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Politics / Re: Lagos Under Tinubu Vs Lagos Under Fashola by SuperIgbo1(m): 12:45am On Mar 30, 2019
grin cheesy, I don't deal with empty chest beaters Jor.

Another starving miscreant.

I didn't know you were a stark illiterate just like y'all Yoruba miscreants. Go away.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 12:13am On Mar 30, 2019

What do you think he's showing more of here, the Igbo side or the Hausa side? He's so noisy grin

Igbos are not noisy folks.

Jaycent though, still got better swag than vaxx and his old fashioned invader strap shoes posing in a bush. This got to be the funniest photo I've seen in a while, looooooool.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 12:00am On Mar 30, 2019
You do know that the Kenyans don't like you right? undecided

I don't like them either.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 11:59pm On Mar 29, 2019
dude chill undecided

You're the person, who should chill on it and face your Ijo folks.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 11:51pm On Mar 29, 2019

Jaycent is one of those Igbos who need to be cut to size as you said grin

Really man. I concluded he's Igbo from his name and skin tone. However, I told him to face his maternal/paternal Nupe/Fulani folks.

He speaks more Hausa than Igbo even though, he lives in Nigeria. I can speak enough Igbo to save my life though with an accent and, I've never lived in Igbo land.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 11:18pm On Mar 29, 2019
yes.just a day ago

I think black foreigners should leave SAfrica. Those xenophobic folks are ready to ruin more lives and properties.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 11:14pm On Mar 29, 2019
that's rich coming from a flatt head Nigerian

Explain why y'all always go around ruining lives or GTFOH with your unusual African face, looking like a sewage rat. And I'm not Nigerian.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 10:52pm On Mar 29, 2019
More, I don't really know what's happening in Africa?

South Africans with their oblong heads and unusual African faces are always itching to ruin people' properties, all cos of the fear of strangers.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 10:44pm On Mar 29, 2019
Where is that south African girl? She need to explain why are they treating foreigners in south Africa ( durban)this way...

Is this a recent case?
Politics / Re: Lagos Under Tinubu Vs Lagos Under Fashola by SuperIgbo1(m): 10:32pm On Mar 29, 2019
You man obj that you surrendered to?

Obasanjo was just fortunate to recieve the instrument of surrender from General Effiong. Obasanjo was crying when he was appointed to command the third marine commando. Alabi isama suggested him to Gowon after, Adekunle was relieved of his duty. Obasanjo accused Isama of suggesting to Gowon to take him to the battle front so, he can die, loooooool.

Obasanjo claimed he was an army engineer as such as wasn't supposed to be in the battle field. This same coward lost 1000 men in one hour at Oguta in his first battle, loooooooooool. And afterwards, was shot in the arse while running away from the battlefront. grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Lagos Under Tinubu Vs Lagos Under Fashola by SuperIgbo1(m): 9:22pm On Mar 29, 2019

Don't mind them, Jagaban did not lay any foundation, Agbari Oju-iku laid the foundation when he ran away to Ivory Coast after sacrificing three millions of his stubborn brethren to the Yoruba gods of Ogun, Sango, Oya, Obatala and Aiyelala.


During the Biafran war, cowardly Yoruba soldiers had white mercenaries and military police matching behind them in the front lines so, they don't break their lines and flee. It's not a coincidence that the first recorded POW in the Biafran war was General Adisa, then a Lieutenant. This same person was caught on camera kneeling, weeping and, begging a junior officer Al'mustapha. Now you want to talk about bravery.


There no bigger cowards in the history of Nigeria than Obasanjo, Ogundipe, Adisa and, Diya.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Under Tinubu Vs Lagos Under Fashola by SuperIgbo1(m): 9:13pm On Mar 29, 2019
but the crazy thing is that 60% of yorubas follow him. Just imagine wat fashola would have done if he didnt have the tinubu load on his neck. If he didnt have to make concessions to tinubu.

Fashola wanted a different person to replace him. Tinubu chose ambode and yorubas supported him. 4 years later tinubu is telling them to support sanwo olu....that ambode failed. The same fools are supporting him again.

