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Politics / Re: Femi Adesina, Garba Shehu, And The Demons Of Aso Rock, By Achike Chude by Troublemaker007(m): 10:37am On May 08, 2021
He said and I quote “ As for the south-south, their reputation precedes them. Their potential and capacity for resistance and violence is known. Take their silence for granted at your peril. ”

They are really taking us in this south south for granted just because we want a peaceful environment here in the South. If them try am attack south south, the whole world will watch in horror what will be done to the North.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Burkina Faso Insurgents Gather In Motorcycle Motorcade (video) by Troublemaker007(m): 1:52am On May 08, 2021
I bet they are crossing in from our porous northern borders while those who are suppose to go against all these are in the southeast chasing geckos

This is exactly what I said! And more are trooping in day in day out with ease!
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Kills Five Soldiers, 15 Civilian JTF Members In Ajiri, Borno State by Troublemaker007(m): 11:12am On May 07, 2021
What annoys me the most is that a lot BokoHaram fighters lately are foreigners trooping in the country through the Northern borders unchecked! Our borders up North is too open and weak. Until we do something about it, BokoHaram can never be defeated!

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Politics / Re: Abuja Schools Shut Down As A Truckload Of Bandits Arrives Border Town by Troublemaker007(m): 8:48am On May 07, 2021
After Abuja, where's next?

Let the whole country explode jare.

It will end there o! Because if they cross over to South East, South West or South South! Then it will be a full blooded war! By then we will all know where the Nigeria Army truly lies. Against the people of Nigeria or For the people!

I am watching in 5D how everything will play out!

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Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests Eight Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Abuja by Troublemaker007(m): 10:37pm On May 06, 2021

Even if our economy was good...these youth you defend will still involve themselves in fraud.

Plus there are legitimate ways of making a living.

Nothing justifies stealing and in some cases intimidating other people out of their wealth.

And no, I don;t back this government or the previous one.

Bro! Aside yahoo yahoo boiz! Fraud and corruption has cripple the Nigeria employment industry! Imagine my wife went for an interview in one of these New generation banks and one of the bank HRs in charge of recruiting has been disturbing her. He got her contact from her Details submitted during the initial recruitment process, not minding she is married. If not that she begged me to let go, I wanted to take up the matter seriously! Everything about this country is fraudulent, not just yahoo boiz. Our minsters, splash hundred of millions of Naira Nollywood actress and BBN girls. Not one single company or factory have been built by these people except fueling stations, hotels. Their wives build supermarket, estates, hotels, plaza and event centers with public funds. Who are the real thieve? Whenever I think of the billions of problems in this country I give up!

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Politics / Re: Buhari: NIN-SIM Linkage Will Help Us Identify Crooks by Troublemaker007(m): 3:29pm On May 06, 2021
Crooks who are not even Nigerians in the first place but hired from Neighboring countries to come kidnap and kill innocent Nigerians. Mr President with all due respect you are very stupid sir!

Do you have anymore thing to say?

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Crime / Re: Nigeria Lady Lands In Efcc’s Net Shortly After Slaying On Facebook by Troublemaker007(m): 2:11pm On May 06, 2021
I use paradox account in IG and Nairaland to know what’s happening around this shitty country filled with all sort of nonsense. See! I don’t even use FB anymore because if I try am! The Lowkey mood I dey lately, even my shadow nor know my moment!

Politics / Re: Buhari Receives His NIN Identity Card (Photos) by Troublemaker007(m): 2:05pm On May 06, 2021
There is a very deadly sinister motives about this NIN this Northern republic of Nigeria are forcing down own throat we are yet to understand. The country is on chaos and all this lifeless being can think of is NIN. Na wa ooo

Politics / Re: Stop Fanning Embers Of Disunity, Gombe Governor Warns by Troublemaker007(m): 4:49am On May 06, 2021
Is it that this people are naturally stupid or turning a blind eyes to the secret jihad war declared on Nigerians. Is it by for to be one Nigeria? You want the rest regions to watch as bandits and BokoHaram move gradually from the North to other states. Greed and selfishness of Buhari and al the governors, ministers and senates is already stirring this country towards cause of Breakup and it will eventually happen because I have no business with BokoHaram or bandits and the only way to avoid their descending on South is a Breakup. Enjoy your North. Vultures!

