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Family / Re: Does Letting Go Of an Unhealthy Marriage Means You've Failed? by Tayorshd2(m): 7:24pm On Apr 13, 2023
U must be a marriage councillor with enough years of experience.
Love your tips

Letting go of an unhealthy marriage doesn't mean you failed. It actually gives you the opportunity to reset, learn garner experience and fix any problem you might encounter in the future. You only failed in picking your partner. What most of the female do now, is just to marry the man that is available and can provide her needs without considering their compatibility. When you discover you guys aren't compatible, it's already too late.
Let's say the truth, money is important in every relationship, and it's a major factor in majority of the women picking their partner now, one thing y'all have to understand is that relationship isn't marriage, you don't spend frivolously in marriage the way you spend in relationships, bcus you no dey try impress anybody again.


Education / Re: Warning – The Truth About Jamb Expo And Runz by Tayorshd2(m): 11:47am On Apr 13, 2023
WHO TOLD YOU THAT THERE IS NO JAMB EXPO?? HAVE U TRIED https://blastexam.com.ng before
Education / Re: Preparation For JAMB by Tayorshd2(m): 12:51am On Apr 13, 2023

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Education / Re: 2023 WAEC Runs Whatsapp Group Link / 2023 Free WAEC Expo - Runz by Tayorshd2(m): 12:43am On Apr 13, 2023

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Education / Re: List Of Best Exam Expo Runz Website In Nigeria by Tayorshd2(m): 12:40am On Apr 13, 2023

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Education / Re: List Of Best Exam Expo Runz Website In Nigeria by Tayorshd2(m): 12:37am On Apr 13, 2023
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Is now the best and realizable of all WAEC platform
Family / Re: I Just Realized Broke Guys Don't Deserve Love by Tayorshd2(m): 10:26pm On Apr 12, 2023
There is an adage that says a broke guy is not suppose to have a penis erection
You have seen d picture of the future already so what are u waiting for?
Look for your kind of person and leave that material girl alone

Before now, I thought that not all Nigerian girls are materialistic like we are made to believe, but a recent experience with my girlfriend made me rethink that particular conception.

I've been dating her for a little over a year now, and asides from normal relationship disputes, we have been cool. I met her when I was jobless and broke, and the relationship wasn't meant to happen because neither of us wanted a relationship then. We somehow clicked and started dating.

I got a job that pays 150k soon after, plus other small side gigs. She never put a strain on my pocket because I give whatever I feel whenever I feel like it. She hardly demands stuff, and I felt l just found myself a gem.

Rich guys hover around her like vultures over a carcass, but she stayed faithful, or so I thought. My company started experiencing difficulties towards the end of last year, and my salary was no longer consistent. At one point, I was owed three months' pay.

Due to the cash crunch, I could no longer give even the changes I used to give her. A bestie of hers that wasn't in the picture suddenly appeared after he started doing fraud and picked some mega bucks. He started getting her gifts and promising her heaven and earth to get her.

She's currently about write her final exams, and she has a list of stuff that she needs for graduation, which I promised her that I would be able to get her just two out of her list. Recently she went out with two guys within four days, and they were all yahoo looking guys with Benz and the likes. When I tried cautioning her of the dangers of associating herself with such people and how I was uncomfortable with her going out with random guys, she angrily said that I couldn't sort her bills and was still stopping her from going out with people that could sort it out for her. She kept referencing how she was not gaining anything from being a good girl while other girls that weren't half as beautiful as she was cashing out from guys.

She came over for the weekend, and just yesterday, she asked if I could allow her to go for an Easter outing with a friend today; I told her it's insulting to go see a guy from my place, but she saw nothing wrong with it.

This morning she begged me to allow her to spend a day with a guy that has been sending her money, and he is willing to pay anything she wants to spend a day with him. She pleaded with me to understand because she had bills and didn't want to stress me.

I told her she was free to go and started dressing up to leave the house. I never felt so insulted in my life, I already ended the relationship in my mind for her to even have the effontry to make such a proposition.

She started complaining that I wanted to ruin her weekend by giving her attitude when I could have easily said no to her request. I just ignored her and left the house to see a friend.

