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NYSC / Re: Pictures Of The 5 Corpers Who Died In An Accident While Going To NYSC Camp by Thermodynamics(m): 2:54pm On Jul 30
Another miscreant on the loose. Must you comment? Are you unfortunate ni? Abi, dem swear for you ni? Na question I dey ask ooo, I no dey fight.

Who ask you to quote me in the first place?

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Crime / Re: Micheal Usifo Ataga Buried In Lagos (Pictures) by Thermodynamics(m): 2:34pm On Jul 30
Chai, see comments.
Nigerians nor just get sympathy at all.
As a Nigerian, try not to be depressed or shy cus if you are, nobody will feel pity for you, nobody will understand you, Nigeria is a strange place.


NYSC / Re: Pictures Of The 5 Corpers Who Died In An Accident While Going To NYSC Camp by Thermodynamics(m): 9:03pm On Jul 29

Again, bros, you are now talking out of hate, anger and bias. Some 15 years ago we did not have these issues. The north was the safest place to live in Nigeria. Ojukwu was born in Kaduna, Zik was born in Zungeru, Chukwuma Nzeogwu was born in KD and trusted in the Sardauna palace and he ended up killing the Sardauna. Stop the lies, Buhari cannot islamize Nigeria, Buhari is not even a hardcore or fanatical muslim. He is just your regular passive muslim. They want to islamize Nigeria, keep believing the lies. Why are you not asking your Governors, why they haven't turned Igboland to Dubai, London or New York? They receive allocation from Abuja on a Monthly basis why haven't they developed your land? Jim Nwobodo stole so much he floated a bank, Nnamani is in the senate now after all he stole, Orji Uzor kalu has cases upon cases and he moves around in private jets, all your Governor's like most Nigerian politicians all have private jets and you think the North is your problem. Again, i challenge you on a simple experiment. Go to Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi, and try to obtain a Nigerian Drivers licence, this is offices full of your fellow igbos, now go to Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi, Kebbi and try to obtain a drivers licence.... your experience will explain to you why you have Igbos in the North everywhere and why you have only very few Nigerians living in Igboland. Conclusively, go again and read about NDDC, this is an agency put in place by Federal Govt of Nigeria to develop Niger Delta, by Niger Deltans, now go and see how your own people milked, stole, and stole that money meant to develop your own area and to keep you quiet, they lie to you that North and Islam is your problem. Our mumu neva do us.

Yes, I completely agree with you, there are thieves in the South, 90% of politicians in Nigeria are thives and I don't support them, I support Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu, I don't support any Nigerian politician.

Northerners are killers, your religion supports it, you move around with your cows killing and kidnaping farmers in the South, imagine all the innocent people Buhari has killed in an attempt to capture Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu. Even though the politicians in the south are thieves, I'm sure that they haven't stolen up to 20% of what the North has stolen from Nigeria, you know how I know? you guys are always in power, you have full access to Nigeria's wealth and you are draining it with a big pipe, on top of that, you don't value life.

NYSC / Re: Pictures Of The 5 Corpers Who Died In An Accident While Going To NYSC Camp by Thermodynamics(m): 8:43pm On Jul 29
So a Southener can be extremely stupid as you are?

Illiterates just sit down and open mouth and spit dusts because they have means to communicate.
The freedom of speech shouldn't be equally shared, it should be apportioned according to the level of intelligence, pls keep quiet

Nairaland is filled with so many people like you whose senses aren't updated or even uploaded.

Over 90% of your people living in criminal custody and unbearable situations

What you guys known for; kidnapping, drug trafficking, blood money, human trafficking, piracy, fake drugs, counterfeiting, Yahoo , local 419, fake pastors, terrorism (ESN), prostitution, drug addicts, thugs , baby factory operators......... Etc.

Please Put your thoughts together and make your points unambiguous next time.

Your opinions lack honesty and thats why it doesn't count

A Northerner talking about honestly cheesy

A Northerner calling someone an illitrate cheesy

A Northern Muslim calling someone a terrorist grin this one funny die

Mr man go and brush that your green teeth and clean that weird dot on your forehead.
Because them manage push you through Taraba state polytechnic you are here spitting trash. You are in the wrong place, your place is with Bokoharam and Isis, abi you nor wan get 70 virgins ni ?

