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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 8:17am On Oct 26, 2016
Congrats on your PhD admission.
I think, only the embassy can confirm if your non-European scholarship is tenable. Since you have done your interview, I am sure you must have mentioned it to them. So, the response you got, should give you a clue already.
All the best.

Hello peeps,
I have been following this interesting group for a while. I need your advise. I have gotten admission for PHD in Göttingen. I have a non-European scholarship and have submitted all my documents for interview. I have done my interview already and waiting for result. Federal Government have written cover letter reaffirming the scholarship. What is my chance of getting visa? I do not have money to deposit for DB, my account opening request was rejected even before interview. What do you advise I do?
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 5:17pm On Sep 28, 2016
I live in Hamburg. Sadly, I don't know anyone in those cities. Sorry.

@take a step, do you stay anywhere around frankfurt- giessen- marburg, if no, can you connect me to anyone around that area.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 1:48pm On Sep 27, 2016
Yes. Absolutely. But make sure your admission or enrollment documents are handy.

I apologise for the late reply.

Will my travel health insurance, ticket confirmation, my passport be enough, please ur prompt response will be appreciated.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 12:04pm On Sep 27, 2016
No. You don't need yellow card to travel to Germany.

pls my fellow nairalanders will i be asked for anytin like yellow card at the airport , cos i keep hearing many tins. ur prompt response will be appreciated. thanks

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 9:35am On Sep 27, 2016
A quick suggestion to those whose visas are being delayed due to the form A palaver.

If your enrolment/lecture is fast approaching, I suggest you send a mail to the International student office in your school and plead for intervention. Explain in clear terms the challenges you are facing as regards sourcing Forex in the country and why there is a delay in crediting your account. You have to prove your case carefully and smartly. Send them the prove of your blocked account opening, your Naira account balance and also a prove of your admission. Emphasise the point that you have initiated the transaction and you are confident that it will be completed very soon. You may add an evidence (copy of form A or anything). You may also want to send same mail to the embassy (don't forget to include your reference number).

I understand the International student departments/offices of many schools have direct contact with the embassies and they can actually help to facilitate visa applications. I know this for sure!

I have seen and heard of few students who got visas without funding. Unfortunately, many of them won't come here to detail their true stories.

Either you fund or not, you are getting a 3-month visa (or more as we've seen in some cases). Meaning, you will definitely need the fund to extend your visa and also get a residence permit when you arrive Germany. So, there may not be a way to circumvent that.

You never know what will work for you until you try.

Good luck.


Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 9:53am On Sep 16, 2016
7 days not working days.

Good morning


Good morning. Please is the 7 days in the AM Mail just 7days or 7 work days?
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 8:47am On Sep 16, 2016
It takes about 7-10 or 15 days or even more. You wont get a mail from the embassy; but you can always track your parcel with the Dhl tracking number.

I hope this helps.

Hello house,

Will the embassy send me a mail after sending my passport with visa and documents to the courier company?

Received Family Reunion approval mail on the 2nd of September.

I sent my Passport via Dhl and was delivered 6th September.

How long does it take to get my visa and documents?


Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 8:26am On Sep 15, 2016
Congratulations. Fly in peace and enjoy in Joy!

Oluwa has done it cheesy
Visa interview date: 09/08/16
Funding reminder from embassy: 06/09/16
Funding confirmation :11/09/16 8pm (saw it late)
Sent Confirmation to them today at 8am and A.M mail dropped 1pm.
Destination: Hamburg (Abeg Armani chill for me biko smiley, may we lap ourselves for plane)

Thanks everybody, i have obtained priceless information from you all, God bless you all and your processes. we shall all succeed. Goodluck to those awaiting A.M mails and Db confirmation.
God bless Nairaland.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 10:28am On Sep 12, 2016


21500# as at last week(lagos).. hold enough cash to avoid stories that touch
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 9:38am On Sep 12, 2016
Please, how much (in Naira) is the current Visa fee?
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 1:47pm On Sep 02, 2016
Congratulations! Delayed but not denied.