They will soon tell you how Tinubu laid the foundation for development in Lagos by surviving without allocations from the federal government.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 8:22pm On Mar 29, 2019
This is last year picture grin grin grin

So you're truly Igbo? Fine, but face your paternal Fulani/Nupe folks. You're already one of them.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 8:09pm On Mar 29, 2019
our immigration laws is one of the strictest in the world.Only a handful of about 6 countries have visa free to Ghana namely Kenya,Tanzania,Zimbabwe,Trinidad And Tobacco,Rwanda and Egypt with the rest needing to apply or getting visas before entry including the whole of Europe,America and other nations.Even the african Americans who have been promised a right to abode and indefinite stay in Ghana,only one of them have been given that right that's Rita Marley since 2000 upon thousands of applications.The rest of the over 5,000 African Americans live here on multiple visa and resident permits.Our laws are very intact buh the ECOWAS signatory of free movements of goods and people is a stumbliing block in Ghana which we are a signatory to.In October last year,over 400 Nigerian shops were locked up in a car spare parts dealership town alone in the city of Kumasi because in Ghana laws,any foreigner should not engage in any form of business unless he or she has a start up capital of 500,000 us dollars and should employ only Ghanaians.Foreigners should be brought in as executives only which majority of their businesses can't meet that benchmark capital so they all operate illegitimate businesses which are closed down from time to time by the officials.With their closing of the over 400 shops alone in one town alone,they marched and cried to the ecowas headquarters protesting in thousands led by their national labour and business association head saying Ghana is going against the ecowas protocols and abusing them and also since they are members of ecowas,they should be treated as Ghanaians since ecowas makes them Ghanaians and that they are our brothers so that law should exempt them.That case is still unresolved and their president had to come in to plead.Our ambassador was summoned for questioning on the issue by their ministers and officials.The thing is foreign remittance alone is the second largest foreign income earnings for Nigeria and to think they have over 3 million of their citizens in Ghana alone sending in the dollars from the illegitimate businesses alone,when we tend to close down the millions of their petty shop businesses who deal in smuggled Chinese products,will cause a serious earthquake in Nigeria.We did it in 1969 to hundreds of thousands of Nigerians in Ghana and they still feel the mark that's why they revenged with the Ghana must go and if we now deport millions of them,they will be in serious comma.Buh we still enforce some of it thats why we deport hundreds of them yearly buh we can still do better.We have to enforce the laws with caution because they are very emotional brats grin.They will open threads,rants,curse and cry on nairaland for days because Ghana has deported just 700 of their criminals and illegal residents in Ghana.

Man, African Americans are not coming to live in Ghana, they're only coming to visit. No African American will ever want to live anywhere in Africa except a few old folks. BTW, rita Marley is not African American - she's Jamaica or whatever.

And, 5000 African Americans don't live in Ghana. Man where exactly are you getting these figures from? The chart you posted earlier on the number of foreign nationalities living in Ghana says only 64 Americans live in Ghana. Few hours later, 5000 African Americans start living in Ghana.

Stop this already. You're making a mockery of yourself.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 7:57pm On Mar 29, 2019
it's very sad housing more than 3 million Nigerians.Even the few thousands in other African countries are causing real problems how much more 3 million Nigerians.Meaning out of every 30 Ghanaians,three are Nigerians which is scary.They hardly comport themselves and the Nigerians here are the typical ones who have no foreign exposure with Ghana being their first foreign country of stay so you can imagine the still fresh Nigerian arrogant attitude we're experiencing buh they still can't destroy our positive global image.They have corrupted most of the Muslim youths here into internet fraud and you see 50 Nigerians in a room doing online fraud.They are everwhere in Ghana and they have the audacity to drive their private number plated vehicles all the way from Nigeria crossing Benin and Togo into Ghana.I counted 15 Nigerian number plated vehicles in a little suburb of Accra called Haatso just yesterday.

Oh, now it's 3M not 4M anymore. I'm certain you're pulling these figures from your arse.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 7:54pm On Mar 29, 2019

That is the way nigerians are they only think of crimes and starting churches everywhere
In kenya they were doing the same when arrested they start crying how we are jealous of they succes
Imagine a person coming all the way from nigeria to kenya to live ten per room and engage in fraud
I pity you guys more than 2 million nigerians

That chap is just clowning. The number of Nigerians in Ghana doesn't exceed 2M.

