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Politics / Re: Alex Ottis' Mansion In Isiala Ngwa (Photos) by telexfree1: 6:31pm On Jan 31, 2016
Hope you are enjoying nairaland.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet Near Syrian Border by telexfree1: 6:38pm On Nov 25, 2015
I will also post it again, there was never a time Russia deployed growler. http://ibtimes.com/russia-denies-s-400-missile-system-operating-syria-suppurt-assad-regime2183632
stop spreading bloopa here, S-400's altitude is not beyond 400km and F-22 can supercruise at 450 nautical miles, approximately about 830km. Maybe you should step down from the throne of your foolishness and sip from my fountain of knowledge. LOCAL PIG

Lol. Fountain of knowledge indeed.

The highest altitude ever attained in a jet aircraft is 37. 65km set by test pilot Fedotov in a Mig 31 Foxhound.

When you reel off figures like 850km, do u realize some one might actually believe you ?

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Politics / Re: Assassination Attempt On Ekweremadu by telexfree1: 12:48am On Nov 18, 2015

So Akpabio trying to break the red light is a sign of assassins chasing him to kill. You better concentrate on Biafra and stop involving your-self in what concerns the so-called zoo as u idiots term it.
You and your family are cursed. I will make sure,I track u down 4 what u just said against 15million Nigerians. Just watch ur back.

Are you mad?
Agriculture / Re: Buhari Launches Dry Season Rice And Wheat Farming In Kebbi (Photos) by telexfree1: 12:41am On Nov 18, 2015

Iya to bi e lomo dumb for giving the world an unfortunate Ipob fool like you

Lol. What a dumbo!
Agriculture / Re: Buhari Launches Dry Season Rice And Wheat Farming In Kebbi (Photos) by telexfree1: 8:07pm On Nov 17, 2015

Ipob fool, what's the exact same thing here? Do you know what Dry Season Rice And Wheat Farming is?

We should not farm again because the previous minister has done the farming?

You are just too dumb to understand what he was saying. Sorry though.
TV/Movies / Dance With Peter - Episode 4 by telexfree1: 8:14am On Nov 07, 2015

The combo btw team Peter's C-fly and team Kaffy's Amazing Amy totally killed it.
Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Attends Her Son's Movie Premiere In Hollywood (Photos) by telexfree1: 7:48pm On Oct 14, 2015
a criminal from her place is spoted grin

Takes one to know one
Politics / Re: Who Was Your Best Ministerial Nominee For Today? by telexfree1: 7:41pm On Oct 14, 2015

I assume you are educated and schooled? The purpose of an education is to train the brain to think and analyse, that why sometime companies advertise for graduates in any discipline because they assume if you have undergone a degree programme you have learnt analytical skills.....sadly this is not the case in Nigeria of late.

So I advise you to read again my post but to help you, he was asked why he paid certain sums for certain projects, the inference being that those sums were far above the norm. The implication being that if you are paying well above the norm, you are either not a good custodian of public finances (i.e contractors are cheateing you) or you are in bed with the contactors considering our environment. no one accused him of embezzling, all that was asked was that he explain, He was given a chance to explain and he evaded it.

Stop arguing with that hopeless old man. He's well known on nairaland and only recently changed his moniker
Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Attends Her Son's Movie Premiere In Hollywood (Photos) by telexfree1: 7:26pm On Oct 14, 2015
First time I'm hearing about this movie.


If una check well, una no go see more than 2 sponsors for the movie. Directing hollywood movies cost millions to billions of dollars.

Eiyah. You sound so pathetic

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Politics / Re: Who Was Your Best Ministerial Nominee For Today? by telexfree1: 7:21pm On Oct 14, 2015

I never knew somebody could be that idiotic on this forum. I don't insult people, but he took it from a bad angle that I can't overlook. Am done with him. I won't rub myself in the mud with a stinking unrepentant swine like him.

