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Phones / Re: Infinix Zero 4 X555 Official Discussion Thread by TechRez(m): 6:15pm On Nov 16, 2016
I ve been waiting for the launch. For some weeks now I Google infinix zero 4 to see if there is any news. All I get is the usual speculation of the specs. Any idea when it's coming

Reports says the Zero 4 will sell for 94k and the Zero 4 pro will sell for 114k
Phones / Re: Infinix Zero 4 X555 Official Discussion Thread by TechRez(m): 6:05am On Nov 15, 2016
Few days to unveiling..Who is excited ?
Phones / Re: Infinix Zero 4 X555 Official Discussion Thread by TechRez(m): 7:51am On Nov 12, 2016
I ve been waiting for the launch. For some weeks now I Google infinix zero 4 to see if there is any news. All I get is the usual speculation of the specs. Any idea when it's coming

Maybe Black Friday, but it is definitely not exceeding this month.
Phones / Re: Infinix Zero 4 X555 Official Discussion Thread by TechRez(m): 9:35pm On Nov 11, 2016
Yippeeeee! I cant wait mehn ##missionimpossible4##

Phones / Re: Infinix Zero 4 X555 Official Discussion Thread by TechRez(m): 6:10pm On Nov 11, 2016
More updates soon..
Phones / Infinix Zero 4 X555 Official Discussion Thread by TechRez(m): 6:09pm On Nov 11, 2016
It's been a while pals..

But we have a new beast coming soon. It's the Infinix Zero 4 flagship for 2016.

There have been a lot of rumors regarding the smartphone, and some folks do believe it will have two models..

What I do know is that it's going to have some monster specs and the boring design on the Zero 3 has been replaced with some stunning finishing...

Religion / Re: Ayo Oritsejafor Welcomes Benny Hinn To His Church In Warri. Photos by TechRez(m): 1:05pm On Oct 31, 2016
Christianity sha, speacial chair for Ayo and his wifey while congregation na plastic chair. I can attest, it happens in almost 90% of the churches in Nigeria. I went to House of the Rock yesterday and I notice same.

Where did u see white chairs ?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Unveils 'Satan 2' Missile Image by TechRez(m): 6:21am On Oct 27, 2016
It wont take AMERICA OR UK 6 months to build a missile 50x more powerful than this shiiit if the need arises beside Non of this shiiit can reach Uk or USA before they are shot down
Putin always use this shiits to score political points

You obviously don't know what you are talking about.. In terms on Nuclear power, no nation comes close to Russia.. Do your research...
Phones / Re: Glo 4G LTE - First Speedtest & Review by TechRez(m): 5:57am On Oct 23, 2016
ColeworldMD, the problem with MTN LTE is that it's deployed in most places using band 7 (2600), and band 7 doesn't travel far and has low in-building penetration. It's mostly in Lagos where Visaphone-MTN LTE was tested that you would find the presence of band 20(800). Band 20, on the other hand, travels far and penetrates walls better. But even at that, I've been quite impressed with MTN LTE, even though the reception is nothing to write home about in my location.

Now Glo, on the other hand, uses band 28(700), which travels even farther and has way better in-building penetration, albeit uncommon in most LTE Devices.

By the way, do you have a Huawei E5573s-606 for sale, or you know anyone who wants to sell theirs, or anywhere i can get it for a reasonable price?

Though MTN acquired the 800Mhz spectrum, it is not authorized to use it yet because of the litigation. Currently MTN uses only band 7..


Politics / Re: Is Being A President's Son Now An Occupation? (photos) by TechRez(m): 6:30pm On Sep 23, 2016
These are the same people that fought for independence... Now they have it and it's a replica of the old.. I pray for Africa undecided
Phones / Tecno Phantom 6: What We Want To See And What’s The Story So Far by TechRez(m): 8:56am On Aug 19, 2016
Rumors of the so-called Tecno Phantom 6 has already hit the web. While the alleged image of the phone leaked weeks ago from the source looks legit, some of the rumored specs appears to be a mere figment of one’s imagination.

Last year, when Tecno Phantom 5 launched, it caused a lot of criticism on the price point, what will be the approach of Tecno this year? Will they still want their flagship phone to be for the elite or will they make it cheaper than last year’s variant when this year’s model is expected to be more powerful?