If 4M Nigerian and 2.3M burkinabes live in Ghana together with the Germans and other nationalities, then we can say that about 35% of the Ghanaian population are foreign nationalities.
Sports / Re: Wilfred Ndidi Named The Best Tackler In English Premier League by SuperIgbo1(m): 7:43pm On Mar 29, 2019
Who says?? If you want to dwell on tribalism, then Yoruba's are the real MVPs. Rashid Yekini(Greatest ever striker in the history of the country as well as The 1st to bring the CAF African footballer of the year home. How about Segun Odegbami(Mathematical)Only Rashidi Yekini has scored more for the Eagles. One of the brains behind the victorious 1980 Nations cup winning squad. The 1st first we won as well as the 1st and last we have won on home soil.. How about Mutiu Adepoju(Headmaster)..I would advise you don't start what you can't finish as all tribes has contributed greatly to the super Eagles we have today.. Much respect to our Edo brothers in Victor Ikpeba(Prince of Monaco)Osaze odewingie among several others..

Christian Chukwu, the captain in the 80s was the brain behind the winning. Your headmaster was never better than Amuneke/Okocha. Compare Ikpeba with Kanu, Ike Uche with Osaze.

Igbos still got the best football team in Africa.
Sports / Re: Wilfred Ndidi Named The Best Tackler In English Premier League by SuperIgbo1(m): 7:39pm On Mar 29, 2019
Rashidi Yekini, Mutiu Adepoju, Segun Odegbami, Teslim Balogun, why must everything be afonja this, Igbo that, that's why we will forever remain backward. An American is first an American before native American, Italian American, Irish American . All these tribal affiliations are just regressive archaic and just plain stupid. If you went to school and still generalise about an entire tribe based on character flaws of a few bad eggs, you are just plain stupid.

Adepoju wasn't rated in any way.

Odegbami played barefooted. Whichever way, Christian Chairman Chukwu is was better.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 12:41pm On Mar 29, 2019
Well,I say that they are more than 4 million Nigerians and they are not living in the best of characters.Those buses are the big coaches used by ABC,Chisco and the rest with permanent terminals and offices and can transport more than 100 passengers at a go.And that 2 million Nigerians is also in 2009 as the Nigerian high commissioner put it "more" than a million Nigerians in Ghana and in 2009 alone,2 million Nigerians out of 23 million total population of Ghana were in Ghana and that was not even the height of Nigerians immigrating to Ghana because we were not a lower middle income country then,we had no oil and our economy was just trying to boom as against now that the economy is booming at averagely 6% growth yearly since 2010 post oil production,free national universal health insurance for both Ghanaians and foreigners who qualify,absolute free education from basic to secondary schools nationwide with provision of free exercise books,textbooks,uniforms,free boarding facilities,national school feeding program for every student in public schools,huge infrastructure development,24/7 electricity with 87% national electricity access rate,high level of safety and security with number 5 most peaceful and stable country in Africa and number 45 worldwide,very easy to do business among African countries,huge market and second largest and strongest economy in West Africa,all these achievements and many more started after 2009 so tell me why shouldn't 2 million more Nigerians join the next bus with a one way ticket to Ghana.Even when these were not achieved more than a million Nigerians were already in Ghana so imagine now when our economy is the fourth fastest growth in Africa by the IMF and was number one in the world in 2018.

Politics / Re: These Images From Nigeria’s Past And Present Would Leave You Speechless by SuperIgbo1(m): 11:20am On Mar 29, 2019
We had leaders b4 tragedy struck and other nigerians fought us

