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NYSC / Re: Varsity Sent 27 Hawkers For Youth Service —JAMB by Tokunbohkinibig: 2:43pm On Dec 20, 2014

Thank God I am not the only one who noticed you guys. Ama did as well. Sorry asses. The other day it was about some Yorubas molesting one Igbo guys at a park just cos he's Igbo. Now another Yoruba talk nonsense. Long story. Please find somethin else to say. Silly bigot.

Here is a typical example of UNN Alumni; struggling to comprehend a simple write up. Why is it difficult for you and your likes to comprehend a simple write up? What was written in the third paragraph of my write up was all about how bigoted you guys are
NYSC / Re: Varsity Sent 27 Hawkers For Youth Service —JAMB by Tokunbohkinibig: 1:58pm On Dec 20, 2014

Hatred lives and grows in every Yorubaman's heart. I am a living testimoney to how you guys harbour and water hatred in your hearts esp for anything Igbo. God help you guys to make heaven...cos I don't see a person who hates living there. No one holy pass but unna own worse.
All you guys look out is to see some negative news from the SE so you guys would start running your ewedu mouths like the toutish owo mi da boys you all are. undecided Tufiakwa

See this bigoted idiota!!! It's now a crime to air my view/observation/experience simply cos Igbo person was involved u stupid cuntt. Why are u guys so pathetic and tribalistic like this? Must you guys view everything from tribal perspective. The rate at which you guys view things from tribal perspective is quite alarming and disturbing.

I remember when Tafa balogun was paraded like a scumbag by his own brother(Obasanjo) in d media and this House of assembly member; an Hausa guy called Fa........................ Yorubas and Hausa didn't see it from tribal perspective but turn d table around and you see dese people from the other side of Niger bridge screaming tribal jargons.

On Friday, my attention was called by other colleagues who are Nigerians/Africans to an Igbo guy called Nnamani(we called him Ama) at my working place, he is the only Igbo(from Anambra state to be precise) among us. They asked me why did Ama always attached every bad thing to Yorubas whenever he is talking, why does he likes to bring Yorubas into every conversation that as little link to tribal or national conversation? my response to them was to tell Ama off whenever he does it again. However, I wasn't surprised cos I have observed it myself but decided to keep him at bay and till date, he does not know why I don't pick his calls outside work or have anything to do with him outside work. He begged me to attend his wedding, I didn't turn up cos he is a bigoted idiot cuntt. And the funny thing is that his new wife is a Yoruba lady from Abeokuta.

I have aired my view about Yorubas who are muslims here today and the Yoruba guy who decided to air his own view by insulting me was equally given his own medicine.
Politics / Re: A Professor In Law Running Mate To A School Cert Holder by Tokunbohkinibig: 12:41pm On Dec 20, 2014
Hahaha lol @Op!!! Buhari sounds more intelligent than your fake Phd holder called Jonathan. Pls, go and check their accomplisments in government and come back to tell me who looks like Phd holder.


NYSC / Re: Varsity Sent 27 Hawkers For Youth Service —JAMB by Tokunbohkinibig: 12:21pm On Dec 20, 2014
There are two universities in Nigeria...University of Nigeria Nsukka AND others!!!He remembered UNN cuz itz the most popular Varsity in/outside Nigeria,so interrogate him and see he must be from Bello or Awolowo university!I knw UNN ryt wen I was 4years....and peharps,everybody here in Singapore knows it.

Guess what! I wasn't surprised when UNN was mentioned cos i met some UNN Alumni back in 1999/2000 during my service year in Abuja and ..................... It's well with that Uni.
Education / Re: Futminna: Two Students In Hijab Nearly Lynched by Tokunbohkinibig: 11:43am On Dec 20, 2014
When will you've a brain transplant, cus having no brain is so bad for you.

Read your bible before quoting any of my religion post

My opinion was aired without resulting to your brain this or dat but since you ve decided to be dragged in d mud like your cursed forefathers, I won't hesitate to oblige you fool.

Baba e lo need brain transplant u know. A child of cursed and yoked family. Na God go fire ur father poverty stricken head as you mentioned Bible................Let me tell you how you look like in d midst of your Islam inventors, You-black muslims are like black slaves in d midst of their white masters...