You don't insult people Wow
Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Attends Her Son's Movie Premiere In Hollywood (Photos) by telexfree1: 6:54pm On Oct 14, 2015
one of the wanted thieves. Quote me negatively and die mysteriously in your sleep

Your family members are thieves, obviously
Autos / Should I Buy A Nigerian Used Lexus Gs 300 (2000 Model) For 850k by telexfree1: 7:14am On Oct 07, 2015
This is for my senior brothers in the house
The mileage is 139, 000
It's been used in Nigeria for a 1 yr and 3 months.
The last price is 850k
Is it a good buy and what's the resale value of Lexus
Your sincere advice is needed please.
Career / Re: My Manager Sleeps With Our Female Colleague by telexfree1: 2:09pm On Sep 04, 2015

And the guy will be praised for catching them red handed having sex in the office?
This ain't courage but foolery! !!
He went into a private files to gather information about a relationship that's all.There is no way he won't be among those he implicated as well.At the end of the day everybody will lose thier jobs.

My dear, whistle blowing is anonymous. All he needs to do is provide details in the email or telephone call. Internal Control and Audit will handle the rest.

If his company subscribes to KPMG reporting lines, their investigation is world class. A secret camera will be placed in d HRM's office by midnight.

Sex in the office is wrong.

You don't have any claim to privacy here.

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Career / Re: My Manager Sleeps With Our Female Colleague by telexfree1: 1:43pm On Sep 04, 2015

Oh oooooooooooooo!
All these things you are saying will happen for this naija? grin
*pour him cold wine*
Wake up jare! We are not in obodo oyibo. He may even be sacked for breach of privacy first.

Look, as long as the phone isn't his, he has no right to access it at all.

See you
You never heard of whistle blowing?

Why do you think we have the whistle blowing system?
Is it for reporting normal stuff or for exposing activities that are in conflict with acceptable business ethics?

The HRM is not even the owner of the business. He's just an employee like the OP.


Sex in the office will get him and the girl sacked and ruin their chances of future jobs as references might be needed.

OP doesn't have any thing to lose. At worst, he'll be commended by the board for his courage and having the interests of the company at heart.

Its you who needs to wake up to reality.

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Career / Re: My Manager Sleeps With Our Female Colleague by telexfree1: 1:25pm On Sep 04, 2015


If you value your privacy so much, then don't leave your phone lying around. tongue

All that trash you are saying about the lady making the guy lose his job simply that--trash.

OP. Next time you check that fone, email a copy of those messages to yourself and keep it handy just in case you might need to sue his ass for wrongful dismissal

If anything happens and you can prove in court there was an illicit relationship going on and you were fired because you were privy to that information, you will clean out with millions.

The HRM (human resources manager ) is walking on thin ice.

smh for people coming here to spew trash just because it's a faceless forum


Career / Re: My Manager Sleeps With Our Female Colleague by telexfree1: 12:07pm On Sep 04, 2015

Him wey dey go another girl phone no fear God. Curiosity kills the cat! How dare he go other phone. Na mumu dey worry am.

I think your indignation is exaggerated. He just told us he found out inadvertently and you have not given him benefit of the doubt.

An innocent guy encountered something that dazed him so much he just had to share.

An 'experienced' person like you might just shrug shoulders and move on but not all of us are used to this cheating game.



Politics / Buhari Rejects US Gay Marriage --presidency by telexfree1: 3:10pm On Aug 09, 2015
President Muhammadu Buhari has told Barrack Obama- led United States of America that he will not sanction gay marriage in Nigeria, stating that ‘sodomy is against the law of the country and abhorrent to our culture’. The spokesperson of the president, Femi Adesina said that the issue of gay marriage was discussed during Buhari meeting in the US but he rejected the offer. “The issue of gay marriage came up here yesterday. PMB was point blank. Sodomy is against the law in Nigeria, and abhorrent to our culture,” he posted on his Twitter handle. Recalled that Nigerians have expressed fear that Obama might pressurized Buhari to sanction gay marriage in Nigeria in order to get the support of the United States. Civil Society Organisations, also urged Buhari not to listen to the US government on issues of Gay rights, so as to protect the laws and values of Nigeria.
Romance / Re: Help Share Your View On This Picture by telexfree1: 11:27pm On Jun 29, 2015

Chaiii telex y na....wetyn I do u...u are everywhere I go embarassed
It's called persistence. You don't want a persistent man.?
Romance / Re: Help Share Your View On This Picture by telexfree1: 8:38pm On Jun 29, 2015
[quote author=Mskrisx post=35297271][/quote]
You changed your signature. I see
Romance / Re: Help Share Your View On This Picture by telexfree1: 8:10pm On Jun 29, 2015
No dey dont
Seriously. Hmm. I am watching you oo
Culture / Re: Islamic Tribe Where Women Embrace Sexual Freedoms by telexfree1: 1:59pm On Jun 29, 2015

Ur signature tho cry
What's wrong with it?
Culture / Re: Islamic Tribe Where Women Embrace Sexual Freedoms by telexfree1: 11:14am On Jun 29, 2015
Read the post but don't know what to comment anyway nice post @op.