Imagine that vegetable in Aso rock has the guts to ban twitter as if twitter de benefit anything from Northerners, if to say na only Northerners Twitter for nor even care because Aboki nor know wetin be internet.

You guys are thieves, parasites who leach on Niger Delta Oil to survive.

The fact that you don't want any region to leave Nigeria shows how dependent you guys are, you can't survive on your own.

ESN is not a terrorist group, Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho are not criminals, you know this but you won't admit it because you are a typical Northern tribal bigot who prioritize his religion/tribe over justice. I'm not even Igbo, argue with your fellow terrorist and herdsmen in Somalia.
NYSC / Re: Pictures Of The 5 Corpers Who Died In An Accident While Going To NYSC Camp by Thermodynamics(m): 5:33pm On Jul 29

This shows how backward, myopic and uneducated you are. The joy of NYSC is to integrate and learn about others. If you had paid attention, you would've used the short period to learn about him, his culture, his views about family, faith, beliefs, marriage etc and you would've been a better person and not this backward, retrogressive mindset you now have. I live in the USa and interact with Mexicans that speak only spanish, folks from all over the world that have accents and do not speak good english, but you learn to communicate with them. I am from the North, i served in Akwa Ibom, i lived in a remote village for a greater part of the time. I interacted with folks that spoke only Ibibio, the Secondary school students could not express themselves well in English, i taught them, interacted with them learnt some Ibibio and I am better for it. It prepared me for my current life in USA where i interact with folks from all over the world.

Listen, my point is that, WE ARE NOT COMPACTABLE, over 50 years of amalgamation and we still hate each other, lord Lugard tried but his plan just didn't work, I have more in common with a Yoruba or an Igbo man, the North has more in common with people from Somalia, Sudan, Niger, Pakistan and the rest, all these countries are Muslim countries, you all have several terrorist group, you all believe that if you wrap yourself with a bomb and can somehow manage to kill thousands of innocent people, Allah will give you 70 virgins in Heaven, now tell me, who will want to associate with people like that?

Most people in the World don't like Muslims, your aim is to force people to join your religion or die, just like Buhari is trying to islamize Nigeria now.

NYSC / Re: Pictures Of The 5 Corpers Who Died In An Accident While Going To NYSC Camp by Thermodynamics(m): 5:17pm On Jul 29

You hate the north but North doesn't care about you! We are just , modest and friendly to you thats why you can even do your service here a d benefit from the North! As for you guys hate is in your DNA, and inmorality, bragging and filithy hate speeaches are the order of the day in your places....

A major problem the South has is how it underestimates the North. Their minders have led a majority of them to believe that the northerner is an unschooled slowpoke who only progresses through connections. Despite northerners that became billionaires by dint of hard work, intellectuals that have pushed the frontiers of scholarship, leaders that have provided impeccable administrations to great applause and politicians that rose like the colossus to dominate their environments, the average southerner still gets bamboozled – and envious – by the way the northerner dictates what goes where.
But a pertinent question to ask is, why do people kick against federal character yet want a position zoned, rotated or surrendered to them? If they are as intelligent and educated as they think they are, then they should know that politics is all about bridge-building, consensus and give and take.

I don't hate the North, I'm just saying that we are completely incongruous, most Northerners are uneducated and can't speak good English, most Northerners can't reason properly and are completely biased when it comes to religious or ethnic matter.

What successful Northerners are you talking about? Northerners only succeed because of corruption, all the big and majoy positions in Nigeria are given to you guys, 98% of government Jobs are given to you guys, Northerners are leaching and feeding themselves at the expense of other Nigerians.

Not to talk of the fact that you guys don't value life, you kill and kidnap innocent people at will.

If you guys are so sophisticated as you claim them why are you so scared of division?
The North can't survive without the South, parasites, that all the North is. Without the rest of Nigeria, there will be no prominent footballer or world known musician or renowned scholar, you guys have nothing to offer Nigeria.

Nigeria would have been way better today if only it was made up of the Yorubas, Igbos and Niger Deltans.

