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Jokes Etc / Re: My Awful Job Interview Experience At NNPC Company Today by talk2razaq(m): 1:33pm On Sep 14
grin grin

The Interviewer: Don't be afraid to Ask me Anything.

Me: ok sir! I want to ask something Sir.

The Interviewer: Go ahead.

me: who is dating that receptionist Pretty lady over There.

The Interviewer: Became speechless! And starring at me for A some minutes, until then He call the security guards to bounce me out.

Please Am i at Fault.
I cant Forget today in my Historical life.
The treatment that you got is well deserved grin grin

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Brentford Vs Manchester United (4 - 0) On 13th August 2022 by talk2razaq(m): 4:55am On Aug 14

I sent an email to you with your username and password to access my paid Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) course for free as promised.
Check your email inbox and if you don't see my email then check your spam folder to see if my email landed there.

Please, copy the link below and paste it into your browser, It is the course login link, but your username and password are in the email I sent to you. Copy --->>> amazon-kdp-publishing.com

I wish you the very best in your publishing endeavour.
I appreciate this special gesture sir. May God bless all your endeavors.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Brentford Vs Manchester United (4 - 0) On 13th August 2022 by talk2razaq(m): 9:19pm On Aug 13

This offer is for you and you alone.

Drop your email address here and I will give you access to my paid kdp course for free with a username and a password.

What you do with the informations in the course is totally up to you but if you apply what I thought in the course then I would have been a worthy mentor to you.

Thank you sir. I'm grateful
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Brentford Vs Manchester United (4 - 0) On 13th August 2022 by talk2razaq(m): 9:14pm On Aug 13

Still waiting for your response here.
I have been bombarded with lots of email request even when I stated that my offer is exclusively to you alone.

Drop you email here and I will get back to you directly.
Oh my goodness I can't keep calm
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Brentford Vs Manchester United (4 - 0) On 13th August 2022 by talk2razaq(m): 6:49pm On Aug 13

This is what happens in life when a successful person fails to mentor anyone that can succeed them when they're gone.

The exit of Alex Ferguson without a having a mentee after spending decades in the dug out at ManU remains one of the problems plaguing ManU till date.
Hopefully, you will mentor me on kdp soon when I'm ready.
Business / Re: How a Novice Started Making Money on Amazon KDP. by talk2razaq(m): 10:42am On Aug 02
A message from a mentee. There's no better time to earn in $ than this Buhari period.
What is your daily routine like? How many hours do you invest in the business?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Application ON / United Nations Development Project. by talk2razaq(m): 4:19am On May 18
Add 070 six 888 zero 228 to the WhatsApp group
Business / Re: How Much Do You Make Weekly Or Monthly, And How? by talk2razaq(m): 6:36am On May 09

But do you know that with digital skills you can start making money at the comfort of your home?

But I don't just know why most people always ignore the truth. Learn digital skills they will say no.

Always looking for government job.

Do you know that the unemployment rate in Nigeria this year has increased to 30%, and even the available jobs are competitive, they are taken by the elites.

But with digital skills, I can't promise you any amount you can be making monthly, but you are surely going to become financially free with you are focused in 2 years or less.

I hold free consultation on any digital skills you want to learn.

And I can even show you how you can learn different skills without paying much that will set you up for greatness.

Message me on 09072 475966
Business / Re: Looking for a platform where you can sell data and air time? by talk2razaq(m): 7:59pm On May 02
Romance / Re: Only 2 Girls Left. What Should I Do? [Pictures] by talk2razaq(m): 7:44pm On Mar 29
My instinct was suggesting

1. 1,000 Naira card to 1,000 fans and haters
2. A detailed post on how to make money legitmately

What are your suggetions? Don't just agree with mine, suggest yours. I want to hear from people smarter than me or at least, people with other ideas.
I will pick option 2 without a doubt. But I'm scared the mods might take it down, if it is really useful.
It's your call. Do what makes you happy.
Career / Re: See Someone's Salary In Kogi State - Photos by talk2razaq(m): 7:53pm On Mar 11

So u want everybody to reason like u cos Ur family member took loan no wan tell u d truth.and u want us all here to attract Kogi Governor,MOFO is a pity I'm not using a smart fone but my laptop.
Hahaha, in 2022 if you don't know how to use the internet to good effect, then you must be dumber than I thought. I wouldn't be engaging you again because you are obviously a CRETIN. Not in my DNA to waste time with uninformed and a slow-witted creature.
Career / Re: See Someone's Salary In Kogi State - Photos by talk2razaq(m): 7:18pm On Mar 11

Abeg many of them took loans and as loans are paid is balance u seeing as some amount deducted monthly.Ask dem well ohhh,just like a police inspector broda I have but I dey fear him as not all our moves he knows Police Na Police,his take home pay is 12k plus,took a big loan that will take him 3 years to pay,so does all kind of stuff infact suprised seeing him on d road sometimes.
I presume you are holding a smart phone but unfortunately your phone is smarter than you. Investigate the story before making useless assertion.

