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Crime / Re: The Guy I Slept With Gave Me ₦50k And I Felt Like Break-dancing– Chidinma Ojukwu by totorimi: 3:19am On Jun 29
I suspect she had some guys planted in the room. So when the action started they came out from their hiding to wreck havoc.

Maybe, they planned to kidnap him and then extort money or maybe.
The investigation team just have to extract the truth from the girl. She seems to be a hardened criminal and she has a gang that specialises in this type of thing.
Politics / Re: Why I Disagree With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by totorimi: 4:49am On Apr 20

This isnt about Nnamdi Kanu, this is about the fact that the British colonial creation called Nigeria has failed woefully. Nigeria does not work

During Dele Momodu's interview with Nnamdi Kanu, Kanu said that had Nigeria worked as a nation, he would not have been agitating for Biafra

The question is why is Nigeria not working, cant we see that a few people, want Nigeria to remain like this because that is the only way they can remain in control.
Politics / Re: Why I Disagree With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by totorimi: 4:41am On Apr 20

You're such a useless fellow, everything he says is true , we don't have any federal infrastructure here in the east and what rail way none .

The way to get these things is all the eastern governors must come together form a formidable force so their voices will be heard not the hatred and self centeredness that exhibit, they must learn from the west.
Politics / Re: Why I Disagree With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by totorimi: 10:42pm On Apr 18
mi kkn

I do not believe IPOB is interested in your zoo politics....they actually interested in dismantling the local colonial contraption you call Nigeria, ao what's your point exactly?.

My point is if a man is frustrated in life he should not drag everybody down along with him, he shpuld go and die alone.

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Politics / Re: Why I Disagree With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by totorimi: 10:11pm On Apr 18

So what do you do while fighting for good governance when your people are being killed by wanton crime, fulani herdsmen and poverty ? Just pray ? Lol.

I will replace Igbo with Africans. After all Africans sold their people into slavery ; meanwhile in the western Nigeria they are mining for human skulls and human body parts ; in northern Nigeria , they are killing thousands of their people in the name of primitive stone age religion. Every tribe has their own vice.

I am talking about igbos i dont care what others do.
Politics / Re: Why I Disagree With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by totorimi: 10:08pm On Apr 18

Even the worst enemies of igbo can't denny Igbos are marginalized

From police , to military ,to executive to legislature , to project , to number of states to allocation to mineral exploration to sceeding of igbo community to where they become minorities and they resources stolen ...the list is endless

My question for u is what's the benefits of one nigeria to the igbo man

To answer your question, igbos marginalized themselves through greed and avarice, if we are and stop this unhealthy rivalry and jealousy, we will achieve alot. Many of us today are living in Abuja or Lagos, why for economic power.
We must destroy the household enemies within.
Politics / Re: Why I Disagree With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by totorimi: 9:40pm On Apr 18

1. What if the governors refuse to be held accountable and suppress their people with violence ?

2. Secondly, what do you do when you farmlands are invaded and innocent farmers killed , while the so called governors do nothing about it?

3. Do you really think rich people will invest in a country with erratic power supply, national plague of kidnapping and banditry and a political system setup to disadvantage the common man?

Let's have a constructive debate...

If this struggle was about taking out corrupt and bad governors, if it were against lack of infrastructures not delivered by the governors. I will believe, you cannot begin from outside yo want recognition when you have npt sorted the inside first.
We have some terrible igbo men and women who are ready to sell their brothers for food.
Politics / Why I Disagree With Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by totorimi: 7:55pm On Apr 18
I have been watching this man called Mazi Nnamdi kanu for sometimes now and I have come to the conclusion that he is a frustrated individual who wants to drag many along with him on the path of destruction.
Why do I say this, he was born with a silver spoon, sent abroad to study like his other mates and suddenly he is a freedom fighter.

He hasn't lived here and he wants to teach us a lesson about freedom. I have schooled here and worked here, thank God today I have a building and a family. I dont know where the marginalization is coming from. Nigeria is like anyother capitalist country in the world where it is survival of the fittest.

If you work hard and build a rich network of friends you can succeed. Mind you, you have to push to get in the circle pf those who know. You cant sit back and wallow in pain and blame everybody.

If at all anybody is to blame it is ourselves, we resent ourselves so much that I wonder if he is not pursuing a selfish agenda.

Blame your governors who cant come together and make the East a paradise, blame your people for not working together as one for not toving free providing you a good education and transport network, a good health system.
Gather your super rich men let them invest in the East, it is after doing this that you. our eastern leaders cant reason together as one how can you tell me they will function well in one country.