That said, here are some of the things we want to see in the upcoming Tecno Phantom 6 or whatever it is called eventually.

Tecno must really do something innovative to make us want the Tecno Phantom 6. If they are bringing a rebranded phone with a different name tag, they better keep it in their HQ because it would be dead on arrival.

Release Date

If Tecno follows previous release pattern, there are chances that we will see the Tecno Phantom 6 as early as next month. Yes, September! That’s the month Tecno launched its Phantom 5 last year.

It unlikely, we will see the phone in September, but October looks more feasible, giving that the company just launched the Camon C9 and C7. They will need some kind of a break in between, before promotions for their biggest launch happens. An October bet looks golden!

Water Resistance

It appears these Chinese OEM’s have exhausted their marketing gimmicks, but they could still leverage on one of the most requested 1P67, 68 or 57 certification that brings water-resistance and dust-proof ability to smartphones. We’d love some sort of ingress protection to be on the Tecno Phantom 6.

RAM & Processor

LeEco is already prepping a 8GB RAM smartphone and we expect Tecno to do the needful by boosting the RAM of Tecno Phanton 6 to 6GB. For this to happen, the company has to ditch the continued usage of the outdated MediaTek last generation SoC. Going with MediaTek Helio X20 or X30 would be absolutely fantastic for a flagship device. Infinix Zero 3 was the first emerging smartphones in Nigeria market to use the Helio X10 chipset, Tecno should look up rather than stagnate itself with lame and dated processors. This is a flagship, so we’d expect to flagship treatment.

Design & Display

Tecno Phantom 5 should traditionally come in 5.5-inch design, and it is expected to offer a Quad HD display for pixel densities of anything above 500ppi. We think rather than improving the screen to body ratios, which was one of our issues with the Tecno Phantom 5 design last year, Tecno should go for an edge to edge design like the Samsung Galaxy Edge design.

This design element should make the next Tecno Phantom device VR ready, also there have got to be gyroscope which was shamefully missing on the Tecno Phantom 5. VR is going mainstream, let’s just hope that if Tecno do increase the resolution, it can find a way to manage the battery life.

We expect the Phantom 6 to retain its full metal unibody design and ofcoruse, the fingerprint. Tecno is yet to perfect its iris scanner technology and it could be better restrained to its Camon range of smartphones.

Dual Lens Camera

Tecno’s R&grin, vertical manufacturing expertise and geographical footprint looks really impressive these days, but if the company can come up with a dual lens camera on the Phantom 6, then we can confidently say that the guys have got the ability to innovate independently which is the key to staying relevant in the smartphone industry. Lov
Phones / Innjoo Mobile Is Dying And It’s A Good Thing by TechRez(m): 9:08am On Jul 29, 2016
Dubai owned OEM InnJoo may be on it’s way to extinction in Nigeria’s smartphone market after the company’s new range of devices failed to excite users.

InnJoo was one of those underdogs, elevated by the gloom of it’s InnJoo Fire, a super cheap 2GB RAM smartphone. Damn! That was too good of an offer from any OEM in Nigeria at that time.

The success was short-lived, however. The Fire smartphone itself came with a non-branded battery as well as several issues that rocked the smartphone which were not fixed in subsequent release.

In July 2015, Nigeria authorities reportedly shut down InnJoo HQ for bringing sub-standard products into Nigeria. For agencies like the Standard Organization of Nigeria, SON and NCC which are corruption ridden to clamp down on InnJoo products, it does raises an eyebrown on the authenticity of their products.

Fast-forward to 2016, when the company eventually released three smartphones, it got the hammer from Nigerians for offering “fake” products in Nigeria.

It looks like I predicted wrongly, when I over-hyped the company as the next big innovation in Nigeria smartphone markets. Today, all that has changed and we have permanently stopped reviewing their so-called phones on our platform until the company gets its act together. InnJoo is dying, it is definitely a good thing and before you cut my head for saying that; I’d let you know that such a shake up or bad omen will make them go back to the drawing board and get Nigerians something of much value. Dead or Alive, Nigerians smartphone users are in for the win.
Phones / Re: Top 5 Chinese Smartphone Makers: Tecno & Gionee Goes Into Hiding by TechRez(m): 9:56pm On Jul 28, 2016

Wait! U have proved ur point earlier which is already taken. What's the meaning of saying an extention and dissing me. Did I diss u in any of the conversations we had? When u wanted to be rude, I put u back on track but it seems u love using negative words just to drive your point.