The bolded means you should give at least a 7-day gap between the date of posting the envelope and your date of departure.

You can write it boldly on a white plain sheet and insert it in the envelope or better still, print out the letter sent to you and write your scheduled date of departure boldly on it.

Flight booking is not necessary!

All the best!

Hi all,

The long awaited mail finally came this morning.

Family reunion visa finally approved.

I want to say a big thank you to @takeastep, @elllacute45, @coldsummer, @neribot and everyone for your timely response and advice.

God will see you all through.

I have a question also please...It was also indicated in the mail I received that :

Please also indicate your travel dates, bearing in mind that your departure should not be scheduled any
sooner than at least 7 days after the posting of your envelope.

Do I have to put it in writing my travel date or my flight booking?

Thank you all
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 10:02am On Sep 01, 2016
Send me a Pm. Lets talk.

@Chinok and I need one biko.

Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 9:42am On Sep 01, 2016
A single room in a shared apartment is presently available for a short term in Bergedorf area of Hamburg.

Kindly send me a PM if you are interested.

Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 2:32pm On Aug 03, 2016
I successfully used Azimo earlier today. Few hours later, I got this!

Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 12:34pm On Aug 02, 2016
When it comes to Family reunion visa, one needs to be extremely patient. It takes a whole lot of time, 5, 6 or 7 months depending on the applicant's status. It can be a frustrating experience.

If you had your interview in April, then your waiting time starts on the same day.

Have it in mind that the embassy will ensure a complete authentication or verification of your documents is done before forwarding your application to Germany. Most importantly, your marital claim and status!

The Aliens authority, after receiving your application, will do a background check on your spouse residing in Germany. They will send her a letter of invitation + stating the needed documents for her to bring along. It is only when that is done, that the aliens authority will make their decision known to the embassy.

So, what you need to do now is to ascertain the stage of your application. If it's still with the embassy, don't expect them to respond to your mail or any inquiry. You'd be lucky to hear from them. If it's with the Aliens Authority, tell your spouse to visit them again. The fellas at the Ausländerbehörde should, in most cases, open up to her.

Good Luck.

Hi everyone,

Nice Forum.

I need help/info regarding family reunion visa.

I applied for a Family Reunion Visa in April 2016 and it's now 3 months and a week and no response from the embassy. I wrote a mail to the embassy and to this email address (info@lago.diplo.de ) last week Wednesday to confirm the status of my application and still haven't received any reply.

I started this whole visa process since last year October 2015, I submitted my documents for verification and in January this year I got a mail that the verification of my documents has been successfully concluded. I then applied for a German Marriage Certificate which was issued in March and after which, I applied for a Family Reunion Visa and had my interview in April 2016.

My wife is a German and she has gone to the alien office in her city where she resides and she was told there's a document that has to be verified without telling her how long it will take. But what baffles me is that, it was the same documents I submitted last year for the verification, I also submitted during my visa interview in April .

I'm sorry, I know this is quite a long message. Just want to give a detailed information.

Has anyone got this experience, please kindly give a candid advice.

Thank you.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 12:01pm On Jul 28, 2016
I know of someone who had the same issue with Wakanow. I think, he had to change his airline at the end.

I remember a Wakanow agent also called to advise me on same issue when I booked my ticket through them. But I told her I have a student visa and it will be extended when I arrive at my destination. She then advised I arm myself with all necessary documents in my handbag all through my journey, just in case...

I had no issue at the end. No one bothered me about it.

Hello all,
Has anyone ever been denied flight simply bcs he didn't pay for return ticket? Wakanow is advising me to pay for return ticket otherwise I may not be allowed to enter flight since my visa is not up to 1yr

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 11:49am On Jul 28, 2016
Post your questions here and let people give you varying advice that can help you. Others will also learn from them.

@chinok97 will assist you but 'in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.'

