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Religion / Re: Can You Be A Christian And Still Be Gay? by telexfree1: 10:01am On Sep 09, 2013
Hezron Lorraine: Thanks for the positive comment.well,the problem is what Nigerian church.there are new generational churches which are welcoming but some are just not cut out for my pentecoastal faith.I so far haven't heard an extremist christian fanatical anti-gay comment from my Bishop,though I know he's partly homophobic.but it hasn't been discussed openly in church.

My mind tells me you are probably in the right place. Have you actually shared this with him ?
Religion / Re: Can You Be A Christian And Still Be Gay? by telexfree1: 12:37am On Sep 09, 2013

To y'all making harsh judgmental comments, where have you shown the agape love that is supposed to define a christian ?
Brother Hezron, I perceive that you truly desired to take a step in the right hence the reason for you original post. I advise you to locate a church where you can confide in a man of God for counseling . Let the Spirit guide you.

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Politics / Re: Jos Airport Erects First Security Watch Tower In Nigerian Airports by telexfree1: 11:37am On Sep 08, 2013

What a clown you are. So we shouldn't have street lights because our incompetent dullard was not the president 50, 30, 20, 10 years ago, but the power situation got worse under his dumb assss..?

Dullards indeed think alike for real.

The whole world is talking about and celebrating Eko Atlantic in your country with daily news articles, but your sorry and pathetic ass is mad because Eko Atlantic is not in your tribal village.... What a loser. No wonder your village remains backward.

Why did you wait for 50 years before you finally got off your a.s.s to take a proactive step ?


Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji In Canada For 'Half Of A Yellow Sun' Premiere by telexfree1: 11:13am On Sep 08, 2013
tellwisdom: Spits undecided

Spitting cobra
Romance / Re: Nigerian Ladies Worry Over Scarcity Of Men by telexfree1: 4:23pm On Sep 07, 2013
NL member:

If you want women to continue chasing men blindly instead of achieving their potentials then say so, stop using this foolish reason as a justification for forcing marriage on everybody.

Btw any insult you address to me on this thread will return back and follow your family to your tenth generation. In jesus name amen grin

I sent you an email.
Nairaland / General / Re: Six Types Of Annoying Nigerians On The Internet. by telexfree1: 4:02pm On Sep 07, 2013
What about the 'okada stop me here' folks ?

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Celebrities / Re: MKO Abiola's Daughter's Wedding In Texas by telexfree1: 1:06pm On Sep 07, 2013
Looks like a Christian wedding. Mayb am wrong


Politics / Re: Dangote Attributes Success To Jonathan’s ‘favourable’ Policies by telexfree1: 11:41am On Sep 07, 2013
taharqa: Oh, FDI per capital angle abi?? Maybe you hv to explain that to d Chinese you CLOWN... And did you just ask what 'd big deal is in FDI flow to Nigeria'??... Africa had more than #50bn FDI inflow last year, one of d only regions in d world where it increased; if that is 'an agonishingly low flow' then you hv to have yr head Checked, fast..

The old man is a Stone Age gutter dweller fit for unemployment benefits . Why waste a Saturday morning on him ?


Politics / Re: Dangote Attributes Success To Jonathan’s ‘favourable’ Policies by telexfree1: 11:34am On Sep 07, 2013
software man:
LOL. Guy do you live in this country? Thanks for your lecture on the role of government in a polity. But let me just focuson the so called transformation of the power sector for now.
After billions of dollars, what is power generation today? 2300 mega watts the same as about 10 years ago when the power reform program was initiated by the obj govt.
If you call that reform, then you must be a fanatical PDP / Jonathan supporter, so by default you reason emotionally on anym matter linking jonathan and PDP!
Any economic directive that is not yielding results for several years- and most of the so called economic policies of the jonathan administration are nothing but a pathetic rehash of obj 's 2003 to 2007 economic reform policies- is a failed economic directive. All we hear are highfallutin figures that we cannot feel the impact since 2003 when all this deceptionstarred.

Honestly I wish I could say your response is full of faulty logic . Unfortunately it is just defensive without logic!

