Never, ever turn your back on your family. Haba! Saraki is over-ambitious. His avarice is second to none.

Last last all man for himself. Let him answer for his cases. If he is guilty, Kirikiri fiam. If he's innocent, he can enjoy his looted money. Thieves all of them.

If he is innocent, he can enjoy his looted money? You contradict yourself here.

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