I used to think that she was different but just realized that most girls aren't contended which pushes them to do all sort of rubbish cos of money. SMH

Career / Re: Japa Wave Is Actually Heavily Motivated By Greed And Feelings Than By Suffering by Tayorshd2(m): 9:25am On Apr 12, 2023
God bless you Nigerians are not ready to pay for anything expecting the government to do all for free and yet they compare Nigeria with america that pay for everything without dodging 😢


I actually thought about this after I watched a documentary where the lady a white american laments on how they pay bill over bills, like aside from normal tax, you'll have to pay tax on every other things you own like vehicle.
That's even too far a guy who came back from Mali few years ago spoke about the weight of the offense of being caught bypassing electricity, he said one can risk spending lot of years behind bars cause of these lil offense.
But here in naija, even the nepa guy wasn't expecting you to pay your bill, just 1k tip will be enough until another month.
So I keep asking if we're all ready for the kind of country we believe we deserve, if its time for the revolution are we all ready to make the mindset shift that's required to make the system of the country work, psp and local govt officials are usually dealth with everything they show their faces imagine 😁

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Family / Re: Should I Get Married To Her Now? by Tayorshd2(m): 12:26am On Apr 12, 2023
So u believe a girl with M.sc will marry a guy without higher qualifications in this with century 😲

I tire for u oo

Do Small thing on her head and Japa with her

For UK Japa, let her do M.Sc while you huzzle.... to improve your income in the UK, you can learn skills in plumbing, construction or areas that requires physicality....i don't think you should regret it.

Trust me, it doesn't make sense living your other half in Nigeria and travelling, even if she is a good girl, temptation can easily set in....
However, the best country to relocate to at the moment is Canada but for your case, i will advise UK cos of the ease of getting Student Visa with dependants
Family / Re: Should I Get Married To Her Now? by Tayorshd2(m): 12:21am On Apr 12, 2023
God bless you for this truly u ate an adult because the only point I was Abt saying is she is still very young so she won't understand the meaning of commitment in marriage.

So make d guy chill and gain more life experience

Relocate with the funds you have bro.. dollar is going up and won’t stop..
No job guarantee in Nigeria .. especially for hustlers .. maybe except you’re managing yours and know too well the secret of that business..

Love is an illusion.. is never real.. it always fade with time .. beside she’s still young.. make she gather experience of life .. while faithfully waiting for you..
give your self a year or two and build develop yourself outside the shores .. learn new things and stabilize..

If she’s still available.. you can make the commitment..if she’s not .. you’re a lucky being.

Is yourself first.. self first… stable family.. then you can add another family .. before your “ own” family.. I mean kids ..

Good luck

Family / Re: To Everyone That Are Still Less Than 30years Old, Hear This Truth� by Tayorshd2(m): 11:27pm On Apr 10, 2023
Great writeup..

You have really spoken well and I can see the transparency of what you are insinuating in my life as at today ....

Thanks 😌😊😊😊😊

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Family / Re: Frustrated With My Wife by Tayorshd2(m): 11:19pm On Apr 10, 2023
God bless you for this ..

You really got it right ..

The man is actually a good man but since he has money then he can marry another and get her a house then enjoy his life henceforth..

If you like visit hundreds of marriage councillors, not talk to her for months, do whatever trick your marriage won't work. The best thing is to divorce and go your separate ways.

You see your wife doesn't value you anymore, you have taught her a lot and now the student has become the master. She earns more than you and even more successful than you. You will be shocked to see your wife's bank account.

You sound like a good man and the truth is that she is using your glory to shine. It is when you finally divorce her that things will skyrocket for you and years to come she will come back to beg but by then you are no more in her level.

If you want to proof me wrong, tell her you have accepted the divorce. You will notice she will become happy.

If you still don't get my points you can message me.


Family / Re: Frustrated With My Wife by Tayorshd2(m): 11:11pm On Apr 10, 2023
This advise might seem destructive but adhere to it. get a side chick that will give u sex steady, I mean, sex is cheap these days, so many sex starved ladies out there. I don't like it when some women make it look like they are doing me a favour of serving me food or giving me sex. Let her look so so irrelevant in the home. If u are Igbo or south south, order pain of different soups, use part of the money u drop for feeding to do that and if u can also cook,u can do that and store it in the fridge. Having done all these, u will enjoy your life, then u watch her reaction.

Simple answer because.happimess is d first thing in life then others follows 😂😆
Health / Re: Don’t Make The Mistake I Made by Tayorshd2(m): 8:39pm On Apr 09, 2023
[quote author=Shinor post=122369924][/quote]not really
Phones / Re: You Miss Someones Calls And Refused To Call Back Yet You Pray For Destiny Helper by Tayorshd2(m): 8:32pm On Apr 09, 2023

If you're a destiny helper, you will consider other factors that would make a person not to return your calls.