You mentioned the op, how is he different from you? Isn't the source name the same with ur moniker or you wanna tell us he is a ransom member but decided to use your blog as a reference.

You should learn to drive your points home without been insultive.

I am not dising you bro and I don't know why you are simply overrracting. I don't insult people online unless the definition of insult has changed. You are a smart guy and we have had issues before, severally. We don't end up in the mud... I only expected you to retract your bogus statement....

By now, you should know I have nothing but deep respect for you.
Phones / Re: Top 5 Chinese Smartphone Makers: Tecno & Gionee Goes Into Hiding by TechRez(m): 9:05pm On Jul 28, 2016

Huawei as a chinese OEM still holds the number one position in China.


Huawei is the number one Chinese smartphone maker in the world while Oppo is number one in China.

Op. Huawei still commands the top position in China and not Oppo.

Simply a case of an intelligent guy rushing to slam the op without sufficient knowledge of his claim. Then, instead of apologizing starts the blame game.

I won't talk about this issue again buddy, consider this decision as final!
Phones / Re: Top 5 Chinese Smartphone Makers: Tecno & Gionee Goes Into Hiding by TechRez(m): 7:21pm On Jul 28, 2016

You confused yourself and others who don't know what's up. Your subject says top 5 chinese smartphone makers.

Huawei is the number one Chinese smartphone maker in the world while Oppo is number one in China.

Did you read the body, the first paragraph or the first line? You obviously want to be confused buddy.. IMO

All through the article, there is no reference to global sales.. Neither did the title say (in the world) ..

It's simply a contraction between the Chinese market and Nigeria market.

Next time, read the article before jumping to hit the reply/quote button. Please take a seat!


Phones / Re: Top 5 Chinese Smartphone Makers: Tecno & Gionee Goes Into Hiding by TechRez(m): 7:12pm On Jul 28, 2016

I'm not relying on a dated information.


Huawei still retains the third position behind Apple and Samsung but the number one Chinese OEM. I don't know the correlation between Tecno and Infinix besides been China craps sold in Nigeria.



That Huawei is the third largest smartphone maker in the world doesn't mean it is equally the largest smartphone maker in China!

I think this settles it.
Phones / Re: Top 5 Chinese Smartphone Makers: Tecno & Gionee Goes Into Hiding by TechRez(m): 6:49pm On Jul 28, 2016

Don't be rude. The top three manufacturers in the world are Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

Huawei as a chinese OEM still holds the number one position in China.

Oppo and Vivo operates independently but they are owned by same parent company

You are relying on a dated source buddy. Do your findings and thank me later.

And I can't remember saying Vivo and Oppo weren't owned by same parent company. I had to buttress it via the inclusion of Tecno and Infinix operational methods.
Phones / Re: Top 5 Chinese Smartphone Makers: Tecno & Gionee Goes Into Hiding by TechRez(m): 6:29pm On Jul 28, 2016
Op. Huawei still commands the top position in China and not Oppo. However, Vivo and Oppo are owned by same company.

Xiaomi lost the top place because they didn't release any flagship phone which is the MI series rather concentrating on other things like TVs, Bikes, et al.

All in all they are great brands and LEeCO should be watched out cos they are rich and ready to hit the west anytime soon.

Tecno, Infinix et al are just plain trash although Gionee is still quite better

In which village does Huawei command top position in China?

You are probably late to what's happening in China right now.

Vivo and Oppo operate independently, just the same way Tecno and Infinix does.
Webmasters / Re: Top Nigerian Tech Websites And Their Net Worth by TechRez(m): 6:02pm On Jun 14, 2016
Phones / Lets Welcome The First Tecno Phone With An Eye Scanner by TechRez(m): 7:47am On Jun 11, 2016
Tecno has made the Camon C9 the most robust smartphone ever created with features that will simply blow your mind. The journey from Tecno Camon C8 to the Camon C9 is the one of the most interesting evolution I have seen in the Tecno family. The reason of this is because of massive gap the upcoming Tecno Camon C9 has over its predecessor.