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Romance / Re: A Broke Guy Is Disturbing My Sister's Happiness by Troublemaker007(m): 1:46am On May 06, 2021
Good day my fellow nairalanders, my sister and this guy has been dating for 4 years now he use to work in a company but lost his job 2yrs ago since then he had been a parasite to my sister coming to our house to eat our food two times a day.

There is this new guy who asked my sister out. He is gentle and he has a good job, he is a Christian he has his own house, we all like him. I have been begging my sister to give him a try because he is ready for marriage unlike the other guy who has no hope of taking good care of my sister rather sucking my sister dry.

My sister seems to love the broke guy more but that guy is not a serious person for 2 good years he can't look for a job not even a menial job. If my sister mistakenly marries the broke guy she will suffer in the marriage because all the responsibility will be on her head. Gidforbid!

Please how do I convince my sister to focus on this other guy that is comfortable? I want the best for my sister.

If the new guy losses his job as well so what next? I pity who will marry an unfortunate soul like you! God forbid!


Politics / Re: 13 Kidnapped Persons Rescued After Gun Battle In Gwagwada, Kaduna by Troublemaker007(m): 10:54pm On May 05, 2021
People dey suffer for this country ooo embarassed

Family / Re: Cheated With A Church Girl! I Have Finished Myself, What Do I Do Now? by Troublemaker007(m): 9:08pm On May 05, 2021
I'll be succinct. I've messed up and I take full responsibility for my actions. All I'm trying to do now is save those close to my heart.

I'm married 2 years with an 8 month baby. I'm a faithful husband at heart but I just lost focus and landed in this deep mess.

My first stinct at adultery was late into my wife's pregnancy when I could not hold body. This situation was further compounded when I relocated due to work and come home every 3 weeks or so. My carefree attitude also contributed to this but I'm not staying them as excuses. I did what I did.

I met this deeper life young girl about a month ago. She was about 23, good looking and has an innocent air around her. Last week thereabout we met up and made out after weeks of chatting. In the process, my contraceptive broke and it happened raw for a minute or two before I replaced it.

Now one week later and I having strong symptoms of HIV exposure. Had I known, I would have gone for Pep. I am 75% sure of infection at this point.

I'm home now and I don't want to touch my wife who is constantly on my neck since I returned. I don't want to infect her or my child....and I can't come to terms with telling her everything right now.

This is someone who is so faithful and she has expressly stated that she will not entertain any hint of infidelity.

I'm so done for, I need advice

Firstly, feign an excuse that you got called back to work on an emergency and get out of that house bro if not you will be tempted to transmit whatever disease is inside of you to your wife and baby. Then stay away from home a month. During this period, do series of test. Don’t be quick to assume you have HIV. I pray you don’t have it. I can feel your pain. Karashika have done it again!

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Politics / Re: Uzodinma Launches Operation Search And Flush Team In Imo, Presents Cars, Gadgets by Troublemaker007(m): 7:04pm On May 05, 2021
Now This Is Who You Can Call A Governor...

Worst Time for The IPOS/ESN/Unknown and Known Gun Men Terrorists...

If They Born Your Papa Well, Try The Will Of The State Government...

What of the Fulani herdsmen?

Politics / Re: El-rufai: Jonathan, Yar’adua Persecuted Me Because They Saw Me As A Threat by Troublemaker007(m): 12:39pm On May 05, 2021
It baffles me how these set of people got power in the first place. The likes of Tinubu, Oshiomole. Amaechi and others who sold us to APC will meet their Waterloo some day with no escape root!

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Politics / Re: How Can Desmond Elliot Save Himself From Being Blamed? by Troublemaker007(m): 8:29pm On May 04, 2021

Fortunately actually.

