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Investment / Re: I'm Looking For A Serious Investor by thought: 5:05am On Feb 23, 2016
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Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports Sponsored By Auctionexport.com by thought: 9:04pm On Mar 28, 2012
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Autos / Re: Free VIN Check FOR CARS FROM USA ,CANADA by thought: 9:17pm On Mar 24, 2012
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Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports Sponsored By Auctionexport.com by thought: 11:21pm On Feb 06, 2012

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Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports by thought: 1:34pm On Feb 06, 2012
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Autos / Re: Chassis Number Or VIN Is Recommended On Every Listing by thought: 1:27pm On Feb 06, 2012
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Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports Sponsored By Auctionexport.com by thought: 7:47pm On Jan 16, 2012
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Autos / Re: Free Vin Checks And Reports Sponsored By Auctionexport.com by thought: 8:06am On Jan 14, 2012
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Politics / Re: Can A City Like Lagos Suddenly Declare Itself Its Own Country? by thought: 8:36am On Sep 05, 2011
Eko Ile:

Very warped and misguided analysis,

1. Nigerian government is not the only or major exporter or importerin Nigeria. Majority of imports are done by private business, not the federal government. Business is all about making money and profits and thell go to where ever is best and cost effective to do business.

are you implying Lagosians for lagos or Nigerians for Nigeria- because just as Nigeria cannot allow Togo businessmen to use the port in togo to import/ export goods into Nigeria (legally), so would Nigeria not allow Lagos do same if it were independent.

2. Oil companies relocating to Nigeria is absolutely irrelevant, it's very possible to rent a building in Abuja and call it their HQ while retaining their base of operation in lagos.

Moderators : I think we need to start putting age restriction on NL- possibly only over 18 should posting here. . . . . . . .why would companies retain operational base in lagos- would it be part of Nigeria. All those structures in Nigeria would be left empty.

3. Lagos remains the business hub of west Africa not because of Nigeria, it's because of Lagos itself and lagosians.

refer to my first sentence in two above

4. Lagos shall remaing the entertainment capital of sub Africa simply because no state within Nigeria can replicate Lagos and it's soul.

5. Lagos is currently laying it's own power cables and building power plants to provide uninterrupted power supply, they also have their own electricity company.
I  would give this to lagos because it would have very little population so that is possible ideally but that I hope it would have resources/ income to keep its engines running as revenues would be wayyyyyyy downnn.

6. Lagos will have uninterrupted power supply while Nigeria shal remain in darknes because of the same incompetent and corrupt people ruling Nigeria.

7. Because of uninterrupted power supply alone , business activitites will not only improve significantly, businesses within Nigeria will relocate to Lagos to enjoy uninterrupted power supply and save on diesel,  Meaning more tax revenue fir Lagos state. Coke moved to Ghana because of the power situation and I'm sure thell all move back.

8. You are wrong, Lagos have oil, they not only have everything you mentioned, they also have the most skilled and educated manpower in west Africa and that's what businesses look for. That you can not take away from lagos.

9.Lagos shall remain not only the play ground for Nigeria's rich and famous, Lagos will be the number one tourist, business and leisure destination for nigerians which means more tax revenue and influx of sustained cash within the lagos economy.

10. The best sea port  and airport shall remain in Lagos to be patronized by lagosians and nigerians in general with profits going to the Lagos state government and not Nigeria.

11. Right now, Lagos is moving fast ahead of Nigeria itself even with Nigeria pulling it back with national incompetency and lack of vision. Nigerians will never stop looking south to Lagos moving ahead while they remain in darkness and continue to deal with the same sad state of affairs and drama associated with Nigeria today. In fact, I see massive influx of humane and money into Lagos and not the other way around:

Lagos is always a safe and stable refuge for 250 tribes withing Nigeria for a reason and no single place in nigeria can duplicate lagos.

Lagos is a culture and way of life, not just a state or city within Nigeria.