@chinok97 thanks for advice ur advice Pls I humbly seek for assistance...this is my email: victory_okodugha@yahoo.com.

I still have a lot to ask from.

Once again thanks for ur utmost advice
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 9:29pm On Jun 29, 2016
Hoping this well settle the DB amount issue. Got it from the Conference room of the international student center, Uni Hamburg.


Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 4:30pm On Jun 27, 2016
You can get it at the embassy. Ask for fedex office when you arrive the vicinity of the embassy.

hi, please I couldn't get the return envelope from any of the courier services around here I was told they are not authorised to sell it. I need to know if it's possible to get it on the day of the interview at the embassy or after the interview. Your response will be well appreciated
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 4:15pm On Jun 26, 2016
You can sort out your insurance online. However, its not a bad idea if you arrive here before sorting it out, depending on your enrolment date.

This is the link for Bermar GEK: https://www.barmer-gek.de/en

I replied your Pm. Lets talk on the accommodation stuff asap.

Good Morning fam. I recently gave update on the status of my admission. I still need info on how to get insurance from here preferably Bermar GEK as it is in Hamburg. I learnt one can get the certificate of enrollment without paying until the person gets to Germany. Who can help me out with the link? Also, i'm looking for accommodation as a backup to my application to studentwerk (not sure i got that right). Thank you all.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 4:09pm On Jun 26, 2016

Let me know your earliest date of arrival.

check your pm, or pm me incase my email stuf is faulty, your date tho, e too near
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 8:06pm On Jun 25, 2016
Are you in Hamburg or planning to arrive soon and in need of accommodation? Please send me a PM asap. Room available as from 1st of July 2016.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 3:04pm On Jun 08, 2016
No answer for your question because many would rather be quiet than give a wrong and misleading answer.

Personally, I think all you need to do is to prove to the embassy that you have enough money to fund your stay. How? I'm not sure!

But its best you mail the embassy for proper direction.


Third time I'm posting this. And some people will rather ignore and hoard information than help someone out.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 8:47am On Jun 08, 2016
First it was a mistake. Now you feel good with it because you are already claiming it.

You are claiming the wrong age? Forcefully or willingly?

Why are we like this? Why do we enjoy thriving on lies? Covering a lie with series of lies..from Africa to Europe and to every part of the world. For how long do you think this will last?

Did you just got the passport? Why didn't you make moves to correct the mistake immediately you saw it?

I am sure if you have anything close to a conscience, it should be ministering the truth to you by now.

You have 2 options as far as I am concerned,

1. Go back to where you got the passport and make case for the correction. That's the best way out. You can't afford to lay this sort of foundation for yourself.

2. Go along with your 'Lieing Tounge' and deal with it for the rest of your life. Surely, one day the truth will catch up with you. Please don't come back here to curse 'village people' when things start hotting up.

If you want good and enduring success in life, there is only one rule: DO THE RIGHT THING IN THE RIGHT WAY AND AT THE RIGHT TIME!

Good luck.

Good morning nairalanders. I've got this pressing issues I need your advice on. In my e passport they made mistake n fill 1991 as my date of birth and right now I'm claiming the 1991 and that I left primary school 1998 finishing secondary school 2004 which amounts to 7 years of primary + 6 years of secondary = 13 years. people saw thus and objected that I will be queried in the embassy for the years that its impossible to have gotten the primary 6 cert at age 7. but I intend explaining that I had double promotion in my primary school. Pls house what's the implication of this? thanks all for your expected contributions.


Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 11:37am On Jun 01, 2016
If i get you clearly, you submitted your application in April? If Yes, youy time starts counting the day you submitted the application. The embassy in Lagos will still have to send your application to the aliens authority {Ausländerbehörde} in your proposed city of visit. The aliens authority have the final say. Embassy in Lagos cant do or send you anything until and unless they hear from the aliens authority.

