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Politics / As Daura Works With Saraki by Tobyarab(m): 10:24am On Aug 08, 2018
We all know about how much the Presidency detests anything Saraki that as little as a traffic offence could put him in jail right now.

They say reports have it that Daura worked for Saraki and they planned the NASS invasion together. If this were to be true, how come Saraki hasn't been arrested. Even as little as being invited to the office of DSS to be questioned hasn't happened.

Presidency should stop churning out childish lies. it's getting embarrassing for them.

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Politics / Re: How Lawal Daura Was Arrested by Tobyarab(m): 10:14am On Aug 08, 2018
These guys are jokes. Which reports indicted Saraki. How come Saraki hasn't been arrested? whereas in a case as petty as Off bank robbery, they want to persecute him. we all know Buhari is looking for any avenue to frustrate Saraki, why won't he use this as an alibi. Liars in high places.

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Politics / Re: Senators Welcome Saraki At National Assembly After DSS Invasion by Tobyarab(m): 7:19pm On Aug 07, 2018
suic?? Why
he said sarrki (nairalander) ,not Saraki
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Got Buhari's Approval To Sack Lawal Daura For 'Working For Saraki' - SR by Tobyarab(m): 5:27pm On Aug 07, 2018
How gullible people are. Was Osinbajo sleeping since morning till afternoon before sacking Daura. Before Buhari travelled, PDP cried out that Buhari intends to use force and remove Saraki as President but Presidency denied it. This is happening on a day that APC senators were trying to impeach Saraki somewhere else. If Daura solely authorised the invasion of NASS without Buhari approval, why didn't Oshiomole call Buhari earlier in the day to inform him of the situation .They had to wait till afternoon to remove Saraki man. use your head


Politics / Re: Heavy Protest Rocks National Assembly Over Plot To Impeach Saraki (PHOTOS) by Tobyarab(m): 12:14pm On Aug 07, 2018
Obviously, you have different meaning of the word "Heavy" grin grin grin

PDP is just reducing opposition politics to kids playground...No wonder only one section of the country still support them.
I think you ought to be ashamed of yourself. God gave us brains to use and make objective contributions in life but yours has atrophied. Your moniker states you are Ibo, God forbid. we reject you.


Politics / Re: Ben Bruce Addressing The Press This Morning (video) by Tobyarab(m): 10:10am On Aug 07, 2018
This Ngeneukwuenu seems not be smart at all. Videographic evidence is before you and yet you call it fake. I blame nairalanders who bandy words with her. Her IQ level is insufficient. if you must support a cause, you have to be well informed about it.


Politics / Re: Security Agents Block NASS Entrance, Prevent Senators, Staff From Entering by Tobyarab(m): 7:30am On Aug 07, 2018
Does APC have the two-third number to impeach Saraki? no need to panic. nothing dey happen. Osinbajo who is a lawyer should know better.


Celebrities / Re: Maureen Solomon: 'I Quit Acting To Dedicate Time For My Children, Family' by Tobyarab(m): 12:14pm On Aug 06, 2018
She had a beautiful figure


Politics / Re: Akpabio"s Defection : The Hypocrisy Of President Buhari's Anti Corruption War by Tobyarab(m): 12:09pm On Aug 06, 2018
your epistle is filled with "allegations",Buhari can't act or presume somebody is corrupt base on mere allegations,untill the court proves Akpabio is corrupt,Buhari can't stop Akpabio in decamping to APC
You speak bullshit. Has the court proven that Sambo Dasuki is guilty of corruption? yet Buhari still refuses to release him. you Buhari supporters are so blind. keep wallowing in darkness.


Politics / Re: Politicians Funding Bandits, Others — Air Force Boss by Tobyarab(m): 9:24am On Jul 31, 2018
Who are the politicians, let us know. I don't trust Nigeria military, they are not apolitical. Shame


Romance / Re: If She Cheats While Sharing Wedding Card!! by Tobyarab(m): 4:27pm On Jul 26, 2018
Of what use is an ex to your wedding ceremony?will he make it better? why invite him? An ex who can't respect the fact that someone is on the verge of getting married is as useless as the person he slept with. The both of you deserve each other.


Politics / Re: I Am Happy The Mercenaries Have Left APC - Oshiomhole Reacts To Defection by Tobyarab(m): 3:09pm On Jul 24, 2018
We would see how those Kano votes would go. The votes that literally made Buhari as President. We are watching. yesterday, you were saying there was no shame in pleading with these members not to leave the party. today, you say they have no electoral value. you are a disgrace though. we are watching.