[b]Moderators you seriously need to look at the issue of age restriction here. ,  . . ,  . . . . . . . . .to summarize all you have said in one line. . . . . ,   . . .THE MOON BOASTING TO THE SUN THAT ITS (MOON'S) LIGHT IS BEAUTIFUL- IT LIGHTS UP THE NIGHT, SO THE SUN CAN GO TO HELL AS THE MOON HAS NO USE FOR IT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[/b]I hope you understand my message. . . . . . . . . . . . . . but just in case Nigeria = SUN, Lagos = MOON.
Politics / Re: Can A City Like Lagos Suddenly Declare Itself Its Own Country? by thought: 1:27am On Sep 05, 2011

Tabloids will read thus:







and don't forget, there is still the big question: WHO ARE THE TRUE LAGOSIANS? Wouldn't this matter too?

One NIGERIA, please.

I beg to differ- people would scamper, even the Lagosians would run to Nigeria to find jobs. . . . . . . .what would happen to all the Engineers especially oil and gas related workforce, banks, telecom etc etc,
Politics / Re: Can A City Like Lagos Suddenly Declare Itself Its Own Country? by thought: 1:17am On Sep 05, 2011
Lagos would not survive without Nigeria.

1. All the import/ export  would be cease, because Nigeria would not allow her goods to be imported/ exported through another territory.

2. All the Oil companies would move, VI, lekki etc would become a desert, MTN, GLO etc and all other companies from other sectors would take off, banks would take off leaving only branches ( if at all)- because Nigeria cannot have the headquarters of her banks in another country.

3. The population in Lagos would reduce to close to 10% of what it is now- population disappearing = market disappearing, MMA would become a skeleton of its self.

4. Industries would relocate due to the cost of import duties they would have to pay to bring goods into Nigeria (smuggling no way).

Basically Lagos would be deserted, houses in VI would go for 50,000/year, yet no one would rent, in fact Lagos would become a desert (in population terms). . . . . . . . . . .

The Northern states we call deserts would even stand a better chance of survival- at least they have cash crops or meat or whatever agricultural produce they are into They can start from there. . . . . Lagos does not have oil and they have no forest again for agriculture (even if they wanted to go into it), neither do they have technology to sell.

Politics / Re: Pastor Bakare Revolutionary Speech! - Nigerians Are Idiots Ruled By Fools! by thought: 11:57am On Sep 02, 2011

This is where you and I are different. If you do not listen to what the likes of Mugabe, Gaddaffi, Mubarak has to say, how then will you ever know how they think if your goal is to beat them at their game? How then will you know when IT IS NOT THE CASE that YOU are the problem in it all?

@Kobojunkie, u keep talking about reading. . . . . . . reading makes little difference if you did not, cannot and will not COMPREHEND the message. . . . . . . . .if you can get someone to comprehend and then explain my post (and possibly Bakare's. . . )  it would save a lot of talking. . . . . . .I SAID WOULD THE MESSAGE HAVE THE SAME MEANING, I never talked about LISTENING or not LISTENINIG. . . .  where did you get that from. . . . . . . Gosh!. . . . .(if you cannot comprehend my few lines, needless to speak of comprehending the  lengthy Bakare's MESSAGE- I guess now your stance on this issue is beginning to make sense to me. . . . . . . . .)


Cut the bull, and READ  . . . at least to save yourself. Going on with this arrogant postering is not helping you. What has timing, location etc to do with the message? The message was to youths and if you had BOTHERED to read it . . .  you would have noted that it was actually appropriate since these are the same youths who have protested in the past and are supposed to be the future.

GOSH!!!! Why is READING so hard . . . even to save your own life??

I believing that you have the UNDERSTANDING NOW- it is not about reading, it is about comprehending. . . . . . . . ,  TIMING- I believe none of your close relatives or even friend was a victim in the bomb blast so you cannot understand why the timing is wrong. . . . . . . . . . .MESSENGER- as a person with personal selfish interest in the political realm and apparently speaking to score political points. . . . . . . . . . . CONTEXT and LOCATION - he picked out the BH SUICIDE bombing and attributed it to deprivation, and being pushed to the wall- am sure you should have done your research about BH, so you now know better. . . . . . . . .and again, for someone seen as leader (religious for that matter), in the society, church or wherever, is it right to justify violence? it is right to incite YOUTHS into violence? how many of the recent revolutions were achieved by suicide bombings (Self-immolation is even better least your going alone and still stating your point )-  because what I see is one giving those youths reasons (which are largely based on prejudice) to become violent. It is just the same as the pastor coming out to say that indecent dressing leads to rape- if you dress indecently you should be raped as it is a twin demon!!!--forgetting that you have rapist and potential rapist in your congregation and that this message would go round the nation to the ears of people looking for a any "cooked-up justification to do harm". . . . . . . . . .