Michael Okpara, a civilian leader could have led the Biafran breakaway state not Ojuwku.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 11:03am On Mar 29, 2019
well,let me tell you what your Nigerian high commissioner in Ghana said.More than 1 million Nigerians in Ghana in 2009 which was about 9-10 years ago which is a decade when our population was 23 million.Calculate the percentage and now that the immigration is extremely high,that number has more than doubled.There are about 5 different Nigerian transport companies alone who travel from Nigeria to Ghana everyday.Am in Accra currently and if you see their stations with loaded Nigerians arriving daily in Ghana in hundreds,you will weep for Ghana especially during your recent three years recession.The buses leave half empty and some even leave very empty to pick more Nigerians into the country.Not a single Ghanaian transport company ply the Nigerian route.They are trooping in in their thousands with very little records kept.Buh thankfully you can easily identify a Nigerian from a Ghanaian by their English alone buh we can't refuse them entry.I counted 15 Nigerian number plate private cars in Accra alone just Yesterday in Haatso.It's getting ugly and most of them are into crime and scam.Almost all the sellers in circle are Nigerians,our private universities have about 80% Nigerian population.Christian Village in Accra,Kasoa,Teshie,etc are run down by Nigerians.The over 400 locked up Nigerian shops were in Kumasi alone .They are overpopulating Ghanaians in districts and towns in Sekondi Takoradi,Koforidua,Tema,Kumasi,Accra and even in far northern city of Tamale.Buh we still remain tolerant buh they call us xenophobic and we hate their success.We are even less than 30 million buh see the abuse of travel,crazy!Their population is even more than what I stated.Most come here even without passports buh we can't turn them back die to Ecowas.They are everywhere on the streets.I wish you could experience it when you visit here.You might think you are in Lagos.

I inist that more 4M Nigerians live in Nigeria as you claimed. It's virtually impossible. You chart also says 2.3M burkinabes also live in Ghana. That means Ghana has about 7M immigrants living there, loooooool. The chart contradicts your claims anyway. It says only 2M Nigerians live in Ghana - that's more realistic.

I believe when you said 4M Nigerians live in Ghana, you were just making jokes. So let's take it that way. And the Nigeria high commissioner in Ghana is not my commissioner cos he doesn't represent me. Anyway, If he said 1M Nigerians were living in Ghana in 2009, how then did the figures skyrocket to 4M after 9 years? The buses you're talking about, at most convey 30 passengers for a journey - it still doesn't settle how you arrived at those figures.

That been said, I strongly believe that the number of Nigerians living in Ghana doesn't exceed 2M. Ghanaian government can't cater for 2.3M burkinabe and 4M Nigerian immigrants - it's virtually impossible. I get it when you say most Nigerians are into crime - I don't know if that's true or not cos I've not lived Ghana. Nigerians, especially Yorubas are very loud folks that's probably, why you think you're in Lagos when you're in the midst of them. BTW, I didn't know there were a lot of Germans living in Ghana.
Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by SuperIgbo1(m): 9:17am On Mar 29, 2019

Please, take your madness to some other place...Ejim Olisa b'inigwe yoo gi.

Man GTFOH. I can chat on any thread on here.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 9:06am On Mar 29, 2019
You see,the issue is they are three countries apart from us and we speak English and have signed this ecowas free movement so they easily board a one way bus ticket which is less than 30 dollars and they enter with just their I'D cards buh not even passport.We can't stop most of them from entering buh we keep monitoring them.If you get too harsh on them,they run to ECOWAS that we are maltreating and disobeying ecowas laws.We arrest and jail them in larger numbers.Most of them are rotting in our prisons.We even think of exiting this ECOWAS because Ghana is being abused everyday with all West African migrants coming to Ghana.Accra alone have more than 50% foreigners.Do you know that there are more Nigerians in Ghana than the natives of Accra and one of the five major ethnic group in Ghana the Ga Adangme.More than 4 million Nigerians in Ghana alone of 29 million making a huge percentage.They simply come to engage in cyber crime and fraud because we are highly a credible country.I want Ghana blacklisted for too much scam so maybe,they will stop coming.It's disgusting seeing more than 90% of a huge district such as Kasoa being only Nigerians.Buh luckily we easily differentiate between a Ghanaian and them because we have nothing in common.Not even a single local language.Buh sadly,they are marrying our women and giving birth to mixed children therefore diluting the system.Now you can't deport their children because they are half Ghanaian buh we did it in 1969 by deporting hundreds of thousands of Nigerians in Ghana by this same party currently in office.They are scared of this current government.They deported over 700 Nigerians just last year alone and closed up over 400 Nigerian owned shops.Buh the half Ghanaians are now Ghanaians so we live together buh the full Nigerians are very foreign to us.The party in government currently just rebranded it's name from UP to NPP(New Patriotic Party).They were the first party in Ghana which was the then UGCC(United Gold Coast Convention Congress).They detest African immigrants and are like the Donald Trump brand in Africa.Nkrumah who welcomed millions of Africans in Ghana were deported in millions when this same NPP,then UGCC and later UP led by the party most known icon Busia.Most Nigerians Don't know that it was this NPP who deported them in 1969.Akufo Addo's father Edward Akufo Addo was then the president and Busia was the prime minister.Their days are numbered.

