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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Attack Man, British Wife, Daughter In Lagos. (pics) by Tobyarab(m): 11:32am On Jul 03, 2018
Couldn't you host your wife in VI or Lekki area. Mushin area of all places. The man daft ni.

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Travel / Re: Eyewitness Reveals Cause Of Otedola Bridge Explosion: Foolishness Killed Them by Tobyarab(m): 11:52am On Jun 29, 2018
Danfos eh!!! Danfos!!!!. Now the danfo driver who caused this accident fled and is probably back on the road today. FRSC would issue driving license without any prior test, LASTMA would clear a drunk driver after being bribed. agents of death prowling our society. all because of corruption. we are in trouble.

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Politics / Re: Voting APC Is Inviting Killer Herdsmen To Ekiti – Fayose by Tobyarab(m): 12:40pm On Jun 28, 2018
Even though Fayemi uses federal might to win,what about the house of assembly? they will forever remain PDP. they will either frustrate or impeach Fayemi. Fayemi is just wasting his time. his quest is riddled with landmines.
Crime / Re: Graphic Video Of Birom Attack On Muslim Travelers In Plateau by Tobyarab(m): 1:33pm On Jun 27, 2018

Does it then mean these killings are the handwork of those who were prevented from leaving Nigeria peacefully?

Are you still confused?
Cos the whole leaving Nigeria peacefully issue is borne out of frustration of losing power and the confusion that follows loss of power.

I pity you
Killings are as a result of encroachment on people's farmlands. go and check your history


Crime / Re: Air Force Officer And Policeman Killed By Fulani Herdsmen In Plateau State.Photo by Tobyarab(m): 1:27pm On Jun 27, 2018
Most allegations against these Fulani herders are actually false. They are harmless friendly individuals with sticks. They hardly get angry. Their women are best . Above all, they are very caring. I was at abuja the other day and some of them welcomed me into their huts with fresh fura and nama. One of them even wanted to offer his sister to keep me company for the night but I rejected. Forget the events of the past like the biafran war and co. These people are the best when it comes to hospitality .
Your father
Politics / Re: Heavy Rainfall As President Buhari Boards Jet 'Eagle 1' To Jos From Calabar (Pic by Tobyarab(m): 10:13am On Jun 27, 2018
we solicit with you guys in Nigeria
solicit?abi,sympathise?get your words right.
Celebrities / Re: D'banj And His Son Walking Past His Swimming Pool & Fan's Warning (Pics, Video) by Tobyarab(m): 1:38pm On Jun 25, 2018

Yes, he certainly needs more support now, and less judgment...
Needs support. I agree. But if he were in a First World country, he would be looking at jail time. That's negligence.

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Celebrities / Re: D'banj And His Son Walking Past His Swimming Pool & Fan's Warning (Pics, Video) by Tobyarab(m): 1:36pm On Jun 25, 2018
There are things you don't do when you are raising a family. Like keeping a glass table as furniture in the house, you must sacrifice a lot when you have kids. sensible parents know this.how the hell do you create an indoor swimming pool in a home that's newly starting. Dbanj ought to know better.everything isn't about class.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 5 Best Cities To Search For Employmeny In Nigeria by Tobyarab(m): 8:59am On Jun 23, 2018
Is it rocket science that well paying jobs exist in Borno? Feel free to go at your peril. Army are struggling to contain Boko Haram, what more you. Lagos is best for job hunt. But the cost of living in Lagos makes 200k a month salary look meagre.

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Romance / Re: Victoria Kimani: I Have Not Had Sex Since 2017, Now I Feel Like A Virgin by Tobyarab(m): 11:13am On Jun 21, 2018
SMH. She and her dying career. Maybe such interviews can help revive it.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N7.2million Contract Job For 15 Months OR Permanent Job Of N150k Per Month by Tobyarab(m): 8:00am On Jun 21, 2018
If you are certain that the government would pay fully the 7.2m,then go for it. If not, kuku take the private.This is Nigeria, assuming government owe you, what can you do? take them to court for a case that would drag for years. like I said, if the government can be trusted, then go for it.
Family / Re: My Experience - The Scourge Of PHCN Estimated Billing by Tobyarab(m): 2:53pm On Jun 20, 2018
Forget NERC Eko forum,those guys are weak. chase after their headquarters at Abuja. call them and write to them. If it were possible for you to go to Abuja and meet with the head of monitoring team there. you will never pay no bill again until pre-paid meter is installed. I did it and it worked for me. Eko disco is nothing but fraud.