. if a person like Gani (RIP) were to say the same message today- well, people like me would still have reservations about the violence aspect but NO ONE WOULD QUESTION THE MORAL GROUNDS OR EVEN INTENTIONS OF THE MESSAGE. . . . . . . . . . Curiously though, did you ever check the election statistics of those who voted for GANI and people like him in past Presidential elections- he had a handful of votes.


You speak today about the nation, which is in any case is a very sorry story, if you are given political power today (like agbati), would you still dance to the same music- these are soul searching questions and only when WE decided to ask ourselves these questions, then we would know that our problems lie in the hands of YOU  and ME and not THEM or THEY and decide to respond in the right way ALL THE TIME, then we can move forward.
Politics / Re: Pastor Bakare Revolutionary Speech! - Nigerians Are Idiots Ruled By Fools! by thought: 2:40am On Sep 02, 2011

Does simply telling me I am the greatest defaulter mean much when you fail to explain exactly what LINE or REASONING in that speech I defaulted on?? lol
First of all . . . what has the above to do with COMPREHENDING THE SPEECH? I mean this is exactly what I have been harping on. Rather than trying to drag
everything else into THIS SPEECH, I will suggest you do exactly what I have told others to do, and that is READ THE SPEECH, AS-IS(you know what that means, right?). Then digest the message first so you can capably understand it's meaning and hence regurgitate reasoning within the CONTEXT given.

The MESSAGE. . . . . . . . . people here say we should focus on the message not the messenger. . . . . . . . . . . . .My question is this: if you were in a seminar or lecture or whatever and the topic was on say "democracy in a nation". . . . . . and then, they call the name of the speaker/ author or MESSENGER and it happens to be Mugabe or Gaddaffi or Mubarak, do you think the same MESSAGE would have the same meaning if the speaker were to be Obama, Cameron or Sakorzy etc. . . . . . . . .believe me the answer would be NO. . . . . . . . .because people would question the moral justification the Mugabes et al have to present such lectures. . . . . . .  . . . . .  . BELIEVE ME, THE MESSENGER IS IMPORTANT ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS THE AUTHOR OF THE MESSAGE.

But even if I were to go into the MESSAGE you have been talking about comprehending and digesting et al. . . . .just see the extracts below. . . . . 



The Battle for National Survival – Excerpts Part 1

The same forces that brought the wrath of God upon the earth of Noah in what you and I call the flood of waters, The presence of violence and corruption -you cannot separate violence from corruption.

Unintelligent men talk from both sides of the mouth – they do not know what they are saying. Look, it is unlike Nigerians to commit suicide by bombing themselves.
When Nigerians become suicide bombers, you should be saying Come Lord Jesus!
Because it means the hazardous times prophesied by Paul through the Holy Spirit that in the last days perilous times shall come.

Those who dig their hand deep into corruption are the ones who orchestrated the violence upon our land.[/b], Because a people that are pushed to the wall must react one way or the other, But my real issue is this; corruption is ravaging this nation, has eaten deep into the fabric of this nation, and violence is already here, as a twin devil.

In the present dispensation, it does not matter where you hide, it does not matter how tall your security measures or how toughened they have become, it does not matter who is watching (guarding) you, remember it was the private guards of Indira Ghandi that shot her. And when the justice of God will start, the mill of God grinds slowly but surely. It does not matter where you hide, whether Aso villa or Bottom villa, you will be shot where you are, except you right the wrongs.

Hell on earth – that is what Nigeria has become, Hell on earth! Hell on earth – that is what this nation has become. This is hell on earth!! Just imagine how many people have died since the advent of the PDP.

IS THE PROBLEM THE PDP . . . . .(did we not have rulers before PDP, was Nigeria better then). . . . . .  the ANPP member of yesterday, is today's PDP member and tommorow's CPC, APGA, PRP. . . .  . .  .endless list. . . member,  . . . . . . . . . . . . . We all know Buhari did not start with CPC, he only moved there to run for the presidency. . . . . . . .  . . . . .I mean . . . . . . . . we are not like the US or UK that have life- party members that stick to one party and believe in party policies and beliefs to death. . . . . . .

