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Music/Radio / Re: Davido – Ogechi Remix Ft Boypee, Brown Joel & Hyce Mp3 Download by tolugar: 7:37pm On Jun 27
Don't click that link guys. It's a virus. Mod pls check

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Crime / Re: 44-year-old Man Arrested For Killing A Goat In Ibadan by tolugar: 5:32pm On Jun 11
Is the late goat going for asun or autopsy. Cos I know they will setup committee to investigate the matter

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Education / Re: American University Of Nigeria Vs Nigerian University Of America by tolugar: 2:17pm On May 08
Ask Atiku
Travel / Re: 16 Travellers Burnt To Death, Two Injured In Enugu Fatal Accident by tolugar: 10:22am On May 01
These bus drivers heading north from Aba or PH I thought they have 9 lives. They drive 140km/h and above. Have seen them severely and it's scary.

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Politics / Re: This Would Have Being Palestine Today If They Didn't Choose The Violent Path by tolugar: 8:09pm On Mar 30
Please find who can lend you small common sense.

So the history of the two-state solution started with Yitzak Rabin according to you? I like the way you guys lie to propagate your religion. Who would have a nation and suicide bombers and not take the sort of precaution Israel is taking? Palestinian desire for an independed state is simply a ploy by Muslims to have a lauchpad to attack and annihilate israel just like they did last October. 4 wars and dozens of uprisings and you expect israel not to take precautions?

I have small sense to lend. The guys was saying that Yitzak Rabin Wanted to accept the proposed 2SS but he was killed for supporting the agenda.


Romance / Re: I Was Once A Lesbian Before I Met My Partner 28yrs Older Than Me- A Young Model by tolugar: 5:36pm On Mar 23
Lesbian or bi, it's only a nice d ick will reset your brain.

So before you confirm your lesbian status, get a nice dik
Car Talk / Re: How Do You Hold Your Steering Wheel While Driving? by tolugar: 2:05pm On Mar 23
Left hand on the steering right hand on the arm rest


Agriculture / Re: Recommended Palm Trees Species by tolugar: 10:48am On Mar 23
I have obtain about 6 plots of farm land which I intend to use for palm trees with effect from next year. pls I need suggestion on the best agric species & estimated cost of planting the palm trees on 6 plots of land. more so, how long does it take to start harvesting

Hi pls are you able to get a suggestion on this question
Politics / Re: Private Vehicle Does Not Require Roadworthiness Certificate – President, Court O by tolugar: 7:12am On Mar 22
So when police stop me I should pull up this thread abi?
Romance / Re: Strange Scar On Women In The Hookup And Brothel Industry by tolugar: 7:03am On Mar 22
I invoke ChildOfDoom to verify this claims

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Crime / Re: Two Youths Die In Cross River Mining Site (Photos) by tolugar: 6:40pm On Mar 21
I rushed to check the mineral

What I saw was scary
Phones / Re: My Bro Was Charged 1.4million To Clear Iphone 15 & I-watch From DHL Ikeja by tolugar: 9:51am On Mar 20
**This post is for only those who have had the experience and can advise better***
Don't comment ANYTHING if you have no progressive input to make.

So my bro's iphone 15 entered Ikeja Int'l Airport and it has been seized by 'Customs' and now 'NDLEA' according to them.

They are asking for N1.4meter as clearance fee.
And i'm confused as why? He even went ahead (before reporting the case to me) to contract another customs officer who doesn't work at the airport and has already paid the sum of 800k yet the phone isn't cleared and the contracted customs officer is asking him to pay #100k extra to top up the money.

I'm mad because I've told him b4 now to always use a 3rd party shipping company when importing device or give to friends who are returning from US or CA to bring in while coming back but him no dey too get patience.

>>> NOTE: He has already sent all documents DHL guys asked for including- purchase receipts and every other evidence to show it is legit purchase.

So here are my questions:

My first question is this: Is this an illegal operation because I am willing to take it up with the so called Customs & DHL guys by reporting this to the Lagos State Task Force office. If yes, how do i go about reporting this issue?

I already suggested he contacts the Human Right Activist, Harrison Gwanishnu on IG for help as it clearly feels like a ripoff!

2ndly, is there a procedure to reporting fraud in public offices that will ensure that you get justice?

3rdly, isn't import duties charged based on the weight of the item imported as against the value of the item?
4thly, what is the safest way of importing phones to avoid such issues as this is the 2nd time this is happening.