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Politics / Re: Saraki: "Police IG Wants To Embarrass Me, To Prevent My Defection" by Tobyarab(m): 10:56am On Jul 24, 2018

Saraki is important Yes, Any direction he follows kwara Follows Yes. But mind you he cannot get 100% kwarans vote and I can confidently say once PMB have Tinubu and SW governors are loyal to Tinubu PMB is winning come 2019.
Then if it were so, Buhari should leave him alone. Don't be making such narrow minded comments. Saraki is a heavyweight who is popular in the National Assembly. Buhari knows that if he loses NASS, he is in deep trouble. If Tinubu would guarantee him a second term, he wouldn't be losing sleep over Saraki. Use your head before you comment.
Jobs/Vacancies / Uber Driver Needed by Tobyarab(m): 8:37am On Jul 24, 2018
Uber driver is needed in Lagos. please call 08119232188.
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole, APC Governors Beg Kwankwaso Not To Return To The PDP (Photos) by Tobyarab(m): 10:35am On Jul 21, 2018
Lots of peeps commenting here are either daft or narrow-minded. How did Oyegun destroy the party? Is it not Buhari that destroyed the party. look at all the people seeking to leave and their grievances. Ortom's case is that Buhari refused to quench herdsmen killing. Benue peeps already hate APC and Buhari. for him to stand a chance to win, he needs another party. Kwankwaso case, he has been humiliated by the governor while his entreaties to Buhari were ignored. What about Saraki, we all know his case. same presidency. what about Tambuwal or Dogara? please, people should comment wisely. Buhari killed APC and no other. As soon as he became president, he sidelined people that helped him including Tinubu. if not for Tinubu selfish desire to hold onto power, he too woulda pulled out of APC
Travel / Re: Apapa/oshodi Gridlock: Lagos Begins Removal Of Tankers Today by Tobyarab(m): 7:57am On Jul 20, 2018
The reason why the south west is more developed than igbo land is because we have leaders with listening ears and progressive mindset. Imagine removing trailers and tankers on the road less than 24hrs after complaints by motorists. Instead of fighting for biafra, the south east should demand more quality leadership from their governors. Not biafra.
Senseless is what you are. How long has it taken for truck build up to happen in Apapa? it's been weeks now. you wouldn't know because you are soaked in tribal bigotry. mind you, south east leaders don't wait for such to happen before they act. They are generally proactive. If Ambode were proactive, he would have seen this coming and prevented it but an idiot like you wouldn't note this.
Travel / Re: Apapa: Tanker Loaded With Petrol Falls & Spills Content by Tobyarab(m): 12:43pm On Jul 19, 2018
Roads there are death traps
Family / Re: My Husband's Pride Wants To Ruin Our Home by Tobyarab(m): 1:40am On Jul 15, 2018
I see people advising you to get a divorce because of this issue. There are lots of kids in this Nairaland who are bound to give misleading advice cos of their naivety. From all indications, I can tell you are a good woman. Take this issue to someone he respects and let the person settle it for both of you. But I believe in the Mr and Mrs ownership. You guys are a couple and therefore should have oneness.
Travel / Re: Masquerade Flogged Me: My Experience In Enugu Travelling Out Of East by Tobyarab(m): 5:24pm On Jul 11, 2018
Your moniker says you are male. Masquerades in the east don't flog adult males. Make this lie believable otherwise come clean that you are female.
Politics / Re: Heads To Roll In NYSC Over Adeosun’s Certificate by Tobyarab(m): 9:28am On Jul 11, 2018
Buhari claims to be championing anti-corruption agenda. This thing is happening in his household and yet, it's all silence.

Drops Mic

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Consequence's Wedding Cake (Photos) by Tobyarab(m): 12:47pm On Jul 10, 2018
That woman is aggressive. That guy had better not offend her. The guy had to hook up with his grandmother.
NYSC / Re: NYSC Certificate Signed By Bomoi In March 2009, But Left In January 2009 by Tobyarab(m): 9:03am On Jul 10, 2018
It was Bomoi that signed for March 09
I finished 09 as well
Bomoi retired in January but signed for March batch because he oversaw their tenure but Bomoi cannot sign for September batch. Which is batch C of that year. He was long gone by then.