What if he doesn't have call credit?

If truly you want to help a person, you will drop your anger one side and either text them or call them to help them.

You just don't conclude that they refused to pick and to return calls....

What if they're under the police cell?

What if they stake their phone to get a loan to feed just to stay alive?

What if this person have given up on people because of the millions of turn downs and he doesn't believe on destiny helpers anymore?

Ogbeni, if you want to help person, help them and stop using calls as excuses!

Before the poster that come into conclusion u should have known it's not the first time of that person but rather what he has been doing for years. .

My elder brother is an example or pet me say greatest example and he has been missing a lot in his life due to the negligence to change this bad attitude till date 😢😭
Romance / Re: Can You Have Sex With A Girl That Has Gonorrea by Tayorshd2(m): 6:06pm On Apr 09, 2023
I need your honest opinions
There is one girl in my WhatsApp who has a figure 8 shape and a killer ass men be dying to straff this girl.
she is also into me and has been wanting me to invite her to my house sometimes she asks if am at home to come to spend the day with me but have been ducking her even though I would like to fvck her
The reason is that she gave my guy gonorrhea after hitting her raw and I'm not good at using condoms my fear is should I use a condom with her the condom might burst as that has always been the case when I use condoms to fvck

What do you guys think should I give it a try?

Very simple just Bleep her raw then buy antibiotics (ciprotab) 500MG and use morning and night ..

Then all is gone..

Am just freed myself from one

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Family / Re: Can I Marry Without My Family? by Tayorshd2(m): 9:00pm On Apr 07, 2023
My family is evil.

My siblings 2 male(older) and 1younger female and a male has hated me so much and did so many bad things that they now turn our mom against me.

If I should start telling you the evil they did to me it will take a lot of time but what I did was to cut myself from them so they will not harm me ...but to my surprise they have persuaded my mother that was on my side before to ditch me, she doesn't pick or call me again and I know it's the work of them.

But this is the question, is it possible to get married without involving them like will the lady I want to get married to and her family accept me without my own family when it's time for me to get married?.

Depends on d lady family side and don't forget what Abt of u have lost all of Dem nko??
Won't u still proceed with your life ??

It's not compulsory but good if you have a welcoming family to be aware .
Family / Re: Re: 49-year Old Woman Being Divorced Because Of Childlessness by Tayorshd2(m): 8:52pm On Apr 07, 2023
At Poster are u not married with kids already??
Crime / Re: 19-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Having Sex With Her Dog In America by Tayorshd2(m): 8:07pm On Apr 07, 2023
Celebrities / Re: Eedris: Politicians Should Stay In Nigeria For Medical Treatment by Tayorshd2(m): 8:04pm On Apr 07, 2023
The don't believe in their system that's why everything keeps failing... instead of them to invest on health sector. They prefer to travel abroad to treat headache as if people abroad don't die in the hospitals there.

My brother na so we see am oo
Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Raid Umogidi In Benue, Kill Policeman, 45 Others by Tayorshd2(m): 3:28pm On Apr 07, 2023
Tell me how u want the government to interven since the sense of resealing of our dear benue or bandit are far from normal human being 😢

Tinubu is APC ,APC used Propaganda to gets into power ,Promised to end all these ..

APC came into Power ,They Abandoned Securing Lives ..

Rates at which People lost their lives Increases...

Benue people still went ahead to vote for the party that Failed to secure their lives .

It is only an Unwise Man that still Supports a Party that careless about his life...
Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Raid Umogidi In Benue, Kill Policeman, 45 Others by Tayorshd2(m): 3:27pm On Apr 07, 2023
Muslim Muslim ticket will now be in full glare...

This won't be like last administration as osibanjo a Christian will come for burial service and commiseration.

This time, both are Muslims and they'll be in faraway Abuja as benue people continue their mass burial

Wetin concern religion with the killings now 😳 Nigerians and low way of thinking

Religion has actually causes more.damage to our dear country ..

I guess is now time we need to go back to our traditional religion so there won't b anything like christain and Muslim again 😢
Crime / Re: Bandits Abduct Travellers On Abuja-kaduna Highway by Tayorshd2(m): 3:18pm On Apr 07, 2023
APC- Buhari has finished this country.

APC has finished this country!!