Each time you fools travelled to that bleeped up Saudi- Holy land indeed, ve u noticed how those your Islam inventors look at you-Black muslims................
Education / Re: Futminna: Two Students In Hijab Nearly Lynched by Tokunbohkinibig: 2:41am On Dec 20, 2014
Boko harm
You see wetin you curse.

For trying to tarnish Islam image.

May You end in Jahannam [Hellfire] ᴴᴰ

Am a Muslim
Am not a terrorist.

I laughed each time I see my muslim Yoruba brothers................. I beg, wetin carry una go join this Islam self? And d thing-Islam no com fit/suit una. Na God go punish that devil wey entice una with this kind ting

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Politics / Re: Biafra GRANTED African Union Membership by Tokunbohkinibig: 9:01pm On Dec 19, 2014
They are just pathetic and mischievous. They will look for trouble and get their silly ass whipped and only to be screaming to the world about not being fed and given enough weapons by the same people they are fighting.

Independence could be ceremoniously and peacefully achieved if you are smart ...................
Politics / Re: Ekiti Assembly Sits, Suspends Seven PDP Lawmakers by Tokunbohkinibig: 8:39pm On Dec 19, 2014
Nice one


Celebrities / Re: Entertainment: Ten Most Stylish Celebrities In Nigeria(pics) by Tokunbohkinibig: 7:40pm On Dec 19, 2014
Those people you called stylish celebrities are just like every other basic and normal guys out there. These guys below are d real deal; stylish celebrities.


Uti Nnwachukwu
Bryan Okwara
Alexx Ekubo
IK Ogbonna
Gbenro Ajibade(Tinsel)
Jim iyke
My hubble self-Tokunboh(GQ babe)
Emmanuel ikugbese
Sexy steel
Denola Adepetu
Illrhymz (Nigeria Idol/factor guy)
Basketmouth( The comedian is good with his combinations more often than not)
Banky W

LADIES: Trendy

Eva Alodiah
Osas Igbohdaro
Yvonne Vixen ekwere
Rita Dominic
Tiwa savage
Yemi Alade

Pls, dese ladies-Omotola,Gennevieve and of course Kate are just normal and basic in terms of their dressing style
Nairaland / General / Re: One Of Nigeria's Hairiest Women, Queen Okafor, Tells Her Story by Tokunbohkinibig: 6:40pm On Dec 19, 2014
Why Igbo women are so hairy? genetic thing i presumed. All the hairy ladies i ve ever met in US and UK are Igbos. Jeezzzzz!!! that thing is disgusting........
Crime / Re: Nigerian Gay Guy Kills Self After He Was Attacked by Tokunbohkinibig: 1:14am On Dec 19, 2014

A Prayer for someone's death is best addressed to Satan. God's wrath may fall on you otherwise for your irrational hatred and bigotry.

Shut that thrash you called mouth. May His wrath fall on you gay. Go and read your bible and come back to tell me how many people that were killed by God due to their disobedience. The popular one was Sodom and Gomorrah and of course the pharaoh's warriors who re trying to cross the red sea so as to kill the isrealites.


Crime / Re: Nigerian Gay Guy Kills Self After He Was Attacked by Tokunbohkinibig: 12:42am On Dec 19, 2014
I am strongly praying to God to even kill you Bisi Alimi.


Politics / Re: Letter To Gen. Buhari By Prof. Banji Akintoye (A Must Read) by Tokunbohkinibig: 12:35am On Dec 19, 2014
[quote author=safarigirl post=29008046]brother go siddon for one corner...Yoruba holds wetin where? Una sabi road to pull out?

We're here talking about one Nigeria and you have the gall to make the entire election about one out of over 250 ethnic groups, shey the ewedu wey you chop this evening no done?

Please take this your tribalistic talk somewhere else, as if only Yoruba people will vote in 2015. Make una no dey spoil Buhari's chances with dumb tribalistic statements[/quot

Who wrote this rubbish? you must be really dumb and stupid to have written that rubbishup there in response to what that guy was trying to say
Romance / Re: How To Decently Tell A Guy You Are In Love With Him - Nairalander Needs Advice. by Tokunbohkinibig: 6:42pm On Dec 18, 2014
@op, go ahead and tell him how you feel. Listen to my personal story and pick from it so as to encourage yourself. I was at work one day and an elderly woman from Nigeria sent another african guy to tell me to see her immediately in her office. I was shocked and surprised as to Why the woman called for my attention. What ve i done and What on earth did she need me for were d questions begging for answers in my head

I left What i was doing and made my way to her office. On getting there, she ushered me in and said that the purpose of the meeting was cos of her staff who had been dying silently. And i asked her why was d lady dying in silence and she said d lady in question was love with you but she was scared to tell you.

