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Family / Re: Fantasising In My Marriage. by templeinyou(m): 6:25pm On Nov 02, 2021
My sister, it is not easy, if you don't tell him what he should know, it will not be solved. At least he should be the one to appreciate you.

My reason is this, if you dare test this thing outside, that is the end; you will not stop it again.
Family / Re: Men Please Try And Reduce Your Stress And Live.. Real Life Lesson by templeinyou(m): 4:55pm On Oct 10, 2021
The country itself is stressful

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Politics / Re: Onne Seaport Welcomes The Biggest Ship To Ever Call At Any Nigerian Port. PICS. by templeinyou(m): 11:43am On Aug 16, 2020
When you ask somebody how it happened, somebody will say "AM NOT AWARE"
TV/Movies / Re: Which Brand Of Plasma TV Is The Most Durable And Strongest? by templeinyou(m): 5:38am On Aug 01, 2020
Please ooo am planing to BRUHM
Politics / Re: Abraham Amuta Rejects Offer To Be Freed By Boko Haram, Dumps Christianity by templeinyou(m): 10:00am On Feb 03, 2020

O Muhammad, these are the "unseen" things, We are revealing to you: you were not present there when the priests of the Temple were casting lots by throwing their quills to decide which of them should be the guardian of Mary: 43 nor were you with them when they were arguing about it. Quran 3:44

Note 43: As Mary was a girl who had been dedicated by her mother to the Temple in the way of God, the question of her guardianship had become a problem for the keepers because of her sex. They were therefore casting lots to decide the delicate problem.

And remember when the angels said, "O Mary, God sends you the good news of a Command of His: his name shall be Messiah, Jesus son of Mary. He will be highly honored in this world and in the Next World and he will be among those favored by God. He will speak to the people alike when in the cradle and when grown up, and he will be among the righteous." Hearing this, Mary said, "How, O Lord, shall I have a son, when no man has ever touched me?" "Thus shall it be,"44 was the answer. God creates whatever He wills. When He decrees a thing, He only says, "Be" and it is. (Continuing their message, the angels added,) "And God will teach him the Book and wisdom, and give him the knowledge of the Torah and the Gospel, and appoint him as His Messenger to the children of Israel." Quran 3:45-49
Religion / Re: Six Churches That Don't Celebrate Christmas by templeinyou(m): 6:03pm On Dec 25, 2019
Please are we all blind? If not 25 December, state categorically the day and month and back it with facts

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Family / Re: How Do I Take Custody Of My Beloved Son? by templeinyou(m): 6:21am On Jul 13, 2019
[The only way to be happy wjil
e waiting for the out come is to have cordial with the mother quote author=otobasin2323 post=80207378]Good day nairalanders, ( pls ignore my errors, I am not good in typing ) I had a baby with one lady from rivers state(ex girlfriend) and I am from imo state, the baby turns out to be a boy he is 2 years old now. The lady lived with me during her pregnancy and also Gave birth under my roof.. 9months after giving birth, we started having issue. Based on am not well to do.. Cause my hustle ain't paying off. She left the house with my son. Later on she and her family found a man who has been married for so long but no child.. But the man is very wealthy and well to do in the society, the man is also from their town in rivers state ,she agreed to be the second wife so he can claim the child.

on hearing this I rejected it and met with her family so they can release my son to me and she can go ahead and marry whom ever she likes.. To my greatest suprise they all decline to my request but gave her full support that she should go ahead quoting me that in their tradition "any man that marries a lady that is with a child the child automatically answers the man's name"

With this statement it got me sad, angry cause I love my son with all my heart I don't want another man to father him.. Every month I Normally send her 15k for keep up my son... She ain't satisfied.. That am too poor for her liking... How do I take her to court the only documents I have here.. Is my sons birth certificate, his pictures with me. And all the receipt of the money I normally sent to her monthly... Pls I seriously need advice or suggestions. Thank you[/quote]
Family / Re: I Cheated On My Husband With A Guy From Work And I Don't Know What To Do. by templeinyou(m): 3:52pm On May 01, 2019
Here to read comments

Two things are involved, your husband cares and not sexually strong as you want and your sexual partner may be sexually strong and may not care, so, is choice
Crime / Re: Lady Strips Unclad, Runs Mad In Enugu After Car Dropped Her Off (VIDEO) by templeinyou(m): 5:18pm On Jan 22, 2019
Catch her ad pray for her
Career / Re: Should I Drop Out Of School And Concentrate On Business? by templeinyou(m): 10:02am On Dec 25, 2018
Guy you have gone far to look back
Career / Re: Should I Drop Out Of School And Concentrate On Business? by templeinyou(m): 10:01am On Dec 25, 2018
Guy you have gone far to look back.

uote author=tommyken post=74145474]If a man can see the future and consequence of his every action then I believe no man will make a mistake but nature never design it that way.