Shutup during PDP nko?
Wetin goodluck do for killer headsmen and bokoharam palava then 😳😲

So not the party problem but the period or ways it happened in Nigeria
Family / Re: Inside Life: The Agony Of A Father By Pharmacist Emeka Ogbonna (pathetic) by Tayorshd2(m): 11:38pm On Apr 06, 2023
This story is looking fictional to me somehow but anyway this is Nigeria u shouldn't expect full service from medical unqualified doctors ..
U should have took him overseas e for treatment
Family / Re: Breaking News!!!! Pasuma Mum Died!!!! by Tayorshd2(m): 11:21pm On Apr 06, 2023
We will all pay the supreme price someday. 😢 Life and vanity 😭😭😭

RIP mum
Family / Re: The Real Meaning Of Omo Ale, a child by a man concubine is not an Omo ale by Tayorshd2(m): 11:18pm On Apr 06, 2023
Omo ale in Yoruba culture is usually used when a child portray a strange character that can't be traced to neither father or the mother hence the word Omo ale comes in ..

But mostly the father is d right person to use d statement..
meaning it's only the child a woman brought into a family to live with another man..
I.e step father to d son.

My layman contribution though 😉

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Health / Re: Don’t Make The Mistake I Made by Tayorshd2(m): 11:07pm On Apr 06, 2023
Have once made such mistake too and it's Abt 11 years ago ..

But recently God just answered my prayer again by giving me a male child but most of my friends that they gave birth then ehn thier children are now Abt 11/12 years but mine is just 2months old baby 😢😭

Am not really happy with it but what can I do ?

I will still move on with life and thank God once again

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Family / Re: Nairalanders Please Help, My First Son Is Behaving Somehow by Tayorshd2(m): 11:00pm On Apr 06, 2023
You don't need to change his direction for what he loves to study and what he does not

U light b his mother but yet we are different in everyways he is an introvert and d course he went to study was not part of his joune6in life..

You are getting all those.attitude from him because he knew he was not part the d plans u guys are making for him..

Don't forget he is still very young so his brain doesn't think more or beyond what have said ..

Sorry for the long write up my people, I need advice.

My first son has been behaving somehow in our family, as if he's not part of this family...
You and this boy can be in the same house but you might not set your eyes on him once for a whole day. He will be inside his room through out...

He has been telling me that he is currently working on going to rent his own place and live on his own and that if God helps him and he is able to achieve that, He will not have anything to do with our family again and that we will never set eyes on him ever again :[ ...

I would have not been bothered by such statement if it were coming from someone else, I would take it as a bluff. But this my son is someone that normally doesn't call people to check on them, not even us his parents..

When he was in his previous University before he dropped out, this boy can go for months, that is a whole semester stretch without calling anybody to know how you're doing, except you call him or maybe he wants to ask for money for something or school stuff....

We have five children and he is the first, the second and third children are away in University, he and the two last siblings are the only one's with us.. My husband refused him from going to University in a far place instead he gives him transport money to be going to his own University from home everyday...... He and his father don't even talk again except good morning greetings. He is only 21 ohh..

Let me give you guys small back story so that you can understand how all these things started.

My son graduated from secondary school (a boarding school) in 2017 at 16 years old... Initially, he said he wanted to study computer science as he said that was the course he loved and wanted to study. But my husband refused and persuaded him to study pharmacy because he worked at NAFDAC and he saw the way pharmacy graduates were living at his work place and the salary they were recieving. He and one of his chemist friend sweet talked him into going to study the course and I guess it was because he was young then and could not challenge his dad then that was why he gave in....

He wrote JAMB but he did not meet the cut of mark for pharmacy (but I later realised his score was good for computer science then)... No public University was willing to admit him for pharmacy then because his score was not good for the course but due to my husband love for the course and not wanting my son to lose admission that year , he decided to go the way of private University not minding their school fees...Long story cut short, my son got admitted into Madonna University where we were paying 1M naira every year.....After 3 years in the school and in 300L @18 years old, he began saying he was not interested in the school any longer, that he was tired of the course, that he's body is no longer in the school and blablabla that he wants to go and play football in Europe...

He came back for holiday during the beginning of covid and refused to go back to the school when they resumed, saying that he was only wasting our money by being in that school and he did not want to continue.....This got my husband really sad and angry....My son stayed home for almost two years doing nothing because my husband was adamant that if he would not go back to school, nothing for him, that all the money he has spent for school fees in that school can not be for waste that he can become a footballer after he graduates, saying no one can become a successful footballer without being a graduate, that it would later affect them in life...