By saying the problem is PDP he is being partisan and only talking as a bitter politician. . . . . . . . . ,  . . . .The cause of Nigeria's problem is YOU and ME. . .  . . . . it is caused by leaders who go there to loot  and run the country down. . . . . . .  .be it PDP, CPC, ACN or ABC. . . . . . and that is a FACT. . . . . .if CPC enters the realm of power today, they would become the biggest party in the country and  most of the current PDP, AC . . . . . .etc. . . . (thieves and looters) members would DE-CAMP and become CPC members. . . . . . . our problem is not just the party, it is the people that make the party. . . . 


What you have seen is the tip of the iceberg – a people deprived and pushed to the wall, will be ready to die but they will take you with them. And they will target your most noble institutions, children, wives, You wait and see.

[b]THIS OBVIOUSLY IS BH bomb blast. . . . . . . .APPARENTLY THEY HAVE BEEN DEPRIVED OF "UNDER-WESTERN EDUCATIONAL-ISM" by our government and so they have been pushed to the wall- be honest to yourselves. . ,  .

But then again, did he make some sense YES, but even if a message is right, the TIMING, LOCATION, MESSENGER AND CONTEXT IN WHICH IT IS SAID CAN MAKE IT INAPPROPRIATE. . . . . .
Politics / Re: Pastor Bakare Revolutionary Speech! - Nigerians Are Idiots Ruled By Fools! by thought: 11:44pm On Sep 01, 2011

Here's a news flash for you . . . No one needs to make excuses for violent terrorists anymore. They are NOW part of the REALITY of Nigeria, and we all know WHY they exist.  You didn't expect the situation to continue without it excalating to this point did you?

Please, lets stop acting like mor-ons and open our eyes to what we have ALLOWED. IT IS HERE! That is all the man is trying to get you to see.


Please, can you tell us why the violent terrorist exist in Nigeria? is it because of the bad roads, or corruption level or may be because of the poor state of our western educational institutions? What does the name Boko Haram mean to you?- it is the fight against corruption or bad government or poor infrastructure or may be poor (western) educational system. . . . . . . . . .?

You are quick to call people mor-ons here even though you are defending the fact that you are a f001 and an 1d10t [s](and you expect us to listen to you- please don't quote me ooooh. . . . . I am not trying to insult you. . . . . quote your Pastor)[/s]. . . . . . . (of course he said Nigerians, not just Nigerians in Nigeria).  . . .

. . .you sound like a self justifying individual. . . . . . . . . . you keep telling others to read and comprehend the posts, apparently, you are the greatest defaulter. . . . . . .  . . . well, here's a news flash people lost their love ones in the bomb blast, these are people who have a right to life just as you do. . . . . . . . so when you come here to say what you KNOW or better still THINK is the "REALITY" in Nigeria (and boko haram) be sure to get your facts right by "reading/listening and comprehending" whatever news media you are into.

I am sorry to say that Bakare did not and does not have the moral justification to complain about Nigeria
. Yes, Nigeria is bad - FACT but unfortunately he decided to "wine and dine" with someone like Buhari. . . . . .who wanted to get into power by playing a religious, sectional and tribe based card. . . . . . . . .is that the type of Nigeria Bakare wants? it that the vision he has about a Nigerian leader?'. . . . . .was he not aware that Buhari was using votes from the North as a tool. . . . ,  . . . .was Buhari's support in the North based on the fact that he was the best candidate or because he was from the North?  did he not attend the rallies?. . . . . . . If Buhari won, what moral justification would he have to rule both the North and South. . . . . . . . . yet Bakare is bitter that he lost. . . . .  . . .in an election where both the PDP and CPC rigged. . . .

Even if that election was held by the USA and it was freest and fairest, Buhari would have NEVER won. . . . . .e[b]ven if Buhari contested against Tu face or D banj or even chief zebrudaya of the new masquerade of old or against nobody, he would have lost . . . because he was and is still seen as a religious fanatic and bigot. . . . .cards he gladly used to scoop up votes. . . . ,  . [/b].

. . . . . .so then @Kobojunkie, if I asked you to pick a "messiah" to lead Nigeria out of our problems, both you and Bakare would jump up and bring Buhari forward and then beat your chest and say "I have done justice to my fathers land". . . . . . . . . . . . oh please spare me the hypocrisy. . . . . . . . I repeat, he does not have the moral justification to talk about the Nigerian state.