The "hate" is silly and baseless. Nigerians want to cruise and joke about with very serious issues especially people on social media.

Sometimes you read things and you wonder how educated people reason like that

I for tell you word just now but I am not ready to chop 600 years ban so behave! angry


Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Kidnapping, Banditry Not Federal Offences In Nigeria by Troublemaker007(m): 6:01pm On May 04, 2021
This man even get children at all? What sort of irresponsible talk is this! So people who have lost their lives to all these kidnappings and bandits are wha? Iyemeeeee’b

Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Kidnapping, Banditry Not Federal Offences In Nigeria by Troublemaker007(m): 5:58pm On May 04, 2021
You be Mumu

Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Katsina Youths Endorse Saraki In Buhari’s Hometown by Troublemaker007(m): 3:37pm On May 04, 2021
It’s obvious the north is not going to let go of the power and rotational system of power among all 4 geopolitical regions have been broken. Nigerians should brace up! Those of you who still have small change to relocate your families abroad or neighboring Africa nations, now is the time. Them nor dey tell person something two times!
Family / Re: Father Flogs Daughter For Posting Nude Videos On Instagram by Troublemaker007(m): 3:37pm On May 04, 2021
Na wa
Family / Re: Ladies: Would You Welcome A Framed Picture Of Your MIL In Your Home? by Troublemaker007(m): 12:26pm On May 04, 2021
I Wouldn't feel bad if he hangs pictures of his mum on the wall. I would gladly bring out pictures of my own mum and dad and also hang on the walls. With that, our kids can easily identity their grandparents. kiss

Politics / Re: Saraki: Buhari Should Listen, Bandits Don’t Kill Along Party Lines by Troublemaker007(m): 8:31am On May 04, 2021
They're getting closer to the rich too, I read about Kogi's commissioner. Everybody needs to concentrate on this security issue and do something about it, and [b]for the people always feeling happy whenever there's an attack thinking that they're doing the federal government, I laugh at your stupidity. [/b]This is a Nigerian stuff and it's affecting everyone so we all need to work together here.....
For the guy above, you're a mungo park, I hate stupid people. Saraki gave an advise as an elder and you're writing rubbish with your Tecno phone and #1k data....

Na this thing just dey vex me pass right now! People have lost their sense of reasoning and sanity in this country. These insecurities happening now are threat to National security, all our lives are at stake and a major attack on urban cities across the country will be carried out at every corner of this country with the way the situation is going. Why will anyone not think about this and be laughing like a fool that “it’s north problem”. Even though a lot of no longer wants One Nigeria! Right now we all need to think of solution quick before we find ourselves in running hectar-skelter. So many stupid people in this forum ah swear

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Celebrities / Re: AY Live Workers Day Edition Records Presence Of I Go Dye, Mr.p, Akpororo, Others by Troublemaker007(m): 9:43pm On May 03, 2021
Where is the covid19 protocol observed! I pity all of them there!
Politics / Re: "We Have Been Printing Money" Rotimi Amaechi Admits In Leaked Audio by Troublemaker007(m): 8:45pm On May 03, 2021
You will see NIGERIANS complain again. Some weeks ago, Nigerians asked why can't govt simply print money so everyone could have cash?.

Now you have it. This administration alleged to have been printing money since it's onset. Now what

Nigerians didn’t ask, stupid and fooling APC Zombies asked. Know the difference bro

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Politics / Re: AY Makun Meets Senate Chief Whip, Senator Orji Kalu In Abuja (photos) by Troublemaker007(m): 8:42pm On May 03, 2021
This e-diot called AY have started again! angry
Sports / Re: Artem Dzyuba Dressed As Deadpool To Receive League Winner's Medal (Photos) by Troublemaker007(m): 7:31pm On May 03, 2021
Deadpool is by far the funniest super hero comic. The guy na legit mumu. Dunno what runs through Ryan Reynolds brains

That guy is one of my favorite actor of all time.