After my ssce I join my uncle in business and was making enough money and even open account with two different bank but my aspiration was to go to school. after I wrote jamb and pass, my uncle who I was doing the business with began to advice me seriously to forget about school and make enough but I never listen and instead I thought he was just jealous although he is also a graduate but no job made him start the business which later benefit him.

Fast forward to months later I got admission and spent almost all my money for school expenses and rent because my parents were poor and am even the first child of the family so I did all the admission expenses with my saving .then I return to square one with hunger in school just in the name of university education which I later regret.

Am currently in 200 level but the funny thing is that I have lost all passion for school and don't even like going for lectures. The regret is still eating deep in me because with the way I see graduate living in peanut salary I ask myself what stupid enthusiasm even push me to school. please am thinking of dropping out of school now and to use this 100k which my aunty in London sent for me to continue in business and then later learn a skill in IT instead of wasting it to pay for school fee.

Please I will need advice from you all.[/quote]
Education / Re: Is Open University The Best Institution In Nigeria? by templeinyou(m): 6:18pm On Dec 10, 2018
May God help us.

Prick self no de rest
Travel / Re: Night Views Of Woji/Elelenwo Flyovers & Bridges Built By Wike (Photos) by templeinyou(m): 4:17am On Jun 16, 2018
This is one thing i hate. Is it why this road is been dalayed to be open because u want every body to believe is wike that built it?.

woji bridge and that of elelewo was completed during last adiminitration but the linkages were not done . this road started with thatvof garrison to slaughter How many years is wike on seat to complete the road from peter odili to akpajo. please is rivers govt thats why we talk of continuety. .

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Religion / Re: Why Is Evil On The Increase If We Believe Law Of Harvest? by templeinyou(m): 12:34pm On Jul 23, 2017
Most religion believe in what you do you get; some call it law of harvest, Galatians 6:7, Matthew 7:12; others call it Karma.
My question is if many believe in this law, why do we have so much evil in the society today?

If i see it from your context ; the so much evil is as the result of that 'KAMA'
that is the multiplication of one leads to another.
Health / Re: 5 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Guys Have Body Odour by templeinyou(m): 3:05pm On Jun 06, 2017
Hello guys, it is your favorite health blogger

A lady once told me that one of her criteria for choosing a man is that he must smell really good.

"why such a requirement" I asked

"Because most Nigerian guys stink and I love a good smell" she blurted

Now, this is not what just one lady thinks but what almost everyone knows, that a lot of guys out there really stink of body odour.

My nose has witnessed it first hand and that is one of the reasons I am writing this article.

Sometimes it is not just their fault, as it takes a lot of work to smell good and even look good.

If you have not yet a part of 10,000 amazing members of my community, join here today.

5 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Guys Have Body Odour

1. They don't bathe well

Most Nigerian guys bathe like Fast and Furious. Sponge here and there and then pour the water on their body and that's it. They believe its only women that are meant to bathe for long and maybe bathe well too. A little scrub here and there will do. But this is just wrong.

Bathing is meant to remove dirt and odours, also reduce the amount of skin bacteria which leads to these odours, so if you think there is no need to scrub really hard and scrub very well then there is no reason for you to wonder why you smell so bad.

2. They don't bathe on weekends

Ladies!!, show me a Nigerian guy that bathes normally on weekends and I will treat you to dinner by the end of the day.

Especially for students and those who don't get to work on Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). They might as well skip the morning bathe, skip the afternoon if still less busy and take a bathe around 4 to hang out with friends.

Even your favorite health blogger, Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor was once among these guys.

Nigerian guys believe that since they do not have much doing on the weekend, then there is no reason to sponge up.

3. Too lazy to groom

Most Nigerian guys are too lazy to clean up themselves, their houses, kitchen, backyard, toilets, armpit hairs etc just reeks of their personality. They don't really give themselves that much time expect they are inviting a girl over, or trying to get a girl.