Nkwame Nkrumah encouraged many Africans to migrate to Ghana after independence.

But, I don't believe 4M Nigerians live in Ghana. That's a lie. If you say 4M Nigerians in live Ghana then, consequently you're saying Ghana is the US of Africa, with the largest number of immigrants.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 8:56am On Mar 29, 2019

I agree, superb, looks affordable and efficient. Love the colors as well. Yo Ghanaians, send your railway guys to East Africa, forget these Nigerians (and the Igbo) and their unicorn bullshit tramway farce!

Why are you calling out the Igbos?
Politics / Re: Umar Fintiri Wins Adamawa Governorship Election. Unseats Jibrilla Bindow by SuperIgbo1(m): 11:57pm On Mar 28, 2019
this election remains the only election where people's will was respected.....it's high time politicians take Nigerians serious

I must congratulate the northerners.thwy don't tolerate nonsense when it comes to politicians,unlike my useless region,Niger Delta that celebrate thieves

You're from Edo not Niger Delta.

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Politics / Re: What's The Benefit Of Senate President To South East? by SuperIgbo1(m): 11:33pm On Mar 28, 2019
Stop patronizing the Igbos, you Bini clown.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenya Is Ahead of Nigeria In All Aspect (Facts Don't Lie) by SuperIgbo1(m): 11:02pm On Mar 28, 2019
lol... umar musa yaradua really die of pericarditis sickness with multiple kidney problem

Yaradua just like booharry, was already diagnosed with terminal illness even before he became president.
Politics / Re: Dolapo Osinbajo Arranging Aisha Buhari's Hair (Photo) by SuperIgbo1(m): 10:34pm On Mar 28, 2019
You are nonentity with fishy-smelling p..ssy. I need SuperIgbo1 to reply me. Where have you been since morning by the way? You must have been sent out to hawk Kolanut and groundnut. Pele, you will be alright one day. Oloriburuku Onise.

I am staying in brown-roof.. Hahaha. I don't think your 10 generations combine can achieve what I have attained in life. Poverty cant come near me and household forever. Meanwhile, you are still hiding in your muddy and marshy hut while trying to seek attention of hardworking guys to bring your good-for-nothing ass to Lagos.
Yoruba are rock stars. You will die prematurely because of jealously and envy you have for us.

Man, keep your homoerotic fingers and fantasies off my moniker. Why are you mentioning me in all your vacuous posts?

I don't mess with gay arse folks. I got a Yoruba chic, tohyorsih to myself already, loooooooool.


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by SuperIgbo1(m): 10:32pm On Mar 28, 2019

You deserve all the abuse being heaped on you and your fada! Do yourself a favour and piss off!

You're outta your darn mind for calling me out. I only replied to an old post on here, is that a crime here?

Oh, I see y'all are scared much of Chino. Well, I'm not your regular cowardly blowhard. Pass the message across.
Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by SuperIgbo1(m): 10:27pm On Mar 28, 2019



Loooool it is just one person on this thread has seen me before and he is the only one that knows my name. Please i want more loooool


Clown, I'm done with you. You beginning to sound incoherent, loooooooool.

Enjoy hell in your Ngozika estate. I'm out.
Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by SuperIgbo1(m): 10:16pm On Mar 28, 2019
Loooool.. the day you will know the person behind this moniker is the day you shall be rich.

Posting fake pictures of an unknown soldier will not stop me from tormenting you. Looooooooooool


Chinonso Dike wilberforce, stop clowning with your multiple IDs, looooooooool.

Get off me. I don't want derail your thread. Just move on cos we're not friends. The soldier is the personal chauffeur of chief Mbaounu of Anambra state, loooooooool. Man stop clowning please.

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