Let the igbos be patriotic about their own, dont blame anybody if you fail but yourselves.

Politically, the igbos cannot form a formidable party they can call their own let them take all the eastern states and show that they hold their own then they can attractive to patronize for presidency. You dont expect an outsider to like you any more than you like yourself.
Nobody is marginalizing anybody here. If it exist look inwards and you will find the answers.

Good leaders come and they go just as bad leaders too.
So go hold your own people accountable first. It is after doing this that we will follow you.

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Politics / Re: Gov. Zulum Visits Villages Where Boko Haram Killed 3 And Destroyed Schools by totorimi: 2:39pm On Dec 28, 2020
I just don't want to believe that between ISWAP and Boko Haram government don't know where they are hiding all these years.

From what we know, these people come in go, at least their routes must be well known by now.
I don't believe after all these years govt still don't have any clue to their financiers or the source of their weaponry.
How is Abubakar Shekau, so protected that not a single attempt at him.
It's beginning to make sense now. They are operating in a clear army style on a need to know basis.
Politics / Re: Atiku Replies Nnamdi Kanu: I Am Not From Cameroon by totorimi: 4:45pm On Feb 03, 2019
Which type of wahala is this again. Atiku too is not a Nigerian ke.

That means all these hausa fulani leaders needs to be investigated.
Crime / Re: Thugs Break Into INEC Office, Set 15,000 Uncollected PVCS On Fire by totorimi: 4:36pm On Feb 03, 2019
APC characteristics

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Politics / Re: Helicopter Company Issues Statement On VP Osinbajo's Crash by totorimi: 2:33pm On Feb 03, 2019
What if Osinbajo had died, would the election still have gone ahead as planned.

I suspect the desperate APC is up to many things.

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Politics / Re: Atiku, Saraki, Bruce, Fayose, Dogara React As Osinbajo Survives Helicopter Crash by totorimi: 6:53pm On Feb 02, 2019
Fear the APC cabal.

A thorough investigation into the crash is needed.
Crime / Re: Female–led Robbery Gang That Specializes In Stealing Cars Apprehended In Lagos by totorimi: 1:12pm On Feb 01, 2019
At this stage we are in now there is no need to waste time and energy investigating any criminal caught with guns and machete. The problem on ground is already too much.

Ebullient CP, should do the needful immediately, at least that will be two less problem for the state.
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija 2019: Abuja Audition, Crowd Storms Venue (photos, Video) by totorimi: 1:01pm On Feb 01, 2019
..but the people that going are already known upfront. Those who know, know.
Crime / Re: Stealing Of Panties: Nigeria Police Reacts To Rampant Reports by totorimi: 12:58pm On Feb 01, 2019
Is this why they brought this man to come and be speaking grammer while things are happening.
Romance / Re: Consequences Of Sexual Relationship With Ladies In Same Building As A Bachelor? by totorimi: 5:57am On Feb 01, 2019
That's the end of your sampling different girls. If you do then be ready for embarasmment and disgrace unless your neighbor is of the low intelligence group.

In that case you are the king of the jungle.

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Romance / Re: Husbands Lack Of Sex And Intimacy In Our Marriage by totorimi: 5:34am On Feb 01, 2019
Life is short do what makes you happy and fair.
Romance / Re: Why You Shouldn't Lick Pussy by totorimi: 1:19am On Feb 01, 2019
Do it at your own risk, both for the giver and the receiver.
Politics / Re: Is Kadaira Ahmed Truly An In-law To El-rufai? by totorimi: 2:06pm On Jan 31, 2019
In future before anybody should ne allowed to be a moderator in a show like this they should conduct a thorough background check to eliminate bias.

The woman could not even conceal the fact, it was all over glaring that she had personal issues. Not even allowing the candidates to finish their comments, why then did you invite them. I am glad the should maturity and still delivered even in the face of a biased moderator, ready to even tale on the aidience.
Politics / Re: Saraki, Ben Bruce, Reacts At Atiku/obi Performance During NG Candidate by totorimi: 1:40pm On Jan 31, 2019
The moderator took the whole show personal, virtually insulting Peter Obi, she never gave the candidates the chance to finish any of their speeches yet they comported themselves.

It was obvious but the moderator and her targeted and selected audienve questioneers could not achieve their objective to disparage the duo of Atiku and Obi.