Romance / Re: She’s A Terrible Cook And Frowns Too Much by Tobyarab(m): 10:52pm On Jul 08, 2018
Red flag. Is she the last born in her house?
Politics / The Company You Keep by Tobyarab(m): 1:17pm On Jul 08, 2018
I just read news about a couple who were killed in a power bike crash. power bikes don't kill, it's the user that determines it's fate. A few days ago, a tragic news about Corper who was shot dead in Abuja was viral. it's a pity. But news had it that the policeman shot into the car when the driver sped past the checkpoint and unfortunately, the bullet hit the lady.

In these two scenarios above, the death of the passengers were caused by the company they kept. first case, if the bike rider was more cautious in moving, there wouldn't be an accident. second case, we all know there is a likelihood for police to shoot at your car if you drive through a checkpoint, yet the stupid driver still drove through leading to the lady's death.

Imagine you have a quick tempered roommate in school and the person goes all out and challenges a deadly cultist while at school. when they track him down to his house, you will also share in the heat they will bring.

It also happens in relationships, you have a girlfriend who has a foul mouth, good at insulting people and someday she insults the wrong person,she gets beaten up. she comes to you for help, as the man, you wanna defend your woman and you decide to retaliate.that move might be your undoing

In this life, we should be careful of the people we hang with. don't hang with rash people. don't hang with people who make irrational judgements and finally, don't hang with quick tempered people. Their behavior can be your undoing. Sometimes good people are swallowed up by evil because they are not discerning enough to know when to cut off some people from their lives.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is It OK To Switch From 130k Job In Yaba To 200k @Ajah. Thinking Of Buying Bike? by Tobyarab(m): 4:25pm On Jul 07, 2018
Riding bike on that Lakowe road? you can't be serious. That narrow road that can barely accommodate two cars. road is dangerous enough for cars, what more bikes.
Politics / Re: Video Of A Prophet Declaring Who Becomes The Next Ekiti Governor by Tobyarab(m): 8:49am On Jul 07, 2018
This one is not smart at all. Usually, these men make prophecies from the trend and high probabilities. Anyway, mass exodus of members looming from his church.

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Politics / Re: State Police: House Of Representatives To Introduce Bill Next Week by Tobyarab(m): 2:44pm On Jul 05, 2018
This is a smart way of ending SARS. SARS would be restricted to federal roads only. Before federal police can operate within a state, it must get the consent of the State commissioner of police. The end of SARS is in sight. The IG of police can go to hell with his killer policemen.


Celebrities / Re: Funke Adesiyan Blasts Linda Ikeji: 'Are You Bisexual, Why Do You Like My Boobs' by Tobyarab(m): 9:10am On Jul 05, 2018
Well, she has a point. I follow Linda Ikeji blog and she is fond of this. if she is not writing about Eddie Murphy ex-wife body, it's another babe. To think that she is a woman who shouldn't be alluding to women's sexual makeup. she can't be preaching to women to be celibate while at the same time alluding to women as sex objects. feeding the predator while you tell the prey to be more defensive. that's hypocrisy.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How I Lost A Job Today Because I Didn't Grow In Lagos by Tobyarab(m): 8:28am On Jul 05, 2018
A company that can't get their recruitment process right definitely wouldn't be paying well. Don't jump on any job to come to Lagos oo. Lagos is stressful and expensive too. Your family don't live in Lagos, that means you will have to squat with a relative before you find your feet. hence, you should ensure you get a well paying job before leaving Kaduna. many peeps are struggling in Lagos.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How I Lost A Job Today Because I Didn't Grow In Lagos by Tobyarab(m): 8:27am On Jul 05, 2018
A company that can't get there recruitment process right definitely won't be paying well. Don't jump on any job to come to Lagos oo. Lagos is stressful and expensive too. Your family don't live in Lagos, that means you will have to squat with a relative before you find your feet. hence, you should ensure you get a well paying job before leaving Kaduna.

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Business / Re: P&G To Shut Down $300 Million Nigeria Production Plant, A Year After Launch by Tobyarab(m): 11:54am On Jul 04, 2018
if they knew that getting up to even 50% of raw materials in Nigeria is difficult then they shouldn't have spent that money in setting up any factory in Nigeria. It's good to have a nice feasibility study before engaging in that type of business.
That factory was under construction before Buhari regime. They didn't know they would be this frustrated under his leadership.
Education / Re: Lightning Strikes Student Of Anambra State University To Death Inside His Room by Tobyarab(m): 8:22am On Jul 04, 2018
Can't believe people don't know the difference between thunder and lightning. yet, they all claim educated.

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