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Crime / Re: Ilorin Police Station Submerged By Flood (Photos) by Tobyarab(m): 11:53am On Jun 20, 2018
Them divert all the rain for Lagos go other states. Please, nice weather continua
Celebrities / Re: Alexx Ekubo, Yomi Casual And Bryan Okwara Pose With Their Cars (Photo) by Tobyarab(m): 11:50am On Jun 20, 2018
Bentley indeed. All these ill-informed bloggers. Mtschew

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Business / Re: Tony Elumelu Rocks Nigerian Jersey To Support Eagles by Tobyarab(m): 9:43am On Jun 17, 2018
Am certain these pictures are were taken before the match. being that they were all smiles.

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Politics / Third Mainland Bridge: The Cause by Tobyarab(m): 12:29pm On Jun 14, 2018
Lately on the news, there have been reports of serious/fatal accidents occurring on this Third Mainland bridge. The latest being that a commercial bus nearly plunged into the lagoon. it's shocking to know this and we pray not to fall victim to this scourge.

If you have driven or taken a ride on this bridge, you will notice it's quite long, about 13km long, the second longest in Africa according to stats. it would be quite tempting to wish to gun your vehicle when you get onto that bridge. that is the scary part.

Speeding is quite delightful when you see yourself moving past cars and leaving a trail of dust behind them like you are headed for the finish line. it's a feel good experience, no doubt. but the danger in it far exceeds the joy you derive.
I repeat, please, I repeat, there is one component of a car that you can never guarantee it's state at every point in time and that's the tyre. a tyre can fail you at any point in time, be it brand new or used. This is one thing that has eluded tyre manufacturers. why? because under driving conditions, a tyre is under stress. stress of heat on ground, weight in car, surface of road and also air pressure. that's is why the advice to drive at safe speed is always presented.

Third mainland bridge speed limit advises 70km/hr for cars and 50km/hr for buses and trucks. but this is Nigeria, those sign posts only serve to beautify the road. it's a sad phenomenon.

Tyre blowout is the chief cause of fatal accidents. it makes you to suddenly lose control of your steering and the vehicle to lose balance which ultimately leads to somersaults. the only way you can stay safe in a tire blowout is driving at safe speed. Max of 90km/hr. even a rookie driver can stop the car safely.

Avoid temptation of speed, drive safe. if you are in a commercial bus, you need to raise your voice and yell at driver to slow down,.first off, commercial drivers are ignorant and they are in a hurry to achieve their daily target. don't become their pawn. your life is at stake here. life has no replacement. be smart.

Third mainland bridge has no demons or "mammy water" that calls for blood. the accidents are all caused by human beings. today is a brand new day. let's all stay safe.
Politics / Re: The Unofficial Results Of The Annulled June 12 1993 Election by Tobyarab(m): 8:00am On Jun 12, 2018
Abia, Imo, Enugu no try at all. Tofa ke.

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Crime / Re: My Response To SARS Uprising by Tobyarab(m): 2:55pm On Jun 10, 2018

First, SARs brutality have always existed, are you in Nigeria?

It has reduced now compared to before thanks to social media, (ezu River comes to mind).

Wait, you are saying that though both North and South commit crime, South should be brutalized bacause they have money?

Stop justifying the crime being committed by SARs under whatever guise. There is a reason why laws exist in the first place.