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Career / Re: See Someone's Salary In Kogi State - Photos by talk2razaq(m): 7:05pm On Mar 11
If this is true and has been going on for so long.

What is the labor union doing about it. NLC, NUT just keep mute abi
Those ones can't do nothing now, Yeye Bello controls everything as regard Kogi. The chairmen and state executives of both NLC and NUT have special cut accrued to them from workers salaries. I know because the immediate past NUT chairman in the state is a close family friend.
Business / Re: AMAZON Best KDP Book Ever — The "Kats Cried" by talk2razaq(m): 4:25pm On Mar 09

I have a free report on Amazon KDP if you're interested
I'm interested. I sent you a message

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Business / Re: How To Start Making an Extra $200-$500/month On Fiverr (Free Tutorial)! by talk2razaq(m): 10:02pm On Feb 14
Add me 070six 888zero 228
Romance / Re: I Was Given An Exclusive Invite To A Secret Society In 2020 by talk2razaq(m): 6:26pm On Feb 06
Your word play is topnotch. I will like to subscribe to your newsletter.
Business / Re: How To Make Money Publishing Books On Amazon In 2022 by talk2razaq(m): 9:53am On Jan 23
Hello reader's, I will be taken a week break from this thread to grieve over the passing of my dad. Just recieved the sad news from my mom this very day (01-22-2022 by 8:40 EST).

I'm completely broken.

My trip to Nigeria is scheduled for the month of April and I was visiting with my 6 year old son so he can see his grandma and grandpa and vice-versa and this unfortunate incident struck. cry cry cry cry

Sorry for your loss
Business / Re: CLOSED by talk2razaq(m): 12:21am On Jan 18
070 six 888 022eight
Romance / Re: What If I Teach You How To Become A Millionaire 2022??? by talk2razaq(m): 11:40pm On Jan 11
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Nottingham Forest Vs Arsenal FA Cup (1 - 0) On 9th January 2022 by talk2razaq(m): 7:01pm On Jan 09
[quote author=tgmservice post=109223497]Arsenal abeg na u remain for my ticket 1.9m at stake here[/quote
Your ticket go enter but you go do give away sha


Business / Re: How a Novice Started Making Money on Amazon KDP. by talk2razaq(m): 10:13am On Jan 04
Let me just book this space to share my KDP journey so far. Some people might need it.

Below is a screenshot of ''how it started'' and ''how it's going''.
Wow...Abeg share tips for those of us that are just starting out. You are doing well.
Business / Re: My Journey To The Kindle World by talk2razaq(m): 9:40am On Jan 04
This comment was instrumental to my KDP story so far.
Congrats! Hopefully I can say the same in the months ahead.

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Romance / Re: I'm Officially The Laziest Person Of 2021. See Why [Picture] by talk2razaq(m): 10:59am On Dec 28, 2021
I like your brand of laziness jor. Cheers to a better 2022 and beyond.
Romance / Re: Whenever I See This Picture, I Get Angry [Picture] by talk2razaq(m): 9:27pm On Dec 26, 2021

The way forward is to have a working law and whoever is corrupt will change before getting into power, or die in power by the law and this will deter other corrupt up-and-coming leaders.

Also, the voters and religion are part of the cause. Some Muslims will prefer to vote for a Muslim aspirant whether he's corrupt or not.

Some Christians also do the same. It's more of religious interest than competency. Since there is always bias, technology and a working law is the way forward.

Technology scares a corrupt man — he knows with technology, he can be easily caught. So, we should focus on technology and a working laws first. Without these two things, more youths will think corrupt = smartness.


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Educational Services / Re: The Pdfs And E-book Thread For Sciences. by talk2razaq(m): 7:11pm On Dec 09, 2021
Please, who can help with Lamlad Chemistry
Business / Re: AMAZON Best KDP Book Ever — The "Kats Cried" by talk2razaq(m): 11:22am On Dec 07, 2021
Sadly, the book will be available to everyone in 2020, but some people have access to it as a beta student.
Is this book available already?

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Business / Re: Making Dollars With Affiliate Marketing Has Never Been Easier by talk2razaq(m): 6:54pm On Dec 06, 2021
Romance / Re: +18: I'm Doing This To Myself Right Now. RIP [Picture] by talk2razaq(m): 11:01am On Nov 30, 2021
By the way, which is the sweetest?