The Chinese OEM is all set to make the Camon C9 a little more secure, our source says the upcoming phone would be equipped with an iris scanner, which can be used to encrypt and unlock your phone with your eyes. One reason that makes iris scanning promising is it being the only internal organ easily captured by a camera. Apart from that, the rich and unique patterns of random blood vessels in iris provide higher recognition accuracy than any other biometric authentication. I’d let you know how this secrete futures works but our focus is based on the Tecno Camon C9 camera that our source say crushes other smartphone. The Camon C9 is a dedicated photographic phone and that explains why Tecno is focusing so much on the camera.

What Makes The Camon C9 Camera So Advanced?

Tecno Camon C9 is designed entirely to capture great photos with its impressive dual 13MP camera located at the front and back of the phone, it makes the Camon C9 very special.

The middle selfie camera shots accurate photos from a natural angle, the front camera also has 120-degree Panoramic Mode, which makes the Camon C9 a selfie b

Phones / Re: How Smartphone Makers Are Defrauding Nigerians by TechRez(m): 1:38pm On Jun 10, 2016
They will be the first to hit back at you when you post any positive review tagging you all sort of names

Yeah,.. They gave us one Tecno name like that when we tried to say something nice about the Phantom 5
Phones / Re: How Smartphone Makers Are Defrauding Nigerians by TechRez(m): 8:56am On Jun 10, 2016
Techrez.... This thread is not for the masses to debate...

You're forming tech blogger... Wetin concern you with standards of products na your Job be that?


Lame undecided

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Phones / Re: How Smartphone Makers Are Defrauding Nigerians by TechRez(m): 7:51am On Jun 10, 2016

No mind am.. Same person will come out to probably shout it out that politicians are corrupt. Now look at his utterances. Goes to show Nigerians can take any type of nonsense dished out to them, the suffering and smiling mentality. Little wonder our network providers mess with us and we keep on taking their mess ups...

Lol, you nailed it.. cheesy

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Phones / Re: How Smartphone Makers Are Defrauding Nigerians by TechRez(m): 6:54am On Jun 10, 2016
They will nt force u to buy it, did they?

To think that these are the kind of people we are fighting for is disheartening..

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Phones / How Smartphone Makers Are Defrauding Nigerians by TechRez(m): 6:41am On Jun 10, 2016
A case where phone makers deliberate set out to rip off the wallet of Nigerians with juicy marketing, only to make a U-turn and do what they ought to do in the first instance. What do I mean? Now, I have seen a couple of phone makers make a certain phone with 1GB RAM, and then 3-months later, they release the same phone with 2GB RAM and add appellations like “Plus, Max, Pro” at the end of the original name. These OEM’s have no “trade-in” policy, they deliberately want Nigerians to dump their new phone and purchase the same phone with a re-branded name. Ouch!

For other phone makers, they make the two variant, 1GB RAM and 2GB RAM, release only the 1GB version in Nigeria and send the two 2GB version to Kenya and UAE because those countries have a government – This is fraud!

The United States has a regulatory body called FCC that checks the quality and authenticity of phones coming into their country. Even the highly rated Xaiomi had a tough time entry the U.S market because of the standards the Chinese OEM had to meet.

Over here in Nigeria, the Standard Organization of Nigeria and NCC allows anything into Nigeria, as if our dear country is dumping ground for some of these phones that should be destroyed at the shores of Nigeria.

I earlier decried the so-called Yezz Mobile Jumia wanted to flood into the market, I am glad the brand was dead on arrival. There are other OEM’s who have established their brand in Nigeria, but now take us for granted with their bizarre business policy – This is fraud, it is dumb and delusional.

It’s even more disheartening that some OEM’s create phones without parts and accessories. They don’t want to offer repair services even when they know their stuff is inferior, they want you to keep buying the same sh!t with the money they don’t deserve.

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Phones / Re: Closer Look At The Tecno Camon C9 by TechRez(m): 10:48pm On Jun 04, 2016

Are you High?

Fixed smiley
Phones / Closer Look At The Tecno Camon C9 by TechRez(m): 8:55pm On Jun 03, 2016
There have been a lot of rumors and reports regarding the upcoming Tecno Camon C9 over the past few weeks but so far live images of the smartphone haven’t really been leaked online.

Photographed in full color and non-blurry, we have our first glimpse of the smartphone that is rocking the Nigeria mobile community.