As I see it, it is either Bakare picked Buhari because he was the best candidate for Nigeria or he picked Buhari because he was craving for political power. . . . . . . . .so then my dear @Kobojunkie make you pick from the options above and let us know why he is morally justified to talk about Nigeria and then and only then, can you go ahead to tell us what he is trying to make us see that we have not seen and then, may be we might understand why we should accept your invitation to your table for "f001s and idi0ts". . . . . . . . 
Politics / Re: Pastor Bakare Revolutionary Speech! - Nigerians Are Idiots Ruled By Fools! by thought: 5:16pm On Aug 30, 2011

"You cannot divorce violence from corruption",  that's where I stopped, and I remembered Buhari saying the same thing as a political jab at GEJ and PDP. We all agree about the sinful nature of corruption, however using corruption to justify Boko Haram activities is not right, even if you lost the election.

Thank you, you have said it all. . . . . . . . . . .  . I hope he wants me to believe that his presence in government today would have change things, there would have been no kidnapping, light outage, bad roads etc etc, come on, I am not a fan of GEJ either but to say these things he is saying, try to fool who? . . . . . ,  . . . .he should please stop using the altar of God for his political sessions. . . . . . . . . . . .I would vote for people like Gani Fawehinmi etc. . . . . . 100times over him. . . . . . . .we heard their voices in very bad times. . . . . .they put their lives at risk to speak up. . . . . . . . where was he then?  or does he think Nigerians are foolish, when credible people came out for elections over the years and had 2 or 3 votes, why did he not come out to speak on their behalf. . . . . . is he so engrossed in turning Nigeria to a better place now because of his thwarted political ambitions?. . . . . in my opinion, he has tainted his credibility by associating with a person like buhari. . . . . .NIGERIA IS BAD, WE ALL KNOW THIS SO HE IS NOT SAYING ANYTHING NEW. . . . . . . . AND ANY LEADER THAT COMES UP TODAY TO SAY HE CAN SOLVE OUR PROBLEM IN EVEN FOUR YEARS IS A LIAR. . . . . . .

Politics / Re: Al-mustapha Needs Psychiatric Attention – Ige’s Son by thought: 8:45am On Aug 04, 2011

has condemned the allegation by Maj.-Gen. Hamza al-Mustapha, the Chief Security Officer to the late Gen Sani Abacha

when did al-Mustapha became a Major General?

how are the issues being raised by Mustapha now relevant to the case at hand of murdering a woman Kudirat Abiola in cold blood,Mustapha is just, that was how his case was so prolonged.

Well if I am not mistaken, Mustapha said that his being kept behind bars because some powerful people do not want him to speak when he comes out. To be honest, whether his revelations are of significance or not in the case does not matter, I am sure if you are one of the Abiola's, It would be important/ relevant to you.

As for me, I a have lost interest in the case. . . . . . . . . . .it is a shame that the judge who is supposed to be defending justice could come up with such silly excuse just to prevent the tapes from being played. . . NIGERIANS NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH. . . . . . . . . . This for me further buttress mustapha's point- ( the power that be). . . . . . . . . I hope that the "powers the be" would allow the tape to be eventually played, so that we can see the extent of evidence there . . . . . .I equally hope the judge does not decide to make the "hearing behind closed doors". . . . . . afterall, this is Nigeria and anything goes,  . . . . . .  

if I were Mustapha, I by now, I would have PLANTED ALL the revelations I have with different people, so that when he mysteriously passes away as I feel he soon will, It would go viral on the internet. . . . . . . . . . . . .Nigerians need to know the truth, and know the REAL national/regional or whatever figures DEAD or ALIVE. . . . . .even death is not a barrier . . . . afterall people are honoured posthumously, so can they be shamed posthumously as well, as far as it has be proven beyond doubts to be true. We need to know that the truth can catch up with us anytime,  now later or even when we are no longer around.

                 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . the truth would only come out when someone decides to start spilling the beans. . . . . . . . . . . .
TV/Movies / Re: Nigeria's Karen And Zimbabwe's Wendall Are The Winners Of Big Brother Amplified by thought: 10:15am On Aug 01, 2011
[/quote][quote author=THE AMAKA link=topic=724879.msg8830155#msg8830155 date=1312180035]
warped outlook on life? guess what, her childhood and early adult life shaped her to be what she is today. she is simply a product of the AVERAGE AFRICAN LIFE, DEAL WITH IT.