I suggested asking the shipping company to send it back to US but he'll have to pay like 600k according to the those crooks at the DHL office..

Omo! I just tire

Sorry bro. We all know your brother did not buy the phone.

The online friend that claims to send him the phone is the one that generated the DHL docs and are milking him dry.

Tell him to count his loss and move on.

It's an old scam but still works.


Travel / Re: 60 Migrants Feared Drowned Crossing Mediterranean From Libya by tolugar: 9:17pm On Mar 14
Why more than 8 years?

To get papers to be available to leave the country.

It takes years to get asylum documents. It getting difficult

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Travel / Re: 60 Migrants Feared Drowned Crossing Mediterranean From Libya by tolugar: 7:26pm On Mar 14
May their souls rest in peace.

Guys the percentage Sucess of this trip from Nigeria to Europe is less than 30%.

It's only the few that made it will tell you it's worth it but will fail to tell you how many times they regretted doing it along the route.

It's a journey that takes months sometimes years and what they pass through they will not wish it for their enemies.

If you succeed it will take you more than 8yrs to come back to Nigeria.

It doesn't worth it.


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Politics / Re: Ramadan: APC Deputy National Chairman Distributes ₦100 Million Cash (Photos) by tolugar: 11:12am On Mar 14

Source : https://politicsnigeria.com/ramadan-apc-deputy-national-chairman-distributes-%e2%82%a6100-million-cash-for-maiduguri-residents/

Then they will turn back and tell us there is too much money in circulation
Family / Re: Newlywedded Nigerian Lady Discovers She Married “I Better Pass My Neighbor” Gen. by tolugar: 11:08am On Mar 14
She should just add other instruments to the beat.


Business / Re: Over 50 Jets Storm Rivers For Wigwe’s Burial by tolugar: 2:53pm On Mar 09
Between Herbert nwigwe and Mr. Ibu, who touched more lives.

When you stop living a life of comparison, you will truly find fulfillment

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Car Talk / Re: Do You Still Borrow Friends Your Car In This Economy? by tolugar: 6:16pm On Mar 04
Let's move this post to front page


Pls I've been trying to send you mail. I need your assistance on one of previous post about your mums foot
Crime / Re: The Email I Received From A Desperate Yahoo Fraudster. by tolugar: 8:54am On Mar 04
This was my edit. Word for word. Since 2004. Such was life.

Maybe it still pays but the street has moved on since

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Health / Re: What Helps You Sleep At Night? by tolugar: 11:23pm On Feb 29
Me, I put on white noise on my phone & voila I'm in dreamland!

I also have this app that plays different rain sound, I love the sound of rain on the roof.

What about you?

Once I lie down, and try to plan for my future... fiaaammm sleep will come

Once I lie down to pray..... fiaaammm sleep will come



Agriculture / Re: I Found The Biggest Cashew Nut Ever! It's Bigger Than W150 by tolugar: 10:27am On Feb 29
Throwback to when we played cashew game.

The original isi okwe

With this you can win a bag of cashew

This size was a treasure then.

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Politics / Re: Iyiola Omisore Surprises Ooni Of Ife With A Bulletproof Cadillac Escalade by tolugar: 2:19pm On Feb 27
During election the voters will get 3k

after the election the royalties that did not vote will get the price.

Next election, Rinse and repeat.

This is way over 500m.

And putting the money directly into your community will write your name in Gold!!!

Not related but I know a royalty in my community that a senator asked his suggestions on what to do for the community apart from solar street lights and the senator was like "in other places you go to, is this how a palace should be?" . The senator ended up building a house and buying a Hyundai suv for the royalty.

And that is community service too lol !!!!

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Family / Re: My 13 Years Old Has Become Terrible! I Want To Send Her Back To Nigeria by tolugar: 8:41pm On Feb 23
I will just be brief without writing too much, we are based we have 4 children, my first child is 13 from my previous relationship, she has become very terrible , she doesn't listen to me or my wife. She tells her that she is not her biological mother and she cannot control her. She had threatened to call the police on my wife telling her if she touch her she will fight her back and call the police. She goes to school and closes at 3.45 her school is 10 mins walk from home, but she is always late for home she comes home around 6 sometimes 7pm , as I am writing now every friday she closes at 12.30 but she is still hasn't come back home yet. I am on my way to work I start at 6.30pm till 2.30am so I rarely get to see her and she only misbehaving when I am not around. So far we have seized her phone because we had found so many inappropriate messages exchanges between her and boys , we had also removed the TV from her room and her behaviour has gotten worse , she is behaving like she's possessed. My wife and I are fed up even her siblings are tired of her we want to send her back to Nigeria maybe in a boarding school until she is 18 in order to protect her younger ones , if we keep her and she continues with her terrible behaviour I may beat her badly and we may end up loosing all 4 children to the authorities. Please what advice will you give to me concerning this issue?