The images do reveal a re-designed smartphone with ultra-slim cambered body and a metal frame. Looks like the Camon C9 is going to also come in various colors, ranging from the champagne gold, to the sandstone black and pearl white.

With few weeks left until the launch of Tecno Camon C9 and the steady patters of leaks taking place, it was only a matter of time until live image of the phone surfaced which is a huge relief.

We can see that the Tecno Camon C9 doesn’t really look like the Camon C8, Tecno adopts a new design language that gives the phone a premium look. The much talked about front camera is visible in the middle, which puts to shame rumors of a rotating camera, inside-out. It’s important to know that the Tecno partnered with some high-tech camera company to make the seflie camera. Tecno is leaving nothing for granted, they ultimately want to make the Camon c9 the best seflie camera phone with 13MP sensor.


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Phones / Re: Can You Recommend Any Mobile Phone That Records In 4k Video Format? by TechRez(m): 6:57pm On May 31, 2016
Phones / Re: Tecno Camon C9 Leaks With Dual Selfie Camera & Fingerprint Sensor by TechRez(m): 4:36pm On May 29, 2016

Kay. The prices would actually tell which to go for.

Phones / Re: Tecno Camon C9 Leaks With Dual Selfie Camera & Fingerprint Sensor by TechRez(m): 7:55am On May 29, 2016
what makes you think is between that prize range.

We accurately predicted the price of the Boom J8, and this looks like a slight upgrade over the J8, although focused on camera and built for selfie lovers.

Based on the state or the economy, you should brace up for that price range
Phones / Re: Tecno Camon C9 Leaks With Dual Selfie Camera & Fingerprint Sensor by TechRez(m): 7:48am On May 29, 2016
Let 'em launch it let's know the price na.

Anything between the range of 40-50k

Don't expect anything less
Phones / 1GB Ram On Any Android Smartphone Above 30k Is A Fraud by TechRez(m): 9:53am On May 20, 2016
A guy who purchases a smartphone above N30,000 expects the phone to function properly. In most cases, this doesn’t happen. After prolong usage, traces of lag and low performance becomes noticeable.

The point is this; OEM’s that ramp up their smartphone with only 1GB RAM have memory clean up apps to ease things off. However, most users do not remember to make use of such app, which leads to problems in future.

While iOS and Windows 10 Mobile can run effectively on 1GB RAM. Android is a sorry case, Android apps are big, bulky and not really optimized. Phone manufacturers do not make this any better with their custom ROM that’s bloated at best. You need to arm that baby with enough memory to be efficient. C’mon..

In 2012, 1GB RAM was a big deal. In fact, flagships like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 were equipped with 1GB RAM. Fast forward to 2016, you’d notice the gradual change. The upcoming Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to come with 8GB RAM, but it’s safer to peg it at 6GB of RAM since Snapdragon 820 SoC can only support 6GB RAM at this time. Although, Samsung has a technology that supports allocation of more RAM. In September 2015, Samsung unveiled its 12GB mobile DRAM chips, a new technology that will pave way for 6GB RAM phones. The 12GB LPDDR4 enables 3GB or 6GB mobile DRAM in a single package. For 3GB, it uses two chips while 6GB of RAM will make use of four chips.

Coming back to the software, Android apps make use of Java. Java utilizes a technology called garbage collection for its processes on Android smartphones. The garbage collection simply recycles the RAM when a user closes an app. Here is where the problem lies and why 1GB RAM smartphone needs to die once and for all – Garbage collection requires 2-4 times more RAM because it performs memory clean after application closed unlike iOS which uses objective C for applications.

Going further, there is no proof to show that adding an extra gigabyte of RAM on a smartphone will make the phone exceed manufacturing cost. While we don’t have any market tool to show the price of RAM like what’s available on PC, phone manufacturers should be smart enough to know areas to cut down on production process in other to up the RAM size.

I didn’t expect to see any mid-range smartphone having 1GB RAM in 2016 but such phones have flooded the market and it’s a shame. Phone manufacturers targeting Nigeria need to brace up and up their game – it’s okay for smartphones under N30,000 to have 1GB RAM, but it’s a fraud if you design an Android phone with 1GB RAM and sell for N30,000 or above the price margin.

What do you think?


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