To cut d long story short, the nigeria woman begged me to see d girl first and the meeting btw us was scheduled for d subsequent day. I saw her d following day and she turned out to be one of the white girls at my working place ; i have seen her couple of times and d rest is history today.

We re madly in love wt each other and nobody knew about how we met from my own side except the Nigerian lady who brought us together. I cherish, respect and love her.

However, it's all depend on d age of this guy in question, i remember d same similar experience when i was a teenager; after WAEC. The girl lived in d same neighbourhood, she was bold enough to tell me about her feeling towards me but cos of my age, i started misbehaving and maltreating her but she never stopped begging for my attention. However, one day while she was begging me, my mum was looking at us unknown to me though until she left. My mum called me and begged me to stop treating her the way i was treating but one that touched me was the last things my mum said which was" it is a feeling she has no control on, she knew d way u treating her was not fair but there no way to stop loving u". And i stopped treating her badly. I did all this cos of my age at that point in time.
Politics / Re: Singer Daniel Wilson Mocks Gov. Chibuike Amaechi - Pix by Tokunbohkinibig: 5:09am On Dec 18, 2014

Why did I wake up from sleep now to come and read dumb and incongruous political analysis as this. The point is this man's use and dump syndrome in Nigerian politics is just beginning. His Achilles Heel was the betrayal of someone from his region in order to become a VP.

so wake up south south is not a stagnant region after 2019, when the region must have completed its time. by which time a much younger Northerner will be elected, not a septuagenarian. By the time south south will come to power again in Nigeria, Amechi and Oshiomole will either be dead or too old to play any active part in politics.

By then yours sincerely might have become politically mature to aspire for d highest political office in the land. And I will honourably and humbly present myself for the plum job in d land.

Chai!!!! Insult up there!!!!!coming from a foolish boy who would be spreading his urine soaked mat later this morning. Listen fool, he who swallows apple seed must consider the size of his anus. It's sad that you have decided to tour the path of insult instead of making your own contribution to the topic in view and bounce but it's all well and good.

However, an african adage says that when a fool speaks, a wise man listen, but sometimes, a foolish person like you has to be taught how to zip it when the wise ones are talking. Foolishness could be contagious and our nairaland's children including you must be cured or prevented from being infected and that is why i have taken upon myself to tell you to zip that ebola infected thrash you called mouth. A man who sees a hen scattering excrement should stop it, who knows who will eat the leg of the same hen tomorrow............

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Politics / Re: Singer Daniel Wilson Mocks Gov. Chibuike Amaechi - Pix by Tokunbohkinibig: 8:48pm On Dec 17, 2014
Nobody is talking about somebody, that is allowed you know. It is a natural thing for MR NOBODY to talk about MR SOMEBODY.

You ve all failed to realise that Amechi is a potential president or VP after APC first tenure in office. They must have zoned presidency and VP to each regions for peace to reign and that is Why Northerner was given the presidential slot now while Yoruba was given VP. The two regions were given these slots for obvious reasons.

I can assure you that when it's d turn of South South to present their candidate for either VP or presidency, d battle would be between Osho Baba and Amechi. And trust me, having washed his hands(Amechi) and dined with elders, Amechi ll easily win the primary against Osho.

Amechi is only Wetting the ground for future purpose

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Politics / Re: Senate Rejects Bill To Recognise Anambra As Oil Producer by Tokunbohkinibig: 8:34pm On Dec 17, 2014
Tokunbo you missed my point. If it was a Northerner, a Yoruba or an Ijaw that opposed the bill they will say nobody want the progress of the Igbo-man.

Oh sorry!!! I actually misconstrued your message. Yes, you r right bro.

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Politics / Re: Senate Rejects Bill To Recognise Anambra As Oil Producer by Tokunbohkinibig: 4:11pm On Dec 17, 2014

See how brother betray brother? I won't say anything on the issue for reason best known to me. But ...