Nice signature. Can I send you a pm ?
Culture / Islamic Tribe Where Women Embrace Sexual Freedoms by telexfree1: 8:50pm On Jun 28, 2015
Behind the ancient way of life for the Tuareg tribe of the Sahara is a culture so progressive it
would even make some in liberal western cultures blush. Women are allowed to have multiple
sexual partners outside of marriage, keep all their property on divorce and are so revered by their
sons-in-laws that the young men wouldn’t dare eat in the same room.
What is even more surprising is that even though the tribe has embraced Islam they have firmly
held onto some of the customs that would not be acceptable to the wider Muslim world. It is the
men, and not the women, who cover their faces, for example.

Photographer Henrietta Butler, who has been fascinated by the Tuareg since she first followed
them through the desert in 2001, once asked why this was. The explanation was simple.
‘The women are beautiful. We would like to see their faces.’
But this is certainly not the only place the Tuareg, related to the Berbers of North Africa, differ from the Muslim world of the Middle East, and even other parts of their own continent.
Before a woman marries, she is free to take as many lovers as she wants.
‘They turn a blind eye,’ explained Butler. ‘The young girls have the same great freedoms as the
For years, the men of the Tuareg have been able to ride to a young woman’s tent, and sneak into
the side entrance – while his well-trained camel stands quietly and waits.
There, they will spend the night together – while the family, who all live in the tent, politely
pretend not to notice.
Should the woman choose to welcome a different man into her tent the next day, so be it.
However, there is also a code of practice which none would dare break. Privacy is all important
for this centuries old tribe of nomads, who once crossed the desert bringing dates, salt and
saffron south, and slaves and gold north.
The idea of breaking the rules of courtship would be mortifying; as a result, the man is always
gone before sunrise.
‘The Tuareg are utterly discreet. Everything is done with utmost discretion and respect,’ said
The relaxed customs around sexual partners has resulted in the girls getting married later than
they may otherwise do, with the age of 20 not being uncommon.
Although, before then, they will have been wooed with poetry written by the men, who spend hours
carefully crafting the words which they hope will win their beloved over.
But it is not a one-way street: the women are just as capable of putting pen to paper, using their
own alphabet, taught to them by their mothers.
‘The women also make poetry eulogising the men,’ says Butler. ‘There is high romance and
Unlike in so many other cultures, women lose none of their power once they marry either.

Any visitor who goes to a camp would be vastly underestimating the power of the women in the
tent if they believe their sole duty is to make the food and look after children.
In fact, she owns the home and the animals. And the animals are an invaluable resource to the
Tuareg in the middle of the Sahara.
Journalist Peter Gwin recalled an elderly nomad once telling him: ‘Animals are everything to a
Tuareg. We drink their milk, we eat their meat, we use their skin, we trade them. When the
animals die, the Tuareg dies.’
Many marriages end in divorce among the Tuareg. And when it happens, it is the wife who keeps
both the animals and the tent. And it is she who normally decides that she’s had enough.