I guess we are too ashamed to show what the average African is really like. the average African is pretty much like Karen. and I am talking about her childhood, her early adult life, etc. not all those with silver spoons in their mouth that will win the cash only to increase the wealth they already have and spend it on themselves. not saying they shouldnt spend it on themselves, but come on, let's be real here. . .

and im sure you guys talking about her fake bosoms are the same ones that ogle at fake bosoms. especially if they're on an American or a non-Naija celeb.  tongue

I don't NORMALLY come into issues like this, but reading through, the way you passionately defend your "perspective" on Karen, may be being "self justifying" or otherwise. I have a couple of questions though. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .are you saying that Karen's "childhood and early life" was the most difficult in Nigeria? Are you saying that others with  similar challenges in life followed Karen's footsteps?. Even those who are caught with Cocaine at the Airports or who go robbing,  killing others have similar "self justifying stance". . . . . . . . . . . oohh it my childhood. . . . . . . . . . . . its what life made me to be. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and come to think of it even after she went through all the "trials of life", would you say someone who had money ($$$$) to pay for "fake bosoms" is suffering)?. . . . . . . . "those whom you buy pepper from in the market, are they not human? or do you think they are animals or less humans?  do you think that lack the "nice body part?" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I know everyone is free to say whatever, but please stop that crap talk about "being a product of Average African life"-. . . . . let the young ones reading this thread, facing similar challenges not get corrupted with your talk.

In life we all have choices, yes! we are sometimes shaped by the challenges we face, but ultimately, we choose that part to take in life. . . . . . . . . . . . if your life is guided by MONEY as the ultimate, then you take a certain path. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . if it is guided by other values, you choose other paths. The choice is yours. I know people who have gone through worse in life and they did not take Karen route . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

and please note- I am in no way condemning Karen. . . . . . . . . . . .its her life and she can choose which way to stir, it but your justification of Karen's "perceived" way of life as being "a  product of the AVERAGE AFRICAN LIFE" is disheartening. . . . .and unfair to many who have done otherwise . . .
. . . . .JUST SAY ITS HER LIFE AND SHE CAN USE IT AS IT PLEASES HER. . . . . . . . . . . .     

And please again, the average African is NOT pretty much like Karen, an average African and even "less than average African" really is pretty much different.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Why Nnpc Wont Employ Anyone Of The 70000 Applicants by thought: 11:32am On May 19, 2011
so what does this have to do with d discussion topic
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairalander Caught With Her Knicker's Down (pic) 18 by thought: 7:54am On Apr 01, 2011
I knew from the subject that it was a trick,
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nnpc Center In Uk? by thought: 8:55am On Mar 26, 2011
No, there is no centre in the uk, all roads lead to 9ja
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Chevron Ng Aptitude Test By Dragnet Solutions by thought: 7:40am On Mar 02, 2011
@all - is gate crashing possible
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Chevron Ng Aptitude Test By Dragnet Solutions by thought: 12:48pm On Mar 01, 2011
@ guys,

It is possible for one to gate crash for this test, do you know if it would work
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Chevron Ng Aptitude Test By Dragnet Solutions by thought: 2:14pm On Feb 28, 2011

I got the test invite but unfortunately I am not in Nigeria right now.I don't just know what to do.I wrote the dragnet test last yr it was basically SHL.It wasn't that difficult.

if your in the uk, you could request a change in test venue to uk
Politics / Re: Jonathan Promises To Rid Nigeria Of Tribalism by thought: 3:06pm On Feb 25, 2011

Why do we keep arguing over which ethnic group is the largest or smallest when we've never conducted a census with ethnicity included. It's obvious Igbo, Hausa/Fulani and yorubas are the three most populous ethnicity in no particular order.


Why do we keep arguing over which ethnic group is the largest or smallest when we've never conducted a census with ethnicity included. It's obvious YORUBA Hausa/Fulani and IGBOS are the three most populous ethnicity in no particular order.
Now in the Right order!!!!