1. Money
2. Food
3. Sex
4. Degree
5. God

Don't be a hypocrite — choose as if no one is watching. Choose only two and give reasons. The person with the best reason wins 10 USDT.

If we weigh the impact of their importance, God and money supersede the others. Money is an amplifier of everything good. It makes food and sex sweeter, and it can get you a degree. But, here we are talking about sweetness. I will say food and sex for me.
Food and sex share similar science. They both trigger dopamine which signifies craving. They both appeal to our most profound pleasure: to eat and to reproduce.
I wouldn't want to choose in a perfect world, but nothing is perfect. I will put food ahead of sex any day. Food is the best part of life; even neonates know it. Eating is a low-stress activity, sometimes sex na work. A hungry man wouldn't be thinking about the sweetness of sex.
Romance / Re: +18: My Last Advice To Men [Picture] by talk2razaq(m): 1:31pm On Nov 19, 2021
+18: My Last Advice to Men [Picture]

In all you do, be great in bed before you marry (e get why).

In all you do, know how to make money, lots of legit money, before you marry.

In all you do, know how to be focused and stingy first before you start acting like a philanthropist wey money dey bite (e get why).

In all you do, know how to invest your money to make you more money, invest in yourself to be wiser, and finally invest in others — especially your family members.

In all you do, f*ck women with bad characters (with condom) but wife only women with good characters and sweet p*ssy.

In all you do, test the car before you drive it — this has different meanings.

In all you do, have principles and keep them.

In all you do, invest in crypto when the market is down (bear market) and forget it for 5 years.

In all you do, embrace haters because if you don't have them, it's a sign you don't have anything worth admiring.

In all you do, don't dignify every soul with a reply — most of them are time wasters and time is money.

In all you do, exercise, travel, have fun, but don't sleep with another man's wife — wait until they divorce first (e get why).

In all you do, don't be a terrorist even if you're a Muslim. Don't be a backstabber even if you're a Christian. Don't be an unbeliever even if you're an atheist and don't be a fraudster even if you're poor/broke. There are too many ways to legit wealth.

In all you do, learn anger management early in life and control your emotions even when it seems uncontrollable.

Finally, in all you do, drink water and mind your business more than you mind other people's businesses except you're documenting those people's lives and writing a book about it.

The end.

Add yours let's see and take notes.

In all you do, always strive to judge and relate with people based on their ethical leaning and attributes. It pays to be indifferent about a lot of things as it concerns Nigeria and Nigerians.

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Celebrities / Re: If Wizkid Were The One Who Did The ₦1 Million Challenge (An Opinion) by talk2razaq(m): 10:42pm On Nov 18, 2021
Dumb ass post with no backed up facts

Davido is loved for his good deeds
Wizkid is naturally loved whether he does good or bad

Do you know what it means to sell out 02 arena in just 2mins?
That's love not for good deeds

If wizkid goes for such a challenge, he'll make more than 500billion in just 1hr

I'll break it down for those who lack wisdom but argue over nothing

People love and cherish someone who's very scarce than someone who is always available
If you go to your friend's house everyday, the normal 2 meat you're served will reduce to 1 meat one day
And that person who comes just once in a year or months will only get more meats served in his plate, that's value

Wizkid doesn't post what he does for people, Davido does that for sure no cap
Featuring wizkid in a songs means you've blown
But featuring Davido in a song means the song will sell for sure but you won't get that much respect in the industry compared to wizkid's featuring

Wizkid is the only artist in Africa that will perform in fela shrine and they'll clear the stage and even sweep it
That's natural love , and not for good deeds , he's just naturally loveable

Take a look at the music industry all the top females love him but can't even get the opportunity of spending up to 1hr with him

Tiwa savage your African bad gyal do video vixen for wizkid
Victoria kimani no let wizkid rest , forever famzing
Seyi shay nko, who no know?
Yemi alade nko , who no know wetin cause fight for females in the industry
Simi has always been a wizzy fan since day 1, even before music
Didn't you hear Teni professing her love to wiz?
That's to show you he's got the whole females in check

So listen

To the male artists, wizkid is the most respected and loved artist in the whole of Africa , know why ?

Because there is so much power in (self respect)

All the people that sent Davido money will lick wizkid's feet no cap

Obi cubana invited Davido over and he was so happy to be I the midst of cubana
The same obi cubana invited wizkid over and wizkid was given an award , know what that means?

Valie of being on the low , let David grow up , that's all

Lights up my kpoli in peace
All the rubbish you spewed only made sense when I read your last line.
PS: The comparison between this guys is dumb anyway
Business / Re: Affiliate Online Marketing Secrets Revealed! by talk2razaq(m): 12:53am On Oct 10, 2021
Are the information on this thread still valid though? I need a skill I can dedicate this last quarter of the year learning. This country is tough.

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