Look at all the Nigerians making positive impact in the world today and you will find that 99% of them are either Yoruba, Igbo or from Niger Delta, all you guys know how to do is to kill and steal and destroy, walking around with your cows killing innocent farmers, no need to argue with you, the North is a complete liability to this Country, you know it's true but you won't admit it.

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NYSC / Re: Pictures Of The 5 Corpers Who Died In An Accident While Going To NYSC Camp by Thermodynamics(m): 2:05pm On Jul 29
They should end the NYSC thing abeg, it's just a waste of time.

If you post a Northerner to the South, he will just call one green teeth Alhaji in Abuja to relocate him back to Zamfara.

If you post a Southerner to the North, he will just transfer 30-50 to one NYSC official to relocate him back to the South.

The goal of NYSC is unity and that goal has been soundly defeated. I remember having an Aboki as my roommate for a while during my NYSC days, during that time, I was very uncomfortable living in the same room with someone who behaves very different from me, someone who can't even speak good English.
We had nothing in common.
Finally, I had to find a way to move to another room.

We are not United in Nigeria and we can never be, we hate each other, we are very divided and discriminative toward one another, the only way forward for the people in this region called Nigeria is to split and go their separate ways.

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Celebrities / Re: Biyi Nifemi Tudors' Girlfriend Bena Abused Him, Destroyed His Items (Photos) by Thermodynamics(m): 3:53pm On Jul 27
Man too de suffer from domestic violence ni?


Education / Re: Hilarious Final Year Sign Out: Check Photos by Thermodynamics(m): 5:50pm On Jul 26
One thing that is still keeping Nigeria as one is the humour.
Each region contributes jokes and slangs and these have kept us going, no matter the dire situation in the country.
Which Joke or humour Northerners de contribute ni
Literature / Re: Cancel Chimamanda Adichie's Lecture At University Of Cape Town - SRC by Thermodynamics(m): 5:27pm On Jul 26
Politics / Re: Open Referendum For Tribes In The SS, Igbos, Or Ijaws[photos,video] by Thermodynamics(m): 4:56pm On Jul 25
Igbo lands extends deep into the South South.

There are Igbos in Delta State, there are Igbos in Rivers State, the Igbos in Delta State and those in Rivers State will join Biafra and not Niger Delta.
Niger Delta is just a word, am Ikwerre or Anioma man is related to an Enugu man by blood and by culture.

An Ikwerre/Anioma man has nothing in common with an Ijaw or Urhobo man, the world Niger Delta was just coined.
At the end of the day, your origin is your origin, an Itsekiri man is a Yoruba man who calls himself Itsekiri, Itsekiri is just a dialect of Yoruba.

Ijaw is Ijaw and they have no right to speak for any Niger Delta tribe. Deep down, everyone know where they belong in Nigeria, if you try to denial it, your language and you name will give you away.

Imagine an Itsekiri man who answers "Shola or Mofe" claiming he is not a Yoruba man or an Ikwerre man who answers " Chinedu or Ekene " claiming he is not an Igbo man. You are just wasting your time because everyone sees you an Igbo man

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Politics / Re: SERAP Sues Buhari Over Gag Order On Reporting Of Terrorist Attacks by Thermodynamics(m): 11:46am On Jul 25
Buhari's plan is just to islamize Nigeria.


Career / Re: Is ISPON A Recognized Institute? by Thermodynamics(m): 8:59am On Jul 24
I suggest you go to their office to confirm.
If you don't leave in the same state with the company, you could make some calls and see if you can send someone to visit the company's address for you.

That's the best and only way you can find out if they are genuine.


Politics / Re: Abbas Tafida: Taraba Emir Gives Herdsmen 30-Day Ultimatum To Vacate Forests by Thermodynamics(m): 12:12am On Jul 23
You're very stupid for claiming that Muslims cheer Fulani when they kill others. Pls tell me a single scenario where Muslims praised herders for killing people.
You'll never get the sympathy and unity u're begging with this careless attitude of insulting Muslims when in reality they've a reasonable proportion in ur region that if they support u in struggle then u may achieve ur goals but unfortunately u're so primitive, myopic and ethno-religious bigot to see the light!

Who be this one ni?

Mr Stupid where in my post did you see me beg for unity?
I want Nigeria to scatter, I fully support Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho.