I am not trying to pick you out. . . . . .infact NL is known for "show casing" the level of tribalism in Nigeria as a whole but this your act alone, I guess was really just to much for me to swallow. . . .  . . . . . . . .  . . . . "

with people like you in Nigeria,. . . . . . . . . . and still being born in Nigeria, . . . . . . . . .  . Nigeria is doomed, If you can be so petty with something so little as the arrangement of the majors tribes in Nigeria,. . . . . . . . . . . . .  YOU MUST REALLY HAVE EITHER A LITTLE BRAIN (if at all there is any) OR A VERY LITTLE MIND . . . . . . . . . . . . . and you know what,. . . . . . . . . .  I guess you are aspiring to be a NIGERIAN LEADER,

If God were to come down to earth today in form of man, you would reject him because of his tribe. . . . . . . . (hisses). . . .  On Sunday you run around singing: Jesus I love you, , yet you despise your fellow man whom you can see because of his tribe and you claim you love the God you cannot see,. . . . . . . . . . ,  . My bother YOU LIE, . . . . . . . . . . YOU LIE BIG TIME, . . . . . . . . . . . . God in heaven be with you all

We keep ranting and making lots of Noise,. . . . . . . . . . .  Yet as a whole you can only achieve as much as those who worked on the "Tower of Babel"- NOTHING, (After all that was the essence of the differences in language) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I am really pissed with the Level of Tribalism being displayed in Nigeria, from supposedly well educated individuals,

At least it is a good thing GEJ said he wants to get rid/ reduce tribalism, . . . . . . . . . . saying it, is a step in the right direction and an acknowledgment of  the fact that this problem exists and is deep rooted- whether he works towards it or not is another thing, and we can assess him based on that-separately,. . . . . . . . . .  but it does not lessen the importance of the fact that he mentioned it( and it is the right thing to do), . . . . . . . . creating the awareness is one important step in the right direction,  . . . . . .  if we all do our bit by creating the awareness, and working towards ONE NIGERIA, then may be, we can start talking about NATION BUILDING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .it is quite an irony- given that he is currently running for President on the same "tribe ticket", . . . . . . . . . but the way I see it is simple- He either continues with the status quo, ,  . . . . . or he works to improve on the system that he finds himself in, . . . . . . . . . . . . . (I guess one Rawlings of Ghana chose the second option- I am not proposing his method though- but Ghana is better today, infact, I would'nt be surprised to see a "Nigeria Must Go Bag" in Ghana soon ).

Our problem is not just a leadership problem. . . . . . . . . . it is not just GEJ, OBJ, ATIKU, IBB or whoever . . . . . . . . . it is YOU and ME, and whether or not we decide to move the country forward or not. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . can GEJ make @seanet02 and all others in his category stop think the way they do- NO!!!,  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it boils down to me and you and our enshrined mentality. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in the[b] next 20-30years most of this people would be no more[/b] and the country would be in the hands on this generation. . . . . . . . . . and If I am not mistaken, my bother @seanet02, is not in any government position, (at least I am certain his not the president) but he could be one tomorrow, . . . . . . . . . . . . and with his current level of reasoning (based on what is above), you can imagine what our tomorrow would be as a COUNTRY with such a president,. . . . . . . . . . . . but if we can get a certain @seanet02 to be less tribalist and see everyone, irrespective of this Tribe, Religion, Shape, Size and even colour self  as one, then if he becomes president tomorrow, we can look up to a brighter tomorrow for our country Nigeria. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Guys, we need to get up and move on . . , . . . but of course we need some "dusting up". . . . Period.
Politics / Re: Breaking News : Governorship Candidate Shot Dead. by thought: 12:33am On Jan 29, 2011

Never in your life should you make the mistake of mentioning Boko Haram and Igbos with Yorubas in the same sentence. Yorubas are way too sophisticated for that.

Please take note.

That is why we all are where you are. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , even in the developed countries you still have assassins. I guess Yorubas are "out of this world" then. This precisely is the crux of the matter in Nigeria, we leave the issue at hand and pursue trivial ethnic allegiances that move the country as a unit no where. The Igbo man is a superstar, the Hausa man is a superstar, the Yoruba man is a superstar and every tribe, yet collectively you can do nothing, . . . . . . . . .See your country. . . . . . . . . ,  ., and while the discussion is about the killed governorship candidate you are more interested in "Jack is more sophisticated than Jill" , This is why Nigeria as a country can never progress, The president of the US has his origin in Kenya, yet he is the president of the US. Not until Nigerians see the next person as a brother notwithstanding his tribe/ ethnicity or religious orientation we would not move forward.