OBJ was trying to do the right thing in the wrong way. I am not a fanatical supporter of PDP. You can check my previous posts. This current administration has focused solely on transferring operational control to the private sector. Government has no business running a power plant.
And whether you care to admit it or not, the privatization process of the discos is 95% complete. Look, power generation and distribution should be run by companies with the primary aim of making profit. You can disagree if you like. I am not a politician neither am I affiliated with any party. I only celebrate progress . And I see it where others don't.
I ask you once again to list specifically those economic policies that are not yielding fruit .


Politics / Re: Dangote Attributes Success To Jonathan’s ‘favourable’ Policies by telexfree1: 10:31am On Sep 07, 2013

Okay, let's even agree a government is meant to be as irresponsible as you have described in this your trash. How has this useless government fared in the last years on this?

With Boko Haram, Ombatse killing our people daily and kidnappers running us ragged? With corruption ravaging all its critical institutions, how will it perform that oversight role?

It's a shame that you wasted your time typing that trash. If you are employed by Oronto, I ask that you be fired with immediate effect. You don't know your job.

Who is this over-excited gate-crasher ?
My post was directed at software man who apparently is smart enough to be your boss. This gutter conversation of yours, am having none of it.
Get lost


Politics / Re: Dangote Attributes Success To Jonathan’s ‘favourable’ Policies by telexfree1: 10:06am On Sep 07, 2013
software man:
Let me understand you. The abysmal economic performance of this government is due to the global economic recession of 2008? Are you kidding me? Are you this naive?
That international businessman would say the same thing to any president. He probably said same things to obj several times.
are you this naive?
By the way, why don't you offer your own kindergarten analysis if you if feel my stating economic facts and figures is high school business studies analysis.

' Abysmal economic performance ' of the government
You just type up stuff without making any specific point. You are probably one of those who expects government to do everything for you. Put food on your table, pay your medical bills, pay your school fees, and give you monthly checks for being unemployed .
My friend, listen up. The government doesn't owe you anything asides from providing security and maintaining regulatory oversights over the formal and informal sector while working with state and local government to create opportunities for the citizenry to take advantage of in order to make progress in all directions.
And whether you like it or not, this country is headed in that direction. It's only a matter of time. As soon as the government has divested in all business enterprises and the power transformation has run its course, then government can focus on its core responsibilities . Some people here will yell blue murder if I told them that asides from maintaining oversight and creating opportunities for the students, government has no business running a university.
Dude , people are taking advantage of the free market reforms and are venturing out there taking risks and making it. I suggest you try your hand at something.
If you had criticized the government for not making police sector transformation a number one priority just like they did in the power sector, that would have counted for something. Because security is government's number one function.
I challenge to you to list one failed economic directive of this government and I will give two strategic 'on point' initiatives which are currently being implemented .
Anyway, it's pretty obvious from your past posts that you are a fanatical APC supporter , so by default you reason emotionally on any matter linking to PDP. I am saying I wouldn't be surprised if your next post is defensive and filled with faulty logic.

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Politics / Re: Eko Atlantic On Msn's Front Page. Building Megacities. by telexfree1: 9:10am On Sep 07, 2013
Federal Republic of Lagos tinz..
Politics / Re: Dangote Attributes Success To Jonathan’s ‘favourable’ Policies by telexfree1: 8:45am On Sep 07, 2013
software man:
Complete hogwash. Dangote started expansion into manufacturing several years ago it is a big lie to attribute any significant FDI directly to the Jonathan administration policy. Most of industries expanding currently has their expansionpexpansion programs in place for years and the policy of the Jonathan administration has nothing to do with it. What Jonathan apologist are now doing is to attribute every economic progress in the private sector-most of which would have taken place AGIP- to jonathan.

This to me is desperation . A government is usually assessed the capacity to provide enabling environment for small and medium size companies to thrive. This usually achieved through the right micro and macro economic policies.
When you consider the state of infrastructures, in flation , interest rates, cost of doing business, were we better off or worse than we were three years ago.? This clinging to imaginary achievements that has not impacted on any one life has beent the usual swan song of the last 14 years of PDP misrule.

Yu obviously have no idea there was a global economic recession in 2008 which affected Nigeria as well. Look at you making comparisons to three years ago. Why don't you ask the average American the same question ? Most of the world's economies have not recovered from the massive job losses and credit crunch. Or you think Nigeria was completely insulated from global happenings ? An international businessman is talking and you sitting are here trying to post some high school business studies analysis.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Sends Missile Cruiser To Eastern Mediterranean by telexfree1: 1:17pm On Sep 05, 2013

ur moniker ehn!
Sounds like those cold hearted russian generals in movies.