It is unlikely there will be any quibbling over who gets what. Pre-nuptial agreements are the norm.
In practice, this often means a man is forced to return home to his mother, possibly with just his
camel and nothing else.
His wife, meanwhile, will keep possession of everything she brought to the marriage and that
includes the children.
The mother’s camp, Butler explains, is the root of the community, the home everyone returns to –
and this arrangement ensures it stays that way.
And there is no shame in divorce. Families will often throw their daughters a divorce party, to let
other men know they are available once more.
But this is not a matriarchal society, where the women are in charge.
Butler explains it is still the men ‘who sit and talk politics’. But even here, the women can be
deferred to. They are often consulted for their views by their sons or husbands, and are quietly
pulling the strings behind the scenes.
However, Tuareg society is matri-lineal, which means the families trace their lines through the
women, rather than the men, right the way back to their first queen.
So, Butler explained: ‘Traditionally, the man would belong to the woman’s group, rather than the
other way around.’
The preference for the women’s line goes as far as man leaving his possessions to his sister’s
son as it ‘is considered a stronger link to your family than to your own son’.
In other words, it can be guaranteed that your sister’s child belongs to your sister, rather than a
man’s son, who cannot be absolutely guaranteed to share his genes.
But there is one tradition which is certainly far more unusual: it is highly rude for a man to eat in
front of a woman who he cannot have sexual relations with, or any of his elders.
In front of his mother-in-law it is especially shameful.
‘I didn’t realise this until the I was having dinner with a Tuareg woman, who had brought her son-
in-law as her travelling companion,’ Butler recalled.
‘We were all sitting down to dinner, and the man has his back turned. She said the poor man was
completely horrified because he has to eat with his mother-in-law.’
But it is unlikely he would have ever complained about it, or felt sorry from himself. The very idea
is horrendous to the Tuareg.
‘You would shame yourself. The Tuareg will go to great lengths to maintain personal dignity. They
will suffer,’ said Butler.
‘If they are not offered water, they won’t ask for it – even if they are thirsty.’
Perhaps for this reason, the Tuareg welcome is legendary. They never forget to offer water, and
travellers who appear on the horizon will always be ‘treated like a king’.

Source: UK Daily Mail/ Henrietta Butler’s new book

Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by telexfree1: 11:27pm On Jun 26, 2015

No, I havent. I sent it soon as I got home. It showed me sent around 4:20pm.

I am not quite sure about the correctness of those email addresses.

Ecobank style is firstname initial with full surname @ecobank.com

Hence Anthony Okpanachi will be aokpanachi@ecobank.com

Like dat...
Business / Re: My Humiliation At ECOBANK Badagry. by telexfree1: 11:09pm On Jun 26, 2015
Did you get any response from those emails?
Politics / Re: Wardrobe Allowance: Ben Bruce Mocking Nigerian Workers — Osun Govt by telexfree1: 11:43pm On Jun 17, 2015
west, this is a wake up call. do not rely on the government so much.

guess why the igbos are not too disturbed during crisis such as this is because, they do not rely on the government so much.

politics is like a curse in Nigeria. any zone that over indulges in it become even more impoverished, the north for example, even after been the highest people to produce presidents, they are still the most backward of the entire region

let us all learn not to hope and rely on the government, because the bitter truth is that they dont care about us

For this statement, I am in love with you . Pls marry me. grin
Phones / I Cant Play Music (. Wma) On My Android Phone by telexfree1: 10:00am On Jun 14, 2015
Each time I transfer a song from my computer to my phone, it saves automatically with wma extension instead of mp3

Then when I try to play it gives an error message : Sorry the player does not support this type of audio file.

Pls can anyone advise me how to correct this error?
I have a lot of songs I cannot play on my phone
Politics / Re: Political Cartoon: Buhari The Snail, A Nation In Waiting - Sahara Reporters by telexfree1: 8:23am On Jun 14, 2015

Last time I checked, you are not USA or China, you are just some migrant workers from iboland inside Nigeria seeking your daily bread in Yorubaland inside Nigeria...

Btw, littering the whole place with fake and substandard rubbish is not investments, it's predatory and parasitic practice..

Those clicking on the like button for you probably think you are talking sense.
Can you afford an original leather Italian shoe with your meager salary?
If you can, there are some importers who deal strictly in the best quality items.
If you cannot, why not hustle harder so you can make your fortune and be able to afford anything you want.
All fingers are not eqaul.
The purchasing power of the Nigerian populace is far below that of their European counterparts.
Some pple can afford new cars while others can only afford tokunbo.
You would probably not have a car if tokunbo importation was banned by the time u saved up to buy a car.

Most Nigerians can only afford 10k (made in China shoes)
In every country, there are different quality of products for different classes of people because we will always have poor amongst us.
Some Americans travel to Paris during the fashion season just to shop. They can afford to.
Still some other less privileged ones buy second hand items to get by. Yes, right there in USA
You should be grateful to these igbos that they created and alternative where you are not forced to go shoeless due to inability to buy.

And about your drugs issues, just take a visit to Ashogbon street and its environs at Idumota and see the number of Yoruba pple selling fake drugs there.

You are talking here as if somebody is responsible for your personal economic woes.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Set To Join Oil Producing States As Production Begins This Year by telexfree1: 10:46pm On Jun 10, 2015
Cursed akpu eating animal from the SAD BEAST.
you sound pained.

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