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Health / Re: Somebody Help. I Have Been Disfigured by Troublemaker007(m): 1:45pm On May 03, 2021

Be wetin ?

How much?
Travel / Re: No Survivor In Lekki Fatal Accident As Seven Youths Die by Troublemaker007(m): 11:50am On May 03, 2021
5 less Yahoo boys to worry about.....we need more tolls

They could be 7 good friends having a good weekend time before go back to their various work on Monday, i and my friends use to do it before we all got married. It doesn’t necessarily means we are yahoo boiz. I flush out every negativity from your life in Jesus name!

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Invades Ajiri Military Base In Borno, Dislodges Soldiers by Troublemaker007(m): 8:46am On May 03, 2021
It's all a planned jihad from those in government

I don't know about west but they can't invade south east south south.

I do believe they won't come as Boko Haram, they would come as bandits or fulani herdsmen Terrorists.

If you look at the Niger state senario, they came as bandits, by the time they kidnapped hundreds of boys it was clear to them that they have no resistance so they hoisted their flag (do you know that to hoist flag isn't easy you have to face a lot with the army but Boko Haram didn't even when army headquarters is just few hours away from abuja)

Places like south west where they effectively chase them away to Benin republic, rename community etc are very much easy grounds for Boko Haram to strow in and take the already kept environment from their fulani terrorists partners

But in south east, south south they don't allow Fulani to drink water and keep cup, they follow them bumper to bumper

That is the best way, the moment fulanis settle, have peace, and thrive in violence they would start calling their Boko Haram brothers

You have a broad mindset. This is exactly what I told a staff of mine she days ago. This present government is filled with sponsors of terrorism and load them are holding sensitive positions in this country!
Health / Re: Somebody Help. I Have Been Disfigured by Troublemaker007(m): 3:53am On May 03, 2021
Wetin Person no go see for this Nairaland sef? grin
I'm sure the OP wan form Jackie Chan the actor, but unfortunately got beaten by the boss and ended up with a swollen face. grin

@OP, I like your bravery Sha. grin

How much?
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Invades Ajiri Military Base In Borno, Dislodges Soldiers by Troublemaker007(m): 2:21am On May 03, 2021
Sorry if it came out as insulting

me myself am south south, we south south may have sea that is not the issue when we talk about land boarder which the Terrorists would be coming from

Nobody can obviously leave land and be dwelling inside sea

Lolz. Joke apart i am very worried. What if this people plan an invasion in one of these regions. South East and West? They are seriously gaining grounds across the North and the government isn’t doing enough!
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Invades Ajiri Military Base In Borno, Dislodges Soldiers by Troublemaker007(m): 11:49pm On May 02, 2021
listen and have wisdom

There is nothing special about Boko Haram Terrorists other than enough support which they get from their Islamic collaborators up north (the locals)

If they try moving to east or south south, these both are Christian majority that have no business with Islamic terrorism, so Boko Haram can't get local cover, they can't get vast forests and lands, people in south value life

What would happen is if they finish over running north, igbos would essentially detach themselves easily from Nigeria and declare Biafra (Already once Abuja is overthrown one nigeria is dead)

Igbos would just declare Biafra and Mark any other intruder coming in as invasion.

It's just a matter of closing the boarders and mounting guard in the strategic locations, at this time foreign nations would start to step in since it's about a geographic space wanting to end terrorism

The south south states would be the ones crawling and begging igbos to be covered and join their protection against Boko Haram

Essentially as Christian states it would be so easy to jointly flush Boko Haram under such collation because their wouldn't be camouflage for Boko Haram to penetrate

Mind you all this would be happening because the Terrorists have taken over Abuja and the north that is battling internally

Why do you think ESN is gradually evacuating presence of military, police in biafra now?

Why do you think even the governor of imo doesn't feel save again?

Why do you think upon all fulani herdsmen Terrorists have tried in south east south south they still can't secure comfortable base for operation

You made your point but you could have without adding insult. Do you think South South are toothless! They have the sea!

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