I advice you wait till exactly after 2 months, if you still dont hear anything, find the contact email and perhaps phone number of the aliens authority in your proposed city {use google}, table your case clearly with them and be patient for response.

In addition, if your spouse resides in Germany, tell her to visit the aliens authority on your behalf. Give her your application details including reference number. She will definitely get a response from them.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Good luck.


@takeastep thank you for your prompt response. I'm joining my spouse and she is a German citizen. The verification of my documents /marriage has been successfully concluded since January this year and I have been issued with a german marriage certificate. I wonder why the visa is still taking time after my application in April.

Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 11:28am On Jun 01, 2016
Yes! Congratulations.

Got a message from embassy to pay my 3 month travel insurance and submit my passport last week thursday.. Does that mean my visa as been approved
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 10:42pm On May 31, 2016
No need to panic.

Family reunion visa takes about 3-4 months. Even more in some cases. Though based on individual circumstances.

For more info: Are you joining your spouse, or family?

Evening all

Nice Forum

I applied for a family reunion visa and was told I will be contacted via email. It's over a month now after my interview and no response from the embassy. Any suggestion please.
Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 12:24pm On May 23, 2016
German Visa generally. Student enquiries dominant but you may also throw in comments as regard other visa type. You can be sure to get a response.

Please is this thread for students visa only or it includes family reunion visa issues?

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 5:04pm On May 12, 2016
Great news. Surely your visa has been approved.

Next step: Get your travel insurance. Try IGI. I will send you a mail to link you with someone for assistance.

Once you get the insurance, go to the embassy and get a prepaid courier envelope from FedEx. They have a kiosk in the embassy just around the business centre. Price of that will depend on your address.


Hi @Takeastep and all!
I got a letter through mail from the embassy asking me to send my passport and travel insurance close to when I intend leaving for Germany for my research stay. I think that's all, no mention of the blocked account.

Best wishes!

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 1:01pm On May 02, 2016
Thank God for the success of your interview.

With whatever you are earning as salary + 24Eur per day, I think you should be more than OK.

You need not to open or fund a blocked account.

However, if the embassy still want you to do so, expect them to send you a mail instructing you to do such. But I don't anticipate that.

If it happens they insist and you don't have money to fund a blocked account, you may need to prove your case maybe by submitting your payslips/account statement...and perhaps, you involve your sponsor.

For now, keep calm and hope for the best.


Many thanks @Takeastep! Thanks for asking. I was about reaching out to you.

The interview went well. I don't really liked their method, despite arriving the embassy around 6:15am, I wasn't through until past 10am. The VO had just 5 of us for the long stay visa (including a guy from Anambra going for undergraduate study).
After we finished the security checks, the VO lady, who arrived the interview counter at exactly 7am, came with a smiling face, and the student guy beside me said it unusual to see her smile. Then I told him today should be good, and it was actually so.
The documentation process was very tedious unlike my experience at the US embassy. I had no issues with the documentation except that she asked me to go outside and get the prepaid courier envelope. We paid 13,500 as application fee. Virtually the 5 of us where asked to go for the envelope.
Afterwards, we were again called for the main interview. The student guy was the first and he spent so much time. Only God knows what sorts of questions he was being asked. But I have a feeling he would be successful.
For me I answered all questions except that she was like staying I have to open a block account that the stipend (24euros/day) my host in Germany is offering is small. I told her that they would pay for my flight and accommodation too and she said she saw it. She asked how much am earning where I work and I told. She said I have to get insurance and I said that is not a problem. Lastly she told me they would communicate me through e-mail. And that was all.

My question: what's your reaction to the block account stuff? Thanks!+

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Travel / Re: General German Visa Enquiries Part 3 by takeastep: 8:16pm On May 01, 2016
Would be glad to know if and when your interview is done tomorrow.

We await your success story.

And to many others who have received their visa recently, we want to hear from you. How you went about it, the challenges, contours and favours you encountered on your way.

Lots of new guys are here. They want to learn from your testimony.


Thanks @takeastep!

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