They showed maturity in the face of an obvious biased and compromised show. They still won the hearts of discerning and peace loving Nigerians.
Crime / Re: Godwin Onyebuchi 'Papa G' Kidnapper Arrested In Students’ Hostel In Imo by totorimi: 11:30am On Apr 30, 2018
Where Evans
Nigeria judiciary is a scam

They have tactically silenced the case just like the others before it. Why wonder when people resort to jungle justice.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Are Walking Into Canada From U.S. Seeking Asylum - Washington Post. by totorimi: 2:10pm On Apr 29, 2018
Our leaders should be totally ashamed of themselves reading all these things happening to Nigerians. I mean this is a country blessed with everything and I mean everything. Good weather, good aquatic splendour, natural resources, beautiful people, tall and able bodied men and women, Oceans for seaport and trade and tourism, minerals, coal, oil, good arable land for agriculture.

So why on Earth are we still see so beggarly. No Nigerian should ever be seen in a situation like this smuggling their way to go and become refugee in a hard cold environment.
The enemies of our dear country should please leave her alone let visionary and patriotic nationals bring out the milk and honey flowing in our land. What sort of wicked leaders do we have in this country that cannot think of country first. If we need to break this nation then let us agree to agree we cannot continue like this. We don't belong where some wicked people in this Nigeria want to put us. No we don't belong there. We are great because God has made us so, we have everything to be greater than America and Canada put together.


Romance / Re: Chiamaka Obuekwe 'Social Prefect' Dumps Husband, Aniefiok Ntai 10 Weeks After by totorimi: 1:34pm On Apr 29, 2018
It's normal, maybe her heart belongs to someone else. Now the real owner is back.

Well, it may seem the babymama and babypapa option is the way forward these days because nowadays marriage is just one hell of an heartache. No love, no trust, no affection just pretence, deceit and show off on IG and Facebook.

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Politics / Re: Pictures From The Construction Of The 2nd Niger Bridge by totorimi: 1:30pm On Apr 29, 2018
Buhari does not have the political will to build this bridge to completion everything you see now is a political move to win the support of the south east for 2019. After the election quote me if work won't be abandoned thqere.

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Romance / Re: "Can You End Your Current Relationship For $1 Million?" - Watch Savage Reactions by totorimi: 11:46am On Apr 06, 2018
What these ones saying yes are invariably saying is that even if it means terminating the life of their partner for $1m, they will do it.

End in this context doesn't necessarily mean to break up, it could also mean to annihilate, bomb, burst, damage, demolish, destroy, detonate, injure, kill, ruin, shatter, spoil, wreck him or her for money.
I got to becareful.
Culture / Re: Tobi Philips Dating Ooni Of Ife, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi? by totorimi: 3:55pm On Apr 05, 2018
This Ooni is always in the news for mundane things, thats not cool at all.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Is A Crashing Plane. Let's Come Together by totorimi: 10:26am On Apr 05, 2018
We know the problem and we know the solution, we are just too ducile to confront the truth and the truth they say is bitter.

The truth is the way Nigeria is presently structured is not working. It is working for a few but not ok for a majority but they fear to confront the truth once and for all. We cannot continue like this and expect this country to carry on for long.

Our politics is not based on the right person but rather based on religion,tribe and money. That should never be so.
Some states are not viable so they take from struggling states to keep the unviable ones going.
Let us return to the regional structure and let the regions find their strength together.

If some people are afraid the regional structure will make some regions so strong and want to be on their own that won't be correct because the army will still be centralized.


Politics / Re: Buhari Completes 12 Stations Of The Abuja Light Rail Project (Pictures) by totorimi: 10:01am On Apr 05, 2018
If you copy someone else's original idea and you are using it to shine, common sense demands that you give credit to the originator and not to vilify him or her..

Who originted TSA, Agric fertilizer reforms, airport reform, railway reform etc

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Politics / Re: Cambridge Analytica Video Used By Jonathan Against Buhari In 2015 Election by totorimi: 9:40am On Apr 05, 2018
Video or no video but is that not what is happening now.
Are they negotiating with Boko terrorist? YES.
Are they propagating Sharia law? YES
Are the fulani Herdsmen terrorist killing innocent people? YES.

The video is showing the truth and nothing but the real truth.

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Celebrities / Re: Wizkid And Naomi Campbell Pictured Together by totorimi: 9:25am On Apr 05, 2018
Wow, is it the same woman Buha was standing attention opening his 32 teeth like he has seen an angel that baba nla is just chilling away like she is nobody.

She is even pressing her upper body on starboy as if to make him pay a little attention to her. It is true when you are good at your work the world will find a way to meet you and not you inviting them then later denying you invited them. Big ups starboy.


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