Shut up and Keep that bigoted mouth of urs to yourself. Tribalistic people!!! They ruined Nigeria integrity in less than 8years in power.

If not tribal blackmail, it ll be my brother keeper blackmail; My brother who should be covering my back despite my action is despicable and dangerous to others.

So cos he is Igbo, d other man ought to have kept quiet

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Politics / Re: Rotimi Amaechi To Become Buhari's Campaign DG - Dele Momodu by Tokunbohkinibig: 12:46pm On Dec 17, 2014
You ve all failed to realise that Amechi is a potential president or VP after APC first tenure in office. They must have zoned presidency and VP to each regions for peace to reign and that is Why Northerner was given the presidential slot now while Yoruba was given VP. The two regions were given these slots for obvious reasons.

I can assure you that when it's d turn of South South to present their candidate for either VP or presidency, d battle would be between Osho Baba and Amechi. And trust me, having washed his hands(Amechi) and dined with elders, Amechi ll easily win the primary against Osho.

Amechi is only Washing the ground for future purpose
Politics / Buhari/fashola, Anything Less Than That, Apc Might As Well Cast Their Vote 4 Pdp by Tokunbohkinibig: 2:58am On Dec 17, 2014
My Opinion!!!

Trust me on this, anything less than Fashola as VP, APC should forget about 100% vote from south west. However, Yorubas won't be voting for Fashola cos he is a Yoruba man but cos of his popularity in terms of his achievements as a governor. I swear with everything I have ever worked for that Yorubas would vote a muslim Igbo/Ijaw man as VP who has achieved this same popularity as Fashola. Life is all about risk, APC should forget about this muslim/muslim ticket, Yorubas don't care about this thing realistically.

It's just a political propaganda to hoodwink APC to have unpopular VP just like pastor Tunde Bakare who couldn't win enough vote for APC in d last election despite his popularity in Christian circle nationally. Mamora is only known in his constituency as far as Lagos state is concerned while Bola Tinubu will not only kill APC but his own political career in South West.

I remember how much Aigbhe and Oyarugbulem were loved by people as their governors while incompetent Yorubas' governors re hated with passion by the same Yorubas. I equally remember this Hausa guy from Adamawa state, as a governor of Lagos state; he was really loved by the same Yoruba people.

Finally, couple of months ago, people re screaming about Desmond Elliot being not a real Yoruba and all that, did he win d primary or not? yes he did. Listen, you ll all be shocked that he would win the election against Omo Oniles(Their names could be Bamidele, Gbenga, Deji etc) hands down. Who remember Dr Nnamdi Azikwe political party that won election in south west against their own son in 60s.

Just before I go, don't sell me this senseless rhetorics that Yorubas are different in 2014, confirmed bro! Yorubas are not, they remained the same Yorubas of 60s. If you doubt me as Igbo, Ijaw, Hausa man, join any political party(APGA, CPC; don't join AD or any other Yorubas party), build your reputation in your chosen local area as a liberal person, learn how to speak their local language, be friendly and respectful at grassroot level and head to the poll against their bona fide son/daughter in that locality, I swear down, Yorubas would vote for you despite the fact they are aware of your ethincity

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Politics / Re: Wamakko To Jonathan: Resign And Apologise To Nigerians by Tokunbohkinibig: 11:40pm On Dec 16, 2014
Apologise for what?
Wamakko is a fool.
A big fool who took away pdp vote to apc.
he should be d one to apologise to sokoto people.
Sometimes I just keep wondering whether you can find a single clean honest hausafulani man who can be straight forward in politics. Always relying on playing games (wayo) with people's mind, as if we don't also reason as humans!
These are parasitic state governors that are suppose to be pitied for survival of their states but arrogance won't let them lie low!
Non of them is talking of productions, tourism, social services that generate jobs and revenue for their survival.
Instead its how rule over the south by force by false.

It is quite sad and depressing to see our generation being enveloped/engrossed in tribal sentiment and unfounded assertion. Listen, I have read and listened to this well celebrated and embraced Born to rule assertion in d south over the years but I have realised that it's just a tribal blackmail or propaganda being used/used against the North by shameless and bigoted individual/people in the south.