But my son refused. I must confess, my son is extremely good at playing football. That was the talent i can confidently say that God personally gave to him from birth. Infact when he was graduating from secondary school, they gave him the award for the best graduating footballer and he was always the centre of attention anytime he plays at our church events. He friends used to call him "nima" then, I think...

I and my husband got tired of him staying at home for long so I went to meet with one pastor in our street who was based in the UK with his family but comes home sometimes for church related matters. I explained my son's situation to him and he offered to help my son travel out to chase his football career provided we have the funds for it. The man was secondary school class mates with "victor ikpe ekong" who was a former super eagles player but currently a pastor in Sweden. To my greatest surprise he called him on a WhatsApp video call in my presence and i was really surprised...He gave me the man's phone number to keep in contact and also scheduled a day to meet with my husband and have a discussion.. I told my son and he was very happy..I also told my husband and he was eager to meet with him at least, anything to solve my sons idleness at the time..

The pastor came to my our house on several occasions and discussed with my husband. My husband kept telling the pastor, saying he would like my son to be going to school while chasing his football career at the same time, a feat which pastor let us know would be difficult as one has to be dropped for the other. Unfortunately, my husband changed he's mind and said he was no longer interested in the whole footballer thing. He said he knew that my son wanted to become a footballer only because of girls. That he, my son knew that if he becomes a footballer, all the girls would like him, that that was the only reason he wanted to become a footballer, and that if football was his true destiny, he doesn't need to travel out for it to manifest, that he can be in Nigeria and make it from here.....That was how that chapter close like that. Pastor left for England few months after.....

After years of my son staying at home, my husband got tired. One night, he hired some Street thugs to come take my son away and beat him up...my son stayed with them for 2 weeks. When he returned, he said he was ready to go back to school. But my husband told him he won't be going back to any private University again. My son wrote jamb again to study computer science and was admitted into COOU. but my said he would not allow him go to any University that is not in the same state we are residing. Now the problem here was that all the public schools in the state we are staying will not accept you to study computer science unless you did chemistry in jamb. And my son did not do chemistry in jamb because he is not good in chemistry. If he was to study in the same state we were staying, he had to settle for another course, which he did...Now another problem arose. My husband refused to rent an apartment for my son around the school because the school is considerably far from our house, instead he decided to be giving him money (2000) everyday as transport fare to be going from home. This did not sit down well with my the boy and he again, said he was no longer interested in schooling again sef that he can't be going such far distance from home to the school everyday to study a Course he does not even like siting that it would be stressful and affect his academics and that it was unwise to be paying 60k a year as school fees while you spend 2k everyday as transport..My husband got angry and called on our estate CSO to come pick him up. They beat him so badly in public that when he got back home later in the evening, I went to check him in his room, his buttocks and back where scarred and red with huge marks...

Ever since, he has been going to the school from home and he has become very distant from us especially his dad. They don't talk again in the same house except "good morning sir"...

My son has turned into something else. He can stay indoors from morning till night. I would have said he has started keeping bad company but he does not even have a single friend, not one..Nobody calls him, and he doesn't call anybody...I have five children and he is the first. The second and third already gained admission this year in a private University and are in school currently, so he and he's last two siblings are the only one's with us now..

Why I'm writing this is because I'm scared..I'm beginning to fear that my son might commit suicide, he's beginning to show that kind of attitude.. And the plans he have to leave us forever to go and stay alone, I don't like it ohhhh...

Nairalanders please I need your advice.
Travel / Re: Reasons I No Longer Have Interest To Relocate To America by Tayorshd2(m): 7:36pm On Apr 06, 2023
Did u guys notice that the richest man in ur Street/lga/state all made their money in NIG? U will never see any londoner or Americana among them,nig isn't that bad if u look at it from diff angle

God bless u it matters that you have a flourishing technique to survive and griw
Ur business well

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Family / Re: What's The Best Punishment To Give Your Wife? by Tayorshd2(m): 8:26am On Apr 06, 2023
Dear Nairalanders, my wife has been misbehaving and talking any how lately. Sometimes, I am pushed to beat her but I had to always control myself.

Please, what's the best punishment to serve her whenever she misbehaves?

Infact both of us are in same shoe now but don't know what's d best punishment for her too but i ignored her completely but still drop money wen leaving home

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