I mean. . . . . . . . . . . . . . I get irritated anytime I see learned people stoop so low when is comes to matters of tribe, . ,  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . its a shame,

Whether the man was killed for political reasons, by Boko Haram, OPC, Bakassi Boys, Egbesu, MEND, whatever or whoever, what is certain is that a human being has been killed and this only goes to highlight the failure of the Nigerian State, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .May God help us.

I hope when you all get to heaven you tell God you are a Yoruba or Hausa or Igbo man and should be placed in special areas, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .please enough of all these tribalism trash,
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The NNPC Recruitment Site Is Not Accessible So Far! Any Breakthrough? by thought: 2:04pm On Dec 05, 2010

You need to make sure your document is of the right size. As in less than 50kb or so. if you have adobe professional or any other PDF writer you can convert it to PDF.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Way Nlng? by thought: 11:26pm On Jan 08, 2008
Hmm. . . . . .  where do I start. I really don't have much time to write but I am pushed to because of the current trend of events. Please and please the abuses have gone just to far for comfort. While I was in school, I was told that "one has to pass through school and the school has to pass through him". it is unfortunate that for most of us, this is not the case. You don't show how intelligent you are by abusing yourselves.

From this thread, one can assess the level of mental development of a typical Nigerian graduate. Who is opokonwa, who is kuwena, who is adrianic. . . . . . For me they are just "characters" of Nairaland just as "thought" is a Nairaland character. it is for this sole reason I never border when someone speaks badly about thought. He is just a "made character". For God's sake why are we "rubbishing" ourselves to the whole world. How would graduates (supposed best brains in the country God help us) act in such disgraceful manner.

Whatever was disscussed outside Narialand and on personal and mutual trust should not be used as a weapon to score cheap points. This thread is a subset of the larger Nigerian society. it is even more disturbing to know that it consistutes about the best brains in Nigeria. See how you represent yourselves, fighting and arguing over trivial issues.(it is certain that most people have not out grown some of their "childish character"wink. I am teribbly disappointed and I know a good number of Nigerians would feel the same way.

What happened to the saying "Silence is golden". I have said this again and again, there are things which are best said when they are not said. You don't pick on or reply every 1kobo statement (or is your time that cheap??). We can all read (well I believe so), you don't need to point out what Mr A said or forgot to say.

I mean. . . . . . . it is a shame. . . . . . . .If gainfully employed graduates, holding various positions of responsiblity, would stoop so low as too fight over the "handsomeness, chest or whatsoever of anybodyy" what would those young ones in the kindergarten and primary school fight over- National issues, current technological  and development trends. . . . . . . . . . or probably setting up a business outfits.- - - - -Please grow up. Who cares whether Mr A is handsome or not, built or not, he should go for Mr Macho for all I care. If he wishes he could become Hercules that is what he feels is most important to him. Who really cares probably the weak and untasked minds.

It is really dissappointing when grow-ups become "cartoon characters", probably to entertain the kindergarten kids.

Both sides have drawn the battle line. It is time bring out the "lethal weapons" and attack-(shamelessly they would justify their positions and reasons why they must respond).

We always complain about Nigeria, how bad things are and why we must stay or run "away forever"; I ask: Do you think the developed countries would have achieved what they have if their best brains were occupying their minds with such trivial issues as proving or rejecting one's statement about his perceived looks.  For God's sake, where is this country heading to.


These "insults" have become too personal and have gone just too far for comfort.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Nestle Conduct Their Engineers' Test by thought: 9:50pm On Jan 08, 2008
it is just mathematics. You have to know weighted average, it is general mathematics. I think there is a quesiton that has to do with rate and time the tank would fill or so. For the first stage the questions are not based on your discipline.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Way Nlng? by thought: 9:20pm On Jan 01, 2008


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Way Nlng? by thought: 9:18pm On Dec 03, 2007

from Thought

I call this:

a desperate attempt to remain relevant in the wake of the obvious. undecided

well I understand "As bitter as the truth is, IT REMAINS THE TRUTH".

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