That's when you see them brushing like soldiers to kill mouth odour, bathing and scrubbing, cleaning their apartment as if the Health Inspector is coming over.

4. They don't admit it, but cover it up

Most Nigerian guys don't want to admit to themselves that they do have body odour. They take a sniff at their armpits and ugh!!! it reeks, but instead of doing the right thing to get a good scrubbing, they head straight into the market to get the best body spray to cover it up.

Even someone offers a body spray as a birthday gift, they start claiming that he/she is giving the impression that he has body odour (which he knows he has)

You would notice in some individuals that when the smell of the body spray begins to die down, they start smelling weird.

5. It is normal

I heard someone say this quite recently, that body odour is normal and you can never stop sweat. Well, I know that I smell good even when I sweat so I don't understand where this kind of lazy mindset is coming from.

Body odour is a sign that you are not cleaning up properly, if you are saying that body odour is normal and men don't have to work themselves to smell good, that is saying that Vaginal odour is normal and women should worry about it.

There may be many more reasons why Nigerian guys have body odour, but from my experience, this is why most of them have it. Today also, the 4 secrets to killing body odour without deodorant post is coming up. Don't worry you wouldn't have to spend a dime to smell good.

Remember you deserve to look good, let no one tell you different.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

Source: http://newsphases..ng/2017/06/5-reasons-why-most-nigerian-guys-have.html

It seems you never work with some white men
Properties / Re: Pls What Is The Minimum Height Of Oversite Concrete(german Floor)? by templeinyou(m): 11:13am On May 31, 2017

I am not misinforming the public, I only expressed my opinion which I am sure of. You are however free to disagree with superior argument not just conjectures.

I still insist that mortar is one of the materials used in damp proofing.

Is it that without german floor a storey building cannot be ercected ?
Properties / Re: Pls What Is The Minimum Height Of Oversite Concrete(german Floor)? by templeinyou(m): 11:07am On May 31, 2017
100mm, 4" inches. that is the minimum allowed. ensure hardcore filling is well compacted, do not compromise the standard, build right...

I was told that you can coup, that is to put about 4' -5' concret on top of the DPC roud then start to lay blocks.
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 1:51pm On Feb 28, 2017
Pls who fund bet9ja here via recharge card
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 3:04pm On Feb 27, 2017
the worst bookie is 9jadollarbet, I won a bet since yesterday but I have not seen the money reflect in my account. the most annoying part is that I needed the money very bad to play another game.

Follow them on twitter to complain
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 12:57pm On Feb 23, 2017

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Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 12:39pm On Feb 23, 2017
All thanks to UEFA....
I need fresh game whatsapp 08057762265
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 12:37pm On Feb 23, 2017
Gurus and fellow punters in the house, I think we should try to dabble into corner betting too o. I just did little analysis when I had little chance yesterday and I was able to get both UEL and UCL games right. Na HWEH wey I give AEK cast the ticket. Anyone with good experience in anything over/unders shouldn't find it very hard I think. May God continue to bless our hustle o cool.

Pls make una post game for thr family ooooo
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 12:00pm On Feb 23, 2017
grin grin grin grin grin any body wey get dis booking ,,mbok quote me..na very sure game be dat

mbok, give me wk end game 08057762265 whatsapp
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 7:40am On Feb 23, 2017
God don bless my hustle cheesy

Nice one bro. pls add me to ur group. it will kill and divide
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 7:33am On Feb 23, 2017
Nice one bro. pls add me to ur group. it will kill and divide
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 7:19am On Feb 23, 2017
congrats, na to bless boys now

Is it for bet9ja?
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 6:38am On Feb 23, 2017

Pls am interested to join ur group 08057762265 Thanks
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 11 by templeinyou(m): 6:34am On Feb 23, 2017
what's the purpose of winning 6000 with 5000 bet stake, if I have to place 5k on a game, the return must be over 1 million naira, not even hundreds thousands.

I think as a family we can actually help each other here.
Forum Games / Bet9ja Codes by templeinyou(m): 6:17am On Feb 20, 2017
Hello i need a anybody here who is into Bet9ja prediction code
NYSC / Re: Corpers Posted To Kogi State Let's Meet Here by templeinyou(m): 7:35pm On Nov 21, 2016
yeah and to all incoming Corp members posted to Kogi if you have any question whatsoever just quote this post and ask. I will respond.

Congratulations once again cool

Where is the camp?

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