Islam is a demonic and dangerous religion, all you people do is to spread war and terrorise people, the top terrorist groups in World today are Islamic, you guys don't value life.

A reasonable proportion my ass, apart from the Yoruba muslims, most Muslims in Nigeria are complete illitrates, we don't need the support of Muslims, Nigeria will divide and everyone will go their own way wether the Muslims like it or not.
Politics / Re: Abbas Tafida: Taraba Emir Gives Herdsmen 30-Day Ultimatum To Vacate Forests by Thermodynamics(m): 1:44pm On Jul 22
The hypocrisy of the North, you cheer the Fulanis when they kill other Nigerians but complain when they kill their fellow Northerners.

The Hausas, Fulanis and Yoruba Muslims are all the same, you are all tribal and religious bigot.

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Romance / Re: Share Your Missed Sex Opportunities! Did You Regret It? by Thermodynamics(m): 2:13pm On Jul 20
I've had many opportunities to have sex but I couldn't go through with it because I see it as a sinful act, I'm actually a virgin.

Sometimes it feels painful like I'm seriously missing out, what makes it even more painful and difficult is that I like women a lot, if not for Christianity I would have been a sex addict but wetin man go do, man gats obey God no matter how difficult.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Company Genuine? by Thermodynamics(m): 8:07pm On Jul 18
What can they do with a 5min into video of yourself?

They could edit it, put text overlay on it, put a different description on it and post it on another website making you as front for another scam.
The possibilities and endless.

I personally think 5min intro video for a job application is ridiculous and pointless.

Think about this, 15 applicant, 5 Mins video each

That's 1hr and 15 mins of videos for the recruitment team to watch which an inperson interview would have taken care of

It's a waste of storage space, a 5 min video in HD can be between 40mb to over 500mb

It takes away time from the recruitment process

It's counter productive, they already have applicants resume which contain most of the same info

The company shows they are unprepared and unserious and lack direction.
Also, it's a big liability for for company. Of the image/video shows up somewhere later you can sue (in the US, they'll make you sign documents when your video and/or pictures are involved)

My point exactly, a 5mins introduction video seems pointless, I just couldn't go on with the interview process after I saw that 5mins video thing.
Romance / Re: Should I Still Marry Her After Yahoo Boys Have Used Her Destiny? by Thermodynamics(m): 5:12pm On Jul 17
Tales by moon light.
Some of una go just seat down de imagine rubbish.
This is the height of idleness.

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Romance / Re: Should I Still Marry Her After Yahoo Boys Have Used Her Destiny? by Thermodynamics(m): 5:11pm On Jul 17
Tales by moon light.

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Celebrities / Re: Who Exactly Is Obi Cubana? A Look Into The Business Empire Of Obi Cubana by Thermodynamics(m): 1:13pm On Jul 17
With all these investment in Abuja and Lagos, if Biafra comes, this guy will loose 80% of his wealth

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Company Genuine? by Thermodynamics(m): 1:07pm On Jul 17
go to www.domain.com, click on the domain menu, then click on Whois submenu, it will give you details of the website, sometimes it shows the name of the owner if they didn't pay for site privacy on their hosting platform
Thank you
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Company Genuine? by Thermodynamics(m): 9:22am On Jul 17
Guys, we should avoid putting fears in people’s mind. If you don’t have any tangible information to give why not keep mute. My experience, last month I got an invite for an online test from one unknown coy. I did my research and couldn’t find any tangible information about them on the net. I did the test, last week I got a mail for an interview mail from them also stating that I passed the test. Guys, I went there last week and it’s was one of these oil servicing coys in lekki that has no signpost but good office structure and good staffs welfare. You can imagine working 9am-3pm as your official working hours.

Yours is different, this Getsofi is asking for a 5 mins video introduction, if they had asked for a one on one Skype interview I would have done it or better, they should have asked for a physical interview, that way, I can go to the interview address a day before the interview to survey the company's building before going in.

It's not fear, one has to be careful, all these scammers are preying on the desperation of job seekers.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Company Genuine? by Thermodynamics(m): 9:15am On Jul 17
It isn't genuine. Website was registered a month ago for one year duration.