Men should not behave like lawless animals in jungles.
you seem to misunderstand me. I said that a typical southerner would rather pay up and get away from a tight situation than stand their grounds and say no. every authority including SARS know that already and so they capitalize on it. if southerners don't change this mindset, authorities would keep riding on us. this is for clean people and not G boys. G boys are desperate oo and would do anything to go free.
Crime / Re: My Response To SARS Uprising by Tobyarab(m): 2:39pm On Jun 10, 2018
This is not only limited to SARS. a Lastma officer would rather pick on a private car driver than a commercial driver.why?because not much money would come from the commercial.what about power discos, which northerner has money for crazy bills. they rather you take the wire and they stay in darkness.but crazy bills are common in south and people still pay. history serves both regions. an average northerner suffers so much to make money, so he would rather die than give out that money. in the South, we believe that money given out will be recovered tomorrow. to move forward, we need to drop this mentality. the problem is with us.
Crime / Re: My Response To SARS Uprising by Tobyarab(m): 1:58pm On Jun 10, 2018
Op, So SARs brutality is limited to yahoo boys?

Why should the brutality exist even if its a G boy.

Like you said, EFCC is already doing the work better so why is SARs even involved?

There is a reason we gave them guns, its for armed robbers.

That aside, SARs and police harrass people in the south more than in the North because they are afraid.

If you are in Nigeria and dont know this, then, ask questions.

Let every security outfit do the work they are created to perform within the law while respecting the rights of all citizens.
never said it was limited to yahoo boys, they target yahoo boys and in the mix, harass innocent people too. SARS is commissioned to curb crime. so, if a crime is committed, be it North or South, they will go for the person or persons. but as corrupt as they are, they won't fail to exploit any moneymaking avenue if given the chance. their main motive in the South is to make money and free money is available to them because affluence is here unlike the North where people struggle. how many can afford to pay 50k bail in the North. SARS police work with history of a place.
Crime / My Response To SARS Uprising by Tobyarab(m): 1:02pm On Jun 10, 2018
I read up on Twitter yesterday about a man's lamentation on the double standard that SARS exhibits in treatment of people living in Northern and Southwest Nigeria. In the end, he called for a revolt against SARS. I agree to disagree.

Fact is that police harassment and brutality is everywhere in Naija. difference is what the police stands to gain from these actions. MONEY!!! Police are smart and when your source of money is questionable, you become their meal ticket.

A typical northerner can barely switch on a computer, what more fishing for a "client" to dupe on the internet. I stand to be corrected that there are so many G boys residing in Lagos. from Mushin to Ajah, they are everywhere. police love these folks because they need to take take their own share of the loot too. these G boys usually style themselves in some way that they are easy to notice. once you fit the bill, you are in. unfortunately, lots of innocent folks are caught in these harassments.

Then ask a typical G boy, whom would they rather prefer to be on their case? EFCC or SARS? the answer is as clear as day. SARS would leave them to fight for another day. while EFCC would ensure that they are broke and probably remanded in prison.

You now see why SARS tend to have a ball in Lagos. sadly, those innocent folks who constitute a minority of SARS harassment don't talk much then. Until this scourge of fraud is reduced, these harassments would persist.
Science/Technology / Snake In Toilet :thanks Nairaland by Tobyarab(m): 3:52pm On Jun 06, 2018
Lagos is a developed city, so then, sightings of snakes may be rare but if you live near a canal or bush,dont be surprised.

A few weeks ago, I chanced upon a thread on Nairaland that informed about a man who saw a snake in toilet and it was eventually shot to death. I drew a lot of lessons from the comments that followed. it made me to start closing my toilet after use. now to my story.

Last night, I routinely went into the bathroom to brush my teeth for the night. fortunately for me, there was light, no generators on, hence my surroundings were quiet. just as I was about to reach for toothpaste, I heard a sound like splash of water coming from the toilet area.i quickly shut the sink tap to listen more intently.the sound came again.

I thought to myself that this sound cannot be a cockroach since its louder and stronger than it. I got scared, shut the bathroom light and reached for my flashlight. walked to the WC,opened it,shot my torchlight inside and saw that the water was all black and something was moving inside it. I stood there,still looking, trying to figure out what it was. maybe a rat or frog I figured, not until this thing reared its head and I saw it was a snake(medium size in width)

I panicked, shut the toilet and flushed,waited for the tank to refill and flushed again. I reached for the toilet seat and opened it to confirm cond ition of the snake and it was gone. gone to soakaway. in my mind, I thought, this is just palliative. the snake is still in the house. Tomorrow is another day, I kuku went to bed joor .