Take a proper look at Nigeria politics today bro and tell me who has more domineering attitude between both sides--North and South if not the same south. Let's be frank and honest with ourselves, the PDP arrangement as regards rotation of power btw both sides is an excellent pointer to who is causing problem in this country. In a country like Nigeria where large number of the populace are illiterates, I think there is need for that kind of arrangement to be in place so as to give every tribes some sense of belonging to a Nigeria project but what happened to the arrangement eventually, we in the south bleeped up the arrangement just like the way we in south bleeped up our decentralised government in 60s but only for us to start accusing or calling Northeners all sort of names-parasites is d common one.

PDP arrangement is an excellent pointer to the fact that the Northerners want an equal level playground for both sides. If Northerners wanted to dominate Nigeria politics, trust me, Northeners wouldn't have participated in that kind of arrangement that gives the same 8years given to the Northerners to the Southerners. Going by their history and utterances, all they--Northerners wanted was equal representation in a Nigerian project just like South East(I used south east here cos they won't tolerate domineering attitude of others for a second nationally while south west won't tolerate domineering attitude at regional level- southwest states especially)

Stop calling the Northerners, parasites. Northerners was doing amazingly well before Niger delta oil was discovered. There are hundred nations across the world today without oil and most of these nations are doing awesomely well and well developed than most of OPEC nations.

Finally, you talked about job creation, tourism, production so as to generate revenue in your last paragraph i think, can you please tell me what has Federal government that has everything within its power to break into these aforementioned revenue generated avenues done so far? Is any state in the south apart from Lagos doing what you expected(are expecting) in terms of internal revenue generation from Northern states?

Just before I go, let me quickly say that south people are in government now and I can categorically tell you that South has equally done(if not worse) the same thing they have accused d Northerners of over the years which is nepotism in employment, awarding contracts and others........

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Culture / Re: Nigeria's Most Feared Masquerades, Names And Photos by Tokunbohkinibig: 1:25am On Dec 13, 2014
There is nothing fearful about these rubbish things called Masquerades. Real story, I travelled to my maternal home state where I grew up as a teenager. I heard a lot of dangerous stories about these silly things and I started looking forward to have an encounter with these masquerades

In nutshell, opportunity presented itself and
Politics / Re: Breaking News!!! Bomb Blast In Kano Market(kantin Kwari) by Tokunbohkinibig: 4:37pm On Dec 10, 2014
God ve mercy
Politics / Re: Politicians With Good Oratorical Skills In Nigeria by Tokunbohkinibig: 5:20pm On Dec 04, 2014
The best among all either past or present:

1) Sir Tafawa Balewa- unrivalled

2) Chief Femi Fani Kayode- u can't fault

3) Chief Okadiigbo

4) Fashola

5) Ojukwu
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Will Get Less Than 1% Igbo Vote by Tokunbohkinibig: 9:02pm On Dec 03, 2014
Nigeria is jinxed come 2015.

If Buhari wins, problem.
If Jonathan wins problem.

Yet let me say this.
These two individuals are only pawns in the Nigerian political chess board.

It is more like
If the a northerner wins, problem
if a southerner wins, problem.

Kids do not understand this.

Bros, What would happen after this coming election is quite clear if you r very observant and conversant with Nigeria history. If the election is won by southerner, there would be a disastrous trouble but if the election is won by Northerner, there would never be any problem. If those militants in Niger delta try anything silly after Jonathan tenure, chaiiiii!!! These Fulanis/Hausas ll be dealt with mercilessly
Fashion / Re: 13 Categories Of People You Meet In A Hair-Dressing Salon by Tokunbohkinibig: 4:30pm On Dec 03, 2014
I ve stopped going to unisex salon for over a year cos i realised that owners of these salons always give me ladies numbers. They ll say one of their lady customers asked them to give me their phone numbers when i came to shave d other day.

Toasters should be on that list.
Politics / Re: President Jonathan's Approval Rating Was 60% In November - NOI Polls by Tokunbohkinibig: 3:25pm On Dec 03, 2014
Good thing about lies is that the courier of that lies ll know that he/she is lying ........................
Sports / Re: Most Recent Picture of 74-year-old Muhammed Ali by Tokunbohkinibig: 3:11pm On Dec 03, 2014
He doesn't look good for that age cos some of his age mates are still captains of industries, politicians and prime ministers/presidents-Obj of different countries around d world

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