Celebrities / Re: Sharon Adeleke's White Wedding Pictures by telexfree1: 9:40pm On Sep 03, 2013
Who's the guy ??
Politics / Re: Fashola Denies ShortListing Successors, Will Sue Sun Newspaper by telexfree1: 9:32pm On Sep 03, 2013

Shut up!...accept the fact that you are wrong and the guy pointed it out to you.

If I were you..I will thank him.

You still made another foolish mistake with the bold..it's word and not world...are you this dumb and pathetic in real life? undecided

Quit the drama.
That was a direct insult

" why do most of you........"

What the hell ....


Politics / Re: Fashola Denies ShortListing Successors, Will Sue Sun Newspaper by telexfree1: 9:30pm On Sep 03, 2013

Why do most of you have problem with commonly use words? undecided

use words ?
You mean used words .


Autos / Re: Auto Vehicle Tracking System-lower Price For Nairalanders-Updated by telexfree1: 8:07am On Sep 01, 2013
Can we have testimonials from users in the house ?
Education / Re: 11-year-old Boy Admitted To The University To Study Quantum Physics by telexfree1: 11:19pm On Aug 31, 2013
He may become a professor before 25.
Health / Re: Fertility Clinics Buy Sperm From Lagosians For N50,000 by telexfree1: 8:58pm On Aug 31, 2013
I do not support this unless there's to a medium through which the child can contact the father later on.
Every child has the right to know his father
Phones / Re: A Soldier Stole My Iphone 4s by telexfree1: 8:19pm On Aug 31, 2013
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Uba Is Labour Party's Anambra Governorship Candidate by telexfree1: 12:12pm On Aug 29, 2013

Its Andy Uba and Tony Nwoye. Two candidates emerged in PDP.

Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Uba Is Labour Party's Anambra Governorship Candidate by telexfree1: 12:05pm On Aug 29, 2013

There is Andy Uba and Ifeanyi Uba, different persons, different parties, same character, same ideology and from the same family.


They are not even from the same local government

Ifeanyi Ubah : Nnewi (Nnewi North Lg
Andy Ubah : Uga (aguata LG)
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Uba Is Labour Party's Anambra Governorship Candidate by telexfree1: 12:00pm On Aug 29, 2013
APGA: Willie Obiano
APC: Chris Ngige
PDP: Tony Nwoye
LP: Ifeanyi Ubah

Ok. Stage is now set.
Nairaland / General / Re: High Death Rate On The Lekki Expressway by telexfree1: 9:26am On Aug 29, 2013
Ok, you mean if I want to get to the other side eh, I should take a bus to the next pedestrian brigde,use the bridge, then take another bus back to the busstop.lol. Guy think again. I use the bridge whenever there's one at the busstop. Try trecking from Elf to Jakande roundabout.

What's the big deal in taking an extra step to save your self ? See, if you can't go an extra step even for yourself, how can you rise to the task when you need to go an extra mile to save
another person ?
Nairaland / General / Re: High Death Rate On The Lekki Expressway by telexfree1: 9:17am On Aug 29, 2013
Boss13: It is a criminal offense to cross an expressway in Lagos. If you are not aware please see the Lagos State penal code or listen to traffic fm.

Pedestrians should value their lives by using the pedestrian bridges. There is no excuse for death. Make use of the bridge and save your life. Don't be a James Bond on an expressway.

I almost knocked down a guy and his girl friend and in the event of avoiding them, I almost had an accident likewise the vehicles behind me. The stupid couple were relaxed holding hands and strolling on Oshodi-Apapa expressway.

We need to promote the use of pedestrian bridges in Lagos especially. It is abused alot. I am sorry for people who get knocked down by vehicles. However, why take the risk to cross an expressway. Even if the bridge is far, please use it and if you don't it means you don't value your life.

Were you driving within the speed limit ?
Science/Technology / Re: Things You Didnt Know Were Invented By Kids by telexfree1: 5:21am On Aug 29, 2013

The first two were scary and mean angry See as you dey shine your teeth on top that, besides where did you get those syringes from at that tender age?? I fear you oh.

@Topic.. cool

LOL @ Snowmobile .... Bombardier's still the best .

No the Braille guy.

Good morning pps

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