Morning came and I rushed to the toilet to check, nothing there. I said, snake is playing a smart one.i can't dive into soakaway to find it nah.i dressed up and left for the office.

Narrated to peeps at the office for solution to the issue and I was advised to go "bombard" the soakaway with carbide, the snake would become toast. I rushed out to go get one. obtaining carbide wasn't easy as I heard it can be used in making explosives. anyway, I got it,hurried home. did as I was told as well as extra. Had to give the snake what it was really searching for, a slow and painful death. I believe I am a free man now.

That's my story folks. be extra careful.these things are real. no fiction. rainy season is here and flood waters would be transporting these creatures around. one can even come from Ikorodu and meet you in Surulere if these canals are connected. if you live in Lagos, you would have known that houses here tend to channel waste pipe into gutters or canals.terrible.if rain falls and the gutter or canal is full, it would rise to meet the level where your exit pipe is, and from there, a snake could find its way into your house. ensure that the pipes that carry waste water have wire gaze built into them.stay sharp, be wise. a snake bite in a toilet would definitely be fatal.
Celebrities / Re: Laila Ijeoma Hangs Out With Mimiko, Ex Governor Of Ondo by Tobyarab(m): 12:47pm On Jun 04, 2018
What's stunning about this? If she doesn't trend like Linda, how does it matter? She is still making her money nonetheless. everybody must not be as popular as Linda, that doesn't make they are not connected or loaded too.
Politics / Re: Wedding Of Andrew Parr And Chidiogo Akunyili In Anambra: Governor Obiano Spotted by Tobyarab(m): 8:52pm On Jun 02, 2018

Make me sef gbadun dis ya complexion nau hajiya. grin

I check my email every 2hrs and 30mins, ...I don abandon everything sef and i sit by computer all day long waiting for ya mail. E no arrive. cool
Omo,get up and go look for job. That ship has sailed.
Celebrities / Re: Daph: How My Nude Photo Attracted Davido, Kiss Daniel, Mr Eazi, Others To My DM by Tobyarab(m): 8:39pm On Jun 02, 2018
nonsense news.
Nwanne,take 5.

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Politics / Re: Wedding Of Andrew Parr And Chidiogo Akunyili In Anambra: Governor Obiano Spotted by Tobyarab(m): 6:41pm On Jun 02, 2018
Their ridiculous outfits though. look like clowns performing at a circus.

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Sports / Re: England Vs Nigeria Friendly - 2 - 1 (Full-Time) by Tobyarab(m): 6:37pm On Jun 02, 2018
Clipped wings Eagles.
Crime / Re: Man Stabs His Elder Brother Dead In Jos Because Of Cloth (Graphic Photos) by Tobyarab(m): 6:35pm On Jun 02, 2018
Horrible child. Jail him for life.
Health / Re: My Challenges With Rhesus Factor In Pregnancy And How I Overcame It by Tobyarab(m): 4:26pm On Jun 01, 2018
Nice one. am happy for you. you have been through a lot. 6 pregnancies? God will see your kids through.
Crime / Re: Father Brutalizes His Daughter In Oyo For Not Understanding Studies.Graphic Pic by Tobyarab(m): 10:21pm On May 31, 2018
My dear African parents, beating doesn't remould a child.

I don't beat mine, (they don't know this though), 10 & 6, but just tell them you'll report them to their dad, the reset to default immediately.

Beating a child like this is child abuse and in saner clime, the child would be taken away from the father.
Daft comment. you don't beat your child but they get scared by their father name mention. why is that? simple. because the father beats them. beating is okay to set kids straight but don't beat to harm.
Health / Re: Two Sisters With Windswept Legs Now Able To Run After Undergoing Surgery. Photos by Tobyarab(m): 3:51pm On May 29, 2018
Old News mate
Family / Re: Different Types Of Adults That Should Be Wished Happy Children’s Day (meme Colle by Tobyarab(m): 12:43pm On May 29, 2018

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