Do her waybill to Nigeria before she kills you

Her brain will reset by force. Don't put her in those expensive private schools she will spoil more.

Carry her and put in those missionary school but not the hype ones

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Education / Re: What Next After Studying Science Laboratory Technology (microbiology Option) by tolugar: 9:44am On Feb 21
Good morning Nairalanders
Please I seriously need advice or the way forward. I am a HND holder, I studied science Laboratory Technology ( Microbiology option) with no job at the moment.

I want to further more, but the issue is that I don't know which course to go for. I want to go for any health related course that can fetch work after study. A course that can get me
300 level in any school within using my hnd certificate.

Or should I go for my pgd and which course should I go for. Please your advices and suggestions are needed cos I'm confused.

Thank you.

Proceed to direct entry medical labs

You will start from 200L not 300
Politics / Re: Igbos Celebrate The Hardship In The Country, Demand 8 Years For Tinubu - Pics by tolugar: 7:17pm On Feb 20
Only a mumu that knows nothing about economy will say Tinubu is not performing well... When I sit down and analyze every steps that Tinubu has taken, I come the conclusion that the man is on the right track.

Is either Tinubu return the subsidy, borrow more money and leave the suffering to the next generation


He remove subsidy.... get money to run government by Increasing the internally generated revenue and pass the prosperity to the next generation.

Tinubu decision may be hard to for some citizens to beat especially low income citizens but I believe that Tinubu will increase the minimum wage soon.

The other, problem that Tinubu is facing is insecurity and Floating Naira.... That 2 problems come in the same direction and Tinubu is already tracking it.

Tinubu has declared war against Insecurity by creating a force called FOREST RANGERS that will be combing our forest.

He is also planning to create state police... If insecurity is defeated, Farmers will go back to farm and produce foods for the citizens.

Tinubu has increased state allocations by 41percentage to encourage more infrastructure in every states.

It's only with good infrastructure that food can circulate and building of local production will be possible.

If local Production is possible.... Economy will be diverted from OIL... AND Naira will start gaining weight.

From all the challenges you wrote up there, can you elaborate more on how your last paragraph will be achieved. I.e. on local productions
Family / Re: Witnessing A Loved One Die In Your Presence by tolugar: 4:51pm On Feb 18
Oh, I see! Just wondering whether the cancer was asymptomatic or she was merely blinded by religion. Sadly, she is gone. please take heart. lipsrsealed

So you are loitering about looking for a church to lay the blame.

Maybe he mentioned your church and you calmed down.

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Business / Re: My Experience After Serving My Oga For 7years Including My Gain And Loss by tolugar: 10:05am On Feb 18
So 7+years ago I made this post seeking advice on a journey I was to embark on.
First of all pardon my English,
I'm here again to share my experience over the years of my apprenticeship and also the process. I know it's not all part of this country practice this system. It's more prevellent in the east.
For me there has been up and down and mostly down. This is something you can never understand until you personally experience it.. It will reshape your entire life especially your mind whether you like it or not.

I left my village by June to meet my Oga in the city. I spent 6months as testing. Like the first 6months were not counted as part of the agreement. I was even lucky because some spend 1year as testing. So I started in 2017 after agreement. This type of agreement just involve your oga coming to meet your parents with few eyewitnesses.. No lawyer or paper to sign. Just verbal agreement ,No fixed price .. They'll only discuss on how long you will work for him or her( the oga or madam).

When I started my Oga is still single so I was doing most of the works in the house including cooking .. We were living very happy .. I was eating very well .if you look at me then the evidence is there 😀 Sometimes my oga will come back with full fried chicken oh oh.. Only me and him .. Things where just smooth ..
Fast forward to 2019 my oga decided to my settle down.. I think I use like 4years senior my oga wife. At the first few months his wife was very angelic,calm and gentle. She serve us tea every morning..
Omo how she take change I don't know 🙆🏾‍♂️ I no offend anybody .. I'm very calm in nature .. My oga follow change too. Nobody day send me again ..