The purpose is to steal your info and/or scam you

How did you check the domain, please reply, this will go a long way in helping job seekers differentiate between a fake and a real job advert.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Company Genuine? by Thermodynamics(m): 9:14am On Jul 17
Checking the details of their website on the Internet,
the domain www.getsofi.com was registered last month, precisely on the 15th on last month June. So it's either its a new company or they are fraudsters

How did you check the domain, please reply, this will go a long way in helping job seekers differentiate between a fake and a real job advert.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Company Genuine? by Thermodynamics(m): 9:09am On Jul 17

The site ([https://getsofi.com/]) is down right now. sad I just hope they are not scammers o.

But if they are, what could they possibly do with our data?
There is a lot they can do with your data, especially with your 5mins video introduction.
Politics / Re: General Hassan Ahmed killed In Abuja, Wife Abducted by Thermodynamics(m): 11:08pm On Jul 15
Una never see anything, Buhari is a terrorist, he supports the Fulani bandits, he support the kidnaping and killing of innocent people, he is a strong supporter of jihad. Na the Christians when de North I just de pity for.

Lai Mohamed, Adamu garbage, that yeye
Arewa for nairaland and other Northern zombies should keep supporting Buhari blindly, by the time the insecurity and kidnapped in the North has become too much to bare una go understand why it is always good to speak the truth and support justice no matter what.

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Travel / Re: Advice, Studying Software Development Abroad by Thermodynamics(m): 10:59pm On Jul 15
Check out Holland, Finland, Russia, Spain, Poland, Austria and Italy.
Eastern European countries are cheap and good education esp for IT fields and now IT jobs are hot cake anywhere.
With 6M you can gain admission and fund your study.
IT jobs are hot cake everywhere and you can start it anywhere in the world.
Cheapest school in Ireland is around €8K and Germany requires block account of €9K.

Thanks for your reply, what's the name of the cheap school in Ireland?
Crime / Re: Gray Ekpezu: Family Of UNICAL Student Shot Dead By Soldiers Seeks Justice by Thermodynamics(m): 12:44pm On Jul 15

That's how you lot sees it...
That's how it is
Crime / Re: Gray Ekpezu: Family Of UNICAL Student Shot Dead By Soldiers Seeks Justice by Thermodynamics(m): 9:52pm On Jul 14

A soldier is a soldier caɓron! There is nothing as Fulani Soldier, Igala soldier... There is only Nigerian Soldier.... Didn't they teach you that at primary school or you are just useless as the rest....

A soldier is not a soldier, if a soldier is a soldier why do Buhari keep promoting and protecting only Hausa/Fulani/Muslim soldiers?

The actions of military men in Nigeria are affected by their tribe and religion.

That's common sense.
Politics / Re: Governors Laud Tinubu For Refurbishing Arewa House Library by Thermodynamics(m): 9:48pm On Jul 14

And they give Igbos what? Slaving for PDP for the past 16 years with nothing to show for it... Lmao!!!
Oga you don't have a point, I don't even know what you are driving at.
Drop that phone and stop wasting your data.
Politics / Re: Governors Laud Tinubu For Refurbishing Arewa House Library by Thermodynamics(m): 5:05pm On Jul 14
It's most likely you're a fool or let's just say you reason like one. Building useful relationships and bridges across political, tribal and cultural boundaries is what distinct leaders with good political machinery from riff-raffs like Igboho and runaway lunatic Kanu. Ibos will never rule this country as long you people remain the way you are, even PDP that you people slaved for for over two decades will never give her ticket to an ibo man. it's high you people start doing the right thing.

Incase you haven't noticed, the Igbos are not much interested in Nigeria, they want to rule their own Country.

I just see stupidity written all over your post,

"Building useful relationships and bridges across political, tribal and cultural boundaries"

So ass licking and being ready to sell your own people to the Fulanis just because you want to be the president is what you call building useful relationship? You see yourself?

See who you de even defend, Tinubu, a strong Nigerian politician, all Nigerian politicians are full of shit, they are all thieves.
Keep deceiving yourself, Tinubu or any other region cannot become president, as long as Nigeria exist, the Yorubas can only rule in Oduduwa.

The Northerners will always like to cling to power because that is all they have, if you think Tinubu will rule in Nigeria, then you are very mistaking.

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