During 2020 covid 19 my eyes saw my ears .. I know things was hard then but mine was hard pro max. From 2018 I started suffering from chronic tonsillitis. I was taking drugs up and down including self medication .. I started noticing change from the way I speak because I don't know if it's the drug or the sickness that's affecting me .. I had no one to tell. By 2021 I gathered courage and told my oga 😪.. He carry me go meet aboki people make he carry scissors chop the two damaged tonsils in my throat .. Them just day price am 3k 5k I day one side day shed tears 😭 . I called someone and told him about everything. He told my oga to take me to a good hospital. The story long sha but at the end I went under tonsillectomy surgery .. I'm now fine

By 2023 which is supposed to be my last year my oga carry another problem come.. The way he was treating me caused problems between some of his brother and sister including some of his friends because they don't like the way he was treating me. They were all encouraging and giving me advice to persevere because I'm almost through its just a temptation.
I was settled this February with wetin my mouth not fit talk after serving for 7year chai😭 🤦. You can't even rent a shop with here with the amount I received. I haven't talked about buying the goods in this period every price has sky rocketed. I thank my family and friends it's all good.

Life is a journey ..I still have more opportunities ahead of me. I have seen more than 20 other people that have come to serve but didn't finish. Most of them doesn't last for 2years but I persist because I'm determined for success. With this energy nothing can stop me.

Let me tell you some key points in this system.
1. They don't tell you how much you'll receive at the end. Just be ready to take what you see.
2. It will greatly affect your mental health positively or negatively depending on how you are being treated.
3. There will be alot of temptations and peer pressure if you're not careful you'll be dismissed.
4. If at the end your oga decides not to settle you ,that's all for you. He cannot be procecuted by any law since there is no signed agreement.
5. You'll be blamed for some wrong things you didn't do.
6. There are some common thing you won't be allowed to do.. Like voting during election or going to the football field to play with your friends. You can only be at home or shop.
7. For example if you agreed to work for 5years you might see yourself still working for him after 7years with no settlement. I have seen lot of them.

I'm going to be 28 next month. I have seen and experience more, this is all I can say for now. I can't say i am at loss or profit here because I cherish the experience I gained over the year although I didn't get the finance which made to start the journey at the beginning. If I had money I would have just learn the business for less than a year and start my own but such is life. Some of my classmates are doing well while others never see food chop. Some of the females are married with 2 to 3 children. Mine isn't the worst tho. This life no balance.
I just hope this government make things easy for everybody. E come reach my turn to hustle everywhere come red 🔴😂 ..

I thank Seun for Nairaland o.. Na here I day come read everything including the cruise, bash and banter. SEUN abeg check if my story na front page material 😁

What business is that.

Maybe some people here or close can patronize you and help grow your business.

TB. Your honesty and good heart is the only currency that will make you progress. Pls bank on that.

Also if you happen to get nwa Boi never let him pass through what you witnessed

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Flags Off Market Trader Money, Distributes ₦‎750m To 15,000 Traders by tolugar: 9:14am On Feb 15

Letter they will be shouting "too much money in circulation "

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Family / Re: Thinking Of Separation From My Wife by tolugar: 10:43am On Feb 12

thank u sir...

Sir if u can read all off my post u will notice that my parents is separated. and my mother is late now....

About taken the kids and run away... Remember that this lady know my place of work.. she have onec come to my place of work to disgrace me.. what of if she decides to come to my place of work to harass me... ?

You need to activate ghost mood. Secretly look for work elsewhere if possible another state or far from where you are now, when you get it, pack your things and start life anew.

If you continue like this and die you will go to hell and satan will surely not be happy with you. And you should know what that means.

Meanwhile did you ever ask your uncle why he ghosted you?? We need to hear that part of the story.

Let me be the one to tell you that your wife or her people are out to make your life miserable and they are succeeding

If you can't do the above then use the final tactics where is reverse action
Family / Re: Thinking Of Separation From My Wife by tolugar: 9:01am On Feb 12

This girl refused to go back to her parents.. she said she is not going anywhere..

With her attitude towards you I don't think you will last any longer.

My advice at this time is to take your kids to your parents and run away or run away with your kids.

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